Fort Weyr - Weyrleader's Offices

Aged by time, this office has lived through the ages of Fort though the dcor has likely changed time and time again as new leadership comes to fill the offices. The main set up is where the juniors work, three desks settled in the main office that is lined with means to house the old records and reports. Various potted plants are around the office to give a touch of color. From this singular area, the office branches off into two different sections: The Senior's office and the Weyrleader's office. Both furnished to fit the needs of the Weyrleaders along with small flares of personal touch.

Fort is deep into its winter months and this day is a classic one for certain. The skies are overcast and heavy with gray clouds and the snow falls in regular flurries, coating everything below in thick drifts. It's cold as well and when the wind picks up, it bites right down to the bones if one is foolish enough to linger too long outside without the proper gear. So it's no surprise the Weyr seems almost deserted even in the late afternoon hours, with most of the weyrfolk tucked away inside. Th'ero is no exception, having retreated to working in his office despite hating paperwork with a passion. The door leading to his office is propped open, welcoming anyone who comes by to enter. The office itself is modest of size and decoration, holding the large wooden desk and the various storage cabinets snugly along with a small hearth place well enough away from any sensitive documents. Currently he is seated in his chair, hunched over the desk that is now strewn with various reports, old and new and scratching away with a writing tool on a blank sheet. There's a bottle of rum nearby and a small glass beside it and it looks as though the Weyrleader has already taken a share (or two) of it. But he doesn't look the least bit tipsy or in his cups. If anything, Th'ero looks tired and bored where he sits in the silence of his offices. None of the other Weyr Leadership or staff seem to be about.

Everytime Zi'on comes to Fort he wonders why he didn't send a rider to do his bidding. Even Suldith retreats to an out-of-the-wind spot once they're on the ground. Zi'on is heading to the administration complex of course, a folder of documents tucked into his jacket to shield them from the snow. Once inside Zi'on shakes himself free of the snow and stomps off his boots. Then it's over to Th'ero's office, though he doesn't expect the Weyrleader to be there which is why he looks surprised on his approach. There's a knock before Zi'on enters, it was only polite. The younger bronzer unzips his jacket then. There wasn't any need for it inside. "Since when do you do any paperwork around here?" He jokes with Th'ero. "Speaking of though, spring is coming. Western will be in need of some delicious Fort wherries." Zi'on waves around the folder he's brought with him. "You'll want to have someone check the numbers and all, then make adjustments."

There are plenty of out of the wind spots for Suldith to find and perhaps once their arrival is known, the Western bronze will receive an invitation from Velokraeth to join him. His ledge is large enough to hold them both comfortably and out of the elements. Th'ero knows someone has arrived once he hears the boots stomping and the sounds of movement. But he suspects it's only someone passing through or one of his own staff. Instead there's a knock on his door and the Weyrleader hastily finishes scribbling off some detail or another before glancing up. When his thoughts focus on the fact it's Zi'on standing there, Th'ero looks pleasantly surprised and promptly sets his writing tool down and straightens. "I always have, as much as I hate it. We share it equally enough." He admits, lips drawing up into a half smirk as he begins to try and organize the mess of records on his desk. While he does, he gestures with his hand for the Western Weyrleader to take a seat. "Oh? How much is Western looking to take? I'm going to guess you'll have some Hatching feasts to organize. How many is it now? Two?" Seems news has reached his ears at least and his smirk turns to a vague smile as he extends his hand to also take the folder Zi'on is waving about. "I hope you're visit is more then just business?" Th'ero adds, looking almost hopeful though his tone doesn't hint at it.

Suldith will of course join the other small bronze in his weyr, even if it wasn't cold out. It isn't often one sees two bronzes laying on the same ledge! But Velokraeth is Suldith's little brother. Zi'on is looking much like his usual self, beard neatly trimmed, nice weyrleaderly clothes for an official visit and all. Zi'on chuckles to Fort's weyrleader on his entrance. "I'm trying to get Ila'den to tackle a little more. He can do that and watch the baby, so he's somewhat amenable." There's a nod to Th'ero. "I don't know exactly. In exchange, fruits, vegetables, whatever we can get over here that you guys need. Two clutches, yes. We're already gearing up for Rea and I's. Iris and Ila'den's will start in another month or so." Zi'on peels off his coat after handing Th'ero the paperwork, and then hangs it over the back of a chair. He laughs and nods. "I suppose it is. I don't have any bad news for you today. I guess I ought to be thankful. Oh, your sister's joined the smithcraft. Figured you might be interesting in keeping up with her goings on."

