Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The feast is prepared and the tables are already groaning under the weight of all the food. The kitchens had /some/ warning after all, that it'd happen 'soon', so they prepared and they are delivering. As the snow falls heavily and thick outside, inside it's warm and Harpers warm up in the corner, while the kitchens bring out more and more food for the feasting. Nyalle enters fairly early on and takes her place on the raised dais where the leadership table rests, content to eat and accept congratulations for a time before she returns to her queen's side.

Really, it'd be quite nice if there were covered walkways..everywhere. Sure, it'd make for dangerous dragon landing in the bowl, but at least Ravyal wouldn't have to get covered in snow. Again. He made the run across the bowl without putting his gloves back on, holding his cloak closed like a bathrobe as he rushed. It makes for cold fingers, but at least his digits are free and not glove-bulky when he tugs the wrap right off himself again. It's..damp by this time, and the Weaver claims himself a seat by draping the cloth over the back of a chair, making a face as he does so. Bleh.

Th'ero will arrive alongside Nyalle and join her at the leadership table, though many of the chairs remain open and free next to him (and likely purposely) and a few in front. He doesn't sit quite yet, choosing instead to stand with his hands clasped behind his back as he shares a few greetings and polite conversation with those who wish to share their compliments and well wishes. The caverns are filling fast and the festive atmosphere is catching like wildfire. Shenanigan's and Gemstone will likely be doing great business by the time the night is out, when the crowd grows too big here and pours into the lounge and tavern. Two feasts in a row and the Weyr Games to resume in the morning! The Weyr is going to party hard this winter!

Kimmila enters as well, along with many in the crowd, a squirming Kyzen held in her arms. Walking up to the main table she dips her head politely to Nyalle and tries to hand Kyzen off to his father. "Lovely clutch," she murmurs. "Let me go get us some food before it's really busy." Walking towards the table, she passes Ravyal and pauses, gesturing for him to go ahead of her down the aisle.

Ravyal moves himself around the chair, although there is a pause, blinking at Kimmila. There's a flustered moment of panic, and the hesitation that comes with it. Shouldn't he be letting her go first? Eventually there's a flash of a smile though, before the weaver ducks his head and hurries on. Moving gets him out of the way, after all! "Thank you.." But there /is/ that overladen table of food in sight, and the teen really doesn't seem to worry about the protocol of courtesy for much longer. /Food./

Skyler has made his way into the caverns and his eyes widen at all the food. All the good and delicious smelling food. Then all of a sudden he's clapped on he back by Harmond "Whatcha think boy? Eat up, and eat hearty. You're way to skinny. You need some fattening up. M'kar won't be taking us back for a little while." Skyler ohs a little and then grins "Thank you, sir." he replies and then hurries over to the food. Never before has he seen so much. "And I thought the hall had a good spread."

Th'ero smiles broadly as Kimmila approaches, pleased to see her and Kyzen both and he's just about to greet her warmly when instead their son is foisted on him. He'll take the boy in his arm, but promptly put him down on his feet with a firm hand clasped to the boy's shoulder less the child run off. "… the servers will…" he tries to explain, but Kimmila is already gone. Oh well? When Kyzen isn't demanding his attention, Th'ero will cast his gaze over the caverns, already taking note of a few familiar faces among the crowds.

Food indeed! The smell of which finally draws Brennan into the caverns to be among the crowd once again. Looking a bit more put together in a fresh change of clothes and without the bow on his back, he saunters in and makes his way easily toward the well-laden table, ending up behind both Kimmila and Ravyal. "Lady bluerider. Ravyal," he greets them both before glancing out over the food again. He's just not used to having this much choice in the matter. "Quite somethin' to see, that clutching," he notes, still feeling a bit energized by the whole thing.

Abigail is making her way on into the caverns, pausing long enough to get the snow off near the door to not track it all the way inside. She sends a slight glance around, warm smiles and nods seen to the few that speak with her as she moves onwards towards the line, and why not? Best to get in soon or good things will be gone, she knows how it works here! She looks curiously to the ones in front of her, Kimmila, Ravyal and another. "There always good to watch I have ta say." She still recalls the first one she was at, which had her dragon waiting down on the sands actually and she has no idea at the time.

Kimmila glances over her shoulder to grin at Brennan. "He who falls off of cliffs," she replies smoothly, grin crooked and amused. "They are fun, aren't they? Though these eggs are a bit…bland." She shrugs, getting a plate and shuffling forward in line. "Hey again, Abigail. Shards, the kitchens outdid themselves again," she murmurs. "Oh, try the flaky pastries, they're amazing."

Up at the head table, Nyalle…stares at Kyzen for a long, long moment before firmly shaking her head and focusing again on her food, eating quickly.

