Fort Weyr - Living Cavern
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

The dinner hour has passed, and the furniture in the living caverns has been rearranged to make space for the evening's entertainment. A Harper trio have just struck up a soothing melody in one corner, situated behind a ring of podiums, each of which features a different jewellery set, raised up and easily viewed - the centrepiece necklace on each is accompanied by earrings, a ring, and a bracelet, and there is a small card beside each display that explains not only the materials from which the set is made, but its inspiration, too. Front and centre, in pride of place, is a set inspired by none other than Fort Weyr. Off to one side, on a tiered display table, are more wearable - afforable! - pieces, including rings, bracelets and necklaces. It's by this that Amethyst stands now, getting the fall of the diamond pendant just right against the backdrop, while servers clad in black and white take up positions along the edge of the display area, bearing trays of canapes and drinks, mostly wine. Master Tashryn, dressed in her finest, stands waiting patiently to greet guests as they arrive, directing them towards the displays and her Senior Apprentice, who, fiddling now complete, is standing ready and waiting to guide those interested around the podiums.

Is this a formal occasion? Whoops. Kimmila is here in her riding leathers, having just returned from sweeps and looking for a late dinner. Pausing at the entrance, her brows lift in surprise, and then…she drifts towards the shiny things. Slowly. Totally /not/ interested in the jewelry, naaaah. Scoot, scoot, scoot.

Inri is here! Inri is clearly thrilled to be here, and Inri had way too much fun dressing for the occasion. She's wearing an elegant sheath dress in sapphire, long enough to need heels to keep from dragging on the floor, with a criss-cross of silver ribbon forming a bodice, and a silver handkerchief-hemmed cardigan for warmth — when she isn't doing something like convincing people to dance with her or getting overheated from crowds, anyway. After snatching a drink off someone's tray, she falls in beside Kimmila, smiling brightly. "Just get off work?" she asks sociably, ignoring the fact that the bluerider isn't dressed for the occasion at all.

Yes, yes this is a formal occasion — and Zhirayr, as an assistant to the Steward, has been working long and hard on making sure that the assorted servers know what they're doing when, and that all the food and drinks are set up, and that the room's furniture is cleared appropriately, and — okay, so nobody actually cares about all the work he's done to set off Amethyst's work, but it's not going to stop him from showing up. In a tuxedo, even! A … black … tuxedo. Completely black. The only lighter part is where his tie and the single-breasted plackets of his jacket, in satin, catch and reflect some of the light. It's actually a really nice tuxedo, too, so it's too bad that — so far, at least — all he's doing is wrangling waitstaff. Still.

Ravyal is out and about! The self-conscious weaver makes his way across the caverns which have been thankfully cleared of most furniture. He himself isn't terribly formally dressed. Oh, his clothes are nice enough, but it's not likely that the apprentice owns anything terribly fancy. Not yet anyway. He picks his way through the growing mass of people though, managing to inch around behind to give a little tap to Amethyst's arm, offering the woman a somewhat bashful smile. "This is really..really nice."

Rayathess is dressed in his best formal attire, all in dark blue and black. Yet he won't be out mingling with the crowds and eyeing the beautiful jewelry pieces. Oh no. He's "on duty" even if he's considered backup for the Harper trio currently playing. They can't play forever, so he'll be stepping in to take over when one of them tires. He keeps a small smile curved on his lips all the same, eyes slowly (boredly) scanning the room. As some of the guests arrive, Rayathess takes a moment to look at one corner of the caverns where a certain young Healer is hovering (more like trying to hide) and subtly gestures. Go on!.

Laurali starts a bit when Rayathess motions at her to move and promptly shuffles forwards. She's… not dressed fancily either but nicely enough in a plain cream coloured linen dress and a corded belt tied about her waist. Embroidery lines the scooped neckline and the sleeves that hang just below her elbows. Fancy enough for a Senior Apprentice to own! As she approaches, her eyes drift to the jewelry pieces and there's no denying the longing in her stare. Shiny things!

"It is, isn't it?" Amethyst grins at Ravyal, giving his hand a little squeeze. "And you did a wonderful job with the backdrops. They set it all off fabulously, don't you think?" Then her eyes flicker up to where Tashryn is, and she raises a finger to tell the young Weaver she'll be back in a moment.

