Fort Weyr - Dtirae's Weyr

The curtain that blocks the outside ledge from the rest of the weyr is no simple curtain: it is made from animal pelts, carefully woven together to create a door that is not quite a door, but it battles the heat and cold in the various seasons to provide the weyr with a certain warmth. And, that is only the beginning. The weyr can most simply be described as: tribal or wild. Pelts of various animals, likely all kills from the Weyrwoman, line the walls. Amongst the many kinds is one particularly large feline, male to be exact, and largest among all of the other pelts with the color being a bright golden. It rest beside the large wooden desk settled off in the corner. The desk is lined almost constantly with paperwork, likely the place the Weyrwoman retreats to when things are far from quiet in the offices. The rest of the living area is quite cozy: a hearth is settled on the opposite side with a pelt on the floor before it. A small table and two chairs are a little towards the center of the room, both quite quaint and dainty looking: out of place for this very tribal setting.
Another curtain blocks the way into another section of the weyr. This section is the sleeping area and, bathing cavern combined. The bath that occupies the weyr is large, roomy enough for two but, from the looks of it: it has barely been touched in Turns. Across from the bathing area is where the bed is settled. Pelts also cover the bedding, providing blankets as they have been specially tailored to cater to that purpose. Of course, there are more pelts lining the wall of the whole area. However, the other details are softer and a little more welcoming. Shelves beside the bathtub provide various goods, such as soapsand and towels. Bookshelves are near the bed, and soft non-animal rugs, line the floor to provide a warmer surface to place one's feet on in the mornings. A wardrobe is also settled in the room, placed in the middle between both the sleeping area and the bathing area.

It's been some time since the meeting, not so great that the day is completely over. Dtirae went to Elara and D'ani to the Healers. The Weyrwoman seems to be in better spirits as she's entering her weyr, where Zuvaleyuth is still absent from. She rolls her eyes before she's moving into the deeper parts of her weyr, past the fur curtain. Whether or not D'ani has settled himself in her weyr, as per her request, she's moving to draw back the curtains that separate the large cavern. Everything is entirely in the open, including the bathing area. The tap is turned and water begins to fill the tub, and she says not a single word.

Up that long staircase comes D'ani, his boot soles make tap-squish, tap-squish on the rain-wet stone as he makes a slow progress up them, one hand braced against the wall for balance. At the top, he'll wait for Zuvaleyuth's permission to enter - hopefully she's announced him to her rider - before stepping in and slipping off his dripping jacket, running the fingers of both hands through his hair to flick some of the moisture from it. "Rae? I'm heeeere!" He turns around to look for her and the work of the healers becomes visible. His nose has some sort of plaster dressing on it and it looks like one nostril is packed with gauze. His eyes are unfocused and glassy, he's got a crooked smile splayed across his face despite what the healers have put him through and his balance is a touch off because he's leaning slightly to one side. He's been medicated and he probably shouldn't have left the infirmary. Or been trusted near a stone staircase. But he's done both anyway.

Zuvaleyuth is so not around to welcome the rider, so he's free to go right in. Though, it is likely she's been /watching/ as Dtirae's clearly not startled by the entrance of the bronzerider. Her gaze is drifting back to him for his greeting, brows lifting before she slowly puts the pieces together. A soft chuckle and the tub water comes to a stop after a moment in which she moves to meet him, hands extended in a means to guide him. "How are you feeling?"

Ah still up on Velokraeth's ledge is she? Not that D'ani knows this. In his present state of mind, he doesn't think to try and get Dremkoth to bespeak Zuvaleyuth and ask if she and Dtirae are even in Fort Weyr. Or maybe he's just assuming wherever she's gone, she'll be back soon enough since she had asked him to stop by. Dremkoth is asleep anyway and D'ani? Welp, might be the fellis playing tricks on his mind has him seeing and talking to things not there. He watches Dtirae walk toward him, automatically lifting his hands to meet hers, curls his fingers around them and says blithely, "Never better! They gave me a shot before they reset my nose." And so ‘never better’ may be true, heh. "How, ah, was your visit with Elara?"

"Shots don't normally mean for good things." Dtirae murmurs as she leans in to brush a kiss on his cheek. "My visit with Elara was… Enlightening." She'll give him a gentle tug, back towards the bathing area of her weyr. "I figured that I'd make it up to you, give you a massage. Or, maybe just let you soak in my big tub." She'll, of course, make sure he doesn't /drown/ in his drugged state.

"Trust me, this one was," says D'ani of the shot. "Because there was no way they were touching my nose without it." He follows her, trying to walk straight, but lets face it, he fails. Weaving drunkenly is more like it. He stops at the edge of the tub, trying not to teeter while peering down at the water. "Uhhh… they told me to keep away from water…" His plaster isn't quite dry, the steam certainly won't help. And his brain is slow for he finally thinks to say with a wider smile, "It's a nice idea we should definitely save for another time. Though you don't need to make anything up to me."

