Fort Weyr - Center Bowl
The wide center of the bowl is often bustling with activity as riders come and go. Off westward can be seen the entrances for the candidate barracks and the guest weyr, while to the east is a large opening that leads into the dragon infirmary. The bowl stretches off both to the north and to the south, where the sheer stone walls rise steeply to the sky.

NOTE: This log is incomplete and starts midway through an existing scene. If someone has the first half, please feel free to add it to this log!

Sairon gives a nod of his head where he stands besides Cyrus, thumbs still hooked into his belt at his sides. "Well, we'll have some time to kill once you get measured, sooo… that'll be step one. May as well take a tour of the place while we're here, huh? Never got to come this far north in my travels, been wanting to check this place out. I mean, you got a lot of history and character here, I guess if you're into that thing."

Cyrus figures that getting measured will take what less than a few minutes right? Something like that can't take all that long. Though he does have some concerns about how long it would take to actually 'make' a suit. He has no point of reference to how fast a weaver works. Though he supposes if you get enough talent working on something it can't take all that long right? He is going to find out though one way or another. He nods to Sairon, "I have been here once or twice. I can't say that I'm all that 'in' to history. Though there are exceptions." There are some historical things like medical stuff that interest him among other things…."I suppose I could take a look at their archives."

Therynn comes out of her haze with a cough. Yep, she was just basically standing around listening to the chit chat. "If you'll excuse me.. nice t'meet ya." and with that the tiny quiet presence slips away for the time being.

Th'ero's boots crunch along the snow covered ground as he makes his way from the south bowl and his steps can be considered 'sedate'. Which is a good thing. It's never a good thing if the Weyrleader is stomping his way through the Weyr or storming or rushing. Usually that spells trouble, either for everyone or for whoever was foolish enough to draw his attention (or require his presence). Not that his current "stroll" is leisurely, as he has his head bowed as he speaks with a Guard Officer and a Wingrider with the Policing Thunderbird badge. Yet his path isn't to continue with theirs, as they excuse themselves and head further into the Weyr. Which leaves Th'ero a moment to slow down and he'll dip his head to Therynn as he catches the distracted hunter before she flees. That brings his eyes to fall on Sairon and Cyrus next. Archives? It's all he hears, but it's enough and he steps a little closer. "Good day to you both." he greets, his voice low, features set in a reserved but welcoming smile.

"Suure, books sound… thrilling." Sairon says with a bland expression on his face, reaching up a hand to scratch at the back of his neck. "All this snow, there's gotta some good downhills or somethi—" At the greeting, he glances towards Th'ero. There a single blink, eyes falling to the knot of the man before he dips his head in a short bow. "Good day, Weyrleader." And that was a quick shift from teasing his friend to being almost well-bred formal. "Congratulations on the recent affirmation of it!"

Cyrus has never been great when it came to protocol of anything. It always felt so 'fake' and dishonest to him. If he was going to have respect for someone it wasn't going to be because of some rank but rather because of some achievement. Th'ero's recent achievement is hardly worth mentioning. Still Cyrus has learned from years of studying people that sometimes you just have to go through the motions to keep the peace and make people happy. He gives a stiff bow of his head, "Greetings to you as well, weyrleader." Then he looks over to Sairon and shakes his head, "Books are thrilling. If you know what you are looking for."

"Ah, thank you…" Th'ero's mouth quirks up just a little further at the corners into what could be a hint of amusement for Sairon's comment. It is an achievement to attain rank of any kind, especially one as high as Weyrleader and hold it for as long as he has. Not all bronzeriders get the title, fewer can keep hold and he takes a fierce pride in knowing the populace of Fort Weyr support him. His dark eyes shift to settle on Sairon to study him curiously. It's only then that the Weyrleader comes to the conclusion that he hasn't seen him before and does not have a name, he politely clears his throat. "… Are you here visiting the Weyr?" Not that he remembers every name, but he does his best to memorize faces. Especially in times like these… "I'll have to agree, books are thrilling." Th'ero goes on to say to Cyrus, dipping his head politely to both men before sliding a glance between them. Cyrus is unfamiliar as well. "Are you both here visiting, then? If it's "thrills" you may be seeking… well, the Archives here are the oldest and largest. Outdoors — we're to have the Games soon."

"I am. My name is Sairon, sir." Says the man in question. "And my mother would have my hide for new riding boots if I didn't give you the greetings of gold Avarinth's Saisri and bronze Treasath's B'rm." The names are older riders, long retired of Eastern. "She wishes I was into reading but I'm afraid it's just not my thing, least not now. I have my whole life to sit in stuffy libraries, only so long to see the world and get some adventures in. That's why I'm out seeing it now. Ah, yes, I did hear of the Games!"

