~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge ~~*~~
An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

There's a doozy of a snow storm whirl-winding across Fort this evening, and while most have taken the excitement of the clutching to the next level of feasting and celebrating in the Weyr proper, Therynn, as usual, has chosen to slip away in to the shadows. Flurries of snowflakes trot across the grey sky, so much cloud cover the night seems brighter than usual, and one huntress has found a great spot to contemplate the great vastness of life on a sheltered ledge away from civilization. No one else is here, just a girl and her firelizards, with a glow basket and wineskin, leaning back in a reed chair with feet up on the table and hands behind her head. She whistles a slow and steady tune, ominous and heavy in nature, sounds like a sad song, echoing off the rock walls.

This is not the best spot to hide in a snowstorm. But the thought of crowding into the living caverns with all those throngs of people is just terrifying to Tifla. So she has bundled up and fled to this little hideaway in hopes of riding it out by her lonesome. When she spots Therynn by the glow basket, she blushes. "Th… Therynn?"

Brennan has had his fill of socializing now, even though the energy of the clutching sustained him for quiet a while. Now is the time for quiet, however, and so he's trudged back across the Bowl, gloved hands shoved deep into the pockets of his lined, hooded jacket as he makes his way up the treacherous, spiraling stairs to an interesting nook he'd discovered on some earlier explorations. Surely no one will be up here in this weather, right? Right? No such luck…though at least one of the pair he happens on is quite familiar. Hovering just outside the light of Therynn's glowbasket, he quietly observes the two young women for a moment before a quiet intonation of, "Ladies," sounds just above the whistling of the wind beyond the opening.

Therynn would beg to differ that this is a perfect spot to hide in a snowstorm! There's coverage from the downpour, deflection of wind and better yet, most people wouldn't dare wander up the perilous staircase to get here. Definitely Rynn's kinda place! She too has had her fair share of socializing, despite making a break for it immediately after the last egg arrived. The heat from the sands brought back so many memories from Western, and now seeking respite in the cold, she finds comfort. Layers are worn no doubt, a heavy overcoat and fire lizard snuggling galore. Just then, in the depths of thought, her name is called. Neck cranes and she responds in a slightly husky tone "Tifla?" glow basket is raised to see the gal. "What're you doin up here?" Then another familiar voice resounds "Brennan?" her tone softens with a twinge of femininity, eyes fixating on the shadow in the darkness.

The downside is that this spot is still semi-outdoors. Tifla certainly looks a little bit chilly, shivering as she nears Therynn and her glows. "I was looking for some place away from the snow. And the, uhm, crowds…" The appearance of an unfamiliar lad has her turning even shyer, blinking. "H… hi."

Brennan wanders closer, into the light now, and folds himself down to sitting on the floor not far from Therynn's chair, lacing his fingers and wrapping them around one bent knee nonchalantly. His only answer to her is a that enigmatic smirk he favors so, and then he looks up at the other girl, who strikes him as younger than Therynn just by virtue of her shyness. "Hi," he returns with a little dip of his chin. "Another one who doesn' like a crowd, eh? Seems t' be a crop of us," he notes, reaching down to idly adjust the small knife sheathed in his boot.

Therynn came prepared with an extra large knitted blanket that is currently folded up on the table, should the chill get to her, or any of the surprise company that seems likeminded enough to brave the stormy weather. There's a bit of a chuckle, and Brennan may notice the vulnerability he saw in her before is kept at bay slightly during these interactions "Well Tifla.. seems you've found neither here, but you're welcome t'join me if y'like. I got a blanket big enough for half the Weyr and a wineskin that'd warm a few.. I mean.." she remembers the gal has never had a drink before "If ya wanted to try a little.. no pressure y'know." Those mahogany-hazel eyes of Rynn will flutter from the baker to the hunter who finds himself a comfortable spot on the floor. "Fancy seein' you here mister.." a wink is shot Brennan's direction and introductions are made "Brennan, Tifla, Tifla, Brennan.." the skin is held his direction, if only for the chance encounter of skin grazing during a hand off.

