Trailhead/Fort's Forests
The forests around Fort Weyr are tall and lush, filled with evergreen pines which tower above the floor and into the sky. This large clearing is one end of a pleasure riding trail which stretches from Fort Weyr to Fort Sea Hold. Although the majority of the trail is still under construction, this bit of the road has been completed. Tucked up close against the tree line, a small booth where runners, carriages or sleighs, among other things, can be rented is till unfinished. Several paths go off in different directions here, perfect for meandering. To the west the Amethysts in the Pines children's camp can be found, to the northeast is the weyr's beasthold, stables and indoor runnerbeast complex. The weyr proper is to the east and to the south, the riding trail continues.

The winter is cold, the afternoon bright, as Kimmila stands at the entrance to one of the many trails Fort has to offer. Dressed in winter clothes appropriate for a hike, she has her bow slung over her shoulder with a quiver full of arrows, and a canine on a leash. Standing casually, she waits for the others to arrive.

Therynn arrives on runner back, the bite of the air sending pink to the cheeks as puffs of breath escape with exhalations. The huntress wears a sleek black overcoat with a scarf that has all ends tucked in to avoid snagging on any branches, she also dons leather bracers on her forearms to protect from whipping thickets. Rynn is starting to become accustomed to Fortian weather, gloves and a snug hat keeping the distal areas warm. A dagger on one thigh, switchblade on opposite calf, she sports a one handed cross bow, her favorite bow and plenty of ammo between quiver and saddlebags. A steady gallop, smoothly she approaches, giving a head nod and smile. "Kimmila, top of the day t'ya."

Kiena is there as well, the Xanadian Weyrsecond officially… well, not on duty. She's even stuffed her knot away somewhere, though her riding leathers still bear the Quasar Wing patch and Xanadian colours. Dressed in heavier gear suitable for a hike in the winter, her hair has been braided and she stands nearby to Kimmila with her bow slung on her shoulder and a quiver strapped to her back. She looks almost amused as she waits on the others to arrive and there is a vague resemblance between her and Th'ero and noticeable mostly when the bluerider smirks. "How many we expecting again?" she drawls, offering Therynn a curious look when the hunter arrives on runner back.

In much the same way Kimmila does, Brennan wears his bow and quiver slung over his right shoulder, crossing his back to his right hip over a long wherhide coat with the hood thrown back. Now that he's healed enough to handle a recurve again, it's what he's been favoring lately. There's a knife in his boot and a rather wicked-looking hunting knife at his belt along with a few pouches, but otherwise, he isn't heavily burdened. Bootsteps crunch lightly through the cold gravel to announce his approach, though they're likey not heard over Therynn's approach on her runner. "Afternoon, riders," he greets after clearing his throat, then looking over to the mounted huntress with a small smile. "And Therynn." There's faint amusement there for how much more geared up she looks than the lot of them…but it's probably just because she's mounted.

Kimmila glances up at Therynn as she approaches, her head tilting slightly as she looks the runner up and down. "Go put him back in the stables," she says, amused, pointing towards the nearby Beasthold. "You won't need him." To Kiena, the bluerider smiles. "Just two. And there's the second," she says with a smile for Brennan. "Soon as Therynn puts her runner away we'll be heading out."

Therynn will dismount gracefully, a kick of heel over one side, it's a long way down for the petite huntress. Both feet hit the ground with a soft *thud* the most sound Rynn will ever make. Once she's tied the runner to a tree and straightened herself to face the ladies, a hand and head nod are offered in greeting to one who looks particularly similar to the Weyrleader, but is obviously a female. "Therynn, huntress, new t'Fort, n'at your service." Brennan is not far behind, and as the runner settles and silences the last step or two of his arrival has Rynn turning with the quickness. She's definitely on guard. "Oh… Brennan…" She smiles back and motions towards her 'supplies'. "Sure thing Kimm." She says, acknowledging that a runner won't be needed. "Was out most the night. Brought some extras in case anyone needed t'stock up before heading out. Zizyphus here will head straight back t'the stables one I let him loose. Well trained these creatures.. just like the one from that Ruatha Jewels ordeal.." She'll grab a light but well stocked load and send the stallion back with a slap on the rear. "Ready when you are."

