Fort Weyr - Cavern of Streams
The actual entrance to this cavern is a tunnel, with the sides blocking off views of everything but what is in front. Light apparently was provided by glow baskets that have long since vanished from the nooks created for them. The tunnel doesn't lead far, but when the bulging sides give way, the sight is awesome. The cavern widens to all sides, the walls left natural, not at all smooth or even. The sound of dripping water creates an echo off the walls of the cavern, as small streams of water have eaten away at the rock over thousands of Turns. The streams are more common around this room than the ground proper, where dry areas begin to take on a stepping stone appearance.
The overwhelming wonder of this cavern is further created by the rock in which the walls were formed, for they sparkle and shine when illuminated due to the mineral deposits within the stone. The ceiling is also adorned with stalactites, which are numerous and large. At the east side, where there seems to be a dead end, is a vast pool with water that appears black for the unknown depth truly there within. Yet, the water is actually flowing toward the pool and seemingly underneath rock that hangs inches above the water.

Late night means the Weyr should be asleep and at first glance it would seem that that is the case. Very few are out and about at this hour and those that are have reason to be. Guards on late patrol, riders returning from later duties or later sweeps, a few late night maintenance workers, they all have reason to be out and no one questions it. The weather has remained steadily overcast and remains so even at nightfall, tossing the Weyr into darkness with no moons or stars to offer natural light and the air is chilled with a sharp cold bite to it, a true winter's night if any. So it would be expected that any mischief going on would be done indoors, in equally dark recesses, than outdoors and a small group of weyrbrats, all youths between the ages of 8-12 Turns are up to all sorts of no-good.

What was once a peaceful night is broken by the muffled sounds of small bangs and pops and explosions, followed by a yowl that, distorted by the maze of tunnels, sounds more animal than human. But it's overheard by a late night worker, who then scurries off to find the Steward, who wakes the Headwoman… and so on and so forth until half the Weyr is woken up and right up to the Leadership and the Guards. The resident caverns are likely stirred as that worker arrives to tell his tale and not care how many he wakes with his mad ramblings until someone shouts and curses at him to shut it. Others will wake and likely scurry out to sneak a peek of course though not many will be willing to brave the shadow pass maze.

Some won't have a choice, like Th'ero, as they are woken up or summoned. The Weyrleader was informed through Velokraeth of this disturbance and the bronzerider's mood is not in a good place. Judging from his rumpled clothing, he looks hastily dressed and his hair is damp and he's likely not alone as he storms down through the lower tunnels and most disturbingly to some who see him pass by (and smartly move out of his way) is that he is armed with sword and dagger. Precautionary, of course, but many would have thought those days done by now.

Was she supposed to be getting involved in this? Was she even supposed to be awake? Pfft, of course not! But she wasn't about to let that stop her. Nope, not even close. A decent amount of the weyr had been woken up by the ruckus, including Polana. The blonde wasted no time in heading down to the lower caverns, a curious look on her face. Of course that curious look was replaced by a look of slight disgust the moment she saw the sheer amount of water in this place. Streams, streams everywhere. "Great," she bitterly muttered to herself, "I get to see what's going on but will probably end up soaking wet in the process." She did not turn around though, instead continuing on with her head held high. Her firelizards sat on her shoulders, silently observing the area. Soon enough another figure came into sight, the Weyrleader. Polana gives a small dip of her head but does not say anything, instead choosing to wait and see what happens.

Kimmila is also hastily dressed, hair yanked back into a runnertail as the bluerider hastens along in Th'ero's wake. She is armed with her dagger as well, her right hand holding a coil of thick rope. Why? Who knows. She grabbed it on the way out and rope (much like a towel) is usually handy in these sorts of situations.

Abigail is one that was woke up to hear some tale of what may or may not have happened down in the tunnel, thanks to her dear dragon catching bits of information and then getting more information from other dragons. Her red curls pulled back loosely, clothing about as rumpled as one can be when someone is looking for them in a dark room, hey at least it all matches or something. A brown firelizard is perched upon her shoulder while she carries with her a basket of glows in case they need some extra light. There is a set of daggers with her, tucked neatly into her belt. She is a few paces behind Kimmila, a slight glance is sent towards Polana along with a raised brow.