Tifla looks even more nervous when she catches a glimpse of the blade in Brennan's boot. She's been warned about the dangers of strange rugged boys with knives. She edges nervously towards Therynn. "Y… yeah." She answers him, still stammering and nervous. The introduction helps, though. "It's nice to meet you, Brennan." With that out of the way, she can consider Therynn's offer of wine. She seems both scared but intrigued. "Oh, well… I could taste a little…"

Brennan does indeed notice that reservation of vulnerability from Therynn, though it's unsurprising, considering it isn't just the two of them here. Where she is hoping for chance encounters however, he makes it deliberate, if discreet - roughened fingers of a hand now ungloved graze over hers as he takes the wineskin, returning her wink before unstoppering the skin and looking back up at the other girl. "Tifla. Well met," he says, hoisting the skin slightly her way before taking a sip, letting the alcohol warm his throat, and then holding it out at her evident curiosity. "Just a sip. Small, if y're not used to it," he says, voice inadvertently rasping from the cold. Glancing back over at Rynn, he notes, "Looks like you were plannin' on bein' here a while."

Therynn can see the hesitance on Tifla's face and attempts to ease with "Brennan is also a hunter.." one of the nearby chairs is pulled close so the group is situated around the glows but still able to see the dance of snowflakes like sugar plum fairies as they cross the ledge opening. Blanket is unfolded and she drapes part of it over her lap, leaving a good chunk for Tifla and Brennan too should they choose to snuggle up to the soft knit. Leaps and bounds of development have been occurring for Rynn these days, from socializing and umm.. mingling… to comforting others when she notices they're nervous. She feels quite comfortable at Fort, and especially with birds of feather like these two. The exchange between she and Brennan is rather discreet, wineskin passed with beaming attentions back on Tifla. "Definitely small t'start.. it's kinda like red fruit juice witha kick.." for shame on Rynn peer-pressuring her inexperienced friend to imbibe! It wasn't but a turn ago she herself had never had a sip, and look at her now! A blush and giggle of demarcation tips the scales of the huntress' readopted reserved nature smiling warmly towards Brennan "I suppose I was.. just thinkin' y'know.."

Tifla is very uncertain as she takes the wineskin, eyeing Brennan almost suspiciously. She stalls for a moment as she squirms and makes conversation. "I was, uhm, thinking I'd try to wait out the storm here… but if you two had, uhm, plans or something…" And now she's just rambling. Definitely wine time. She tries to take the advice and limit herself to only a small sip, but she ends up coughing anyways. Someone really has never had alcohol. "Oh…"

"No plans," Brennan assures Tifla, smiling a little as she eyes him. Healthy suspicion is a good thing, in his book! Though he likely wouldn't be smiling as much had Therynn not added the 'also' to her advocacy of him. Then the poor girl is coughing, and Brennan gives a low chuckle, sympathetic as he reaches under his jacket to his belt and removes a small canteen, unscrewing the lid and handing it out to her. "Just water," he explains. "I swear." Glancing back up to Rynn, his smirk turns wry. "Too much of that can be dangerous, y'know," he quips about thinking, but then he's back to less jocularity. "What about?" Of course he's going to pry at her. Unless it's something she'd rather not say…

"No plans," Brennan assures Tifla, smiling a little as she eyes him. Healthy suspicion is a good thing, in his book! Though he likely wouldn't be smiling as much had Therynn not added the 'also' to her advocacy of him. Then the poor girl is coughing, and Brennan gives a low chuckle, sympathetic as he reaches under his jacket to his belt and removes a small canteen, unscrewing the lid and handing it out to her. "Just water," he explains. "I swear." Glancing back up to Rynn, his smirk turns wry. "Too much of that can be dangerous, y'know," he quips about thinking, but then he's back to less jocularity. "What about?" Of course he's going to pry at her. Unless it's something she'd rather not say…

Therynn raises a brow and fondly remembers her first drink going very similarly. There's a nod and she puts a hand up in Tifla's direction, accentuating the words that are said in unison "No plans.." It seems as though one drink does it for the lady, wine coursing through Tifla's veins and sure to lull her away in to sweet slumber as she curls up in a chair underneath a blanket after taking a hearty swig of water from Brennan and passing the wine back. There's a flutter of Rynn's lashes, and in the silent light of the glows, she looks from the snoozing Baker towards Brennan. Wine skin back in hand she takes another swig and hands it his direction "Oh y'know.. about life.. and dragons.. and the other night.." searching for his dusky blues she'll look for any glimmer of emotion that might shine through.

