Fort Weyr - Library Archives
Surviving the ages is something that books are known to do, especially if they are left untouched for just as long. In this room, that's exactly what has happened. Put aside as trivial information or simply determined old enough to not impact present day life, these numerous articles stored in ceiling high shelves are the forgotten histories belonging to Fort.
Miraculously, the design of the room itself has prevented any of the books from damage. The rock base of which the room's foundation is actually one of the toughest rock known to man and cannot be surpassed by any creature living, while a layer of tiles of the smoothest stone gives this room a vibrant and mysterious appeal. The door itself on the room was sealed tight and allowed for a minimum amount of circulation, thereby preventing natural decay, although most articles may be brittle despite this. White marble has been used to create an insulating layer wall against the natural rock, giving the room an unnatural brightness and a enchanted atmosphere - while also giving it four distinct walls. The ceiling as well has been made smooth with an arching apex.
As for the books and mounds of information stored in this vault of information, the organization is clear. Books bound with hard covers are kept alphabetical in the towering skybroom wood shelves, where step ladders and scrolling ladders actually attached to the shelves move to assist a person in selecting a volume. The shelves are ornately carved, many crafted with a mastery none have ever seen. Meanwhile, scrolls have a sectional shelf where each scroll based on how they were itemized has a cubical square into which they are kept in. This shelf alone has over a hundred squares in which the scrolls stick out of. As well, any loose bits of information have been assembled in files that are stored in boxes along the back wall. Apparently, recording history takes up vast amounts of space and every where one looks in this room one would find a wealth of information. The ancestors of Fort live here.

Late afternoon and the library is deserted or… WAS deserted. It won't be for very long, as the large doors are open and the Weyrleader walks through, politely keeping it propped open for those who may be following him. He's still in his flight gear, though he's managed to shake and brush most of the snow off his jacket and his boots. Under his arm, he has several rolled hides and scrolls, all wrapped in a protective cloth. "… you'd think I'd be walking away with some precious gemstone the way they were balking… and these are copies of copies…" he can be heard muttering low and almost under his breath. The Weyr has been gradually increasing in activity. Aside from the usual duties and work to be done, riders and weyrfolk alike, there has been a slow influx of Crafters, Holders and visitors as word of the Weyr Games spread and the last preparations begin. During the day when folks are busy, the atmosphere is light and festive in an anticipatory manner. Games and celebrations on the way, a clutch on the way! What could mar an otherwise good start to the winter? Oh… maybe those renegades still at large?
Kimmila follows along after Th'ero, rolling her eyes with a little smirk. "Yes, but they are /precious/ copies of copies, written by the great old Master of yonder times, whose penmanship was revered by all. And impossible to read."

Therynn is rather fond of the more deserted places, especially ones stumbled upon when wandering through the cavernous depths of Fort. A little known fact about Rynn is that despite being a loner for much of her recent past, the kid version of her slightly reclusive self loved libraries. She would read and read, all day long, about dragon healing and thread fall, the rise and demise of areas past, contemplations about the stars and space. This is also where she picked up an interest in hunting, stories of the brave fighting off unexpected predators and hunting game on a new planet. She's amazed at how much things have evolved since then, and is currently reading a hard-bound book about tactile archery and swordsmanship from dragon back. Tucked away in the silence of a secluded corner, a girl could get used to a catacomb library like this. The suction of airflow as the tightly sealed door opens and the sound of footsteps through the otherwise silent air. Before he murmurs, she's worked on placing the steps, male, about 6'0, confident, possibly a rider. The whisper of his voice rings loud in sensitive drums and Rynn pops her head up and whispers audibly "Th'ero? Kimm?"

Cyrus has been delving through the library for the better part of the day. Thus far he has been rather unsucessful in finding anything about what he is looking for. Presently he is sitting at a table with the large, old, book of lineages…pouring over it, and not taking away all that much from this reading. Around his neck he wears a sling and inside the sling is his young firelizard, who has been so bored that he has just gone to sleep. He glances up when he hears voices nearby. Some of those voices he recognizes.

Abigail is making her way on into the library, for one reason or another she be here, and why not? The brown rider still has her flight gear on proving she's had to deal with the snowy weather that is found outside. Her gold firelizard is perched upon her shoulder Annika warbles out faintly while sending a curious look over the room, oh this is a good place! Or so the gold thinks. The other voices are caught and she glances towards the others curiously to see what might be going on.