Well, that make's introductions easier! With Therynn's name supplied by Brennan (and herself) and his given to her by Therynn, Kiena pushes away from the tree she'd just begun to lean against and shakes out her legs and arms a bit. "Small group. Perfect! Just how I like to hunt. Kiena, Weyrsecond and rider of blue Ujinath of Xanadu Weyr. Just Kiena though, right now. Off duty." Cue the gloved air quotes and a point to her shoulder. See? No knot. Not that she could pull rank here, this is her brother's territory. There's another studious look case between Therynn and Brennan then, as if sizing up each of them. "Both of you are hunters?" she drawls, only to watch in mild fascination as the runner is turned loose. "That's some trust to put in the training…"

"Good to meet ya, Kiena," Brennan returns, watching for a moment as Therynn sends her runner off before looking back to the Xanadu bluerider and nodding in reply to her question. "Hunter, tracker, 'n' guide," he supplies, "'n' this one isn' so bad at it herself." There's a discreet wink at Therynn tacked on to that, and then the hunter glances between the riders. "So, what should we be after today, eh?" he asks, idly rubbing gloved hands together as blue eyes quickly survey the surrounding woods.

Kimmila frowns a bit as Therynn sets the runner loose, considering making her go after it and put it up properly. But, glancing at the sky, she decides to go on ahead. "If he gets eaten or wanders off you'll be working the next turn to pay for him," she mutters to the huntress, before she gives Kiena a look and then strikes out along the path. "Saw some footprints I want us to check out."

"Kiena…" Therynn says with a giggle at air quotes, repetition making it stick, even though she's heard her mentioned at least once before. "Rumor is y'do enjoy a good hunt.. much more than yer brother eh?" A smirk and she confirms with certainty "One of the only thing's I've ever known.. spent 10 turns training with Quorel in the Western wilderness. Second in m'age group for archery, and tied for first in tracking." She may be small, but hunting is definitely her passion, she definitely believes in the power of a strict training regimen and tries to be humble despite how that last sentence sounded. Kimmila's frown and scolding makes the girl gulp, nodding timidly as she's still learning the in's and out's of living properly among others. "Yes ma'am," she looks the runner's direction, only now questioning her trust in the creatures. "Lead the way.." She'll follow Kimmila and Kiena's directives a smirk sent back towards Brennan.

Kiena's brows lift up in mild surprise for the list of skills Brennan supplies and the bluerider whistles softly. "Well, well. Aren't you a jack of all trades? At least to the wilderness." she muses, looking faintly impressed as she smirks at him. Glancing sidelong to Therynn, Kiena looks surprised again and then laughs. "Is that the rumour now, then? Can't say I am as great a hunter as either of you here or Kimmila, but I can use a bow. Thanks to Kimmila," And apparently full of sass on this afternoon, Kiena does a flourishing half bow before following the Fortian blue rider's lead. Listening to Therynn list her experience, Kiena softly blows out her cheeks. "Well, I'm vastly outstripped! Might leave the hunting to you three at this rate." She's here for the sight seeing and exercise! Sure she is. Glancing to Kimmila, Kiena finally seems to sober and nods. "Waitin' on your orders." she murmurs softly.

At Kimmila's comment about Therynn's runner, Brennan gives a light snort - though whether it's one of agreement or amusement is hard to say. Unshouldering his bow, he gives the nocks and string another inspection before smirking in return at Kiena. "Where'd be the fun in that?" he returns to the idea of leaving the hunt to the three of them, subtle jocularity in his tone. He keeps the weapon in hand as he sets of after Kimmila with the others, his stride almost a centering thing for him as he falls in step beside Therynn, eyes slowly scanning the woods as he settles in to the environment. "What sorta prints?" he questions Kimmila as they move on down the path.

