Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.
Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is the noon hour and the Weyr is bustling with activity, the caverns having just seen the worst of the lunch rush breeze through as weyrfolk and riders of all ranks come in to snag a bite to eat. Mercifully or by some odd twist of fate, few linger to stay and rather take their food on the go. Could be there is much to do and perhaps the heavy clouds outside are the reason. One last rush to get as much done outdoors or to travel before the winter overcast skies dump more unsavoury and frigid weather on them. Though it remains to be seen if it will be rain or snow that plagues them for today.

Th'ero is one of the few who linger in the caverns, since the crowds remain minimal and the Weyrleader does not feel too overwhelmed and figures his chances for a reasonably quiet lunch are good. In fact, it's a miracle the man is browsing the serving tables at all. Some know of the bronzerider's eating habits but it would seem he's got a good appetite today. Plate laden with food, he returns to his table and may not be alone for that lunch hour or he is expecting company at some point. For there is already some wine settled there (most likely for him) but what also looks like a small pitcher of klah.

Kimmila has just returned to the weyr after a day out and about, and the bluerider walks into the cavern laden down with a large covered basket. Gripping the handles on either end she walks carefully, especially through the tables until she gets to where Th'ero sits. Putting the basket down with a soft grunt on the table, she pushes hair out of her face and exhales heavily. "Have a nice morning?" she asks, with a tired grin. She was out working, clearly, as her clothes are splattered with mud and dirt and who knows what else.

Abigail seems to have a bit of luck with timing as she's just returned to Fort before the snow, sleet, rain or whatever it is starts to fall from the sky. She undoes her flight jacket while moving onwards into the cavern, hand moving to push some red curls from her face as a slight glance is offered over the room to see whom all could be around. Her main thought is to get a bite to eat and something warm to drink before getting to go deal with paper work before actually attempting to get some rest. A mug of klah is found first before she goes about looking over what was left from lunch and making a decision on a few things to stick on a plate. With those two things in hand she is then off to find a place to sit.

Th'ero blinks, pausing as he is about to take his seat but interrupted in that motion as Kimmila arrives with her basket. "You could say that," he drawls, setting his plate down where there is enough room and peering curiously at the covered thing the bluerider dropped onto the table. Then his gaze flicks to her, noting her mud and dirt splattered clothing and his mouth twists into a crooked smirk. "Looks like you have been busy at least. Care to share?" he muses and then promptly shoves the plate of food over to her and gestures for her to sit. "Klah to your left," Th'ero points out as he remains standing at the end of the table. His chair has his jacket resting over the back, as the Weyrleader looked to have been planning to stay for sometime. But his clothing is not mud spattered, save for his boots. Glancing briefly over the cavern, he spies Abigail on her wandering search and offers her a wave that is partial salute and a light smile. "Afternoon, Wingsecond!" he calls out, at least formal in that regard.

Kimmila chuckles quietly as she strips off her coat and flops into a chair on Th'ero's right hand side, reaching for the klah to pour herself a cup. "You could say that," she echoes with a stifled yawn against the back of her hand. "Just making the rounds." Which means the cotholds. "Making sure they all have what they need - or are getting it soon - before winter really settles in." Pushing the basket a bit, it makes a little noise at the movement, and then she's letting her green eyes seek out the Wingsecond. "Abigail!" she calls, waving to her. "When do you want that rematch." Still holding a grudge over that? You betcha.

Abigail hears that voice and glances over towards Th'ero and Kimmila, a smile seen and she nods to them before heading on towards where they just so happen to be sitting. "Afternoon, Weyrleader, Kimmila. How are ye both doing?" A slight grin is seen as she hears the bit on the 'rematch'. "Just name a time and place an I'll be there." She has no problem at all about the thought of a rematch.

'Just making the rounds' is enough of an explanation for Th'ero to understand that she means the cotholds, but his curiosity remains all the same. So does his gaze, which is clearly reading as 'go on?'. "Good. Any trouble or issues? Or have they all organized themselves well this Turn?" he asks, pushing the plate again towards Kimmila just as she pushes the basket. One that makes noise… Now the Weyrleader is intrigued, though he's torn as he glances back to the serving tables. Food or mystery basket? Food. Seeing as he's sacrificed his plate to his weyrmate (unasked, of course). "I'm well, Abigail. And yourself?" He snorts as the two of them instantly begin discussing a rematch and as he steps away, he calls over his shoulder. "Do you two require a judge again? I'd not mind volunteering." Th'ero won't be long gone in acquiring a second plate of food and when he returns he takes his seat at last next to Kimmila. He'll subdue his curiosity long enough to take a few bites of his meal before gesturing to the basket with a tilt of his head. "So what's this?"

