~~*~~ Fort Weyr - Flower Gardens ~~*~~ (#11955RJ)
// This fairly small portion of garden has been dedicated to the art of flower-growing, with everything seeming to radiate outward from the small fountain that's been erected in the very center. Flowing outward, like the rays of Rukbat, are paved paths that are lined with various things — from bulb-grown flowers to flowering shrubs. Any rhyme or reason is for the gardeners to discern; it is, to the most casual observer, a place where flowers appear to randomly erupt in vivid bursts of color through the year.
Carnation pinks, daisy whites, and rose reds typically dominate … but, from time to time, seemingly exotic flares of daffodil yellow and iris blue and orchid purple may make a memorable appearance. Pansies and other such flowers also peek their heads out from time to time, if only to add unexpected glimpses of color where green and brown dominate. The air is thick with the perfumes of flowers as they bloom, the commingling of scents being potent but not overwhelmingly so.
Around the stone fountain in the middle are a few low benches, with everything appearing to have been made with an eye for the abstract. The fountain itself is a thing made of stone and overlaid with broken bits of tile and glass to make an eyecatching mosaic in a rainbow of hues; the benches are sturdy, made of well-treated wood that's been carved with stylized floral patterns and stained a rainbow of hues to reflect as much.//

It is a brilliant day today, by Fortian winter standards at least. It is neither raining nor snowing and Rukbat has actually decided to make an appearance on a cerulean stage between parting clouds. No better time than this to venture outside, and although the cold has not stopped her thus far, Rynn is definitely looking forward to wandering about in slightly less treacherous weather. Through the herb garden she traipses, stopping to smell a few of her favorites on the way, but making a bee line (no pun intended) straight for the flowers. Being that she is not the most girly of girls, it may surprise some that she has a fascination with blossoms of brilliant colors, especially the few that thrive in the winters. There's something so strong in their perseverance though frigid times, yet delicate as they perch on branches against a white backdrop. Through the winter wonderland of dispersed growth she will walk, appreciating the tenacity and day dreaming about spring.

Borodin is out in the flowers too. Maybe he got lost? But no, he's looking at them. More to the point, he's got two blooms of something resting on his glove and has the other glove tucked under his arm while he pokes with bare fingers at the blossoms he's selected. His expression is a considering frown until a glimpse of motion makes him look up, peering through the branches to see who's there.

Tifla seems to have picked up the habit of wearing flowers in her hair lately. Where could she have possibly gotten the idea to do that? The old one has withered a bit, so now she's out looking for a suitable replacement. Then, she stumbles upon a pair of faces also moving through the garden, one familiar and one unfamiliar. The unfamiliar one is given a shy smile, the familiar one an even shyer smile. "H… hi, Therynn…"

Therynn keeps a 'browsing, fascinated by the glorious extent at which Fort has developed multiple garden systems. How very lovely, she thinks to herself, forest and gardens, unique settings and so much to explore. Despite the blanket of snow covering the ground, she's growing fond of Fort rather quickly. It won't be long until she and Borodin's path's will cross. As a branch is displaced they are now peeking at each other through the foliage. Standing on her tiptoes she smiles through the evergreen bushes and waves "Umm Hiya.." is said to the short haired gent with some shyness. This may not be as overtly stuttering as Tifla's greeting, but seeing the familiar face makes Rynn even that much more comfortable, beaming back with a welcoming "Tifla! Hi.. looks like the sunshine has lured us all out today eh?"

There's multiple moving figures, in fact, and Borodin looks from one to the other as they actually appear. He nods. "Uh, hi." That greeting given, he looks back down to the flowers in his hand, then up again. "Better be in again by night. Gets colder when there's no clouds." He shrugs, and considers it for a moment before he adds, "Could be worse."

Tifla smiles nervously at Therynn, playing with the flower stuck in her hair. "I… I guess so. You've been… been feeling good?" She just can't stop stammering, for whatever reason. And there's a Borodin! Eep! "Uhm. Hi!" She greets with a nervous smile.