Kimmila walks in silence for a short distance, a few minutes at most, before she stops. "There," she says, pointing down to some footprints in the snow, larger than any of theirs. "Those are the tracks I want us to follow. Can't be more than a day old, so be cautious. Brennan, Therynn, why don't you two take point? We'll follow and back you up." Just in case something tries to catch them unawares from behind. "Bows ready," she adds, murmuring softly and giving Kiena a crooked smile. "And no attitude." Wink.

Therynn puts hands up with a genuine smile, head shaking softly. "Now, now…m'sure you are your harshest critic. I'm not even t'my 18th turn yet." Not that Kiena appears much older, but it is implied that the standard may be a little lower for Rynn's age group. "Your skills precede you. Lookin' forward to some time in the forest with such an adept group" This directed towards the off duty Weyrsecond, admiring her refined humbleness about the topic, a virtue to be reflected on by Rynn at another time and hopefully attained sooner rather than later. At 5foot nothing, it can be hard to take Rynn seriously some times (especially since she's starting becoming girlier by the day) leaving her feeling as though she's got something to prove. A glare, with a hint of fondness is shot towards Brennan and that snort, making a scrunched nose head wobble his way as they sidle up next to each other. For a few steps, there's nothing but the faint crunch of snow beneath booted feet. That hardly audible crackle being one of the few things Rynn has found difficult to overcome hunting in Fortian weather. Bow is readied, nodding at the directions from the blue rider. Two fingers go up, and motion forward, a glance towards Brennan as the petite huntress nimbly follows along side the large-footed tracks.

Kiena slides her bow from her shoulder as well and after checking the string, selects an arrow from her quiver and keeps it loosely notched and ready. She walks as silently as she can over the snow and to Brennan's subtle jocularity she snorts, her crooked smile amused. "Oh, plenty of fun in watching, y'know? That and less risk of me misfiring my arrow somewhere unpleasant…" She's kidding right? Hopefully by the way the Xanadian Weyrsecond is grinning now, that is a yes! To Therynn she only chuckles, keeping her voice lowered. "And I'm in my twenty-fifth Turn. I was bein' truthful when I said you three are the better. Not that I mind! I can learn, can't I?" Sobering and focusing back on their hike and hunt, Kiena will peer curiously at the prints Kimmila points out, careful not to trod on them herself as she steps a little closer to examine them. After a thoughtful moment, she'll nod to the Wingrider's orders and then snort again. "No promises." Cue a wry grin and a look that is almost challenging. Kimmila can't ditch her in the southern jungles this time! HA.

"Can always be learnin'," Brennan agrees quietly with a smirk, slipping an arrow from his own quiver and holding it fast along the riser. He pauses for just a moment to kneel in the snow beside the tracks, his own foot resting beside one print in comparison. "Big guy," he mumurs, skimming a finger around the edge of the boot-shaped depression. "Really big. Solid steps - prob'ly not afraid to go crashing through whatever's in his way…or whoever." He gives a soft whistle to catch Therynn's attention, then flicks a thumb first left, then right - a signal to spread out from the tracks a bit. The riders behind ought to see it, hopefully each sticking to the hunter nearest them. There's terrain rises slightly, trees encroaching a bit more, and Brennan starts looking about for a solid-looking one as they move.

Kimmila winks at Kiena as she walks along behind Brennan, leaving Kiena to focus on Therynn's back as they move. The tracks continue for a short distance and then vanish when they reach a small plateau of stone that rises up out of the path, giving no mud or snow to trek through for at least ten yards…

Therynn shoots a questioning glance towards Kiena, hoping she is truly joking considering her location behind her behind. This would indeed be a rather awful place to get hit with an arrow, despite it being pleasantly fleshy. "You wear it well," is noted quietly to the Xanadian about age. "N'that's the absolute truth. Practice makes perfect, always something and someone t'learn from…" Based on the prints, Rynn picked up some details that are compiled and postulated about during an inner monologue that is narrated by Brennan as if on another wavelength. Eyes sharpen and she nods to him and Kimm, cutting right and running index over string for a quick check as she slinks towards the incline and through the trees.

