~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Gemstone Tavern ~~*~~
The dim lighting by the flicker of candles lining the walls is enough to offer a view of a room decorated in such a way as to be tastefully appealing. Each piece of furniture and decoration is chosen to accent another piece, and so on and so forth, matching and tying the whole room together in a theme that's separate, and yet at the same time unified. Tables line one wall, dimly lit by candles hanging in sconces all along. The bar along the far right wall is made of richly toned mahogany, tooled by a master and polished to shine with the soft glow of wood at its finest.

Candles strategically placed add to the atmosphere, accenting, punctuating. Towards the back is an open fireplace, constantly burning with a bright light, warming the tavern on cold nights and serving as a gathering place for patrons' story-tellings. Across the room, lush pillows and soft-covered floors promote relaxation at ease. Just before the pillows is a long stage, so full of its own vigor and memory - nicks here, marks there, scuffs from footware and other things - that it's possible to imagine the shows put on for the patrons without necessarily seeing the performances.

It's a semi-mellow evening at the Gemstone, nasty weather keeping the less than adventurous folk from wandering this far out of the Weyr proper. Still, a good amount of people have gathered here for continued celebrations, sleuthing or games preparation. A few people chatter here, cheers there and mingle about as they see fit. The atmosphere is quaint and inviting, the flicker of candles drawing groups together to imbibe and enjoy. Therynn arrives, at the agreed upon time, in her fellow hunter's favorite locale. She's been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and her change in appearance further exemplifies the shift that is occurring slowly over time. Sidling up to the bar she leaves her overcoat on a hanger and orders a warmed hard cider, wrapping fingers around the mug to absorb the heat and pulling it towards her schnoz to tantalize olfactory senses before a swig.

While it's a little out of the way of Amethyst's typical haunts since she came to the Weyr, the Smith-turned-Candidate is, nevertheless, to be found leaning up against the bar in the Gemstone. She's nursing a mug of something warm while sketching in a notepad, and is dry enough to suggest she's been there a while. The appearance of Therynn to her side causes her to look up and smile in a warm greeting. "Hello. Still nasty outside, is it?"

Cyrus makes his way into the tavern as well. He just pokes his head in first to get a feel for a place. Taverns are not really his favorite locale, the last time he was in one for any length of time something rather unfortunate happened, though he mentally calculates the odds of a recurrance and decides to bring the rest of himself in. It looks comfortable enough. A smile graces his face, even if the rest of him is dragging a bit from being overtired. He spots Therynn and makes his way across the tavern toward her, "Hi Therynn." He passing glance is granted to Amethyst, as is a quick wave of his hand.

And right on cue, the other hunter comes down from his room on the floor above, boots thumping lightly as he makes his way easily into the tavern proper. Spotting Therynn, Brennan slips onto a stool beside her with a brush of his elbow to hers - his choice of silent greeting as he smiles at her, then looks to the bartender and order his usual klah spiked with brandy. "Good timin,'" he notes quietly to the huntress, giving the bartender a nod as his drink is slid his way. Hearing the voices of other addressing her, he turns a bit, looking back to spot Cyrus and past her to Amethyst. "Evenin'," he greets them both, taking a pull from his still-steaming drink thereafter.

Therynn has just shaken the flakes still stuck in locks off, smiling and nodding to Amethyst as she greets. "Aye dear, still a stormin' somethin' fierce out there." A little trembled shiver escapes with the squeaking gruffly sound one makes when chilled. Noticing the white knot she motions to it with her head and asks "N'ow've you been Amethyst? Roped in for some fun eh?" Another sip of warming brew is enjoyed and as soon as mug leaves lips, the calling of her name has the huntress turning with craned neck to welcome the healer "Ahh Cyrus! Good t'see ya sir. All the way out at Gemstone this eve? How fares thee tonight?" It is suddenly getting really popular at the bar, or at least the typically reserved Rynn starts to feel a bit on the spot with all this socializing business. She reminds herself to breathe, and drink more! Brennan slides in next to her in a timely manner, and her eyes glisten as they look from brushed against contact and in to his endless blue orbit. "Brenn.." beaming smile is shot his direction. "You know Amethyst and Cyrus?" If not introductions will be made, since that is apparently the polite thing to do when congregating with other people who have not yet met.