There's a decent-sized crowd gathered by now, with more slinking their way in over time. Tashryn leaves her post to go stand in the centre of the podiums, calling Amethyst in by her side. That's a signal for the Harpers to pause for a moment, while the Master Smith holds up her hands, and clears her throat politely. And if that doesn't work? Well, she'll look to Zhirayr for his assistance in quieting the crowd. Once she has their attention, she begins. "Ladies and gentlemen! Our honoured guests for this evening. Welcome, and thank you for coming! I am Master Smith Tashryn, and this is my Senior Apprentice and mentee, Amethyst. This evening we will be showcasing some of our joint work, though the majority of what you see before you is entirely created by Amethyst, from concept through to the final touches." She looks down at her apprentice with a smile, resting a hand lightly on her shoulder. Amethyst just blushes, softly, fixing a smile on someone in the crowd - on Ravyal. He's a familiar face! Then Tashryn continues. "To the right of the podiums here, you'll find a collection themed on the seasons. To the left, there are pieces inspired by the Holds we've visited so far on our Pern-wide tour. Front and centre," she points to the diamond-studded set in front of her, "is one that is inspired entirely by Fort Weyr itself. Please take a look around, help yourself to food and drink, and feel free to ask Amethyst about her work. She'll be more than happy to explain it to you." Then, after a beat - "And everything's for sale too, of course. Enjoy!" Tashryn winks, then signals for the Harpers to strike up again while Amethyst takes up a position by the Fort Weyr set once more.

Kimmila pauses when Tashryn begins to speak, snatching her hand back from the necklace she was about to check the price on. What's that old saying…if you have to ask, you can't afford it? Well. Th'ero can. The talk of seasons has her perking up a bit. Perhaps Nyalle deserves a gift…and if any dragon embodies autumn, it's her Kayeth.

The Harpers strike up with a lively tune, though one that's not quite vibrant enough to invite dancing, not yet - it's one of the many familiar, 'classic' pieces in their set, the perfect background score to the evening's goings-on.

Ravyal ducks his head a little, smiling quickly at Amethyst for her own compliment. "Uhm..thanks.." Though, hurriedly moves away again once /announcements/ begin, shuffling his way around to where the refreshments are being kept. If there's anything that makes the socially awkward teen feel at least a little better about's food. And stuffing his face with it instead of trying to muddle through the embarrassing trial of conversation. He at least doesn't /linger/ at the table though. He takes a few things and makes his own way around to at least peek at the jeweled pieces.

Zhirayr is, at least, pleased to announce that the omnipresent waitstaff glowering on cue managed to hush most people up — enough to cause enough silence that the Master Smith was able to talk clearly without a muttering background. Good. He does one last circle, checking to make sure that everyone knows what he or she is doing, and then… drifts, rather aimlessly, toward the jewelry, curious about all the fuss. He's also expecting to be interrupted with a catastrophe in the next five minutes, but for now, he can frown at the Oh So Fort set, and maybe even be heard to mutter "I don't get it."

Inri's eyeing the Fort set as well, but with an eye for purchase and not an eye for, well, clueless. If there are earrings, those are definitely getting her attention — as would anything based on her backwater home hold of Breakwater, up there in the north-of-the-north. She is repeatedly reaching out to touch things and then backing her hand away again, as if afraid to either upset the piece or her manicure. Probably the piece. "Don't get what?" she asks Zhirayr, simply because … he is right there and she can ask, though out of the corner of her eye she's watching what Kimmila's up to — and then waving at Laurali when she sees her.

The Weyrleader will have to hide his marks better after tonight, though truthfully he should be here. What could be delaying Th'ero? Who knows. Rayathess listens politely to Master Tashryn's speech and then has to focus on the music being played and the silent cues sent between the Harpers. He'll have to slip in soon enough to play his part, but it won't keep his eyes from quickly noting the faces of those who DO arrive and maybe lingering a bit too longingly on the wine and food. Sigh.

Laurali will listen quietly too throughout the speech, keeping quietly to the sidelines and trying not to fidget. When the offer to look is given, the young Healer starts to drift towards the pieces, only to spy Ravyal heading for the food and decides to drift that way to snag a bite or two. Nervous eating, for the win? The allure of so much jewelry is too tempting however and Laurali finds herself drawn back to some of the more 'affordable' pieces, though her interest also lies in the Hold based pieces. Which Holds? She may try to puzzle them out and she'll return Inri's wave with a shy one before she's back to browsing, hands held well away. Look, but no touch!

Amethyst is stationed right there by the Fort-inspired set for the time being, while Tashryn mingles and discusses other pieces of work. The apprentice overhears both Zhirayr and Inri, more than happy to let the weyrwoman touch - though she's got her eye close on the pieces. You never know, right? "Would you like an explanation as to why this piece represents Fort, sir?" She fixes a broad smile on the assistant Steward, while taking the Fort-inspired bracelet off the display to hand it over to Inri. "Here, weyrwoman. Try it on. The diamonds are a complement to any skintone, and the style is just right for you, I think."

