Drake's Lake - Highland Area
The high plains here rise to the Southern Barrier Range from the shores of Drake's Lake, which can be seen shimmering in the distance to the north. Wild and rough, somewhat arid, the rocks, scrub brush and waist-high grasses whispering dryly in the prevailing winds do little to obscure the untamed beauty of the shining snow-clad mountains rising to the south. Numerous beasts, those native to Pern an well as those brought by the colonists, flourish here. Bovine, both wild and feral graze the plentiful grasses along with feral runners, shaggy-haired porcine root the hard ground with deadly tusks, turning over the soil for new growth, which is inturn picked over by flocks of wherries. Overhead solitary raptors ride the wind while in hidden ravines, rocky streams, winding around boulders provide water and shelter for other creatures.

No surprise here but it's another hot, humid day here in the south. So hot, in fact, that if one has any lick of common sense they'll stay out of the midday sun. Which may explain why most of the Drake's Lake area appears deserted. It isn't — the residents are just wise to the weather and have gone to the shelter of shade and indoors until the sun is no longer so strong. Jajen is inside her cottage, the doors propped open and the windows thrown open wide. Jaze is away again, likely with her caretakers, leaving the goldrider plenty of time to do… nothing? Nothing for now. She's sprawled across one of her low and narrow sofas, feet dangling over the opposite armrest. She's dressed in a sleeveless outfit, made of the same light, flowing fabric a lot of folks here favour but in a style that is more casual than workable.

Ha'ze and the exiled goldrider haven't had many interactions in the last few months since Ha'ze landed here, got drunk off his ass, and walked out. But now, with the opressive heat coling up, he's back. He doesn't bother to knock, but instead just opens the door and then leans in the doorway. "Did you figure if I got laid everything would be better?"

"Good to see you too, Ha'ze." Jajen isn't any less prickly even with the heat though she doesn't bother to move from her spot. Just a slight turn of her head to give him a sidelong glance and a smirk as one hand lazily dips down to a bowl on the floor. Some fruit is plucked from it and popped into her mouth, the rest of her answer following after she's swallowed. "Is that what you used Myra for? Not that I'm surprised… but, yes, I guess I thought maybe it'd help." A brow quirks. Was she wrong?

"Like I would use a whore any other way?" Ha'ze quirks an eyebrow upwards as he enters the cottage, closing the door behind him. "It's not like she was exactly asking to play a game of chess or something." Stepping around furniature Ha'ze is going to steal some of that fruit from the bowl and then lean agaist a wall again. "How is Jaze?"

Jajen snorts, "Consort! There's a difference. Well, I guess she was paid for her services but not all use a consort for sex." Stupid bronzerider. She all but rolls her eyes then and clicks her tongue. "Hey! You planning to roast us in here? Leave the shardin' door open— and that's mine, thank you!" Snatching up the bowl of fruit, she tucks it against her lap and narrows her eyes at him. If he wants more, he'll have to steal it or make his own. Another smirk, "Why do you suddenly care?" she snipes.

"We didn't get down into the fine points of her job." Ha'ze's voice is DRY DRY DRY. Like a desert. He doesn't go after another piece of fruit, nor does he open the door again. That'd require him to go over to it again, and he's not actually feeling that charitable. "Her birthday is coming up soon." This is why it's impossible to have a conversation with Ha'ze, he jumps from topic to topic without warning.

Oh, Jajen's smile turns wolfish here and her laughter is low and brittle. "Right." Uh huh. Since Ha'ze isn't the charitable type, she'll sigh and get up herself to do it. Standing, her type of clothing is oddly familiar — in the sense that it's like Myra's only "modest" (and that's even stretching it). She's wearing those same bracelets and a choker necklace, nothing overly flashy but jewelry all the same and she's kept her hair cropped short. Opening the door, she'll nudge a wedge under it to keep it that way before returning to her couch and flopping back onto it. "And let me guess? You want to be a part of it." she mutters and takes another piece of fruit.

Ha'ze totally watches Jajen move her way towards the door. Especially her butt. He never had any problem with how she looked, even if next to Myre she was pretty plain-jane. While she's gone he's reached out to gather that bowl up into his arms. Theft. It's an artform. Then, in all seriousness, "Would you have watned me around drunk off my ass and angry enough to punch Th'ero?"

Jajen doesn't notice Ha'ze's attention and even if she did, she'd probably just scowl at him. Well, she ends up doing that anyways because he's gone and stolen her fruit. "Can I have that back?" She's not eaten yet today! "No? You are a terrible drunk and have just as piss poor a temper sober. Just wondering why you want to be involved now? Was it that good with Myra?"

"I'm not going to be my parents." Ha'ze doesn't talk about them often - but of anyone in this world? Jajen might just get it. He picks up a piece of fruit then holds the bowl back out at Jajen. "I wasn't going to put her through that. It's not like I can be around all the time anyway."

She does understand. Jajen understands far more that Ha'ze may give her credit for. She'll take the bowl back and while she gives him a level look there's another side to it too. Yeah, she gets it. Grudgingly. "Guess you can be around. Not that I had anything in mind celebration wise. You can visit with her." Deal?

"I wasn't asking permission." A arched up eyebrow there, with levels of meaning to THAT. He totally would kidnap her if he had to. "I can plan something." Maybe. Ha'ze doesn't exactly know what goes into a party. "Since I won't be able to do anything for Aleoa and Galeon's unless Th'ero drags me back."

Jajen senses those implied levels of meaning and her eyes narrow. "Yes, you ARE asking me permission. Do anything without it and I'll have Iaverulth make sure Kainaesyth stays grounded." Low blow (and probably a bluff — the young gold isn't that powerful). She snorts, "You're sharding lucky the Weyrleader is wanting anything to DO with you. At least he even came here to try! Surprised they've not come to flay your skin for what you did either but… you bronzeriders always do get away with shit." No bitterness there.

