Shenanigan's Lounge
The natural walls of this cavern haven been completely covered and replaced by straight and sometimes curving walls of brickwork. There's method to the madness of covering stone with stone. It's as simple as the electric buzz in the room. New grade electric lights dot the fancy brick worked walls, with wires cleverly hidden behind, allowing more focus to be centered on the rest of the room rather than the numerous strings of wire needed to operate the lighting. Each bulb roosts in a bronzed metal flowering fixture, giving the room a rich atmosphere. Still, the walls are not the only place which has stone on stone appeal. The floor has been run smooth, the surface now slate rock, creating an imperial cast.
Beyond the actual foundations of the lounge, the luxury continues. High backed wooden chairs with padded white seats have been stationed all around the room. Between the individual chairs are benches fashioned out of the same rich wood with pillows made to flatter the cushions. There are low lying coffee tables or end tables near the individual chairs, while there's larger dinning room sized tables with chairs to match scattered as well, giving much variety to those who find themselves in the room. Decorative hangings and framed artwork has been neatly hung around the room, but to offset the meticulous method of the room, there's some pieces that give a sporty feeling to the room - such as a fishing rod or a snow shoe.
Of course, the final appeal of the room comes in the form of it's purpose; athletic competition. There are several games of darts lining the walls, various decks of dragon poker cards available, a large velvet lined pool table centered to one side of the lounge, a mat area surrounded by ropes, and an area that keeps track of all the runner races around the world via radio signal, giving constant updates on the status of the runners. Lastly, there's a bar here, small and built with brick as well. There's usually a bartender on duty willing to mix drinks during the evening hours.

Days and nights, duties and rest days, none of this really means that much to a wandering huntress. She's still getting used to her new digs and after an exciting venture that produced no results of use to Fortian leadership, Therynn has been excused until further notice. She figures now is as good a time as any to grab a drink and some snacks and Shenanigans. She's just been served up 'The Proddy Green' off the menu and a plate of roast wherry, mashed tubers and stewed veggies. Dinner time has settled across the chilled Weyr and many people wander about to drink, eat and be merry. Rynn, very typically, is at a small table in a dim corner, sitting alone, well sort of alone, feeding niblets of fresh meat to Tarth and Simian between bites, sips and people watching.

Nae appears to still be enjoying her Fortian 'vacation'. Or duties. Or whatever it was that brought her into the chilly north. She's dressed much more sensibly for the climate today, wrapped in a thick feline fur that makes her almost look sort of regal. The gold and brown firelizards perched on her shoulders might help with that impression. She makes straight for the bar to get herself a little whiskey to warm up with before finding a place to sit. Only then does she spot Therynn, a grin on her face as she approaches. "Hello there. Mind a little company?"

What tends to happen when someone like Nae enters a room, is that things go quiet. People may stammer, stare or envy, but that very phenomenon pulls Rynn's attention from food and fire lizards back out in to the crowd. She'll watch, mahogany eyes fixed, pupils dilating with sympathetic response. As she approaches, the huntress smirks and asks "Do I know you?" Coyly, before scooting over on wooden bench for the classy lady to have a seat.

Nae can't help but grin a little at the attention she gets. She loves this sort of thing. But all her attention is on Therynn, not the crowd. The question draws a little laught from her. "Better than most, I expect." She answers with a wink as she slides into the seat snugly beside Therynn. "You've been well, I hope?"

Therynn doesn't mind being the center of Nae's attention, even if cheeks are burning hot and flushed pink. The flashbacks of their experience replay like a movie in her head. There's a chuckle and she looks around, people slowly starting to go back to their chatter, grubbing and imbibing which takes a bit of the pressure off for the humble huntress. "Too true my dear Nae.." a wink is sent back her way "You look smashing, as always!" When the lovely blonde slides in, there's a moment panic, she hadn't thought that far out and decides to wrap an atom around for a good squeeze and lean in to place a quick peck on her cheek. "Well as ever.. and you?"

Nae returns the wrapping with an arm of her own, and the peck on the cheek with a much more forward kiss to Therynn's lips, as wicked as she can get away with in such a public place with so many eyes on them. She smiles mischieviously when it ends. "You look very lovely yourself. And I'm feeling well. Better now. You?"

