Ancient Tunnel
This tunnel twists and turns, interspersed with columns created when stalagmite met stalactite. The columns consist of compressed layers of interspersed white, brown, and blue, much like the many layers of a candle melted down. Line of sight is broken, and most of the tunnel is hidden in deep shadow that writhes no matter what light source is used. Small paths scatter about, branching out into forks in the road, where darkness roams and direction can be quickly turned about. The use of caution must not be taken for granted. Behind, toward the west is the exit - ahead is a maze of shadows and rock, where dangers may lurk and the promise of return may be slim.

Hunters and riders and burns, oh my! It has been quite the day for Therynn, and this type of excitement always leads to one thing: the desire to slip away from it all, leaving the whole commotion of chaotic civilization behind for an intoxicating moment of piece and quiet. This place has got to be Rynn's favorite discovery so far. She'd heard tales of the ancient tunnel systems, but mostly thought they were a myth or boarded up or something along those lines. Much to her delighted surprise, she's found her way in to the depths of Fort and is in complete awe of the stalagmite and stalactite formations down here. She's ventured far in to the innards, toting a large beverage skin, glow basket, and two fire lizards along as she follows the maze with amazement.

It's been a bit of a day for Brennan as well; a little more alcohol than intended a bit earlier in the day than intended, plus a bit more resultant socializing than intended as a result and, well…he's feeling a little worn out. In need of quiet himself, he has also taken to exploring the depths of Fort's tunnels. No one seems to be about, especially the deeper he goes. It's cooler here, meaning he's had to roll down his sleeves, though he hasn't gone back to the caverns to change out those brown wherhide pants for a warmer variety. Moving around, being careful not to strain his injuries while also maneuvering a glowbasket so that he isn't exploring blindly, has got him feeling warm enough. Quiet steps are moving slower now, his appreciation genuine as he slips between the impressive rock formations of the ancient tunnel…and then movement up ahead catches his eye. There is someone else here. Stealthily venturing a little closer, he almost chuckles. Of course. It would make sense, wouldn't it. He lets his steps gain some volume so Therynn will hear them a little before he softly clears his throat. "Great minds?" he ventures, stepping around a column just a little narrower than himself. Shadows waver strangely in the glowlight, both on the walls and the contours of his face - but not eerily so. Not to him, anyway.

Therynn hears some shuffling in the far distance, keen ears picking up the movement of feet - rather agile ones, male, tall, possibly injured slightly. She's stopped dead in her tracks. Not sure if she's about to find one of those pitiful yet ruthless creepers that have been apparently attempting to threaten the area, the huntress is flat against a dark inlet behind one of the teardrop shaped layers of dripping rock formations. She knows whoever is lurking in the distance is on to her as well, so her not completely wrecked dominant hand reaches for one of her waist daggers, just in case. How did he know she was there? Did he know it was her from that far away? Is he following her? Now she's all wrapped up in her thoughts again, grip loosening from the hilt of her S-shaped slicer. "Brennan?" All that white has been ditched for some purple PJ yoga type pants and a black comfy Tee. Her darkly stained moccasins have always been good at sneaking around on the unsuspecting, but tonight she's found herself face to face with the mysterious gent who's got her adrenaline rushing more than a hunt. Surprise, surprise! Glow basket is held up to lessen that slightly eerie-for-a-girl-in-a-dark-cave-at-night glow. She's seen many a creepy thing, but the light definitely does the fellow hunter's handsome face some justice. Mostly she wants to fall in to those eyes again. Un-bandaged hand is hanging at her side; they said to let it get some air, and cool filtered air like this soothes like none other. "What are you doing down here so late…" Talking is good.

Brennan doesn't go on the defensive when he notices Therynn trying to lay low in further along the dark tunnel and likely going for a knife, mostly because he's sure she'll figure things out in short order. Unsurprisingly, the answer to her voicing of his name is a grunt in the affirmative. "Same thing as you, I reckon," he replies, taking in the surroundings as he draws near and then spotting a shallow, flat outcrop sticking out from the wall nearby. He sets his glowbasket there, then leans up against the nearest column, noting the girl's change in garb and the lack of bandage on the hand that bore it earlier. "Just havin' a look around. Gettin' away from the crowd. Speakin' of, anything interesting happen once I was outta there?" Maybe he's curious as to whether or not Nae actually stayed upright, though he's content to keep it vague for now.