Kimmila drifts closer towards the autumn set, peering curiously at it before she looks up and around. Spying Inri, the bluerider looks relieved and beckons her over until she sees the goldrider is being spoken to by Amethyst. She glances at the autumn set, and then edges over. "Psst. Inri." Hey. Nudge.

"Yes," is Zhirayr's decisive — and dubious — answer. "Please. Because it's pretty, but it looks like a necklace to me. Even if it's one that would look good on the Weyrwoman." Helped along, no doubt, by the way her neck is so bare right now. Oh, look, it's Kimmila! She gets a quick greeting-smile, too, but Zhirayr is Being Attentive to Amethyst now.

Abigail tends to wander into things late for one reason or another, though she is at least there and that is what is important right? The brownrider sends a slight glance around as she slips onwards through the group, a curious look is sent towards the items that are on display but doesn't give them much of a glance over just yet.

Spying Laurali over where she is, Tashryn makes her way over to the woman, slipping in beside her with a grin. "These are all created by Amethyst," she says, indicating the upper row of jewellery - which includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, broaches, and more! Some jewelled, some not. "They're all for sale, naturally. Has anything caught your eye?"

Ravyal is looking too, and thus ends up near Laurali again anyway. Affordable pieces? Well, the Weaver simply nibbles on his bit of fingerfood while taking a peek, before his gaze shifts onto the healer instead, curiously. "I don't know much about jewelry, but..these do seem very nice?" He /can/ converse! Somewhat. The teen at least offers a smile though, giving a slight nod of his head afterward for the familiar face.

Trying things on? Definitely. Inri likes this plan, and accepts the offer with a gracious head-nod and a smile. "You're probably right — and it's gorgeous, so good luck getting it off my wrist," she adds as she clasps it. After a quick grin of satisfaction, before she makes any motion to actually purchase the piece she's giving her attention to Kimm. "Hi. Secret plan?" It's something about the tone.

Kimmila tips her head towards the autumn set. "Isn't…Kayeth…she's kind of fall colored, isn't she? It's like…her 'thing', right? You think…" Head tilt. Nudge. "Would it be weird? I don't even know her really." She looks at Zhirayr. "What do you think?"

Zhirayr carefully lays a very flat expression right on top of Kimmila's question. "Assuming you don't intend to give said jewelry set to Kayeth," he answers, "as I doubt it's quite her size, whether or not she likes it — I don't know if it would be weird to give it to Nyalle. Why would it be?" Because your weyrmate happens to have had sex with her thanks to the magic of flights? Please.

"It comes with the set, weyrwoman Inri, but if you'd like a replica of an individual piece without being the whole,I'm sure we can arrange it." Ever the saleswoman! Amethyst turns her attention to Zhirayr, slipping around from behind the podium to stand beside him, and waiting until he's finished speaking with the others before explaining to him. "I design them based on what I think best represents an area," she begins explaining. "For Fort, the natural choice was to start with diamonds - they represent strength, eternity. Fort was the first Weyr, so it was fitting." She then reaches out to stroke the thin, textured white gold plates that form the necklace and the setting. "White gold sets off the diamonds best, but I also used it to echo the weather here right now. Each piece has been beaten like this to represent the endurance of the Weyr; it's a beautiful place, but not… frivolous."

Abigail looks a touch amused as she happens to wander up on the conversation between Zhirayr and Kimmila. "Giving jewelry to dragons now?" This questioned with a curious tone and amused grin seen as she sends a look to the bluerider before she is peering at the set in question. "Though it is pretty…" Well they are all pretty honestly.

Laurali starts a bit when Tashryn makes her way over and begins to explain the pieces. She listens with a sheepish and nervous smile, eyes drifting from the jewelry pieces and back to the Master. "They're all very nice. Almost hard to choose a favourite," she admits, only to blink. One she likes? "Um… lots of them?" Hey, it's an honest answer? She chuckles lightly, hands now clasped together in front of her as she's long since nibbled away the finger food she grabbed earlier. Ravyal's arrival surprises her too, but he earns a bit more of a welcoming smile. Familiar face! Even if they've only crossed paths once. "Neither do I. I mean… I've never really had jewelry before. Don't know what's… best or too much or…" she clears her throat and shrugs her shoulders.

Inri is not so plain as Zhirayr, though she can't help but smirk at the idea of Kayeth wearing jewelry. "No," she says to the Steward flatly, "we need to have a giant replica to fit Kayeth's front ankle, obviously." But to Kimmila she's all smiles and delight, not that her comment to Zhirayr was hostile, just affectionate sarcasm. "He's right about it not being weird, though — I was going to get her a clutching gift, I think that's a brilliant idea, you're right, if you want to go halfsies and share the clutching gift with me. I'll make sure you get credit for picking it out, it's absolutely perfect. How about this?" She extends her wrist out so that Kimmila and Abigail (okay, and Zhirayr) can get good looks. "Think I should sell my soul for the Fort set?"