Therynn definitely wasn't expecting that, then again she has no idea what to expect in general, this whole thing continuing to be rather new to her. That devious smooch is returned with too much hesitation, Nae's lips melting away just about anything that would attempt to pry Rynn away. "You bad bad girl.." she teases coquettishly before looking down at her garb. She's traded her usual attire for a fitted black top with a deep-V and some charcoal tanned hide pants that fit snugly in to her usual boot. "Who me? Oh this is just a borrower until my own are cleaned.. though I've been thinking 'bout trying to switch it up. Go shopping with me? You have the best taste.." she looks Nae up and down. "You look.. much warmer.. and yeah wow.. that whole.. 'thing'" she whispers "was great and I feel much more calm now too.:

Nae grins a little bit wickedly. "Yeah. Being naked is very fun, but it's really a little chilly for this climate." She winks. "Hence the fur." A little giggle escapes her as she traces her fingers down Therynn's side, admiring her outfit a little. "Shopping sounds /fun/. Very fun. You wanna go today?" Just like Nae to leap immediately at a fun idea. "I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did, Therynn. I'd wanted to do that with you for a while…"

Therynn adores that wicked grin, crushing the back of her hand gently against Nae's soft cheek. "I'd say we stayed pretty warm.. took a bit of a hot soak to get the bones unchilled, but I was definitely reeling.." There a shared giggle and squirm as Nae's fingers wander over ticklish zones. "Why that'd be great.. if you have the time.. I wanna.. spruce it up.. a little bit. Warmer like, stylish, but not too girly y'know?" This is Therynn we're talking about after all, and of course, she's blushing again and questioning "Really? I mean.. me? I just thought we were kinda.. friend zone seeing as how I'm.." she pauses ".. the way I am." Whatever that means.

Nae just keeps right on grinning. "Therynn. Not everyone who likes girls likes super girly girls. Understand what I mean?" She says with a little wink. "Don't worry. I've got a pretty good eye for fashion, I'm told. We should go out and expand your wardrobe a bit. I can definitely help you." She takes a deep swig of her drink.

Therynn considers this long and hard before nodding slowly "I guess there's a type.." she corrects "Or multiple types for everyone?" Index taps thumb as she tries to decipher what her type would be. "So far.. I only know that you Nae, are extremely attractive, Alyane is alluring too and there's something about that C'yr I can't quite place." She clears her throat and sips moooorrreee if this kinda talk is gonna happen. "I really just haven't figured this whole thing out, feelings and attractions, what's right, wrong, too clingy, not forward enough.." there's a hurrumph "So confusing." She leans in to the greenie with a sigh of near defeat "I trust you Nae.. I'd love to go grab some new attire with you." She nibbles the last few nibbles, makes sure the flizzen are full and grabs her drink for the road. "Shall we?"

Nae grins and taps Therynn's nose in a playful manner. "Variety is the spice of life, as they say. Alyane is a pretty girl, you should see her sometime. Of course, I'm very happy to enjoy your company myself…" She winks, downs the rest of her drink, and kisses Therynn before getting to her feet and offering her hand. "Let's!" She decrees, smiling wide.

Therynn crinkles tapped nose and wiggles it slightly. "Y'really think so?" there's a shrug. "I mean y'think you'll ever find just one person who strikes yer fancy enough you'd be with just them?" She wonders if it's natural to feel this weird yearning for her 1st intimate experience, and hasn't quite sorted out what lust love and fun are. "And I yours.." she adds, finishing her drink one the way and leaving it at the very last table as they head towards the shops where weavers wears are displayed.

*Scene Spoof: The pair depart to nearby shops*

"Hard to say. Anything's possible. But I think the right person for me will understand the fun that can come with variety." Nae says with another wink. Then, they're off to the shops, arm in arm.

