~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Beven Dance Hall ~~*~~
This immense cavern is lit by a thousand glows, reflecting off the polished wooden dance floor which dominates the chamber. The lights are kept in hanging baskets, held by hooks on ornate wooden stands which have been set at even intervals along the smooth stone walls. The ceiling rises dramatically to form a shadowed dome nearly a dragonlength far above. Warm despite the distance underground, the air in here has a light woodsy scent, overlaid by the faint smell of oils. The ground underfoot has been painstakingly levelled, with wooden planks in alternating hues arranged in a striking cross-cross pattern, with a wide, gradual spiral at the center, the inlaid design whimsical and flowing. The far end of the cavern holds a stage, the back a grand wooden semicircle that presses right up against the wall and curves partway over the performance area.

The secret of the decade is that Therynn, the tomboyish and slightly androgynous huntress, is particularly fond of dancing. What's even more surprising is that she is actually pretty good at. She's no harper, and would clam up should she be asked to do anything of the sort in public, but here in the the Dance Hall, without a soul in sight, she's put on some music and is gettin' down with her bad self. It's a sort of modern ballet-fusion, slightly influenced by upbeat hip-hop steps, and she works her way across the floor and back to the sound of the beats that echo throughout the hall. She isn't necessarily doing a good job at not attracting any attention to the area, music loud enough to likely be heard from out side, and for now, she's totally immersed in the moment and the movement. She leaps and pirouettes, shimmies and up-rocks, there's a dip and kick-ball change, some fancy shoulder shines and she's really getting after it.

Vintner doesn't mean event planner, but sometimes it's pretty close. At least when the events are supposed to have drinks, and the drinks have to be placed somewhere, and the places people think they go and the places where there's actually room don't match. That's why Borodin is down this way, because someone's planning something or other and he got involved. So he's come to the dance floor in order to check out the space, only to discover… music! "Huh." Apparently there's an event going on. But, well, he's already come all this way, so he nudges the door open and slips inside. There's no event, though. Just… music and a single dancer, and Borodin pauses by the door to watch.

Therynn doesn't catch nudging of door, or the sly arrival of the vintner either, so she will dance her heart out to the song's completion, some body waves and hip circles, high kicks and twirls. It isn't until she heads over to start the next tune that she's flabbergasted and startled by the figure at the door. "Oh my!" she squeals with a jump, grabbing for her heart while still attempting to catch her breath. It isn't often that Rynn is startled, however this is definitely one of those moments. "Borodin! Y'nearly scared the daylights out of me.." she says with deep inhalations from her cardio-dance session. There's a vibrant pink tone having it's way with her face, maybe from vasodilation and exercise, but likely from sheer embarrassment too. "How long have you been there?" Farouche mannerisms have brow raising as a few unruly locks are pushed behind an ear.

Borodin hunts the hunter. Step one, catch her by surprise. Step two, he seems less clear on, because all he does as she dances is watch the array of kicks, twirls, leaps and so on. His lips quirk at her surprise, a smile as he watches her pant and pinken. "Good thing we're underground," he says, and shrugs. "No daylight." His eyes drift down over her, then back up again, and he doesn't answer the question she asked - at least not directly. "You're pretty good."

Therynn chuckles softly as the embarrassment in the air breaks in light of his daylight comment. "Well aren't you just a sly one.." referenced for his use of literacy regarding a figure of speech. "Y'know what I mean.. not a lot of people come here when there isn't something goin' on.." Hence why Rynn felt it appropriate to shake her groove thing like nobody was watching. "Thanks.." she wants to counter that she views herself as pretty average, but she's been working on that whole self deprecation thing and takes the compliment without so much as another word. "Do you dance?" is inquired quizzically with raised brow "Or just stick to the libations that encourage others t'do so?"

"Don't seem like you need much in the way of encouragement," Borodin says with a smirk. "Seemed to be doing just fine on that front." He gives a bit of a nod, then shrugs. "Quiet places make for good ones to go." As Therynn has demonstrated with her choice of dance time! "Me…" Borodin trails off for a moment, lifting his gaze up to the arch of the ceiling, then snorts. "I have danced. Likely will again. Can't say as I make a habit of it."

