Drake's Lake - High Plains Area
The high plains here rise to the Southern Barrier Range from the shores of Drake's Lake, which can be seen shimmering in the distance to the north. Wild and rough, somewhat arid, the rocks, scrub brush and waist-high grasses whispering dryly in the prevailing winds do little to obscure the untamed beauty of the shining snow-clad mountains rising to the south. Numerous beasts, those native to Pern an well as those brought by the colonists, flourish here. Bovine, both wild and feral graze the plentiful grasses along with feral runners, shaggy-haired porcine root the hard ground with deadly tusks, turning over the soil for new growth, which is inturn picked over by flocks of wherries. Overhead solitary raptors ride the wind while in hidden ravines, rocky streams, winding around boulders provide water and shelter for other creatures.

Warning: Innuendo and Implied Sexual Themes

Ha'ze actually does like being clean. And so he's finally, and slightly begrudgingly, moved into the run-down cabin Jajen had said he could have. Enough work has been put into the abode to make it rustically comfortable, though the door has been taken off to leave it open for Kainaesyth to stick a tail in if the bronze should want. Tonight though, tonight is break time. So he has a row of ale bottles sitting in water and he's working his way through them as he carves at a piece of wood. Eventually he'll get drunk enough sharp objects aren't a good idea but for now? A good calm time, with a sleepy Kainaesyth curled up wherever Iaverulth (did I spell that right?) is.

Jajen has kept her distance from Ha'ze, especially after the little fight between him and Th'ero. Iaverulth (yes, that was right!) keeps close to constant company with Kainaesyth regardless of her rider's feelings towards the bronzerider. That calm that Ha'ze is enjoying will be disruptive but not by the goldrider. No, the figure by the door is a pretty, young woman who is wearing some of the lighter fabric clothes found here in the south (though the cut is made to clearly accentuate a few of her more, ah, notable assets). "Evening, bronzerider." she says with a smile that is both warm but mischievous.

If Kainaesyth was nearby he might have given Ha'ze a heads up, but he's not. (Iaverulth is distracting?) So the sound of a strange, female voice catches him off guard. The bottle is lifted half way to his lips as he stares at the woman. "Don't think I know you." There is a bit of waryness there -as the bottle settles back on the arm of the chair. Of choice he notices how her clothes fit, and his eyes wander a bit.

The young woman's mouth curves into a broader smile and she chuckles, flicking her hair back over her shoulder. Most of it is unbound, a rich brown in color and naturally wavy, while some of it has been braided behind her ears to overlap at the back of her head. Beads are woven in with those braids, some holding tiny feathers. All in all, she's very exotic and certainly no northern lady. She can see the way his eyes wander too and she'll take a step inside, making sure to move just-so to give him a little more of a show. Just a teaser, mind you! "Mhm, no you don't know me." she says softly but with mirth in her voice and eyes. "But you could, if you want?"

Ha'ze is most surely looking as she teases. A faint scowl settles on his lips - this has to be a trick. Somehow. "What brings a lass like yourself to my doorway?" He'll play at relaxed, lifting that ale back to his lips. No offering one just yet, but if she continues to look harmless… well. It has been a long time since the last time Ha'ze got laid. Much longer than normal. (Which is normal when one gets exhiled and then ends along time relationship.

She doesn't behave suspicious as she steps further inside. If anything, the young woman is looking around curiously but she could just be a smart woman and is scoping out possible escapes. "Oh, you know. Word gets around when we have visitors in these parts." she replies, pausing to turn and glance at him from over her shoulder after examining the other side of the room. Her smile is much more coy now and it's clear there is something up but truly she is only playing her part of what she is. "It can be lonely. Even riders need company, don't they?" She is definitely harmless. Any weapon she'd carry would either be craftily hidden or visible as her clothing isn't really meant to hide much. Aside from a few modest pieces of shell and bone jewelry there is little else of note.

Finally Ha'ze stands, stepping towards those bottles waiting for consumption. Opening one with one hand he holds it out to the woman. That scowl is stll there, waiting for the other shoe to fall, but no neeed to be… rude. He doesn't ask her name though. "Could have sworn I know most of the people here." He'd checked most of them out, what with Jaze living here. "Come in on a boat recently?"

The young woman watches Ha'ze curiously but she'll brighten when he hands her one of the ales. Her slender hand reaches out to take the bottle, perhaps brushing against his hand (on purpose). She giggles when he seems suspicious of her residency here. "The southern continent is large and to find me you usually have to know where to look. I've been here all my life, or at least on the mainland. I come here to the islands when… the mood strikes." Or someone pays her to do it. Another smile, coy again. "You can call me Myra if you like? Does having a name help?" The bottle is lifted to her lips, her eyes flashing with humour.

They'll dance around another a bit as Ha'ze doesn't reclaim his seat. Instead he leans himself against the rough hearth not far from where Myra stands. A drink, or two, as his gaze moves lower. There's a vibe coming off the woman, and he's cathing it, suspicious nature or not. "Sounds like you already know who I am." Which is Ha'ze's excuse for not giving his own name. "You lookin' for somethin' different Myra?" A slight draw in his voice- as some of that scowl fades.

Myra doesn't mind the dance at all and is amused by it. It's all part of the game for her and she'll make sure Ha'ze gets his fill as his gaze wanders. Nothing blatant, just subtle little moves and yes, definitely a vibe about her. She laughs, her voice pleasant and sweet. "Clever." she all but purrs at him. "Maybe I do but I can pretend I don't if you want the donors of telling me yourself?" Another sip of that drink, coyness very much intact. "Depends if you're looking for something different in company?"

