Minecraft Hall - Lake
Rocks are the main element along the beach, a bit rugged until coming closer to the shore where time has made the rocks into a more favorable sand. Bits of limestone and marble dance in the sunlight along the shores, foretelling of the richness of the ground inwhich the ancestors chose to build the Minecraft hall, even filaments of phosphorus rock mingle in the sand, giving off the greyish look. For the most part, the water that laps against the shore in glassy and clean, though the bottom fo the lake is unseen and around the water wheels where the lake meets closest to the minecraft buildings does a bit of murkiness show. Long reeds of vegetation grow along the banks of the lake where the rocks have not yet been grounded into the sand, roots spilling into the water where they do not grasp along the harsh surface. To the west, a cottage that leans against a small hillside stands, a dirt road leading up to the minecraft connecting the small building to the Crafthall.

Aleksandr has been taking a break for a short while, watching the lake and picking up a stone now and then to attempt skipping across the water. The last few attempts have not been terribly good, but practice is always needed. He's bending down to grab a few more, idly tossing some that do not make the cut as being able to skip as he wanders.

What could possibly bring the Weyrleader of Fort to the Minecraft Hall with one of his more trusted riders (and weyrmate)? That's… hard to say. Th'ero's not exactly announcing it to the world and the bronzerider's expression is a touch grim. Could it have to do with the issue of theft back in the Weyr? Making an inquiry about jet, perhaps? It's anyone's guess! And perhaps what brings him down to the lake, with a bluerider in tow, is simply idle curiosity — or they're looking for a place to talk. The lake is, however, occupied and Th'ero's steps will slow as he peers curiously at Aleksandr and his current pastime. "More difficult than it looks, isn't it?" he drawls when he's within earshot of the younger man.

Kimmila is here because she usually travels with Th'ero, like his personal assistant and secretary, bedwarmer and smack-upside-the-head-when-he-needs-it provider. As they approach Aleksandr, the bluerider grins and looks down, promptly searching for a stone of her own to try out on the waters.

Almost stumbling into the lake at being addressed, Aleksandr turns around suddenly and is sheepishly dropping handfuls of rocks. "Rather. Thought I'd get a bit of practice in, since it was quiet here." A slow shake of his head. "Are you riders okay, finding everything that you need here at the MineCraft? I mean, surely, if there is anything I can do for you, here. While you're staying?" There's a blush as he's caught unprepared.

Th'ero hopefully won't need any smack upside his head for this visit. The Fortian Weyrleader is really trying not to alienate anyone else these days. He looks a bit sheepish and apologetic when Aleksandr drops those rocks. "Sorry. Didn't mean to sneak up on you," he murmurs while clearing his throat. "We're fine, thank you. Already been too the Hall…" For? Th'ero never says, but his gaze does flick sidelong when Kimmila searches for a stone. He quirks a brow… really? "You skip stones?" he muses, almost teasingly, to the bluerider. Glancing back to Aleksandr, he'll promptly shake his head. "You can relax, we're mostly here for curiosity sake now. Are you an Apprentice here then…?" he asks curiously.

Kimmila smirks up at Th'ero, finding a flat, smooth one that she hefts in her hand thoughtfully. "Of course I do." Duh. "You don't?" Doesn't everyone? Looking over at Alexandr, the bluerider grins. "Care for a contest?"

Aleksandr shrugs. "Yeah, still an apprentice." He glances out at the water. "I err, started late here at the hall. But I expect I'll be caught up eventually." He shakes his head. "It's no bother, really. I was just taking a moment. I'm not always good with the numbers and that is the last class we had." A quick glance to the other rider. "I could try, this is something new I am learning as well. The rocks were not right, at Crom. Not smooth."

Th'ero's brows knit as he continues to regard Aleksandr curiously. "How old are you then, lad? Not that it matters how late you start in a Craft. You're not the first older Apprentice I've come across." There's a quiet chuckle then. "Needed some time to absorb the lesson?" he murmurs, only to give Kimmila a look. "Must you challenge everyone? I swear, the Weyr Games infects everyone with a competitive spirit," he drawls and though his expression looks serious, his tone is amused. "You don't even know the Apprentice's name! And truly? Not one smooth rock in Crom?" That last bit, he says to Aleksandr as he glances back to the Apprentice.

