Fort Weyr - Ground Entrance
The dominant feature of the southern end of the bowl is the blue lake that fills the entire southern tip and the rockslide that tumbles down into its far side. It has been many, many, turns since the slide took place, but it still stands uncleared to this day. Occasionally, smaller pebbles tumble down to splash into the waters of the lake below, but the mass seems mostly stable. Sturdy fences mark the feeding pens that the dragons may choose their meals from, located against the west face. The beasthold here is minor, small cramped buildings, used mostly to maintain the herds which feed the dragons. The major beasthold is located out in the forests, just outside the Weyr. There's a sign which warns "that beasts in this location are fair game to the dragons" and that any domestic pleasure stock should be kept in the major beasthold location.
The other feature that does not go unnoticed in this bowl is the large cavernous archway. There seems to be cobble stone laid down near the archway, which causes a clatter when the wagons and trading caravans arrive. Indeed, it seems that there's a tunnel out of the bowl here, wide enough for two trader caverns to fit through and possibly a small blue dragon. To the opposite end, the great bowl stretches away far, leading to some very interesting locations.

The time of the Winter Games is in fact, just that. It's /cold/ out, though thankfully not snowing. Still, with the abundance of activity from the games, people tend to be out and about a bit more than they might otherwise be. But as afternoon wanes into evening, temperatures start dropping, and stomaches start rumbling, Ravyal is making his way back across the bowl for the caverns. His face is even a bit red from all the cold wind. He's digging in his satchel though, holding it open while finding a place to stuff the prize he's one from the smaller vendors, trying to find a bit more room amongst all the other things he tends to carry.

Cold and snow work perfect for the Winter Games! Not the most comfortable of weather, but if one dresses warm and is prepared… it helps. Food can be found in plenty in the Weyr, the serving tables never empty in the caverns and for that reason there is ample enough traffic coming to and from the bowls. Add in two more riders on runner back… No, literally — dragon riders on runners! Isn't that an oddity in itself? Odd too that one is the Weyrleader himself, on the back of a large fiery bay gelding and as they reach the south bowl he will rein in his mount. "Told you so," Th'ero calls to the other rider behind him and though he doesn't quite grin, his voice is filled with smug mirth. A bet? Who knows. What he does know is that one shouldn't look over their shoulder while riding and thankfully he looks forward again just as Ravyal winds up in the runners path (though in no risk of being trampled). "Afternoon," the Weyrleader greets, as he slows the runner to a halt and dismounts.

Kimmila rides up behind the Weyrleader on a smaller dapple grey gelding, pulling the runner up and sticking her tongue out at Th'ero. "You cheated." That's her answer whenever she loses, smirking at him before her attention shifts as his does. "Hello."

Ravyal does manage to finally jam what looks like some sort of stitched stuffed animal into that pack. It fits! Really! Even if it did need to be squished down to half it's original size. He looks up from it then, in time to see runners halting. His own legs stop their function as well in the going-forward department, staring for a moment up the beast..and then a second! Surprise! But he does watch both riders dismount, head nodding somewhat at the greetings. "Oh! Hello.." He shifts his grip on the satchel, pulling the strap over his shoulder to rest it there. "Isn't it…well…a little chilly for riding..?"

"Not if one is dressed accordingly," Th'ero admits with a slightly crooked half-smile. The Weyrleader is dressed in his heavier winter leathers, all dyed black. Black jacket, black gloves, black boots… everything black. No, he isn't copying Zhirayr's tastes. This is how he's always been. "And this is nothing compared to Between." Th'ero goes on to add as he checks on his runner's girth and loosens it. He flashes a brief grin to Kimmila, "Just admit that you lost, Wingmate. Again." he teases her gently. While he's busy in focusing on her, his gelding runner will lower his head to whuffle ponderously at Ravyal and eye that satchel of his. Treats? Snuffle. Sniff.

Kimmila dismounts and rests a hand on the gelding's neck, grinning at Ravyal. "If you're doing it right, it's actually quite good exercise. Heats the blood." For Th'ero, she kicks snow at him. "Never."

