~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Galleries ~~*~~
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Despite the battle through swirling snow that it takes to get there - or perhaps because of it, Amethyst slips into the hatching cavern, then up into the galleries as she flips down the fur-trimmed hood of her winter coat. Buttons are slowly undone while she picks her way with intentionally quiet steps to the lowest row of benches, eyes fixed on the clutch with the wideness of someone seeing the sight for the first time. She's so absorbed in what she's seeing that she almost trips herself up as she shrugs out of her coat; it's then that she shakes her head, clears it with a huffed breath, and actually pays attention to where she's going. Once she's settled into the seat of her choice she allows her gaze to wander once more, taking in the unfamiliar surroundings with a tired, half-cocked smile and a soft, somewhat content sigh.

Down on the sands, Kayeth sleeps while Velokraeth keeps watch, the bronze vigilant while his mate rests. The gleaming, atumnal queen rests comfortably, and nearby, Nyalle stands and watches the clutch as well, a gentle smile on her lips.

The heat of the caverns is a stark contrast to the evening's snowstorm, and despite having shed her coat, Amethyst is already beginning to look a little shiny as the warmth begins to get to her. She leans forward on her lower row perch, finally dragging her gaze up from the eggs to spy the Weyrwoman, after looking at the clutchparents. "They're beautiful," she says, a notch or two above a whisper to try and be heard after a somewhat shy wave to try and capture Nyalle's attention. "Very aesthetic!" Each syllable is formed with exaggerated mouth movements, as if the woman across the way might better read her lips than hear her.

Therynn has had much excitement for today and after slipping right after the clutching completion, frigid winter air has helped bring the huntress back down from the heat filled reeling. The storm outside is quite a nasty one, so it wasn't long before she had to retreat back inside. Figuring that most gallery viewers have ventured off to feast and celebrate, Rynn decides to venture back to the galleries for a better look at the mounds on the sands. The hot air definitely takes some getting used to, coat removed as that old familiar feel washes over her, settling on skin and in lungs. Heading for the railing she'll lean over and peer out, looking towards Amethyst and noting softly "Quite the clutch eh?"

Nyalle turns when she hears someone speaking to her, and with a smile she drifts closer to the railing to peer upwards at the two ladies. "Thank you," she says with a slight flush to her cheeks. "We're very proud of them. They're so simple, not like her last clutch…"

The approach of another makes Amethyst rigid at first, but upon recognising the hunter her shoulders relax and she lets out the breath she was holding. "They're stunning," she says quietly when Therynn is close, giving the girl a warm smile. Then Nyalle is making her way over, and the Smith dips her head in a polite hello to her. "The colours are beautiful, Weyrwoman Nyalle. My compliments to dam and sire for making my first clutch such a pretty one." She sighs tiredly again, looking from the goldrider to the clutch, then to Therynn, then back. "And it's peaceful in here. All the talking with the guards has… well, it gets to you, after a while." Another sigh, with a soft shrug to accompany it.

Therynn head bows with a smile to Nyalle when her jade colored eyes affix temporarily on her. There's a rosy pink to her cheeks, maybe she is blushing or maybe it's just the heat. "Simple is beautiful.." Rynn says slightly above a whisper towards the Weyrwoman, speaking from a place of genuine comprehension "Well done no doubt, and added compliments to you, Kayeth, Velo and Th'ero…" A nod of agreement is shared with Amethyst as a few beads of sweat are wiped from brow. "Was quite the clutching too.. though the galleries were much busier than they are now." She comments before adding "Thank you by the way, for the beautiful gems. I sent a friend to pick up a few pieces for me and he said you pointed her the right way.. and well directed if I do say so myself. And umm.. sorry t'hear about the missing pieces."

Nyalle frowns a bit. "Ah, yes." She'd utterly forgotten about that. "Have there been any leads?" Looking around, she smiles gently. "It was a very good turnout. I'm sure the Games had much to do with that. And the storm, chasing people into the warmth." Looking back at Amethyst, she nods. "I'm sorry I missed the show. I would have liked to have seen your pieces."

Amethyst rolls her eyes in exaggerated frustration over the missing jewellery. "Thanks," she says first to Therynn, with a bittersweet smile; she clearly appreciates the sentiment, though she also clearly wishes it weren't required. "And I'm so sorry I missed the clutching, ma'am. It was actually because I was with the guards. They might have a new lead, as they've just discredited the original one." The Smith runs fingers through her dark hair, looking somewhat vexed. "Given the history of the piece, there'd been call for an investigation with a degree of, shall we say political sensitivity? But, ah, things point elsewhere now. Someone's 'fessed up to seeing someone who they think they saw next to the piece hightailing it out of the Weyr on a runner. I don't know." She shrugs as she raises her hands in a defeated sort of gesture. "The guards are better at working these things out than I am. Though, ah, Weyrwoman Nyalle, Therynn? If either of you would like a viewing of my pieces, I'd be more than happy to bring them out for you. Perhaps it would be good Sands entertainment for you, ma'am?"

Therynn didn't mean to bring up a sore subject, it's been all the rage around the Weyr, but she can totally understand why Nyalle may have been preoccupied thinking of other things. "A true travesty.." head shakes while looking down towards the sands "Hopefully with all the draw to the area someone will come upon the piece and catch the scoundrel who ran off with it.." A hand will gently be place on Amethyst's shoulder for a very brief moment in an attempts to comfort without being awkward. The chance to see the Smith's collection up close provokes a glimmer in her eyes, nothing like picking out something yourself. A glance towards Nyalle and head bows "If it would not be bothersome to the Queen and her eggs I'd very much enjoy seeing what you've got after the showing.." Theres a smile for the brown haired gal that then turns to Nyalle like a Weyrbrat wanting to go out and play.