Therynn makes sure the Nae is bundled up, pulling on her much to much coat from the hanger as they depart. "I guess you have a point. I just never really got it.. that whole rider lifestyle or whatever." Maybe she's hold-fashioned but "I just thought, maybe some times people get it good enough that they want to mostly just be with one other person or something." They stroll, semi quickly through the snow and come up to the first store. It's of a boutique fashion and has lots of bright colors, frills, prints and like. "Does this one look good?"

Nae smiles and shrugs her shoulders, her expression a little wistful for a moment. "Maybe. I… I'll never have that option again." She pauses for a moment. "Kaiath rose for the first time recently. It was… an unusual experience. And it'll keep happening, twice a turn or so for the rest of my life, whether I like it or not. The way I see it, I should just make the best of that." She smiles, looking over the store. "Looks perfect." A little wickedness returns to her face as she steps inside. "What shall we get you first? Lingerie?" She winks.

Therynn head wobbles and ponders "Well yeah.. besides flights and all.. but I guess choosing just one person when there's so much awesomeness is difficult." She hadn't thought about the whole flight thing, but as Nae explains the huntress listens intently with perplex ion. "I can only imagine.." head shakes and shoulders droop "Must feel really weird.. I mean the whole dragon thing in general, but especially that.." A smile turns quick to a grimace, hands held up, tongue out "Nooo.. no.. can we start slow?"

Nae gives Therynn a little kiss on the lips. "You're pretty awesome yourself, you know. But there's no need to rush anything." She winks, then giggles at her look of horror. "Okay, okay. That may be just a little girly." She winks. "Still, if you aren't going to wear anything under it, you're gonna have to get naked for us to find other stuff to put on you…" She teases, wriggling a bit.

Therynn doesn't know, but smiles and nods pretending she does because Nae could call her a ninnyblahblahpoopoohead and she'd probably take it just as graciously. "No need to rush.." she curls the side of one lip ".. do I seem like a rusher? Took me this long t'get here.. guess I'm more of the late bloomer type.." She's let up a bit since Nae seems to move on from the lingerie, though the alternative, in a store, sounds quite awful. "Isn't there something in between 'lingerie'" she emphasizes it suavely and "What I'm wearing.." granny panties and no bra.

Nae grins. "You've got a good point there. You seem to have the whole pacing things down. But I think the important thing is that it's right for you." She giggles a little, then grins a bit more wickedly. "Fine. We'll just get you some nice fashionable undies. Strip down and we'll find you something." She says with another wicked wink.

Therynn scoffs at herself mostly "You mean my slow crawl towards being a real human being? Thanks.." she giggles and pokes fun at herself for being a little on the weird side.. ok a lot on the weird side. "Y'see you're lucky Nae, y'see the best in everyone, even me.. and for that, I am forever grateful. You've given me so much advice. I'll never forget how you've helped me through the past turn." The tone in her voice accentuates that it was a tougher than usual one. That kiss from Nae will have been indulged in, even if only for a few fleeting moments. "Fashionable undies.. I like the sound of that." She surveys the few people working the shop, deeming them unobtrusive and safe before peeling off the layers. "Good thing they've got the coals going otherwise it'd be like being outside again." She's in just frumpy white bottoms, arms crossed to cover large perky breasts

Nae never really seems to mind the crowds all that much. Besides, her eyes are just for Therynn at the moment. She doesn't disguise her little grin or her admiration as she watches the huntress strip off. "Panties too, dear." She comments with a wave to those frumpy white bottoms. "How else will we find replacements?" She asks, winking.

Nae grins. "You've got a good point there. You seem to have the whole pacing things down. But I think the important thing is that it's right for you." She giggles a little, then grins a bit more wickedly. "Fine. We'll just get you some nice fashionable undies. Strip down and we'll find you something." She says with another wicked wink.'.

Therynn's bum is directed towards the entrance and windows of the shop, and although they're towards the back, a straight shot can be seen to any snow-trekking soul who may be looking for some new attire or footwear in the area. Being a bustling strip of stores, this one in particular has a little bit of everything for everyone, and right now it's too late for Rynn to turn back. She looks down and realizes how ghastly and unappealing her bottoms are, even if the bottom beneath them is anything but, no pun intended. "Ugh.. you're right.. find a replacement quick!" The less time naked the better.

