Beastcraft Hall - Courtyard
The long, low buildings of the BeastCraft Hall ramble around the courtyard like happy puppies, without any sort of pattern or form to their wanderings. Small groups of herdbeasts graze placidly in the fields to the south, occasionally lifting their heads to stare dumbly at the passer-by in the yard. Someone's droning, lecturing voice pours from one of the open windows, and the great doors of the Hall stand open to the east, offering a cool retreat from the hot Keroon sun.
Anyone flying in from above will notice something painted on the top of one of the large barns:DRAGONRIDERS PLEASE LAND IN NORTH FIELD.

It's mid-morning at the Beastcraft Hall when a rider arrives from Eastern. A pale green swoops down, landing in the north field and looking about with milky white eyes that flash red in annoyance. "It won't kill you to be here for a day or so, Rhieyeth." Miyan laughs softly at some retort from the green before sliding down off her back and glancing around. Is she here for business or something else? It's difficult to tell, but Miyan certainly looks excited…just as excited as Rhieyeth is annoyed.

Skyler has finally managed to snag some free time away from lessons and more lessons. He's a mind to visit the pond, but it's cold and not quite as attractive sounding as it had been earlier. And then there's a dragon in the sky. Wow, another so soon? Along with some other's he heads towards the courtyard to see what's up. Course that red flashing in the dragons eyes has him backing up. Skeery. But backing up is a bad move because he bumps into someone, who then shoves him forward again, and then there's a yelp and laughter from the other boys.

Miyan blinks in surprise at the laughter from some boys and glances that way. It only takes a few seconds for her to get a handle of the situation and there's an immediate frown. "Being rude, are we? I'm sure your Masters will enjoy hearing about that." This is snapped sternly to those doing the shoving before a softer expression is turned to Skyler. "Are you alright? She won't bite or anything, Rhie just…isn't a fan of other animals." Not at all!

Skyler is startled by the rider, course so are the other lads who high tail it out of there. Course, since he's being adressed by said rider, it probably wouldn't be good to run. "Umm, yeah. Fine. Perfectly fine." As if he'd admit otherwise. "They were just playing." he also states. After all, it goes against the "Code" to admit to any fighting. There's another glance towards the dragon "Rhie? Isn't that a weird name for a dragon?" He then blanches a little "I mean, not weird, no, not weird, but I thought they all ended differently?"

"Mhmmm, playing. I've seen enough of that," Miyan shakes her head at the departing boys before leaning back against the green and patting her side. For her part, Rhieyeth snakes her head down to look at Skyler with eyes clouded a milky white. She isn't blind, but it certainly looks like she could be. "Her full name's Rhieyeth…but Rhie's just a shortened version, my pet name for her of sorts." That sentiment earns a snort from the green who continues to study Skyler.

Skyler oh's a little at the explanation and then looks closely at the green "How come her eyes are like that? Did something happen to them?" he asks curiously, though he doesn't move closer to peer at her. He'll just keep his distance for the moment. Thank you very much. "Oh, was there something you needed?" he asks as he remembers his duties, or at least some of it. "Did you need me to go fetch someone? Or?" A glance at the green "Is she needing to umm. You know… eat?"

"They've always been like that, ever since the day she hatched…but there's nothing wrong with them. They just look a bit different, pretty in my opinion." Miyan can't help the affection that tinges her voice and scratches the green who has started sniffing at Skyler. Ick, beast craft! She pulls back, swishing her tail unhappily before moving away as Miyan rolls her eyes. "Ignore her….I thought I'd stop by to see if there were any new ovines around. I have one that I think needs a companion."

And it's likely he smells quite like the beasts considering he's been out with the herdbeasts. Skyler takes a step back a little even as the green backs off "Shards! I didn't mean to offend her." he states and then sniffs himself "I did have a bath last night." Course, that was last night. "New ovines? Well, I guess that would depend on when you were last in checking. We've had some births I know, and then I think there've been some brought in from farther pastures. I'd have to ask to be sure. I'm mainly lookin' after the herdbeasts."

