Fort Weyr - Glacier Lake
Wind and water washed stones of harsh gray and black scatter the area surrounding a large bright greenish-blue body of water. As if carved out with a spoon the land abruptly dips down into a deep and pure crystal lake, where the bottom is visible because of how clear the lake actually is. The water is a strikingly contrast with the cold harsh landscape that surrounds it. The shore is rugged with large boulders and chunks of rock prevent easy access to the shore line, making it less than ideal for swimming. Of course, the water is also freezing to the touch as its source is the glacier nestled between the higher peaks of the mountainsides surrounding it. Marks exist higher along the walls of the gully, a washed out white water mark showing the variability of the water level, scarring the stone as a permanent reminder of what once was.
To the west of the lake, hidden in the grove of rock, is a foundation built up with matching stones. Its very indistinguishable against the background, often hidden from view as it so easily blends in. It spreads out away from the lake and towards more forgiving and friendlier grounds where some soil holds dominance over rock and ice. Once in disrepair, the entire structure has been rebuilt and expanded and in this rugged terrain it looks so inviting and welcoming despite it's odd location.
Still, to the north, the mountain peak towers into the clouds, often covered with snow and ice. This is where the glacier roosts, some hundreds of feet further up. Scaling it requires a skilful climber with ice and rock climbing gear. Its also treacherous and known for unforeseen fissures and the odd avalanche. Caution is aired when heading up that route.

It's late afternoon and the winter sun hangs low on the horizon. There won't be much sunlight left in the day, but that doesn't keep those who've braved coming out here from enjoying it. It's not too cold, actually edging towards "mild" for a winter day. The shore around the frozen lake houses several large tents and several fire pits have been erected to help keep the guests and travellers here warm, given the distance from this lake and the Weyr itself. Despite the winter season, the grounds here are teeming with people, as a few events on the frozen lake are underway or just wrapping up and there is a good mixture of weyrfolk, holders, Crafters and riders about. Of course, there are also Guards. Always Guards. Fewer people are up on the hills, however, which are both natural formed and boosted a bit by packed snow. It is at the top of one of these hills that Rayathess stands with a younger, dark haired, Healer and is currently in some sort of back and forth debate. "…couldn't hurt to try it? Not like the hill is that steep…" Famous last words from the Harper?

The last few days have seen Hazelon kept deep within the Weyr, but that walk with Abigail had reawoken Hazelon's desire to spend time without and not within. So despite the lateness of the hour, he has gathered his cold weather gear and set out. The voices aren't heard right away, so he draws fairly close before coming to a slow stop, eyeing Rayathess and the healer. It doesn't occur to him to call out in greeting.
Rayathess crouches down and begins to brush the snow off the underside of what looks to be a simple flat sled of sorts. He's too engrossed in that task to notice Hazelon's approach or the eyeing he receives. It's the Healer, Laurali, who catches Hazelon's look and since her argument seems lost on the Harper, she'll focus her attentions instead on him. Hazelon may vaguely remember her from the camps, though she's grown considerably since then and was gone far earlier and longer than any of them ever were. Her smile is small and reserved, but she holds no animosity towards him. "Please don't tell me you're going to try this too?" she murmurs, stepping aside as other youths behind them rush forwards and promptly jump aboard their flat sleds to race down the hill.

Hazelon hesitates, he really hadn't meant to interact with anyone whatsoever. Sledding wasn't quite on the list of things he does- it totally counts as playing, and other then the snowball fight with the crazy weyrwoman, it's been a long time since Hazelon "played." Quietly Hazelon shakes his head at Laurali's question, though he does eye the sled. "No sure it'd be smart to be doin' that."

Rayathess's just put the sled flush with the snow when he hears Hazelon's voice and while he looks over at him, there's no sneer or narrowed look. His eyes will meet his briefly, then notice the knot and brows will lift and be followed by what almost looks like a bemused smile. Then he's back to fiddling with the sled. "Might not be smart, but it looks downright fun, doesn't it?" he mutters, interrupted by the whooping cries of another set of sledders. The Harper just snorts. See?

"Yeah, fun until someone is hurt." Laurali sighs, siding with Hazelon's apprehension on the "smartness" of this activity. "Guess it's bound to happen anyways. Winter Games. Snow. Ice… just asking for it." she murmurs, smoothing down her heavy winter skirts and the full length jacket over them. Tilting her head curiously to Hazelon, her smile remains as she asks. "They let you off your chores for a bit?"

Hazelon notices the harper's eyes moving to his shoulder, and he shifts that coat of his to hide the knot. Surely he isn't ashamed of it? Or maybe just not comfortable with the extra flicks of attention it gains him. "Ain't much what is fun if you're gettin' hurt doin' it." Hazelon is just going to to toss his agreement in with Laurali on this one, eyeing the sled again as dangerous. As for Rayathess' question… nope. No answer.