Ravyal continues moving along that line of food, although there's a pause to take a peek around Kimmila when Brennan settles into the line. There's a faint smile for the man though, nodding a greeting to him while still doing a sideways sort of shuffle with his plate. Ooh, a roll! He snags one. "I hadn't been to one before, it was…a bit odd to watch. But the eggs were..interesting?" At last he does seem satisfied with what he's attained for his plate, moving out of the way to start the trek back to his chair again.

Food, glorious food. Hot sausage and mustard. Skyler is piling the food up high in a mound on a plate. A little of this, a little of that. Ooo, and some of that squishy looking stuff and oh gravy. A little bit of which is dripping off of the plate. A minature flaky pastry doesn't even make it onto the plate and instead goes straight into his mouth. He soon finds himself amongst some lads near his own age and he's swallowed into that conversation. Eggs and speculation. Good stuff.

Brennan gives a good-humored snort for Kimmila's titling of him, plucking up a few juicy slabs of meat and plopping them next to some steamed vegetables. "Never been before either," he says, commiserating with Ravyal before glancing over at the newly arrived rider and inclining his head at her. The flaky pastries are eyed and one purloined as soon as they're mentioned. "Is, ah…that a fairly normal size for a clutch?" he asks, genuinely curious in spite of the glance he gives Kimmila being sidelong in favor of procuring more food.

Staring is a bad thing to do around Kyzen and the boy will wiggle free of his father's grasp and sidle up to Nyalle's side. He salutes her properly, at least remembering enough of his manners for that. "Just want to say the eggs were really pretty, Weyrwoman. I like the bright green one the best." Of course he'd like the bright one. "Is Kayeth happy?" Th'ero meanwhile has his attention drawn to conversing with some Crafters and will soon be besieged by some Holders right after. See? This is why the Weyrleader can't be out in public half the time.

Kimmila nods, smiling back at Brennan as she continues to shuffle along in line. "Clutches these days are fairly small, without Thread to worry about. Nine is a good number. I think our last was eight. Just wait until you see a hatching, ever seen one of those before?" she asks Ravyal, including the other young men in that question as well. She's surrounded!

Abigail has a plate in hand, and thus it putting a few things upon it. "They do have a way of doing things well most of the time." This said with a teasing tone back to Kimmila. She sends a glance over to Brennan whom gets a nod back along with a friendly smile. At the question, well she'll let Kimmila answer it for now.

Nyalle looks down at Kyzen in surprise, and then blushes a bit at his salute. She returns it. He's like a little Th'ero! Only easier to talk to. "You like the green one? That one was pretty," she agrees quietly. "Kayeth is /very/ happy," she answers, pride clear in her voice. "It is a very good clutch. Velokraeth is a good sire."

Ravyal stops, still holding his plate while looking at the others. His free hand plucks up that roll to start munching on. After all, if he's going to /stand/ there, he can at least eat the good food in the meantime, right? He shakes his head though, brows lifting upward curiously. " ma'am, I haven't. I've seen…other things hatch before though. Not that it's..all the same I imagine but..well." Eggs. Things pop out of them. It is a universal truth!

Hazelon is here. He's slid in way behind Abigail's group. A beeline… that has him sticking close to the wall, brings him closer to the food. He'll wait till there seems to be a bit of a break, and then slip forward to retrieve food. But then, rather then hang back, he actually says close, listening to the people talk about the eggs. He has questions too, but Ravyal seems to be asking them, so Haze will just stay quiet.

Kimmila flashes a grin at Rayval. "Dragon hatchings are completely different," she says, but she doesn't explain further as she walks up to the leadership table to sit down next to Th'ero's chair.

Kyzen beams up innocently at Nyalle, "Yeah! The really bright green one. Good! Kayeth and Velokraeth should be happy." It's only logical! At least in his young mind. He grins and proudly agrees with the Weyrwoman. "He is! Even if he's ugly." Hey, it's the truth? Th'ero overheard that and he chuckles, coming over to gently usher Kyzen away and to sit next to Kimmila now that the bluerider has returned. "Leave the Weyrwoman to her dinner, Kyzen. You best eat too." Seeing the boy settled, Th'ero will take his seat next to his weyrmate after politely nodding to Nyalle and tucking into his own plate of food. Faranth only knows when he'll get a chance to eat! Might as well make use of the chance now.

Abigail nods slightly to what Kimmila says about the hatchings. "It is a interesting thing to see the first time that is for certain." She looks a bit amused at the thought. "My first time seeing it I got lucky though." That is for certain. With a plate of food, and dirnk in hand she moves off to find a seat where others could certainly sit down at as well at the table.