Therynn clears her throat and chuckles, the pace of her breath normalizing post dance-sesh, as she and Borodin chat somewhere near the doorway. It's mid-afternoon, and the Hall had been no-man's land with no specific events set for this location today either. Rynn was taking full advantage of this opportunity to get down with the get down, doing a little dance fusion number that was surprisingly well articulated for someone of her slightly masculine demeanor. "Well thanks I guess.." she says to Borodin's compliment. "I never really do it where others can see, but I appreciate your confirmation that I am at least semi-normal or something when it comes to dancing." Humbleness runs hand in hand with her reservations, never one to boast or brag. It is uncertain what Borodin will respond as he trails, the snort making it seem there's something in the subtext he doesn't readily share. Then again, the vintner seems a bit secretive in general as proven by his dismissal of private stock question from their last encounter. "That's well enough.. can't say I enjoy dancing as much as hunting, but it's up there at least.." Rynn doesn't have many passions it seems, but at least hunting isn't her only schtick.

"I didn't say anything about normal." Borodin smiles. "In fact, doing a thing and not letting people see it? Pretty abnormal, from what I've seen. But why worry about that?" He shrugs, the smile lingering, then tilts his head to the side. "So why do it? You don't like it as well. You don't share it with anyone else. Either there's no reason at all and you're just doing things at random, or there's something dancing does for you that nothing else can manage." He hehs. "Especially if you've practiced for… how long? Seems there must be something that keeps you coming back again."

Therynn grimaces. Although she's never aspired towards normalcy, him negating her dancing being referenced to commonality makes face flush hot again with rouged cheeks that blossom like roses from blushing. "Oh.." a nervous chuckle escapes, trying to brush it off as he remarks about how strange it is to hide away and shake it like a polaroid picture. A shrug is countered in return "M'not worried.." Gaze flees to the floor as she feels interrogated. "Not worried.." is scoffed softly, because she's never really cared what anyone else thought.. well.. for the most part, sort of, kind of, though clearly less so these days for some perplexing reason. "I'unno.." is finally squeaked meekly "Just didn't seem like something worth sharing.. I mean, m'not really that good or anything.. just do it for fun mostly." A reminiscent moment pours over the hours of movement, mostly in the woods or alone at night. "Practiced s'long as I can remember.. was one of the few things I did during m'childhood besides hit the books.." another shrug with some fidgeting. "It definitely does something for me.. specially in the forest. Makes me feel more connected with the universe of something.."

Borodin watches that blush with an almost inquisitive look, like he's curious just how pink Therynn will turn and what amount of stammer and stutter he can get out of her. She's not worried? "Good," he says, and smiles with one corner of his mouth more pronounced in the expression than otherwise. "You shouldn't be. Most people are." He hehs. "Been there. Done that. Not worth it." Borodin shrugs, then listens to Therynn and nods. "Not saying you have to share. But if it's important…" He smiles. "Do something about it. If you don't…" A sigh, and a frown to go with it. "Sometimes it's gone and there's no chance to get it back." He goes quiet for a moment, eyes going distant, then hunches shoulders up in another shrug before settling them down again and refocusing on Therynn. "So go on, dance. Dance your heart out or in or whatever direction it goes."

Another round of curious wandering and another unexpected turn bring Brennan quietly slipping in from the tunnels…and the sheer appearance of the room he's found himself in causes him to go still, peering about curiously. It's a good thing he hasn't been tromping about the woods yet today, or else he might feel rather out of place and at risk of getting mud on the inlaid wooden floor. As it is, he looks out of place due to his perplexity at the room, though the fitted brown trousers, high black boots, and loose, long-sleeved shirt of deepest green he wears might make him seem just fine in the dance hall otherwise. To find he isn't the only one here is surprising, though not unpleasantly so. Crossing to where Therynn and a man whom he hasn't met are currently talking, he gives a small smile, looking a bit perplexed to hear how easily his footsteps seem to carry in the big room. "Afternoon," he says, more quietly than he probably needs to.