"I guess that would get you…used to it. Maybe." Not that anyone spends a /long/ time in between. Ravyal does smile a little though, still curiously watching for a time. "..Were you racing?" That's what people /do/ on runners. Right? Alas, the weaver is quite promptly distracted with a face full of runner, hands coming up to give the animal's head a bit of a stroke. "H..hey now.. I don't have anything.."
From afar, S'rorn is thinking on how to send it to you without the game eating it. You can see a sample on +renhelp info2

Anyone who usually spends a long time Between is, well… best not to go there. Th'ero grunts when Kimmila kicks snow at him and forgetting that he's a Weyrleader and in public, promptly kicks some back at her like a child. Blinking, he then coughs and clears his throat, eyeing Ravyal. The Weaver saw nothing, right? Right. "… yes, we were racing. Shouldn't have, but folk were saying this bay here would be no good at speed. And folk do race runners, but usually only that type. These two are more of a worker strain. Good for everyday work." He pats the runner's shoulder fondly. The gelding settles for Ravyal's stroking to his nose, though not for long before his hand is nudged aside and the satchel is snuffled at — or the beast tries anyways. "Kimmila, do you see a stable hand about? These two best be taken back to the beast hold…"

Kimmila nods, "Yeah, we were, but he cheated, taking a short cut when I stuck to the path." That's her story and she's sticking to it. "Eh, I can take them…I don't see anyone and it's not that far away." Not terribly far, no, though as she looks towards the stables she spots her powder blue lifemate peering back at her as he approaches. "I'll take them," she says again, reaching for Th'ero's reins.

Ravyal yeeps slightly when that large head starts going for his satchel. He pulls and turns somewhat, keeping his body in between the two. "Nothing in there except scissors and needles!" Nosing around in the bag of a weaver might get the poor runner looking like he had a run in with a porcupine! He does peer around the animal though, head giving a little tilt. Kicking snow? He saw nothing! And everything. On the matter of cheating, however…"T..taking the shortest route is how you win though.."

It'd serve the gelding right! Th'ero will haul on the runner's bridle though, muttering a few words under his breath to get the animal to back up. "Sorry about that…" he says to Ravyal and promptly hands the reins to Kimmila. Both runners must be "borrowed" to judge by the Weyrleader's "concern" of them. So no scissors and needles into the gelding's nose! Th'ero only rolls his eyes to Kimmila's claim and story that he cheated and the Weyrleader snorts, then grins to the Weaver. Why deny it? "See? The lad here gets it! Can't always follow the paths, Wingmate. You sure about taking them?" he asks, giving Kimmila a curious look and yet not entirely protesting.

Kimmila snorts, eying Ravyal. "Don't encourage him. He was supposed to stay on the /path/." She'll answer Th'ero's question by not answering it and leading the runners off towards the barn, making a wide circle around Varmiroth, who edges a bit closer.

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth: « Brother. Come look. »

Ravyal certainly looks relieved to no longer have the runner trying to get at his bag. There's a brief check of the clasps to make sure it has stayed closed, even. Still, the weaver looks just a bit sheepish about his comment, shoulders lifting ever so slightly. "If there's rules.." No set rules? It's all fair game! He straightens everything out again though, tugging at his strap, and then his tunic before offering a little smile at Th'ero, nodding. "I don't mind.. I grew up around a lot of animals.."

Velokraeth projects to Varmiroth: «What is it? Find someone of interest for the eggs? If that's the case.. perhaps I will come and take a look. Kayeth is sleeping now and I can spare some time to take a peek.»

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth: «If she is sleeping you should probably not leave the eggs unwatched…»

"There were no rules! She just wrongly assumed I would stay to the main path," Th'ero drawls with a smirk, watching as Kimmila leads the two runners off without another word. The Weyrleader tries not to sigh, but his focus soon turns on Ravyal. "Did you? Are you from the Fort area or beyond?" he asks curiously. Nothing wrong with a bit of casual conversation right? Never mind it's with the Weyleader. Not awkward at all! And what could make this even better? Why… the arrival of one ugly looking bronze dragon! Velokraeth backings to land by Varmiroth, his wings string up some of the loose snow and causing Th'ero to swear under his breath as he hunches his shoulders and lifts one arm up to ward the worst of it off. The pale bronze only rumbles a half-sheepish apology. Oops?