"Rhieyeth doesn't enjoy the company of other animals, they're….food for her and anything more is an annoyance." Miyan seems used to the green's line of thinking and just shakes her head while laughing. "I haven't been to the Hall for quite some time, though if you know where they are and could point me in that direction I'd appreciate it." There's a bit of a smile when he says he's looking after the heard beasts,
"Which is of course important. I'm not keeping you from your duties am I?"
Skyler shakes his head "I've free time for the moment on he account I did todays studies fairly quickly and correctly." he states "But they're mostly all off in the pastures, though some have been brought into the barns. Mainly the ewes and all." he notes. There's another look at the green "Well, I guess being a dragon, they would just be food. I mean, they don't keep pets. Do they?"

"Great, out to the pastures we go then…or the barn, whichever will work." Miyan sounds quite enthusiastic about this whole thing, and the question earns a quiet chuckle. "Some of them do, or try to, Rhieyeth is not one of them. In fact, she'd eat my ovine if I'd let her and probably chase away my flits if it were possible really." Which is not allowed either!

Skyler hmms a little, eyes the dragon one more time "Well, if she's hungry, there's a pasture to the north with beasts kept for the dragons." he notes after a moment. "But, I'll show you to the barns first, since they're on the way to pastures." he offers and leads they way there. "She wouldn't eat firelizards, whould she?"

"She'll likely just try to find somewhere to nap that doesn't smell completely of beasts," Miyan smiles a bit before following after Skyler and shaking her head. "No, the flits she merely…tolerates. They aren't on the menu at least, which is a win of sorts when it come to that sort of thing."

With the snow that has been falling, and the occasional cold rain, the smell from the barns is distinctly of wet animals. Luckily, however, the ammonia smell is pretty minimal as the place has been recently mucked out. "Well here's some of the sheep." he notes. There are some distinctly pregnant ewes and some with lambs by their side. There's also a few wethers interspersed with some of the girls. "Well, I guess that's good she doesn't eat them. I mean, it just sounds I dunno. Wrong? They're related after all. Right?"

Miyan does something a Wingleader should not do, she squeals in delight and immediately crouches down with open arms at seeing the ovines. "They're absolutely beautiful!" Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. "Rhieyeth disdainfully considers them her outcast cousins." But who cares because there are OVINES. It's a miracle she doesn't start hyperventilating.

Skyler blinks a little at the reaction of the squealing, but he does have sisters. And then there was the hatching… "Well, I guess they are kind of cute." They're ovines though? "So what do you do with your other ovine then, if Rhieyeth doesn't like them? I mean it doesn't live with you, does it?

"Of course they're cute!" Miyan sounds so enthusiastic and moves over to pet one of the lambs. "Wooly has his own little shed next to my hut, though I let him go with the other ovines so that he has company. Rhieyeth has learned that she will simply have to deal with him." No backing off from that topic, even for Rhie!
Skyler hmms a little "Well, it would be a god idea to get a companion for him. They do like having their own friends." he notes has he watches her with the lambs like others are with kittens. "I'd say another boy would be good." he offers.

Miyan pets and hugs and touches noses with various little lambs, pushing out whatever sarcastic commentary Rhieyeth might be giving in the back of her mind. "You think so? That's probably a good idea…these are absolutely adorable. J'yn will be coming home to a surprise today it seems." Poor poor J'yn!

Skyler tilts his head "J'yn, he's your umm, not husband… mate? Yes?" he asks with a grin. Least the lambs have been well socialized with people, because they bring bottles usually. "You see one you like then? Maybe that one that keeps nosing you?"

"Weyrmate, and yes….no one like him in the world." Miyan smiles softly, affection in every word she speaks of him. Her attention turns to the lamb that's been nosing her, and the greenie leans forward to press her forehead against the little ovines. "Yes….I think this one's absolutely perfect. Isn't he beautiful?" It's asked in a way that kind of sounds like Skyler better say yes. And oh right, introduction. "Miyan by the way, that's my name."

