Fort Weyr - Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

This is not Brennan's idea of a nice tavern. It's too busy, too…pretty. 'Rustic' is a beauty all its own; there are taverns and bars closer to the minor holds that are nice and simple - drinks and food and darts and warm fires. This is all a bit much. Still, it's as good a place as any to escape the rain and keep warm, and Brennan's even been able to find a quiet corner table, which he's currently got mostly taken up by the new crossbow he's acquired. The leather jacket he's usually been seen with is set aside, the sleeves of a loose white shirt rolled to his elbows as he tinkers with the dismantled trigger, cleaning and oiling it in between sips of dark amber liquid from a squat glass tumbler. And he's watching all the comings and goings, of course. Always watching. It's just habit.

This tavern serves hard liquor. Therefore, it is Nae's idea of a 'nice tavern'. The greenrider started early today, it seems. Maybe she's still trying to drink away some of the lingering memories from her lifemate's recent mating flight. Regardless, she's at the bar and has managed to get rather tipsy. Now it's time to find a dance partner. Or conversation partner. Or… something. She wanders away from her barstool, a glass of what looks like whisky in her hand. Her gaze falls on the vaguely familiar fellow at the corner table. "Hey… you're that… guy. The grumpy one. Brennan? Or Briggan? Something with a B…" Uh-oh.

Therynn hasn't formed much an opinion on what constitutes a nice or not nice tavern. Booze of various assortments and a place to sit? Good enough for this huntress. Sure, it's a far stretch from the Tiki Lounge at Western that overlooks the water, but she likes it none the less, always amazed by this electricity thing as tanned skin glows and eyes sparkle from lights bouncing their reflection off of her when she enters. A hand gently trails beside her along the brick, as if just to feel and make sure it is all real, dropping to her sides once fully in the cavern. She's never able to work past the wooden chairs and their white padding, all of this grandeur way beyond her humble forest dwelling self. Today's attire seems to match, which makes her feel less out of place in such fanciness; white leathers wrapped over stems of legs, khaki colored mid-calf boots lined with fur and a matching coat that's a bit darker of a shade and really brings out her eyes. Inside, she's still the reserved and simple gal she's always been, wandering in alone and quietly, looking for a place to sit and imbibe. Eyes scan, immediately drawn towards the quiet corner she's known in inhabit, with some dismay as it seems to be already occupied. Wandering a bit closer, back of tipsy blonde head is recognized and she calls out "Nae.." only noticing when she shifts the seated hunter "Brennan?"

The tavern is Calaban's first stop after a shift at the infirmary. Actually, no. Second stop. The bathing caverns are a necessary first visit, with how messy a day in the infirmary can be. But he's here now, clean and ready to unwind a bit. He makes a beeline for the bar to order something hard, then takes a look around to see if he spots any familiar faces. He smiles upon spying Brennan and Nae near the corner, and smiles even further once he sees Therynn join them. Once he has his drink in his hand, he makes his way over and gives the little group a bit of a wave. "Therynn. Nae. Brennan. Good to see all of you."

When a person chooses to stake out a quiet corner, that usually means they wish to keep it quiet - unless there's one other person drawn into the corner, too, and Brennan's new crossbow doesn't exactly count. He raises an eyebrow when the tipsy Nae draws near and gives a greeting…and then Therynn, looking a far sight steadier on her feet than the last time he saw her and actually rather…nice? Eyes flick over to Calaban and he encompasses them all with a nod, brow lowering again in resignation. So much for avoiding company. At least he knows these people. Slowly, he wraps a hand around the main body of the crossbow and props it next to him, clearing the table in case someone sees fit to use it. "Afternoon," he rasps, taking another sip of his drink and a final glance around the three faces before focusing on the trigger he's pulled apart again.

Nae is definitely too intoxicated to consider things like someone's desire to brood alone at a corner table. She's not exactly drunk drunk, but she's close. "Afternoon yourself." She says with a wink, helping herself to a seat at Brennan's table without so much as asking permission. She looks up at Therynn and Calaban with a great big beaming smile. "Therynn! Cal! I didn't know you two were here. Have a seat!" She can make invitations because this is apparently 'her' table now. "Next round's on me! How've you both been?"

Therynn would hope to be more agile on her own two legs, or at least apparently so considering she is a hunter after all. Less could be said for the fairly drunky Nae. Glances between the bow wielding hunter and her tipsy friend linger as she looks back and forth. "Umm Nae.. I think he wants to be alone.. but I'll def take you up on the next round." She can take a hint being a bit of an out of sight out of mind corner dweller herself adding, "Afternoon t'you too Brennan.." with a smile, trying to decipher the thoughts behind icy blues that look her over while reaching for Nae's arm in an attempt to pull her away to another table. A steamy toddy finally makes its way over, a passing dredge handing it to Rynn in exchange for a half mark and scurrying away. "Calaban!" she greets with a smile "Looks like it's a party now.." a glance towards Brennan gauges his unwillingness to succumb.

Calaban's grin slowly morphs into a slightly more reserved, concerned look as he spots the expression on Brennan's face. Did he just contribute to barging in on some poor man's private time? He feels rather worried about that now. Especially once it begins to dawn on him just how intoxicated the greenrider seems to be. Fortunately, Therynn seems to have figured out a less awkward way to resolve this whole thing. "Yes, it's a party now! Those of us who would like to take Nae up on her generous offer should probably head towards the bar, yes? Make it easy on the servers?" He gives Therynn a grateful and conspiratorial smile before glancing back at Brennan. The way Calaban sees it, this puts the ball in his court. He can hang back if he likes, or join them at the bar. Either way, crisis averted.

Brennan gives a quiet, dry bit of a snort. By all means, commandeer the table! He doubts he'd be able to dissuade the tipsy greenrider at this point anyway, and he's not going to be a complete ass and tell them all to leave. Instead, he makes a sweeping gesture at the empty spots, even going so far as to send a quick wink over to Therynn for her attempt at getting his corner reclaimed. Unsurprising that she'd understand the want to be alone. "Sit," comes at nearly a grunt. A chair to his left, a chair to his right, and the one across the way now has a Nae in it. He just happened to choose well, apparently. That, or all the spots with less seats were already taken.