There's nothing wrong with two bronzes on one ledge or possibly sharing a spacious wallow! Let the tongues wag and maybe they'll /really/ get something if a certain blue pops by too or isn't already there. Th'ero is unchanged as well, his hair still shoulder length and it's usual chaotic mess of curls and his beard is kept short and neat. The only oddity is the faint bruising still covering one side of his jaw. "So Iris did deliver a healthy child then? Good for them. And I suppose Ila'den could, though I hear infants are a handful." There's a pause as Zi'on lists off possible trades and the Fortian Weyrleader frowns as he considers it. "We could always use fresh fruits and vegetables and more so now that we're in the winter months. It'd help liven our stores, for certain. I'll take a look at the figures and pass it by our Weyrwomen before I give you the okay." Th'ero finishes organizing his desk as best he can. Anything sensitive he doesn't want the Western Weyrleader viewing has been tucked away and now he's left to weaving his hands together and watching the other bronzerider curiously. "So Suldith's sired two clutches now? Both of you must be pleased with that. And I had no doubts Teimyrth would catch Shadhavarth. So Western is about to undergo a double Search with Fort on it's heels." That has the bronzerider frowning a moment as he takes the folder from Zi'on and then is distracted by the news he shares. "Smithcraft, eh? Hopefully that will calm her down. She's adjusting then?" In other words: is she still happy?

Zi'on can see it now. Th'ero's ledge packed with male dragons. Dragons flying by just to gawk. Zi'on tilts his head at Th'ero. "What happened there?" He asks, pointing to Th'ero's jaw. "Kimmila get tired of your shenanigans? Or is that a gift from your new weyrlady?" He nods about Iris. "Yep. Cute little girl named Risali. They sleep and cry a lot." He chuckles. There's a nod about Fort's stores. "We don't worry too much during the winter months, unless there's flooding. Hasn't been too bad this winter." Zi'on invites himself to sit down across from Th'ero, sprawling out a bit. "Yep. I was hoping he's catch Shadharvath, too. Make it a hat trick of Western's golds." Zi'on laughs. "I heard you'll have your own eggs soon enough. Lots of new dragons going to be popping loose soon enough. Mm. We'll need a lot of new candidates. Though we'll probably siphon off most from the southern areas, since I don't think they have any clutches happening right now." Zi'on tugs at his beard. "Smithcraft, yep. Kaliena with a hammer beating on things. Seems to fit her personality." The younger bronzer laughs. "She seems to be. Though I don't think she's quite comfortable yet with the sheer amount of people that come and go from the weyr. She has a little… trouble making new friends. I think. It takes her a while to let her defenses down."

Packed with male dragons? Not if Velokraeth had his way. It'd be packed with Suldith, Varmiroth, himself and a gaggle of flirty greens if the pale bronze had any say as to what proper entertainment was. "You hadn't heard?" Th'ero sounds genuinely surprised by Zi'on's inquiry to his injury, one hand coming up to idly rub the spot where the skin is still discolored. "Dtirae's doing." He mutters with a smirk, once he asks since he's unable to find a way out and he will not lie to the Western Weyrleader. Well… not so openly anyways. There's a nod given to the mention of Western's stores and he leaves it there for now, setting the folder on the rest of his work. Gesturing to the rum then, Th'ero gives Zi'on a questioning look. Want some? "Heh. Three clutches sired by Suldith all at once? Wouldn't seem too fair. Got to leave at least one gold free. Stir up the bloodline a bit." Never mind Teimyrth and Shadhavarth are of the same clutch. But that is neither here nor there. "Yes. Zuvaleyuth should be clutching within a few months, if not sooner." Leaning back in his chair, he rubs his hand over his chin thoughtfully and then he exhales heavily. "You've brought up a good point, Zi'on." Th'ero points out, turning his head now to where a world map lays tacked to the wall. "We can't overlap territories, else we'll drain them. If you stick to the Southern areas and Western, I could keep our Searchriders to the North and East? Telgar, High Reaches and Benden haven't had recent clutches that I know of or any news of rising golds. We could split those regions too." He keeps his tone casual enough that it doesn't seem all business. As to his sister, Th'ero gives Zi'on a lingering look. "Kaliena has always been suspicious of new folk. Part of being raised in a secluded cothold, so give her time. Unless… she's not causing trouble, is she?"