Very few should be awake at this hour! But when there's mischief involved, unless you're very good at it, you are bound to be discovered. Anyone who dares approach the cavern first will discover that further in are a group of boys, all varying in age but close enough still to warrant some bond, as is typical with these little groups. Somehow, be it from the Traders coming through before the snows fell and not keeping as careful an eye on their wares or a reckless resident, the weyrbrats managed to get their hands on some small (and rather weak, thank Faranth!) fireworks. Boys will be boys and of course they snuck off as soon as they could to find some hidden away area to light them and chose this place as their secret hideaway. Wisely they did not do this outside, stupidly they did it inside a cavern full of stalactites and perhaps in their young minds being close to "water" meant safety. In a roundabout way, it DID save them from worse catastrophe but they did not account for the unpredictability of fireworks. So their whole pilfered stash went up all at once thanks to a stray spark and in their panic, two of the boys fell into the water, while another is badly singed on his hands and arms for his efforts of trying to rid the evidence… while it was alight. It was from him that those unnatural yowls came from, but he's now subdued to choking sobs and whimpers, while his drenched friends try to hush him and mutter in tense and panicked tones between themselves. Unaware that they're about to be trapped and caught.

The Weyrleader slows his pace so that Kimmila can catch up to him and giving her a sidelong look over his shoulder, Th'ero notices the rope she carries. "Think that's necessary?" he says in a flat tone. Yep, he's definitely in a bad mood. His eyes squint then as Abigail joins them and at least she had the sense to bring a basket of glows rather than rely on the miserably weak and few the boys (stupidly) left in the old, disused holders. Hello visible trail? "So you've heard too, Abigail?" he drawls, only to notice the Wingsecond's glance and he follows it, spying Polana as he does. Instantly he frowns heavily, suspicions wrongfully turned to her. "What're you doing here?" he asks, only to grimace and would have gone on to add more when there is the echoing sound of a cry of pain. The Weyrbrats much be trying to move their friend, but their timing is horrible. "Get behind Wingsecond Abigail!" he tells the messenger girl instead, hastily pointing with his hand and then turning to give Kimmila a knowing look. His hand goes to the hilt of his sword and then he moves forwards, alert and cautious but in position to allow the bluerider to protect his other side, with Abigail on guard behind them and covering from that angle as they slowly move from the tunnel and out into the open and spacious cavern.

People glance at her but no one says anything at first, which is fine with her. So far the place is absolutely packed with people she doesn't exactly get along with. The Weyrleader, his weyrmate, and Abigail, who is apparently now a wingsecond. But the silence doesn't last for long, Th'ero soon asking what she is going there. In response to this Polana gives a snort before exclaiming, "seeing what in Faranth's sake is going on! If they didn't want random messengers getting involved they should have kept it a little more quiet." She does obey the Weyrleader though, getting behind the Wingsecond with only a small snort. Oh look, sounds, painful whimpering sounds. A small frown crosses the messenger's face, it appears she is getting a little worried.

Kimmila frowns deeply back at Th'ero, shifting the rope over her shoulder. "You never know," she says just as flatly, weathering his bad mood with one of her own, it seems. Peering into the dim she continues to walk and listen, and then she frowns. "Hey!" she yells. Might not be the best idea. "What's going on here?" Kids. They're just kids…

"Aye sir I did, Niumdreoth filled me in." Abigail offers, he also woke her up, and nearly dragged her out of bed, silly brown. Her gaze lingers on Polana a few moments before her head lifts, the basket of glows is held in one hand, while a dagger is pulled in the other while yes she does guard the end along with keeping alert to make sure no one might be sneaking up behind them. Her pale gaze flicks over the cavern as she peers into it, a soft ah escaping her, this would give some reason to the voice being all strange sounding with the echoing for sure. Hearing Kimmila she lifts up the basket of glows she has to try and offer the Weyrleader and bluerider a bit more light on what may be going on.

Th'ero will shoot Polana a narrowed look, anger briefly flashing in his eyes. She'd probably be wise not to push the Weyrleader too much. "Just say out of the way," he fires back at her in a voice too level and flat. Glancing sharply to Abigail, he takes a slow breath and nods. "Glad to have you with us. Thought hopefully we won't need the Guards as well." They have no doubt been placed at the end of the tunnel and more are continuing the scour the others, in case there are any escapees. Not that there will be any, but that will soon be discovered. Kimmila's yell earn her a pointed look from Th'ero and he grimaces, but it's too late now to undo the damage.