Tashryn smiles warmly at Laurali, and at Ravyal too when he approaches. "Thereis no such thing as too much, or even best, for that matter - jewellery is a very /personal/ thing." She picks up a simple, yet elegant bracelet, with cabochon moonstones set side by side in silver. "Here, if I may?" It's held towards the woman's wrist, for her to try on. "We have something for gentlemen too, young Weaver." Ravyal won't get away without trying something! "Perhaps you'd prefer something more… earthy." She sweeps her hand towards the section of the display that features more manly designs - some of which are crafted from plaited leather.

Kimmila laughs, shaking her head. "Maybe…something to hang on her straps? Matching dragon/rider jewelry?" Her nose wrinkles at the idea, but maybe there's a market for that? The next big thing! "Sure. It's not weird? I mean I hardly know her, but…I just thought of her the instant I saw it." She eyes the Fort set. "Well /someone/ in Fort should have it. And I know you'd wear it well, and…to all the right occasions, and…stuff."

Okay, okay, Amethyst wins; her explanation does make sense to him, so Zhirayr nods appropriately as he listens throughout, and then even smiles a little. Uh-oh, now he's cracking jokes: "Too bad you don't have a tie tack in the collection." Not that he's all that likely to wear something that isn't all-black, anyway, but still! It's the thought that counts for something-or-other. "Jewelled strap connections," he suggests as an aside to Kimmila and Inri, having spared an ear for their conversation's continuation.

Ravyal nods, but does reach out to at least touch one of the pieces curiously. He wipes his hand off beforehand and everything! "I don't think my mother owned any jewelry, so.." What /are/ the ladies supposed to wear? He shakes his head, nearly laughing just a bit despite his shyness when Tashryn speaks up. "Never too much? Wouldn't it get heavy if you wore..a lot?" The weaver seems surprised though when he's pointed to..manly things. Are they manly? The poor teenager just looks a bit dumbfounded. "Really?"

Tie tack? No problem! "We could arrange one," Amethyst replies to Zhirayr with a wink. "I'm happy to talk commissions, if there's anything in particular you'd like… even, um, dragon jewellery." Because she totally overheard that interesting conversation! "We're very open to talking about commission pieces, either this evening or another time. Anything you see here can be replicated in whatever way you'd like… though dragon-sized may take a while. And it'll probably be expensive…"

Abigail lets her gaze drifts over the items here and there, looks to the Fort set too. "They did a really good job on everything for certain." She ponders it curiously. "I'd have to agree with Kimmila on the set though. Inri you would certain wear it lovely." A curious look is sent to Amethyst and she looks a bit amused. "Ye'd be surprized with some might buy." Including dragon-sized pieces.

Now everyone's in trouble, because Inri's eyes get wide, and only a little wider still when Zhirayr makes his comment. "Matching dragon and rider jewelry. That is the best idea. That needs to happen." Amethyst's agreement gets a grin from the goldrider, too. "I will probably be a little short on the marks for a bit if I end up buying all this," as she waves her be-braceleted hand at the set, "but eventually I need to have jewelry that matches my dragon's." Her dragon is Fort's largest. She is financially a bit screwed. "And — really, thinking of her immediately is the best reason to give it to her. She'll appreciate being thought of, promise."

"Maybe start with either the strap-connections or some dragon rings," Zhirayr suggests, whimsy dancing in his eyes. Hey, he doesn't have a dragon! He's never going to have to worry about matching one! This time the aside is to Amethyst — "Let me know when you have a piece of polished jet that's about thumbnail-sized, all right?" — before his attention skips back to the Dragon Jewelry Planning Committee's first meeting. "Over-sized bracelet on a human, nice snug ring for a dragon, right?"

Kimmila sighs. No. Nooooo dragon rider jewelry. Kimmila…facepalms. Quite literally, her hand covering her face for a moment. "So!" she says when she's able to look up again, shooting Inri a /look/. Why you so girly? "We'll take this for Nyalle then. Wrapped, and…that." She looks back at Zhirayr. "Cmon…at least get one that's set in silver…without contrast eventually you just blend into a black blob." She looks at Abigail, and nods. "Right."

Tashryn grins at Ravyal, picking up a braided bracelet that had a trio of hematite discs woven into the black leather twists. "Most gentlemen prefer these sort of styles, but of course there's no saying that you can't wear whatever you like. As an apprentice, understated may be best… you can always come back for more when you've got marks coming in."