Cyrus would argue that if anyone made an achievement in him being weyrleader it would be his dragon, which largely has nothing to do with the man himself. Unless there is something Th'ero has accomplished for himself there is little victory Cyrus would see in it. Though he has learned the hard way not to share your thoughts openly. Besides, it is possible, that Th'ero is a good guy. Maybe he does have some good leadership achievements under his belt. One should not judge hastily. He glances over to Sairon as he goes into his extended greeting. The boy does like to talk. Almost too much. He nods his head approvingly when Th'ero speaks well of books. Might be a sensible chap after all, "Yes. I am just visiting from the Healer Hall. In the weyr to find a suit." he explains.

"Well met, Sairon. I'm Th'ero, rider of bronze Velokraeth." No need to mention rank again, so he only keeps that quirked half-smile on his lips before his brows knit together in thought. Saisri and B'rm? If they had been Leadership of Eastern, Th'ero would know their names. Oh, the "joys" of politics and in having to brush up on a bit of history of the other Weyrs, less he blunder. So perhaps the names are vaguely familiar or it's his curiosity that has him focusing a little more on Sairon. "You're far from Eastern. So that's why you're out this north then, eh? Adventures and travel?" he muses, only to nod his head. "We should have the event lists up soon, to give folks an idea of what is to come." Glancing back to Cyrus, it's probably a good thing Th'ero doesn't know. He's achieved a lot as Weyrleader and to keep his rank since he first came to Fort. Part of it is Velokraeth's doing, but the largest part is that he has the Weyr behind him. Weyr's choice, as some say and in order to achieve that, one has to build trust. It's not easy, being Weyrleader. Not by a long shot. "A suit? Will you be at the opening ceremonies then or the jewelry exhibition one of the posted Smithcrafter's is hosting?" All good reasons for a suit, right?

"Yes sir." Sairon remarks to Th'ero. "I was born and raised there before mom went back to Telgar to retire. I just wasn't ready to, eh ya know, settle down and stuff. There's gotta be more out there than just picking up a trade and the dragons haven't seemed keen on me at all, so, just lookin for what to do with my life. Figured I'd find it on a mountaintop or something. I'll definitely check out those games, though, figured I'll stick around the area awhile." As the two turn to talk of suits, he just grins. "Cy', I'll catch up with ya. I need to find me some water. A pleasure, Weyrleader, and clear skies."

Cyrus has already heard the reason for Sairon being out and about, so it isn't really that much of a surprise when he gives a similar story to the weyrleader that he had given him when they had met upon the road. Trust is indeed and accomplishmen. There are so few people in the world that a person can actually trust. If he has managed to gain a whole weyr's trust then more power to him. He blinks as Sairon declares that this is the moment when he is going to leave. So the talkative man sticks with him all day on the road and then ditches him with a weyrleader…isn't that just lovely, "See you later…" he says with a wave of his hand. He then turns his full attention back to Th'ero, "I suppose its possible that I'll be around for the opening ceremony. I'm not sure if the hall will be sending a delegation or not." he admits, "I'm not planning to attend in a personal capacity." he says with a polite smile.

Given that Th'ero has almost died twice for the Weyr and has spent almost a decade, if not that long, protecting its people and seeing it through some dark, troubling times, he's gained far more than trust for some. That he's been Weyrleader even through three Weyrwoman speaks volumes, though he would never brag about it. He's not a braggart and even seems a bit sheepish for any praise given to his position. Sairon's congratulations were polite and simple enough. "Clear skies, Sairon. You can find some water in the living caverns or the lounge below." Although that'll be a different sort of water… of the alcoholic variety. "They may or they may not. Healer Hall may have Healers on standby though. Not that the one's posted here aren't capable enough," Th'ero didn't mean offence and his half-smile to Cyrus may reassure him of this. "But with the numbers expected… additional help may be required. Though we can hope the injuries will be minimal." He's no fool to hope for no injuries. Snow, ice and activities, some at high speeds? Oh, something is bound to happen. He tilts his head a bit, brows knit in slight puzzlement but all he says is: "To each their own."

Kimmila and Varmiroth land nearby, a short distance from Th'ero and Cyrus, the small powder blue dragon watching for a moment before he crouches to let his rider dismount. Tugging off her helmet, Kimmila shoulders her bow and adjusts her quiver before she approaches the pair, dipping her head in polite greeting. "Hello. Didn't get anything this time," she says to Th'ero with a little shrug. "Heck of a time to have an insatiable gold…mid-winter with little game…" Great timing, Kayeth, thank you.