Zi'on shrugs. "I heard some passing whisperings that your weyrwoman had been replaced. Then ran off or something. I thought most of it was the old auntie rumor mill, honestly. So was that bit during the flight or the next morning?" He laughs a bit. There's a nod about the rum. Sure, why not? He could use a drink to warm him up anyways. "Heh. I suppose that's true. Western could use a few more bronzes. We seem to lose as many as we gain." He eyes Th'ero then. Yes, that means you! Zi'on nods. "That seems fair enough to me. I imagine those that don't impress for Rea's clutch might want to stick around for Iris', so hopefully we'll have some overlap there. It's been rare to have an overlapping clutch these days." Zi'on considers the map then for a bit. "Well, I'll send the searchriders out to the southern areas first. If we need more I'll consult the other weyrs. Telgar first probably. Since my ma still lives there she might be able to snag a few on her own." Zion might sound like he was all business, except then he's mentioning his mother. "Maybe I can get the twins to stand finally." There's a nod about Kaliena. "She'll take things at her own pace. She's not causing anyone but me trouble that I know of." Zi'on chuckles.

Th'ero grimaces and shakes his head, "You have half of it right. Neyuni did step down suddenly. Made Dtirae acting Senior on the terms that the next gold to rise would be the next Senior. Why, I don't know. Everyone knows Zuvaleyuth is the only capable gold aside from Zuhth. Wiyaneth hasn't risen for Turns. So of course Zuvaleyuth rose and Dtirae took off afterwards when it sunk in she really was Senior," Now he scowls a bit, but not at Zi'on and more at the memory of the events. He snorts and uncaps the rum, leaning over to pull another small glass down and sets it next to his. "She punched me when I went to talk to her with Elara, after A'lin found her in Ierne with Xanadu's Weyrwoman Thea." Th'ero explains as he pours a generous amount of rum for the both of them. He then hands one glass to Zi'on. "With two clutches you're bound to get a fair amount of bronzes. And it was /your/ idea for me to visit Fort, remember?" he drawls, catching on to the other Weyrleader's look. "Mhm. You have some leeway there at least. We won't need that many candidates with just the one clutch. So we'll stick to those areas then. Telgar will be yours." Business? Not at all. Zi'on is mentioning his mother and Th'ero is mentioning his sister. Picking up his glass, he swirls the rum a little, gaze following it. "You took that challenge on by yourself," Th'ero drawls. "At least she's finding someone to trust at least. Is she among those you're considering to Stand?"

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "Enka better not pull anything like that. Of course Western has two capable juniors, so it would make slightly more sense and all. So Dtirae was acting senior… then ran off after the flight making her -actually- senior? That sounds odd. I never understood why the flight winners always end up being abused. I mean, it's not our fault if their dragons rise." When Th'ero finishes pouring, Zi'on takes a sip form his glass. "You and your weyrwoman, the senior from Xanadu. This sounds like a party. Why wasn't I invited?" He grins. "My idea? I don't remember that, but this has been some visit. When are you coming home already?" Zi'on laughs. There's a nod as they divvy up the whole of Pern to siphon off candidates. "Maybe I'll even send a rider to rescue some of my cousins from the cothold." The younger bronzer looks down into his own glass. "True," he says about Th'ero's sister. "I did. Got attached I guess. Mm, she is. I had considered asking her for Miraneith and Suldith's last clutch, but I didn't think she'd accept." Plus he was too busy trying to woo his way into her pants at that point. "Even though it'll put a bit of a damper on our relationship." Might be good news for Th'ero, though.

Th'ero grunts, but whether it's in agreement or to something else Zi'on has said it's hard to tell. "Elara has stepped in to help Dtirae adjust. But it was certainly a rough start to things." Considering he temporarily lost Fort's newest Senior and then had himself publicly slugged by her. "Hardly would have called it a party, but next time I temporarily loose one of my riders, I'll have Velokraeth let Suldith know." He drawls sarcastically, lifting his drink to take most of it as a whole shot. Then he laughs softly. "Yeah. Told me all about some girl in the bathing caverns. Something like that. I hadn't ever been this far north before so I visited." And he spreads his hands then - the rest is history. The Fortian Weyrleader's eyes take on a bit of a sad look then. "You know I can't come back to Western. Maybe if Velokraeth looses the next Leadership flight. Until then you'll just have to put up with my visits." With the divvying of the territories for Search now done, Th'ero is glad to let it slide in favor of lighter topics, though really any talk of his sister isn't exactly easy on the bronzerider. "What made you hold back offering it to her then? Too new to the Weyr?" he asks, while giving Zi'on a curious and lingering look. "And how would her being a Candidate put a damper on it? Just cause you can't touch her doesn't spell the end. I was with Jeyinshi through Candidacy and my entire Weyrlinghood." Yeah, and they both know how that went. Not the best example, but perhaps he was only trying to help.