Kimmila stretches, and after taking a sip of her klah she finally begins to eat from the plate with a smile of thanks for her weyrmate. "So far things seem good. There are a few bumpy spots as always, but my riders are smoothing things over. Still trying to encourage them to trade with each other, and just use us as delivery boys, rather than paying us marks for our own stores. Marks don't make good eating in the winter." Grinning at Abigail, she nods. "I'll let you know," she promises, before she gives the basket a little nudge. Is it…cheeping? "Chickens."

Abigail settles down upon a seat across from the pair, a grin seen and she nods to Th'ero. "I don't see why no sir." She doesn't mind if he wants to play judge again it seems, though she did win last time too. Her gaze flicks over to the basket and she lifts a brow as she catches the faint 'cheepcheep'. Well that sure is different sound she was expecting to come from a basket. "New hobby?" This questioned with an amused tone before her pale gaze flicks back to Th'ero once he is back at the table. "Good to hear, I'm well." Nice simple answer.

"Are they still being difficult about trading between themselves?" Th'ero asks between more bites of his food. Someone is hungry this lunch hour, it seems! Did he skip breakfast? Probably. The Weyrleader snorts then, shaking his head and grimacing, "No, they make terrible eating and you would think they'd have learned that lesson by now," he murmurs. He flashes Abigail a quick smile as she agrees to him being a judge, but his focus drifts to the cheeping. Cheeping? Blinking, he pulls his plate a little away from the basket and then shoots Kimmila a sidelong look that is both amused and confused. "You brought a basket of chicks into the cavern… why? Shouldn't they be in the barn?" Why are they on the table? Abigail's mention of a new hobby has Th'ero chuckling again, "Or dinner, when they mature." Delicious.

Kimmila shrugs, "Only a fewer of the more stubborn ones. You've met a few," she says pointedly to the Weyrleader. Then she laughs. "No, certainly not a new hobby. It was starting to get misty and I was hungry and cold. I'll take them over later. Want to see? They're kind of cute." Cute? Kimm just said cute?

Abigail grins and nods slightly while she chews on a bite of food off her plate. "Maybe both?" This question brought up at the comment of the chicks being dinner when they are older. A soft oh escapes her and she nods while setting her fork down upon her plate and leans upon the table a bit to peer at the basket. "Sure I do. They little fuzzies?" Yes she just called them little fuzzies.

Th'ero snorts at Kimmila's pointed look and his bemused smile says it all. Yes, the Weyrleader has met a few of those stubborn cotholders. He tucks into his plate of food, washing it down with a generous sip of the glass of white wine he had and forgotten about until now. "I don't know if it's wise…" he begins to protest. Chicks, on the table and in the caverns? Since when is he so fickle about what is and is not sanitary? But he's thrown a bit off by the word 'cute' from Kimmila and 'fuzzies' by Abigail and he relents. "Fine. Lets see how many you hauled in." he murmurs, but he does not immediately learn forwards to peer at the basket. Instead, he is looking sidelong and pointedly to Kimmila, "Where'd you get them anyhow? And why?"

Kimmila was wondering when he'd ask where they came from. "Trade," she answers. "It was this or marks, and I got a better deal this way." Grinning crookedly, she lifts the covering on the basket which sets the dozen or so chicks inside to peeping. Scooping one out, she holds the little ball of fuzz towards Abigail. They are pretty cute, and she's quickly holding another one out towards Th'ero. "These are egg layers. Not meat birds."

Abigail the chicks are cute! There little and fuzzie, and cheep, and peep.. Who /wouldn't/ like a little chick? With a grin she lifts her hands up to take hold of the little fuzzy chick and awws softly. "You're awfully cute." This said to the little chick in her hands. Leave it to a basket full of little chicks to get the girls cooing and awing over them. A glance is sent to Th'ero to see if he might take hold of the other one that is now free from the basket.