Beautiful? For a boy. If you say so lady. "Yeah, he's beautiful, Miyan. I like that name. I'm Skyler." he offers back in exchange. "Well then, let me get you a lead and collar for him." he pauses a moment in his browsing through the various collars "How ya gonna transport him?" he asks after a moment.

"Skyler is a wonderful name, compliments of both me and Rhieyeth. She says she likes it even if you do smell like herd beasts." Miyan smiles and is still just petting the ovine lots and lots. "Hmmm, he likely won't do well *between*, though if anyone is heading to Eastern soon perhaps I can send him with them."

Skyler grins "I like it myself. And well, I guess I can't help it. I have to work with them." he sighs just a little at that but then shrugs "Still, it's not a bad life I guess." he then hmms "Well, I do know there's supposed to be a shipment of herdbeasts going that way. Or well at least near there. To Landing. You could probably get him home from there."

"I grew up with quite a few animals around myself, so I don't mind the smell like she does. Of course, Rhieyeth's also a proper lady." Miyan laughs and pets the little lamb one more time before pushing to her feet and nodding. "That sounds like a good plan, do you know when they'll be heading over in that direction?"
Skyler hmms a little and then nods "In three more days they'll be shipping of. I'll talk to Journeyman Harmond and make sure he gets added to the, the umm mana something. I'll make sure he's on the list."

"Three days? Wonderful! I was afraid I'd have to wait longer for them to hit the road but this is absolutely perfect." Miyan smiles and leans against the wall of the barn, not in any hurry to leave all the ovine-ness. "Any specialty you're thinking about going into yet, Skyler? Though you look pretty young…probably haven't been an apprentice for very long?"

Skyler shrugs a little as he checks the tag on the lamb, and grabs a clipboard to make a notation on it. "Well, I'm slated to learn herdbeasts." he notes "That's what my family wants me to do after all." he adds. He looks back at the lamb and then makes another notation before hanging it back up. "Well, now it's noted that the lamb is no longer available." he states and starts to head back on outside, gesturing for her to follow. "But you're right, I've only been here about a month." he notes "As soon as he could, Da had me here."

"Do you actually like herd beasts, or are you just doing it because that's what your parents want you to? Just…keep an open mind, alright?" Miyan smiles softly and gives Skyler a small pat on the shoulder before following him out. It's mid-morning at the Hal and the Eastern rider and Skyler have just emerged from the barn. "I'll have to think of a name for the little lamb though…" Because despite everything, the little cutie is still in the back of her mind.

High above, a blue winks in from *between*, his pale coloring almost lost to the color of the sky as he circles downward. Aiming originally for the courtyard, he (or his rider) read the writing on the barn and veer off towards the north field, where the blue touches with with a flurry of wings and grace. Crouching, he lets his passengers dismount and then he sits, watchful and curious, while Kimmila leads her six turn old son by the hand towards the courtyard.

Skyler looks a little torn, between being loyal to his family and what he really thinks. So he hedges a bit "Well, it's a great honor." he states "Hosforth things I've real potential, and he says it would be good to have someone trained up in the craft with the new things and all. Da and him figure me to be his replacement." Course, that really doesn't answer the question. "A name though? Should be some good. He needs a boys name." He grins at Miyan "I mean Wooly is a good name and all, but this one needs some strong, to go with the fluff. It'd fit together." He looks up towards the sky as he thinks and that's when he see's the blue "Wow, more riders. Busy day here today. Wonder if they're looking for beasties too." he wonders as he glances over at Miyan as if she might have a clue.

It's a good thing Kimmila has Kyzen's hand, or the child would be off like a shot and causing mayhem with his curiosity within moments of being on the ground and in the Hall. He seems unruffled by his ride in on Varmiroth, though he does loudly thank the blue in a childish sing-song sort of way. Then it's back to tugging impatiently at Kimmila when she doesn't seem to be moving fast enough. "Come oooon…" he whines in a playful protest.