Zi'on nods to Th'ero about his weyrwomen issues. "Doesn't sound too fun. How's your weyrsecond? I hope he's reliable at least. And your wingleaders. After all they're the ones that keep things together. Especially if you have to pick up the slack of the goldriders." It certainly didn't look very good for Th'ero, no. But Zi'on isn't really judging. They were women and goldriders to boot. There was no telling what they might do next. "Oh right. Now you've slept with that girl and I haven't. You win again." He laughs. "How was she, anyways? Or do you not remember?" Zi'on is pretty sure he's not going to get any sort of answer of that question from Th'ero. "I know you can't. I'm just teasing you. As much as I'd like you back Fort needs you here. Besides it's good to have another friendly face if they call a counsel." There's a shrug about not giving Kaliena the knot previously. "She didn't seem ready, I guess. Among other reasons." He doesn't want Zi'on to come out and say it, does he? The younger bronzer gives Th'ero a droll look. "I didn't say it would be the end. Just that it'd put a damper on it. And no offense, but that didn't really work out in the end, did it? Anyways, I'm not really too worried about it. I'll offer her the knot this time. She can decide whether it's something she wants or not, but I'd like to see her impress."

"I've a reliable Weyrsecond and some seasoned Wingleaders, yes. They've proven more then once that they're capable at handling things." Since nothing has been quite calm and quiet since Th'ero became Weyrleader. If he wasn't making blunders himself, something else was going awry and he, of course, would have to figure out how to fix it. And he doesn't seem to find Zi'on's joke funny, since he's not laughing and fixing the Western Weyrleader with a narrowed look. "I didn't think it was a competition to see which of us got her first. And of course I can't remember anything. Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you." Because that would just be too awkward and not to Th'ero's tastes and the Turns have done nothing to get the pole out from his backside it seems. "Other reasons? Ah, I suppose so." Now he clues in, grimacing a little and saving Zi'on from having to explain the details concerning Kaliena. There's a shrug when the other bronzerider points out the obvious failure of his first relationship. "Guess it didn't. But my point still stands." Th'ero mutters stubbornly, finishing off the last bit of rum at the bottom of his glass before reaching for the bottle again. He gestures with it. More? "Mhm. Figured you would." He drawls with a slight snort, lips twitching up into a vague smile. "Not that I'd be unhappy if she did or did not. So long as it's what she wants." The Weyrleader is currently seated behind his desk, with Zi'on across from them. The desk is littered with piles of records, likely discarded work in favor of some friendly conversation. A small fire is going in the hearth and outside it's nearing the evening dinner hour and snow still continues to fall on what is proving to be a bitterly cold day in Fort. Aside from the two Weyrleaders, the offices are empty.

Th'ero certainly seemed to be having a rough time of it. Not that things have been all hunky-dory for Zi'on either. What with the pirates and kidnapping. The bronzer laughs at Th'ero's look. "Shards. You holders never seem to be able to take a joke." And as expected, he gets not a peep out of Th'ero about how it went. Not even booze could dislodge the pole now. It was too stuck in. Zi'on shakes his head at Th'ero, at his muttering about his sister. "Sorry." Zi'on finishes off his glass and holds it out to get a refill. "I'd like her to ride, but my views are skewed, being weyrbred and all and then a rider. So I'll let her decide. At least getting her to stand might help her make some new friends at the weyr." Zi'on pauses to drink for a bit. "How's Kimmila doing, then? I heard she took your sister out hunting or something? Or was going to? Maybe you should go with them." Then he blinks a bit. Kaliena out in the woods with weapons with her brother. It could end badly. "Uh. Maybe not though."