The words spoken in unison elicit another quiet chuckle from Brennan. Then his brows arch, his mouth slanting amusedly as Tifla almost promptly conks out after that one swig. Replacing his canteen on his belt. "Shy girl," he notes of the Baker, keeping the volume of his voice just loud enough to be heard as he scoots closer to Therynn's chair and takes the wineskin from her again. He's sipping when she mentions what's been on her mind, a secretive, sultry bit of a smile curving his lips and lighting a remote fire in his gaze, which he turns on the huntress levelly as he gives the skin back yet again. "All some big things to be thinking about." Quite literally, in one case. A hand slips behind her nearest leg to wrap around her shin, his thumb stroking at her calf in a gesture both idly relaxing and hinting that he does indeed remember the last she brings up. Quite vividly. "Anything weighin' more heavily than the others?" he questions, his tone genuinely curious as he sits still looking up at her.

Therynn leans back in her wooden chair, it creaking slightly as feet are removed from the table. There's a nod and giggle as she whispers back "Yeah.. just gotta get to know her a little.." and with single raised brow she notes "… sounds familiar I guess.." thinking about her typical interactions with new people. She is deemed powerless by that look, catching all intended aspects of sultry secrets, succumbing to the fire in his eyes, as usual. It is as if she melts when he looks at her, the blazing hazels of her own orbits shooting back with matched intensity. There's a nod and smirk, she quips "Pun fully intended m'sure.." all jokes aside she takes a deep breath. "Just can't help but thinning.. if there is plan.. does everything truly work out how it's supposed to be in the end?" Sinewy calf muscles will gladly be clasped in his hand, another soft sigh. "I mean they're all kinda intermingled right.. there's life-which involves you.. er us.. er whatever this is.. and with this whole Kayeth clutching business… everything just seems so uncertain.." Eyes tear away as a particularly strong gust of wind rips with a whistle across the opening of the ledge, a few flakes fluttering in and Tarth letting out a squawk as she flies over to nuzzle up on Tifla's lap.

Brennan nods, his thumb continuing its absent, comfortable traversal of Rynn's calf. "That it does," he agrees over the similarity between the huntress and Tifla. Glancing out into the snow at that gust of wind, his gaze remains there for a moment before following the firelizard to its new resting place. When he looks at Rynn again, after what she's just said, he gives a bit of a hum, thoughtful, his fingers firming with a gentle pressure on her leg a bit at the mention of their…relationship. Whatever this is. He hasn't really defined it himself. Though Therynn might possibly have him a bit more wrapped around her finger than he'll care to admit. "Life's uncertain," he notes with a bit of a shrug. "Tomorrow isn' guaranteed us. Ev'ry day we get's unpredictable, no matter how much we wanna think otherwise. Sometimes," he continues, his hand slipping up to cup her knee, where he also leans over to rest his chin, "y' just gotta take hold of what comes your way an' don't look back, for that reason."

Therynn isn't sure if she finds comfort or complete disarray in what Brennan says, the chanciness rather apparent throughout. She has no idea the power she possesses, and the nonchalant shrug and misleadingly elucidating comments don't necessarily reassure her either. She lets out a sigh and indulges in another swig before passing it over. "Well that's one way t'over simplify things Bren.. it's just that.. out there in the woods, nothing was out of reach or comprehension. Hunting and the life of a hunter makes complete and total sense. Everything is instinct and skill driven.. but in here.. in these walls.. with all these people.. it's like it's all too easy to lose sight of what's important and who we really are.." The wine starts to get to her and she hiccups. An immediate giggle and blush, one hand covers her mouth with chagrin. "Oy.. maybe we should save the philosophy for a time when I'm not feeling so.. wistful." Sweetly, that vulnerability sparkles through "Cuddle me till morning?" If he obliges, a few chairs will be pushed together and the trio will partake in snowflake filled dreams, watched over by Tarth and Simian.

Brennan is about to open his mouth to clarify a few of his own points, but when Therynn suggests leaving the philosophizing for another time, he just grins. If the wine's getting to her, he certainly isn't going to carry on the deep talk. Though some of what she says definitely strikes a chord with the hunter. At her simple request, the grin goes more into his eyes, and he quietly gets up, pushes the chairs together, and takes up a spot on the other side of Rynn from the sleeping Tifla, glancing at the girl as he considers his position before drawing up his knees slightly, pulling Therynn back against him, and wrapping his arms about her waist, pressing a lingering kiss to the side of her neck before settling in. Sleep envelops them both without much trouble, bearing them far from the exertions of the day and the storm without.