"If you enjoy it then there's nothing wrong with it, but you're your own person you know…" Miyan smiles a bit and continues to follow after. There's a glance upwards at the blue, though it's Rhieyeth who croons a greeting to the dragon. For her part, Miyan only looks mildly curious. "I guess it'll have to be something manly…J'yn is good at that, I'll have to ask him." She laughs softly before letting green eyes slide towards the field area and the bluerider and her son.

Varmiroth arches his neck a bit and peers over at Rhieyeth, if she's within peering distance, his thoughts warm but reserved. A distant 'hey'. Kimmila is tugged along by Kizen, the woman's expression of reserved annoyance. "I'm coming, Kyzen, realx…I have to drop off something first and /then/ we'll see the runners. After. Okay?"

Skyler listens, a thoughtful look on his face, but he really doesn't speak out his thoughts on it. Course that may also be because he's suddenly grinning and pointing "Hey, I know that kid!" he looks pleased and surprised. "He was at the hatching that I got to go to with with Journeyman Harmond!" he exclaims and then he's waving. He asides to Miyan "I don't remember his name though, but he's was all willing to head out onto the sands to see if this one egg would actually glow in the dark. It's a bright egg too." As the pair gets closer he rememebers himself a little and presents himself "Umm, can I help you with anything, Rider?"

"Do we have to?" Kyzen whines again but it's half hearted. He knows better than to push it with Kimmila and it's not like his mind will focus long anyways on his disappointment. Why? Because Skyler is waving to him and Kyzen's quick to wave back and tug all the more at his mother's grip. "I KNOW him! He had bubblies with me and liked the eggs! HI!" Tug. Tug. Tug! Kyzen's trying to make his way over and at this rate, Kimmila won't have a choice but to follow. "… he's a Beastcrafter!" Kyzen informs his mother. Um. Duh? There's a bright cheery wave for Miyan too, even though the greenrider is unfamiliar to him.

Miyan laughs softly, shaking her head at both Skyler and Kyzen. Dawww, so adorable. She drops the topic of what the poor 12 turn old may want to do with his life in favor of dipping her head to Kimmila and offering the woman a brief smile. "Eastern's duties…it looks like you've got a bit of a handful today? He's adorable." The greenie will raise a hand and waggle a few fingers at Kyzen in greeting as well.

Kimmila is tugged and she doesn't appreciate it. But she goes along with it, nodding. "Oh really? Good! You think he'd mind watching you for a minute? Maybe he can show you the runners." Sorry, Skyler, this mother just loves pawning off her son onto anyone who thinks he's adorable. Which means she grins to Miyan as well. "Fort's duties, and thank you. He looks just like his father." There's a fond smile for that at least, as she finally lets Kyzen's hand go, and nods to Skyler. "Afternoon. I just need to deliver a message to one of your Masters. Mind watching him for a second?" Hello, semi-stranger. Have my son. This is why she fosters.

Skyler is an apprentice, taking orders his his life. Course in this instance it doesn't seem a hardship. "Don't mind at all ma'am." he states and then grins at Kyzen "Like runners do you? Did you know we've some that are as little as you are? Well, maybe a little taller, but they're small." He then hmms a little and ohs at Miyan "Maybe you'ld want one too. They can get pretty shaggy and almost as wooley as an ovine." he grins. "We mostly use them for carting, some go to the mines, and others are for younger kids to ride."

Kyzen beams to Miyan. "Hi!" he greets again, not at all shy or intimidated. He's outgoing and charismatic, even at six Turns and while it may temper as he grows older, it may not. "I'm Kyzenviro but everyone calls me Kyzen," he dutifully informs both the greenrider and Skyler. "Are you a Beastcrafter too?" he asks Miyan, peering at her knot but looking perplexed and confused by the colours. He guessed Skyler's at the clutching feast correctly, but her's has him stumped and he looks a bit flustered. "… what are those colours?…" he asks, shy for the first time. Kimmila's leaving? He doesn't even seem to notice his mother foisting him off. Must happen often enough! "Yeah, I do like runners! A lot! And as little as me!? You're lying!" Kyzen promptly informs Skyler when his focus turns back to the Apprentice, giggling now and his blunder with Miyan's knot forgotten. Hey, he's just a kid?