"No. I'm not actually asking if I can throw my child a birthday party." There was no way to write that sentence without it sounding vaguely teenage-girlish. So Ha'ze doesn't even bother. Instead he just meets Jajen's eyes squarely as he folds his arms across his chest. Daggers out now. "Take my spot then. I'm done with Fort. With all of it. But Th'ero won't let me go."

Regardless, Jajen is confused. "You… want to throw Jaze a party?" Yeah, sorry. It does sound odd to the goldrider! Then the daggers come out but rather than bristle, she only laughs in a mocking way. Really? "You don't think I would? I can't, Ha'ze and it's not because of who I am. You'd be stupid not to take Th'ero's offer. This life, here?" She flicks a hand out towards the door to imply all of Drake's Lake and the lands beyond it. "Wouldn't suit you. Not with your temper. You'd be dead within months and that's me being nice."

"Kainaesyth doesn't mind it." Ha'ze admits with an exhale of breath. Except she's right. There's… nothing here for him. Once the anger and drink ran its course he became twitchy. It wasn't so bad when the winter malady pressed down on Kainaesyth, but now the gray has faded and Kainaesyth's energy lifts back up. "Yes. I want to throw Jaze a birthday party."

Jajen actually smiles now, "Kainaesyth is a good bronze." Wait for it! There's the hint of a frown and goodbye smile! "Iaverulth is quite taken with him." Never mind that the gold seldom has visitors, let alone a bronze. Jajen's not stupid. She's well aware of how possessive her gold is becoming and she only allows it because she knows that the chances of her glowing and rising in flight are slim to none. No Weyr, no dice. "Knock yourself out then. Not sure what you're going to DO… She's only turning two."

Ha'ze's gaze narrows. Is there something he should be worried at about how close Iaverulth and Kainaesyth have become? Because the bronze has taken more than a shine to the gold who has listened to all of his stories through the winter. "I will."

Nothing to worry about except for the fallout of flights. When it comes time for Kainaesyth to leave, Iaverulth will just accept it. Jajen just shrugs for Ha'ze's confirmation and eats a little more of her fruit before giving him a look. "So that's all you came here for, then?"

Just wait. One day Iaverulth'll come back to Fort for some reason and that flight is going to happen. ONE DAY. Reaching upwards Ha'ze runs a hand through his hair and shrugs once. "Pissing you off was nice." Half a grin, it might just be one of his first smiles.

Oh, it will happen because the drama from it would just be too good NOT to see unfold. Jajen snorts and whips one of the pieces of fruit at him. "Try not to make it a daily thing!" No grin from her but there's no anger there either.

Ha'ze reaches up and grabs that fruit, and pops it into his mouth. Ha'ze pushes himself off the wall. It feels like this conversation should have had more barbs and angry words shared but Ha'ze just can't seem to get his dander up. After that tussle with Th'ero? Everything had just… calmed. Like punching the weyrleader had finally capped his temper and given it an outlet. "No problem with that. So long as Iaverulth doesn't get annoyed with Kainaesyth's new energy."

Maybe it's too hot to quarrel too as Jajen doesn't seem to be in the mood either. "Why would she be annoyed with that? She's content to have company… she's not about to chase him away." That whole showdown with Kayeth was a fluke, really.

Ha'ze begins to make tracks towards the doorway… then stops. Pauses, turns. "Are you sleeping with him?" Let's just toss random questions out there, okay?

Random is right! Jajen frowns and tilts her head in a quizzical manner. "Sleeping with who?" she asks and then blinks, only to chuckle heartily. "You mean that holder?" She shrugs her shoulders. "So what if I am?"

"How long have you known him?" Suspicious Ha'ze is suspicious. And it occurs to Ha'ze that he knows most of the holders around here, but that glance of man isn't quite ringing a bell. MAYBE he missed him but….

Jajen quirks a brow and she's suspicious of his suspicions but she's not riled up enough to start barbing him quite yet. His question is still innocent enough too. "Mhm. Probably close to as long as I've been stuck here? Why?"

"What brought you two together?" It almost sounds like Ha'ze is looking out for Jajen. Maybe the heat is finally getting to Ha'ze. He makes it as far as the doorway then pauses again. Time to stand there and look in.

Okay, now he's treading on 'don't ask' territory! Jajen's frown deepens and she sits up on her sofa, giving Ha'ze a lingering look. "Why do you want to know?" Sorry, she's not going to spill that information easily.

"If he's going to be around my kid, I'd like to know about him. Myabe his name. Where he comes from." Ha'ze is attempting nonchalant, but wants to know. Maybe he really is going stir crazy.

Well, seeing as Ha'ze is being nice and logical about his information digging, Jajen is willing to cooperate for once. "His name is Vikary. He's a holder of a small cothold not far into the mainland but he dabbles in trade too. Often sails his own goods to these very islands and to some of the smaller holdings down the rivers. Satisfied?" she drawls.

"Vikary." Ha'ze rolls the word around then shakes his head once. Now he has a project to work on. The fact that he's Jajen's boytoy is totally to one side. "Maybe I'll go say hi. For now… I'll see you around Jajen." And he'll step out the door and try to make tracks before she throws something at him. Or yells. Or says no.

Jajen is a bit slow on the draw today. Sluggish from the heat or maybe just baffled by Ha'ze's behaviour until little alarm bells go off in her head. "Why? Ha'ze! Damn it!" Of course she'll bark her shin on something, further delaying her chasing him down and by then it's too late. He's gone and out and all he'll have chasing him is a call of his name and more swearing.

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