Nae smiles encouragingly and just a touch wickedly at the huntress. "You look fine naked, Therynn. No need to rush." She assures with a wink and a kiss to her cheek before reaching to take her hand and guide her to the store's underwear display, taking her time to peruse options available. "Hrm. Maybe these?" She finds something black and lacy in Therynn's size. "What do you think?"

Therynn shakes her head, blushes and smirks at the encouraging blonde. "It's not about how I look naked.." she squirms with discomfort "..It's just the whole, open nudity in /public/ thing.." as if she didn't grow up in a Weyr, isn't currently in a Weyr and has never seen another naked person in a Weyr before. She won't really budge on the panties until Nae proffers something to quickly slip on afterwards. Reluctantly she'll uncover one breast to clasp hand and heads towards the display. The first choice is, a little much. "Maybe put that in a basket for after I get used to something more like.." she jumbles them around a bit "This.." a pair of boy shorts from the more cute yet kind of sexy category is pulled out. Simple cotton weave dyed a solid plum with tiny lavender polka dots and a thin strip of lace around the leg and waist openings.

Nae just continues to smile and encourage the slightly less adventurous huntress. Of course, almost everyone's less adventurous when compared to Nae. "You live in a weyr, lovely. You have for a while. Being naked is something you'll have to get used to sooner or later." Her grin has mischief again. "I'll do it too, if it makes your more comfy." She eyes Therynn's selection appraisingly. "Cute. It does seem like your style. Gonna try it on?"

Whatever may be on display to be seen through any windows and whatnot is not actually noticed by the next snow-trekking soul keeping a steady pace toward the store entrance. Brennan approaches with hands shoved in the pockets of his long wherhide jacket, hood up and head down against the cold. His purpose in being here? Finding clothes, of course; he's one his own so much and carrying so little that he doesn't have much more than the clothes he was dragged in with…but little does he know he's about to have that purpose knocked from his mind in just a moment. He enters, throws back his hood, and is at first surprised that anyone is there. Then the amount of bare skin in the room registers, and he takes a startled step back, only to thump up against the threshold. He winces as still-healing ribs are jostled. "Fardlin' Carenath's ballsack!" he exclaims under his breath, turning just enough to stand in profile and avert his eyes. "Don' they have rooms in back for that or some such thing?" he half-growls, more over the ebbing ache than anything else.

Therynn will be uncertain about the first series of events that unfolds, a brow raising at Nae as she playful mocks her sound reasoning about why Rynn should not be weird about that whole naked thing, and it's clear she's unconvinced. She'll awkwardly shift, nervously run fingers through sideswept hair and do just about anything possible to hurry this portion of 'shopping' up. "Oh Nae we'll never make it past this section if you do that.." Rynn teases. "And I know, I know. But not everyone in a Weyr hasta walk around with boobies out and their hoo-ha's everywhere do they?" Cue not well thought through comment, and now the huntress is kicking herself in the metaphorical bum and praying that Nae doesn't take that wrong way considering her comfort with skin baring. For the second series of events, the huntress will be thanking her lucky bow that this undies switch-a-too thing happens somewhat quickly. She's even managed to find a matching bra, nothing too frilly and following a more reserved simplicity, but the one that pairs with lacy blacks are thrown in to basket as well.

It isn't until a *stumblestumblethruumpkadoosh* is heard that Rynn even realizes someone else is HERE and.. vulgar? A slow mechanical turn brings it all in to view, and it's clear that things just got more awkward than Therynn herself could ever manage alone. Suddenly, she's staring directly at tall muscles, weatherbeaten face and piercing sky colored gaze. While on one hand she feels some weird compelling instant attraction or something, she's also immediately put on the defensive by what he says next. "It's a Weyr.." is snipped back firmly, the reserved gal surprising herself with this one.

Nae shrugs her shoulders at Therynn's ambivalence about the whole public nudity thing. "You're shopping. It's not like you're doing it just for kicks or something." She ponders. "… Not that there'd be anything wrong with it if you did, aside from it being a little chilly to pull that off here." She smiles encouragingly, waiting to see Therynn try on her chosen undergarments. Then the swearing fellow gets her attention. She raises an eyebrow. "What she said. You've never seen a woman trying on clothes in a clothes shop?" She chides.