"I…think I'l pass on the runner, J'yn might have a conniption at this rate." He wouldn't of course, but Miyan chuckles anyways. There's a glance between the two boys before she's smiling down at Kyzenviro. "Well it's nice to meet you, and this is from Eastern's craft wing." The woman is amused but seems content to let the boys play amongst themselves.

Kimmila flashes both Skyler and Miyan a grin, letting go of Kyzen's hand. "Great. I'll be back in a bit." And…off she goes, striding confidently into the hall like she knows where she's going. Over in the field, Varmiroth's attention sharpens, now watching more closely because he's the lookout for the energetic toddler.

Skyler grins and doesn't seem to mind the refusal "Well, they make for good companions." he notes and then leads the way over to a short corral near the stables. "This is Boomer's corral. His and his alone." he states as he introduces the small runner who is only about three feet tall at his shoulder "He helps us do much of the delivering of hay out into the pastures during the spring and summer. Snow can sometimes get too deep for him during the winter. Though he likes to play in it. He also gives rides as well to visitors, most of us apprentices being too big for him."

"Eastern's crafter wing," Kyzen repeats back to Miyan, looking relieved that he isn't about to be scolded for not knowing. He's still learning! "Nice to meet you too! Didja see the eggs at Fort too? One's a really bright green! I'm not allowed to see if it glows in the dark though…" he says and pouts at the last bit. Only for a brief moment, before he's happily bounding alongside Skyler to the short corral. Kyzen promptly leans against the fence and sticks a hand through in an attempt to coax the runner closer or touch him. "He is tiny!" he exclaims with a crooked grin. Followed by a snicker, "Can he get stuck in the snow? Why is he so small?"

"Bright green egg that glows in the dark? That /is/ quite a wonder, I haven't been to see it yet but it looks like I may have to." That seems to be Miyan's only comment for the boys. She'd probably head out right about now, but the greenie seems reluctant to until Kimmila comes back so all Miyan does for now is hang back and chuckle a bit at the tiny runner's appearance. So cute!

Kimmila stays gone, but Varmiroth continues to watch, edging slowly closer to that paddock, also curious about the tiny runner.

Skyler looks thoughtful "Maybe you can ask your mom to ask her dragon to ask the gold if it glows or not?" He says, almost hesitantly. "That is if that's not against proto, whatever." He shrugs some and then looks back at Boomer "Well, he can get stuck. There was a good size drift out in the pastures. The wind blew a bunch of snow into a depression. Well he wallowed into it, but couldn't wallow out again. We had to dig him out." he states "But he's small cause he's bred that way. Just like there are big canines and small canines. We've also runners that would tower over us. They can be up to six feet at their shoulder. They do a lot of the plowing and pulling the heavy wagons, though we've teams of herbeasts to do that as well." Skyler certainly doesn't notice the creeping dragon, but Boomer does. Not that he seems to mind, he's an old hand at dragons. But the small runner does keep an eye turned toward the dragon.

Kyzen nods vigorously to Miyan, "Dunno if it does because they won't let me see if it does!" he explains to the Eastern greenrider, sighing with overdone frustration. "It was really neat! Only nine eggs though." Another disappointment! At least for him. Never mind he called Kayeth fat and was boasting that forty eggs would be MUCH better. Kyzen peers at Skyler then and then laughs. "Why? That's silly…" Or is it? The boy peers over to Varmiroth, only to focus back on Skyler. His brows knit. "What's proto?" Cue a look to Miyan. Does SHE know? "Poor little runner, getting stuck!" Kyzen sing-songs after listening to Skyler's tale and patient explanation. The boy seems fascinated but distracted, still trying to lure Boomer over for scratching.