Therynn probably should be worried, with such inquisition she could turn an impressive shade of fluttery red and she's only one level away from the serious stuttering she's worked on abolishing for turns. "G-good.." That one is practically overlook-able, and she takes a deep breath while he comments about how most people are. "Must be something about living among other folk makes people insecure.. never thought much about nothing like that when it was just Quorel and I in the woods.. Now though.." a pause "It seems as though one must be political and concerned somewhat with what others think t'make anything of themselves in a place like this.." Borodin's life lessons are absorbed for contemplation, and in an attempt to ease his frown she encourages "Y'ave a point there Borodin.. what's life really worth if we don't march forth for the things we love and aspire to reach our most lofty accomplishments?" This is some deep stuff for Therynn, who's lived rather simply for the greater part of her turns. It is as if on cue that the next track catches and another upbeat song comes on, Rynn moves to turn the music down a little. When she comes up from the volume adjustment, lo and behold, another surprise arrives. "Brennan?" Yep, always that inflection when they cross paths like this. "What're you up to? N'the Dance Hall? Really?" She queries to see if he'll offer up any info about his skill or interest in the hobby.

"Depends what you want to make of yourself." Borodin shrugs. Perhaps he'll leave the parts deep in the woods to Therynn's wisdom, but he hehs at her point about aspirations and goals, reaching for what's desired and loved. His expression's a neutral one as he watches Therynn head over to adjust the music, and it stays like that as he looks over to see Brennan's arrival. "Afternoon," he replies, then smiles slightly. "There a festival going on here? Maybe a dance contest with those Weyr Games?"

"Just, ah…pokin' around again," Brennan replies with a shrug and a wink for Therynn before he glances over at Borodin. "Nothin' I know of. Though if anymore show up…" All three of them might have cause to ask the same. Now knowing what room he's in, he gives a little grunt of acknowledgement, nodding as he looks around. "Dance hall, eh? Wonder why they didn' have the openin' party in here," he muses, eyes rising to the ceiling. "Name's Brennan, by the way," he offers to Borodin. "What brings the both of you in here?" For the moment, that bit of information Therynn is hoping for about his own dance skills isn't forthcoming.

Therynn confides "What I've made of myself is a hunter, n'according t'Quorel with potential of being one of the best in the lands.." This however has not provided much time for refining appearance or mannerisms, skills she is just now putting together piece by piece. "I dunno Borodin.." both hands go up, palms out on the defense "A dance contest is pretty far outta m'comfort zone. Maybe I should stick to what I know n'go for that tracking n'trapping event or something." She never has been one to color outside of the lines. Attentions settle on Brennnan, falling deep in to the blues of his irises, captured and held there by the wink, which receives a deer in the headlights type of lash batting in return. A smile come easily, though when questions of duties in the dance hall arise she's set her gaze on the floor again and mumbles "Oh nuthin.." Gasp, feign, run, faint! There's no escape, the tempo of the music and her 'exercise' looking attire betraying the answer.

"If they didn't hold it outside, how would we know it's winter?" Borodin answers, then shrugs. "I'm Borodin." He glances to Therynn, gaze wandering down her and then back up again. "It's a start. Keep going, you're not done making yet. There's more to life than just picking your first craft." Speaking of - maybe - Borodin takes a look at those looks the other two share, then snorts. "She was obviously waiting for you, because the two of you should dance together." He waves a hand toward the floor. The music's already playing? "Me, I've got no excuse, so don't let me get in the way."

Brennan gives a snort in turn. "Just by the fact of it bein' inside in a heated room," he reasons, smirking over at the man. "Good to meet ya, Borodin." At the Vinter's last, the hunter pauses, glancing between him, Therynn, and the source of the music, then shakes his head. "Wouldn' catch me dancin' to something like that even with a dozen arrows trained on me," he remarks gruffly. "Not my style." Which would indicate he has one…that still isn't getting voiced. The he considers Therynn for a moment, wanting very much to walk over and pry her gaze from the floor but opting not to because of the present company. He settles for folding his arms and giving a small slant of a smile. "Suits you, though," he tells her before looking back at Borodin. "No excuse, eh? Didn' just wander in by accident, like me?"

Therynn wants to slips away in to the rafters while introductions are made. Alas! That would be quite rude, she decides, despite getting caught in the act of whimsical expression that no other eyes were intended to view. Borodin's words of encouragement are stored away in the great quotes Rynn has been compiling since moving to Fort. "Not done making yet.. I like that.. like a fine wine or something.." There's a head wobble, before wonder comes in the form of a question. "You did something else before becoming a vintner Borodin?" She'd kick him right now if it were under the guise of table top or something. "You're not in the way n'I wasn't waitin'.. " Nope! Nor looking, or pining away for, or anything of the sort!