Therynn blinks, and blinks, and blinks again - kinda like she did before - with unintentionally lusty eyes that give her away. "Suppose so," she says matter-of-factly, stepping out in to the opening with a more expansive view - which just so happens to be a little bit closer to where he stands. She holds it up, a thick layer of salve layered over two medium sized blister pock marks. "They got squished between Nae and the chair…" and she notices him noticing things about her. "That and Nae invited a couple wallflowers like ourselves t'drink. They didn't seem to into it, but I'm not sure what happened with them when I went back to the Infirmary…" She shakes her head, sighs softly and goes for a good lean. "What a day. Weyr life eh?" Her glows are placed next to Brennan's, which intensifies their effect on the surrounding area.

Even in the low light, Brennan can eventually detect the nature of the activity of Therynn's eyes, and as ever, subtle amusement over what's readable there brings out a smirk. When she holds up her hand, he does what he'd nearly been able to do in the bar earlier and reaches out for it, surprisingly gentle as he moves it closer to the glowlight to better see the damage. "Mmm. Shouldn'ta given you somethin' hot enough t' burn like that in the first place," he says, a slight growl at the edge of his voice. Thumb tracing lightly just above where the salve begins to glisten over the blisters, he adds, "Shame it's not spring. There're some aloes that grow close to the river when it warmer. Raw leaves'd heal that up twice as quick as what they've got you smearin' on there." So he knows from experience, it would seem. Glancing back up at her, he releases her hand and gives a snort. "She's a bold one, that friend o' yours." Then he's nodding to her last, glancing around again at the dark beauty of the tunnel. "Yeah. A far cry from bein' out wanderin.' Still, some pleasant surprises to be found," he observes, nodding out at the formations.

Therynn has seen metals melt, but has never felt someone's touch make her whole body feel that way, and when Brennan's energy mixes with Rynn's own severely subdued excitement, that is exactly what happens. "It is called a hot toddy." She accentuates the word with unscripted allure she still doesn't believe she has yet. Catching just a glimmer of his scowl, she admires the masculinity of his expressions and aura - confident but not over-cocky. A brow raises as he shares advice about burns, and she very much appreciates him for sharing any concern at all. "You've been here before?" Crisp white teeth show when she smiles, dimples puckering at corners of lips. "I know of a few plant lovers. M'sure someone'll have an indoor version 'round here, right?" Seems easy enough; they can't all be completely snowed in days, can they? "Thanks. I'll send for some from Eastern." Hand drops to her side at the very moment the mention of Nae comes up. "Oh Nae? She's a greenie." The huntress shrugs. "They're…like that. She's kinda perfect for it…always knew she would be…" In a few moments of silence, the pair are looking at their surroundings, drinking them in, enjoying the sheer beauty of rare sights like these. There's something to be said about actually enjoying the silence shared with another person, and it doesn't even feel awkward at all, which is more than she can say for even chatty interactions with most people she meets. "It is beautiful though. I think some time at Fort will be okay, especially if it warms a little…" Looking for those baby blues of Brennan's she asks, "Think you'll be sticking around-ish for awhile?"

Oh, Brennan knows exactly what he's doing and how it's likely to affect Therynn, but there's nothing except that enigmatic smirk to show he acknowledges it. Her emphasis on that singular word only makes that smirk wider; it might be unpracticed allure, but he recognizes its presence and appreciates the effort. It doesn't sound as ridiculous coming from her as he's heard some simpering Hold women make it. He shakes his head when she asks if he's been here before. "Not here specifically. I just meant in general." The smile holds his glance a little longer than normal. He hasn't seen her do that just yet, he thinks…and it's not bad, if he's honest. "Someone might," he concedes. "Fresh and in season's always best though. Like with most things." The silence following is indeed a companionable one, not awkward for two people used to it, and Brennan shifts his stance to ease an ache still lingering in his ribs, bringing him just slightly closer to Therynn. He nods to her last. "Weyrleader Th'ero has a somethin' for me t' do. Fitting payment for savin' my hide, I'd say, and I'm happy to oblige if it means trackin' down some renegades. Can't say I mind havin' a roof over my head in winter, either." Glancing over at Therynn fully and putting those sought-for blues in full view now, he says, "Nae mentioned you'd Stood together. How was that, being on the Sands?"