"Protocol is what he means I think, and that just means it's against the rules." Miyan laughs softly, but doesn't move from her spot a little ways off. She glances over to the blue, an eyebrow raising before she glances back to the other two. "I'm sure you'll find out if it glows in the dark someday soon. Like Skyler said, maybe you can have your mom ask someone that's allowed to see it at night."

Varmiroth rumbles softly from where he settles a short distance off, watching Kyzen closely, and that odd little runner. How strange… The tip of his tail twitches a bit.

Boomer lets out a whuff of breath and then trots over towards the small boy and sticks his nose in the hand. Aw, no treats. "That's the word. Protocol!" Skyler exclaims and then there's a pause. "Hey, wasn't that your dad who was on the sands with the gold?" he asks and then he blinks and there's a light that goes on. "Hey wait, that would make him the Weyrleader. You should be able to ask him, right?" he asks. Boomers eyes flick towards the blue and then he mouths the boys hands. Wait, is that a tongue even?

Kyzen looks from Miyan to Skyler and understanding dawns. "Oh! I get it now! Protocol." He tries the word himself, mangles it a bit on the first try, but manages it in the end. Likely he'll forget it by the end of the day but for now he feels smart! "But that's just it! The grounds are never dark. Silly, isn't it?" He's giggling then when Boomer comes over to sniff and lick his hand, trying to stroke the runner's nose. "Uh huh! Th'ero's my dad. Didn't I tell you I know Velokraeth?" he tells Skyler with a lopsided grin. Silly Apprentice! "I was gonna go yesterday but he stopped me and sent me to bed." Th'ero, that is. Not the bronze. Kyzen pouts a bit, but when he spies Varmiroth edging closer, he's grinning again and reaching out to tug at Skyler's sleeve if the Apprentice doesn't move away. "I think he likes Boomer!"

Miyan grins at the boys before there's a sudden frown coming over her features. "A day without disaster seems far too much to ask…" The greenie sighs and shakes her head before shooting one last look to the boys. The blue's there so everything should be fine. For now, she'll just slip away quietly and jog on over to Rhieyeth. It's only takes a few minutes for Miyan and Rhie to be gone just as soon as they arrived!

Varmiroth wuffles fondly towards Kyzen, giving Skyler a curious look now when the toddler tries to tug him closer. There's a soft rumble from the blue and another tail swish.

Skyler blinks and Miyan is gone and then he shrugs a little "Guess duty calls." he murmurs. ANd then he just shakes his head at Kyzen "It never gets dark?" he asks curiously. Huh. I wouldn't have ever thought they'd always keep it lighted. I guess dragons don't mind it being always light." He lets himself be tugged and then he blinks "Not to eat I hope." he says as he eyes the blue a little "There's a pasture to the north of the field that's for dragons if he's hungry. Boomer swishes his tail and continues to eye the blue. He'll stand his ground. This is his corral after all.

Kyzen wrinkles his nose, "I don't like sleeping when it's light out or with glows. I'm not afraid of the dark!" he boasts proudly and peers at Skyler. "Are you? Aww, I liked her!" Another pout for when Miyan has to leave but it's short lived (much like Kyzen's train of thought). Kyzen giggles, "No, Varmiroth doesn't eat runners. Right, Var?" He boldly asks the blue and also calls him by a nickname. Protocol? Pfft. Taboo? Oh yeah. He's a child though and if his parents were here or if he was in the Weyr, he'd likely be scolded three ways to the next sevenday but he's NOT at home right now. "He's a good blue! He won't hurt Boomer."

Varmiroth snorts softly, eying the child before he wuffles fondly at him again. He doesn't mind. Not when it's Kyzen. He does study Skyler again though, watching the young man with a slowly swirling gaze.

Well, if it's one's parents dragon, and the dragon doesn't mind. Who's anyone to argue? "Oh well, I'm glad he doesn't, and no, I'm not afraid of the dark." He looks thoughtful "I don't think dragons are afraid of the dark, are they? Though I guess you don't see them flying much at night." Hmm. He looks thoughtful, things for him to ponder in the dead of the night." He watches as Varmiroth wuffles Kyzen and grins "I know some runners who'll do that, but why does he stare so?"