Varmiroth leans away when Velokraeth lands, the blue snorting softly at his ledgemate. Then he turns to look at Ravyal, and it's clear the two dragons are talking. Hey. Look over there. See that guy?

Velokraeth projects to Varmiroth: «The eggs are never unwatched, nor are they in any danger. Kayeth is here and even asleep, no one would //dare trespass. They'll be safe and I need to stretch my wings. I'll come see this curiosity of yours and then I will hunt a herd beast or two for myself and one for our queen.»//

Ravyal cringes slightly from the sudden gusting, tucking himself just a bit further into his jacket. He peeks again once things settle, fingers having to brush hair away from his face again. "Am I..oh. Um, no…not originally. I was born in Lemos." He gives a slight pause though, and a somewhat nervous shifting of his weight before tacking on an extra, "Sir." Nope, not awkward at all.

Th'ero grimaces as he brushes some of the snow from his jacket and his look to Ravyal is genuinely apologetic. "Sorry about that. Usually he's a bit more cautious with his landing…" Just not today! "Lemos? … Hold? Been a long time since I've visited Lemos, but I remember being in awe of the forests there. Almost rival the forests here." he muses, only to shake his head with a dry chuckle. "No need for the Sir…" Uh. "… don't think I've ever crossed paths with you before, however. Th'ero, Weyrleader and bronze Velokraeth's rider." And he is…? Velokraeth whuffles back to Varmiroth, his oversized head and mismatched eyes turning to focus intently on the Apprentice. Uh huh? Another rumble and an amused chuff. Shall they get a closer look? Poor Ravyal, he may wish to have the runners back again. Far less intimidating is a runner beast snuffling at one's satchel, rather than a stunted and runt sized bronze looming over the Weyrleader's shoulder to peer downwards in avid interest. Helloooo…

Varmiroth snorts at Velokraeth and edges a bit closer, peering over Th'ero's other shoulder. Hi.

Ravyal shakes his head somewhat, at least offering half a smile. "Bound to happen..eventually?" Living in a Weyr, it's hard to imagine never getting buffeted about by dragon winds. "Not really at the hold, no..erm, a smaller cothold a bit more to the east. Just..same area and all. It's not..oh.." The weaver blinks a bit, certainly having to look up a bit, runty bronze or not. And a blue peering as well! The teen's brows shoot up a fair amount, before sending a quick, uncertain look at Th'ero. "I really..really don't have anything interesting. You here." He pats the satchel then, looking just a bit worried.

Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth: « I like him, but mine is tending the runners. Grab him.»

"I suppose, but there's no excuse really when the bowl is half empty?" Th'ero even lifts a gloved hand to wave it in example and he's speaking a half truth. There's not as much traffic here as the centre and northeast bowl may be seeing at the moment. As Ravyal shares a little more of his home, the Weyrleader is listening with polite interest, and a question readied on his lips… only the words are never spoken when two shadows suddenly loom over his shoulders. His eyes narrow, not at the Weaver, but up to where Velokraeth and Varmiroth. "Do you mind? Honestly. He's not some specimen to be studied and observed…" Or is he? Certainly seems that way? Th'ero will at least bespeak his bronze privately and with a snort, Velokraeth will back off — somewhat. "You sure you don't have something tucked in there?" Th'ero drawls as he peers sidelong to Ravyal, then back to the dragons. Is he suspicious? Hard to tell, as the Weyrleader's expression has turned reserved and neutral.

Varmiroth doesn't back off. He steps aside around Th'ero to peer even more closely at Ravyal. Exhaling softly, the small blue rumbles, low in his chest.

Velokraeth projects to Varmiroth: « Does he have something to hide? I like him too. Has potential but I trust your instincts. … careful now, little brother! Don't spook the poor lad. »
Varmiroth projects to Velokraeth: « I want him. Get him. Mine is busy. »
Varmiroth senses that Velokraeth sighs in an amused way. « Patience! I like to make them squirm… but if you insist we need to grab him now… Guess it will be for the best. It is cold for them, isn't it? »

Ravyal might just hold his bag a little tighter. He's already /accidentally/ dumped the contents of it in the snow once this sevenday! "I..I don't..I mean..I don't think I do." The pressure might be off a little bit when Velokraeth backs up, but that Varmiroth is still there. In fact, he's closer. "It's just a lot of stuff for working! I promise it is.."