Laurali's brows knit in puzzled thought. Never too much? Ravyal's laughter has her relaxing a bit and she can't help but chuckle. "That's what I meant by too much. Wearing too much or… surely pieces clash? Or don't work together?" she goes on to add, not quite as shy. Helps when it seems others don't know as much about jewelry too! At the offer, the young Healer will hold out her wrist, watching as Tashryn sets the bracelet on her. Chewing at her lower lip, Laurali will examine it closely and the temptation is certainly there. But can she afford it? SHOULD she splurge? Tough call. Which is set aside at a single word. "Earthy?" Laurali almost shuffles off to those displays, but catches herself before even a step is taken. Ahem. Carefully, she'll remove the bracelet and set it back into place on display. "That one was very lovely… Are there pieces then themed from… plants?" Go figure.

Someone needs to be girly, right? Inri's just covering the bases. And at least she most likely won't torture Kimmila with it — for instance, she won't pin the rising trend on her when it explodes. Nor is she going to take credit for it herself, of course … it just 'came up.' "If you don't mind wrapping," she adds, "and, er, how much is the entire set?" Poor Inri will not get another new shirt for a few months now. She'll have to wear an old one when Kayeth clutches. To Zhirayr, "She has a really good point. You've got to try a little variety, man."

Ravyal looks on, staring at the woven bracelet curiously. "Well it is very nice looking.." There's a bit of a smile though, despite keeping his hands to himself and away from actually trying the piece on for now. He blushes somewhat though after a moment, nodding at the talk of marks. "I'll..think about it." He blinks a little then and looks over at Laurali, brows lifting. His gaze flicks back and forth though, curiosity over the jewelry once again on the rise. "Plant jewelry?"

"Polished jet?" Amethyst nods to Zhirayr, whipping out a notebook and scribbling his request down. "If I don't have one in our work area, then I'm sure I can procure one." The notebook's then flipped shut, and she tucks it back into the little bag she's wearing to complement her dress. Then shse's getting an order! The apprentice grins at Kimmila. "The fall-themed set, correct? The pieces on display can be reserved until after the event, but then it's all yours, ma'am. May I take your details?" To Inri, she grins. "Ma'am, we can haggle the price later, but it's…" The cost is written on her notepad, the page torn out and handed over to the weyrwoman.

Abigail is nothing close to girly that is for certain and she is alright with that! "Which one to ye like Kimmila?" The bluerider must have one she has taken too, right? Even Abbey has a couple she would consider wearing honestly. Which is amusing though, hold the paper, alert the weyr and all that jazz.

Kimmila nods at Amethyst with a little smile. "Yes, that one…please. I…can make the purchase I guess. I'll have to go grab my" Th'ero's "marks though…." She tries to peer over Inri's shoulder to see the price of the Fort set. "Clever marketing, making a set of an area. Because someone /has/ to have it. Faranth forbid someone at…High Reaches, say, wears Fort's set." She winks at Amethyst. Smart. Very smart.

Kimmila looks over at Abigail, shrugging. "Nothing for me, really…I don't buy myself stuff, but they're lovely. You? I like the simpler things."

Zhirayr looks vaguely hurt by these accusations of homogenuity in his sartorial splendor, okay. "I wear contrast occasionally!" No, he doesn't. He runs a thumb under his jacket's lapel to show it off, with its relative-reflectiveness, in an attempt to prove he totally does. "And I don't refuse to wear silver, anyway. I just want a jet tie pin." Is that so hard to understand? He might have to sulk a little bit, now. Thanks, Kimmila.

To Laurali, Tashryn grins. "I've seen people layer on the jewellery, and even if it clashes they're happy - so who am I to comment, just because it's not to /my/ preference?" She chuckles, setting the bracelet back onto the display. "Plants? Not specifically, but we do have some with agates, some with jade… they're slightly more earthy colours. Or we'd be more than happy to take a commission, if you've got something specific in mind - and want to work within a budget." The bracelet Ravyal wants to 'think about' is pressed into his palm, and the Master Smith folds his fingers down around it. "For your assistance in this evening's set-up," she says quietly.

The Harpers pick up their pace, playing a tune that's intended to get toes tapping - maybe even to inspire dancing! There is enough space cleared, after all. The serving staff begin mingling now, too, approaching each knot of people to offer them canapes, wine, and juices.

"Well, not made from plants…" Laurali amends swiftly, glancing sidelong to Ravyal as she does and only to shoot a quick look to Tashryn. Can it? "At least, not long lasting…" Commissions? That concept all but breaks the poor Healer's mind. She's already doubting her ability to afford a pre made set. But custom? Ooh, one day, perhaps! When she's Journeywoman. "Oh, no… thank you though… I may take a look at some of the earthy colours though. Agate and jade." They even sound pretty, even if she's not entirely sure of the shade! Belatedly, she'll add as another thought comes to her as she peers at another display. "And the earthy ones are usually for men too…?"