Further in and hidden behind the natural curve of the cavern, the boys all freeze as her voice carries in and echoes madly off the walls and ceiling. Eyes widen and true to their youth, they scatter — well, two of them at least and they abandon their poor injured "friend", who swears and tries to plead and call them back. Every weyrbrat for himself! They stupidly bolt for the way they come, neither paying much attention to where they are running until it is too late. With a startled yelp, one boy all but crashes into Th'ero and soon finds himself being hauled up by the front of his tunic. Luckily for him, Abigail's lifting of the glows keeps him from being pinned against the tunnel wall in reflex. Once the Weyrleader realizes he's holding on to a kid, he simply halts his forward motion but leaves the poor boy to dangle a few inches off the ground. "No, no! Please, Sir! We didn't mean no harm! Please, let me go!" he pleads, squirming and reaching up to try and break free of the bronzerider's grip. The second boy meanwhile also gives a startled cry but bolts away back the way he came, trying to find some hole or nook to hide in. "Grab him." Th'ero commands with a sharp look to Kimmila, before adding to Abigail and Polana. "And find out who's sobbing."

At the Weyrleader's look of slight anger Polana opens her mouth as if to say something, probably something that will dig her into a nice, deep hole, only to close it again. Maybe her promotion has begun to teach her some sort of self control? Either way, at least she isn't saying anything uncalled for for the time being. Suddenly they arrived at the troublemakers, a bunch of weyrbrats who proceed to scatter. When one of them runs into Th'ero Polana jumps back slightly with wide eyes, slightly jarring her firelizards, who let out an alarmed squawk. Then the Weyrleader is lifting the kid up and the pleading starts, to which Polana silently rolls her eyes. Despite having been the target of the leadership's anger before she has no pity for these boys. None. Upon being ordered to find out who's sobbing she silently nods before stepping forward, trying her best to follow the sound. As she walks she clicks her tongue and her two firelizards begin to fly ahead of her, also tracking down the noise.

Kimmila stiffens, her dagger half drawn before she recognizes them as kids. "Yes sir," she says briskly at Th'ero's order, and the bluerider bolts after the first boy. "Stop!" she yells, hoping perhaps that he will. But he doesn't, and she has to catch up and grab him by the back of his tunic, hauling him towards her. The two go down and there's a brief scuffle before she has the kid with his arm behind his back. Harsh, yes, but how else to hold him? "March," she orders, back towards Th'ero.

Abigail nods as she hears Th'ero. "Aye, hope I'll be of some help." Soon she is blinking and catches some movement here and there, she is about to say something and then the one boy is getting grabbed and hauled upwards by Th'ero. She lifts that basket of glows so there is light upon the 'attacker' and just eyes the boy a few moments. "Really.." Is offered once the kid starts to talk. A slight shake of her head is seen before her gaze is sent in the direction that she is rather sure the boy came from, as she did catch sight of the other fleeing back that way. "Yes Sir." Is offered before she moves in that direction and towards the sobbing to try and find out what has happened.

Thankfully Polana won't need immediate assistance from a rider or Guard as she moves on ahead, with Abigail following. For her firelizards will discover that the target they seek is just another kid, but this one is in no shape or mood to struggle. The boy is the youngest of the lot, maybe just shy of his ninth Turn and from the way he awkwardly holds his arms, he's clearly hurt. That and he's whimpering and moaning between his choked sobs. Poor kid. So he'll just sit there, miserable and in pain even as the messenger and Wingsecond close in. "W-we were just p-p-playin'," he stammers out between sniffles and shaky breaths, eyes wide but glazed as he glances between the two. "We j-just wanted s-s-ome fun with the f-fireworks." Fireworks? Oh yes, the evidence is all around. The empty and used shells, the smell of smoke and the chemicals used to make them.