Hazelon ghosts after Abigail, seeing as Kimmila is you know, scary as heck. He has food, and he's totally going to eat it, but maybe… a question. His eyes flick toward Th'ero, but he's occupied. And Abigail already knows, so, no harm right? The chair he chooses isn't close, but it isn't so far that he couldn't be heard. "Did you impress?"

Brennan inclines his head to Kimmila as the bluerider slips off with her food, his question still unanswered - though he doesn't mind much. His gaze flicks over to Abigail, however, just in case she might be willing to fill in. The fact that Ravyal is standing there munching now draws an amused smirk, and Brennan hefts his plate a little. "Got anywhere y' wanna sit, Weaver?" he questions Ravyal in a sort of invitation, eyes flicking briefly to where Hazelon slips in past the lady rider. That shifty kid again! Still, no need to eye the boy, and Brennan sends a little nod at him, instead.

"I don't..doubt it." After all, dragon eggs are a far cry bigger than..chicken eggs. For one thing, anyway. Ravyal nods his head a little bit when Kimmila walks off though, taking another bite from his roll as his attention turns onto Abigail for her comment as well, nodding. Brennan is given a somewhat sheepish look however, before the weaver points back to the seat he'd claimed initially. "Y..yeah, I left my things there.."

Abigail catches that look from Brennan and points to the other seats across from her, which yes there is one for Ravyal as well if he likes to sit down and eat! Her gaze drifts to Hazelon at the question and she nods. "Aye, I did. I got lucky, it doesn't always happen that way. First time on the sands and Niumdeoth choose me."

Hazelon opens his mouth to dare another question, but then catches Brennan looking at him. Abruptly his eyes drop right to the table before him and the plate of food. A question rises to his lips, but is swallowed. Look, food. He begins to eat quickly.

Kera hurries into the cavern, stomping snow-crusted boots a couple of times before shrugging out of her loosely closed jacket. Her brown wings off to join other lizards on a communal perch. Glancing after him briefly, she winces when a sharp claw digs in her shoulder, thus prompting her to assist the young gold lizard in extracting the talon from her sweater. Finally she gets the lizard cradled in her arm, and out of trouble, turning her attention back Cyrus and…. "Hmm, think we lost your friend in a snowdrift back there." Chuckling, she begins her search for the trio of apprentices she brought to the clutching. "They'll probably be by the buffet." Spotting a few familar faces, Kera nods and sends friendly greetings as she weaves through the crowd. "Hello." is murmured a few times.

"Shardit, lad, I'm not gonna bite ya, 'less y' poke me 'r somethin'," Brennan tells Hazelon with a snort for his reticence. The hunter drops into a seat at the table near Abigail, listening to her answer with interest before his gaze flicks to Ravyal, checking to see if he'll join them. "Wouldn' it make things easier for the dragons to just have as many Candidates as there are eggs?" he wants to know. There'd be no disappointments had that way, right? "Brennan, by the way," he tells the rider almost as an afterthought, just before popping a bit of meat into his mouth.

Cyrus is being dragged along by Kera, though given the look of contentment on his face he certainly isn't objecting. When she mentions that they must have left Sairon behind the healer is pulled from his reverie and blinks, "Huh?" he asks glancing around. It does seem that they have misplaced Sairon. Oh well, "I'm sure he'll find his way to where he needs to go. All he has to do is follow his ears and nose." he keeps his grip on Kera's hand, provided she is still permitting him too, and he also surveys the crowd. There are a number of familiar faces. He gives them polite nods as he passes by.

Ravyal settles himself down into a seat as well, simply giving an odd look between Brennan and Hazelon. Indeed it's a familiar scenario of aversion! The shy weaver does frown a little bit though, before he leans himself instead toward Hazelon. "Are you..erm…okay?" /Maybe/ the other teen is just shy! Ravyal knows all about that situation, after all. He at least tries to offer him a smile, despite all of that food-shoveling going on. His attention flickers though back toward Brennan and Abigail, curiously listening to the talk. "But..but they want certain people..right? Chances are..better with more people, I think?"

Abigail lets her gaze drift from Hazelon then Brennan and then Ravyal slightly. The questions towards Hazelon is heard thought she will not be answering for him. "I am Abigail, rider to Brown Niumdreoth and Wingleader of Thunderbird Wing. It is nice to meet you both." At the questions from Breannan she tilts her head slightly thinking. "Well too many Candidates isn't always a good thing, it can be an overload on the dragons that are hatching and a certain number means there is less chances for issues to happen as well." Which is possible. The dragons that go out on search know who they are looking for though, and they find the right ones and this they are the ones picked for Candidates."