The doors to the office open with a bang before closing with a loud thud, the Senior Weyrwoman but not quite Senior stands there, looking a little too covered in snow, likely having been held up by one thing or another. Her hair is covered, having decided to opt out of putting her her coat with a hood, it seems. The coat that she wears is slowly peeled off, slung onto a chair of one of the unoccupied Junior's desks. Whether or not she notices the two Weyrleaders in the Weyrleader's right away is another story as she begins to pull out the various pins that keep her hair up, freeing it of it's oddly constructed bun and then shaking the snow from her hair. Once this is done, she's focusing her gaze on the the office where the Weyrleader is grey eyes briefly looking predatory as she moves to settle in the doorway. Shortly afterwards, she's offering a grin in their direction. "This some meetin' I wasn't aware of? Or somethin' more casual?"

There hasn't been enough booze to loosen his tongue or that so-called pole. Give him enough time though and far more rum and maybe Th'ero will divulge more and actually /relax/ enough for once. "I can take jokes." He grumbles defensively and extends the bottle far enough to refill Zi'on's glass before pouring himself another. Then the rum is set aside and the Fortian Weyrleader is giving a mock toast before knocking it back. His lips curl into a bit of a grimace and then he clears his throat, settling back into his chair. "Perhaps. She can make the decision herself and maybe she will find friends. Candidacy should give her some discipline too." Th'ero points out and then smirks, but amusement flickers in his eyes rather that annoyance. "Kimmila told me. Their first meeting actually didn't go quite as well. But yes. She is teaching Kaliena to hunt, if she can prove mature enough to do so. And Kimmila is well. Glad to be back to duty. It was hard for her to be grounded for so long." Then the doors are banging open and Th'ero's mood goes from casual to neutral and cautious. Until, at least, Dtirae steps into view of his office's door. Speak of the weyrwoman and she shall arrive? "Evening, Dtirae." Th'ero murmurs politely enough, though his tone seems oddly stiff. He shakes his head, "A bit of both. Zi'on here brought an offer to trade some Fortian wherries for fresh fruit and veggies. Then we were discussing Search boundaries. But before that… Zi'on, this is Dtirae, Fort's newest Senior Weyrwoman." Sort of, but he doesn't seem willing to explain and so keeps it simple. "Dtirae, meet Zi'on, Weyrleader of Western Weyr."

Zi'on grins to Th'ero. He recognizes that Irondell scowl, though Th'ero's sister looked cuter when she wore it. Perhaps they might get to that stage of drunk, but perhaps not. Zi'on participates in the toast and proceeds to try to get himself toasted. "I think she's made at least a few friends with some of the weyrbrats. Or they might be scared of her, I dunno. Discipline?" Zi'on wasn't totally sure what Th'ero meant by that. "That's good. We're happy to have her back to her old self and all." Zi'on, too, looks behind him when the doors swing open. "Western's duties to you Dtirae. I appreciate the introduction Th'ero, but we've met before. Though last time I wasn't weyrleader and you weren't even a rider." Zi'on grins to Dtriae. "Also we were both wearing a lot less clothing. Care to join us for a drink? Our business is finished up a I think. Unless you need something form Western."

Dtirae quirks a brow up at Th'ero's stiff response, not that it really should come as any sort of surprise, considering how stiff the man is normally. Her head tilts just a tad, inclined towards the frame of the door she leans against. "Evenin', Th'ero." She returns, amusement creeping up into the undertones of her voice. "Mm. Could use some fresh fruit. The snow ain't likin' us one bit. At least our wherries are good." She pushes up from the frame and focusing her gaze on the Western Weyrleader for the introductions given. The grin that plays on her lips grows a little wider and a little cockier as Zi'on finishes off that introduction. "Yer the one who lost his balls b'fore he could finish the job. I remember you." There's a bit of laughter before she meanders deeper into the office, "I'll join you. If the Weyreleader's feelin' welcomin' enough ta it." Her gaze briefly flickers towards the rum on the desk. "I was wantin' ta try that one." And then she pins a look on the Weyrleader. Hinthint.

"Could be the latter," Th'ero muses, remembering the venomous letter he'd received from his sister. He seems doubtful she'd make friends right off. "Yes. Discipline. Candidacy has rules, doesn't it?" he remarks dryly. Because of course he was a good candidate… Yeah, right. The Weyrleader's expression twists then when Zi'on completes the greeting in his own way and the vague smile he had becomes just slightly strained. There's a brisk nod given when Dtirae comments on the trade but Th'ero leaves it to rest there. Then there's a wary look in his eyes when he catches that wide, cocky smile the goldrider is giving. By the time she's laughing, the Fortian Weyrleader's palm has met his face. Really? And he wisely keeps his mouth shut, though when he lowers his hand to scrub at his jaw, he's leveling Dtirae with a warning look. With his other hand, he gestures for her to sit. That should be welcome enough. "Sorry. It's been a long day." Th'ero mutters, refilling the glass and passing it to Dtirae. He keeps the bottle for himself, since there's only a small amount left.

