Fort Weyr - Entrance Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr dominate your view amongst the small cotholds that dot the landscape. The path is well-worn and well tended, bushes and tall pine trees running right up against the road, keeping it well shaded in summer, and protected in winter.

Fort is full of snow at the moment, this should be a given seeing what season it is. Still work needs to be done, and that includes some of the jobs that Abigail has that takes her out from the Weyr. At the moment the Wingleader is working on a set of straps, though not on her dragon on a large silvery gray canine that is stand next to her with a harness on. Niumdreoth is there watching over everything quietly save for a faint rumble heard at times. The rider is dressed in warm clothing, flight jacket included as it is the best one she owns to help with cold weather like this. "I expect ye all to behave now." She is talking to the canines, which there is another sitting near the brown, a black fuzzy canine, both look like wolves, or what a wolf 'would' look like if they was around. She isn't going alone either, a gold firelizard went on a search, and didn't rest until she found Hazelon. Once he was found a note is left and the gold Annika became a bit clinging to the boy, seemingly not giving him an option to /not/ go and find her person that is waiting for him.

Perhaps for any other person Hazelon would have found some way to ignore the firelizard. But for the wingleader? He's willing to bend his distrustful streak and give it the benefit of the doubt. He finishes his task, shows the note to the chief of the laundry and slips off to run for his rooms and the warmer clothing he has managed to store away. He dresses as he trots out to the weyr entrance. There he pauses for just a moment, and looks up at the gold firelizard, a small hesitation, before moving further in. The canines are eyed warily- though he has a good rapport with the much smaller pit-dogs, these large canines are new. And of course, the dragon. "Ma'am?" Hazelon calls out once he is a few feet away.

Abigail looks over the pair of canines and nods slightly once she is happy with how they look, she smiles and moves over to Niumdreoth to pull a few things out, the two are having a conversation but it is only between them it seems. At the voice and the call from Annika she looks over and smiles to Hazelon before nodding to him. "Hello Hazelon." This said softly as she holds a hand out and the gold hops off from Haze's and is fluttering over to her person where she lands and curls up there. "I was hoping ye would come." A glance is sent towards the path that leads into the forest before she looks back to him. "I need someone ta help me check the path into the forest, will ye come with?"

Hazelon drifts a step or two closer when the firelizard leaves his shoulder, his eyes remaining on the canines till the wingleader's voice calls out. His eyes flick upwards when his name comes forth from her lips, then shift to the forest when she mentions it. Real hesitation this time, and he'll come just one step closer. It's phrased as a request. "I ain't got my bow." Because clearly he'll need it with the woman, canines and dragon around. (He's a little paranoid still.)

Abigail looks a touch amused as she hears this and she smirks a moment before taking a bow from a pack on Niumdreoth along with a quiver and offers it to him. "Ye can take this, but I want it back when we're done." She doesn't want him getting in trouble with it after all. There is a pause while she looks to the canines and points towards the forest, a soft few whistles escape her and the pair is up and gone moving down the trail ahead of them. Abbey picks up her bow and quiver and is following after the canines, she just expects him to follow it seems. "How well can ye use the bow?"

Hazelon could have been knocked over with a feather when Abigail pulls out that bow and quiver. Only habit (and deep seated desire to have his quiver back) has him reaching for those objects, with his hands closing around them almost reverently. Silenly he'll stand there, holding the pair and just looking at them silently. When his eyes look up again there is confusion in that usually so well controlled expression. But no, the woman is already moving along. As she has so completly shattered his only logical objection, he shoulders that quiver and catches up quickly. Her question is met with a second or two of silence before, "Well enough to be takin' care of myself."

Abigail isn't about to give him a chance to object to anything it seems, nope his going to come along even if he doesn't want to. "Good to know." She offers softly while lifting her head slightly as she sends a glance back towards him. "So, how have things been treating ye lately?" This questioned with a curious tone before she is looking back in front of her. The canines are gone, there paw prints in the snow are rather easy to see as they tend to be a bit large. "Ye make any friends?" Abbey has a feeling it may be a bit hard for him to find such friends after everything his been through after all.