Kimmila shakes her head with a crooked grin for the Weyrleader. "Let's be fair, I challenge everyone even when the Games /aren't/ going on," she teases, shifting the stone to her other hand, and then back. "Go for it," she encourages the Apprentice, with a gesture towards the water. "Cromcoal." It's kind of an answer, but not really.

Aleksandr turns a bit deeper red. "Old enough that the answers are not as easy. I am 23 now. " He pauses and nods. "They sometimes fall apart too, if there is a seam in them." He's then absorbed, in finding his own rock. "I do not mind the challenge, really. I'm just not really that good at this yet. And likely not to be. It is not a skill I should be practicing here at the hall. Oh, my name is Aleksandr. I'm sorry I did not tell you right away."

Th'ero snorts as he gives Kimmila another look, but his smile is crooked and amused. "Fair enough," he murmurs as he stands back to observe the bluerider and Apprentice at their "competition". He gives Aleksandr another curious look. "Can't hurt to keep trying." Does he mean with the lessons or skipping rocks? Could be both! Glancing to Kimmila and back to the Apprentice, he blinks. "Ah, is that so?" He's no expert with cromcoal. Chuckling, he dips his head politely. "Well met, Aleksandr and no harm done. We've not introduced ourselves either. I'm Th'ero, Weyrleader of Fort Weyr and bronze Velokraeth's rider." He'll let Kimmila introduce herself!

"Kimmila," is all Kimmila says. Not terribly helpful, but at least she's wearing her knot. "Well met," she adds, finding a few more stones to slip into her pocket for further skipp-age. "Never too old to learn, either."

So, with taking careful aim, Aleksandr lets go with the first stone he'd picked up a while back. There's a disappointing splash. "Ah, that one. I really thought that one would skip." Then a shrug. "Still, it keeps me from the rather frightening numbers about cave bracings so, that's all to the good." He nods to both riders. "I could not help myself. I had to take the first turn. But please? If you would like to try now?"

Th'ero has to just bite his tongue and not sigh with too much exasperation when Kimmila only supplies her name. At least he doesn't fill in the gap? "True, one is never too old to learn. And I'm not sure if it's the numbers that sound frightening or the word 'cave bracing'." he admits with a look to Aleksandr, only to wince faintly when the first throw ends with a splash. The Weyrleader has no rocks of his own and shows that he is only an observer by crossing his arms over his chest. "Go on, Wingmate." he drawls to Kimmila with another pointed look. "See who is the best at skipping stones!"

Kimmila winces. "Cave bracing?" Because he'd just love to elaborate, right? She hefts one of the stones and reaches back to flick it. It skips twice before sinking. Not too bad, but not great. "Sure you don't want to try, wingmate?"

Aleksandr tilts his head and nods. "How to make sure there are no cave ins. When you're shoring up the mines for digging." He pauses. "I am not sure it will be my strong point." There is clapping though for Kimmila's effort. "I should be asking you how you are doing that. I saw another apprentice with the stones, a seven day or so back. I'm still learning, it appears." A frown then as he watches the water. "But, all practice is not wasted and I have had time with the lake as well."

"I could think of a few who might learn a thing or two about cave bracing then…" Th'ero can be heard muttering. Did he just elude to a certain holder in Fortian territory? He did. "I'd imagine there is a lot more to it than it seems." he adds to Aleksandr. "Like numbers." To the offer from Kimmila, Th'ero only shakes his head again. "I'm fine just to watch, thank you. Someone's got to act as official, hmm?" Not that the bluerider would (or could) cheat or even Aleksandr for that matter! "If I recall right, I heard it has to do with the wrist and how the stone is thrown. More of a flick than an actual toss…" If that's helpful! "Will you try again, Aleksandr?" he asks, his eyes shifting from the Apprentice, to Kimmila and then… strangely, over his shoulder to where in the distance their dragons are lounging in the landing fields.

Kimmila nods. "It is a flick. You want to throw it so it skims, not just throw it." She demonstrates with a roll of her wrist, gesturing for Aleksandr to take another try. "I've always thought that time near the water is never wasted," she remarks, smiling, before looking at Th'ero and snorting. "Agreed."

Aleksandr sighs and looks mournfully at the stone in his hand before he nods once more at the lake. "Then it is not simply tossing this rock at the water, and hoping I suppose." He pulls back his arm to throw once more and attempts to do a slightly better skipping toss. This time there is less of a splash as he makes an effort with the rock, although it's not really a skip either. "Bah. Silly rocks and water." Although he doesn't seem to be willing to give up either, as he starts to look for another one.

