Fort's Forests ~~ Fort Weyr - Forest Fork Road
This trail leads north into the depths of the traveller's forest and it forks here to lead also west, just as deep a forest lying ahead. The trees have been cut back from the trail to remove hiding spots for anyone that might take a fancy to the thought that easy pickings might be found along this trail. The surface of the trail has been packed down and consists mainly of crushed gravel and sand to provide a solid foundation and good drainage during rain storms and spring melt waters. A sign post indicates the distances to each area that the path leads to as well as a plaque indicating that the path had been completed under Senior Weyrwoman Elara's supervision and guidance.

There's nothing pleasant about this day; despite Rukbat being somewhere near her zenith way up above, the light is obscured by a heavy bank of clouds overhead that cast the world below in shades of dreary grey. And yet that hasn't put people off from travelling - or at least, it hasn't put off a little knot from the Weyr from setting out along the forested road. Amethyst is among them, dirt-spattered and tired-looking as she stands by her runner's forequarters, wincing down at its upheld, muddy hoof while another in their party examines it. Two more men, clad in guard's uniform, wait nearby, holding the reins of three runners and quietly observing their surroundings.

No matter the weather nor time of day the duties of Haast is ever happening and today is no different. Anique's day has started early and so far there's no end in sight for the green rider. Winging ahead on a straight flight is a bright green Typriaeth with several packages dangling from straps. Perhaps though her path is altered as the little knot of people are spotted from the air. Spiraling down the green lands daintily and Anique hails them. "Hey there! Everything alright?" hopefully the Fortian dragon landed downwind from the runners.

From the snorting and flared nostrils that the runners show, Typriaeth isn't all that downwind - though beyond the occaisonal footstamp the runners don't show many signs of fear. Weyrstock, perhaps. The injured one, however, seems the most jittery, and Amethyst has to cling tightly to her bridle, running a soothing hand along her neck, under the overhang of her dark mane. "Whoooa there," she whispers, before turning to smile at Anique. Her companions salute, and the Smith follows suit with a shallow curtsey dip. "Runner's gone lame," she answers the greenrider's question, with a gentle shrug of her shoulders. "We think she stood on something." Which would be why there's a guard digging into the muck compacted into the mare's hoof.

Typriaeth snorts onces as she swings her head around to observe the jittery animals. Anique dismounts with a slide down and a jump the last few feet. She approaches the small group. "Fort's Duties." she offers automatically. "I'm Anique, wing rider in Haast. I aint no search and rescue but is there anything I can do to help?"

Brought closer to the rider, Amethyst returns her formal greeting by bowing her head. The guard working on the runner's hoof shakes his head at Anique, while, after a look from the Smith, one of the other guards comes over to relieve her from holding onto the mare's reins. That allows her to approach the greenrider, tucking her glove-clad hands into the pocket of her thick, warm coat. "I think we're pretty much stuck here while they see if there's anything to be done," about her mount, that is. "Though the offer is certainly appreciated. If you're flying this way, ma'am… you wouldn't want to keep an eye out from up above, would you? See if you can't see anything… unusual?"

Slipping off her riding gloves, Anique tucks them absently into her belt. "No need for the formal title. It's just Anique." she says with a grin. Her gaze slides towards the runner then back to Amethyst. "Out doing deliveries really. Typriaeth wanted to fly this way and check out the sights." is said with an amused smirk. "Unusual? How so?" she asks.

"Anique. I'm Amethyst. Pleasure to meet you." She'd offer her hand, but her gloves are kind of grimy. "We're out here seeing if we can't trace the suspect's footsteps - runnersteps, to be more accurate." The way she says it, it would seem the Senior Apprentice assumes Anique knows what she's talking about. "Thought we'd see how far we could get on this road before the runners tired, only Kee there," that would be her lame runner, who she turns to look at, "starting limping." Hence being stuck where they are. "You must be able to see so much more from up there than we can down here, and dragon eyesight is fantastic, from what I hear? Do you think, if you could, you could just see if there's anything that looks like it shouldn't belong?"

Anique knows a bit of what's going on. Enough to look like she knows. "Well since I aint too sure what all exactly I would be looking for I've got a better idea. Why don't you let these folks take care of the lame beast and I'll take you up on Typriaeth here." at this the green gives out a low croon as she peers curiously towards where Anique stands. The green's eyes are slow whirling a contented blue/green.