Cyrus also figures that given the nature of the events there will be some injuries: broken limbs, concussions, ect… Fairly standard stuff really. Always the possibility of an outbreak of food poisoning, but all are fairly standard. He is unconcerned and he doesnt' taken Th'ero's remark as a slight in the least. It's a difficult thing to accomplish in regards to insulting Cyrus. Though if a person were to manage it they had better watch out because it is likely that Cyrus will soon help them learn the full measure of the depth of his disappointment in them. Thankfully though, no worries about all that. He does try to read the man and his puzzlement. He doesn't always understand the reactions he produces in others, "The suit is for other circumstances." he says to explain further, hoping that it will be sufficent. He also gives a polite nod in return to Kimmila as she makes an apperance, "Greetings."

Tifla is a young woman, somewhere in the middle of her teenage turns. She's short and generally tiny, just a little under five feet tall. Her frame is generally slim, though she has curves that seem almost a little oversized for her body. She's still got that general sort of teenager awkwardness, her movements having a certain nervous lack of grace. Her skin is dusky and her eyes a deep brown, her features tiny and soft. Her hair is a chestnut brown and straight, flowing free down to the middle of her back.

Many things can happen during an even as large as the Weyr Games, but the Fortian Leadership and others are looking to make sure as much of it as possible run smoothly. Time will tell! "Other circumstances?" Sadly, Cyrus doesn't escape so easily! Th'ero is a curious man by nature and he keeps it to respectful boundaries. "What would those be, if you don't mind me asking?" he says in an amiable tone. Just an innocent inquiry, based on neutral and casual conversation. Varmiroth's landing catches his attention immediately and Th'ero's posture shifts and one could say the Weyrleader looks happy, if not downright delighted, for a fraction of a second before his masks slide smoothly back into place. "Good to see you, Kimmila! Oh? Is game scarce?" This seems worrisome and he frowns. "Perhaps I'll have someone speak with the Hunters here… or ask Nyalle to see to that. Be sure we're not overhunting — or others are not."

Kimmila shifts her bow to her other shoulder as she approaches, nodding to Th'ero with a smile and stopping a respectful distance away. "Hey," she says to Cyrus with a little nod. "Not that we could find. Bet they've just gone to hiding with so many dragons about, and so much activity. We should hunt down south, or on our island. Talk to Dei." She smirks. "Nyalle? I guess you could…" Though she hardly seems confident about the Senior. "So," back to Cyrus, "you new here?"

Cyrus nods his head again when the weyrleader asks more specifically. Cyrus just has this thing about honesty, he can't not answer a direct question, "There is a dance at the Healer Hall coming up. I have a date and I want to make sure that I look as presentable as possible for Kera." he says in answer to the weyrleaders question. Ask and the information shall be given. The issue of game doesn't really matter all that much to him on a practical level. He keeps the knowledge filed away in his mind though. He nods again to Kimmila, "Yes. I'm just visiting."

Th'ero will step closer to Kimmila, boots crunching over the snow as he stands close to the blue rider's side. Far more close than a Weyrleader ought to despite her stopping at a respectful distance, but those in the Weyr know that these two are weyrmated and have been for Turns. They're just private about it, but the signs are there. "Could be all the activity. Hunting south is an option. Drake's Lake?" He frowns, considering it and then sighs heavily. Talk to Dtirae, the former senior Weyrwoman? Easier said than done. "We'll see. Doubt it'd do harm if we took some of their stock." To Cyrus, Th'ero's brows lift a bit in surprise both for the knowledge of a dance at the Hall, but also for the name given. "Kera… a greenrider? Xanadian?" he asks and then smiles. "Well, I'm sure the Weaver's here can help you find an acceptable suit. You can always inquire with a Haast Wingrider too if you need transport to Weavercraft Hall."

Kimmila tilts her head a little bit. "Kera. Isn't she the one that came to our winter thing with that brownrider? She liked the lanters." Who didn't? "She your girlfriend?" she asks the Healer with a crooked grin, turning to watch Th'ero's approach and winking at him. "I think we should hunt further south. Even if it's not /that/ far south." She looks back at Cyrus. "Xanadu, huh? You know Kiena?"