Kiena laughs quietly under her breath to Therynn, "Enough with the flattery. Focus on the hunt," she murmurs and she was teasing earlier. The bluerider is quite capable with a bow and the young hunter has nothing to worry about with having her watch her back. She'll catch Brennan's signal and nod her head briskly. Understood and she'll fall into place, her steps slow and cautious over the ground they cover.

Brennan spots the bare stone ahead of them and curses under his breath, knowing what that's likely to mean. Crouched steps forward quicken somewhat as he casts about, looking for any possible dried mud or other outline of bootprints on the stone to show a direction. Then he glances left to consider the thick, sparse trunk and branches of a nearby pine. Abruptly, he veers off the couple of yards to it, then springs up to grab a branch with surprising agility for a man of his size. With a bit of a swing and a huff, he pulls up onto it, perching there and edging out a bit in order to use his new vantage to possibly spot what may lie ahead in the snow beyond the little plateau…

Kimmila moves slow and steady, her feet quiet on the ground as she lets the two younger hunters lead this hunt. Nodding, she moves along, only to stop beneath the tree Brennan climbs up, smirking a bit. "Don't fall," she murmurs, but she also might be impressed. It's hard to tell. The steps do indeed continue on the other side of the stone, clear as day when you get the right angle to see them.

For Therynn, focusing on hunting is like second nature. It's the socializing and bond building thing that really takes some effort from the reticent huntress. She keeps her head down, as suggested, a wink sent Kiena's direction before hazel gaze scans the area for any clues. A few broken twigs here, some misplaced leaves there, but nothing spectacular thus far. Head motions for them to skirt around and across towards the other side of the stone rubble, bringing the pair closer to Kimm and Brennan. Looking up toward the monkey in the tree, she'll shrug a shoulder, wait to see if they've got anything and then keep heading forward. Rynn crouches down to deflect Rukbat's reflections off the snow, seeing something faint in the distance that continues on the other side, eyes catch Kiena's wondering if she sees it too.

Kiena blinks as Brennan scales the tree and she's a bit more open with her impressed expression. Something that transfers to Therynn too when she moves so easily over the terrain. She'll keep a sharp and keen eye open for anything and when Therynn catches her gaze, Kiena will scan the area again and jut her chin towards that faint something. Investigate? A signal is sent to Kimmila and Brennan as well. Do they see it too?

"Not this time," Brennan grunts to Kimmila's comment, though he smirks in turn along with it before edging forward a bit more and peering forward…ah. There they are - so obvious that the hunter chuckles a little as he swings back down, hitting the snow on both feet with a solid thump and nodding at Kiena. Then he repeats Therynn's earlier 'forward' motion of two fingers ahead, renewing his grip on his bow.

Kimmila watches the hunters make their way forward, smiling a bit as she walks over the curved granite and back onto the path. The footprints continue on for a short distance. "Doesn't look like he was trying to hide himself," she mutters as they walk, steadily moving upwards as the path drifts to more of a game trail, single-file now.

Therynn nods with an upwards curve to her lips, to Kiena, Brennan and Kimmila, the team seemingly on point and cohesively collaborating about picking up the tracks. Brennan's confirmation of sightings beyond snow rifts have her standing from crouch and headed across the rocks with Kiena. Not a stone is turned as the balls of her feet plant firmly with each step, lowering hushed heel. When reasonably quiet exchanges can happen, the trail merging to a more narrow arrangement, Rynn says to Kimmila with a soft chuckle. "Or he at least wasn't doing a very good job at it if e'was."

Kiena grunts rather unwomanly like in agreement to Kimmila's observations, her mouth drawing into a grim line of focus. She'll follow, careful where her feet are placed as the terrain changes again. There's a snort for the comment from Therynn. "Or it's a trick." she points out with a smirk, keeping her eyes on the trees now and leaving the tracking to the others.