Meanwhile, Th'ero has set down his 'captive', who has long since gone limp an submissive as the Weyrleader now shifts to hold him strong and firm by one shoulder. The boy is the eldest, maybe twelve Turns if that and he at least has the modesty to hang his head in shame (or he's trying to hide how close he is to tears as well). Worse yet, the bronzerider leaves him to squirm awkwardly by not uttering a single word but letting his anger and displeasure show through quick narrowed looks and a stiff, tense posture. Oh they are in loads of trouble. Kimmila will soon find out that she pulled the short stick, as the kid she subdued is the wildest and while only ten Turns is the ringleader and for very obvious reasons. Arm behind his back, he continues to struggle against her but in sporadic bursts to attempt to throw her off. Her order to march earns her a scathing remark and then in a fit of renewed desire to escape once he realizes he's being carted to the same fate as his 'friends', he resorts to dirty tactics. Wriggling, he makes his body go limp in order to slip down in her grip, just enough to achieve what he needs but not escape. Because once he is low enough, he promptly attempts to sink his teeth into Kimmila's forearm, not even pausing to think of the repercussions of that action. He just wants to flee!

Kimmila yells in rage and pain when the kid /bites/ her, her other hand lashing out to grab him by the hair. Yeah. The hair. She's not thinking of her actions either, apparently. No wonder she fostered her kids. With one hand in his hair, the other injured arm still tries to subdue him as she attempts to get him back towards the others. Help, anyone?

The moment her firelizards find the child and send an image of his to her Polana breaks into a run. Not a graceful walk or even a fast walk but an actual run, something she rarely does. It appears that she might actually be alarmed about the situation, maybe even concerned for the kid. When she arrived Mjolnir is flying in circles about him while Opal sits on the floor in from of the boy, cooing her concern. Upon arriving a frown crosses Polana's face along with a look of concern. At his words she crouches down to the boy's level and murmurs, "it's okay, I'm sure you didn't mean any harm. Can I please see your arms? It looks like you got a little bit burned there."

The injured boy only looks at Polana for a moment, eyes flicking to her knot and then frowning in instant suspicion and doubt. "Y-you're not a Healer," he states both as fact and question, sniffling mightily but stubbornly keeping his arms held, but awkwardly so, away from her. Opal is given an equally wary look, but a crooning firelizard is not a hissing one and he relaxes a little. Enough that he begins to tentatively lift his arms to show them to her but not close enough to touch. If Polana were to try and even so much as lean in, the boy is likely to scuttle back and away. Best thing to do may to be to report to the others, if the boy is going to be so distrustful of her. He starts a little when Kimmila's yell echoes in the caverns and he shrinks away a bit, glancing to the messenger girl in fear. What was that?

Meanwhile, Th'ero reacts differently when his weyrmate suddenly yells out in rage and pain and that poor blundering boy is given a rough shove to the nearest wall and down to sit. "Stay here!" he all but growls at the frightened boy. "You so much as move from that rock and you'll regret it for Turns to come." Ahh, nothing like anger-fuelled threats to instil terror. That has the boy meekly bobbing his head, subdued and shrinking back against the stone wall. Nope, he's not going anywhere, though he'll be shooting murderous glances to the 'ringleader' boy. Stupid, stupid fool! The Weyrleader then stalks over to where Kimmila continues to struggle with the last boy. "Ow!" The middle-aged kid cries out, swearing as his hair is caught now by the bluerider and he writhes but no longer tries to escape. "Let me go! Let me go!" he yells, only to squawk in surprise as he's suddenly (and a bit painfully), pulled away under the fierce and tight grip of the bronzerider. Looking up, he instantly quails at the look Th'ero has pinned on him. "Come with me." he says in a cold and flat tone. He was angry once but now he's rapidly shifting to furious. Shoving the boy ahead, he points with a finger to where his other comrade now huddles miserably against the wall. Three more firelizards join in, no doubt the bronzeriders and they will keep any more foolishness from the ringleader from happening. This leaves Th'ero a brief moment to turn to his weyrmate and mutter low to her ear.

Th'ero mutters to Kimmila, "Are you alright? What did he do to you? Does it need immediate attention or can we see that these boys are dealt with now and then tend to it?"

Abigail soon catches up to Polana and the injured boy, her basket of glows is lowered so she can go about seeing what all is hurt. "Fireworks.. In a cave.. Who's bight idea was that?" She questions with a soft tone while she crouches down next to the boy. At the yell from Kimmila she blinks and glances back the way she came, about to go find out but as no other yells come her pale gaze goes to the boy. "I promise we won't hurt ye. Can we see please?" Tis questioned softly still. Her brown firelizard croons out to the boy, his eyes swirling a bit as he tries to help his person. "Polana, go on and tell 'em there's a hurt boy." For the moment she'll stay put to try and get the kid to calm down once more it seems.