Therynn shoots Borodin a half-cocked smirk. He's such a realist for being out in a garden picking flowers in the dead of winter. "Well I thankya Sir.. 'tis rather cold around these parts for my Western bred self.. taking quite a bit of gettin' used to." Rynn's on a talkative kick again. Eyes settle back towards Tifla, recognizing the flower in her hair and mentioning "Even a wilted flower looks good when you're donning it.." She smiles and nods "Much better now I'm all healed up.."

Borodin just gives Therynn a steady look for a few. "Easy enough to not expect the weather." He watches her for a moment longer, then looks to Tifla. "Hi." Now it's her turn to be watched, flower and all. He does so a moment, then looks back to Therynn. Healed up? "What happened?"

Tifla shares in Borodin's alarm at Therynn's words. "Did something happen?" She looks for any signs of injury, still quite worried. She belatedly realizes that she's being rude, and glances to Borodin to give a little proper greeting. "Hi. I'm, uhm, Tifla."

Therynn blushes as her sable shaded gaze travels back towards the brown haired gent, noticing that his eyes are a peculiar and appealing shade of blue. Their attentions will be held there for a few captive moments. A chuckle and Rynn admits "I really didn't know what I was getting m'self in to.." As for her 'injury' and the associated embarrassment, she tries to play it cool by saying "Ahh it was nothing.. just a bit of a burn on m'hand.." she holds up the left one to show the fresh pink skin that covers where nasty blisters once were. "From a hot toddy mishap.." yes, it was a drinking accident, and a sober one at that, which makes it even worse. "And m'names Therynn.. huntress at your service.."

Borodin nods. "Huh. Hard to know, sometimes." He shrugs, then lowers his gaze to take a glance at Therynn's hand. It seems healthy enough - now - so he nods, then looks up to Tifla. "I'm Borodin." He glances to Therynn, then back to Tifla as he adds, "Journeyman vintner." Borodin bobs his head, looks from her to Therynn again. "Nice to meet you both."

Tifla looks even more alarmed when she sees the healing blisters on Therynn's hand. "Ooooh. That must've hurt." She winces with sympathy. "I've burnt myself in the kitchens before. It hurts." She glances to Borodin. "That's where I work. The kitchens." The mystery is solved!

Therynn chuckles softly "I suppose you're right.." Hand held outstretched for viewing drops to its side once it's been examined. "Well met Borodin.." there's a bob to her head as this is said. "A vintner.. how wonderful. Always looking for a good red m'self. Gotta friend from Benden who brings some tasty treats by from time t'time. Always thought it'd be a fun craft.. growing and making booze to make everyone happy.." Warm smile is cast on Tifla with a shrug "Eh.. had worse.." fortunately the hairline scratches on her face from running through the forest for training have faded away. "Definitely wasn't fun though.. scalding waters get deep so quickly.."

"Yeah?" Borodin says, looking back to Tifla at her mention of the kitchens. "Used to work there. Sous and sides, mostly. And…" He shrugs, half-smiles. "Then I apprenticed to vintner instead of baker." Borodin looks to Therynn, and frowns slightly. "I do beers and spirits, mostly. Wines are too much up to the grape. Beer, well, there's choices. More variety."

Cyrus makes his way slowly along the paths of the garden. He gives a glance here and there, his expression showing very little beyond the obvious signs of lack of sleep that grace his face. He pulls his coat tightly about himself and about the sling that he wears around his neck containing the growing firelizard who is presently staying rather still, comfortable where he is. Cyrus soon becomes aware of a group present with him in the gardens and he gives a wave of his hand recognizing a good chunk of them.

"… I've never actually had an alcoholic drink." Tifla admits, looking at her feet and fidgeting nervously a little. Clearly, her insecurity about seeming immature is flaring up once again. "But, uhm! It sounds like interesting work. I mean, making drinks."