Amethyst inclines her head politely to Cyrus, and to Brennan, replying to the latter's greeting with an "Evening!" of her own. "Damned weather," she huffs at Therynn, shaking her head as she flips her notebook closed, hiding the drawing she was working on. "I wouldn't say fun, so much as looking for a little escape." She winks at the woman, raising her mug to her lips as she looks towards Brennan, at the introduction that's being instigated. "I don't believe we've met - but you'll have to excuse me if we have. It's been hectic of late, what with all of the nonsense going on…" She shakes her head, then holds out her hand to him. "Amethyst. Senior Smith Apprentice - though Candidate at the moment, I suppose. And… Cyrus? Have we met?"

Cyrus just continues to smile, though a yawn escapes him as he does so, "I'm doing very well." he says, "I found something in the lab, something spectacular…finally a light in the darkness…finally." he punctuates the last finally with a quick up and down motion of his hand, almost as if he was hitting a non-existant table. Though he then pulls back, and straightens up as he fully grasps that other people are also present. Excited rant deferred for the present. He nods slowly at her question about knowing Brenn, "We have met…" he says in a more reserved fashion, as he turns his head toward Amethyst, "I believe we have met briefly, though I don't believe we have spoken. I believe you invited me to your jewelry party. Which I was unable to attend." Given what he has heard he isn't sorry.

"Cyrus," Brennan civilly greets the Healer with a small hoist of his mug, and he takes another sip as his gaze turns to Amethyst, whom he gives a little smile. "Don't reckon we have. Good to meet ya, Amethyst." Reaching around the petite huntress beside him, he takes her hand and gives it a firm shake. Then, eying the knot on her shoulder, he gives a light grunt. "Lotta those white knots comin' outta the woodwork lately, seems like," he observes. "Those eggs gettin' close to hatchin' already?" The timing of it all - he doesn't know much about it, really.

Therynn can't help but chuckle softly as someone refined as Amethyst curses the weather. "S'not so bad.." she shrugs "M'kinda startin' t'like this snow stuff. So versatile.. and great for tracking!" Yep, it always draws back to hunting in Rynn's mind. Listening to the Smith speak of her views on Candidacy, brow raises quizzically "An escape? Do tell! Your craft is tougher work that Candidate duties?" It is not so fondly recalled the stench of runner dung that permeated Rynn's skin after double days of stalls shoveling at Western. It took mutltipe days, soaks and scents to get that farmhouse aroma off and definitely wasn't the kind of escape that Amethyst seems to be mentioning. Her wink is noticed and met with sheepish reticence, gaze falling upon Cyrus with an expression of joyousness and inquiry. "Oh? You have! So glad to hear.. no headway on my studies yet, but y'know.." More sipping ensues "We must talk about what you've found at some point. I am very intrigued." The huntress will attempt to not get too comfy when Brennan reaches around her small form, though she's half tempted to grab his arm after the shake with encouragement for him to keep it there. But no, they are not quite at that developmental stage of public affection. Focus will turn to him with a no-motion of her noggin. "There's some time yet till they're fully hardened, but the Candidates are being wrangled in droves that's for sure!"