Amethyst nods at Kimmila, marking it down in her notebook at the fall-themed set is sold. "We'll settle the payment later, ma'am. No need to rush off yet." The complement has the Smith girl winking; Kimmila may have just hit the nail right on the head with that one. "It's proved quite popular in the Holds we've been to so far, ma'am, though there was an incident where the Lady Holder took offence to the fact that we used jet instead of something more… extravagant." She rolls her dark eyes, and shakes her head. "Never mind that jet's one of the biggest exports of their region, but whatever."

Ravyal looks a little surprised, blinking as he peers down at the bracelet in hand and then back up toward Tashryn quickly. "Wh..what? But I hardly..I didn't really.." Flustered. Totally flustered! His fingers do at least curl around the bracelet to hold onto it though, tucking it close with a little nod. "If you're sure.. Thank you."

Inri is not actually going to wince, even if she does want to for a minute — at least we're talking Senior Apprentice level price range. "I think I'll take it," she says, after a moment's hesitation — and she seems to be forgiving Zhirayr for his tie pin. At least that makes sense.

Kimmila sticks her tongue out at Zhirayr. "Variety is the spice of life. Though at this point if you started wearing bright colors I think we'd send you to Healer Hall…" Looking back to Amethyst, the bluerider snorts a soft laugh. "Well, just ring a piece of jet with diamonds and she'll be happy /and/ have to pay more." Glancing at Inri, Kimmila nudges her.

Kimmila mutters to Inri, "Aren't… glad diamonds are a sign of endurance?"

Zhirayr sticks his tongue back out at Kimmila, because he's very mature — just like she is! — and says, as soon as she's done muttering, "Fine, then. As soon as you buy me some bright-colored gemstone tie tack, I'll wear it to the next formal occasion. And when everyone asks if I'm sick, I'll say I got it from you, and be vague about whether I mean mental illness or the jewelry."

"They have a fw of them bright-colored gemstone tie tack's Zhirayr." Abigail offers with a teasing tone and a slight grin seen while she winks at Kimmila. Maybe the brotherider will get one and they can teasing dear Zhirayr later with it? "Excuse me for a bit guys." With that she slips off, perhaps to look at a few things, or perhaps to find something to drink, because ale is good that is why.

"I insist," Tashryn says to Ravyal with a wink. "You did a wonderful job - Amethyst's been raving about it." The Master Smith grins, giving the boy a pat on his shoulder. "Did you know," she says to Laurali, looking from the woman to the Weaver, then back again, "that Ravyal here came up with all of the backdrops for the jewellery? Chosen by him and made especially for the evening…" And she's certainly pleased with his work.

Amethyst laughs at Kimmila's suggestion - "Oh, yes - that would have been a wonderful idea. Though you know, for all the fuss she made about it, she was put out when it was bought by her husband's sister." The Smith rolls her eyes again, and tuts. Some people! "It's actually on display just over there. We ask if we can borrow the Hold-themed pieces for display, though obviously we create replicas if anyone wishes to buy them."

Inri laughs softly at Kimmila's observations, with a nod — and then tries to stop herself from laughing more noticeably at Abigail's suggestions after Zhirayr's comeback. "Clearly if other people dressed him, he's completely sane — oh, Lady Holders, sometimes they just want to look fussy. They're mostly all sweet once you get to know them." Mostly. She's had her failures. "Have you been to Breakwater yet? I can write you an introduction," is for Thys, "if you haven't."

Kimmila looks at Zhirayr, silent for a moment before she /laughs/. "Are there any bright pink gemstones? Like…truly garish ones." Because she /has/ to take him up on that. Him? Color? YES MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Laurali will find some of the more earthy jewelry pieces, reaching out to delicately touch her fingertips to one bracelet in particular before drawing her hand away when Tashryn speaks to her. She'll tilt her head, eyes darting to Ravyal again and then down to the backdrops and there's another of those sheepish, nervous smiles. "Is that right?" she murmurs, fumbling with the right thing to say. What does one say and not make it seem like too much? "All the backdrops were made? Just for this?"

"Breakwater? No, not yet, though I'm sure if you speak with Master Tashryn, she'll be able to pencil it into our schedule if it's not there already." Amethyst grins at the weyrwoman, pressing her hands to her hips and rocking on her heels - not quite ladylike or situationally appropriate, but it seems a habit she's unaware of. "Ah, pink? Oh yes," she replies to Kimmila. "Plenty of pink - watermelon topaz has a /wonderful/ shade of pink. Part pink part green… quite beautiful, really. I was thinking of using it for Gar, when we go there."