There's a flash of anger in Hazelon's eyes, but he smothers it as quickly as it rises up. His expression smooths over, nothing to see here. Look, food. Except, he knows the answer to Brennan's question. Should he answer? A brief shake of his head, no. Abigail can take care of that. His eyes flick up at Ravyal, a bit suprised at being spoken to three times in as many interactions. How to answer. It'll take some thought, so Hazelon will just shrug in response. When the weaver gets the answer correct Hazelon is absolved of speaking again.

With Th'ero and Kyzen occupied, and her meal finished, Kimmila walks down to the dessert table to grab herself some cake, and looks around towards the table where her previous companions were seated. And then she spies a Xanadu knot on Kera's shoulder, and dips her head. "Fort's duties," she says with a smile, if the greenrider happens to glance her way.

Kera sidesteps abruptly when a chair pushes out from the nearest table and continue on. Catching sight of the trio of young healers she's looking for at a nearby table, she points them out to Cyrus so he can help keep track of them. Her feet don't stop however, onward to the food she goes, probably dragging Cyrus along in her wake. "I remember they had some really good wherry pies when I visited before." Meandering along the buffet selections, she smiles up to the greeting, recalling the woman from turns before. "Xanadu's duties to Fort ma'am. A nice clutch safe on the sands."

Brennan just purses his lips a bit at Hazelon's reaction and shakes his head, turning his attention back to his food, Abigail, and - to an extent - Ravyal. "So too many can confuse 'em," he says, just to make sure he understands, "but there still needs to be more 'n just as many as there are eggs so they have a better chance?" A brow arches curiously as he gets some more food in his mouth.

Ravyal does finally start to eat in earnest, sliding another look at Hazelon when he says…nothing at all. Nothing? "Well..if you're sure you're okay.." Sure as in utterly mute. Another forkfull of tubers makes it into his mouth though, looking somewhat thoughtful while he returns his attention to the conversation. There's a slight nod though of agreement, mouth too full to add anything else.

Cyrus certainly recognizes Kimmila as he approaches with Kera. He politely nods his head to her, "Good evening." he says as he takes a gander at what is being served. It certainly looks like Fort has gone all out to celebrate both the games and the new eggs, "I'll take your word for it." he says to Kera. There looks to be more good than just the pies. Soon enough he'll go through the line and see what can be had.

Kimmila smiles at Kera, and past her to Cyrus as well. "Thank you. The weyr will have some good, strong weyrlings from that batch I'm sure. Kimmila," she adds, extending a hand. "You were at our winter festival a while back, with…that brownrider." What's his name. "Evening," she adds to Cyrus with a little smile. "Please, make yourselves at home."

"What… would happen if they don't find who they're lookin' for?" Hazelon hazards a small question, lifting his eyes just beifly to Abigail's.

Abigail shakes her head. "I wouldn't say confuse them. Just makes it easier then having forty people out there on the sand. Have ye ever seen a mad dragon before? Needless to say a mad gold is not a good thing to have." Especially on the sands. "The egg touchings help the eggs and the Candidates get to know one another in a sense." At the question from Hazelon there is a slight pause and she glances to him a moment. "If a hatchling was not able to find the lifemate it would go between and would not return."

Brennan gives a light grunt as he considers what a mad dragon might be like. "Can't imagine so," he says of the idea of an angry gold, settling one arm across his stomach as he concentrates on his drink for a bit. The question from Hazelon has him curious - the answer, even more so. "That happens?" he asks. "None of the ones leftover 're good enough for some reason?"

Ravyal pauses in eating again, a frown touching at the weaver's expression. His fork gets pointed at Brennan then just a little though, nodding. "So it's definitely better to have a few more than eggs. Since not having the right one would be..bad." Uncomfortably bad, really. The teen squirms in his chair just a little at the very thought of such an outcome.

Kera gives the Fortian a grateful smile and nod that she supplied her name, while the Xanadu healer may have remembered the woman's face, she had drawn a mental blank on her name and is quick to offer her own back "Kera, yea that was some turns back now." Nodding with a slightly embrassed chuckle a her gaze drifts over the food, spotting her target and reaching for one of the little meatpies. "Rider Mur'dah, he was nice enough to bring me. And There were quite a few pretty sights..oh, and that lit up arch was the highlight." Well for her it was." Kera grins back to Kimmilla before going quite and getting herself food and drink for herself and lizard friends. "Thank you." is murmured and she glances to Cyrus as he speaks with the Fortian and food gathers, every so often darting a glance to the little trio of apprentices huddle over in a corner.

"That… happen often?" No one is snapping at him, nor accusing him of anything. His sense of security is rising, and so the third question is allowed out. Too bad that food before him is disappearing too quickly, soon his excuse will be gone.