Polana frowns slightly at the boys reluctance, not to mention his comment about her not being a healer. A small snort leaves her, but her voice is not angry, sarcastic, or rude as she murmurs, "no, I'm not a healer, but I do have some common sense and should be able to form at least some idea of how badly hurt you are." Before she speaks he has held his arms out. Polana glances down and frowns slightly, taking in the burns. Even if she is no healer she can tell they seem bad and have a good chance at scarring. Not to mention infection, if they don't get treated soon they could easily end up infected. Before she has a chance to say anything more Abigail orders her to go and tell them about the boy. She frowns slightly and hesitates for a moment, although it is hard to tell if it is because of reluctance to leave the injured boy or reluctance to obey the Wingsecond. But in the end she does move, telling the boy before she goes, "my firelizards will stay here with you, if anything happens they'll tell me and I'll be right back." With that she heads back to the Weyrleader and his weyrmate, moving at a hurried pace. Upon arriving her calls, "weyrleader, we found a boy, his arms are burned. It seems they were playing with fireworks."

Kimmila happily gives the boy over to Th'ero's care, cradling her arm across her chest and glowering at the kid. "He bit me," she hisses, looking down at the injury on her arm. "I need to wash it, clean it. Human bites are nasty…" And she'll head for the exit, though reluctantly, but she's not stupid enough to not seek help when she needs it. "I'm going to the infirmary."

"O-oh. Yeah, alright." The injured boy mumbles through his dwindling sniffles to Polana, too young to understand that the messenger's words may be a bit of bluffing. Abigail's arrival only has him uncertain again, but as he had already lifted his arms for Polana, he simply keeps them held for the Wingsecond to inspect, adverting his eyes and trying not to tremble too much. "Are we in b-big trouble?" he whispers in a scared voice. Back near the tunnel entrance, the other two boys are sitting with their backs to the wall, subdued and silent, though the ringleader is glowering at everyone. At least until he's the target of one of Th'ero's glare and the youth looks away, unable to face the furious look the Weyrleader gives him. One that only intensifies when Kimmila informs him of her injury. "Bit you?" he says, incredulous and then distracted as Polana approaches. Her report only further serves to rile his temper, but he keeps it in check (barely). "Great. Fireworks! How in Faranth's sweet name did these children get a hold of them?" he mutters in a clipped and tense voice. "Polana," Hey, he remembered her name! "Go on and run and fetch Master Healer Emray and Senior Journeyman Grigoriy. Their quarters are not far. Tell them that we have a child with burns and also a rider bit by a youth." As Kimmila moves away, Th'ero will step in and gently grip her uninjured arm to stop her. "Wait, Wingmate. We need to bring the Healer's here regardless. Might as well be seen here." Right?

Abigail is quiet as she watches the boy, a easy smile still seen as she is not going to try and scare the kid more so. "Don't worry about that right now, alright?" She offers with a soft tone. "Is it just yer arms and hands that are hurt?" A glance is sent after Polana, the looks the other gives her are taken and she merely watches to make sure that what she is asked is done. With that taken care of she looks back to the boy. "Think perhaps I can pick ye up? May hurt a bit but we need ta get ye to a healer quick like."

Oh great, she gets to run all the way to get a master healer and senior journeyman now. How fun! But then again she is a messenger, sending messages and fetching people is in the job description. With a small sigh she gives and nod before turning around the darting off to fetch the healers he had named. Meanwhile, back by the boy, Opal slowly pads closer to the boy, attempts to set one of her front paws on his leg as the green lets out another soft croon. This boy looks hurt, hurt is not good!

Kimmila is stopped, and she looks at Th'ero with a frown. "Yes, bit me," she mutters, glaring at the boy against the wall and lifting her bloodied arm for the weyrleader to see. It's not gushing, but he did draw a bit of blood, and it'll be a nasty bruise. Convinced to stay, she does, sticking close to Th'ero's side with a frown. "What were they doing with fireworks…" she mutters.