Therynn lets her lips curl downwards in a considerate and impressed head wobble. "Don't get me wrong I love a good beer or cocktail too.. I bet you've got some fun stuff in your cabinet eh Borodin?" Yep, she's not picky at all! This semi-outgoing personality thing is going pretty good for Rynn right now, but what Tifla says next stops her dead in her tracks. "Say wha?? Tifla.. really? Not even a drop?" The huntress recalls deep reds, pineapple garnished punches and frothy brews a plenty "Well.. if'n ya ever wanna change that I'm sure Borodin here can point us in the right direction.." Though Rynn knows a few good spots by now. Daydreaming about day drinking has her staring off for a few moments, catching sight of Cyrus approaching she waves back and calls "Hey Cy!"

Borodin smiles a bit. "Don't start with whiskey," he suggests to Tifla. "Beer, maybe. Wine if you like fruit." He looks to Therynn, and snorts. "Gemstone's got a bar. So does Shenanigan's." Borodin's private stock? If it exists, it's apparently… private! He looks back to Tifla, and adds, "It's a bit like cooking. You put things together for the flavors and see what happens." He shrugs, then glances off as Therynn calls to someone else, noting Cyrus and giving him a nod.

The assembled group seems to be talking about alcoholic beverages. He adopts a rather long suffering facial expression as he approaches the assembled mix of people before opening his mouth to speak, "There is very little that is useful about drinking." he informs them in a monotone voice. He looks from Therynn, to Borodin before finally settling his gaze about Tifla, "If it makes you feel any better I don't drink either." he informs her. After letting out that statement his facial expression resumes the same look of 'tired' that it held when he first became visible to the group, "There are too many drunks in the world." Cyrus says.

Tifla turns red at Therynn's incredulity. She fidgets and looks down at the ground. "I… I guess not." Yep. Definitely embarassed. She even blushes a little. "I… I should… I should get back to the kitchens." It seems like an obvious excuse to escape the situation, but she clearly has some insecurities related to her age. Cyrus' words of encouragement earns a little appreciative smile, but she ends up rushing off anyways. Poor thing.

Therynn's head tosses back for a bit of a giggle "That stuff'll put hair on your chest.." figuratively speaking, but that part is left unsaid. The snort from Borodin jostles her a bit, expression turning to that of a more brow furrowing in reference to the vintner's elusiveness about the subject of her personal collection. "Yes.. bars.. they can be wonderful too.." the huntress clears her throat and half-scowl. This, however does not last long when Cyrus' judgements are passed. "If you say so.. makes me a bit more personable I'll tell ya that.." In fact, she may be a little tipsy right now! Which would explain her chattiness, but she definitely won't be telling Cyrus that. "Once can imbibe without being a drunk.." she contests, looking to Tifla with comfort it's said "No worries dear, y'don't gotta drink t'be awesome.. just worth trying out.. in moderation.. at least a couple times in life."

Borodin nods to Tifla. "Have fun," he says. He starts to watch her depart, then looks back to Cyrus and listens with a smile that broadens as he does. "And you're an expert, are you?" Borodin grins. "Good to know where those are. Not nearly enough of them in the world." He glances after the departed Tifla, then over to Therynn to snort. "Does not. Alcohol won't give you anything that's not already there. Using it as a social excuse is a waste of a flavor."

Cyrus raises an eyebrow as he watches Therynn. As a healer he would be intimately familiar of those showing signs of intoxication. If he found any present in Theyrnn he says nothing about it, "I find being personable is also over rated." he says stiffly as he put his hands in his pockets to warm them due to the cold. His posture could certainly be called many things, but rigid is probably the best adjective. He watches as Tifla scurries off, "Jittery little thing." he says mostly under his breath, it seems that she survived her birthday though, "I am an expert in many things." he affirms as he offers Borodin a quick glance.