"Briefly? Then I apologise for not remembering. Nice to meet you properly, Cyrus." Amethyst grins at him, raising her mug in a casual salute. "Nice to meet you too, Brennan. I don't believe the eggs are close to hatching yet, no. My understanding is that there's a long while yet before that happens…" She shakes her head gently at Therynn, grinning. "An escape from the chaos of now, Rynn. Guard inquiries, investigations, the never-ending involvement… Master Tashryn's still away in Ruatha, so it's all been down to me to relay everything to her, putting me right into the thick of it - on top of the chores I've been given. Though, honestly? It's quite nice to be involved in candidate chores. It is like a break, even if it's hard work." She raises her mug to her lips, curling both hands around it to draw warmth into them as she sips. "Sometimes a break from the norm is welcome." She smiles from Therynn to the men present, looking from one to the other as she asks them both: "What is is that you do?"

Cyrus finds a comfortable place to settle in. For the present he won't order any drinks, but will be content to just sit and chat, "Likewise." he says to the smith. He sits back in his chair for a moment as an idea forms in his mind. Once fully formed he leans forward a bit, "Do you still have any jewlery to sell?" he asks her. Can't ever hurt to ask. He smiles to Therynn and nods, "You will…no worries." He does offer her something of a quizzical glance as he notes the arm around her, however briefly it might be there, though he says nothing about it. That is interesting. Fact to file away somewhere in his mind.

"Ahhh, so it's your event's got us all keepin' an eye out," Brennan says to Amethyst, though there's no accusation in his tone - just realization. "Bad business, that. Here's hopin' somethin' more gets found to help it all soon." He gives a small chuckle before his answer comes. "I'm hunter, like this one," he says, giving Therynn another light nudge with his elbow. If he lingers a little closer after that, it's not by much…though it's probably enough for Cyrus to have something to file away again. At the negative answer about the eggs from both women, he nods. "Seems like a lot of Candidates come from the Weyr, though I s'pose that's not surprisin'," he notes. Then the fact that Rynn mentioned studying something - with Cyrus affirming it - clicks, and he glances over at the huntress. "Whatcha been studyin'?" he asks, taking yet another pull at his mug.

Therynn shrugs in consideration of what Amethyst responds to in reference to said escape. "Oh.." she pauses, not fully understanding how Candidacy absolves her of all that jewelry theft business, but it's none of her business anyway, so she does the ol smile and nod technique. "I heard there were some new findings.. some mare or something? I sure do hope they track down that scoundrel.." There's an inflection of justice in her words, though it is only paired with head shaking when the Smith speaks of enjoying the Candidate chores, wondering how different they are here. This all draws back to the 'everyone likes something different' conversation she was having with Brennan earlier, a sigh and a shrug before more drink consumption happens. She really isn't trying to get toasted, more like trying not to fold under the pressure of this social interaction. Glass is raised to cheers in reference to breaks from the norm, brow raising with a beaming smile as she picks up on Cyrus' train of thought. "Now that's a splendid idea.." she need say no more to the healer about that concept, he knows what she's thinking about. That nudge from her 'fellow hunter' has a jostled yet jello-like return as she all but leans in to arm that collides with her side, catching those looks of discernment Rynn will shift and cough trying to play it cool and maintain a 'safe' distance. An amicable nod is made about the eggs and she states simply to Brennan "Oh y'know just reading 'bout how the whole flights and eggs and candidate business goes down.. it's very confusing to me.. how the eggs already know." Idle hand scratches head before falling to a resting spot on knee. "S'predestined y'know? I read that even at the point of conception the future dragons have already picked their life mate.. mind-blowing if y'ask me."

Amethyst nods at Cyrus, an enthusiastic smile curving her lips, even if there's tiredness in her dark eyes. "Absolutely, yes. We always have plenty - did you have anything particular in mind? I'd say we're also taking commissions, only I'm a little distracted with my candidate chores at the moment, so it would take a while to get something custom-made… I still have a list of things pending that I'm trying to work through, slowly." She sips on her cider, nodding at Brennan. "Mine, yes. Sorry about that. The guards have leads and are being wonderful with everything they're doing, so I've no doubt they'll find the culprit soon enough." Therynn's question earns the hunter a brisk nod. "Oh yes. The runner the thief took turned up, broken saddle or something like that, so they think he's out there, somewhere - just a matter of time now, is what they keep telling me. And are you really spending all that time researching about the dragons?"