Cyrus gives Kera a smile when she looks his way. He doesn't even let a look of annoyance cross his face as Kimmila mentions the time the time that she was here with Mur'dah. He's just in that good of a mood, "I certainly plan to." he says to Kimmila before looking back to Kera. She looks like she needs a bit of rescuing and that just happens to be his speciality. He steps forward a bit and gives her a very gentle nudge, "Did you want to find a spot to sit?" he asks her. The apprentices seem to be doing alright for themselves, though it is impossible to tell from this distance. He takes this opportunity to grab a few things from the buffet for himself. Yum! (reposes and hopes it goes through)

Kimmila smiles. "Well met, again, Kera." Right, Mur'dah. That guy. "Oh, I loved the arch too. Perhaps we'll manage another one for the closing ceremonies of the Games…" Kera needs rescuing? From what? Kimmila? She gives Cyrus a bit of a strange look, then shrugs and looks around for someone else to talk to.

Kera doesn't see any trouble brewing from the apprentice trio and peers back to Kimmila and Cyrus. Nodding cheerfully to the woman "OH! I'll have to make sure to be around to see it." Glancing to Cyrus she nods, "As long as we can keep track of them." Gesturing with her mug to the younger healers, "If they do have the Arch this turn, you should make sure to visit from the Hall to see it too Cyrus. Really bright off the snow, isn't it Kimmila." She looks back to the Fortian, who seems to be slipping off. "Nice evening.."

Kyzen won't stay distracted for long, but Th'ero will be. Which gives the child ample opportunity to… escape! Not that he goes far. He just gets down from his chair and casually walks off into the crowds like he owns the place. Maybe he saw other kids his age and wanted to go play! Or he's seeking out Kimmila. Either way, he'll pop up all ninja like by a certain group that may have a certain Wingleader sitting there. "Hi!" he greets innocently.

Hazelon's eyes shift away from the conversation as a child suddenly appears. Blink. Blink. He glances back towards where the kid came from, then around at those near him. Kids aren't so bad. And they're easier to talk to than adults, so Hazelon will cast a small smile at the kid. "Hey."

Cyrus casts another glance toward the young healers, "Sure." he says with a smile, "You certainly like to keep a close eye on things. If I'd been the one to bring them I would have just dropped them off with instructions to not get themselves into any trouble and when I'd be picking them up and I would have left it at that." he says as he hangs onto the plates of food that he managed to snag. Aegnor pokes his head from the sling and manages to steal a piece of meat from his place, "Hey…you have your own. Don't be eating mine." he says to the young lizard, though there is no bite in his words. He gives a smile to Kimm as well since she seems to be wandering off.

Kimmila didn't really want to end the conversation, but Cyrus was tugging Kera away, so Kimmila's focus drifted. Now it drifts back when Kera speaks to her again, and she smiles. "It's incredible. Really lights up the night with a glow." Scanning the room, she sees…pfft. Th'ero. Let Kyzen escape again. But he's…by Hazelon. That'll be okay, right? "Excuse me," she murmurs to Kera and Cyrus, and this time she /does/ stride off towards the child and Hazelon. "Careful, he might bite you." Is she talking to Hazelon? Or Kyzen?

Brennan gives a thoughtful nod at all that been said thus far, then glances down at his plate, only to find that it's somehow emptier than it was a bit ago. However, the more people filter in, the more stifled the hunter starts to feel, and some fresh air begins to sound like a good idea again. Pushing back from the table, he gathers his plate, utensils, and drink, inclining his head to those present. "Good meetin' ya, brownrider Abigail. Gents," said to the teens at the table, and then the hunter is off to deposit empty dishes where they belong, swing by the head table to offer the Weyrleadership congratulations on the clutch, and then find a quieter spot for a while.

Skyler has stuffed himself to the point of a coma. Well, not really, but he's certainly has that dazed overstuffed look to him. He has found his way back over to near Harmond and is just kind watching things and listening to various conversations. Course, his gaze drifts over to some giggling girls and he just rolls his eyes a little a some comment of theirs. Course, that doesn't stop him from watching. One or two are actually kind of cute. The watching doesn't go unnoticed and Harmond chuckles. "You should go over and introduce yourself lad." Skyler startles and looks at the Journeyman, "Umm, uh. No, that's okay I mean. They're busy with each other." Red colors his face "I think I'll just get some dessert." Yeah, that sounds good and the lad pushes up from his seat and heads for the food.