You say "See ya later.." as Tifla runs off, turning to the group she frowns "I guess I scared her off.." Shifting around some bushes, Rynn meanders closer to step past the foliage between she and the gents. A raised brow is shot towards Borodin "'S'a figure of speech.." she defends "'Sides I'll drink my alcohol however I choose.. s'the great and awful thing about it." Theres a shrug "I like the flavor and all, enjoy the beverages and whatnot.. but liquid courage ain't called liquid courage fer nuthin.." She's not retreating, this is progress in Rynn world! Far from intoxicated, she's had enough to make her a little more bubbly than her usual reserved self, but not enough to make her overtly obvious, even to a healer. It is mid day after all."

Funny, most drunks tend to avoid the infirmary… at least unless they have an uncoordinated accident. Borodin laughs. "Course it is. It's only because people like likable people." He shakes his head, then looks back to Therynn. "Just because people say a thing doesn't make it true." He grins. "That's why there's experts in the world. Can't just go around believing anyone, that's just asking for trouble. If people did just what they wanted to do…" He trails off, shakes his head, and looks back to Cyrus. "Well, I'm sure you can tell us what would happen then."

Cyrus is rather taken aback by Borodin's comment. A look of surprise crosses his face as he is momentarily drawn into the fantasy of having that level of freedom. It's not long before reality sets back in and pulls him once more down to earth, "For some it would be wonderful. Though I strongly suspect that for most it would just be a continuation of what they are already doing…in short the hell we find ourselves residing in." he explains with a sigh and a shake of his head before Therynn draws his attention, "I think a slight breeze with scare that one off." he comments before turning the full brunt of his attention back to Borodin, "People believe incompetent people all the time."

Therynn is caught in all this literal chit chat, shrugging in reference to comments about likable people and thinking that some may like aspects that others don't admire as much. "I'unno, being a recluse isn't all that great either.." She's pretty daft on the whole magic of friendship thing, so postulations about that are kept to herself. Brow rises are shot Borodin's direction. "Don't most people do what they want to?" Rynn usually does, and they way she's always viewed it is most Weyrfolk do the same. According to the look from Cyrus though, it may be quite a different story for him. The words uttered next come across as harsh and dismal, even for someone like Rynn. "We are living in a state we choose to live in.. I feel sad for those who choose their own personal hell.." this may be the deepest thing the girl has ever said. There's at least a break in the conversation, chuckling about the breeze comment until the topic of competency comes up. She clears her throat and averts some focus to the flowers. Awwwkkkwwwardddd..

"Same old grind, huh?" Borodin says to Cyrus, and makes a little tsking sound before he nods slowly. "A shame, really. You'd hope that people would have the sense to look beyond…" He shakes his head. "They really don't." Borodin exhales, looking out over the gardens. He looks to Therynn. "There's two problems, really. The first is that some people think that they're justified in forcing things on others because they know better. The other's that some people don't think beyond what they're told by those first people." Borodin has no comment to make on the recently here-and-gone kitchenworker, just watching the gardens while they discuss it, but… "There's a great many incompetent people in the world. More than anyone could possibly track of." He looks back to Cyrus and smiles. "I don't think I caught your name? I'm Borodin."

"I'm Cyrus." he responds immediately to Borodin, "It's nice to meet you." he adds, can't forget the pleasantries after all. He shuffles back and forth on his feet in a rather vain effort to keep warm. Maybe he should have ordered a warmer coat along with his suit from the weavers, "Being a recluse makes life much more simple, but I suppose you are right to a certain degree. I wouldn't go back." He sighs and gives a shake of his head, "I think we all have less of a choice about how we choose to live than we think we do. As much as I would love to spend every day fighting the power and what not. The house always wins." He does offer a slight nod to Borodin after he makes his commenet about the same old grind, "You have no idea. You are right about your groupings though…there is a third..the people that know what they are talking about who no one listens too."