Therynn frowns a bit at the answers as to whether or not he plans on sticking around. Guess that's about all she can truly hope for, knowing that the life of a hunter is usually a traveling one, unless something in particular keeps them in an area. And yes, their conversation seems to go naturally, which is a fluke in Rynn's world but she'll take it - and yes, she's smiling a bit more here and there as comfort levels grow. There's a shrug about specificity for fine aloe growing, though she nods and understands the concept overall despite not having much of a green thumb herself. Foraging, on the other hand - she's got no problem living off the land. The still of the night is shared sweetly, at least in Therynn's mind, as they chat about this and that. "Oh…yeah. Me too. Wonder if they'll assign us duty together or split skills up." She definitely prefers the former as inflected subtly by her tone. "You are hurt?" she asks softly with genuine but not overbearing concern. "I saw those scum heads in the forest…" She shakes a fist at them, coming to an instant pause when the question of what Standing felt like. Jaw drops; she hasn't really talked about it too much and says very simply, "Life changing…" with obvious hints of hope and disappointment, "…kinda rattling too…and hot. Definitely hot."

Chatting shouldn't come as easily to Brennan as it is right now, at least not sober, but it isn't such a hardship with one other person. Particularly not one who's at least familiar with where he's coming from. "Just have to wait 'n' see," he says on the matter of how they'll be assigned to go renegade-tracking. When she asks about him being hurt, he rolls his eyes a little bit with a snort, clearly fed up with how limiting his injuries have been. "Yeah. Got chased up a tree by a wild porcine, then knocked over a scarp, tree 'n' all. Cracked some ribs." A calloused hand lightly covers a spot over his left ribs, and then he stretches out his left arm, rotating it a bit. "Popped my shoulder outta place, too, but that's doin' alright. It's waitin' for these shardin' ribs to heal that's killin' me." Her answer to his question about Standing brings a nod at first, and he watches her face curiously before a smirk slants roguish. Now he can't help but tease. "We still talkin' about bein' on the Sands?" he says with a low chuckle, turning to face her and getting a good lean of his own as he folds his arms.

Therynn lets out a soft sigh, taking a good long lean towards - but not overtly so - Brennan's direction. There are words and in-betweens, philosophy and small talk, prying and opening up bit by bit between the tunnel wanderers. Another shrug, just one sided this time with a nod. "I guess we will," is said audibly but low. She likes his little snort, which makes lips curl at the ends before being subdued by brain override. The conversation does not make the visual any less entertaining and although she's "Sorry you're hurt," it's also funny, the thought of a strapping gent like this hiding up in a tree. "Them porcine can definitely be nasty," is concluded and she asks, "Putting anything on them? Hot salt baths? Massage?" Is that an offer? Not as though her bandaged hand will do him any good at this very moment. "Yes, still the Sands…" She turns a bit sheepish. "Rest of my life would be far-fetched to describe with such verbiage."

That lean Therynn takes may not be overt, but it certainly isn't missed. Sure, come further into the light; give Brennan more to work with. He shrugs, lightly fingering his shirt above his injuries again. "Just numbweed and bandages to keep 'em stable," he answers. "Massage would hurt more than help. Hot soaks, though. Those help. Can't complain about havin' proper baths to seek out, either." Her sheepishness over the last just brings that roguish smile back. "So nothin' 'rattling' about your life? Nothin' more exciting than Standing? No one to rattle you a little?" he asks, his voice lowering at his last.

Therynn fusses with a rock on the ground for a few moments, moving it around with rounded toe of moccasin, arms crossed for this leaning pose that does indeed bring her in more in to the light. "Good start…and makes sense," is said about numb weed and massage. "A soak would definitely do y'some good. Nothing like some hot water to soothe aches like that…" NO! She is not thinking about him bathing…or at least she's trying not to, astonished at herself that a thing of such nature would even cross her mind in the first place. "I'll hafta agree with you there. Spent many a showers in Western's waterfall. Beautiful but frigid sometimes." The turn of the conversation lost Therynn somewhere and she's not quite certain what he's implying. "Someone? Rattle me?" Head shakes rather plainly. "Nope. I mean don't really have a whole lotta people in m'life t'begin with. My twin sis, she can definitely get on my nerves, but we don't see each other as often these days since being a Journeyman keeps her so busy." A shrug of indifference. "What about you?" she asks assuming he definitely has some mind rattling entourage of ladies or something silly.

