Fort Weyr - Council Chambers
A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

Dawn has come and as the sun slowly rises, the skies remain clear and the winds already warm. After a long spell of late-spring rains, the Weyr will welcome the reprieve. Th'ero has already been awake for hours and gone about his usual patrol before returning to his weyr to change and spend however brief a moment with his weyrmate before the daily grind of work and duty begin. Now he waits in the council chambers, over an hour ahead of the usual scheduled meetings, seated in his usual chair at the large table. Readied and waiting in front of an empty chair is a cup of freshly brewed tea. Th'ero knows a few things and Nyalle should know that his preparedness like this heralds something — usually news he figures she'll find unfavourable.

Nyalle slips into the room on quiet, slippered feet, still running fingers through her hair and looking a bit sleepy. Seeing the tea gives her pause, and her eyes flick to the Weyrleader. "What now?" she asks with a half smile as she moves forward to pour herself a cup.

Th'ero's gaze lifts to follow Nyalle's movements as she approaches the table. Her half smile is echoed in a vague smirk on his features and his tone is dry, almost amused. "Nothing severe — or rather any worse than you've likely already heard of. G'rar's injuries are severe enough from his accident that he will be out of active duty for considerable time. Which leaves Thunderbird without a Leader. Again." he informs her quietly. "And the current Wingsecond has no desire to take up the reins. G'rar did mention a possible replacement…"

Nyalle sighs as she blows gently over the top of her tea. "Are we too hard on them? Why is the position constantly in need of filling?" Her brows lift, finely sculpted as she settles back into her chair. "Who?"

Th'ero's mouth quirks into a visible smirk this time as he gives her a side-long look. "Because it's Thunderbird? That Wing demands a lot of its riders. Injuries are expected… and Wingleader is not exempted from it." he mutters, allowing her a moment to settle into her chair and maybe enjoy some of her tea before he continues on with the matter at hand. "Ashwin. Brownrider… a transfer from a Turn or so back."

Nyalle lifts her brows a bit. "Ashwin. I remember," she says, so he doesn't have to keep describing the brownrider to her. "Have you worked with him at all?"

Th'ero wasn't going to go into much more detail but is both intrigued and please that she remembers him. Saves a lot of time and trouble! "Not directly, no. But if he's made that much of an impression on G'rar? In this short of time?" There's a slight shrug of his shoulders. "Ashwin came to my office last night and spoke to me directly on the matter. He feels he can do well with the position. Already has some plans for the Wing."

Nyalle nods, taking another sip of tea. "So he sought you out? That's good." Shows initiative. "What sorts of plans?" Now she looks suspicious. None of that new-fangled stuff, right? Tradition!

"He did." Th'ero confirms but does not elaborate further. There's no need to and if there was something troubling about it, he would have brought it up. For now, this discussion is merely one of protocol and even then he's only playing nice with the Weyrwoman. Matters of the Wings and the riders are his to control and as traditionalist as Nyalle is, he knows she would rarely argue. Yet he shows her respect time and again by trying to involve her and gain her opinion — even if it often ends with her just agreeing with him. "He's looking into reworking Thunderbird. More emphasis on policing than emergency." he starts with, waiting to see how Nyalle takes to it.

Nyalle appreciates it. Quite a bit, actually, that he keeps her informed. Even now, it still sometimes takes her by surprise that he gives her such courtesy, but she appreciates it. "Really? Do we have more policing issues than we do emergencies?"

Th'ero will remain quiet for a time after she asks him her question, brows knit thoughtfully as he works over his answer. "I hadn't thought on it much, to be honest, until Ashwin so clearly brought it up. I would say we do, in light of our recent problems. Things have been quiet but only because those types of conflicts can often go unnoticed."

Nyalle dips her head a bit. "And what of the guards? Where do they factor in? Will they feel displaced?"

Th'ero scrubs thoughtfully at his jaw before exhaling softly and lowering his hand to rest it on the table's surface. He taps his fingers lightly against it. "The Guards will remain as they are, I believe, and likely have more of a role than before. Since they can mediate better in Hold and Craft matters than us riders. It'd be foolish to scrap them from the Wing."

Nyalle nods. "Just so long as that's looked at, and it's considered how they might feel about this. We can't afford to have dissent in our ranks."

Th'ero shakes his head with a grimace, "You should know that I will do anything to avoid having dissent in our ranks. Don't worry about that, Nyalle." he reassures her, though his comment could carry a slight and silent reminder too of what happened in the past. How she allowed her former Weyrleader to all but tear Fort apart.

It wasn't her place. But don't think Nyalle doesn't carry a lot of guilt over that whole situation. "I see no problem, then, with giving him the rank.

Th'ero figures she'll be carrying that guilt on her shoulders for a long, long time. So he doesn't feel it necessary to openly dig into the wounds. Some may think him (more of a) bastard for never letting her entirely forget too. "Then I'll make it official. I told him it'd be a week from now. It'll give time for us to tell the others and allow things to change over quietly before the news is broken to the public."

Nyalle nods. "That sounds reasonable. And does the Wingsecond approve?"

"He approves as well," Th'ero tells her and, whether or not that's the whole honest answer, he doesn't let on. Glancing towards the entrance and the gradually strengthening light from the rising sun outside, he sighs softly. "We'll need to begin shortly, won't we?"

Nyalle pushes to her feet, taking her tea with her. "Indeed," she says with a knowing smile.

Th'ero returns that smile as he too pushes to his feet. "Clear skies, then, Nyalle. I'll see you later this morning." Dipping his head in polite farewell, he'll turn and walk towards the administration complex. His path is set for the Wing lounges, as it is every morning.

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