Th'ero doesn't like cute little fuzzie wuzzy cheeping and peeping chicks. That or he has no idea what to do with it and so when Kimmila hands one to him, he just awkwardly holds it in between his two hands and at an distance as he peers down at it with a blank look. Uh, okay? Abigail's cooing and fawning over them only has the Wingsecond earning a puzzled and half-amused look from the Weyrleader before his attention shifts back to his weyrmate. "How was this the better deal?" he drawls, leaning forwards to (very gently) toss the chick back into the basket. "Huh. And we're guaranteed that they will all lay eggs?" Suddenly he doesn't seem to be so against the fuzzy little things.

Kimmila watches Abigail for a moment and her grin is amused and pleased. And Th'ero's reaction…is worth a laugh for sure. "They will continue to produce eggs. There's more marks to be made here. Saved, really, since we'll have to buy or raise fewer egg layers. It's a long term deal. And most of them. There might be a male or two in the bunch but I doubt any more than that." She doesn't hold any, but she does go back to eating.

Abigail glances up slightly as she notices how the two have gotten a bit quiet. A sheepish look is seen and she softly sets the little fluffy chick back into the basket, a faint cough escaping her. "It's not a bad idea actually. If we get a few dozen more, well would save on eggs and so forth." There would be her two-cents to the idea before she is munching on a bit food once more.

Th'ero will replace the cover over the basket once Abigail has returned her chick to the group, less they have little baby chickens making a dash for escape all over the caverns. That would be a tough one to write a report on! The Weyrleader's reaction should have been a given, though he MUST have a soft spot somewhere in there for cuteness. At least he held one? "Alright, I can see the wisdom in it," he admits, flashing Kimmila a smile and he looks genuinely pleased for the bluerider's work. Abigail's agreement has him laughing then, low and brisk but laughter all the same. "Alright, alright. So it would seem you two are the masters on this and I'll take your word for it. If it'll benefit the Weyr and mean less expenses on our part, then I see no harm. Plus, it would be nice to have eggs more often as a staple food. Just hope these poor things last the winter." he murmurs and then he too is focusing on finishing the last bites of his lunch. Satisfied, he pushes his empty plate away and then settles deeper into his seat, wine glass in hand and slowly nursed.

Kimmila nods, "Our little flock of chickens seems to do fine already. These should fit in fine with them." Nodding to Abigail in agreement, she takes a few more bites and showing off her true appetite. "What about you, Abigail? How is the wing?"

Abigail nods to what Kimmila says on the idea of the little chicks doing just fine, why wouldn't they? "Just have to make sure they have a nice warm spot and plenty of fed and so forth. They should be fine." This said before she chews on another bite of food, a glance sent over to Kimmila. A nod seen before that bite is swallowed. "All is well, 'enjoying' plenty of paperwork that keeps me busy." She smirks at the enjoying bit to show she is kidding.

Th'ero apparently knows very little about chickens and he ducks his head down a bit sheepishly as both Kimmila and Abigail assure him without hesitation that the little chicks will do just fine through Fort's worst winter months. He'll make an sound of acknowledgement, sipping his wine again to mask his mild embarrassment and then turn to the discussion regarding the brownrider's work with a touch more eagerness than needed, "I'm sure you are," he drawls in a tone that is almost sympathetic. The Weyrleader knows and understands all too well about "enjoyable" paperwork. Such is the bane… "So you are settling in well with your new duties? Glad to hear that the Wing is doing well. You ever find out which of your Wingriders slipped your name into the wrestling matches?" he asks curiously as he settles comfortably into his chair, enough that his free hand reaches over to rest against Kimmila's leg, hidden but there.

Kimmila nods, "I'll take them to the Beastcrafters in a little bit," she promises. "I'm not going to attempt to raise them myself." That'd only end in tears. "Ahh yes, the paperwork. Not fun at all," she agrees with a wink. As she sips her klah again, a man comes down the stairs from the crafter's area, carrying a boy in his arms. He looks enough like Kimmila to suggest some relation, especially when the tall man looks her way and grins, turning in that direction. "Want to go see Mom and Dad?" he asks the child, who twists around in the man's grasp and looks towards the table they're approaching. His hair alone give him away as Th'ero's son, those dark curls tumbling messily into his eyes and he keeps having to brush them away.