Studious Amethyst has had her nose buried in a book while her hand scribbled practically illegible notes for the most part of the afternoon, settled into the section on Fort Weyr - it's history, trade, and so on. It's when she hears voices around her that she looks up - and realises there's a Cyrus close by, who she smiles at. So absorbed in her work that she didn't even realise there was someone that close! The Smith leans back in her chair, rubs at her eyes, then runs fingers through her short-cropped hair. While stretching her neck, tilting her head side to side as she stretches her arms above her head until her joints pop, she spots Abigail - and the familiar brownrider receives a finger-wiggling wave along with a mouthed hello. Amethyst then flips her notebook shut, ready to call it for the day on that particular task.

Th'ero snorts and mutters again. "… so you've volunteered then to read them? Since you seem to appreciate their value." He's teasing her, right? Probably not. The Weyrleader won't make her do all of it though! He's not that cruel. With a long suffering sigh, he'll pause on his way to one of the tables as a voice drifts his way. "Therynn?" he calls back, careful to keep his voice lowered less he brings to Archivist all down on their heads. "What're you doing here?" Picking a table at random, he'll set the rolled hides and scrolls down (carefully!) and it's then that he spies Cyrus hard at work and he smiles crookedly. "Afternoon to you, Healer Cyrus." he greets, only to extend his greeting to Amethyst. "And to you as well, Smithcrafter…" Oops. Does he know her name? Th'ero tilts his head curiously, but before he can inquire further, Abigail arrives. "Ahh, just the Wingleader I need!" Can she still turn around and flee? Probably not.

Kimmila nudges Th'ero. "They're /useful/," she drawls. "Thanks for being the muscle and carrying them allll that way." She halts when voices echo back to them, tilting her head. "Hey, how's your hand?" Eyes scan the area and she blinks. "Goodness. This the happening place these days?"

Therynn had no idea that the library was such a happening place at Fort! What an intellectual and dapper bunch is concluded silently. Now that she's pushed to a stand, Cyrus is spotted with the aged book at a table on the other side of the cavern and Amethyst nearby as well. They must've all been at opposite ends of the shelves today. A nod is sent across the letters on pages and scrolls before attentions draw back towards Th'ero, Kimm and…tall redhead? It has been a solid two days since she's run in to the two of them, she's been counting. To save from being rude, page is marked, book closed and she approaches the group, proudly holding up her hand and stating when close enough to keep it somewhat contained. "All healed up, thank you for asking Kimmila, and reporting for duty, Th'ero, Sir." She bows and gives the ladies a smile when rising. "I've been doin' some research about collaborating ground crew and riders. Wondering if I can collaborate with Thunderbird to enhance the search and catch those scum who injured one of ours." Some serious conviction is heard in this quietly shared statement.

Cyrus gives a nod of his head in greeting to Th'ero, Kimm, Amethyst, and Therynn. It seems that his quiet library has become a place to hang out. Most of the libraries that he has ever been too have not social gathering spots. So it surprises him a bit to see the crowd making their way in. Could it be that the weyr is full of academics? Wouldn't that be something. There might actually be people that he can hold some sort of conversation here with, unlike some of the rubes from Xanadu. Could there actually be someone here that might understand? Whoa Cyrus…remember where you are….and for the sake of all that is good do not get ahold of yourself. These people might act friendly but they are not your friends. You have been reliably informed that you don't have any…well, maybe one, "Greetings." he says with a bow of his head to Th'ero and by proxy the rest of the group.

Abigail is actually turning to leave right up unto the 'wingleader' bit and there it is, she is caught! She blinks and glances over curiously. Oh boy She offers a smile and nods as she makes her way on towards where Th'ero and Kimmila happen to be. "Afternoon Th'ero, Kimmila. How can I help ye sir?" As for the other they get a nod as she doesn't know names, or wait does she? Perhaps she's forgotten them by now.
"Weyrleader, sir. Good afternoon." Amethyst has as a big a grin for Th'ero as she does for everyone else, sweeping her hands once more through her hair before flipping her research book closed as well, and listening in to the conversation between Kimmila and Therynn - both unknown faces, though that doesn't mean they don't get a smile of hello. "I heard rumours about renegade activity," she interjects once there's a polite moment to do so. "Though I don't know the full extent of it. What happened?"