Therynn may be a bit of a loaner, but she can also be a creature of habit. After an extensive checkup with the healers, her previously bandaged hand is now unwrapped and getting some air. It is not the prettiest sight, a scalding cup of toddy having spilled over the dorsal surface, and now two large pock parks from blisters past remain. The edges are jagged and the skin that was once fluid filled looks pale white without blood flow as fresh pink skin begins layering beneath. Stepping out from the living caverns she peers around to see if any of the faces from earlier happen to be about. Immediately, Kimmila and Th'ero come in to view, and there's relief to see some familiar faces, despite the sometimes ominous connotations associated with their ranking. While Rynn has been happy to be of service lately, she's a bit embarrassed to approach with wounded hand letting out a meek "Hi there.." with a smile as she nears.

It seems that Kera's name is known here. This shouldn't be shocking. She probably does travel around more now than she did, "Yes. She is a greenrider for Xanadu." Cyrus affirms with a quick nod of his head. He blinks a bit when Kimmila mentions that she came to some gathering with a brownrider, he finds himself half wondering who it could be, but gives a quick shake of his head to clear the thought. That isn't important. What is important is not messing up the future, "No. Not yet." he answers Kimmila. Cyrus would certainly love to be able to say Kera was his girlfriend but that would likely be considered premature, "I hope perhaps one day." he adds. Luckily he has trained himself to show very little reaction to things and so when Kiena's name comes up he doesn't flinch, "I'm afraid I do not know her well. I only met her once." And once was more than enough for both of them. He waves as Therynn reappears, "Hello."

"Oh yes, she did! Don't think she was a rider then. Mur'dah was the brownrider. I remember him because he is…" Th'ero falters then, stumbling and promptly clears his throat. "… is Thea's son." No, he won't use the past tense. Thea may be gone, but that doesn't change the brown rider's lineage. "Kimmila," he chides, but his tone is almost gentle. There may be a slight nudge to the blue rider's side too. "What question is that to ask?" Glancing to Cyrus, he nods his head and smiles faint and crookedly. "Best of luck to you, then." he murmurs and there's a sidelong look to Kimmila and his smile broadens a bit before his attention is pulled away. First, by mention of his sister's name. "Ahh, have you? Not surprising you've only met her once. She's dedicated to her duty of Weyrsecond. I've not heard from or seen her since… shells… Ista's Weyrgames?" Months. That brings a slight frown, as if only NOW aware of the time. Hmm. "Good day to you, Therynn!" Th'ero greets when he too spots her approaching, only to frown in earnest now. He'll pick up on her change in behaviour! "… is something wrong?"

Kimmila turns her head when Therynn approaches, and she frowns a bit too. "What's up?" Looking back to Cyrus and Th'ero, the bluerider shifts her bow and nods. "Right, Mur'dah. That was the guy. She was all smitten…" She grins crookedly. "So you want to date Kera? What're you doing here then? Just visiting? Kiena's tough. I like her."

Therynn tilts her head towards the tall, brown haired gent whom she briefly remembers being names Cyrus "Still working on finding a suit eh? She must be special.." states Captain Obvious. Therynn has never been much for words, the glum topic of a never forgotten goldrider solidifying her moments of silence. She'll bow deeply to the Weyrleader and blue rider, but there's no hiding her dismay and wounded hand as she's questioned quickly about the change in demeanor. Hand is held up "Looks like I'll be out for at least two days.. burnt m'self on a toddy at Shenanigan's.." she won't overindulge as to how that happened and sighs instead. "Been working with Brennan on getting a crossbow in the meantime.. healers cleared me, but pulling strings is a no go for now." The frown of the wounded not being able to do what they love is oh so sad.

Cyrus isn't going to let her being smitten with Mur'dah bother him. That is obviously in the past and Mur'dah has clearly moved on, if their most recent conversation is any indication. Hopefully the universe will decide to have some small amount of mercy on Mur'dah, but he won't be holding his breath, "Thank you." he says to Th'ero. He might not know Th'ero but recieving a bit of good wishes from somebody, anybody truly, is a rather big change of pace, "I'm just visiting. I am presently stationed at the Healer Hall." he explains to Kimmila. He hears Therynn explain what has happened to herself and blinks, "Have you had that looked at?" he asks.