As Brennan's pretty certain about where Therynn's mind has gone with that, he'll happily contribute. It's too much fun not too. "Yeah. I'll probably go ahead and take one more before the night's through. There're some nice pools to hide in if y' go in later. Ones in the back - smaller, nice 'n' steamy. Though y' probably know which ones I mean by now." At her mention of a waterfall, he gives a bit of a hum. "Y' seen the one near here?" he asks. "Beautiful, when it's warmer. Wouldn't mind seein' if it makes good showerin' come summer. Right now, though…icy. Dangerous. Still nice to look at." The question turned on him earns a head-shake. "Nope. Might be best not to mention that to Nae, else she'll just keep thinkin' I'm uptight. Not that I care if she does 'r not. But, ah…" There goes that smirk again, and blue eyes level keenly on her brown once more. "'s my choice to look at whom I will, eh? Talk to whom I will, flirt with whom I will, at my own pace."

Therynn is hooked, bait, line n'sinker, quietly taking note of where she might just so happen to run in to a bathing Brennan. "Y'don't say?" The huntress plays coy. "Why that's usually my favorite time for a dip…though I'm not really sure what you're implying," is truly said in reference to specific location of more secluded tubs. "I mean I like hiding out n'all too…" Yep, she's a late bloomer. "It honestly wasn't until Nae taught me the ways that I finally learned t'ditch the swimsuit and shave m'legs…" Oops! Now she's gone and embarrassed herself by saying too much. Fortunately there's a fallback conversation. Her head shakes a solid, rosy cheeked 'no.' "Never been. Literally just got here a little over a seven day ago, n'been on sweeps for the most part." That blistered hand is held up again. "Looks like I'll have a couple rest days now though. Maybe you'd escort me some time?" Is she asking him out on a date? "Fer protection n'all since no arrows will be flung by these hands…" Yep, strictly business, that's it. At his comment about Nae she's chuckling. "Or she'd be all about trying t'corrupt ya before…" She stops herself from double embarrassment, caught in the trap of his alluring eyes. "Yeah, before she tries to hurry y'up on things. She's persistent and sexy… Nae almost always gets her way; very few can resist." She's not meaning to test where he stands on the subject, but inadvertently makes prodding implications anyway. Now smirking back, Therynn bats her lashes and confirms, "Which you are absolutely entitled to, dear Brennan…" And the huntress hopes he is implying he may be looking, talking, and flirting with her at his own suiting pace - which she seems to be rather on par with.

Brennan grins wickedly when Therynn's mouth gets away from her, a flash of even white breaking past the shadows cast on his face. "Bathin' in a swimsuit. Didja do that out in the wild, too?" he needles, and a chuckle sounds low in his chest. "Wouldn't've thought so, gettin' an eyeful of ya the other day." There was nothing reserved about that. To her assertion that she won't be shooting any time soon, he gives a little shrug. "Use a crossbow. Gloves'll keep your hands safe enough." There's a sound of mild impatience from his throat. "Won't be usin' a regular bow anytime soon, m'self." Straining ribs on the draw and whatnot. When she launches into her explanation about Nae, he just gives a rueful shake of his head. "Don't need her help bein' corrupt," he says, purposefully husky in his tone. "Sure she's sexy. Just not my type o' sexy. She can be as persistent as she wants…but I'm not feelin' the need to act on it." At least, he hasn't been pushed to feel that need so far. That batting of lashes draws another smirk. "Am I now?" he asks, as if this is a completely new notion for him. Whether or not he's implying something like what she's thinking…perhaps he's trying to figure that out himself. Her interest in him has been rather blatant. As for his thoughts on her, well. She's certainly not an eyesore; that much can be read as amused blue eyes consider the lines of her face and the brown gaze that so often tries to grab onto his. A relatable personality, which is good - though he likes her better when Nae isn't around. And she hasn't hauled off and hit him for being gruff or teasing…