"Dragons can't be afraid of the dark!" Kyzen scoffs with an incredulous laugh. "How'd they Between then? That is blacker than black and SO dark! I'm not afraid of it either," he says with another boastful sniff and puffed chest. Varmiroth's shuffling earns a grin from the boy. "See? Told ya he'd not eat Boomer. Dunno if he's even hungry… Huh?" The blue is staring? Kyzen looks between dragon and Apprentice and only shrugs. "Maybe you look funny to him? Where's my mom…? She'd know! She knows a lot of things."

Kimmila exits the hall then, looking around briefly before she makes her way towards the two boys. "You being good?" Clearly that question is for Kyzen. "Hi," she adds to Skyler, glancing at her lifemate and then back to the young apprentice. "You were at the clutching, right?"

Skyler hmms "Yeah, it was pretty dark. Though it was weird. It wasn't just dark it was…" he spreads his hands a little as he's at a loss for words there. He glances at Kimmila "He's been great." he states and then he nods "Yeah, I got lucky to get to go because Harmond's friend came and got him." He then nods at Kyzen "Yeah, he didn't eat Booomer." And this is a fact the small runner appreciates.

"You've been Between too? Were you scared?" Kyzen asks excitedly and then promptly launches himself at Kimmila to wrap his arms around her waist in a tight hug. "Uh huh! I've been good! He showed me a tiny runner named Boomer and he's just as big as me! Can I have him?" he asks, his tone taking on a pleading note. Giggling, he'll let his mother go to rush back to the fence, peering up at Varmiroth again and back to the bluerider. "I told him so! Said Var is a good blue and wouldn't eat runners. Boomer is too small anyways."

Kimmila bends a bit to return the hug, only to grunt in surprise when he lets go and asks for a runner. "You have a kitten." Totally the same thing as a runner. "No, Varmiroth is not interested in eating runners…" She walks closer, reaching out to gently rub the underside of her blue's chin until his eyes close and he rumbles happily. "You get used to it…" she remarks absently, studying her lifemate for a moment before she turns back to Skyler. "Feel like going between again? Like…now?" Her eyes gleam.

Skyler isn't going to admit to anything, but he's saved from answering or well, the question is pushed out of his mind when the boy asks for Boomer "Oh, I dunno if Boomer would like that. He's partial to his corral, won't even let any of the felines in there. It's his place. Though there are others." Course Kimmila vetos it anyways and then he grins "Ooo, you've a kitten? I had a cat, well me and my little sis had one together, but now I guess it's just her cat since I won't be seeing her much." He then stops a moment and looks at Kimmila "Now?" he asks and looks confused. "Well, I think I'd have to ask Harmond if it was okay and all. I mean, I've gotta report to him. But since I've free time, I guess he wouldn't mind if I came back and played with Kyzen and all." Clueless much?

"Boo isn't a kitten anymore!" Kyzen corrects his mother with a smug look and then fixes his attention back on Skyler, brightening considerably. "Really!? What colour is yours? Boo is all white but she has these hidden markings. She's pretty and she's mine! I rescued her. She was real sick as a baby." He's so proud of his achievement, even if Kimmila did most of the work and care. Kyzen is clueless too and he only pouts at his mother. "I thought we were staying…" he whines.

Kimmila continues to smile, a bit conspiratorially at her lifemate. "Kyzen," she says, her tone light and smile sweet. "Will you get something for mama? Out of Varmiroth's /special/ pouch? You know, the one you helped me fill before we left?" She winks at the boy and turns to look back at Skyer. "Oh, I've already asked Harmond, and he said it was up to you."