Hey!! She fights the urge of irascibility. Expression turns to a bit of a scowl "It's fusion music thank you very much.. nuthin wrong with a little classical set to a beat.." Ok, she just outed herself, she /was/ dancing an apparently takes it very seriously. Her knitted brows soften though as Brennan doth comment that he does indeed have a style with a compliment? as well. She pries, looking up from the ground with that penetrating gaze "N'just what would be your kind of music dear Brennan?"

"Winter, people stay inside to avoid the snow. Summer, they stay inside to avoid the heat. There's about three days in spring they go out for, but then the wind keeps them in the rest, and autumn, well, it makes for lovely views out the windows." Borodin shrugs, but it's with an upward curve to the corners of his mouth. His eyes go back to Therynn, and he hehs. "Sure. Didn't turn vintner until I was…" He regards her for a moment, then finishes it with "…older than you are now." Borodin smiles, maybe because he's not actually being kicked, then snorts for Therynn's denials. He doesn't argue with them. Or offer any excuse, because apparently he doesn't have any of those… or at least… "None I see the need to give." He just smirks a bit as they argue about music.

"Didn' say there was anything wrong with it, just that I wouldn' get caught dancin' to it," Brennan counters, and hand lifts to scratch at the back of his neck in what looks like momentary discomfiture. "Mostly since I'd probably trip over my own feet an' fall on top of ya," comes the grumbled admission. "Said it suited you, though." And the change in tone would indeed indicate it's compliment! " Slower, simpler, older music. That, I might be persuaded to try now and again." In other words, he doesn't dance a lot, and doesn't believe he dances all that well. He knows enough to get by in the background at a Gather. At Borodin's reply to his question, Brennan chuckles. "Fair enough," he concedes with a light shrug. He certainly knows plenty about keeping reasons to himself.

Get caught dancing to it, that is precisely what happened. Brennan apparently doesn't know the weight of his own words, and Rynn is all but tomato-looking as she turns a lovely shade of red. Yes.. again! Then the concept of Brennan 'falling on top of her' magnifies the awkwardness of the situation ten fold, and Rynn is shifting with nervousness, blurting uncouthly with a scoff "Wouldn't want that happening.." Eyes back on the floor, feet mashing the ground as if she could push open a trap door with her big toe. She'll take the compliment with a "Thanks.." and take note of his music preference. The next song comes to an end and Rynn uses that as a clue to wiggle out of this situation before the 'opportunity' to dance in front of a captive audience comes up. "Annnyyyywayy.." She'll look to Borodin "I should probably get ready for tonight's sweeps.. good t'see you as always.." Gratitude for his kind words is apparent in her smile. "M'sure it won't be long before we.. bump in to each other again.." Now, how to approach a public goodbye with this one. Fetchingly eyes will settle on Brennan and she'll say "Bren.. you already know.." taking a step forward to place a kiss on his cheek and am-scray for the door.

Borodin snorts. "Don't overstate it. You'll run out of superlatives." He glances to Brennan, and smirks. "Music's loud enough to muffle things from outside. So that's something good about it, hmm?" And with that, he'll let those fetching eyes and tender lips settle where they may, because he's heading for the door and shutting it behind him… even if those sweeps probably are more reality than excuse, and Therynn may well be following him down the hall… soon. Borodin wouldn't know. He's not going to look back.

One of Brennan's eyebrows arches slightly at Borodin's little observation about the music, but then both the Vinter and Therynn are leaving, and he realizes he's about to end up by himself again…which suits him fine, of course. But Rynn moves in close for a moment, and he leans down a bit to take that kiss on the cheek…and given the nerves he's picked up from her in the few minutes he's been here, the hunter nearly follows after her. Instead, he watches with a small smile as she heads out the door, and presently he's alone in the huge, ornate-floored room, standing in quiet thought. No, he'll give her some time to get herself back together, then hopefully find her later. He just might have to pick on her a little bit. For now, he takes a stroll through the dance hall, learning the lay of the unique space before making his way back out, on to other explorations.