Abigail can't help but grin a bit at the look that Th'ero has on the whole chicken rearing bit. She's had to help with a few dozen or so back at the hold when she was a kid after all. A nod is seen before she takes a sip from her mug. "Aye, as far as I know at least.. No one has come yelling at me, so.. That's a good sign, aye?" This questioned with an amused tone. A soft chuckle escapes her. "Oh yes.. Yes I did, it was K'vi." A guard she knew back before she was a rider, and they both impressed together actually. "He thought it would be amusing.." She supposes it was to some degree. At the voice she lifts her head, a soft smile seen along with a nod sent to the one whom bring over the boy to the table.

K'drozen strides slowly into the living cavern, carrying his young daughter with him as he goes. The brown rider speaks softly to the young girl as he approaches Thunderbirds table and sets her down, "Now you be good while I get you something." as he moves towards the serving table he smiles and gives a nods to those gathered.

It'd end in tears and maybe a bit of temper on Th'ero's part. No way he'd have any chicken raising going on near his ledge or weyr! "No rush. They seem content in their basket," he murmurs to Kimmila. Even if that basket is on the table! At her wink and agreement to paperwork, he chuckles again and finishes the last of his wine, adding his now empty glass to the stack of plates. "Seems it's a rare breed of person who actually enjoys paperwork," he muses and to Abigail's quip on not being yelled at, the Weyrleader actually laughs. "A very good sign," he muses and then smirks, "Did he? And would he be considering it amusing now?" Curious minds would like to know! A familiar voice catches his attention then and his gaze slides to the approach of the man carrying the young, dark haired toddler and instantly recognition lights up Th'ero's features. "Hello, Kyzen. Been good for your uncle?" he murmurs to the child with a warm smile, before his attention turns to the man himself. "Afternoon, Tlazio. How're you and your wife and son?" he asks, giving Kimmila a curious but silent side glance and catching K'drozen's nod and returning it before his focus wavers back again.

Kimmila laughs, low and amused around the rim of her mug. "It /was/ amusing," she says, eyes bright as she looks between the wingsecond and the weyrleader. "Very amusing. And entertaining. And sexy." Did she just say that? "Hey, K'drozen," she offers when the rider moves by, but then her attention is taken by her brother and her son approaching, as Tlazio offers Kyzen to the boy's father first. Twisting, the well tempered boy reaches out for Th'ero. "Dada," he coos happily, little fists reaching up to try and grab his father's hair. Tlazio pulls out a chair and sits without invitation, nodding respectfully to the riders present. "Doing just fine, thanks. This little one just woke up from a nap." Yaaaawn goes Kyzen. "Not tiwud," he says proudly.

Abigail grins a bit and nods to that bit on no one yelling at her. "I'll admit I don't enjoy it, though it needs to be done." She offers with a soft ah escaping her. "oh yes he did.. found him snickering about it later. Though I had the last laugh when I sent him to do sweeps at the edge of the coast for a while." Though she'll still have to figure out a better way to get back at him. Hearing Kimmila she blinks, wait did she just say 'sexy'? She blushes a moment and her gaze flicks one way and then another before a soft ah is about all that can escape her on that idea.

K'drozen glances over to the group as he passes and says, "Paperwork isn't so bad really." carrying a small bowl of fruit for his daughter, how gazes over towards Kimmila and Abigail curiously.

Sexy? That word catches Th'ero's ear and attention as well and he shoots Kimmila a look that is surprised, amused and a touch embarrassed. "Amusing and entertaining, yes." And sexy. Deny it all he wants, several folk saw the way the Weyrleader was "focused" on that mud pit when the bluerider faced off against the Weyrwoman. "Until your drowning in it," he quips to K'drozen as the brownrider passes by and then to Abigail, Th'ero only chuckles deeply, "Good that you got the last laugh in against him! Not that it's bad to have some joking like that among the Wing," he admits but lines must be set! With Kyzen being passed to him, he lifts his arms up to receive his son, holding him so that his front rests against his chest and when the toddler immediately latches onto his hair, he tolerates it with only a half-mumbled, "Not so hard, Kyzen." And then he's glancing to Tlazio as he pulls out a chair to join them, smiling crookedly. "Good to hear. And did he?" Which he promptly chuckles, shooting Kimmila a quick, but very pointed look once Kyzen proclaims his lack of sleepiness. "Stubborn already, hmm?" Or would it be prideful?