Therynn takes each of Borodin's concepts in to consideration, head nodding as she slowly catches on, sort of. There's a mystifying aspect of trying to understand how people work. She's spent the greater part of her life trying to avoid interactions, and now, some strange shift in her psyche has her wanting to figure them out. Sure, she's a person, but she's a special breed, and not in the desirable purebred way. The awkwardness knows as Rynn blinks, and blinks, managing an "Oh.." while she attempts to figure out where she fits in to those two problems. "What about the people who don't do either and really just couldn't care less about what some force and others follow?" This conversation has taken quite the turn, one that is a bit beyond Rynn's operating levels, but she does her best to keep up. At least the simple statement from Cyrus about being a recluse provokes a "Here here.." adding the next part which may be TMI she continues. "Nothing like eaten' in the kitchens and pooin' in the latrines.." Ok, that was probably definitely too much, but it doesn't phase her one bit figuring things of such nature would naturally be talked about among people, right? "In some ways I suppose that is true Cyrus.. we sacrifice, and are forced to sacrifice at times as well." Silence falls over her, nodding in further agreement about the third group of people.

Borodin shakes his head about that third group. "That's a different sort of problem entirely." He smiles. "Me, I'm not going to try to fit everyone into neat groups." Borodin shrugs. "Never seen life actually be neat. More like a giant mess, but there's always those as try to put some order onto it." He glances to Cyrus. "Maybe there's some as actually know what they're talking about. Might even be some that know about how to make things instead of just assign blame… but I wouldn't count on it."

Cyrus nods slowly as he watches Therynn, "You most certainly have been drinking." he says simply after he comment about the latrines, "I can't recall a single time where that ever came up in a conversation. Unless I was working. In which case all sorts of odd things come up in the conversation." He feels a tapping against his chest as the lizard beneath the coat attempts to get his attention. He reaches into his pocket and takes out a thin strip of dried meat and undoes his coat for a second so that he can give it to his bronze friend, "You won't like having the coat open. It's cold today." he says to the lizard before he once again closes the coat around him and returns his attention to the conversation with the humans, "Some of us are tired of sacrificing….and being sacrificed." Persecution complex. You bet. Though it isn't illegitimate if they are out to get you, "Life is messier than I'd like it." he says to Borodin, "I wouldn't count on it either."

Therynn is kinda of lost, but manages to hand on by a thread and add little tidbits of her limited knowledge here and there. "You guys are too much.." she sighs softly but says this with a smile and some warmth to the tone. "We just gotta accept that people are going to be who they're going to be. We don't know what they been through that makes em that way.. and that's what makes people so beautiful We're all so diverse with our strengths, weaknesses, triumphs and downfalls.. such is life I suppose.." Tarth pops in from *between* squawking some nonsense as she flutters down to land on Rynn's shoulder. A bit of a sourpuss expression is shot towards the accusing Cyrus "And?!" she says with airy retort. "S'my rest day.. n'I had all of a drink n'a half.. nuthin' wrong with that.." Hands on hips in protest, she tries to keep things on the light side of the dark side "N'who are you to judge? You don't know what it's like to dig a hole every day for turns and turns just to relieve yourself in the morning.. it's the little things Cy.. that an outskirts dwelling recluse like m'self can appreciate.. regardless of if someone tells me that's ok or not. Life is pretty fantastic if we remember the little things." When he opens his coat to expose the bronze for a quick feeding she quips "Like that lil guy… you mean more than Pern to him.. and he doesn't care that piece of meat is dry and paper thin. He's just glad to eat.. we should all aspire t'be more like baby fire lizards some times.." All this depth is getting exhausting for the huntress. Who woulda thought just talking could take it out of ya like this!