Not so easy to convince, the injured boy only stares warily at Abigail and his arms lower but not far. "Yeah," Sniffle. "It's just my arms and my hands. I-I can't hold anything or get up. I tried…" But he only fell and then his two comrades weren't much help either. As the Wingsecond goes on to mention the Healers though, the boy begins to cry anew. "I don't want to!" he exclaims. Have fun, Abigail? Seems she has a phobic boy on her hands. But what youth enjoys a visit from Healers? Th'ero's temper is barely being held in check, not at all aided when he catches a glimpse of Kimmila's bloodied and bitten arm. "Shards if I know, but we're going to find out. Aren't we?" The last is clearly spoken to the two boys, who only hang their heads and remain silent. The Weyrleader snorts then but his eyes follow Polana as she heads out on her task, relieved that he did not have to repeat himself twice. She won't have to go far, the two Healers will be in their quarters and likely easily roused to her knocking. All she'll have to do is be clear with her report and both Master and Journeyman will be quick to act. It'll be the Master who will follow her though with a case of his supplies while the Journeyman goes to the Infirmary for more and perhaps an Apprentice or two for further aid.

Abigail nods slightly as she listens to the boy, thought she makes no move to try and touch him, yet at least. She blinks and smirks while eyeing the boy. "The healer needs to help yer arms and hands.. Or do ye not want to be able to do anything with them when there all scared up and all?" She points to the firelizards. "See, there all worried about ye, and when there hurt and sick they see a dragon healer." Or something along them lines.

It does not take long for her to find the masterhealer and journeyman, and for that Polana is grateful. Soon enough the girl is entering the caverns again, the master healer following behind her. She does not bother with any formalities upon reaching the Weyrleader and his weyrmate again, instead choosing to dive right into her explanation. "The senior journeyman has gone to fetch some more apprentices but the master is here." Her eyes then wander over to the two children and she moves slightly, as if about to approach them. But she manages to hold herself back, instead waiting to see what the weyrleader does. Meanwhile she has Mjolnir flutter down to sit by Abigail and sent her a mental image of the healer, letting her know that he will be there soon.

Kimmila stands rigidly beside Th'ero, her own emotions held tightly in check as she glances at her arm and then around at the commotion around her. And when the Healer arrives she just points. "The kid first," she says stubbornly.

"But Healers hurt!" The injured boy protests stubbornly to Abigail, ducking his head down to try and wipe his tears off of his shoulder since his arms and hands are out of the question. The Wingsecond's threats about being scarred up and unable to use them though works and he submits with a fearful pouting look, though he'll glance to the firelizards. "Yeah, they do. But they don't like it either!" So there. Master Emray does in fact arrive with Polana, the old Healer is very professional and so he arrives with the barest of smiles and already prepared to take control of the situation. "Where is the boy?" he asks, not even questioning Kimmila's choice to have the youth seen to first though he is levelling her with a look. "I'll see to him, but you are to be seen by Journeyman Grigoriy. He should be here shortly." And then the man is shuffling off once he's told where he must go. Polana's report is met with an interested look from Th'ero, but the Weyrleader's mood is still dark and angered. "Well done. Now there is one more task I need you to do. Go fetch the Headwoman, she needs to be here to deal with these two youths," And he jerks his head towards the two against the wall. "And report back here." Poor Polana is going to be run off her feet tonight it seems! Turning to Kimmila, he steps closer to the bluerider's side and just before he can murmur something to her, the Journeyman Healer arrives, with his supplies and one sleepy apprentice in tow. "Go see Emray." he tells the girl, before glancing towards the bluerider. "I presume you're the one with the bite?" he asks, already stepping forwards. "Lets see the arm."

Abigail as softly at this and nods a moment while she stays put near the hurt boy. "True they do hurt, but it makes things better." This said with a soft tone. She wiggles the fingers of her right hand. "Broke me arm a while back, healer had to fix it so I could go back to work. Yer have to get healed before ye can get back to playing with yer friends." She points out with a soft tone. Her gaze lifting to the movement around the area and soon shifts a bit out of the way not that the healer is coming. "Just stay relaxed, aye?" The brown firelizard croons out to the boy and hops up there to settle upon his knee. "Huritt wants to stay with ye, he won't let no healer hurt ye how's that?"

It seems like the moment she arrives she has been sent back out again. Apparently the Weyrleader needs her to go and get the headwoman in order to punish the children. This time she hesitates for a moment. Why would he need the headwoman? He's the sharding Weyrleader, after all! He should be able to take care of a couple weyrbrats without having to turn to the headwoman for help. But she still does not try and fight, instead letting out a little sigh before turning around and running to fetch the headwoman. Well, at least he said well done. The closest thing to a compliment she's ever gotten from the Weyrleader.