Kimmila grins crookedly at Th'ero. Sexy. Yes. Tucking into her food, she watches the interaction of father and son with a gentle smile. "Just like his father," she says with a wry smile. "Nap? Oh yes, he did after a bit," Tlazio says, pouring himself a mug lf klah.
Abigail isn't going to comment on the mud wrestling but being sexy, perhaps it was, but hey she was wrestling the Weyrleader here after all. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods to Th'ero. "I didn't really mind it.. They all good a good laugh out of it so I suppose it was all good." This said with an amused tone as she curiously watches Th'ero with Kyzen. A warm smile seen while she sips at her mug once more. "Aww." This said with a slight grin before she looks over towards K'drozen and waves to him.

Kaylen giggles as she sees Abigail give K'drozen a wave and leans over to whisper some thing to him as he returns to her. K'drozen laughs softly and pats the young girl on the back and smiles, "Thats my wingsecond Abigail Kaylen. You don't need to be shy."

"Oh no, I'm not all to blame for that," Th'ero drawls with a smirk to Kimmila, though his eyes flash with amusement. "Isn't that right, Kyzen? Your mother is just as stubborn too." Ha! His son is not even two Turns yet and already the Weyrleader is seeking to "corrupt" him. All in good fun, obviously. He'll continue to hold the child in his lap, one hand firmly pressed against his back to support him even if he moves. Tlazio's comment only has Th'ero chuckling, "So long as he wasn't too much trouble." he adds and glancing sidelong to Abigail, he grins. "Well, in that case no harm done, right? And it was a good match." As for her remark on his interaction with his son, the bronzerider blushes faintly and then clears his throat. "Abigail, have you met our son, Kyzenviro? Kyzen, this is Wingsecond Abigail." He'll lift his free hand to point as well, in case the toddler isn't quite focused. "Also, this is Tlazio, Kyzen's uncle and foster parent." In case that wasn't obvious enough already.

Kimmila chuckles, grinning at Abigail. "So? Kids on the horizon?" Personal much? Then she glances at K'drozen and his little girl, nodding to them before she's laughing at Th'ero. Little Kyzen, tugging on his father's curls, just bobs his head, eager to please. "Yeah!" he chirps. Looking around with big eyes, he focuses on Abigail for a moment and then points. "Bwown dwagn," he announces proudly. And then, "Unkle!" with a happy grin, pointing at his foster parent.

Abigail chuckles at the bit on Kimmila being stubborn, naw she isn't at all, who would think such things? A slight shake of her head is seen. "Naw, no harm in my book at least." She pauses once she is introduced to the boy, a wave is seen once more. "Not yet, nice to meet you Kyzen." At the question from Kimmila she blinks, cheeks flushing at the thought. "Ah.. Naw.." Really, this is no conversation for her, thanks! A slight grins seen at the brown dragon comment. "Smart one, huh?" She catches sight of K'drozen and his daughter once more and waves to the little girl now. "Hello there."

K'drozen chuckles soflty as Kaylen burries her face shyly into his sides at Abigail's greating and smiles, "Come on, I will intruduce you." as he shifts to start to lead the little girl over to the group.

Thankfully Th'ero is too caught up in other conversations to overhear Kimmila's sudden and personal question to Abigail or he'd liable to look embarrassed all over again. Instead, he is flinching and wincing as Kyzen tugs on his hair again but does not seek to pry the toddler's hands free. Chuckling as the boy agrees, he shoots his weyrmate a triumphant (and teasingly so) look, before smiling broadly as Kyzen goes to point out more. "Brown dragon, that's right." he says with a slight emphasis on the 'r's'. "Can you say Abigail?" Not that he corrects 'uncle', though he flashes Tlazio a quick glance all the same. The Wingsecond's comment as Th'ero looking down at his son and there is no denying the pride there, even if brief and short lived. "He's catching on fast," he agrees, not wanting to be too smug. K'drozen's approach is noted and met with a welcoming nod from the bronzerider, though Kyzen's focus seems to have turned to the arrival of a new girl and the toddler is both curious but shy, ducking his head under his father's chin to 'hide'.