"Life's what it is, and then you die." Borodin shrugs to Therynn, tone matter of fact, then looks to Cyrus at the explanation of life's mess and smiles again. "Well, you're the expert. Of course… probably none of them listen to you. No matter how much you sacrifice to try to show them what's right…" He lets his eyes drift to the firelizard peeking through the coat, watching a moment before shakes his head, looking up to the skies. "But that's the way of it, isn't it? People just keep taking, and when they see something they don't expect, they try to push it into the shape they want." He laughs. "Simpler being a recluse, but then, if all you've got is yourself I suppose you just have to sacrifice that." A pause, and then Borodin shrugs. "Well, that and your peace and quiet." His lips quirk, listening to Therynn's protests. "And your latrines."

Cyrus smiles for the first time in the conversation, "I approve of your train of thought. I think you might be good people." he says to Borodin, "It's nice to bump into someone that gets it. There seem to be precious few." When Therynn begins her retort he makes every effort to listen and pay attention, "Thank you." he responds to her comment about the guys being too much. Clearly that was some sort of compliment right? He allows an eyebrow to raise as she continues her train of thought. He reaches a hand up to rest against the lizard in his coat when she speaks about him. Perhaps indicative of an emotional attachment or not, though it could likely be assumed, "I think the whole world is telling us to be less. I think we should aspire to be more. There is enough of a downward pull to our lives. I think we should try to be more human and not less." Despite his being tired a certain fire alights in his eyes as he speaks.

Therynn grimaces at the comment from Borodin "Eesh.. that's one way t'look at things I guess." She wonders then if Borodin is a live every day to the fullest type of person then? There's a glance towards Cyrus as words of conviction come from the vintner. She can't help but scoff with a smirk at what he says next, correcting "Ain't no latrines like the ones in Weyrs for the life of a true recluse.. I never woulda wandered that far in before being scooped up at Western's clutch.. and simple doesn't mean it comes without sacrifice." A chilled breeze rips through the gardens, rustling leaves and pulling a bit of snow off the ground. She's at least glad that Cyrus and Borodin get each other, because she thought they may be about to brawl or something, a further example of just how much she doesn't really grasp quite yet. The next bit by Cyrus does speak to her heart strings, settling heavy on her soul as she recites the sentences over again to herself silently. "Ain't that the truth.. geeze Cy.. that really was something." She scratches her head and shakes it a bit "Seriously though, you're both fine pieces of work and I appreciate your sharing of such intellectualism… despite it being a bit beyond me. With that.." She bows, finally succumbing to the squawking of Tarth "I bid you both farewell for now.. I should tend to this little matter and figure out what she's so up in a tizzy about." Turning on heel she'll tromp through the snow towards the Weyr, pulling her coat tight as she does so.

Borodin's not dead yet, at least! He acknowledges Cyrus with a tip of his head "That's saying something, considering the source." He smiles. "Who wants to put in the effort to change? It's hard work." Borodin looks to Therynn. "As are so many things, but that's why people make choices about what they're willing to deal with and what they're not." Borodin's smile lingers, and he snorts at Therynn's praise for those thoughts, shaking his head. "Good luck." With what? He doesn't say, but he does look back to Cyrus. "Better decide what human is, first. There's people all over Pern with plenty of ideas what means." Borodin hrmphs, then shrugs. "Some of them are likely waiting for me, for that matter." He glances to the position of the sun, and nods. "Farewell, Cyrus." Borodin turns and heads off toward the Weyr, though by a different path than Therynn took.

Cyrus 's recent understanding of humanity, or the lack of it he finds in so many, is something that drives him onward. Toward what fate he has no idea. Though he certainly wishes that he did. Clearly today is not a day that finds him in a good mood. He sticks his hands back in his pockets, "Thanks." he says softly, removing one of the hands he just had put in his pocket to wave to the young lady as she leaves. He feels another tap at his chest and an image of red flashes before his minds eye, "Yes. I think its time we found somewhere warm that we can sleep." he says softly to the creature inside of his coat, "I'd best be on my way. I have to get some sleep before getting back to that shard'in library." He turns quickly on his heels and sets off at a rapid pace, "I have a wonderful idea of what it is to be human." he calls back to Borodin.