Nae has never been particularly good at picking up on subtle hints. Especially when she's been drinking. And Brennan's coerced invitation just further convinces her that she's just being friendly and not obnoxious. Sadly, this just means her behavior gets worse. "You're not so bad, grumpy boy." She shifts from the seat across from him to one of the seats at his side, throwing an arm over his shoulders and grinning. So much for personal space. "You get to pick what we're drinkin', then." She winks at him before beaming up at Therynn and Calaban. "C'mon, sit yourselves down! We've got drinking to do." She says with a giggle.

Therynn would have been ogling Brennan long enough to catch that wink, which promptly has her blushing and seeking distraction with eyes averting towards the steam of her mug. Since he 'insists', the huntress will give up on pulling her friend away and easily oblige to taking a seat, just not too hurriedly as if trying to play it cool. Sitting in the spot next to Nae, and on one side of Brennan, she's not quick enough to secure the position as Nae is quickly scooting away and tossing an arm around the gent with her alcohol induced grin. Does she awkwardly move over and dare be sitting face to face with cyan orbits that coax her so? Seems they will settle in to a boy girl boy girl seating arrangement, which makes Rynn feel a bit uneasy so she will indeed shift in to the spot next to Nae and across from Brennan. This could be trouble, no moving back now, and her thoughts are running away from her as she sits there a bit dumbfounded. Looking towards Calaban and his suggestion she has the urge to stand up like sitting on a hot tuber and run the other way, the passing dredge inquiring about orders does not help impending fleeing and she just "Ummm's" and blinks.

Calaban tried to avert awkwardness. But there is no arguing with a tipsy greenie. He shrugs and sends a sympathetic smile towards Therynn and Calaban before taking the seat that Nae just vacated, directly across from Brennan and between the two women. "Well, who am I to refuse an offer like that?" He asks with a little bit of a laugh. "You've all had pleasant days, I hope?" He sets about downing the drink in his hands, since Nae apparently has another round coming.

Caught off guard by the arm thrown over his shoulders, Brennan clears his throat and unslings Nae's arm with one fluid movement of his right hand, leaning back in his seat and stretching long legs beneath the table as he folds his arms. His foot bumps…something - hopefully the table and not Therynn's foot - and he stops shifting. "Anything I pick'll have you flattened in two minutes," he tells the blonde woman, though honeslty, he's seriously considering it. Therynn's apparent unease has him casting a small, amused smirk at her across the table before he gives Calaban a nod. "Pleasant enough," he answers, and then he glances at the drudge. "Another whiskey," he rumbles, tilting his head toward Nae, "and uh…just drop a bottle of brandy over here, would ya?"

Nae pouts mildly when Brennan throws off her arm. That move usually just makes boys melt. Girls too. She's thoroughly unused to being rebuffed in such a manner. The challenge given has her frowning further. "Hey, I can handle my booze." She insists, despite all evidence to the contrary. She scoots away from Brennan and pouts before looking back to Therynn and Calaban. "You two'll keep drinking, with me? Whiskeys and brandies for all!" This won't end well.

Timing is everything, and for Therynn it is usually the most in opportune moments when things like this happen. Calaban is shifting at the same moment she decides to play musical chairs, which just so happens to be the very moment Brennan's legs outstretch. This multi angled collision does not fare well for the huntress now sandwiched in between. She's half flopped herself right on to Calaban's lap and is being pummeled by long legs beneath the table. Of course, steaming hot toddy is in her hands and flaily movements send the scalding water splashing everywhere. "Yyyeeeeouch!" Rynnn yelps and slams what's left of her drink on the table to remove burning hands from grasp and fan them in the air wildly. "I uhh.. I uhh.." Don't panic Therynn "My hands.." precious hunting hands "This is not good.." intense red flushes the skin. "Must get to Infirmary before blisters bubble.." leaving Nae, like this, is a difficult decision. She places a quick peck on the dismayed blonde's cheek "Catch up for a round later K? I'll need one after this.." she says before looking between the guys and hurrying out the door towards immediate healer help.

Calaban sort of hides behind his glass when all that awkward arm-throwing and such is going on, doing his best not to get in the middle of it. He'll just sit here and enjoy his free drinks, thank you very much. Though he does have a bit of sympathy in his eye when he glances towards Brennan. When Therynn announces her departure, he can't help but look a little worried and disappointed. "Can I help? I mean, I am a healer, I should help you out…" He sets down his drink and stands, apparently intending on following her. Healer's duties, after all.

"You're already further on your way than us," Brennan is saying to Nae just as Therynn's mishap starts to take shape. The fact that his feet are still contributing to the problem have him coming quickly upright, and then the girl is down with scalding liquid all over her hands. Alarmed, he starts to stand. "Therynn, what..?" And then she's off, and his brow furrows mightily. "Cold water!" he calls after her, standing nearly all the way as he watches her take off. Surely she knows that, but he can't help giving the reminder anyway. Part of him wants to go after her and make sure she gets what she needs, while another part is telling him to let her handle it herself. He would, after all. Then Calaban's on it, and he gives a grunt of approval before resuming his seat. There's still a bit of furrowing going on in his brow, however. "Damn," is his singular comment on the matter. The drudge comes back, laden with alcohol but apparently baffled by the sudden departures. "Just…leave it here," Brennan grumbles, waving the drinks his way even as he finishes the remnants of his current glass.

Nae goes wide eyed and alarmed at the injury to Therynn. "Therynn! Are you okay? I…" But then Calaban's rushing to help her. Even in her drink-addled state, Nae realizes that an actual healer is much better equipped to help than she is. So she can't do anything but offer a sympathetic look. "Poor Therynn…" She says sadly as she leans towards Brennan, sipping more of her drink.

Brennan leans forward, arms folding on the table for a moment before he reaches out and pours himself another brandy. Nae gets a bit of a sidelong glance as she leans his way, but he nods. "Seems to feel about as outta her depth here as I do," he observes, eyes lingering on the exit as he sips. "'m sure she'll be okay, though. Can't do what we do without bein' smart enough to handle a little burn." That doesn't mean he isn't concerned, however. Even if he doesn't quite know why he is.