Th'ero's mouth quirks up in a hint of a grin for Kimmila's saying. "Couldn't have put it better myself." he murmurs and will be silent while he observes Aleksandr take another shot at skipping the stone. No such luck and he only shakes his head. "Practice makes perfect in all things, I suppose. Apprentice Aleksandr?" he calls, a touch formal but it could serve as the best way to catch the young man's attention. Th'ero's reached into his heavy riding jacket's inner pocket and from it he pulls out a white knot. Obvious enough as to what it is to need little explanation. It's held out towards him, "Before you both get too engrossed in this pastime, I'd like to make another sort of offer. Would you be willing to stand as a Candidate for Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch back at Fort Weyr?" There's a pause as Th'ero's sober and reserved expression slips into something a little more relaxed and his voice takes on an amused edge. "We've a lake where you could continue to practice at skipping stones, at least…?" And no lessons on cave bracings!

Aleksandr takes another step back as he's startled once more at the formal calling of his name. "A candidate. That's not the reason you came here is it?" A faintly suspicious look is given to both riders before he nods slowly. "It would be something I would like." A deep breath as he watches the lake. "Even if I do like my craft, this is an opportunity and I am not one to pass up such a thing. I thank you for the offer and would like to say yes." He gives another look to the stone in his had. "Perhaps yes, another lake would be better."

"Well, no… we weren't officially here on Search." Th'ero muses with a shrug of his shoulders, offering the knot for Aleksandr to take. Far better than the stone in his hand, isn't it? When the young man accepts, the Fortian Weyrleader looks pleased and the small smile he gives is extended to Kimmila as well. "Glad to have you join our ranks then, Aleksandr. Is there anyone you need to speak to? We've time to wait, if you'd like to settle things and pack. Kimmila and I will wait at the landing field. Have you ever ridden on dragon back before?"

Kimmila glances at Th'ero in a bit of surprise, and turns to look back at the dragons. Huh. But she moves forward with a smile, letting the rocks fall from her fingers. "I'll show you how, when we get back to Fort," she says with an easy smile.

Aleksandr reaches out to take the knot and offers a slight smile. "Yes, this is better than rocks. And I will need to let them know at the hall. My apprentice master. He will not like this, and the other masters will be told. " He pauses. "But they will agree I am sure, No, no. Never on a dragon. Once, when I was little on one of the ponies at Crom." There is another smile. "I will figure this skipping thing out, but it would be easier with help."

Th'ero chuckles dryly, "I'd hope that this is better than rocks." he muses, only to sober at the mention of the Apprentice Master. "If he has any grievance, send him to me and I will speak with him but I doubt they will keep you from accepting. I'd be more concerned if you were Journeyman…" Glancing to Kimmila, he will smile to the bluerider even as he goes on to add. "Well, being on a dragon is quite different than a pony. You'll ride on Kimmila's blue, Varmiroth, then, for the journey back." Less of a shock! "Shall we? If we make it back soon, we can have you settled in the barracks by the evening meal." Already Th'ero is beginning to take a small half-step back.

Kimmila smiles a bit, nodding to Aleksandr. "Riding first, skipping stones second. Go ahead and get ready, we'll meet you back by the dragons." They're hard to miss, after all.

Aleksandr nods back briskly. "Alright then, I shall be back very quickly", and then he's off to find whatever master that is he's looking for.

Th'ero dips his head to Aleksandr and will allow the Apprentice to rush off ahead to take care of matters, while he and Kimmila walk back at a sedate pace towards the landing field. He will slip his arm around the blue rider's waist for the duration of the walk, not truly caring who may see. "Seems our trip out here was worthwhile after all, wasn't it, Wingmate? Velokraeth insisted and I couldn't see any reason to fault what he saw in the lad…" he can be heard murmuring and they will wait by their dragons, likely quietly in discussion even as the newest Candidate returns. Once Aleksandr is safely mounted up on Varmiroth with Kimmila, there will be a moment to run him through the basics of riding and what to expect and then Th'ero is mounting up on Velokraeth and the pair surge aloft, high up above the Hall, waiting on Varmiroth to join them before vanishing Between and back to Fort Weyr. Just as Th'ero predicted, they're well in time for the dinner hour and the newest Fort Candidate will have ample opportunity to see the HEadwoman, be settled in the barracks and then enjoy his first dinner in his new "home".