Skyler grins "Hidden markings? That's pretty cool, mine was white as well, but not all white. She's orange and browns and blacks. She's a calico. My sister and eye picked her as kitten from one of the barn felines." He notes and then he's turning his attention back to Kimmila. His eyes widen just a fraction. He doesn't say anything right away, after all why jinx the situation, right? Then it's an "Oh?" he ponders his words a moment and then he nods "I'd be delighted to come."

"There's names for the markings?" Kyzen exclaims, surprised and estatic for such knowledge. "Neat! I wonder what Boo is, then!" Yet before he can ply Skyler with questions and ramblings, Kimmila is giving him an Important Task. "Yeah, I know which one! Be right back!" he states proudly as he tears off to Varmiroth's side and without even a lick of hesitation or fear he scrambles to the blue's straps and into that pouch. Not that it's that high, but for a six Turn old kid it is! It takes just a few minutes and then Kyzen returns, overeager and excited, with a white knot in hand, holding it up for Skyler. It's clear he doesn't quite grasp the significance. He knows what it is, but not, exactly, what it implies by him handing it directly to the Apprentice. "Here! Oh. Wait…" Oops. He holds it to Kimmila. "Sorry, mother." he mumbles sheepishly, figuring he'll be in trouble for not following her instructions.

Kimmila reaches out for the knot when Kyzen moves to hand it to Skyler, but she doesn't correct him. She'll take it when he returns it though, looping her arm around his shoulders fondly and hugging him to her side. "If you'd like to," she says, extneding the knot to the Beastcrafter, "Varmiroth thinks you would make an excellent Candidate for Kayeth and Velokraeth's clutch."

"Lots of different names." Skyler replies and then watches as Kyzen scrambles up and back down. He licks his lips, just a little nervously at the sight of the white knot, and his breathing changes a little. There's a touch of excitement in his eyes though. "If I'd like to?" he asks and then he can't help but grin "I'd love to! I'd be honored! Oh! Wait til Amberyl hears!" There's a pause as he thinks about his parents and then he's grinning. They'd be proud, he thinks as he carefully reaches for the knot and looks at it and what it signifies. Hope, a change for something new. Perhaps greater. He looks over at the blue and gives a little bow "Thank you." and then he's changing out his knot, quite gleefully.

Kyzen shuffles in close to Kimmila's side and is properly quiet while Skyler is formally (and properly) Searched by the bluerider. His eyes widen in surprise and then he's grinning widely and with almost as much excitement as the former Apprentice. "That's why he was staring at you!" he crows with delight, pleased to have solved the puzzle of Varmiroth's behaviour. "You get to come home with us now! You can see Boo!" Because Skyler is totally a… pet or something. "So lucky!"

Kimmila grins, looking pleased. "Go grab your things then, and we'll carry you back to the weyr and et you all settled in." She ruffles Kyzen's hair and squeezes him. "I'm sure you'll be happy to show Skyler the barracks and around the weyr, won't you? Help get him settled?" Because nothing says 'cool' like having a six turn old show you around… Sorry, Skyler.

Skyler likes Kyzen so see's nothing wrong with the idea of the kid showing him around. He grins at the boy "Yeah, you're right. See! I told you, you were smart!" He's off an running with a speed most boys only show for the promise of more food. Which in a way it is. In record time, or maybe just average, Skyler is back with his carry sac. It's not much, but it's all his. "I'm ready!" he says, not even a little out of breath. He's too excited to be out of breath, to be away, and away from the boys who pick on the littlest and away from what he see's as a place to nowhere. He grins at Kyzen "Lets go see Boo!"

At this rate, Kyzen's going to think he's one of the Candidates too! He's just about wriggling out of his skin in delight when Kimmila gives him the task of showing Skyler around (though the Headwoman will likely oversee most of it!). It's a good think the young boy is so fast at returning or Kyzen might have driven Kimmila insane with his growing impatience. AS it is, he's already pacing and fretting and eager to be off! "Come on! Do you know how to ride? It's not hard!" Kyzen says, glancing to his mother for her permission to proceed. Once he's given the okay, he'll scramble up Varmiroth's straps (with help, even if he claims he does it all by himself).