Kyzen isn't dangerous at all! His father and mother? Total other story. Right now though, Kyzen is thinking he found someone to talk to and so he grins at Hazelon. "Did you see the eggs too? I saw them. I really liked that bright green one!" Now Kimmila is approaching and Kyzen promptly latches himself to her side in a hug. Found you! He bites? His grin may have just become toothy. "Nuh huh. I don't bite!" he protests with a giggled laugh. Kyzen then spots some other kids milling about the serving tables and he realizes all to quick why. "Bubblies!" he crows in delight and… he's gone, unless Kimmila snares him. If he succeeds in his escape, he'll get his hands on one of those bite sized pies and is half way through stuffing it into his mouth when he sees Skyler there too and waves, fingers smeared with sticky filling. Uh…

Kera snorts gently at Cyrus. "Yea, but I know how quickly I could get in trouble my first turn at the Hall. Or out of it as the case is." Refering to the apprentices. She can only nod agreeably with Kimmila about the luminated archway. "I definitely want to make it back to see if it's lit up again." Looking off where the Fortian's attention is,s he grins and spots the young toddler roaming between legs. Chuckling, she waves her mug to the woman "Maybe a bell around his neck.." is offered goodnaturedly for the adventous lad as Kimmila excuses herself. Peering back to Cyrus grin, she gestures "Lead on towards some seats."

Oh yeah, bubblies and other flaky pastries are what Skyler has found as well. He's midway into biting into one of them when he's spotted by Kyzen. He almost chokes a little as he tries to swallow quickly and ends up coughing a little. "Hey." he greets back with a bit of a wave. Well a wave with some kind of sticky bun or roll or something. "Good food here." he then states and takes a bit of a smaller bite. Where he's put all that food. Well.. he's a boy, even if he hasn't grown much.

It seems that the very young folks are making it to the party as well, if Kyzen and some of the others are any indication. He can't help but smile. Kids have a certain exhuberance about them that is more than a little infectious. He chuckles as Kera's little snort, cute, "I don't think that I got into any trouble that first year." He saved up most of his trouble for later as he got his feet about him, "As you command my queen." he says with a laugh. He makes his way from the table with the food toward a table near where the apprentices are sitting, but not too close. After all…gotta give them time to spread their wings just a bit. At least Cyrus thinks so.

Kera cants her head at Cyrus's wording, and chuckles a little after a few seconds. Turning her head slightly, she looks to the little gold on her shoulder loudly whispers. "Look Polgara, he's finding you a perfect little perch." Chuckling, the greenhealer moves along towards the table after the Jrman, nodding and pausing once or twice to murmur a couple of words with someone she actually knows. Probably other visitors to the weyr though. There place, while within sight of the younger healers, are nearby other people. As she settles, a quick smile is flahed around the table "G'evening." Her gaze slips over the the cute little toddler, "Nice clutch…did I hear someone bet there would be forty egg?" A little wink to Kyzen for that bit, then a polite headnod to people she doesn't know yet.

Kimmila reaches down to ruffle her son's hair, smiling fondly. "You don't? I seem to remember…" But he's off again and she watches him with a soft exhaled sigh before she looks at Hazelon. "Doing alright?"

Kyzen is even smaller and younger than Skyler and seems to be matching him for how much food can be consumed in such a short amount of time. He's greedily reaching for a second (and maybe third pie) and then he looks up at the Apprentice. "LOTS of good food! Did you try these?" He holds up one of the bubbly pies, only slightly… smooched. Um. Kyzen seems pretty intent on Skyler taking the offer, stretching his arm up and hand out. TRY IT. "They're really good! Didja see the eggs too?" Harmless, really!

Mute silence hits Hazelon the second Kimmila comes to fetch her son. He wasn't at all sure what her reaction would be… but he isn't about to take any chances. His eyes hit the table and he even draws back a little bit. See? No biting. But then, she's… iquiring? A glance upwards, confusion. "Ma'am?"

Kimmila is watching Kyzen make friends and there's a little smile on her lips. "Hmm? I asked if you were doing alright, Hazelon."

Th'ero won't be distracted forever and the Weyrleader politely excuses himself to Nyalle once he realizes that Kyzen has… left. Wonderful. Just what he needed the Weyrwoman to witness — his failure as an attentive parent. Cough. Striding across the room, he'll greet a few guests politely, but soon enough he'll spot Kimmila and with a light frown knitting his brows, he'll join her. "Wingmate. Is Kyzen around?" He'll take her lack of panic as a good sign. Or the lack of shrieking.

The last time this particular pair spoke, it wasn't the most… friendly(?) of conversations. So excuse Hazelon's confusion. "Aye, ma'am. Doin'… alright." As alright as one can get that is, he's there. The food before him has disappeared and then… there's Th'ero. Hi weyrleader. Hazelon freezes in place.