"Well, at least they set it." Dtirae murmurs, the weaving is giving her pause, so she doesn't let him lean /into/ the tub. "Yes, we're staying away from the water." So, she'll gently lead him towards the /bed/ where it is safer and she won't have to fret over him as much. Unless they said stay away from pillows, too. "I hurt you, D'ani…"

She only needs to worry if he faceplants into one of the pillows and passes out. Death by pillow-smothering would be an ignominious end to him. Where she leads, D'ani follows easily and unthinkingly. He's all slack-muscled and as they get there, he'll sit on the edge of her bed and slowly melt backward while attempting to lightly tap the tip of her nose with his forefinger. He's way off - his hand weaves to either side and he finally succeeds by closing one eye and moving with drunken deliberation. "Correction. You hurt my nose. I remain unscathed." He lies there, his crooked grin turns a trifle giddy. "You have beautiful eyes, do you know that?"

Dei will certainly /move/ any pillows that might smother her boyfriend. She is, after all, a protective person when not running on adrenaline. She'll try to maneuver him onto the bed as he's reaching for her, to tap her nose. She'll wait until he accomplishes his goal, indulging him with a soft laugh. "Well, if your nose is attached to your person then I only hurt your nose. But, unfortunately: it is still attached, so I have hurt you." She settles near on the bed, tucking her legs in and gingerly playing with his hair. "Thank you. I think they're pretty, too." She shifts, though, not lingering too long at his hair before she's climbing /over/ the bronzerider. It's all PG, however, as her hands are settling gingerly on his shoulders and gently massaging. "How do you feel about me, D'ani?"

D'ani uses a logic of a different sort. "I'm in some pain. Or I was, hah! Oh- that reminds me, here." And he's shoving a hand into the pocket of his jeans, removing a packet of tablets. "The healers want me to take one of these every four hours. I might forget though." Back to her worries, he tries to explain. "You can't hurt me unless I let you." He pats his chest over his heart. "I'm fine, really. But if it helps? You're forgiven. I should have understood how Zuvaleyuth was affecting you." He flashes her another smirky-grin while she's playing with his hair, "Next time I'll be ready to duck." Next time?!! You know, because it's occurred to him that Kouzevelth is going to rise eventually and Iaverulth certainly will again. He's momentarily confused by her clambering over him, assuming she wants to get to the other side of her bed and so tries to help her over. He's probably more of a hindrance than a help, thankfully he doesn't pitch her over the other side. He sighs appreciatively as her fingers knead his shoulders. "Hm? How do I..?" He's surprised she has to ask after the day they've just had. He pulls his scattered braincells together, brows knitting as concentrates, "I like you a lot, I feel protective of you, I think you are a very attractive woman and I'd like to get to know you better." He tilts his head backwards to see her. Aaaaand she's upside down.

Dtirae takes the offered packets with a soft hum, "okay." She's putting them where she can see them, and where they won't fall off the bed so she won't forget. Though, it's unlikely with the way she's been fretting over him. "You're saying the only way I can hurt you is by hurting your heart?" Curious. But, she doesn't push further than that. "She was affecting me pretty badly." A brow lifts at the next time and she shakes her head. "There won't be a next time. We're taking precautions from now on." She leans over to gently kiss his forehead, lovingly. "I see." A soft hum as her fingers continue to work, and then her hands are trailing downwards to his chest, fingers gently working the muscles there. "Do you want me to go further?"

D'ani's used to working with cattle and runners who have sharp, hurty-horns and hard feet that pack a whallop when they kick. He's tough! If he allows someone inside though, sure, he's as vulnerable as the next man, so he just nods to her question. He smiles about her saying there won't be a next time. "Sure Babe," he agrees, almost too easily. Someone is going to be watching out for her the next time one of the golds rises and breathing a sigh of relief when Zuvaleyuth departs safely away. He captures her hands as they begin to work down his chest. "Want? I'd be a liar if I said no. Should you?" He's trying to push the languid haze back and focus on rational thought, shakes his head and says gently, "Probably not." He's working on pulling her alongside him, might send her sprawling awkwardly across him instead (right now his coordination – and willpower are severely lacking). While trying to peer into her eyes, he asks, "What exactly are you trying to do, Rae?"

"I'm planning on having any golds that are at risk to depart for at least a sevenday until the flight." Dtirae answers his easily spoken response. She'll likely tell him again later, when he's got the right mind for it. When he catches her hands, she stops working and looks to meet his gaze. A brow lifts, curious but she does not protest him trying to pull her alongside him. She is pulled, and does end up sprawling awkwardly across him, but, she rights herself only somewhat. "Nothing. I was trying to massage my boyfriend." Grey eyes meet his and she smiles, just a little mischievously.

D'ani chuckles, "Oh yeah, I can just see Zuvaleyuth cooperating with that. But a week away would be excellent for her rider. Vacation and rest," he says with mock severity. He hmms skeptically at her innocence. "This wouldn't be an attempt to try to make up for the punch, would it?" He's keeping her hands - for now and her gaze if he can. His brown eyes lack the sharp somberness he'd like them to have; they're soft, but his mouth is firm. "I don't want you carrying misplaced guilt and fretting over that."