"Outta depth?" Nae's gaze whips around to focus fully on Brennan, her eyes narrowing a little. "Therynn and I were candidates together. I know her. She can handle anything." Her gaze takes on an almost suspicious sort of quality as she scoots towards the hunter. "… You don't seem like the kinda guy to get easily shaken, either. What're you talkin' about, out of your depth?"

"Didn' say I didn' think she couldn't," Brennan snorts, propping both elbows on the table now as he looks over at Nae with an arched brow. "Bein' in a Weyr feels strange. Too ordered, too neat…maybe not predictable, but more so 'n' outside. Past the big stone walls." With a shrug, he sets his glass down, tracing the edge of it with a calloused finger. "Spend enough time livin' off the land, things in Holds and Weyrs start feelin' off. Takes a while to get used to. She's still got some of that left. I've still got a lot. Just figurin' it out, is all." There's another tug to the corner of his mouth. "You two Stood togther. What'd you do before, then?"

Nae lets out a little burst of bright laughter. "That's… that's funny." She says as she slips near the hunter. "The holders are always saying weyrs are so disordered. Chaotic. Everyone doing what they please. I almost never hear anyone saying we're 'too' restrictive. Maybe I'm not the biggest libertine out there after all." She winks and takes a sip of her drink before going on, smiling. "Before I stood? I was a Dolphincraft apprentice. Still am, actually. I'm hoping to walk the tables soon, though my duties as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster leave me with little time to study."

Brennan doesn't shift as Nae manages to get closer still, his expression inscrutable except for a flash of surprise when she mentions being an Assistant Weyrlingmaster. "But still time to get a little loosened up, eh?" he quips, flicking a finger against his glass with a crystalline 'ping' for emphasis. He mulls over her status as a Dolphincrafter. "Never could make much sense o' the sea," he muses, the back of one hand scuffing back and forth underneath his chin. "If you wanna walk the tables, why not just take a break from weyrlingstaff, do what you need to for the promotion, then come back?" Seems like a simple enough thing to him.

Nae smirks at the hunter's little quip, brandishing her drink at him. "Listen here, you. The people who are best at their jobs aren't the ones who spend a hundred percent of their time focused and stressed to the max. They're the ones who take the time to relax once in awhile, allow themselves time to recharge and return to their duties in a proper frame of mind." She takes a long sip of her drink before continuing. "… I can't sacrifice either one. The Weyrlingmaster will be retiring soon. I want his job. I need to prove I'm up to it." She's not usually so forthright about her ambitions, but the drink helps. "Anyways, I took a break not all that long ago. They gave me time off when Kaiath went proddy."

Nae's little lecture draws an actual laugh from Brennan. "Haven't seen anything to tell me anyone here doesn' know how to relax," he says. "Seen some stress, sure. Caused some even, when I came, but otherwise…" Shrug. Those voiced ambitions have the hunter tipping his glass her way before it's drained a bit further. He gives her a sidelong glance at the last bit. Dragonriders and this whole concept of proddiness is something he still isn't sure he's got quite figured out. "How much time does it usually take? To get through it when…that happens."

"Oh, Weyrfolk know how to relax." Nae says with a wink and a swirl of her glass. Is she flirting? Hard to tell, with how tipsy she seems to be. She even scoots her chair a little closer. "Mmm. Proddiness? I takes… well, it /starts/ at least a few sevendays ahead of the flight. But it just gets worse and worse as the flight gets closer. Addles your whole mind." She takes another swig of her drink. "Kept picking fights with the weyrlings, punishing them for minor stuff. Then I had sex in the weyrleader's office, on his desk. Guess all my emotions were amped up, positive and negative."

"Gathered as much," Brennan returns at a near-grunt, shifting in his chair as Nae scoots even closer. He's decided she is flirting, but because she's tipsy, he isn't inclined to do anything about it. Not really. He does, however, find her explanation about proddiness to be rather fascinating, eyebrows slowly arching higher as she relates what the whole ordeal drove her to. "The Weyrleader's office?" he asks, his tone more of a statement rather than a question. "As in…with the Weyrleader, or you an' someone who just happened to be there with ya?" Now here's a good story!

Nae giggles a little bit at the hunter's reaction. "No, silly." She is indeed scooting close. She might even try to scoot right onto Brennan's lap if he doesn't do anything to stop her. "With a girlfriend of mine. We were in the area and, well… things that sound ridiculous otherwise sound like a very good idea when you're proddy." Much like being drunk. Nae takes another swig.

Brennan has been slowly getting that impression and removes the possibility of ending up with a lapful of greenrider by pulling his crossbow into his lap and starting to fit the trigger assembly back in place. Nae's mention of a girlfriend draws a chuckle. "Sounds like it could be a lot of fun," he observes about proddiness. "Or get ya in a bit of trouble. Or maybe frustrate ya a little? If y' can't think straight for a while, that is." With a click, the assembly locks back in place, and the hunter reaches down to fish in the pocket nearest Nae for something. "Haven't run across too many who can have just as much fun with a man or a woman, honestly," he says, distracted as whatever he's looking for in his pocket isn't immediately forthcoming.

Nae pouts a little at the appearance of the crossbow. That does a rather effective job of thwarting her lap-sitting plans for the time being. "Well, if I'm being honest, I was pretty distracted all through the proddy phase. But now that I'm normal again, I feel just fine." If this is normal for Nae, one can only imagine what proddiness is like. "Anyways. Gender just isn't that big a deal for me. There are so many more important things to take into account when deciding who to be attracted to than gender, as far as I'm concerned."

"Can't argue that," Brennan says, giving Nae a little wink before finally getting what he's after out of his pocket. It's a length of thin, braided cord, which he proceeds to loop around a catch at the end of one recurve on the weapon, then pull taut across to the other. That accomplished, he plucks at the bowstring, smirking at the satisfying low-pitched twang it gives before he sets it down - still in his lap. "Just interesting, is all. Women've always held my attention better, personally." There's a slight waggle of eyebrows as he sits back a bit and tosses back a little more of his drink.

Nae eyes the restringing of the crossbow. She's done a little hunting in the past. As a hobbyist, mostly, not as a professional. With one memorable exception. Not something she's inclined to bring up now, though her expression seems distant for a moment as she eyes the weapon. Her grin snaps back to full force at that last remark of Brennan's. "Well. Nothing wrong with that." She says in a low voice, still leaning close. "Anyone in particular have your attention now?"