Skyler doesn't seem to be fazed by the state of the bubbly "Nah, don't think I tried this particular one yet." he grins and takes the offering. "I did see them." There's a look of awe there for a moment. "I couldn't believe my luck of actually getting to see them, but Rider M'kar, he's a good friend of Journeyman Harmond and well he offered to bring him on up. Seems they've a game they've been meaning to finish anyways, and since Harmonds my Journeyman, well he brought me with." The boy can be quite talkative "Those are certainly some different looking eggs. I never thought they'd look like that."

Once Cyrus is safely seated and has the food safely on the table, where hopefully Aegnor won't be getting into anymore of his dinner he looks over to Kera and flashes her a smile, "I don't think I was talking about Polgara. As lovely as she is." After all Kera is totally more awesome than Polgara, "If you were a dragon to me you'd be gold. Don't tell Moncerath I said that." he says with a wink. Can't have the green upset at him after all. He listens as Kera addresses the youngster and chuckles, yep…those young ones won't be sleeping tonight once they get all sugared up. Their parents are in for a treat.

Kimmila enjoys messing with people, it seems, as she smiles down at Hazelon. "Good, glad to hear it." Th'ero's approach has her smiling, slipping her arm through his and pointing. "He's making friends." Tilting her head, she hears Cyrus' comment and she laughs. "Are you calling her fat?"

Kera can't help but grin as she observes Kyzen enthusiasticaly 'sharing' his sweets. Easing her young lizard onto the edge of the table Cyrus is looked to quickly, blinking at his complement. While her brain tries to form a reply, Kimmila's words reach her, causing Kera to laugh good naturedly. "Oh well, everyone puts on a pound or two when the snows come." A cheery wink is sent to Cyrus before looking among others around the table. While she listens, her hands keep busy with putting aside a few bits of food to cool for her lizards.

Cyrus listens to Kimm as she makes a comment about calling her fat. He blinks once, then again, "No certainly not. That would be the last thing in the world that I would want to call her." he says very quickly, trying to do some damage control. He feels the need to add further damage control after Kera talks about putting on a few pounds, "Kera you are absolutely beautiful just as you are." he says with a good deal of conviction, and he makes sure he says it loud enough for all to hear. There. Damage control done. Hopefully.

Kyzen beams when Skyler takes the offering. Now they ARE friends! At least, in the almost-six Turn old, child's head. Bubblies are totally friendship offerings. The Apprentice's rambling is all but lost on the boy, but he catches a few key words. "You're in a Craft?" he prompts, rocking back on his heels a bit as he tries to peer at Skyler's shoulder, squinting his eyes a bit. Wait for it… waiiit for it… "… Beast… crafter?" D'aww. He's still learning! Remembering all of the ranks and Crafts even by insignia is tough for a child his age. "Good that you didn't miss 'em! Not that they go anywhere really. Didja see the green one? I thought it looked like a glow." He also called Kayeth fat, but… Kyzen is luckily not repeating that.

Th'ero slips his arm around Kimmila in return, displaying a rare form of affection towards the bluerider while in public and in the middle of a feast. "Is he, now?" he drawls, turning to face where Kimmila has pointed and the Weyrleader smiles faintly to see Kyzen conversing (with minimal terrorizing!) with Skyler. "Good. He's… not been causing mischief?" Does he have his own damage control to do? No? Good. "Evening, Hazelon." No escape now! Th'ero has spotted the teen sitting there, but his greeting is neutral and holds no animosity.

Skyler can't help but grin "Hey, you're pretty smart." And to top things off, he actually eats the bubbly as well. Hey. It's food. "But yeah, I'm supposed to be learning all I can about Herdbeasts." He actually doesn't sound to enthusiastic about it. "I did see that green one." There's a thoughtful look "It does kind seem like a glow. You don't think it'd actually glow in the dark now, do you?" He hmms "That'd be kind of weird." There's a blink and he looks around "I mean, not that I'm saying it's weir or anything. But it's, I mean. Oh.." He just decides to be quiet and stuffs the rest of the bubbly into his mouth.

Kimmila laughs heartily at Kera's reply, winking at the greenrider. "Nice one." She might have to get to know her a little better. Cyrus, though, has Kimmila blinking in confusion, and then laughing. "Lighten up, we're just joking around." Back to Th'ero, she looks again to their son and shrugs. "If he is, he's being very sneaky about it…"

Check for Kimmila, messed with accomplished. Words have escaped him, and his food is gone and.. a glance is cast around. "Sir. I was… just leavin'." The mildness must, of course, be hiding something else. Maybe it's not the most respectul thing to be doing, but Hazelon isn't quite ready to socalize with the weyrleader of all people. Abigail gets a brief nod, and then Hazelon is up on his feet and gone, just about as quickly as he can ghost through the crowd and disappear though a door.