Zi'on nods to the weyrwoman. "I thought as much. Our senior queen lives almost exclusively on wherry, so we're always needing more. And the breeding season isn't for a month or two." He laughs. "Well then. I haven't lost my balls. I just had a pregnant weyrmate back at Western and I was overcome with something my father never had." A guilty conscience. Also self-restraint. "I'd take another crack at you, but I have a girl back at Western. And that man sitting across the desk would leap over and murder me." Zi'on looks over at Th'ero. Yes, Zi'on is inviting his beloved weyrwoman to join in on their bro-time. And he's going to make Th'ero uncomfortable. Zi'on felt horrible about that letter that Kaliena had sent her brother. He'd almost broken up with her over that. "Right, candidacy rules." Zi'on laughs. "Pretty sure there's rules about not stealing from the other candidates." Now that the weyrwoman was here Th'ero has gotten very quiet. Instead Zi'on turns his attention back to Dtirae. "So how's the adjustment going then? Is your gold excited about the clutch?"

Dtirae doesn't look at all ashamed for the comment she's made, even with the warning look that he gives her. A shrug is his only response before she's plopping herself in the open seat. "Yer fine." She accepts the apology, promptly dismissing it before she then leans over to snag the glass. She doesn't hesitate before she takes a drink, her gaze then settling on Zi'on. "Variety is good, but, not much you can do 'bout that." A shrug before she's pinning him with a rather curious look, especially as he comments on not losing his balls. There's a snort of laughter before she shakes her head. "Nah. You'd have more ta break down with me than offerin' a few words, this time. Ain't entirely interested, either. Glad you got somethin' that's keepin' you happy, at least." A tip of her glass in his direction before it's moving to her lips once more. "I threw P'on out, by the way, Th'ero." A side note to something completely unrelated before she's focusing on Zi'on. "Easy." Understatement, there, simply because of their current situation. There is no further clarification, however. "She's excited. Goin' on 'bout the great traditions that go on since the beginnin' and what not. She ain't shuttin' up. Liked her better when she was proddy."

Kimmila doesn't quite breeze into the office like she belongs there, but neither is she shy or timid as she enters. "Hey," she says to the gathered, nodding to her Weyrleader, ("Zi'on"), her other Weyrleader, ("Wingmate"), and then to Dtirae, ("Senior-in-training-ma'am"). She sets a tray of sandwiches on the table and flops into a seat, uninvited. "Kitchens told me you were here," she says, pointing at the sandwiches before she takes one for herself.

Th'ero's gaze darts suddenly from Dtirae to Zi'on, for the Western bronzerider's comments. Beloved Weyrwoman? "Oh no. It's not me you have to worry about. I don't care /what/ you two do." He remarks in a dry and drawling voice. How kind of him. "But don't come crying to me Zi'on when Kaliena tears you apart." Leave it to the Fortian Weyrleader to try and ruin the fun because he can't handle it. Then he's giving the other bronzerider another narrowed look that edges with warning and he makes no further comment on Candidacy and the rules. Cue more silence from Th'ero, while he busies himself in taking another pull of rum, only this time straight from the bottle. Dtirae's news earns a quirk of a brow though and he gives a slight snort. "Again? What'd he do this time?" And maybe that should be more of a warning to Zi'on. There's a slight smirk when she mentions Zuvaleyuth, but he keeps his comments to himself. Kimmila's arrival has him glancing up and past both Dtirae and Zi'on, surprise clearly written on his features. "Kimmila," he greets in kind, awkward and stiff. The food is given a curious glance and he passes the bottle of rum to the bluerider. He mutters something about the kitchens then, but clearly adds, "Thanks for bringing food."

Zi'on raises a brow at Dtirae. "Sounds more like I might have to dodge a right hook or two." He laughs a bit, then shrugs as she shoots him down. "Fair enough I guess." Zi'on has no idea who P'on is, so he can't really comment on that. Zi'on sets his empty glass down on Th'ero's desk. There wasn't enough rum left in the bottle for him to have another, and it looked like Th'ero needed it more than he did. "Heh. Well, at least she's in good spirits and not moody. Is this your first or second clutch?" When Kimmila makes her entrance Zi'on gives her a nod. "Hey, Kimmila." The Western weyrleader laughs at Th'ero then. "What, you think that she'd pick a fight? She'd yell a lot and scowl, then probably tell me to stay away from her." Zi'on is bad with hints, if Th'ero thinks he's dropping them to the younger bronzer.

