Fort Weyr Star Stones
The landing area for dragons here on the Stones has been warn smooth from Turns and Turns of watching - waiting for the Red Star to show itself in the position that would mean Thread was on the way. These days though, it's not uncommon to see the Stones dotted with flowers - a reminder that the threat no longer exists. The Finger Rock and Eye Rock stand as silent testaments to the success of Pern's people.

Despite the fact it's been turns since the Star Stones have bracketed the Red sun as early warning for thread, some riders still frequent this spot. Curled up in a tight ball of green is Typriaeth who has her head lifted just enough to watch out into the distance. Still clad in riding leathers that are dusty, Anique is sprawled out beside her lifemate reading a book.

There is a large shadow that casts over the stones, something a kin to a gold flying upwards. But it's no gold.. the dragon's belly is a soft pale copper while it's back is nearly black in color. The large dragon lands a distance away from the ball of green and the visiting rider slides up and off the Bronze's back.

It's the large shadow that briefly obscures the lighting for her book that brings Anique's attention upwards and onto the dark bronze. Pale blues eyes take both rider and dragon a moment before she gets to her feet easily enough. "Hi there! Fort's duties to…" her gaze narrows briefly to study for the knot indicating where he is from. " Xanadu. What brings ya this way?" the inquiry is friendly enough.

"Xanadu's to Fort." C'yr offers as he undoes his cap and leather jacket, stuffing them in the huge dragon's saddlebags. He is extremely tall himself, well over six feet in height. "Ah, visiting some old friends in Fort, thought I'd drop by up here. Didn't know any younger riders even come up here anymore."

Anique's lips quirk in a bit of a smile. "Just started coming up here actually." admits the green rider. Typriaeth uncurls a bit and shifts her position slightly so that she can face the older bronze. A soft croon of welcome is offered. "Found it's quite comfortable to do some reading when the weather's nice and Typriaeth here can enjoy the view while she waits.

"The view is quite nice indeed." C'yr offers giving one of those wry answers that bronzers are perhaps known all too well for. Ves, for his part, gives a soft croon and a wuff to the smaller younger green before he goes to perch and relax on a spot. "What're ya reading?"

Anique closes the book in question and stashes it away into a belt pouch at her side. "Found it digging through the library archives actually." she admits. "Just started it but so far it's about a group of survivors lost on an Istan Island."

"Ah, interesting." C'yr remarks as he motions to the ground next to her. "Mind if I join you?" He asks as he approaches. His hair may be grey and there is some lines around his eyes and forehead, but he could easily pass for forty or under.

Anique tucks her leg up under her and rests her hands on her lap. "Nope, I've no objections." she says amiably. "Anique. Greenie here to Typriaeth."

C'yr slides down easily and grins at that. "Nice to meet you Anique. I'm C'yr, to Vesukith. Which is the big mountain back there." He jerks his thumb to the bronze. "So what do you do here for fun, aside reading from the edge of a cliff?"

"Drinking over at Shananigans, practicing with my bow and arrow or knife throwing.." Anique pauses in thought. "And swimming whenever I can." which isn't always often with the winters here being longer or so they seem to her!

"Ah, swimming is one of my favorite past-times." C'yr tells her before he nods. "As is drinking. Bow and arrow I'd be rubbish at." He admits, laughing. "And I'm fairly handy with a knife, but not throwing it." He says.

"If ya don't throw it well then maybe you carve with it?" Anique hazards a guess to the older rider. "I prefer tossing knives than taking the time to aim with bow and arrow but I've gotten better at it."

"Oh, well yeah. I can carve." C'yr tells her. "I'm decent at it, but not great. Use other tools better." He chuckles some. "I'm a much better swimmer."

Anique nods. "I grew up at Southern Boll. Been swimming my whole life."
"I'd tempt you to a race, but.." He rolls his arms and shoulders. "Don't know if I'd make it much of a challegne." he teases

Anique gives a serious nod at that with just a hint of mischief in her gaze. "Wouldn't be fair to ya really." she says. "With your age being a large factor in how slow ya is getting."
C'yr chuckles a bit at that. "Oh, I was thinking about how it wouldn't be fair to you…since I'm fairly long and big." He tells her, his own eyes twikling a bit.

Anique stretches out her legs before her again. "Thinking my youth and experience in the waters of Boll surely beat your knowledge easily enough." she says teasingly.

C'yr grins a bit and hmmms.. "Well what should we bet against, hmm?" He asks. "What would you be willing to risk to prove yourself right?"

Anique pauses a moment, perhaps thinking of her sparsely furnished weyr situated near the lake. "How about a sevenday of chores, within reason. Clean ya weyr, mend your straps. Stuff like that." her head tilts as she regards the older bronze rider. "And what would you bet against my win?"
C'yr hrms a bit as he scratches his chin thoughtfully. "What about a new bed, a sevenday of meals brought to your weyr and a sevenday's worth of massages."

A flicker of surprise registers on Anique's expression before she schools it. "A new bed…" she muses. "Sounds like a deal. Where shall this race take place then?" her gaze turns speculative. "Suspect we should get a couple people to judge it as well. Make sure it stays fair."

"Fair? Fair?" C'yr snorts. "Of course it'll be fair…" A pause there before he hrms… "Why not just have the dragons judge. They understand fairness.." He says, pausing for a moment.

Anique laughs a bit. "Yes but my Typriaeth would rather be swimming I think than simply watching me swim!"

C'yr chuckles a bit at that. "Well it's up to you. I did make the call so I guess it's you to set the rules."

Anique stands, stretching. "Agreed then. I'll make the rules but you set the place. Each of us picks a judge to watch. Makes it fair." she grins impishly. "Right now though my rest time is over and duty calls in the way of transport duty to some small Hold. Until we meet again, C'yr."