"Oh…and I'm a healer up at the hall." Cyrus says having momentarily forgotten that he was asked a question about Amethyst. Chalk that one up to be too tired for his own good. He nods approvingly when Rynn agrees with his idea. She gets it, "Excellent. I'm probably not looking to have anything made…since I'll need it quick." he says, "It's a turn day present for a woman and umm…I guess I'm looking to send the message that I really really love you, without overdoing it. I have no point of reference when it comes to buying jewlery so….no idea what I'm looking for." He listens as Therynn recounts what she has studied. It all sounds a bit too mystical for him, but he's in a good mood tonight and won't throw out his own thoughts on the matter.

Brennan gives a quiet 'ah' at Therynn's response to his question, a flicker of genuine interest present in his eyes; the subject is one he's found himself wondering about as well. Not to the point of hitting the books over it, but still. Intriguing. Also intriguing? The tidbit about the runner returning and being tied to Amethyst's incident. "Wasn' your fault," he tells the Candidate with a raised hand, but his mind is busy wrapping around the implications of that runner. He eyes Therynn, suspecting she must have something of the same going on in her head as well…and he won't be surprised if it comes out of her mouth in a minute. It's a good excuse to pry her away for a bit, if he can. "'Scuse me for a moment," the hunter says, rising from his stool and setting down a bit for the bartender as he abandons his drink. "Forgot about somethin' on my runner out front, better see to it before anymore thefts happen. Can I get your help right quick, Therynn?" There's a nod to Amethyst and Cyrus. "Sorry. Be back in a bit," he apologizes, and then he's giving a subtle tilt of his head toward the door for Rynn and making his way to it.

Therynn ponders an idea silently for a few moments, and in an aha moment looks Amethyst dead in the eyes and says "A trail back is a trail towards." This might not make much sense to anyone else besides Brennan, but the huntress is already formulating a plan. The runner must've been spooked, or treated poorly, either way some type of cataclysmic event occurred for a saddle to wind up broken and the runner to abandon its rider, leaving plenty of broken branches and hoof tracks in its wake. She might just be on to something. In reference to her research she shrugs "Yeah, sounds kinda silly, but I like to read up on things I don't know much about.. spent the greater part of my childhood in the library" and dance halls but we won't bring that up now "So I guess it's kinda my escape" she adds. Looking to Cyrus there's a fondness in her eyes as he laments about the turnday girl. It seems he has the logical perspective of not overdoing it, so she hopes he wouldn't choose to say something like 'I really really love you' to her yet. Then again, he might, so Rynn will make it a point to try and catch up with Cyrus before he heads out to chat with him about his plan of action, since her opinion on the subject really matters and all. As hunters often do, their mindset sync's up without so much as word, volumes spoken in glances. She will nod, and push to a stand, also leaving a quarter of steamy delicious cider behind, something she'll be missing later when galloping through the cold. "Aye.. you got it." Her voice conveys this exchange is strictly business, contrary to what Cyrus might think. "If you'll excuse me." No promises are made in reference to her return, head tilting respectfully to the Healer and Smith "I bid you both farewell and lovely, warm rest of your evening." Trotting to catch up to Brennan, the pair head out the door and in to the snow flurries, jacket pulled on tightly as she goes.

"Pleasure to meet you," Amethyst says to Brennan as he leaves, waving after him and Therynn. That leaves her with her attention solely on Cyrus, and she leans casually against the bar to continue her conversation with him. "I can definitely help with that," she says with a nod, flipping open her notebook and thumbing through a few pages until she comes to one with 'Inventory' scribbled at the top, and rows of categorised items listed below. Some are crossed through. "Does the lady already know you love her? Would this be more of a… promise? Or would it be an announcement of your affections?"