Therynn cough sputters and realizes just how funny it sounds, the thought of being in the bathing cavern fully dressed. "Noo…" she says with inflection. "In the wild…it's usually just me." Clearing her throat, she shifts with embarrassment. "But in there, it's like everyone is staring at ya taking off your clothes. No shame, I tell ya. Guess being a loner means I've got significant modesty still intact." She giggles a bit in the rapture of his resonating chuckle, but now she's on the defense. "Hey." Hands go to hips. "Took me a long time t'get used t'Weyrlife. Nae definitely encourages it…but walking around in my skivvies isn't the usual, I'll have you know." For the first time in her life she's standing up for her sacred femininity. "I'm a lady. Don't get it confused." She winks playfully. "Even if I'm mean with a dagger and even more deadly with a bow." The huntress obviously has no problem getting down and dirty; it's this prim and proper 'normal' person thing she's been working on tackling lately. "A crossbow. Good thinking." It apparently hadn't crossed Therynn's mind, but now she's wondering just how corrupt Brennan is by his next comment and hanging on the words of his explanation.

"Well good on you and your willpower then.." her tone shows no shame but implies she may not have been so successful herself. "Well yeah," she reasons about entitlement. "We are all our own people, free to do as we please on Pern,for the most part…if you're not a renegade, at least." Too soon? As for implications and unintentionally blatant interest, Therynn is honestly so new to this whole thing she's really at a loss as to what comes next, or if a 'next' is even a possibility. What she does know is Brennan has not yet fled, so that's a good sign, right? For most of his 'examination', Rynn's in her own world thinking of such perplexing nonsense, biting lower lip softly for a moment before looking up when she feels his eyes drawing angles of her silhouette. "What?" she asks of his staring, certain of the discernment behind his gaze.

At that hands-on-hips posture, Brennan takes to chuckling quietly again and leans away just enough to hold up both hands in a gesture of no contest. "No confusion here!" he says, though what's implied by her statement concerning willpower earns an arched brow. He can do the math easily enough. It also makes sense. "Thought she seemed a little more familiar than a friend," he observes. He considers asking if there's anything more there, but refrains. Somehow, Nae doesn't strike him as the type. Not that he knows enough about her to make that judgement. His eyes flash a little when she makes that renegade comment, and he finds a spot a little closer still to the huntress to prop up the wall. "Do I seem like a renegade to you?" he asks, his voice at a low murmur. And when she's clearly uncertain of where to go from there, he returns that simple question with an observation. "You're different," he says. "When you're not around her."

Therynn lets down her defensive posture with a chuckle. "Well, glad we got that all cleared up. I mean, I know I'm not the girliest and all…" she trails, leaving it at that with a slight blush at his raised brow of potential understanding of her subtextual implications. "Oh…yeah…well." She clears her throat, doesn't brag or over-explain and says a bit shyly, "We were friends first…" pausing "…for a long time. Until recently." Now for the super-embarrassing part. "She was my…" eyes lock to judge his reaction. "First." Is it too late to run away now? She eyes the gent up and down, head wobbling a slight no with shrug and downturned lips. "Nope, not really. You could be a spy, though," is teased about Brennan being a renegade. As for what comes next, it throws her off a bit, not quite sure how to take it and considering his observation for quite some time. "I guess Nae just brings out a different side of me…one I don't really know very well seeing as how I've kept mostly t'myself in the past."

"Bein' 'girly' doesn' make the girl," Brennan returns with a shrug. He's never appreciated large amounts of that, if his tone is any indication. He listens curiously as Therynn reveals what she does about her relationship to Nae, though he isn't all that surprised. "Ahhh," is his oh-so-eloquent commentary on the greenrider being her first. There's so much he could say to that - though why he even considers doing so puzzles him. He shoves it aside, instead considering her answer to his last. "A different side," he echoes, watching her eyes as she says it. "What side would that be?" And then - though why he even wants to know, he can't really place just yet - he asks, "So is Nae more than a friend to you, then?"