Brennan answers with a grunt - his favorite default response, apparently - and smiles a little in counter to Nae's grin. She does have a nice smile, he'll give her that. She's also close enough that he can't not pay attention to a thing or two now…but there's still the alcohol factor, and he isn't the sort to take advantage. "Some nice views, to be sure, but…haven't been here long enough for that just yet," he returns, giving the slightest of tweaks to the blonde greenrider's chin before scooting to put a little distance between them and reaching for the brandy again as added excuse. One more drink. Then maybe he'll go see if Therynn's alright. Or just go explore some more. Provided the rain's stopped.

Nae adopts a wry grin which is still rather tipsy. "So you're telling me that you haven't decided to have fun with any of the women in the weyr… but you think /we're/ the uptight ones?" A bit of laughter escapes her before she knocks back more of her drink. "C'mon, how about another round? It's my treat."

Therynn has been gone and tended to for a good long while now, and who knows what has unfolded at Shenanigan's, but she figures this would be a good place to venture back to in case her friend and… whatever /he/ is are still around. One hand is bandaged, a burn salve and slipsheet covering the actual burn before the fibrous wrap portion that merely holds it in place. The other digits and dorsal region has only a shiny layer over it, that hand catching much less of the scalding brew. Cue that impeccable timing of Rynn's as she wanders back towards the corner they were in before, seeing Nae leaning in extremely closely to the hunter whom makes her feel such indescribable things. This is not out of character for the greenie, but is definitely a whole new ballpark for the huntress. A flurry of emotions wash over her, but she manages a smile to hide the gulp as she nears the table. "Hey.." she holds up bandaged hand. "What are you two talking about?" plopping down in to a seat, she catches only bits of what Brennan said before chin tweaking and scooting as well as Nae's comment about uptight something and more rounds.

"Call me old-fashioned," Brennan says, discreetly moving another inch away and finally setting his crossbow aside, "but I prefer to get to know a woman a little before taking her to bed. Haven't had any trouble on that count, mind. I just like to take a little time." Then there's Therynn making an entrance again, and brows arch over blue eyes brightening slightly in relief. "Talkin' about who's uptight, I guess," Brennan answers, eyes shifting to the bandages on the girl's hands. He reaches for the brandy again, fills a glass with a few fingers' worth, and pushes it toward her, using a foot to push the nearest chair out a bit in silent invitation.

Nae snatches the brandy before it can make its way to Therynn, refilling her own glass before setting the bottle back down near the hunter. "He was saying weyrfolk are uptight." Following the bottle she slides over, attempting to slide right onto Therynn's lap unless she's stopped by the huntress. "Do you think I'm uptight, Therynn?" She asks, giggling a little bit afterwards. The bandages do get a concerned look. "How's your hand? Did Cal help you?"

Therynn flicks her head in such a way that sideswept bangs are relieved from coverage over associated eye. The chestnut colored orbits smolder with flecks of emerald and gold as the gaze crashes against the brightening blues of Brennan's. "Sounds like a cheerful conversation.." she snerks and follows the focus to white wrap around non-dominant left hand. Her less burnt right hand is about to reach for proffered brandy with a smile and "Than.." but it's being snatched up before she even has a chance. "ks.. Nae.." a playful glare and she says "Save me a sip y'sexy lush?" teasingly. An uproarious chuckle erupts "Weyrfolk?! Nae? You? Uptight.." that ones a knee slapper. "Spending more time than not in the woods, I see Weyrfolk.. and you Nae as anything but.." Herself on the other hand is another story. Speaking of hands, the good one is wiggled "This one's fine.. gonna be a few days before I can grasp a bow with this one.. and yes, he caught up to me in the Infirmary." The three sit in a cozy corner, an open seat at their table, Brennan and Nae have been chatting for awhile while he restrings his bow and Rynn has just returned after burning her hand earlier with a toddy. The day is trending towards evening, which means chow time, which means Shenanigan's is getting busier and more buzzed.

"Woman," Brennan grumbles at Nae with a shake of his head for her drink-snatching ways, "you really are drunk if y' think I said anything of the sort." Glancing over at Therynn, he crooks a small smile. "Didn' call anyone uptight, least of all her." And he is becoming less and less so the more alcohol he saturates his blood with. His eyes fall to Therynn's left hand again, and his own lifts from the table and turns over. "May I see?" he questions. He knows a thing or two about injuries affecting ones ability to use a bow right now; it's important, alright?

When Therynn fails to stop her, Nae scoots over and settles herself right in Therynn's lap. The wicked, tipsy smirk on her face goes nowhere. "Who are you calling 'woman'?" She asks Brennan with a lopsided grin. "I am an assistant weyrlingmaster! And you heavily implied it, you know. With your sneaky hunter talk." She squirms in Therynn's lap a little as she sips more drink.

The brick-lined room of blinking lights and drinking folks is not the first place one might look for Ravyal. In fact, the young weaver is looking a bit like he might turn tail and /flee/ from where he stands in the entryway. Frozen, he looks back and forth, before he does finally split away and find himself a place to sit down with his satchel. At least there, the poor boy looks somewhat calmer. Then it's a matter of digging around in that bag he carries, bringing out a sketch pad and pencil.

Therynn can't help but smile back, watching as Brennan retorts with liquid courage. "Sure.." she says softly, moving to hold her hand out for Brennan to unwrap and check out. She isn't even thinking about brandy swooped up by Nae, or the fact that she just injured one of her most useful facets, nope, she's all twitterpated, life in slow motion internal gushing about the impending exchange with Brennan. This totally innocent, yet flirty day dream instilling interaction in the huntress' mind is cleared up quickly when Nae wiggles her way on to Rynn's lap. In reality, she's retracting and moving to support the half stumbly blonde who's now squirming in her lap. The three in the corner of the lounge sure like like a lively bunch this evening. "Oh Nae!" Therynn exclaims with a chuckle looking around her towards Brennan, raised brow paired with mischievous remark "Did I forget to warn you about this one? She's a feisty one, beware." The half drunk brandy in her lap-sitting hand is grabbed by Therynn's less burnt one and a big swig is taken.