Cyrus gives a wave to the pair as they depart. He specifically watches Therynn go. Hmmm…there will have to be questions later, but for the moment his attention is refocused Amethyst as she begins to run through her questions, "Ummmm…." he says as he ponders how to describe the nature of the relationship, which he has yet to really define in his own mind. So he settles on the facts, "She knows that I love her, but she isn't sure how she feels…but she did invite me to the festival at her weyr and so here's to hoping." he says with quick upward motion of his hand.

That information is absorbed with a quiet nod. Amethyst picks up her pencil, tapping it against her lip gently as she looks down at her list of items. "Hrm. Well then, it needs to be something special, but, as you said, not something that comes on too strongly… you don't want to scare her away, but you do want to reaffirm your feelings for her… do you have a budget, Cyrus?"

Cyrus nods his head in agreement with Amethyst, "To be fair…if I haven't scared her away yet a piece of jewlery probably isn't going to do it…unless maybe if I got her a ring." That might be overstating things a bit much, "I have the marks to spend. Really money isn't the object here, but she probably would prefer something simple and classy. Nothing really flashy that would catch attention." At least that's his assessment of the situation. There probably are natural variations in what people woudl consider to be 'classy and simple'.

Amethyst nods, tapping her pencil thoughtfully against her lip again. "Hrm. Classy, simple, says 'I love you'… I think I may have something in mind. Can you tell me if she has a favourite colour, at all? Or if there's any specific colour you have in mind for her? I would always recommend rose quartz for love, though pink may be a little out of her typical style pattern. I've got plenty of amethyst… quite a nice amethyst pendant with a diamond setting, actually… how does purple sound?"

Cyrus takes a moment of silence as he ponders. Obviously his fellow healer would probably like purple, he could see her enjoying pink as well, though he can't recall ever seeing her wearing anything really 'pink', "The purple would probably be best. We are both healers…so..it would be good for her and it could represent that it came from me as well." The pendant idea is probably a good one. Can't go wrong with that. At least it seems logical.

"Fabulous." Amethyst makes marks beside a couple of items on her list, then flips the book shut once more, picking up her mug to sip from what's now only just lukewarm cider. "Everything's locked away in Master Tashryn's room for now, but I've got a key, and I can let you in in the morning to show you what I've got. Would that be soon enough for you? I'd recommend going with a necklace, possibly a matching bracelet, as they're the most flexible pieces. As you said, a ring may be a tad too much… unless that's your intention, of course." She sighs dreamily, peering at him over the top of her mug. "I do love making handfasting rings. They're so romantic."

"Tomorrow morning would be just fine. I don't have to worry about leaving until the afternoon." he says with a nod. He can be up early enough to get this sorted and then be on his way, "I think that sounds fine. I'm sure that she'll like something like that." While he has no point of reference he has done his research and knows that women like shiny things, "It honestly is my intention. I'd ask her to marry me tomorrow if I thought she would say yes. But when I am ready you will be the first person that I come to get that sort of thing set up."

Amethyst has to set her mug down so she can clap her hands together gleefully. "How wonderful! Romance is so dreamy. Even if we've only just met - properly, anyway - I'm thrilled for you to have found someone that special." She's all smiles as she reaches for her mug again, sipping down what's left in it before handing the empty over to the bartender. "She's a Healer too, you said? Purple will be the perfect colour for her, then. Amethyst is one of my favourites, actually… which I suppose is lucky, considering what my parents named me."

"I couldn't agree with you more." he says with a smile. Romance is wonderful and also terribly difficult at the same time. It is a great deal of work, far more work than he ever imagined it could be, though he never really considered it all until recently anyway, "It comes as a great surprise to me, but yeah…" he says as he glances around the bar again, "Yes. She was my apprentice…still is sorta I suppose. I guess if things get more intense she'll have to find a new teacher. Wouldn't be proper." It would be tough to be named after a gemstone if you didn't like it, "You're parents chose well then."