Laurali's smile broadens a bit when Hazelon teams up on her side and she gives Rayathess a rather justified and smug look. See? Rayathess just rolls his eyes, "You two are just complete sticks in the mud, you know that? I don't see the others meeting an unfortunate end!" he mutters, jutting a thumb to the sledders safely at the bottom of the hill. "I'm going to try it!" Prove to them both that it's harmless! Gripping the sled, Rayathess will shove forwards and as the sled gains momentum, he'll jump aboard and WHOOSH! Down the hill he goes! And… makes it safely to the bottom and just from the way he's gesturing at them it's clear what he'd be saying: TOLD YOU SO! Laurali just sighs again and eyes Hazelon askance as she mutters. "Stubborn ass, he is… but you never heard that from me."

His eyes follow Rayathess' descent down the hill on that sled, gaze narrowing slightly when the man reaches the bottom safe and sound. "You don't have to be sayin that again." Hazelon's mutter isn't really directed at Laurali, spoken as it is into the scarf Hazelon has wrapped around his neck. Another shake of his head and he's stepping away from the woman, back onto what he was doing before he ran into the pair.

Does Hazelon think that escape is that easy? Laurali will follow him for a few steps, before awkwardly pausing when she realizes he may be trying to go back to what he was doing. "… how're you?" she asks softly, a touch shy. Don't go? They've at least a few minutes before Rayathess trudges his way back up the hill.

Wait, she's talking to him? Hazelon hadn't actually considered the fact that the woman might think that they were having a conversation, and not just a random meeting. He pauses, and turns to glance at her with a slight frown on his face. "Been worse, been better." It's an utterly middle of the road answer, and is followed by a shrug. Then pause. "you?"

Yes, Laurali is talking to him! She may not remember him too well from the camps and what little else she knows of him she heard from Ezra and Rayathess (and no, it wasn't bad things!) and the whole incident with Ustrr. "Oh," Is all that Laurali can answer with at first, tugging at her lower lip in habit as she glances back down the hill and never quite fully to Hazelon. "Rough time, right now?" she inquires gently, only to shrug her own shoulders and a ghost of a smile curves her mouth upwards. "Same, actually. Been worse, been better. Can't complain though, if I am honest."

"No." It's a short answer, Hazelon isn't really giving the woman much to continue the conversation on. Her slight smile does not elicit one upon his face, as the slight frown continues to stay. He's just not quite sure what to make of this interaction what-so-ever. "Aye, better to not be complain'…" He gaze flicks down to where Rayathess is, then back to tthe woman. Abruptly, "He alright?"

Laurali is quite perplexed by Hazelon and the frowned look she gives him says as much. He's got her puzzled and insecure, so she crosses her arms over her chest and lowers her head a bit, meek and sheepish. She had hoped, perhaps, for conversation but hadn't expected him to be so closed off and she is not like Rayathess to pry (or worse, like Lyreh). "He'll be fine. He's a thick skull, I doubt this sledding business of his will do much if he ends up colliding with something." she mutters, only to lapse silent when Rayathess finally trudges his way over, boots crunching through the snow. Shouldering the sled, he'll smirk at both of them, slightly breathless from climbing the hill. "You sure you guys don't want to try? It's not that bad!"

Hazelon is closed off to most, and so it rather suprises him whenever someone actually tries to engage him. The current state of his head wasn't what he had meant to inquire into, but when Laurali misunderstands Hazelon doesn't correct her. Instead he'll shrug again, still paused with a foot ready to step forward. "No."

Laurali is usually quite meek and reserved, keeping to herself unless she is at work as a Healer but she felt it polite to at least talk to Hazelon. She'll still observe him quietly though, even as her gaze darts from him to Rayathess as the Harper lowers the sled back to the ground. He's not about to back down as easily as Laurali, however and he scoffs. "Why not? It's fun. This is a chance to unwind! I mean, how often will we get to experience a Weyr Games event? Or have an excuse to act like children and be a bit reckless…?" He's… not really selling it, is he?

Silence will meet Rayathess' comments about fun and unwiding. Hazelon has no intention of doing either, and will shrug one last time before he turns back to where he had been walking and finishes that step he had begun before Laurali had interupted. Towards the lake proper he'll set his feet on whatever errand or thought had brought him here in the first place.

Rayathess just sighs when Hazelon shrugs and walks off, shaking his head. He doesn't chase after him this time though, just watching him leave before crouching down by the sled again. "You going to try or not, Laurali?" he asks and then snorts when the Healer just meekly shakes her head. Rayathess frowns and then mutters something under his breath with a shrug of his shoulders. Their loss! He'll push the sled forwards and go down the hill again, leaving Laurali to watch until even she tires of it and slips away.