Nyalle shakes her head with a gentle smile up for Amethyst. "Oh, please, don't worry about it. It was a large crowd and there will be plenty of time for folks to come by and see the eggs in their own time. I do hope this lead pans out for you though. I can understand how…delicate that situation must be." She looks back at Kayeth and then up to Amethyst again, with a smile, and for Therynn as well. "That sounds lovely, perhaps we can do that some time soon." But not now, apparently, as she glances at her slumbering queen.

"Hopefully!" Amethyst replies to Therynn, patting the hand on her shoulder gently. "Though I'm not sure, with all due respect, that it's quite so bad as to be called a travesty; no-one died, no-one's sick, no-one's even hurt… it's just metal and stones, at the end of the day." She winks at the hunter, standing up to join her. "Any time either of you wish, I'm here. Everything's stored safely away, though there are several pieces that have been returned home already; their owners were keen to have them back, given what happened to the Ruatha piece." She smiles wryly, shaking her head. "But! There are still plenty to be seen. And commissions to be taken! The clutch is quite inspiring, actually, Weyrwoman - I may have to go back to my desk tonight to do a little sketching."

Therynn head wobbles with a bit of a one shoulder shrug "I suppose that's an optimistic way to look at it.." she responds looking back towards Amethyst. Her wink elicits a smile, albeit a shy one that has head swooping back out towards the sands with an enhanced lean on the railing. Bum sticks out ever so slightly as she does so, picking up on the hints that immediately following the clutch may not be the best moment to get all excited about sparklies. "Yes.. some time soon.. a good call. You must be worn out after all that excitement Nyalle m'lady. Is it vexing feeling what your life mate feels in a time like that?" Looking over towards Amethyst as she sidles up a brow is raised and she asks "You draw as well? All sorts of things?" Rynn has never been much an artist, but it sounds fun and she's realizing it's never to late to start something new.

Nyalle gasps softly, a hand to her throat as she turns to look at the eggs. "Oh," she whispers, before turning a delighted look up to Amethyst. "I would simply /love/ to commission something from you inspired by this clutch. It's only her third, and each one is so special and unique…" For Therynn, the Senior smiles gently and nods. "It is tiring, but Kayeth does not let me feel much of it. There's no pain, at least. Mild discomfort at that but she's a big dragon and the eggs are rather small."

Amethyst grins down at the Weyrwoman. "Any time you like, ma'am, feel free to ask me over to take down the specifics. I'll bring a few of my sketches too, so you can see…" Then, to Therynn, "I mostly sketch concepts. Jewellery concepts, though I do occasionally venture onto other subjects… not that I'm much good at them." She winks, then listens in quietly to the explanation of the clutching process. "I can't even begin to imagine what it might be like to have someone else's mind in mine, all the time. Sometimes it's as if my own is more than enough!"

Therynn listens intently to Nyalle as she explains, nodding while she tries to comprehend what that must be like. "I suppose that makes sense.." is murmured in reference to egg size, still attempting to imagine the sensation of sharing your everything with another being. "You said it.." a little chuckle for Amethyst's comment and she asks of the Weyrwoman "Would you say this clutch is comparably sized egg wise to those in the past? They seem.. petite.." Rynn is pretty new to this whole shebang so silly questions like this bubble up often for the formerly reclusive huntress. "N'if there's anything Tarth, Simian or I can do t'make it more pleasant for you down there, just send for us.. cold tea, a bucket of chilled water.. anything.." Sable shaded gaze settles on the Smith "N'Amethyst I've got them on the lookout for that missing set based on descriptions. I sure do hope they turn up." A few deep breaths of that hot hot air will be inhaled deeply and released. In reference to her sketches Rynn comments "How wonderful, so multi-talented.." an idea pops in to her head "Ever made any weaponry with jewels in it?"

Nyalle smiles at the pair of them, dipping her head down once more. "I shall, ladies." She looks back at her lifemate, her gaze adoring and wistful. She misses her presence in her mind when she is asleep, but she doesn't vocalize that. "Thank you both for the offers. If you'll both excuse me." She longs to be with her queen again. So much socializing for one day, the Senior desires some quiet.

"Have a good evening, Weyrwoman," Amethyst says to the retreating Nyalle, dipping into a little curtsey as she heads back to Kayeth. "Jewelled weaponry? No, that's not really my expertise; weapon-crafting is quite an art in itself, you know?" She turns away to pick up her coat, then smiles at Therynn as she starts slipping back into it. "Would you like to join me over at the feast? We can continue talking about it there, if you'd like - or I could take you to see my collection? The heat in here's become just a touch too unbearable, and perhaps we ought to leave the parents to their peace…"

Therynn sends a respectful bow of the head towards the gold rider from the railing as she heads towards the dozing queen "Best of rest Nyalle m'lady". Smiling towards Amethyst she queries further "Maybe we could collaborate on something if y'have the time. I would like to make a special quiver or dagger for Brennan.." with their powers combined jeweled weaponry magic may be possible! Just then the huntress' tummy lets out a bit of a grumble, hands attempt to quiet it with flat palm coverage. A giggle and she nods to Amethyst "I'll take y'up on both dear.. let us feast and admire your pretties.. it is definitely a bit sweltering in here.." She'll follow the Smith out, bowing to those on the sands as she does so.