Fort Weyr - Scenic Overlook * Sheltered Ledge
An irregular opening in the outside western wall of Fort Weyr provides a sheltered scenic view of the mountains and valley's beyond. A sturdy but decorative metal railing has been installed along the length of the opening to keep the unwary from inadvertently falling. The low ceiling of the sheltered cavern juts out just enough to protect any observes from the worst of the elements as well as prying sky bound eyes. It offers a perfect spot to settle and watch the spectacular sunsets, stargaze, or just relax in a peaceful atmosphere and watch time go by. Towards the outer edges of the covered ledge's railing one finds a couple of woven reed chairs and small wooden tables where one or two folks can sit in relative comfort.

Though there are clear signs of the winter-spring rains, right now, the sun has decided to make an appearance. The temperature hovers just above cold- though still not quite something one wants to be out in without a coat. Hazelon has escaped to this small overlook and stands, arms on the railing, watching the forest below. Without watchers the emotions are plain on his face- worry, confusion and a hint of fear.

Idrissa gets plenty of deliveries all over the place, and once more she is back over at Fort it seems. She has a bit of time before she has to leave to return to Xanadu so she is off wandering once more. A curious look is sent over the steps as she makes her way on up them and pauses to look over the area curiously a few moments. There is a brown firelizard perched upon her shoulder which warbles out curiously.

So caught up in an inner monologue is Hazelon that he doesn't quite realize that there is another person there right away. Only when Idrissa moves into his sidelong vision does he realize she's there. He starts up in place, standing straight up. "Ma'am." Nope, he ain't doing nothing wrong. Bu, no wait, he knows her. She was in the bar the other day.

Idrissa had been to this place once, and thus she returned to check it out once more. She glances over to the voice and offers a smile and nod to Hazelon. "Afternoon." She offers while wandering on to look over the edge and peer out over the area as well. "Nice scene huh?" This questioned while she smiles a moment.

"Afternoon." Hazelon hesitates, wondering if perhaps he needs to go. But, she doesn't seem upset by there being someone else here…. so he hesitates another moment before leaning back on the railing. "Aye, it's a pretty forest. Lots of secrets."

Idrissa glances over the forest before she looks back to him, a soft smile seen. "I guess all forest's are like that. Quiet and secret like to some degree and all."

A half smile quirks out to meet Idrissa's. "Always have to me." His eyes scan the tree line again, as if he might catch sight of something, even being this far away. "Hope it's stayin' quiet."

Idrissa looks back to the forst while letting her arms fold upon the railing, her brown firelizard hops down and slowly creeps down the railing over to Hazelon and sniffs out at him. "You expecting it to not stay that way?"

Hazelon's attention is brought back from the forest to look at the firelizard getting so close. A single finger is offered, does he want scratches, before his eyes flick back up to Idrissa. "Ain't thinkin' it will, to be honest. But mayhap ain't my place to be sayin."

Idrissa nods slightly though doesn't push the subject it seems. She lets her gaze rest upon the lizard making sure he behaves it seems. "His name is Hidalgo. His a good little guy." She offers softly. The brown lizard warbles and tilts his head to lean closer for the scratches.

That finger smooths along the small head, careful with the touching. He's someone else's after all. "Hidalgo. Strong name." Hazelon approves of all names that start with H after all. After a moment of silence, Hazelon will look back up at the rider. "Ma'am, if you don't mind me askin' what's bringin' you to Fort?"

Idrissa nods slightly to the name of her lizard, a soft smile is seen but her gaze turns back to the forest a moment later. At the question she tilts her head to send a looks over to him. "I'm a rider, and I deliver things from Xanadu to other weyrs." She offers with a slight lift of her head. "Just made some more drop offs and thought I would wander around a bit really." She shrugs at this and lets her arms fold upon the railing as her gaze settles onto the trees. "Anyway, not much to go home to, not like I need to get back home too quickly."

"Xanadu ain't much?" There's something about the quiet way the woman speaks that makes Hazelon just a little bolder than his usual guarded murmer.

Idrissa glances over at the question. "No, Xanadu is plenty. Beautiful place really." As for the rest she just shrugs a touch, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck a few times. "I just sorta stick to myself."

"Beauty ain't everythin'." Hazelon says this all his harsh sixteen years worth of experience. His finger pauses in the scratching of the firelizard. "You riders ain't always together?"

Idrissa pauses slightly at that comment and is quiet for a few moments. "Yeah… I suppose so." Is offered softly while she leans back and lets a glance settle upon Hidalgo that is leaning into the attention happy like. "Some do I guess. I don't." There is a pause and a slight tap of her fingers upon the tail. "Better off on my own."

Hazelon just nods once. His gaze moves out towards the forest again as he smooths a finger across the firelizard's head. "Ain't everyone good for company." Perhaps he includes himself in that assessment. Falling silent again, he watches those branches sway in the distance.

Idrissa nods slightly as she hears him. "Well yes that is true." She offers after a moment before a faint breath escapes her. Hidalgo clambers on over to his person and clambers up onto the greenie's shoulder. "So what do you do around here, what sort of craft?"

Hazelon's hand falls back to the railing as the firelizard goes back to his person. There it curls tightly, the only outward sign of inner angst still. At her question a frown forms upon his lips. "Ain't nothin' here. Doin' laundry for now. Ain't so bad. Lookin'…. looking mayhap to be leavin'. Ain't sure if…" except he falls silent again, closing his lips. "Sorry ma'am."

"Sorry for what?" Idrissa questions with a faint glance to him. "My name i Idrissa no reason to call me ma'am." She offers with a shake of herhead.

"Idrissa" Hazelon says the name and sends a small wry smile. "Sorry for lettin' more talk gettin' out then you're needin' to be burdened with. Ain't my place to be sharin' toubles."

Idrissa shrugs a bit and smiles a moment. "It's alright… Anyway sometimes its better to speak with others about things, especially ones you may not know."

Hazelon finally notices that tightening of his hand about the bar and abruptly releases it. "Ain't ever had no one I was sharin' troubles with. Like you ma," and he catches himself at the last second, "Idrissa. I'm preferin' to be alone."

Idrissa smiles a bit and soon nods. "Yeah I can understand that. I'm pretty much the same way honestly." She offers after a moment in thought.

They've got an understanding. One not expressed in so many words, but one that is there none the less. Hazelon takes one last look at that forest- for all the troubles that it has caused him. He shakes the darkness from his thoughts, the thought turning into a physical action. "I should be gettin' back to work." He turns and heads for the top of those stairs downwards. Before he actually steps down he pauses, half turning towards the greenrider. "My name's Hazelon, or just Haze. If you're deliverin' again… mayhap I can be showin' you some've the other pretty sights." With that shy invitation Hazelon doesn't wait and instead slips down those stairs and out of sight.