Zhirayr is too busy facepalming and sighing outrageously to actually object to Kimmila's Dreadful Plans, of course, which means he might not actually care if she wants him to have a bright-pink-gemstone tie tack. Maybe he wants to scare people! It could happen!

Tashryn picks up the bracelet that Laurali touched, settling it into her hand. "It's fine to touch. Please, feel free to try any of them on." Which could be a sales ploy… though it's delivered with friendly warmth. "We required new backdrops for this display, yes. And each centrepiece, at each event, requires a custom backdrop to best display its unique assets. Ravyal did a wonderful job of choosing one that would be perfect against the Fort Weyr set."

Kimmila snickers. "Perfect. I'll commission a tie tack for him then. Something pink. Something that'll go well with black." Ha. Winking at Zhirayr, the bluerider looks around. "Oh. Be right back." And off she goes, to do…something. She'll be back eventually.

Watch the embarrassment flood over Ravyal. All that pink talk across the cavern, well there's a very pinkish tone rising in his face, the poor Weaver absolutely flustered at the sudden attention being drawn to him. His free hand rubs at the back of his neck though, darting a look toward Laurali quickly. " was just figuring out what colors to use, is all. It wasn't a lot of work." He looks around a little though, and then gives a slight nod of his head. "E..excuse me." The weaver makes a break for it! He hurriedly goes right back to his shield. The food.

Inri gives up. Now she is laughing. She might be spare-changeless at the end of the night with the gorgeous jewelry set, but she will have another payday (she works hard!) and this is too hilarious for her to remain quiet. At least she doesn't overturn her drink on her dress — though at the same time, at least the dress isn't white. "Yes. You must. And at least pink actually really does go well with black, it isn't like he can argue." Zhirayr gets a Look. Can't argue, can he? "Oh — I suppose I should take this off, even if I will be paying for it, let you keep displaying it, hm?"

Laurali almost hands the bracelet back to Tashryn the moment it's in her hands but refrains. Can't hurt to try it on, right? So she will, pointedly using it as an excuse not to stare at Ravyal when the Weaver turns as pink as some of the gemstones may be. "Color matching sounds tricky though. Dunno if I could do it… figuring out what accents or clashes or blends…" she murmurs. Says the girl who can stitch flesh back together again and… who knows what else? Ravyal is making his escape though and Laurali is left to consider the bracelet on her wrist, only to unfasten it and set it back again. Back to browsing! Though she keeps coming back to certain pieces and one that is a more greenish-blue (or is it bluish green?) in colour. "Is this… a piece for men?" That is likely a question directed to Tashryn, if the Master Smith hasn't moved on too far.

"If you would, ma'am, I'd appreciate it." Amethyst grins at Inri, trying to hold back on the laughter bug she's caught from the woman, for Zhirayr's sake. "The set will be wrapped and waiting for you to collect, either at the end of the evening or tomorrow, whenever is most convenient for you. We can settle payment then too, of course." Out comes her notebook again, so she can write down a note that the Fort Weyr set has also been sold. "Pink, sir, is a wonderful contrast to black. It'll be fabulous against your complexion, too." To Zhirayr, of course.

Tashryn is still right there, ready and willing to assist Laurali now that the blushing young Weaver's made his escape. "There aren't any that are really specifically designed for anyone, male or female; some are more masculine and some are more feminine, but anyone can wear them." Does that answer the Healer's question? The Master Smith picks up a piece to hold it against her own wrist, giving a little shrug of her shoulders as the tilts her hand back and forth to let the light catch the stones set within the woven leather. "It's our belief that anyone can wear anything they like. This piece may not work with what I'm currently wearing, but it would look fine, more feminine, even, with my more typical day wear."

"My complexion is olive," Zhirayr says dryly, still not actually arguing against the pink. "I'll let her get away with pink, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let you get away with something patently untrue." To him, anyway. "Pink may suit Inri, here, but it's really not my color. Black is. Obviously."

"No, I think pink would suit you fine," Inri argues, as she removes the — her! — kind of — bracelet and gently returns it. "Make sure he wears pink. Lots of it."

It does answer Laurali's questions and likely sparks a million others, but she will keep those in check less she turn into a rambling mess and really show her naive side. At least to jewelry and fancy things, anyways. "Oh, I see." she murmurs as she returns to a few pieces she had been eyeing before. Seeing them in a new light? Probably. The piece that Tashryn holds up is studied as well, mostly out of curiosity as she absorbs the information like a sponge. "So… any piece of jewelry is 'flexible'. I… never considered it that way…" she murmurs and proceeds to browse again and finally seems to settle by two pieces. Simple, but then that seems to draw her in, as much as the earthy tones do. "How much?" And does she want to know?