Velokraeth senses that Varmiroth snorts. « But what if someone else comes to get him? He's mine? » Cough. « Ours. »

Th'ero's eyes dart sidelong to Varmiroth when the blue edges closer and he mutters so low it's almost a growl to the blue. "That'll be enough now, Varmiroth." As for the Apprentice, the Weyrleader holds his hands up in a reassuring gesture. "It's alright. It doesn't matter what is in the satchel." he murmurs. So maybe his inquiry was a failed attempt at a joke? Cough. Awkward? "… what's your name, lad?" he prompts again, while giving Varmiroth another look if the blue hasn't backed off and joined Velokraeth further away. Reaching into his jacket, Th'ero pulls out a white knot and holds it out and clearly offers it to Ravyal. "Because he — or they, rather… are interested in you. Would you accept the offer to stand as a Candidate for Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch?"

Varmiroth rumbles in satisfaction and backs off, though he does give Th'ero a look. Ordering him around now, are we? Big man Weyrleader. Or it could be because Kimmila is finally returning, smelling of runners and hay and other things. "Now he's Searching people without me?" she mutters, thumping her blue on the side before she steps up beside Th'ero and grins at Ravyal, expectant.

Hey, those guards /have/ been searching for stolen jewelry pretty intensively lately. Ravyal might just be a bit concerned about searches of a completely /different/ sort. The weaver seems to at least look less concerned about it, even if he is still completely flustered. "My name..oh! I didn't..?" No! No he didn't. "'s Ravyal, I'm sorry. I can't believe that I—huh?" There's a bewildered, wide-eyed look given back at the Weyrleader, and even Kimmila when the bluerider comes back from tending the runners. "Well Yes I'll accept!"

At least this is a pleasant Search? No need to delve into satchels. Could be worse? Could be a cavity search… if such things even exist on Pern. But no, it's Ravyal's lucky day and they're not about to haul him off to the Guard barracks for questioning. "Maybe if you hadn't taken so long, Wingmate?" Th'ero drawls to Kimmila on her return and if his shoulders tense a bit, he's likely bracing for some form of retaliation to that! "Well met, Ravyal." The white knot is passed to the Apprentice's hand and the Weyrleader will make sure he has a good grip on it before letting go. Wouldn't do to drop it in the snow, would it? "Excellent! We're glad to have you join the ranks. Is there anyone you'll be needing to contact? Family? Craft?" he asks, only to glance sidelong to Kimmila with a pointed look.

Kimmila smirks a bit at Th'ero, shaking her head. "Forgive me for seeing to the care of our borrowed beasts," she mutters, before her focus is on Ravyal. "We can help you with that, if you need to travel. I can show you to the barracks as well, get you settled in, alright?"

Ravyal does manage to keep hold of the knot as it's passed to him. At least he doesn't stuff it down into that satchel as well. No, that thing stays firmly in his grip as he shakes his head…then nods…and shakes his head again. Making up his mind is..such a difficult process. " I can let them know.." A quick jaunt down into the crafting caverns and banging on a few doors ought to do the trick there. "Thank you.." For the offer? For the knot? Maybe a little of everything, while the apprentice turns his gaze onto Kimmila. "Oh..alright. Y..yes I guess I should go there."

"You could have left them with the stablehands?" Th'ero drawls to tease Kimmila again, before sobering and focusing back on the important moment before them. Another Candidate for the ranks! "Good. Follow Kimmila then and she'll see you settled. The Headwoman will likely have a word with you quickly too. Best of luck, Ravyal and congratulations!" Tomorrow will be a new day, that's for certain! The Weyrleader will follow both of them half of the way before veering off to the administration complex, offering a few more farewells before he takes his leave. Velokraeth will also leap back into the skies and soar towards the feeding pens. Time to celebrate another successful Search! He also has to hunt for Kayeth… just out of kindness. Yes, that's it.