Therynn almost can't handle all this logic and retorts "If you say soo…but I won't tell Nae you did," with a bit of a chuckle. However, his less than articulated response has Rynn quickly retreating back in to her hole of reservations and uncertainty. "Yeah…" And apparently it will be left at that for now, which doesn't make the whole thing any less embarrassing. In fact, the huntress is wondering why she even opened her big mouth in the first place! She hardly knows this guy! Granted there's some weird things she can't quite explain revolving around said guy, but still! She's unsure whether that helped or hindered the development of friendship between the hunters, and now she too is dumbfounded by her own thoughts and mannerisms. The forthcoming questions provoke a significant amount of self-reflection. A shrug pairs with, "I'unno, one where I'm not alone all the time and avoiding people whenever possible…" Shaved legs and properly fitting attire side, but that goes without mention for now. "More than a friend?" Purely perplexed Rynn attempts to answer. "I mean…we had fun…once… We will always be friends, and seeing as how all that happened it makes her more of a friend than anyone else I'd call a friend…but…in less words, no…I don't think so." With a little chuckle and lack of self confidence peeking through she notes, "It'd take someone of great savior faire t'tame that green." She'll look Brennan dead in the eyes and ask as if there's no promise of tomorrow, "Do you have any…more than just friends in your life?"

Brennan dips his chin in appreciation at Therynn's promise not to tell Nae of his 'logic.' The fact that she seems to duck back into her shell a bit when he doesn't say more about her encounter with Nae has him reaching up to rub at his neck, his expression a bit…contrite, perhaps? "'s a good side to be in touch with," he agrees quickly, his voice rasping gruffly again as he tries to think of a way to soothe over any embarrassment he's caused (because yes, he does think it's his doing). He does manage a grunted bit of a chuckle about Nae. "That, I can believe." And then he's shaking his head, his arm dropping again. "Not right now. A few friends here an' there. Not much more 'n that. Hey." Reaching out, he touches a rough finger to her chin, just at the side. "Didn' mean for ya t' say more than y' meant to," comes quietly, the sharpness of his gaze on hers softened somewhat. His brand of apology, for the moment. "I know how it goes."

Therynn shakes her head and flicks her hair from its swoop across her forehead as if it doesn't really matter. "'Tis considering my gender," is stated with no room for waffling on the subject. That rasp in his voice only makes hers that much more feminine, something she's only just recently started to allow and has found she doesn't actually disdain the sound of that octave coming from her vocal cords any more. He intrigues her so, and yet Rynn isn't even really sure what true intrigue is, quietly contemplating if this is that lust thing Nae told her bout. The embarrassment is clear in her awkward shifting, looking away more and rosy cheeks - not that Rynn is really capable of hiding it anyway. Though Brennan has smoothed things over, the further conversing about 'friends' is difficult to chew on, reinforcing the fact that this young huntress is far behind the curve. As he reaches out and grazes her chin, the touch sends chills down her spine, and she feels silly that someone she's only just met is capable of making her feel this way. "S'ok…" Their eyes meet, chocolate orbits glimmering brightly for how dark it is in this tunnel. "I just…hardly know ya…and may have over shared a little…as I tend to do at times." This backpedaling is nothing new.

That Therynn starts doing that awkward shifting thing isn't helping Brennan to gauge whether or not he's helping or making things worse. The 'friends' conversation is a bit forgotten for the moment, particularly when she turns that darker - yet somehow also brighter - gaze on him. "If you have," he says of her over-sharing, "'s not anything I'm gonna let slip. Who'd I say anything to, anyway? Won't use it against ya…'cept maybe to tease y' a little." That added with another of his rakish smirks, and his hand drops, grazing her arm on the way down. "Am I makin' ya nervous?" he asks, a little more seriously. He doesn't want to traumatize the girl or something, after all.

Therynn puts on a mask of indifference and restates just as when they very first met, "Well, it is a Weyr, after all…" with a sly smirk. When their eyes meet, that undeniable feeling starts in her stomach and rushes upwards towards chest - not that she's about to puke on him or anything, just an uncontrolled response of his pheromones wreaking havoc on hers. "N'thanks! You're a peach," she says over enthusiastically with a joking tone. Every minutia of movement is felt ten fold as his hand brushes against her arm on its descent. There's that shifting again, and she nods slowly but clearly without fear of threat or trauma. "Kinda…" she squeaks.