"You like Kiena until she beats you at archery…" Th'ero drawls under his breath, glancing sidelong to Kimmila and his lips might draw up in a hint of a mischievous smirk. The Weyrleader may also be tensing in preparation for some retaliation from the bluerider for that comment and he will dare to chuckle a little too. "Well, I hope you decide to visit again sometime. Kera, of course, is welcome too." Which is obvious enough. Therynn's explanation of her injury has Th'ero flinching in sympathy, though he looks relieved to know it isn't anything overly serious (or crippling). "Glad to hear you're on the mend and that the Healer's here have already cleared you. You've met Brennan, then? Good man. Kimmila, it was you and Mr'az who found him, wasn't it?" Worse for wear, but found all the same! Th'ero chuckles dryly. "A crossbow for him or you? I know he mentioned his was lost…"

Kimmila smirks at Th'ero. "Yes, but I also like her /after/ she beats me at archery." So that says something. She frowns at Therynn, concerned at the state of her hand, and snorts. "If you burn yourself you maybe shouldn't be trusted witha crossbow," she says, and it's half a tease at least. "Brennan. Yeah. Fell off a cliff or something." She eyes this hunter, thinks about the other one, and smirks. "We need to hunt further south." With that, she'll turn and stomp off, without a word of farewell to any of them. Distracted by a sudden thought, no doubt.

Therynn still doesn't get the whole gossiping about dating thing, mostly because she doesn't date, but everyone has their time to shine… or be talked about. The tidbit about Kiena is stored in the knowledge base of people to never p*#$ off or challenge to an archery competition. That flinch from Th'ero has her frowning more because in Rynn's mind two days of not being useful is much too long. "Thank you sir.." is said with a tip of head and soft smile "Can't be better and back on the hunt soon enough.. and yes.. a good man.." her feelings on the subject are not concealed by the rosy cheeks that are a dead giveaway. "N'thank you Cyrus, got checked out at the Infirmary, numb weed salve and rest they say.. no hunting for two days.." her tone shows she's not pleased with the resting prescription. "It was hardly my fault.." she works on convincing Kimmila "Musical chairs with a drink in hand.. just another day at Shenanigans.." She really didn't spill it on herself, promise! "Maybe we can all go out shooting together once m'better? I mean if your duties will allow.." she asks of Kimm and Th'ero "N'Cyrus if you're around a good healer on deck is always welcomed too.." Well now, look who's being all talkative and such! "A cliff.. eesh.." he's not the only one who's fallen around here, and by the look on Therynn's face the twitter pated concern is clear to those that are astute about the subject.

Cyrus is pleased to hear that the lady has been getting that looked at. Those sort of injuries can really fester and he wouldn't want to see something like that happen to anyone, "I'm sure that I'll be around from time to time." he says to Therynn and then turns his attention back to Th'ero. He gives the Weyrleader another short little bow, "It was good to meet you. I'm sure that you will be seeing me around from time to time. Especially until I get my suit." After that he will most likely not pop in as much, but one never really knows. He could bring Kera here on an outing. That might be kind of fun, "Thank you for your hospitality, weyrleader." he says as he begins to move off into the caverns to find this crafting cavern.

Th'ero blinks as Kimmila suddenly stalks off and barely suppresses a sigh for her hasty exit. From the way his gaze lingers in the direction she left, the Weyrleader is already considering to pursue her. First, however, he has a few farewell's to give. It's only polite, after all. Dipping his head respectfully to Cyrus, he'll offer a reserved smile. "Well met and perhaps we will cross paths again. If not, if you do come by again, I hope your future visits are good ones. Best of luck and clear skies." A bit formal, but he is the Weyrleader. It's almost habit and ingrained him now and it'll take a few more meetings before he relaxes enough to drift towards casualness. Such as with Therynn, who receives a slightly warmer smile but the same respectful dip of his head. "I'm sadly a very poor shot with a bow or crossbow. My weapons of choice are blades or close contact which is… difficult for hunting. Now, if we're to fish? That is another matter. You'd be better to ask my sister, Kiena, to a hunting pattern to join you and Kimmila. Take care, Therynn. Clear skies and hope you can resume hunting soon." Glancing to both of them, he'll add a quick: "Good day." And then he's off at a brisk pace. No doubt to chase down that weyrmate of his!

Therynn is extremely grateful Cyrus did not share the concepts revolved around his understanding of festering burns and smiles at the gent with a gentle nod of her messy haired head. "I do hope so, and that your date goes well too." She'll give a flick of the wrist wave/salute type thingy as he departs, shaking her head with silent contemplation about this whole silly dating thing and what it does to people. Kimm's departure has brows a raised, and she's sighing as she cannot be of any service to the rider. There's a glimmer of hope that she latches on to in Th'ero's smile. "Maybe y'just need t'practice more.." she thinks of a better solution "Or! We could do both. Archery n'fishing go together quite well.. though I'm always up for meeting another female hunter." With that, the group is dispersing and she waves to the Weyrleader. "And to you sir.. thank you."