"That's even more romantic. You know, I was slightly disappointed when I was assigned a lady Master to work under… I think every girl has that sort of dream, of falling in love with her superior… though Tashryn is wonderful, of course. I wouldn't change her for all the klah on Pern." Amethyst grins, shifting her leaning position to be more comfortable against the bar. "My parents were actually quite unimaginative in naming me. All of my siblings have mining names. Flint, Jade, Ruby, Coal… I come from a Mining family, can you tell?"

Cyrus isn't an expert in romance, so he will have to take the lady's word for it, "She hasn't exactly fallen in love with me…not yet anyway." Though he certainly hopes that is in his future, "I don't really think of her that way…" Maybe he did at one point when she was younger but she's a perfectly good healer in her own right now, "She'll be a journeyman before she knows it. I have faith in her abilities." Then things will probably be a bit less weird, though he could care less if people talk. When you have so many rumors about you already what's one more, "It would seem that they were at the very least consistant, and yes…it shows a bit." he says with a smile.

Amethyst nods, soaking up the details of the story like an lovesick puppy-sponge. If she thinks anything negative about the bond between the journeyman and his apprentice, she's doing a very good job of hiding it behind her pleased cooing! "There's a young guard here who… kind of caught my eye. We danced at the opening of the Games, though I suppose anything romantic that may have come from that has to be put on hold, now." The white knot on her shoulder is tapped, and she shrugs softly. "Not forever, though. I suppose it'll be a true test of whether there's anything really between us, won't it? To be kept apart?"

Cyrus tips his head from one side to the other as she explains her own situation, "As I understand it. The rules for candidates do not forbid relationships. Strictly speaking I wouldn't see the harm in you pursuing your guard. Of course, I'm probably not the one to ask, I've been told that I bend the rules a bit much sometimes. Though honestly I often think there is a higher set of rules that sometimes run a bit counter to the rules that others place on you. Life is short. Why wait? Candidate or not…you don't stop being a human being." He gives a little half shrug, "I'd hate to see you miss out on an opportunity."

"Oh, they may not prevent it, but… would it be fair to encourage something, if it had to be put on hold should I actually Impress?" Amethyst doesn't look so sure about that, and she shrugs her shoulders gently. "I'll by no means cut him out of anything, though I think this will be a test of the potential for longevity… though, even then, with the way Tashryn and I will be moving around for the coming turn or two…" She sighs, shakes her head, and shrugs again - more defeated, this time. "It's perhaps wiser to wait until I've earned my journeyman's knot."

Cyrus has largly embraced his inner rebel. If the world has already labled you one, why not? "You may have to take it slow if you impress, but you hardly have to put it on hold. Again the rules don't strictly forbid relationships there either. Besides like you said earlier you have time before the eggs are ready to hatch. What happens if you decide that he means more to you than impressing? That could happen. You really never know until you try. If it was me I wouldn't wait to see if I impressed or until I walked the tables. I'd just go for it."

Amethyst considers that for a moment… then shakes her head. "Oh, no. I couldn't. Being made a journeyman is a priority; I accepted Search as a little break from it because I, well, I just need to focus on something else for a while to remember how much I love my job. The chances of my actually Impressing are slim - it's not a guaranteed future, which is why I chose it. Love… as much as I adore love, and as much as I think he's a fine man, it should really be put on hold. I'll have time for all of that when I'm a journeyman. For now, it's just nice to have someone to dance with."

Cyrus has spoken to many of the candidates and a pattern is developing. One that troubles him more than just a little bit, "What would you say if I told you that I thought your chances of impressing were high?" he asks. Not that he is claiming any special insight or prophetic wisdom, "You seem to be hard working, modest, kind. Why would you say your chances are slim? There is a very real possibility that you won't be returning to your master for a good long while and that you might never become a journeyman…not that its impossible of course."