Th'ero smirks to Kimmila when she nudges him and he might try to return the favour, if he can manage without too many "witnesses". The Weyrleader being playful? Nah. "You're welcome. Let me get you a chair," he murmurs, hooking one with his boot and pulling it out for her with a gesture of his hand. Have a seat! "What's wrong with being in the library?" Reading never hurt anyone… right? Th'ero begins to draw the protective cloth back from the scrolls he's brought in, sitting beside Kimmila if she ends up taking her chair. "Ahh. Do you track, Therynn? I've Brennan on that task, you could always ask him. He answers to Captain Breshir." Th'ero murmurs to her, looking pleased to hear about her hand. His mouth quirks then in a faint smile as he juts his head to Abigail. "Or you speak with Thunderbird's Wingleader. Abigail, meet Therynn." Poor Abigail. She should know better than to show up for some downtime if Th'ero is lurking about. He hands her one of the scrolls, giving her a look as he does. Abigail should know what it is, as he only nods and doesn't explain. Secrets? Oh you bet! "Come to visit us again so soon, Cyrus?" he asks of the Healer and then turns his attention back to Amethyst. He frowns for a moment, just in thought, but she will get her answer. Slightly brisk, but all truth. "Seems we've a band roaming the wilderness north of here. Some of them are guilty for attacking and attempted murder of a Harper. The Holds have had their Guards out, but we've offered what aid we can as well." So… not so much rumour?

Kimmila lifts a brow at Therynn, puzzled for a moment. "Ah…well, think you'd have to talk to Thunderbird about that…" She glances at Th'ero. Right? "Hey, Cyrus," she says, flashing Abigail a grin and then a wink. "You almost escaped," she murmurs, before looking at Amethyst with curious interest. "And hello to you as well. Basically…" She looks down at the chair offered, and is about to sit when she straightens again. "Shards. I forgot something. Stay." Did she just tell the Weyrleader to stay? Uh. Yes. Then she's gone out the door without another word. Kind of rude…

Therynn's sable shaded eyes go wide, not at the smirking nudges, nope. It's the idea of calling Brennan Captain Breshir that gives her that goofy expression. "Code names sir?" is questioned, eyeing the scrolls briefly before deciding it's probably none of her business what's on them. Head is nodded "Aye, tracking is one of m'specialties n'mglad t'be of service." She fishes for clarification in whispers "So orders are to team up with Bren.. err Captian Breshir? Then he and I can find.." Sideways glances fall upon Amethyst, and then Cyrus not in a judgmental way, just with some serious discernment as Rynn is half-certain there's gotta be a leak in the Weyr or something. Ok, she's probably just being a little paranoid. "Greetings.." are returned to Cyrus and she asks "Find the perfect suit yet?" before focus is re-centered on this serendipitous introduction. "Abigail.. Wingleader of Thunderbird." Rynn will bow, offer a shake with a smile "Well met. Therynn, recently reposted huntress of Western Weyr. Handpicked and trained by renowned hunter Quarrel, spent the last 10 turns under guidance in his fellowship. My skills are at your service." Straightening from her bow the girl still stands at a stretched 5'nothing, watching with raised brow as Kimmila departs with one directed word.

Cyrus never really left. There wasn't a point in going. He got measured but is going to have to wait around to get the suit and so he sticks around. The library seemed to be the best sort of place to go in the mean time, "I never really left. I'll probably be here for another day or so." he explains to the weyrleader. It is becoming obvious that he isn't going to get any sort of studying done and lets face it…most of it is pointless anyway. He isn't going to find what he needs here, he's going to have to break down and just ask for assistance, but if he does that what then? The things that people will say about him. No. He best keep his study habits to himself for the present. You just can't trust anyone, "I have the weavers working on it." he says with a smile to Therynn. Paranoia isn't a problem if they actually are out to get you. And in many cases there are people out to get you. He closes his book with a sigh. Ahh well. It was worth a shot. If what he was doing was easy everyone would be doing it.

Abigail didn't catch what Therynn said right away, but now she does. She just peers at the girl a moment and lifts a brow while just peering at the girl a few moments. "Enhance it /how/?" Is now questioned. Isn't that her job? You know she is just the Wingleader after all. She eyes the girl a few moments and smirks while her gold lizard she left staring at Therynn. Hasn't learned well enough it seems seeing how she wandered in here right after the leader, she should and went back to her weyr and got that nap in! The scroll is give and she lifts a brow while eyeing it and then the look from Th'ero which gets her to nod a moment. Nope he doesn't need to explain it at the moment. Yes they are back to work on finding the bad guys, which is alright with her. A bit of amusement is seen while she peers at Kimmila and then glance to Th'ero which just makes her grin. No comment from this rider. There is a pause as she glances back to Therynn and she just peers at the girl a few moments. "Good for ye?" Is offered with a soft tone showing that the rider isn't that impressed with who trained her. To Abbey hard work should been shown not talked about. "We're see what skills you have and go from there. I will not allow someone tromping through the forest after this bunch that is not a Rider, Guard that is not well trained."