"Hopefully just someone passin' through," Brennan nearly mutters, though he's doubtful. "Odd place t' do it, though. Too open, if he didn' wanna be seen…unless," he adds, giving a nod to Kiena, "it's a trick." He peripherally watches Therynn with appreciation for the ease of her silence; he had to work quite hard to achieve his, and feels like he still does from time to time. "So we're thinkin' this could be a clue to that jewel thief?" he asks Kimmila. "Or a lead on renegades, mayhap?"

Kimmila shrugs as she walks behind the rest of them. "Who knows. Just thought we should track it, see it through." And it looks like it might be ending soon, as the tracks lead them towards a rather tall cliff, just one of the many such features as the mountains rise beyond the weyr.

Therynn doth surmise that Kiena is much more skilled than she let's on to by that consideration. "Y'ave a point…" Animals, Rynn's typical prey, do not often ambush, though the concept of felines doing such a thing has been talked of at great length in various experiences. Hunting people is a whole new thing for the compact huntress. Multifaceted gaze keeps mostly to the horizon, noting that Kiena's focused on trees. Rynn is weary of getting too close to the cliff, despite the curiosity of peeking over the edge. "I'unno…if it is a trick, s'looking like a rather vulnerable spot out there on that ledge." She recalls skirting it when she first arrived. "No one could survive that fall. If I remember correctly s'a long way down…"

It's the truth, Kiena does undersell her skills quite often but she's not about to admit to it. "If there were renegades about, we'd be either seeing signs of 'em by now or already in a whole load of trouble — or dead." How cheerful! She smirks, "Leave it to Fort to have more than just wherries to hunt," she can be heard muttering under her breath. As for that cliff? Kiena eyes it warily. "So what now? You guys see where the trail goes?" This, of course, is directed to Brennan and Therynn.

As soon as the cliff comes into view, Brennan knows the tracks will have to change direction soon. He's not too keen on getting near the edge of another dropoff, either, and so slows a bit, eventually stopping to squat down and peer slowly about at the lay of the ground as the tracks fade away. Undergrowth here, more bare stone there, the snow thinning in spots and laying thick in shadows. Still, not all signs are gone; the last of the most visible tracks seemed to start veering left a bit. "Be worth it to see if we can pick up more heading west," he observes, jutting his chin off down a less-traveled track - likely a game trail, rather than a footpath.

Ah, but there is something else. A pair of…boots. On the edge of the cliff. The tracks may veer around a bit, but they lead right to the edge. And those boots.

Therynn feels the gravity of the situation at hand when Kiena shares her optimistic outlook regarding renegades. It's sad, but probably true, and Rynn suppresses any creeping anxiety about what a standoff with another human being might be like. A hearty chuckle is subdued, albeit a bit nervously, when the wherry comment in made. "Tracks seem t'head…that way." She motions straight off the ledge. " Perplexed is Rynn, something seems fishy here. "West, y'say," is wondered of Brennan, though she trusts his instinct and says, "Maybe we should send a firelizard t'scout out the east as well. I'm with you guys on this one; maybe it's a de…" a couple more steps and the blurry lump at the edge of cliff wall takes the shape of a pair of boots. "..coy. Whattha?"

"Boots," Kiena snorts, eyeing them almost as suspiciously and warily as the cliff itself. Those tracks are given a long look as well but Brennan's suggestion of going west earn a nod from the bluerider. "Lead on, then. Seems like our best option. Not sure what's up with the… boots… Kind of unsettling if you ask me. You two go on ahead. I'll take the rear." And just ignore the way she readjusts her bow in her hand, firming her grip and keeping the arrow notched and ready.

At Therynn's pronouncement, Brennan swivels around, the arrow he'd had against the rise of his bow suddenly nocked. He'd failed to notice the boots, being too preoccupied with the trail fading out. "Do they match the size of the prints?" he wants to know, asking it of the others examining them as he glances about carefully. If they're a lure, he wants to be sure he knows where those who've lured them could be. He starts slowly in the direction he'd purposed before, keeping the cliff at his back. "Oughta move somewhere a bit less vulnerable," he says, nodding to Kiena's last.