"There's the possibility, yes, but there's no guarantee," Amethyst replies with a soft smile. "If I didn't want the possibility to be a reality, I would never have said yes to Anique. But, Cyrus, when it comes down to it? It's a possibility. A chance. Whether someone thinks my chances are high or not, it's all up to the dragons, and no-one can predict that." She runs a hand through her short hair, and smiles. "Whatever the outcome, I'm fine with it. For the moment, though? I'm not setting all my hopes on something that's not guaranteed; being promoted is guaranteed."

Cyrus gives a quick shake of his head, "No I suppose there isn't a guarntee. And yes….quite right its up to them." Though Cyrus really does wonder sometimes. In this case he lets a certain amount of curiosity get the better of him, maybe thats why he has stuck around this place so much, maybe there is a real curiosity there. That thought scares him more than a little, but he can't fail to at least consider the possibility, "If you don't mind answering of course…why would you want to impress?"

That's a question that gets the cogs fired up in Amethyst's mind. "Hrm," she starts, thoughtfully, looking off to one side as she comes up with an answer. "I'm not sure. A combination of things, I suppose. Curiosity. A sense of duty, in a way; dragons must have riders to continue, and Pern can't not have dragons. But I think… curiosity, mostly. I'm still not entirely sure what it means, it be a rider. What do you think?"

There is that word again. Curiosity. It makes him more than a little uncomfortable. Where could his own curiosity lead him? "To play devil's advocate for a moment…if you will permit me…why? Why couldn't Pern revert to being dragonless? Thread is gone, and this time it isn't coming back. I confess there is a strong tradition present. Traditions can be altered with time. Again…only playing devil's advocate." he says with a slight smile, "I suppose its something that I'll never have to worry about. The day I'm searched is the day that between warms over. And any dragon that would impress me would have to be completely mad. And no I'm not making a run at modesty here." he says just to affirm the truth, at least in his mind, of what he says.

"Well, it's not that Pern couldn't be dragonless, but I don't think it should be," Amethyst replies softly, thoughtfully. "There's no thread, but they're still convenient; think of how it would affect trade and transport, if we were to lose them. The economy would suffer more without them than it does with them… and I like the thought of them being there. Do you not remember seeing one for the first time, as a child? They're just… special. They're part of Pern. I think it'd be a sad day if we had no more of them… and you never know, Cyrus. I've heard that they've made some crazy choices in the past."

Cyrus apparently enjoys the role of devil's advocate, at least enough to continue to play it for a moment or two longer, "We could built mechanical transports. They could be just as reliable without some of the difficulties that come with dragons." He gives a bit of a shrug, "I didn't see all that many dragons as a child." he confesses, "I was always rather busy and my father didn't approve. Not that he approved of much other than limestone. He is truly a master of the word 'no'." As for her final comment about him, "I'd be the most crazy."

"Oh, we saw plenty, coming and going from the Hold. Transport dragons, mostly, but occasionally there'd be a big party or gather, and the Weyrleaders would come down." Amethyst grins fondly, getting in a quick order of another mulled cider for herself, and whatever Cyrus wants too, if anything. "Mechanical transports just wouldn't have the same… feel as dragons. The fact that they're these living, breathing, intelligent creatures is just fascinating. Mechanical things have no heart, no feelings; where's the warmth in them? No, I would definitely rather have dragons than sleds, or whatever we could make." There's one word that Cyrus says about his father that piques her curiosity, though. "Limestone? Miner?"

Cyrus raises his hand to pass on the drink, for the moment anyway, "Things change. In fact the only constant in the world is just that…change." Though for the moment it seems his time as the devils advocate has come to an end, "Nahh. We didn't mine it. Just traded it. Dad loves the stuff though. I'm afraid I just can't fathom being that excited about a rock, though perhaps you could." he says with a smile before continuing, "I ran from the family business as fast as I could. I guess you could say that I've been running ever since, toward something…away from something…not really sure anymore." he says with a chuckle, "I really only have one thing I'm sure of, but thats enough."