The lounge is certainly not on one young woman's lists of "places to be" and yet that is where Laurali winds up all the same. She'll stand by the doorway, eyeing the interior with a sort of wary uncertainty before darting further inside. Not because she wishes to, but because a rowdier group of riders making a stumbling exit sort of… force her to go that way. The Sr. Apprentice Healer hastily weaves her way past a few more smaller tables and then, without looking, plunks herself down in the nearest chair. Which may happen to be across from Ravyal, though her gaze hasn't turned to face him yet. Her attention is caught instead to where Brennan sits, with Therynn and Nae, though her eyes settle longest on the greenrider sitting in the other woman's lap. Huh. Uh… maybe she's in the wrong sort of lounge? She'll settle her own satchel down in her lap, her grip tight on it as though it'll vanish if she lets go.

Aaaand thwarted by the greenrider now invading Therynn's lap now rather than trying to do so to his. Sorry, Therynn! Brennan retracts his hand with a shrug, finishes off his drink, and gives a snort. "She's established that pretty well," he says of Nae, reaching down to grab his crossbow again and pushing back from the table. "I'd best be off. Gotta find a good place for this, maybe do a little more lookin' around. Ladies." That's his farewell as he rises and slings his jacket over his arm, though one last wink is given Therynn before he strides off. It's getting a little crowded in here now, with the dinner hour coming on - and that's something he really doesn't want to deal with.

Nae lifts her free hand to waggle her fingers in a parting wave to Brennan as she gets nice and settled in Therynn's lap. "Nice seeing you, grumpy boy." She says in an amused manner. She leans back against Therynn as she drinks her drink. "Mmm. He's cute, but he's grumpy. And a little prudish." She concludes, her slightly glazed gaze shifting to the latest two arrivals. Her finger-waggling wave is now directed at Ravyal and Laurali. "Hi there!"

Ravyal might be engrossed in working his pencil over the paper, but the boy seems to keep an eye on that table with the drinking and lap-squirming. He may even look a little embarrassed, but his gaze keeps wandering that way as he works. There's a quick look up when Laurali moves through..and even plonks down right across from him. "Hello.." Uncertain, but at least not unwelcoming! But then there are /other/ attentions, and Rav looks back to notice Brennan's departure. Nae turning her attention on them has the weaver ducking slightly, but at least he lifts his pencil-toting hand to wave a little, face coloring as he gets back to work.

Therynn frowns a bit, but only when the fellow hunter isn't looking, about him deciding to leave so quickly. "Uhh.. I uhh.." she tries to say something suave, but this is definitely not her forte. "Bye.." she half-musters with a mumble. A departing wink makes her cheeks feel hot and gives her butterflies in her stomach. Dumbfounded, she sits there with her arms around Nae, the two of them at a table for four, watching Brennan-bum walk away shamelessly. Then she catches the discerning gaze of somber and reserved crowd weaver who settles in across the way, a starer who caught another starer staring, and before she knows it Nae is calling out to both Laurali and Ravyal. This isn't awkward.. not a bit…

Laurali's eyes also follow Brennan's departure with interest that soon is snapped to the sudden voice coming from across the table. She starts a bit, eyes widening a little at Ravyal before she too ducks her head sheepishly. "Oh! Um. Hello. Uh… sorry. This your table? Never been down here before and wasn't paying attention…" At least she's not bolting from the chair? She's shy though and a few seconds of silence stretch on, during which Nae's wave catches her eye as does the greeting and Laurali returns it with a meek little wiggle of her fingers, a gesture that may extend to Therynn as well. … hey? Turning her head back to Ravyal, the young Healer manages a small, tentative smile as she tries to catch a glimpse of his knot. "Posted Crafter? … Weaver?"

Nae has a strong ego during even the best of times. When she's been drinking, it kicks into overdrive. "Are you looking for subjects to draw?" She calls out to Ravyal. Then Laurali drifts by, and the tipsy greenrider looks over her with a wide grin. "Both of you! Come drink with us!" This won't end well.

"I don't mind.." Ravyal's own shyness makes the whole thing a bit..awkward really, and the teen squirms in his chair. So many eyes! They're /on/ him. "What?…yes. Weaver…" So what if he has to look at his knot for a moment to make sure of that. He's nervous! Fingers absently toy with his pencil a moment though, and an uncertain look is thrown right back toward Nae when she's..summoning them? Back and forth he looks, wide-eyed gaze flicking from the lap-dwelling greenrider back to Laurali again, uttering an almost panicked squeak. "I don't even drink.." /Can/ he, even? What does one /do/ in a situation like this? Hopefully there's a juice option.

Therynn feels kinda at home with the two head-duckers, a move she knows quite well as someone who typically tends to blend in with the crowd instead of sticking out like a sore thumb the way she is right now. Like a wherry in a glow-light, she blinks, and blinks again, managing a smile. She's starting to retreat in to her more reserved self and definitely feels like things suddenly got a little awkward between the groups in the corner. "Nae.." she whispers to her friend, one hand robotically going up to sheepishly wave back to Laurali with a quick glance towards Ravyal. "We really should.." and as she starts to shift her friend from lap to nearest chair, Nae's squirm equates to hurt hand being pinned between a chair and a green rider. "Ackk.. I think.." she sucks in air to offset the pain, sparing the details of the blisters below "I gotta go back to the infirmary.." she guards her burned bandaged and now squished hand. "Nae.. maybe you should come with me.. you guys really don't have to join us. We're sure you're busy n'all." She'll wait to see if Nae successfully lures in the unsuspecting vict-er… new friends or decides to depart to the Infirmary, which is where the huntress will make a beeline to with an apologetic nod of the head to Laurali and Ravyal on her way out.