Kimmila watches Polana return and then go, and she glances at Th'ero with a lifted brow for his decision. But she doesn't question it, and when Grigoriy returns she just nods and holds out her arm for him to see. "Bit right into the skin," she mutters with a distasteful grimace.

The Weyrleader could punish the weyrbrats but by Weyr hierarchy, it is not his place to do so. He usually disciplines riders, while weyrfolk and weyrbrats go to the Headwoman and Weyrwoman. Apparently Th'ero trusts Polana enough to with the task of finding Talica and the messenger would be best to take the compliment, if it ever was one, from him. It's rare that he ever says such things and so freely! She'll find that the Headwoman is easy to track down as well, having been woken up with the rest of them and lingering in her office, no doubt assuming she'll be needed. So when Polana comes knocking, she'll follow her back and likely demand to know every single detail.

The injured boy peers up at Abigail as she wiggles her fingers at him and he smiles weakly. "Really?" he asks and for a moment he forgets that he and his comrades have been caught playing with fireworks and are in a lot of trouble for their stupidity. He can't hold or touch Huritt, but he relaxes a little more as the firelizard hops on up his knee. "Okay. I-I'll be good." he mumbles in promise though instantly tenses as Emray and the Apprentice approach. The Master smiles reassuringly as he stiffly kneels next to the boy, murmuring a quick list of tasks for the Apprentice to follow. "This will be a lesson to learn that fireworks are no toy, hmm?" he chides gently, "Hold out your arm. Don't worry, I won't touch it, but I need to see." Under Abigail (and Huritt's!) watchful eye, the Master will examine the injured boy and make a few disapproving clicking sounds with his tongue which only has the boy whimpering again. "Easy, lad. Minor burns, thankfully. Might be some scarring but it'll fade in time. Just need to clean the wounds and bandage it with some numbweed."

Meanwhile, the Journeyman Healer Grigoriy is examining Kimmila's arm with a careful eye, grimacing a bit. "So I can see," he remarks dryly, while Th'ero stands tensly by his weyrmates side and silently. "Keep your arm out. Doesn't seem infected, but I'm going to have to clean it out. It's going to sting." Obviously. Reaching down into his satchel, he pulls out a tightly capped bottle and some clean gauze. Without hesitation, he goes about his work, only pausing to mutter, "Hold your arm out still now. Weyrleader, Sir? You may have to hold her if she flinches." Will she flinch? The Journeyman will wait only until Kimmila acknowledges him. "Steady now," he cautions and reaches in to lightly hold her arm with one hand and then begin to swab out the bite wound. And it will sting, as it's a higher concentration of antiseptic. No chances!

Abigail smiles and nods to the boy. "Aye, truely." She offers with a soft tone. "It took a spell but it got better, as ye well too." Huritt trills out softly and hunkers down there upon the boys knee watching at the healer works. Abbey moves just a bit and rests out of the way so the healer can work. "See.. I told ye it would be alright. Numbweed works wonders on such things."

Kimmila just nods at the Healer's words about it stinging, keeping her arm still and looking at Th'ero. Yeah, he needs to hold her. Her expression says as much. And she tries very hard not to flinch, but she does, hissing between clenched teeth at the pain. And, briefly, her eyes open to stare at the boy who bit her. See this? You did this. Feeling guilty yet, punk?

The injured boy protests while Master Emray begins to clean off the burns and eventually it's too much for the kid and he promptly squirms out from beneath the Healer's working hands. Huritt may find himself displaced too. "Don't want it!" he sobs, already looking back to Abigail pleadingly. "It hurts." Poor, young kid. Looks like the Wingsecond will be needed after all, as Emray looks her way. "Mind coming to comfort the boy?" Comfort meaning "hold him" by the look the old man gives her. No sense saying it in plain speak though and just having the injured boy throw a huge fit. "You're going to have to let me finish, lad. And I'm afraid it will sting before I can put the numbweed on. Be brave now." Easier said than done.

Back where Kimmila is also being tended too, Th'ero steps in to stand behind her, offering to support her that way while also reaching around to steady her arm. The Weyrleader will only grimace and scowl as the bluerider hisses and flinches, but he will hold her still while Grigoriy works. The eldest boy looks appalled and very guilty, but the ringleader shows no remorse and only meets Kimmila's look defiantly. No guilt. He pokes out his tongue a little too. "There we are. Doesn't look to be too deep and that should take care of any worry of infection. Now just some numbweed and a bandage. You'll have to change it often for the first couple of days. Expect bruising but any sign, any sign of swelling or fever or redness and you come see a Healer immediately. Understood?" The Healer Journeyman goes on to tell Kimmila as he deftly finishes with the last of the bandaging.