"I believe everything can be as flexible as you want it to be." Tashryn grins, setting the bracelet back with its fellows. "That one," she points to one beside Laurali, "is a half-mark. The one beside it is three quarter marks. I can give you them both for a mark, if you'd like?"

"You have a fine complexion, sir - quite an enviable tone, actually." Is Amethyst flirting, or just… laying it on thick for the sake of sales? "Though I'm sure I can find a shade of pink that, as the weyrwoman said, would suit you just perfect." She winks at the goldrider, then smiles brightly at the Assistant Steward. "And, of course, that piece of jet you requested. If you'd like to come find me tomorrow in our workshop, I'll be happy to take you through the jet I've got on hand, so you can choose a piece… perhaps we could design something special for you?"

Zhirayr suddenly looks very thoughtful — no doubt envisioning a reversible pink-versus-jet tie tack. Hah! Take THAT, Kimmila! "I think I'd like that," he tells Amethyst, and even cracks a smile. A smile which very quickly turns into a set expression of horrified, angry disbelief, and then he's practically launched himself around the corner of the display to go yell at some of the waitstaff for the way their fingers are IN those FULL wineglasses.

"He's completely handsome and in denial about flaunting it, or — something," Inri reports, oh so very helpfully, to Amethyst in regards to Zhirayr. Because that is helpful information from a weyrwoman, right? It's a party, she's not pulling rank, she'll chatter at everyone. That is … until her attention is grabbed up by the job, in the form of Jajenelja making a fuss somewhere else. She's gotten better, but she's still sometimes Inri's metaphorical cross to bear; she'd hate to leave Nyalle to deal with her, and after all, Inri is here. "And if you'll excuse me I have my own problem in the form of another junior." Who she is off to separate from whatever the small catastrophe is.

"He /is/ quite handsome," Amethyst says quietly to Inri, once Zhirayr's slipped off to do his thing. "It was a pleasure chatting with you, weyrwoman Inri. Please let me know whenever you'd like to pick up your jewellery. It'll be ready whenever you want it." Amethyst dips into a little courtsey, before turning her attention to the next interested guest.

Laurali worries her lower lip as she frowns, eyes darting between the two pieces when Tashryn names their prices and gives a complete total. "A mark would be more than fair," she agrees after much consideration. It'll sting, but not make her entirely broke. So that's a bit of a winning situation, right? As the others drift off, Laurali's attention is drawn to them and she is likely only now aware of the music and the amount of people attending. Shifting nervously, she'll look up again at the Master Smith and smile tentatively. "I pay now, I take it?"

The Harpers begin to slow down, playing more sedate tunes intended to mark the evening coming to an end - or at least to suggest that it's winding down towards an end, anyway. A liberally wined couple have taken to slow-dancing, slowly shuffle-rotating around in the space in front of the jewellery podiums, while the servers hand out the last of the canapes to whoever's willing to take them. Amethyst buzzes around between those people still looking at the jewellery, her notepad out and being scribbled in as she takes down names, sales, scheduling times for commission meetings…

Tashryn nods at Laurali, reaching behind the display to pull out two small, velveteen drawstring pouches. "Absolutely. They're yours to take, and they can live in these," the pouches, "if you don't want to wear them both now." She tugs each open, for the Healer to drop her new shinies into, should she wish. "I think you chose some excellent pieces. The workmanship is solid; they'll last you a lifetime, I'm sure."

Rayathess may snatch those last canapes, now that his duty is done with playing for now and he's back to his role as 'backup' for the evening. It's hungry work, his work! He may try to snag a glass of wine while he's at it and he's totally not eavesdropping or trying to sneak a look at the pretty things Laurali has gone and splurged on. Which no doubt pleases the Harper, judging from his muttered 'about time' comment. The young Healer is oblivious, too focused on paying Tashryn once her new purchases are snug and safe in those velveteen pouches. "Thank you. I don't doubt that for a moment. All the pieces here are very well Crafted." she murmurs, dipping her head in a respectful nod. With the two pouches in hand, Laurali will dart another look around the cavern, briefly spotting Rayathess and then she is taking a small step back. "Thank you again, for your help and insight. Best of luck for the rest of the night." And then the Healer is making a brisk retreat! Not quite bolting, but she's definitely in a hurry but her expression is pleased. She has something fancy that is hers now!

"You're absolutely welcome, and thank you for your custom." Tashryn inclines her head politely to Laurali, waiting until she's disappeared before turning to mingle with the rest of the crowd. Gradually, the Harpers draw their set to a close and the crowd thins to nothing, leaving just the clean-up crew and the two Smiths to pack up their wares and call it a night.