Now that's quiet the idea. Amethyst seems taken by it and keen to accept, though she looks over her shoulder at her travelling companions - one of whom shrugs. "Go on," he says. "One've us'll have to lead Kee back anyway, better go with the rider that ride double." Amethyst nods in agreement, turning back to smile at Anique. "Sure. Sounds like a good idea - though truly, I've no id" "Hey!" The guard who's been working on the mare's hoof suddenly cries out, holding up a little mucky ball for the group to see. "Don't believe it," he says as he cleans away the mud… revealing an earring, set with jet. "Faranth," Amethyst squeaks in excitement, catching hold of Anique's forearm to drag her in closer, where they can both see. "That's it! That's from the set! So they did come this way!" A big, pleased grin is given to the greenrider, and she nods her head more enthusiastically as she holds out her hand for the muddy earring to be dropped into it. "I think going up on your lifemate just became even more important, Anique…"

"Well…shards!" exclaims Anique in surprise as she's drug over to see the muddy earring for herself. "Seems that you are on to something out here. Think they went far?" she asks as she turns in place as if expecting to see a large sign pointing the right way that they should go. "Come on then! Typriaeth is eager to get back up in the air. Wants to meetcha first before you get upon her." her heads shakes at that last bit. "Being darn near insistent on it."

With the evidence tucked safely into her pocket, Amethyst bids a quick farewell to the guards before turning to Anique. "They've got such a headstart that we'll never find them on the road, but… you never know?" She's hopeful! As for Typriaeth meeting her? The Smith isn't going to say no; she's been introduced to a dragon or two before with similar peculiarities. Ready to follow the greenrider's lead, Thys waits, also eager to get going.
Anique merely bobs her head. "Ya know one never knows what will happen or what'll your gonna find I suppose." Aniqie says cheerfully. The eager to go Thys is noted. "Hey who's your fri…" her words are interrupted as suddenly a great green head swings in to nudge Anique out of the way and effectively block Amethyst's path. A croon is given and a short laugh is uttered by Anique. "She wants…a scratch. I think." Anique sounds puzzled.

Having a big head block your path is very hard to ignore - not to mention surprising! Amethyst pulls up short when Typriaeth is suddenly there, hands held up in front of her in a semi-defensive position. "Well hello," she says with curiousity and caution, looking from the green to her laughing rider. "A scratch? Oh, but my gloves are filthy… um…" She winces a little as she tugs on the fingers of her right hand glove to pull it off, then touches her exposed fingers to the dragon's nose for a blunt-nailed scratching session. "Is… that what she wants? Is that… ok?"

Anique's eyes unfocus briefly as she converses with the green. The green utters a long content croon of contentment at the scratching session. She seems unwilling to move anywhere as of yet despite her rider's growing curiosity and impatience to be up searching for more clues. "Typ…" she mutters towards the green. An apologetic look is given once more to Amethyst. "You're headed back towards Fort WEyr…um, right?" she asks.

Amethyst seems quite pleased with the reaction from the green, though, given that she's keen to get going, she does stop the scratching after a little while. "Eventually," she replies to Anique, giving Typriaeth a final little scratch, followed by a stroke before she puts her glove back on. "I'd planned to be gone a little longer than than it seems I'm actually going to be gone, though I'll happily tag along with you rather than put you out of your way, Anique. I'm in no rush; things are somewhat on hold, at the moment, what with the investigation and all."

Again there's a quiet conversation between rider and green that continues on just long enough to make one wonder what the disagreement is. Finally Anique nods at something and moves towards where her own pack is strung up on the side. Clambering up a bit she fetches something that can't quite be seen in her hand as she returns. "I'm, this is my first time ya see." she explains in a way that's not quite an explanation. Keeping her hand clenched tight around something she eyes up the other woman speculatively. "Typriaeth and I would like you to return to Fort with us wearing this." now her arm extends and her hand opens up. Within it dangles a white knot. "Amethyst would you agree to Stand for the latest clutch to grace the hatching sands of Fort?"

"First time..?" That has the Smith confused; first time for what? Only all is made clear soon enough - and it's a surprise and a half for Amethyst, who looks down a tthe white knot with her dark eyes wide. "Faranth," she whispers, looking from it up to Anique, then back down. "Faranth." … which may be about all she can say, shocked as she is. She reaches out to gently finger the knot, before curling it into her grip in a wordless acceptance. It's only when she's drawn it back towards her chest, fingers unfurled to peer down at it again that she nods, once and slowly, before speaking her answer. "I'd be honored. Surprised, but honored. Yes."

"Well…I.." Anique says with a grin. "…am glad that you accepting of this. I don't think Typ here would forgive me if we left here." she waves her arms about the place. "without you and that knot." another grin surfaces. "We'll fly back slowly then to the weyr. So you can still search for signs needed." she suggests. "Come one then Candidate Amethyst. We'll get you to Fort and settled into the barracks."

"I think it's one of those things that I wouldn't forgive myself for, if I didn't accept." Amethyst looks curiously up at Anique from the knot in her hand, then grins. "Candidate Amethyst. Now that's different." She laughs, tucks the knot in her pocket with the earring discovered in her runner's hoof, and gestures for Anique to lead the way. "As you wish, Anique - I'll follow where you lead."