Infirmary? That word is like a bell to Laurali and her head darts up, honing in on Therynn with renewed interest that has nothing to do with the huntress herself and only what injury or malady may be ailing her. How… nice? Nothing like a Healer's interest in you for your… wounds. Before she can say anything, Therynn is off like a shot and with Nae possibly in tow. That doesn't keep her from answering about the drinking though, darting a sidelong look to Ravyal. "Um. Can't… really drink? I'm a Sr. Apprentice and they kind of frown on, uh… certain things. I mean, one might not be bad. My shift isn't until morning but…" Her obvious hesitation likely means she'll be joining Ravyal on the "strictly juice or non-alcoholic" drinking. Which doesn't seem shameful to Laurali at all. "Thank you, though? I suppose we can all share drinks regardless." Alcoholic, non-alcoholic! Does it matter? "Been posted here long, then?" Laurali asks in a quieter tone to Ravyal, realizing he had answered her and she resumes her meek and shy demeanour. Is it awkward? Maybe a bit. The young Healer does fidget, playing with the strap of her satchel.

Nae looks a little disappointed when Therynn manages to escape from underneath her, but gives her a little parting wave as she settles into the seat properly. "Feel better, Rynn!" She raises her glass and swigs down the last of it before looking to the apprentices joining her. "Eh, relax. Juice is fine. You're both here, that means you both want to party. Right?" Sound greenie logic.

"For a few weeks now, that's all. I didn't know this place got so..busy." Ravyal's brows furrow a little for a moment though, before he sits up, hugging that sketch pad to his chest. "I'm Ravyal, by the way. I should have said that, but I just..well.." The whole place is a bit..distracting. There are blinking lights, and ladies in the laps of other ladies! And just when the weaver was hoping he might get off the hook for that 'drinking' time, even looking somewhat relieved when poor Therynn darts off to tend to her injury…there's Nae. His head turns, gaze rounding on her again in surprise. "W…want to /party/?" There's that slight squeak to his voice again.

Busy indeed! It's already pretty crowded in Shenangian's, but the arrival of Inri doesn't make it any less — rowdy-ish. She's in her black leathers, except for the fact that the jacket has been discarded elsewhere … so it's black leather pants and a white buttondown with a fluffy gold scarf, having the result of making it look like she actually showed up for a party. Not that she did! She showed up for a drink, and is a bit saddened to see a certain party not there messing with the drinks in question. As for where she ends up? There are a crowd of people she doesn't recognize and Laurali in one area. One person she likes, lots of people she's never met. Easy choice!

"This place is. Rest of the Weyr isn't usually, depending on the time of day," Laurali offers helpfully (and shyly) to Ravyal. She'll dip her head, almost in a bob of greeting, to him. "Well met, Ravyal. No matter… been distracting…" She clears her throat. "I'm Laurali. Sr. Apprentice Healer." There! Greetings exchanged, she'll try for that tentative smile again, only to dart her eyes back to Nae and blush instead of squeak like the Weaver does. "I'm pretty sure "partying" falls under the same category as "drinking" for Apprentices. I… don't think we mind some company though?" Of the casual, chatting sort! Laurali may not realize how that could be taken, but she's trying to be polite and not fumble too awkwardly. At least she's loosened her death grip on her satchel? As Inri arrives though, the young Healer is suddenly on her feet and hurrying through a quick curtsey before plunking down again.

Nae twists her lips into a frown at the apprentice pair. "When did party become a dirty word? When I was an apprentice, I loved to party." She sighs wistfully and has another drink. "I'm Nae, by the way. Rider of green Kaiath, from Western. Pleased to meet both of you. Order some juice on me, if proper drinking is off the table." She looks up at the latest arrival, smiling and waving to Inri.

Ravyal finally sets his sketch pad down again, closing it up. All this talk makes for difficulty drawing, after all. He still watches Nae however, almost wary of the drinking greenrider. Though his head gives a faint tilt after a moment. "Is that why you're a rider now?" He does seem to realize a bit late what he said, the weaver's eyes growing a little bit wider and the flush returning to his face. "Erm..not that I mean anything /bad/ about that. know, we're not really supposed to.. I mean.." Words the poor boy. Someone quick, kill him now. Maybe he /could/ use a drink. ..Of juice. There is an Inri approaching, along with Laurali making a curtsey! Alas, the weaver can only tip his head to look at the woman, at a bit of a loss over just what to say.

"Something about rules," Inri suggests cautiously, after ordering herself a drink — it'll show up, she needn't get up and move and instead claims a seat amongst the group. "And how apprentices aren't actually intended to be partying." Not that Inri is apparently making a moral judgment in either direction. That's not her thing. Ravyal drawing, though, that might be her thing, as the sketchpad gets a curious look. "You're a weaver?" So what if they were talking about other things before?

Laurali blinks and her mouth works quietly for a moment before she closes it and presses it into a firm line. "Didn't mean to make it sound 'dirty'. Just the truth…" she mumbles, cheeks colouring all the more as she realizes the image she's painting. Look at her, being the goody goody Healer apprentice! Now there's more greetings and Laurali can relax a fraction. She dips her head again, "Well met, Nae. Welcome to Fort…" Ravyal's inquiry silences Laurali for a moment though the girl has to duck her head and cover her mouth briefly not to snicker for the little blunder he makes. Ahem. "What… brings you this far north and west?" And in winter, no less!

Nae blinks and eyes Ravyal for a moment. Then she breaks out in a laugh. "You've got guts, kid. But no, I got searched and impressed the way anybody else does. I was a good apprentice. Still am, even though I don't have much time for my craft duties these days." She slumps in her seat and smiles, giving Inri a wink. "Life's about more than what you're intended to do, wouldn't you say?" Then her gaze falls on Laurali. "Such manners! Thank you for the welcome. I came here to participate in some joint training exercises… and see an old friend from candidacy."

Ravyal still looks thoroughly embarrassed. Guts? No, that's a severe case of foot-in-mouth disease. The weaver fidgets, tongue giving a brief swipe to his lips even as he nods. "Well I know that' /that/ works. Of course." He sends a quick look over to Laurali, calming just a bit at her own politeness. A surprised look is turned on Inri however, blinking somewhat before he manages to respond again, one hand settling down on his sketch pad. "Erm…yes ma'am..I am. Can..can I help you?"

Inri looks completely thrilled at the sight of a weaver, and the confirmation that he actually is one. "Well, not right now, but in future? Yes. I kept thinking we needed more of you around here. I knit, myself, but that doesn't do anything for all the dress design ideas I have that don't get made. So I should talk to you when I'm less completely exhausted, maybe? I only just got back." Nyalle sent her on vacation when Kayeth was proddy, and now that that's settled, Inri has returned … and she's been back at Fort for a few hours and is already back in the lounge drinking. "Anyway, I'm Inri. Hi." That goes for everyone who doesn't know her name; Laurali gets a signature waggly-wave.