Kimmila stands back, her arms over her chest now, leaning casually on one leg. "Isn't anyone going to look at the boots?" she calls, her voice amused. Very, very amused. Because what's draped across each boot, but a white Candidate knot.

Therynn snorts "Must be cold out there with no shoes…definitely unsettling." Though she figures whoever left these must have had something to replace them with for the rest of their journey. At this point, holding bow at attention is traded for something a bit smaller but still lob-able. Securing the wooden limbs of her bow over one shoulder, and maintaining easy access to it, switchblade is taken from calf, spring loaded release sliding the sharp pointed tip out with the slightest sound of just one single click. "Good question…" is said with a nod to Brennan, taking a similar stance as he so that there's no chance of being pushed over, while minding the actual cliff itself in case one were to jump up and sneak attack. What they do find when gumption to approach abandoned boots is mustered comes as a bit of a surprise, brows furrowed she looks towards the riders and says "Kimm? Kiena? What's this…" she obviously knows what it is, but she's wondering why it is they're found here on creepy, impending doom over cliff-face boots.

Kiena only motions for Brennan to go check, as Therynn is well on her way to investigate the boots. As for the Xanadian Weyrsecond? She's drifting back to where Kimmila is standing and when the question comes first from Therynn, Kiena's helpful answer is to just jut a thumb to Kimmila. "Ask her! I ain't got nothing to do with those," The white knots, anyways. Playing along with this? Oh, you bet she's guilty of it. She's barely managing to hold back the snickered grin.

Well, Brennan wasn't because he was too busy looking at everything else and trying to figure out whether or not they were in trouble…but at the rather casual stance he suddenly observes Kimmila standing in - not to mention the amused tone she's speaking with - and Therynn's reaction to what she finds…and now Kiena's motioning…the hunter relaxes his grip on his bow, standing and doing so indeed. Starting to put the pieces together, he looks hard at the white knots, then glances between the two riders. Is this really turning out to be what he thinks it is? Eyes narrowing slightly, he raises a finger, wielding it slightly at Kimmila first. "You…are not heavy enough to have made those tracks. Neither are you." Now it's pointed at Kiena and dropped. He's latching on to the how of this right now; it's more familiar than the possibility this represents. "How did you…" Shaking his head, he looks at the beknottted boots, brow furrowing mightily as his gaze returns to the riders. "Why?" Since that might be the better question.

Kimmila reaches out to gently smack the back of her hand against Kiena's arm, and she can't hold back her own grin. Or her snickering. Or her laughter which bubbles up a moment later. "Backpack, rocks…big shoes…" she manages between laughing. "Oh, shards. Shards that was better than the time I made So'l /swim/ for his knot…" More snickering laughter and she flashes them both a grin. "Varmiroth sometimes likes to watch folks for a while before he decides. He's been watching you both and decided he liked you. So…I set up a little hunt. Would you both stand for Fort's clutch? That's not a prank, I promise."

Therynn feels slightly duped, especially when she realizes Kiena was in on it too, even if it's only her guilty by association grin that seems to say so. There's a contraction of pupils as hazel hued gaze is redirected towards Kimmila. Sly those ladies are! Rynn didn't have a clue, or read in to their lackadaisical mannerisms, thinking it was just their preferred mode of hunting to take up the back. "Yeah.." she agrees about the trickery and track sizes. As it pieced together repetition solidifies the picture in her head "A backpack of rocks.." blade is retracted and reset in sheath strapped to left calf. "Here I thought we were gonna have a showdown with a renegade.." finally a good chuckle and deep breath accompanies head shaking. "You are something else Kimmila.. n'you two Kiena." What a wily pair to venture the woods with! She'll reach down and pick up the knot, clashes of incomprehensible emotions crossing her eyes. There is no answer formed right away, the depths of accepting not coming as easy after the life-changing experience at Western. "That'd be an awful prank…" she mumbles, looking at Brennan "I…" Pause. "I…" Stammer, blush. "I'd be honored."