Kera giggles at Cyrus's sudden sputtering as he tries to clear up confusion. "It's alright Cyrus, I understood. I think she was messing with you." His compliments seem to be putting her into a better mood, all while trying to pretend she isn't blushing. The Fortian's remarks is met with a flamboyant gesture with her roll and mock seated bow "Thank you." to Kimmila. Stilling grinning, she starts feeding her young gold lizard bites of cooled wherry from her pie as the feasting continues. A glance briefly around towards the food tables then the entranceway and she looks back to Cyrus "I wonder if that Sairon fellow really did get turned around out in the bowl. All that snow… one entrance would look like any other as it got darker." As she talks, her gaze slps around towards the other people around the table, listening and trying to learn, not easedropping at all.

As shocking as it might seem Cyrus is about as lightened up as he presently gets, ahh humor. A difficult concept, "Oh." he says sheepishly. Not really knowing what else to say. He takes a few bites of the food in front of him and slips a hand into his pocket to grab something to feed the lizard in his sling, who gratefully takes it. Yes, Aegnor is such a wonderful distraction sometimes, "Still true though." he says more softly so just Kera can hear. When she mentions Sairon he gives a little bit of a shrug, "I suppose its possible, though he probably just found something more interesting to do. Probably sitting in a tavern somewhere…." Probably, "Hopefully he won't get into trouble."

Kyzen puffs up proudly at the compliment and praise from Skyler. "I'm good with my lessons!" he boasts, only to tilt his head curiously and begin to lick a few of his sticky fingers clean. Manners? Pfft. He's six! He doesn't need 'em. "What's there to learn about them?" he asks. "They're big, some have horns and they taste good." Right? "And they smell." Of course they do. His eyes widen and Kyzen looks about ready to just… combust on the spot. A glow in the dark egg? Mind blown. "Really!? Do you think so? That'd be so awesome! We should go see it! I know Velokraeth. Do the Hatching sands ever get dark though?" Does it matter? Kyzen motions wildly for Skyler to follow and whether or not the Apprentice agrees, the boy is scurrying off again…

…only to be snared by the back of his tunic by Th'ero. "Woah. Where do you think you're going?" Kyzen whines and protests and explains, which only has Th'ero sighing… and foisting their son on Kimmila. HERE. "Time for you to go back home, Kyzen. Maybe you'll see the eggs again later…" As Hazelon pulls a hastily retreat, Th'ero looks a bit startled and stifles another disappointed exhale. He's never going to be able to get a decent word edgewise with the teen, is he? "Wingmate, do you mind taking Kyzen home? I need a brief word with Nyalle. Perhaps then we can enjoy some more of the feast and celebrations…" Sans child. There will be dancing again later, after all!

Kimmila has…a kid again. "C'mon, Kyzen." Thanks, Th'ero, as the six turn old begins to PROTEST at his removal from the party, as Kimmila carries him off, wincing. Sleep is good. Sleep is gooooood.

Skyler's eyes are just going wider and wider as Kyzen goes on about knowing Velokraeth and then going onto the sands and then he's heading off. Skyler doesn't even try and follow. The sheer audacity of the suggestion just has him rooted to his spot. Course Kyzen doesn't get anywhere and that saves the boy from maybe even actually thinking about going. "Wow." That's all he says as he watches the boy leave with his mother.

Kera smirks as she listens to Kyzen try to drag his newest friend off to look at eggs, unsuccessfully as Kimmila herd him quickly and scoops him off to bed. A quick wave is sent to those nearest who are leaving "G'evening" is offered before peering to those few left around the table. Skyler's 'wow' gets a chuckle "I know right. All that energy. Somehow, I doubt sweets is fully to blame, I'ld bet he's always like that." A brow lifted to Cyrus, and she grins with a gentle nod "Thank you." His thoughts about his misplaced friend is nodded to. "It's possible. He did mention a something about cards and making marks earlier."

So much for Sairon keeping and eye on Cyrus. It might end up being a sitaution where the opposite is true. No matter. He'll look for him tomorrow. He too watches Kyzen being hauled away by his mother and can't help but chuckle. Kids are great. There is no pretention, just honesty and energy. Perhaps too much sometimes, but eh…what does a person do? "I think that young man might be in for some trouble." he says of Kyzen, "But he seems like a good kid." He continues to feed Aegnor slowly so that the little bronze doens't eat too quickly, "I don't think I'll worry about Sairon tonight. Tonight I'm just going to have a good time. You don't have to take your crowd of apprentices back to the hall anytime soon do you?" he asks. He gives a gentle wave to those departing.

Skyler looks over at Kera as she addresses him and then he nods "I guess." Course then he really looks at Kera and there's an awed look on his face. Or maybe a smitten one? Then he's running his hand through his hair "Umm, I should probably go find Harmond." he murmurs and then darts off through the crowd.