"What was your Craft…?" Laurali is quick to interject, only to flush again when she realizes she's jumped ahead. Oops? Poor girl, she's just ever-so curious! When she isn't meekly silent, out of shyness or just wariness. As for her manners? The girl just shrugs, "I do my best." she admits with a small hint of a smile that is, for once, genuine towards Nae. "Joint training exercises…?" There's that curiosity again and Laurali's eyes will dart to the door that Therynn had, not so long ago, departed from. "Was she your friend?" So many questions! Laurali seems to clue into that and grimaces. Oops. Her eyes glance back to Ravyal, then up to Inri when the junior goldrider seems interested in his rank… for obvious reasons. "Hey." Laurali returns the greeting. She's already curtsied once! She can be less formal now, right?

A need to escape, and possibly to explore, has brought Amethyst into Shenanigan's Lounge, the Senior Apprentice Smith looking curiously about her as she steps in and meanders her way deeper. This random wandering brings her by the knot that includes Ravyal, a familiar young face that she smiles at, and gravitates towards. The others in the group are given a polite bob and a grin as she pulls up beside the Weaver, giving the younger teenager a cheery wink. "Hello." And that's to everyone.

"Hi, Inri." Nae replies with a little wave. "I'm Nae. Rider of green Kaiath. Nice to meetcha." She raises her glass and winks before answering Laurali's question. "I was a dolphincrafter. Still am, just don't have as much time for it anymore. How about yourself?" The latest arrival is greeted with a smile. Nae raises her glass to Amethyst. "Hey! Here to party?" Uh-oh.

Ravyal does still look a little bit nervous, but there's a nod. "I'll be glad to help as much as I can.." He's still learning, after all. How much help he /can/ be is up for debate. "'s a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. It's Ravyal..if you want to find me later.." Seeing Amethyst appear in the lounge earns a slight brightening from the weaver, however. His hand lifts in a somewhat shy wave still, before he turns a bit to finally stuff his sketchbook back into his satchel. "Hi, Thys.." Uh oh. Party time is back on the table again!

When another person enters Inri sits up a little straighter, waves again. "More new people! Excellent. Love it. Hello — Thys?" That's all Inri has heard her called, so if Amethyst has a full name it's going to be news to her. News she may or may not get; 'Thys' will work, right? "And welcome to Fort. Um, everyone, really. Kouzevelth passes along a similar sentiment," and that's how she introduces her dragon's name. She's not very good at formal introductions unless the conversation itself is formal (she does hate disappointing Nyalle).

Laurali absorbs the information Nae shares like a sponge, organizing it all and tucking it away. Why and for what purpose? Is unknown. "Healer," she replies promptly to the Western greenrider, letting a little bit of pride slip into her tone. Just a little. "Sr. Apprentice." Which, for her and given her background, is an accomplishment. As Amethyst arrives, Laurali silently watches her as she settles herself down beside Ravyal, noting the look of familiarity between the two. That has her relaxing a bit and she nods politely to the Smith. "Hello." Thys? Laurali cocks her head a bit to the side, as if gauging whether or not that IS the other woman's name.

Is she here to party? Amethyst shakes her head softly at Nae, before running her fingers through her short-cropped hair to ruffle it up. "I'm afraid partying's not yet allowed," she replies, tapping the knot on her shoulder - apprenticeship limits such things somewhat! She gives Ravyal's shoulder a soft squeeze of hello, before dipping her head politely to Laurali and to Inri, whose name she recognises. "Weyrwoman Inri? Pleasure to meet you. Thys is fine, though it's Amethyst, in full." Which should also sate Laurali's curiosity. From a pouch around her waist, the Smith pulls out a handful of flyers, passing them out to each member of the group, if they'll take one. It's an invitation to the jewellery evening. "It'd be my pleasure to invite you all personally, if you'd care to attend?"

Nae narrows her eyes slightly. "What kind of weyr is this where none of the apprentices ever party? When I was an apprentice, we spent all our rest days swimming and dancing and partying late into the evening…" She sighs and takes the flyer passed her way. Her eyes go wide as she looks it over. "Jewellry? I am /there/." She gets a bright enthusiastic grin.

Ravyal closes up his satchel, although he does finally turn his head a little again to peer at Nae. Brows furrow somewhat, and his mouth opens and closes a few times before he finally manages a small huff. He even speaks, despite the rapidly rising blush of embarrassment it causes him. "A very respectable Weyr." It's out before he can stop the snapped out words, and the weaver sucks in a quick breath. At least that flyer now in his hands is a quick distraction from his position, and he looks up again at Amethyst with a smile forced onto his face. "It's going to be your work and everything?"

And Nae isn't the only one who has that reaction — though Inri's response to the flyer is delayed momentarily to respond to her name. Her own, that is. "Hm? Oh, yes. That's me. I'll keep calling you Thys, if you don't mind, I like nicknames, it makes it seem like I'm friends with someone —" Now she's looking at the flyer she's taken before actually registering what it is, and her eyes widen just a little. "Most certainly, yes. I'll have to find a dress I haven't worn in ages, I don't currently have anything new, I'm sorry about that." And that's a very serious apology. "Something old I stopped wearing because I didn't have a necklace to match, maybe, and we can find something that suits it."

Laurali's reaction is much like Ravyal's in which she just stares blankly at Nae, blinking a few times before her brows knit into a frown. She's about to say something, but the Weaver speaks first and she has to hurriedly cover her mouth again. Her? Snickering? She totally is and the darted look she gives him is almost mischievous. Almost. Composing herself, she simply shrugs to Nae, "Every Weyr is different? Though I'm posted at the Hall… soon to be Stonehaven cothold when my Journeyman transfers there too. I'm only here today because she is." And apparently set "free" to do what she wished for a few candlemarks of freedom. Laurali's curiosity concerning Amethyst's name is satisfied and she'll take the flyer from the Smith, reading it and eyes widening again. "I would like to… if I can." If she's even anywhere near Fort Weyr on the day of the event! From the way she rereads the flyer, she's hoping so. Who doesn't like jewelry? Inri's talk of a dress has Laurali starting a bit, glancing from her, to Amethyst. "… is a dress or formal wear required?" Or did she misunderstand?