Hazelon's eyes are on the forest, wary on high as he steps where he hasn't dared to for months. The quiver over his shoulder is rechecked more than once, and the bow is held like he might have to use it. Perhaps with time he'll relax a bit, and regain the easy comfort he has always had among the trees. But perhaps not. "Well enough. Working in the laundry, and most're talkin' about them gems what went missin'." The second question however, is met with just a shrug, then, "Didn't have friends before either."

"The laundry, not a very fun place to work I have to admit." Abbey offers with an amused tone at the idea. "I had to do that a lot during my time before I was a weyring." She shakes her head and glances over the pathway, pausing now and then to check out a few things, namely the signs that are found along the path that shows people how far they are and which way they are doing. Need to make sure they are in good condition and people don't go and get lost after all. Why is she doing this? Well she needed to get the canines out for a run, and this is a good way for them to stretch their legs, and she was needing a bit of 'quiet' time so to speak. "Have ye talked to Enza and Raya since everything?"

"Better than the kitchen was." Hazelon responds to her statement about his newest work. At least in the laundry it's easy to drown out talk, and there isn't anything sharp for people to be looking askance at him for holding. He pads quietly along behind her, looking where she does when that happens, though more often then not his dark eyes are firm on the darkness between the trees. The further they go without incident the more he does relax a pace. It doesn't occur to him to ask why the wingleader of all people is checking the path- just assumes that it is something they do. Her question about Rayathess and Ezra brings a slight twist to his lips. "Aye. Don't think I'll be seein' much of them now." Seeing as Rayathess ended with a hurt, and Ezra had, well, nothing at all had happened. At another one of her pauses he finally asks a question, "What're you lookin' for ma'am?"

Abigail chuckles at the bit on the kitchen. "Well that is true." She murmurs softly. "I didn't mind the kitchen work honestly." It was interesting at times, stil she listens while her pale gaze drifts along the path. "I'm sorry ta hear that." She would offer to speak with them, but they may not be a good thing. "Perhaps it will change?" It is an idea that is for certain. As for what she is looking for she pauses once finding one of the signs in question and points to it. "Making sure the markers are still standing after all the snow. Being close to the tavern get some drunkards that get lost now and then." It happens, and then people have to go searching for them and so forth! "I picked this up from one of the guards I know, he wanted the night with his wife and my canines need a good run." So it worked well for them all really.

"Just means thing are gettin' back to the way the ought to be. Stonhaven and me ain't got nothin' to be speakin' about." There is quiet conviction underlying Hazelon's words, and a hint of the bitterness which even now, months later bites just under the skin. When she points to that sign he draws much closer, standing just a few inches away so he can get a good look at the markers they're searching for. He makes a notes of it and nods. That seems reasonable enough. But, "Why are you needin' me for it ma'am?"

"Still…" Abbey offers softly before not pressing the matter with Stonhaven anymore it seems. She looks to him a few moments as she picks up the bitterness there. "I felt ye needed to get out for a stroll. Niumdreoth wanted you to come along for some reason. I can't tell the big lug no with certain things." She waves a hand slightly. "Go on and see if ye can spot the next one?" The canines are seen for a few moments down the trail before one is off tromping into the underbrush once more.

Hazelon is greatful for the matter of the Stonehaven's being dropped, though he'll never say so outloud. Her answer recieves a quizzical glance, what could her dragon possibly be having to do with him? But it's a question which will simply have to wait, as she's making a suggestion. He'll shrug and then move along the path, his eyes now for the markers, and not the darkness between the trees. He'll even attempt conversation, even separated as they are by space now. "Ain't been in the forest since you brought me back."

Abigail nods slightly while they move along, her gaze drifting across the area as they move further along it. "I can guess ye didn't really want to perhaps?" From within the trees comes a set of howls followed by growling as the canines seem to have found something they are busy with going after. It is winter, this is the forest so honestly it could be anything. Abbey looks to the forest, an arrow pulled from the quiver while she lifts the bow and is quiet as she watches the forest waiting to see what may show themselves perhaps.

"Ain't sure what's in the forest these days, or what that weyrleader of yours is lookin' to be stirrin'." Hazelon answers before those canines begin to sing out their howls. It sets him instantly on edge and he's following Abigail's action, setting arrow to bow as quick as thought. It's a strange bow to him, so he's careful in his placement, but his hands are steady. Markers? Those will just have to wait. He falls back a pace, till he is just to the right and behind of the wingleader, and utterly silent. If not for the thick coat over his shoulders, the tenseness of his shoulders can be seen.