Kimmila just grins, not prying into Abigail's personal life any more than she already has. "Apparently," she says the same time Tlazio chuckles and says, "Aye, like his parents and his foster parents and his brother." "And his sister," Kimmila adds, though very quietly. Watching Kyzen interact with Th'ero and Kaylen has her smiling, touched and amused at the same time. "Abgail," the boy mutters against his father's tunic before peeking back at Kaylen. Then his head whips around again to hide.

Abigail isn't one to talk much on her personal life, she would rather not bring it up around the present company that is for sure. There is a pause while she hears Th'ero seeing of Kyzen can say her name, her warm smile seen. A soft chuckle escapes her and she nods. "Close, I'll take it." Her pale gaze turns to K'drozen and Kaylen while she leans upon the table a moment, arms folded upon it. "Hello there." Is offered to the shy girl.

Kaylen waves shyly to Abigail and says very softly, "Hi." before ducking back behind K'drozen again. He smiels and reaching back to try to scoot her back out in front of him "Kaylen, this is Abigail."

"I wouldn't say I am that smart and sharp witted all the time. More his mother in that respect," Th'ero points out in a rare (very rare) display of open honesty and self teasing. He does flash Kimmila another sidelong look and he catches that very quietly spoken addition of hers. Reaching with his free hand again, he'll try to take one of the bluerider's hands in his, likely hidden beneath the table to avoid anyone having to deal with the mushiness. "Good job," he praises Kyzen when he manages to sort of get Abigail's name down in one shot. The Weyrleader then chuckles as their son turns shy and quiet at the simple arrival of another child, "Kyzen, she's not going to bite you," he drawls, trying to lean back so that the toddler has no choice but to keep his head up and face Kaylen or at least look around. No hiding permitted, it seems!

Kimmila looks at Th'ero, surprised, and surely that's not a little blush coloring her cheeks. "Don't sell yourself short, wingmate," she murmurs, squeezing his hand back under the table. Kyzen is forced to look around and he does, pushing his hair out of his face only to let it fall right back into his eyes as he stares at Kaylen. Blink. And then he gives a little wave, fingers wiggling as his hand jerks back and forth. And then he's flopping against his father's chest again, trying to hide once more.

Abigail smiles and glances to Th'ero and nods slightly, though no comments about this subject escape her. Not like she well knows, sure we're just leave it as the fact she is clueless on matters of stuff like this. She looks back to Kaylen, a soft smile seen still. "See, no one will bite, promise." This said with a soft amused tone. "How have ye been K'drozen?"

K'drozen smiles as he ushers Kaylen closer, she smiles to the young boy and says soflty, "Hi." as she presses into her fathers side. K'drozen looks to Abigail, "Oh you know me, I'm allways getting by." to Th'ero and Kimmila he says, "Sir, ma'am."

If it is a blush, Th'ero makes no teasing comment on it and only smiles crookedly, "Was I?" he drawls back to Kimmila and then grunts softly as Kyzen begins to squirm and flop against him after shyly greeting Kaylen. "Alright, enough of that." he murmurs in a light tone and he begins to shift as though to pass the toddler off to either Tlazio or Kimmila. Only to have his tunic gripped and a rather plaintive whine that is classic 'no, I don't wanna and I'm about to throw a fit if you do' in toddler-speak. "Afternoon, K'drozen. You're looking well." Th'ero murmurs, giving the brownrider a glance and little Kaylen too but Kyzen begins to fuss again and the Weyrleader gives both K'drozen and Abigail an apologetic look. "If you two will excuse us? Tlazio, mind coming to the weyr for a bit? Kimmila, you'll tend to the chicks?" Big mistake. "Chiks?" Kyzen parrots as Th'ero pushes to his feet, balancing the child easily against his hip and held securely in his arm. The Weyrleader looks towards Kimmila and her brother then. Help? Oh, fun times. "Was nice talking with you Abigail. Good to see you too K'drozen. Clear skies, both of you." And then he will try to make his escape with his weyrmate and Kyzen's foster parent, preferably before the toddler's crankiness returns ten fold.

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