Which cues the arrival of the Headwoman and Talica is in a right mood as well as she storms down on the two boys not injured but already shrinking away. "YOU two!" she says in a voice that is firm but furiously angry. "Come with me this instant! Of all the nerve and stupidity! Up, up both of you! Sharding idiots, I should have you both thrown with the holdless rabble out in the camps! You most of all! Acting like an animal and biting good folk!" Clearly the boys don't move fast enough and one receives a smack upside the head for his sluggishness. The Headwoman lingers long enough then to flash a look towards Th'ero and Kimmila, "I'll keep you two informed." is all she says crisply before sweeping out with a swirl of her skirts and her charges marching smartly ahead of her.

Abigail casts a glance to Emray and blinks a moment, a soft oh escapes her and she nods before she looks to the boy, she feels bad for the kid but he did got and get himself into this mess. A nod is seen while she shifts and lets her hands rest against the boy's shoulders, slight hug giving as best she can to not interfere with what is going on. "No fits.. It'll get better, alright?" Not that she expect the boy to listen to her. Huritt trills out, his flap once, tail lashing while he hops upwards and lands upon the boys head. Heyyy look at me! Leave it to the clown of the firelizard world to try and get the kids attention off what is going on.

Kimmila's eyes narrow a bit at the ringleader, but then she's focused inwardly, on staying still and maintaining. She nods curtly to the Healer at his instructions. She's taking them to heart, certainly. She may dislike the infirmary but she's not an idiot.

Well, it works! The injured boy is too preoccupied with Huritt being on his head and Abigail's hands resting on his shoulders and hugging him to pay much attention at Master Emray. The old Healer works fast and efficiently and before most can even blink twice he is finishing with the last of the bandages. Poor kid is going to have gauze up to both elbows, but at least he still has most of his mobility in his fingers. "There we go. You'll be good as new in a few days. Come on now, lad. Up we get. We're going to have you stay in the Infirmary for the rest of the night. Make sure you get rest." He'll give a pointed look to Abigail then too. "Mind seeing him safely? I need to stop by my office for a few things." Already he is having the Apprentice gather his things, shaking his head and muttering all the while about the folly and stupidity of children these days.

Th'ero meanwhile only scowls as the two boys are lead out by the Headwoman, snorting for her brisk and rather heated handling of them. He holds his personal opinion back though, only glad to see the backside of those two youths. "My thanks, Journeyman Grigoriy. Sorry to have woken you so late," the Weyrleader murmurs, which only has the Healer snorting a bit in amusement. "No matter. Part of the Craft!" And gathering his stuff, he joins Emray in leaving. Turning to Kimmila, Th'ero murmurs, "Shall we? I need to stop at my office first. Just briefly." Or so he hopes. Glancing down at her bandaged arm, he then adds in a lower and more concerned tone. "We'll pick up some more bandages too?"

Abigail watches as the healer works on the boy before her, every now and then talking and commenting about things to help get his mind of what is going on. Huritt warbles and trills while he wiggles about, the little lizard doing the shimmy and the shake upon the kid's head, messing up his hair for sure. Abbey looks to Emray and nods. "Aye sir." Is offered with a soft tone before her gaze turns back to the boy, a soft smile seen while she works on helping him stand up. "Can ye walk? What is yer name by the way?" Huritt hops down and settles on the boys shoulders. "I'm Abigail." Though she gets the feeling the boy may already know that if he keeps tabs on knots and so forth. Small talk is brought up and continued on the trip to the Infirmary. Her gaze goes towards Th'ero and Kimmila as she catches sight of them leaving, she'll have to find out what all happened later.

Kimmila nods her head in silent thanks to the Healer, before glancing up at Th'ero with a frown. "Yes," she says quietly. "I'll meet you in your weyr?" She doesn't want to go to his office? Not really a surprise, honestly. Glancing around, she finally pulls herself out of her own deal to notice the boy and Abigail, frowning more deeply. But she'll have to check in on him later, because right now they all need to go get some rest.

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