The pair are a ways off down the path now, Niumdreoth can't very well get in either but he would if something happened like before when the two was searching for Hazelon. Abigail is quiet, her pale gaze narrowing slightly before a soft breath escapes her. "Stay close, aye?" This is questioned softly to the boy as she slowly glances to him before she looks back to the forest and is working to make sure nothing is jumping out at them. The canines are tromping in the forest, the movement is easy to hear and follow. Growls are heard, then snarls before somthing crashes out from the forest and both canines are following it about a dozen yards off. It's a deer, a young buck that is try to escape the canines and is slowly losing ground from the looks of it.

Hazelon isn't about to disobey that queried directive, and stays close, though not so close that a swift movement of hers might put her in arrows way. He watches where the sounds issue forth, ready to be taking aim if needed… but no. The canines are hunting. He steels himself for what is going to be the outcome of this chase unless Abigail is calling the canines off sooner rather than later. He'll say nothing.

Abigail has her bow raised and is following the sight of the buck as he darts to the other side of the path and is off in the underbrush once more. The canines following right along how on the bucks tracks. The rider sighs a moment while lowering her head and is soon whistling out loudly a few times which causes one of the canines to come back at least, as for the other well it won't go after the buck any longer but isn't ready to come back jut yet. "Well… That was a bit of excitment for the night." Abbey offers with an amused tone while she waves a hand back the way they have come and is moving that way. If there are deer out, there could be other things aftetr all. Animals come closer to the Weyr during winter for food.

Hazelon's reply is soft, and almost lost in the footfalls as he allows the string to go slack. "Ain't lookin' for no excitement if'n it be the same." It's a dry humor to be sure, but there. He'll match Abigail's footfalls, and then fall in at her side once they reach the road again. A glance is cast skywards, looking at how much light the pair have till nightfall, then fall again. "If there be game, their probably ain't a lot of people what ain't on the track."

Abigail chuckles softly as she hears Hazelon. "Aye I can't say that I blame ye on that Hazelon." She looks back to him once they are at the road once more. Niumdreoth is still there and is up moving closer to the two, soft rumble escaping him as he goes. The large brown lowers his head to sniff out at Hazelon and is staring at him now. "It happens, during this time of the season after all. Nice job for staying calm by the way." Well really it could have been /anything/ coming out from the forest at them after all.

Large brown dragon, not very large teenager. It doesn't take Hazelon long to do the math on the difference in their heights and he scoots back a step from the brown dragon as he sniffs closer. Abbey's comment draws a simple shrug of his shoulders. "Ain't no use gettin' all excited when there ain't no tellin' what is gonna be happenin'." Another step backwards and he shifts a glance at Abigail. "Pardon, what's he doin?" And can he stop please?

Abigail smirks as she hears Hazelon. "His checking ye out. The last time he saw ye was a while ago after all." She points out with a glance to the boy. "Don't like dragons near ye?" This is questioned with a curious tone while she slips the bow up over her shoulder and her arms fold before her. Niumdreoth only presses his nose closer to Hazelon while his tail slowly sways behind him a few times.

"Ain't a matter of like; just… ain't never been so close when there ain't flyin' to be done," and his voice drops to a low mutter, "unwillingly." Hazelon finally stops backing up when the dragon makes it very clear he's not about to leave him alone. He's not about to try to reach out and pet the oversized creature though- he's Abigail's, and not tiny like a firelizard. "They be big, I ain't. No reason for one of them to be takin' no interest."

Abigail chuckles a bit as she shrugs a moment. "He took an interest in ye back when we first met up. Be it I think it mostly dealt with the fact that ye stabbed me and all." This said with a teasing tone while she eyes the boy a moment after there is a pause, her eyes are a touch unfocused before she shakes her head and smirks a bit. "He likes ye, can give him a pat if ye like."

Hazelon casts a glance back at Abbey- no smile for her attempt at humor. He's yet to find anything to smile about from that episode. "I am sorry for stabbin' you. If I'd known…" The episode is a bit of a fuzz for him, he honestly cannot remember if maybe he might have been able to tell who the woman was before he stabbed her. Gaze shifts back to the dragon in front of him, and he'll raise a hand and lift it to the nose of the dragon. It's a brief touch, before he's pulling it back again.