Kiena grunts when Kimmila smacks her arm and promptly punches the other bluerider in the shoulder. Gently of course and all in play. "You're awful in making 'em work for it," she says between laughter and when Brennan prompts with the 'why' question, Kiena only jerks her head to Kimmila. It's all HER doing! Well, Varmiroth too. "I ain't a part of the white knots. I'm a Xanadian rider, Ujinath does not Search for Fort." That'd just be awkward. "I'm just here to enjoy a good hike and prank." So Kiena DID know about it ahead of time! Sneaky. "That'a girl. Good luck as a Candidate." Kiena muses to Therynn and then her eyes flick to Brennan.

Brennan is simply quiet for a long moment, the furrow in his brow lessening by degrees as he considers the white knot, the two blueriders laughing at him and Rynn, the whole situation…and finally, he can't help but start laughing a bit himself. Shaking his head and looking skyward for a moment, he murmurs, "Rocks in the packs… Shardin' trick out of a Harper story…" With a snort and a hesitant, crooked smile, he looks back to Kimmila and Kiena. "Mayhap I will just to punish myself for missin' the signs. Or takin' things too serious. Clever, lady bluerider. The both of ya." He picks up the knot, turning it in his fingers. "Not gonna argue with your dragon, either, if it's his idea. Plus I still owe the Weyr for savin' my hide, eh?" After a drawn-out exhalation, he nods once. "Dunno why he'd get so intent on me, but I, ah…accept." The look he gives Therynn afterward is quite clearly of the 'what am I getting into?' variety, but there's a bewildered bit of a smile there, nonetheless.

Kimmila nods, "It is Varmiroth's idea, yes, and he's quite keen on the both of you," she assures them. This is a dragon search! Just…a bit unconventional. "Wonderful! Thank you, he's extremely pleased. Let's get back to the weyr and get you settled in."

Kiena's laughter tapers off and she sobers, grinning to both the newly knotted Candidates. "Oh, now THAT was fun! I'll have to try this, if Ujinath goes to Search for Luraoth and Kanekith's eggs. So far, he's not so much as sniffed at a single soul. Maybe I've been going about it the wrong way…" she muses. "Congrats, to both of you. Kimmila, after you're done with 'em, mind if I come by the weyr?" Maybe she'll actually be sociable with family for once! Maybe.

Therynn will take note that Kiena is definitely wonderfully cunning, especially when paired with the indomitable Kimmila, two women the young huntress will keep her eyes on with definite hopes of learning a lot more from in the future. The component of embarrassment is there, and Rynn cannot subdue all of the emotions that attempt to bubble out at once. She's a bit of a mess inside right now, and there's no way to explain what's going through her head, bright red cheeks a partial give-away to the flurry of thoughts in her head. It's sure to be a wild ride for this wall-flower turned Weyrfolk. Admission to this doesn't come easy, but something changed inside of this typically very independent being, turns of misunderstood grudges peeling away one the sands when she stood last. It wasn't until her experience at Western that any of this really meant anything to her, and suddenly she was acutely aware of the gaping hole where the unmatchable bond between dragon and rider belongs, a yearning she had never known until then. "Thanks…" she manages for Kiena's luck wishing, watching Brennan to see if he'll go for it. When he agrees, she'll smile nervously; they're definitely in for it. "Many thanks t'you and Varmiroth, even if presented…interestingly." A deep breath is taken and she's prepared to follow the group back to the Weyr to 'settle in', which is definitely one way to put it.

It's with pure curiosity that Brennan observes Therynn's blush at all this, knowing there's likely far more going on in her head than she's letting on. Talking later will come, of course, but for now, the hunter shoulders his bow again, nodding to Kiena. "Thanks," he returns, giving Rynn one more glance before looking back to Kimmila. "Alright then, lady bluerider. Lead the way." Thoroughly thrown for a loop today, he'll do so without question.