"Once I've got my journeyman's knot I intend to /fully/ make up for partying time lost," Amethyst winks at Nae, giving her nod when she says she'll attend. "I'll see you there. We're bringing in wine and Harpers, so you may get your party?" Ravyal is nodded at. "Mmhrm! All my work, and my mentor's, too. Mostly mine… I'm working on a piece inspired by Fort Weyr, actually, to be the centrepiece. Perhaps… well, maybe you and I can speak about something a little later - tomorrow perhaps? I may need your help with something." The Smith nods and grins at Inri, confirming that the nickname is perfectly ok. "Actually, ma'am, I'll be taking commissions on the evening, and everything - or nearly everything, anyway - will be on sale. Or you can come see me earlier, if you'd like, as I may have something to match your outfit?" To Laurali, she shakes her head. "Not required, no. Most people come to these evenings in semi-formal wear, though there's by no means a dress code."

Nae gives Amethyst a wicked little grin. "Now that's the kind of spirit I like to hear! Wine, harpers, an excuse to dress sexy, and jewellry on display to buy! Well, I will definitely be there. Maybe I can bring some friends!" She grins and rubs her hands together in a conspiratorial way. She looks to Laurali and raises an eyebrow. "Required? It's an excuse to dress your best. Why not take it?" She looks to Inru as if expecting agreement.

Ravyal offers Amethyst a slow smile, but nods his head quickly. "I can't say that I'll be buying anything.. I'm not really much for jewelry.." Not that he could afford it, likely. But the weaver at least looks interested in being there, pulling the strap to his satchel up and over his shoulder. "Of course…just tell me what you need. Tomorrow, you said?" So long as he can find the woman, anyway. With that bag attached to him once again though, the teen gets up, offering a smile at least to the rest of the group. "It was very nice meeting all of you, but I really should get going and all.." It's still dinner time, after all, and the boy's stomach has started making a few choice noises of /reminder/ to prod him along.

"You'll be fine," Inri tells Laurali with a tiny smile, one that's just a little impish. "I can take you shopping, get you something gorgeous, if you don't have anything you'd already like to wear." What? Laurali is probably dating Ezra, which means she's stuck in Inri's inner circle whether she likes it or not, and that means getting spoiled. "Whether or not it ends up matching something nice you find at the event. You," she grins back at Amethyst, "I will find earlier for sure, if I pick a dress I definitely want to get out. My winter things are all kind of boring. Needs a little jazzing up. It'd also be good if winter ended." Right. This is Fort. Inri has lived either at Fort Weyr or further north of it her entire life. She's definitely deluded.

"I'm gonna go pick my outfit out right now!" Nae clutches her flyer and gives a wide smile to the others who've been invited to the whole jewellry shindig before she stumbles towards the exit. Hopefully she'll remember all of this.

Commissions? Sales? Wine and Harpers? Laurali's eyes stay wide and while the whole event sounds wonderful to her, part of her is also wary and hesitant, as if unsure she should even be considering such things. Yet Ravyal's farewells have her distracted from that line of thought and she smiles a small, tentative smile to him. "Nice to meet you too," she murmurs, only to look a bit relieved by Amethyst's answer. Semi-formal! Laurali's brows knit. Wait… does she even have that? "… is casual okay?" she asks, close to a near whisper or mumbled under her breath. Her gaze darts to Inri then and she looks uncertain. How does she know? And then there's that offer! "I—I…" What? "Shopping? Really?" Laurali looks as though she can't even wrap her head around that concept. Shopping? With a junior goldrider? Her cheeks colour at Nae's comments. "I… don't own fancy things like that." she blurts out, only to sink a bit in her chair. So maybe that shopping is needed, after all?

Amethyst nods reassuringly to Laurali. "Whatever you're most comfortable in, there's no dresscode." Nae's hasty departure earns a laugh, which she turns to Inri with a nod. "Sure thing, ma'am. We're easy enough to find, whenever you want. There's a fortnight to the event, so plenty of time for meeting… and shopping." She winks from the weyrwoman to Laurali, then smiles down to Ravyal. "Are you going to get dinner? I'm /starved/ and could eat a runner. Would you care to join me?" Perhaps she heard his tummy rumbling! "Ma'ams, feel free to come find me if you want to know anything else about the evening, or if you'd like to see the stock before it's on display. And spread the word too, if you'd like - it's an open evening, everyone's welcome." Whether Ravyal's coming or not, the Smith bobs her head as a farewell to the ladies present, and makes her way out, handing flyers to punters as she goes.

Inri is not going to have this 'not owning fancy things' thing. As far as she is concerned, Laurali needs to look gorgeous all the time. "You don't own fancy things now. But you will, if you're willing to let me fix you up. I mean, you're lovely enough already. Need to emphasize that." This is probably how Inri gets most of her friends; she just kind of is at people, once they're on relatively good terms. "So there's no reason to not take you out to the weaver hall and see what we can find, I don't think? Don't worry about cost, I won't go crazy, we'll just get you one or two nice things." Something for Weyr parties, something for Stonehaven events. … For this season. Next season's another game. "Though right now I have an obnoxious nagging dragon, so we'll have to plan later?" This is Inri's empty glass set aside, as the junior weyrwoman stands to depart, looking mildly guilty about it.

Laurali might just be sinking a little lower in her seat, her arms hugging her satchel to herself. Lovely? Her? The young Healer considers herself plain, but then what else is she to expect? Straight black hair (often parted and braided on either side), dark eyes, darker complexion. She does not consider herself anywhere near a beauty. "I… but… I mean, I don't… have ways to pay for it?" she mumbles, flushing darkly now. "I'm flattered, Inri, I am." That much is the truth! So flattered that she's just outright stunned! Then her answer about the cost comes and Laurali can only blink incredulously to the gold rider's generosity. How could she say no to that? "Ah… yes, we'll plan later. I'll be here until the next night. Thank you…" She'll give a more proper farewell to Inri before she departs and then Laurali is making her own hasty escape. She has A LOT to think about!