"Haven' had much call to," Brennan returns gruffly after a slight clearing of throat. Now, while he may have been caught off guard, the fact that there are sights to be seen nearby isn't dismissed, red-blooded male that he is, and that sharp blue gaze slips briefly back in the direction of the women for a second. Not a disagreeable view to be sure, but Faranth… Lips purse in something akin to amusement before his eyes move front again, landing on a rack of shirts. Perfect distraction.

Therynn just cannot help but beam at Nae's absolute logic and lasseiz faire attitude, she's always admired her for these reasons, and many more. This mirage of acceptance and chillaxin is quickly snuffed out, cue entrance of tall light and scrumptious, even if he seems a bit potty mouth bad boy or something like that… it must be the strong jaw and 5-o'clock shadow. Looking down at her full coverage but snug undies and chest enhancing top that is unessential for the tomboy's petite curves, but nice none the less. And in a shining moment, Rynn flicks her head, sticks hip out over leaning leg, places associated arm on that hip and says with attitude. "Yeah.. what she asked.." and suddenly she realizes that sounds pretty pretty dumb, and the gents retort is cold despite hungry eyes that deceive him during the brief stare down that seems like a lifetime for the huntress. That sympathetic response runs hot then icy in her veins, like when nearing one's prey and about pounce. This is subdued, as any good tracker must know, you've got to lure instead of chase sometimes. As the grumbly yet handsome stranger starts to pull away, it's like a last chance street car and she blurts "Well.. is that all you have t'say then?" she's got a fire behind those mahogany eyes "Well maybe we can change that.. new around here?" An uncertain of herself Rynn looks to the best foot forward always Nae for back up.

Nae gives Therynn a very wide, very proud smile. She's learning! Nae couldn't be more happy with this. "/Exactly/." She agrees with a nod of her head before looking the posing huntress up and down. "Those look outstanding on you, by the way. You should definitely get them. Take them off, we'll find some others." She crosses her arms and gives Brennan a wicked sort of smirk. "Are you really saying you /mind/ the weyr way of things? I'll never get you holder types."

To Brennan, good tracking is knowing that there's a time and a place for both luring and chasing…and being still and giving nothing away. Moving to the far end of the rack, a forest green shirt ends up being one of the most interesting things he's ever seen as he reins in the temptation to steal another look across the way. His initial response is to simply grunt in a sort of affirmative, but it's Nae's last that brings a sharp leveling of gaze her way. "Think you know me just by that, eh? Hunter, not holder," he returns, identifying himself at least in part. "Used to bein' on my own. In fact, maybe I'll come back when it isn' so crowded in here." There's one more slip of eyes over to Therynn before he snaps his hood back up. "Ladies," comes rumbled from somewhere beyond the lined leather, and he starts for the exit.

Therynn was totally on board… until Nae's next suggestion, and this manifests as the beet red shades that flood quickly towards dappled cheeks and nose bridge. It is as if this contextual reaffirmation of her sudden surge of courage reminds her she's standing there so scantily clad. "I um." She was gonna say 'think we should just get something to tide us over to the next store' but as snowstormy as /he/ arrived, the HUNTER?! sets off as if stalking through the forest. She also secretly notices he picks an intoxicating color for his skin tone and eyes. WTH? Rynn wants to slap herself, or say something witty, but that would probably also end with her wanting to slap herself, and she's frozen, and he's departing. All the while glances to and from the blonde at her side are shared as if they're speaking in some girl code. The exchange is.. rough all around. "Who was that?" is about all she can say to Nae once she's certain he's out of range.

Nae rolls her eyes at the departing hunter, then shrugs her shoulders and grins at Therynn. "Eh, who cares? Can't let people like that throw you off." It really does seem to be just that easy for Nae. The mischief is immediately back full force. "How about we pick out a few more things for you, then we have a little fun?" Her eyebrows waggle, and she kisses Therynn's lips to remove any doubt about what she means.