The Weyrleader's explanation is accepted with a wince and a nod, and Amethyst is mulling it over when Kimmila makes her exit - and yes, there is a bemused look for the way the bluerider speaks to Th'ero. Although she doesn't know Cyrus, she does turn to him when he answers to stay he'll be staying a little longer. "Ooh, if you can stay a little longer than a few days, you'd be welcome to come to my jewellery evening." From a pouch around her waist, hidden somewhere beneath the table, she pulls out one of the flyers that have been scattered around the Weyr of late. It's handed over to Cyrus, and a few more are procured to be given out, should anyone want them. "There'll be men's jewellery there, too. Wine, music, food… it'll be a good time." She's got an ear cocked for the conversation between the riders and huntress, though she refrains from commenting so far; is it a Smith's place to get involved? Probably not!

Th'ero blinks when Kimmila "commands" him and then promptly snorts, shooting her a look and promptly… follows it? The Weyrleader is going no where but he does watch her abrupt departure with some concern. The other scrolls are pulled close but aren't opened, his focus brought back to Therynn. He frowns, a bit puzzled. "Code names?" he says, only to blink again and chuckle briefly. "Ah, no. Brennan offered his services as a tracker after he was brought in by Kimmila and Mr'az. Guard Captain Breshir is a very real person and leads the Weyr's Guards. Figured he could use a tracker and the Captain often works with Thunderbird too. Isn't that right, Abigail?" he muses. "Is that so?" Th'ero replies to Cyrus, giving the Healer a curious look and glancing down to the book he's reading — or was. "You're welcomed to see if the Master Healer here has work for you in the Infirmary, if you'd like?" As Abigail greets Therynn, he'll listen and chuckle dryly. "Ah, now, Wingleader… couldn't hurt to pull in some trackers, could it? Scouts, if you will." Famous last words but Th'ero's had some experience flushing out renegades. Laris made sure of that. The word 'jewelry' catches his attention then and the Weyrleader will take one of the flyers from Amethyst, reading it with interest. "If duties permit, I will see if I can attend…" he murmurs, giving the young Smithcrafter a smile. "Sounds like a very nice event. Good timing too, what with the Games about to start. Wonder if I shouldn't send one of these to my sister, Kiena. She's a Smithcrafter too."

Therynn finds the library soiree pretty amusing as the group congregates and speaks of suits and missions. What a funny encounter the huntress thinks to herself while watching the interactions. A nod for the tall brown haired gent is paired with a "Good t'hear it Cyrus.." though mention of intention behind suit purchasing is not brought up despite the urge to wish him well. The eyeballing and questioning from the fiery red head has her gulping for fleeting confidence. "Not really anything can be done to truly enhance an already well coordinated Wing like your ma'am.." She curtseys meekly but with deep respect, continuing to explain. "With a little extra support from people who are 'ground-bound' as I like to call it, messages and minutiae from information collected down below could be relayed to the Thunderbird air team in hopes of.." she looks around to make sure not all ears are on them and says to Abigail below breath "..taking care of our little issue" even though Th'ero has laid it out rather plainly. Double pairs of staring rider and gold lizard eyes have her feeling about an inch tall at the moment, and the frown on the Weyrleader's face doesn't help. When it turns in to a chuckle, the huntress laughs it off for just as long as Th'ero does "Ohh.. gotcha, really a real person.. code names would be fun though!" Back to business it is confirmed "Done, done and done. I'm ready for action and will follow through with that immediately sir." Listening in on conversations seems so easy in a library, Rynn catching the exchange between Cyrus and Amethyst. She's finally run in to the infamous jeweler who's fliers she's seen just about everywhere. It doesn't seem like the most opportune time to ask for special requests, but an introduction is made to attentive ears jeweler. "Jewelry you say? Y'must be Amethyst.. well met. Word of your 'jewelry evening' is all over the weyr. M'names Therynn, looking forward to it."