Amethyst listens attentively, taking her drink when it arrives to blow softly on its steaming surface. "Change is the only constant, I absolutely agree." She nods, taking a tentative sip - and wincing when she finds her drink's still too hot. "I only get excited over special rocks," the candidate laughs. "I left my family business too, you know. They're all miners, but I… have dust allergies. And I don't like how cramped it is down a mine shaft… it's uncomfortable. My aunt is a Smith, so I was fostered under her, and I suppose I'm still connected with the family business since I use gemstones in my work." She shrugs, trying her drink again… still too hot. "May I ask what it is that you're sure of, Cyrus?"

Cyrus can at least understand where she's coming from on that, everyone can appreciate a gemstone, "Sounds like it all worked out quite well for you. I'm glad that it did." Her quest seems to have borne more than a few better results than his, "I'm sure of her." he says confidently, "The rest completely up in the air. I wish I could find a bit more certainty in life, but its elusive. I keep looking though because we can't give up. At least I haven't come this far to stop now." he says with a grin.

"You're so romantic," Amethyst coos, her cheeks colouring slightly as Cyrus reveals the one constant in his life. "Don't you think that life would be boring, if everything was certain? If you know everything was reliable, that it wouldn't change?" Her fingers drum on the side of her mug, and her lips purse, thoughtfully. "If we knew everything was constant, we'd never look for anything new. We'd never grow, or change, or move, or do anything with our lives… I like uncertainty for that. The only real constant in my life is knowing that I have my family. My knot can change, my craft could change, I could change… everything's flexible. I quite like that."

Cyrus can't help but give a bit of a chuckle, "So I've been told. I guess I can live with the label. It's better than some others." Very much so, "To be completely honest. I could do with a bit of boring for awhile. Maybe not forever…just for awhile. A turn or 10 maybe. I've had more than my share of excitment and I'd love nothing more than to settle down, continue my work, have a family of my own. Hopefully be a better father than mine was…my wants are simple I guess. There is a certain joy to be found in simplicty."

"Oh, but of course you want a family - you're exactly the type of man who should have one. Do you think you might start one one day, with your lady?" Amethyst sips slowly on her mulled cider, which is finally at a drinkable temperature. "I'd like children, one day. One, anyway… maybe more, if I find the right man to have them with. You're setting the bar rather high though; how could I ever find someone as romantic and committed as you, hrm?"

Cyrus can't help but let a little sigh escape his lips, "Thats the dream I have. We'll see if she shares it I suppose. There are other complications. She's a rider you see…" He can't help but sigh again, "I'm sure there are others out there. I'd like to meet a few of them myself. There are so few people to talk to sometimes…" At least that share his dreams and ideals, "At any rate I wish you good luck in you great quest…" he says as he rises to his feet, "…I hope you have better results than I've had." He sticks his hands in his pockets as a color flashes through his mind. He recognizes it immediately, "I'm afraid you will have to excuse me. It's late and I have a little friend who is growing irritable that I'm not there. I suspect he will be wanting to be oiled and fed before I sleep…otherwise I will get none. I'll find you in the morning and I'll bring the marks to pay you. Good night Amethyst. I enjoyed our conversation…"

"Faranth, it is getting late, isn't it? I ought to head back to the barracks myself." Amethyst sighs softly, then smiles and bobs her head at Cyrus. "Have a lovely night, Cyrus. I'll see you in the morning; meet me at breakfast, perhaps? I'll have some time then to slip off and show you what I've got." She curls both hands around her mug, attempting to drain it in one go… which isn't going to happen. Too hot! So she sets it down instead, offering the Healer a goodbye wave to see him off. She'll follow, very soon.

Cyrus sticks his hands deeper into his pockets as he makes his way out the door, "That will be just fine. I'll see you then." he says as he slips out into the weather.