For the first time in weeks? Ha'ze isn't thinking about Fort, exile, problems at the Sea Hold, nothing but the woman standing in front of him. A tilt of his ale, a swallow before. "Can't way I was looking for company." He'll use that ale-holding arm to gesture towards the no-door doorway. "But I wouldn't say no if it was to walk its way into my place." He'll not come out and say the vibe she's giving off let her take that first set.

Myra looks over to where the doorway is, sans door and that seems to amuse her as well. "You don't worry about other things that might wander in? Aside from mysterious young women?" she teases. The ale she was holding is set aside on the nearest shelf and she'll take a step towards him, hips swaying a bit as she hovers just on the edge of personal space. "What kind of company would you like tonight, rider?" she asks softly, looking up at him from under thick lashes a few strands of her hair.

Between the setting down of her ale, and that step towards him, Ha'ze has a fairly good idea why Myra is here. So his own ale finds a new home on the hearth and he closes that space between them, an arm reaching out to curl around her waist and pull her against him. "I'll take what you offer lass." And he'll go for that first kiss. No one ever accused him of being slow.

"What I offer is what you desire—-" Myra's answer comes with a chuckled laugh as he curls his arm around her waist and she immediately curves her body to him. Compliant and supple, completely relax despite Ha'z being a complete stranger. Her words are silenced though by his kiss and she meets that expertly. Fast, slow, it matters not to her. She's a consort, he's the client. When the kiss breaks naturally, her arms have already looped themselves over his shoulders and her cheeks are flushed as she laughs again. "I guess I have my answer?"

There's all sorts of things strange about this. And they're not lost on Ha'ze. But it has been a long time and she's right there. So words? They're just going to get put onto a back burner right now as Ha'ze gets more insistent with what he wants, gathering up Myra and taking her right to his bed. Handwaving is going to go on right here as Ha'ze takes his time but not… so much time. If she's what he has the suspicion well. It is what it is.

Myra does not complain as she's gathered up and taken to his bed. That's what's been implied since the beginning at her arrival, wasn't it? No matter how much time is spent, in the end it will find her curled up beside him and looking rather content and sated. If he wants to talk now, she's listening and doesn't seem in any hurry to leave his side OR his bed.

Very few people accuse Ha'ze of being good at after-sex. VERY few people. (Abigail.) So he's going to at least try to get the most out of what someone paid for. (Because Ha'ze sure didn't. No money! Especially after a few months here, does anyone have ANY idea how hard it is to keep track of his good shirts when Kainaesyth gives them away?) A finger twirls around one lock of hair, twisting it gently about one finger. "I assume this is where I should be telling you how eautiful you are. But you'll only be here for an hour longer, am i right?"

"Compliments are not necessary but if you wish to, I am not going to say no." Myra chuckles and tilts her head up just enough to look up at him. Again she grins and her hand will reach up to gently cup his cheek if he doesn't flinch from her touch. "That depends. Do you want me gone in an hour, rider? If you want me to stay, I will stay." She must've been paid very well for her services. Just how long is she to be "company" for him?

"Then," and Ha'ze'll lean forward to claim a lingering kiss before he pulls back again, "you're stuning. But before we can figure out how long you're going to stay…." He traces a figer along her cheek, and down across her shoulder, flicking a lock of hair away. "Who paid you." And…. that is where he sucks at the after.

Myra returns the kiss and smiles sheepishly at his attempt of flattery. "You're too kind," she purrs and leans into his touch, not seeming to mind the attention from him. Likewise her hands are lightly touching his skin, taking liberty in the assumption that he doesn't mind her doing so. His question has her looking up again but rather than scoff or glare at him she simply laughs, light and carefree. "I'm afraid I can't tell you. Does it matter? Unless," And here she puts on a mock look of disappointment, lower lip pouting slightly. "You're dissatisfied with the company I've offered?"

Nope, not minding. Not objecting. Paying for it not Ha'ze's style, but… well. He's not going to say no as long as she lays there. Just watif or when she finally gets uncomfortable with that open door. "No disatisfaction. Not Th'ero's style." Abigail doesn't even bare tossing out. "C'rus has issues with my sleeping around." A few more names get tossed off, as Ha'ze pulls her closer. Post sex cuddling/interrogation, go.

She is a consort. An open door is the least of Myra's concerns and probably NOT the strangest thing she's encountered. Again she curls her body happily to his when he pulls her closer and she'll rest her head by his shoulder. For each name he lists, she only smiles and may lay a little kiss or nibble to his neck. Only, which means he's getting hot or colder? It probably is no game — save to distract him. "I thought you riders were all open minded on your views of sex," she murmurs against his neck, curious not so much for C'rus' name but the "issues" he has.

"C'rus likes people paired. Dedicated. Attached. I'm more… free." Which is probably obvious when he runs his hands slowly through her hair. Consort or not, he's giving her all the attention he would give any other woman. And what is the problem ? IT's not like there will be consequences from this. He'll assume someone who seems to be as professional as her would take steps to keep Kainaesyth's favorite sex-consequence from happening. "If none of those… Jajen?" Doubt there - Ha'ze can't see the woman doing something nice for him.

Myra makes a soft sound of understanding and followed by a soft giggle, "Free is much more fun, isn't it?" She's not going to complain for the attention either and will give back in kind. She's good at what she does and one has to wonder how much of it is just a ruse (if any of it) or if she really does enjoy her time here. He's not far off the mark, she probably knows which herbs curb any possible pregnancy but even they are known to fail. At Jajen's name, Myra only grins that coy, mischievous grin of hers but says nothing. Ha'ze is smart enough to read the answer in that grin, right?

Ha'ze reads it, he got it. There will be WORDS later with Jajen. But not right now. Right now is all about conversation with a beautiful woman who lays in his bed for as long as she'll stay there. He might even stir himself to make her breakfast in the morning. A nice one, with his pair of chiped plates even!

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