Cyrus knows that Th'ero is being polite in offering him some work, but that probably wouldn't be the best idea. The masters back at the hall have given him strict instructions not to work at a weyr for the moment, and all things considered he's lucky to be still practicing at all. So he best not disobey them at the present, "Thanks, but I won't bother them. I'm sure they have a schedule already worked out." Yes. He's reading an old dusty book. Everyone is entitled…its a free library after all. He is surprised though when seemingly out of the blue he gets invited to a party for jewlery. That is a first. He really isn't the sort of guy who is interested in bling and as Amethyest goes on and talks about how there will be alcohol and that the event will be a good time he becomes all the more certain he will not attend, "Thank you for the invitation." he says politely. Yes. He will be filing that one away in the 'I'll consider it forever' category. Though he might pass the pamphlet on to Sairon. There is a young man who is clearly interested in having a good time.

Abigail glances to Th'ero at the comment on scouts and is about to comment but chooses not to. She doesn't like the idea really. "I don't see why it would hurt. I just want to make sure no one else gets hurt is all sir." She's big on that seeing how everything happened with this issues after all. As the girl goes on she is just peering at Therynn watching her a few moments more before a brow lifts and she smirks slightly. "We shall see what happens. Ye speak with the Captain, I'm sure he'll have plenty of things to ask ye and then come see me and we're go from there." She doesn't want this turning into something crazy after all. Her gaze turns to Amethyst at the talk of jeweler and she ahs softly. "I'll take to wander by." Though that is all, she doesn't do much with jeweler honestly. Where is that bronze riders of hers at, he should be told about this though. She looks to Cyrus curiously before glancing back to Th'ero. "I'll look stuff over and we're go from there Sir. I need to finish a few things if that is all?" She'll wait to make sure before turning to slip out, even with a slight wave seen before she is out. The gold firelizard warbling all the while her ideas on something it seems, the lizard is always 'talking' to some degree.

"By all means, Weyrleader, feel free to invite whoever you'd like - this is /your/ Weyr, after all." Amethyst winks at him as she pushes her chair back from the table she was working at, gathering her reference book and notebook up against her chest. "It's an open event, and the more who come, the more chance we may have of making a mark or two." Another wink - this time with a click of her tongue. Therynn's recognition earns a polite, friendly laugh, and the Smith offers her work-scarred hand to the huntress in a formal greeting. "Well met, Therynn, and while I'm glad word's spreading - good for business, of course - I didn't think I was quite /that/ infamous yet. But it's a pleasure meeting you, and I'll hope to see you there? And you too, Healer." Meaning Cyrus, of course, since she doesn't quite know his name yet. "Please feel free to spread the word. And, um, Weyrleader, sir? If you want a special piece commissioned, perhaps as a prize for one of the Weyr Games, we're very open to discussions." The Smith grins, hugging the large book to her chest. "It was a pleasure meeting you all, but I've got work to do elsewhere, now my research is complete. Good afternoon." A jaunty salute is made to all those present, before she meanders along the shelves to put her book away on her way out.

"Code names may just lead to confusion," Th'ero admits, a smile still curling the corners of his mouth as his eyes settle on Therynn for a moment. "We tend to keep things simple here." Based on a complex system. It took the Weyrleader awhile to work out the kinks, but it is what it is. The Weyr can only do so much, after all and the rest lies on the Holds cooperation. "Fair enough," he answers Cyrus with a polite nod of his head and does not question the Healer further. Craft business is not his to pry into and he'll let it rest. "That is all, Abigail. Be sure to read that scroll and I will meet with you later. Clear skies, Wingleader." Th'ero murmurs in a rather formal dismissal, his eyes following her as she steps out the door. He begins to gather the scrolls left to him, pushing to his feet as he does. Looks like he'll need to hunt Kimmila down. He expected the bluerider to have returned by now! "Aye, it's my Weyr." Th'ero agrees and he chuckles again. "But it is your event. I am not about to invite outsiders without asking, in case this was to be a local event only." he muses, tucking the scrolls under his arm. Amethyst's suggestion of a prize has the Weyrleader pausing in thoughtful consideration. "That'd be a very generous offer and one I will share with Nyalle. We'll speak again, if the Weyrwoman approves." So it looks like there may be a discussion after all! "Good afternoon and clear skies. And I'm afraid I must take my leave as well. Enjoy the remainder of your afternoon, the two of you." Th'ero will dip his head respectfully to Therynn and Cyrus and with his work tucked under his arm, he will turn back towards the commonplace tunnels. Time to hunt down his wayward weyrmate and perhaps corral his Weyrwoman and juniors.