Abigail offers him a soft smile. "Sorry." This said with a soft tone at the idea that he may not have fully enjoyed that it seems. She watches the two while Niumdreoth noses back at the boys hand and a soft rumble escapes him. "He wants to know something about ye it seems, and offer he says that he is unsure if ye would take or not." There is a pause as the Wingleader seems a touch unsure about this, but Niumdreoth is rather firm with his choices when it comes to this. "He wants to know if ye would stand for the clutch on the sands. He seems to think that ye would be a good rider as ye grow up, says it would offer ye some stability and a place ta call home if ye found yer lifemate here."

Hazelon's eyes flick between Abigail and the dragon in the pause. When the offer is finally made, his eyes narrow just slightly- a great deal of thought is snaking through Hazelon's mind as he tries to decide on the beset answer. "I wouldn't mind findin' a place to be callin' home." Said quietly, with real emotion. "Would the weyrleader be alright if I was sayin' yes? I ain't lookin' to be upsettin' no one."

Abigail shakes her head slightly when the bit on Th'ero is brought up. "It is up to the dragon if yer searched or not." There is a slight pause though she will need to tell the dear Weyrleader it for certain. "So… It is up to ye if ye want to stand for the clutch or not in the end." She points to him slightly. "Though ye must follow the rules. If'nn ye don't, well that would be a problem that not even a dragon or I could help ye with honestly."

Hazelon's gaze shifts back to the dragon. Upwards he reaches to rub a gloved hang against the back of his neck, pondering deeply. "Ain't never had a problem livin' within rules." Which is an understatement of the nth degree. More silence as Hazelon pieces together what could happen if he says yes, and what could be happening if he was to say no. "If I don't be impressin'," because despite the dragon's assurance to the contray, he's not at all sold on his chances, "would I be goin' back to my own place? Or be able to be leavin'?"

Abigail lets her arms fold before her while she watches Hazelon a few moments. "I'm sure ye don't." This said with a soft tone before her brow lifts and her mind wanders at the thought. "Would ye want to leave the Weyr if ye did not impress?"

"I…" Except Hazelon's answer of even just a month ago isn't quite the same as the one now. So he stops himself from saying what he would automatically say before. "I really ain't sure. It's gettin' better. But it ain't never gonna be the same." He is thoughtful as he speaks, and tucks his hands into his pockets. "If he be sure," as he nods at Niudreoth, "then there ain't no harm in sayin' yes."

Abigail curiously watches Hazelon for a few moments. "No there is no harm in it. Though during this time I expect ye to keep yerself out of trouble, and keep to yer chores and lessons. Is that understood?" This questioned softly before she offers him a warm smile and pulls a white knot from her jacket pocket and offers it to him. "Gather yer things and make yer way to the barracks."

"Trouble usually be findin' me, I ain't never looked for it. Be alright if it was just quiet always." Hazelon will turn towards the woman fully now, and shrug off that quiver of arrows off his shoulder. Holding it out he'll take the knot in return. No smile there on his face, he's still thinking about this choice he has made. The bow shifts in his hand as he turns towards the weyr to go do what he has been instructed. It really is a shame… he'd rather not give up his room.

Abigail watches Hazelon and smiles a moment. "That's alright, it has a way of finding me as well honestly." She takes hold of the quiver and bow while nodding. "I think yer do fine honestly, yer a good kid and I'm rather happy that ye have said yes Hazelon."

Hazelon stops just a few steps way, and turns back towards the wingleader. There's a bit uncertinty in his voice when he speaks. "I'm glad you be thinkin' that ma'am. Ain't many what do. I ain't so sure if they ain't right too. But I'll be doin' my best." And he holds up that knot that he's just been given to give emphasis to what he means.

Abigail nods a moment as she listens to him, she is soon smiling once more as she hears that. "I'm glad ta hear ye say that Hazelon." This said softly after a moment. "Meet up at the barracks in the morning, then ye will start yer chores and following the rules then." She nods to him and a slight wave of her hand is seen before she is moving to deal with a few things before she too will be heading back to the Weyr it seems.