To that, Brennan just rolls his eyes. How many times is he going to hear that used as an excuse? Probably more than he'd like. He just chuckles a little at that overenthusiastic pronouncement. "Always thought I was little pricklier 'n that…" And at that squeaked reply to his last question, he gives a low laugh, his hand dropping and his gaze becoming slightly hooded as it fixes on hers once more. "Not meanin' to. But it's a normal thing t' feel, too." He leans a fraction closer, lowering his voice a touch. "I can go, if y' want me to." It's quite fun, this interplay they have going on…but he doesn't want to push it, particularly with her not being as experienced at such things.

Therynn grins at the eye rolling, giving a bit of a giggle as she can already tell how he feels about 'it being a Weyr'. The figure of speech receiving such an astutely metaphorical response has her laughing more, placing a hand gently on his shoulder and only for a very brief moment as she reassures, "I think I like you that way," in reference to his prickliness. Guarded blues pierce through the molten chocolate of her orbits, a gaze she can only bear to get lost in for so long before pulling away, yearn for the touch of his hand once again. "How so?" is asked in reference to it being normal to feel nervous - a sensation experienced more often than not by Rynn and especially in situations like this. It is a very strange thing, this coming out of one's shell ordeal, and in this shining moment when Brennan offers/threatens to leave, a surge of courage bubbles up and she reaches for his arm, looking back up to lock steady in the abyss of his eyes. "I'd rather you don't…" she says with a whisper. "Go, I mean."

"It just is," Brennan says, shrugging again, "when y' got what's going through your head happenin'. It's in your eyes, when y're lookin' at me." Is she mortified yet? He smiles, trying to be reassuring somehow. "I'm used t' seein' it." A touch of arrogance, there? Or just factuality. "'n you don' know much about it, so it's t' be expected." Then she has a hand on his arm, and he goes still, a spark of approval in his gaze meeting hers. That's what he was hoping to see from her. Something decisive like that. "No?" he says, unconsciously leaning even closer. "What do you want, then?" Not what does she want him to do, other than stay, but what does she want. "To keep goin' that way, maybe?" he asks flippantly but still with that masculine rasp, his chin jerking just beyond her down the tunnel before he's looking back down at her. Waiting.

Therynn is now seriously rethinking asking Brennan to stay, and like prey being captured, eyes go wide, heart racing…and suddenly she realizes there's no way she's getting out of it now. "I, umm…" she sputters, mortification being an understatement for the sheer panic she feels inside. There must be some suave way to inch her way through this outing, some flirty comment to save the day and pave the way. Speaking of rhymes…what would Nae say? Oi! Maybe that's not the best approach for this gent; he seems to be a bit of a unique one, so maybe throwing it all out there like a greenie is a bad idea. "Can't help myself…" she finally manages after the steadiness of his somewhat reassuring smile has at least some effect. The tipping point is near, and she's about set to gush about the way his eyes see her through and through, or how his smile intoxicates with just one glimpse, or even the way she wishes to feel the rough stubble of his five o clock shadow against her own face in a tight embrace. "No," is repeated so softly, as if only to purse the lips with unspoken desire. What does Rynn want?! That is a sharding good question, and while the remnants of earlier admirations are ready to jump to the surface, Brennan gives an easy out by suggesting a very literal want. One which includes a flick of his head down an unexplored tunnel. That fire dances in her eyes, and sadly, for now, she refrains, harnessing screaming yearnings and pangs with a nod and a, "Sure…we could go that way." Arm doesn't release and stays steady like an invitation for him to lead the way.

If Therynn did throw it all out there like a greenie at this point, Brennan might be hard-pressed not to take advantage. There's enough electricity jumping between them that he can recognize that risk now. So he's a bit relieved when she does take the more literal suggestion, that roguish smile returning at her admission. Reaching over with his free hand, he gently pulls hers from his arm and releases it before taking up his glowbasket again. The other option would have been so easy to take. They'd better get moving and leave it in their present stretch of tunnel. "C'mon, then," he says, stepping ahead of her into the deeper shadows, glowbasket raised to light their way deeper into the bowels of the Weyr.