"She'll cooperate." Dtirae says firmly, "and, I'd take work with me so that I'm not doing nothing." Oh wait, was that a hint? She missed it. "No, it isn't an attempt to make up for the punch. You said you forgave me, so, I am forgiven." She leans in to gently kiss him, "I'm only doing something I /want/ to because I want you to feel good, and relaxed. You've only done things for me and I've not done anything for you."

Hey, even a working vacation will be a good thing for her! Not that D'ani is quick enough tonight to point that out. Less people demanding her attention, interrupting her work, appealing to her to deal with minor crises, waking her. "You should try learning a hobby," he says offhandedly. "All work and no play…" He drapes both arms loosely around her shoulders and returns her kiss, then brown holds grey as she answers. He seems satisfied with it, because a slow smile grows in the wake of his prior seriousness, "Okay, good. Because no lady should have to trade favors for guilt. And you've done plenty for me: you allowed me to share my home, enjoyed Maiona with me. That's priceless in my mind. Though if you want to do something for me, then talk to me. I'm already as relaxed as I can be." He's almost a puddle as it is.

"But I do have a hobby." Dei returns softly, "I play a lot." She hums as he kisses her back, chuckling softly as he draws away. "I don't think those things are doing anything at all. You've taken me to your home, shared your past with me, danced with me, took me fishing." They weren't dating in a few of those things, still, they count. "You really just want me to talk?" A brow lifts as she's shifting to place a hand on his side, fingers 'walking' along him idly. "What do you want me to talk about?"

"Do you? What is it?" Thus far, he's taken her to do things he's done. He's fairly sure he's heard her remark more than once how much of a workaholic she is. "Well, you should," he says of those things being for him as well as her. "See it through my eyes, Rae. Nothing pleases me more than to share those sorts of things with the people I care about." He doesn't mind her walking fingers at all. If they come near his mouth, he'll nip them with his lips playfully. "Mmhm," affirms D'ani lazily, "Tell me why you are both timid and tough. Which is the real Dtirae?"

"Hunting." Of course! Though, one should wonder if a former profession counts as a hobby. If not, she's obviously doing something wrong. "Hmm. Well, that is a good point." Fingers continue to walk along his side, and up near his mouth where he nips and cheeks flush a soft pink. Her fingers trail back downwards after a moment, idle, thoughtless as she considers softly. "Both are the real me. You just happen to bring out the more timid side…" She trails off, fingers pausing for a moment until her gaze settles on her hand before they continue their idle wandering. "I've had… I'm… Being anything but tough never worked for me… And being only tough… I've… No one ever stays with me."

He'll have to challenge her to learn something new one of these days, but for now this one peaks his interest. "You'll have to take me hunting sometime," says D'ani easily to that. He would hope she loved her profession enough to enjoy it, yes. And he'd like to see her in her element. He chuckles at her flush, the parting of his lips setting her fingers free to resume their wandering. His hand lifts to trace the contours of her rosy cheek, brushing lightly with the back of his knuckles tenderly. "That scary, am I?" he asks lightly. Her eyes might wander but his remain on her face, as focused and intent as the medication will allow them to be. His fingers slide to her chin, which is gently captured between thumb and the crook of his forefinger. "Sometimes I think tough is a shield for you, Dtirae." Of her personal disappointments he says earnestly, "Yet. And that's because the one who will appreciate you for who you really are hasn't come along yet. That's all."

Good thing she likes challenges, so she'll definitely rise to meet it. "I will, promise. I love hunting… Maybe Chyhi, my sister, will come too." As his fingers trace her cheeks, she smiles before turning another shade at his question. "I'm not afraid." It is a simple, but true, statement as she avoids meeting his gaze. When he captures her chin, she lifts her gaze to meet his. His statement as her staring at him, expression fading entirely. It's a good thing he's caught her, otherwise she'd be hiding her face. "There will likely never be someone like that."

He'll definitely enjoy challenging her, too! As for hunting, "I'll look forward to it. And meeting your sister, too." He just hmms with a hint of skepticism about her claim but doesn't argue with her as he releases her chin, still watching her lazily though his lashes, perhaps to hide his own expression in them. Either that or they're growing heavy. "You never know," he says evenly. "You just focus on being. On living and seeing the world and learning to see it through not only other's eyes but your own honest reaction to it and the rest will take care of itself." Okay he's waxing philosophical now. It must be the fellis, right? He loops his arms loosely around her again, draws her close and tucks her head under his chin, mumbling, "It'll all come in to focus when the time is right…" And then he ruins it with a gentle snore.

"She smells." Dtirae warns softly, but, nothing more on her sister. The woman is quite elusive. She gives a slight nod at his statement, poetic as it is. Whether or not she's taking it to heart, however, is another story. She leans into him as he loops his arms around her and snuggles in as he tucks her head under his chin. As for what he means? Well, she doesn't get a chance to respond before he's snoring. She'll stay in this position for a good while, until some part of her goes numb and she can't stand it any longer. Then, when four hours comes: she'll wake him, give him the pills, then coax him back to sleep. Repeatedly, until he retreats to his own weyr at least.

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