Dtirae nods to Kimmila politely, though rather awkwardly, avoiding looking directly at the other woman before she's snagging a sandwich. "Th'ero ain't worried 'bout me." She offers helpfully to the other Weyrleader, "and I'm not inclined ta let him take care of me, neither." She also avoids the topic of girlfriends tearing Weyrleader's apart, instead, chewing thoughtfully on the sandwich and lingering in an odd sort of silence before looking at Th'ero and frowning. "Said I get inta trouble because I ain't got a man lookin' after me. Some shit like that. Threw him out and he ain't comin' back Not unless he can get me a trunk full of feline pelts." Whether or not that demand is serious, however, remains to be seen as she shoves the rest of her sandwich into her mouth and silences herself with that. Luckily, she swallows before she laughs at Zi'on's comment. "My right hook is good." The Weyrleader's face can attest to that much. "This clutch is the first. It'll get worse, 'm sure…"

Kimmila gives Th'ero a crooked grin as she leans back in the chair and plants her heels on the edge of the table. Then she snorts at Zi'on. "The cost of sex with Dtirae is violence and humiliation for Fort," she says, her voice a little flat as her green eyes flick briefly to the goldrider. Reaching for the bottle of rum Th'ero offers, she finishes it off and puts the empty back on the table. "Oh, I'm teaching Kaliena to hunt, Zi'on. So she'll be armed." Fair warning? Kimm's wicked grin seems to suggest something along those lines. Her expression hardens at Dtirae's bragging about her right hook, the bluerider leveling a steely glare on the goldrider.

Surely the Weyrleader has more alcohol stashed somewhere in the office? If he does, Th'ero isn't reaching for it. He smirks towards Zi'on, but for once his tone seems amused. "Perhaps. But remember the letter and know that everyone has their limits." He warns again, probably oblivious to the fact the Western Weyrleader is not catching onto his hints. Well, at least he tried? There's a snort when Dtirae frowns at him and while most are tucking into the food, Th'ero seems to be keeping his hands where they are - under his arms as he crosses them loosely over his chest. "P'on said that? Since when does he have the spine?" He still views that particular bronzerider as nothing more then a submissive follower, so he frowns when he tries to picture him as Dtirae claims. Then he grimaces a bit when the goldrider brags on her right hook. Yes, he can definitely attest to that. But he doesn't. "Worse how?" Th'ero asks instead and for a moment his posture relaxes as the rum kicks in and the slightly calmer discussion. Then Kimmila's comment ruins it all and he tenses, while shooting her a look that is both incredulous and angry. "Which she's /apologized/ for." And he gestures with a nod of his head to the bottle of rum the bluerider is currently holding. There's probably a subtle nudge of his boot to hers too. At the mention of teaching Kaliena to hunt, he snorts. "She's also an apprentice Smithcrafter. So a hunter to-be who will soon be able to forge her own weapons and twice the threat." He misses Kimmila's steely glare to Dtirae, as Zi'on has to leave and Th'ero rises from his seat to give the Western Weyrleader a proper farewell, though he never quite leaves the office. He's only distracted for the time being.

Dtirae tenses at the comments from Kimmila but says nothing, her expression giving nothing away as she tilts a look to Th'ero. "I think I broke him at some point." She doesn't say anything more on that, nor does she linger in her seat, slowly pushing out of it. "Thanks for sharin', Th'ero." Kimmila does not get a farewell as the woman strides from the Weyrleader's office, to her own with the door shutting firmly behind her.

Kimmila looks back at Th'ero and gives the empty bottle of rum a shake. See? Empty! If he wants to get her drunk he will need to provide more drink! At least that's what she interpreted his nod to the bottle to mean. "An apology doesn't make things right any more than a kiss makes a boo boo go away," she says flatly, her foot unmoving when he nudges it. Then Dtirae is bailing and Kimmila sits up a bit, feet hitting the floor again. "Typical," she snorts.

"Perhaps. But he did have a point. Though not about the man bit. That was a bit uncalled for, the stupid boy." Th'ero murmurs with a dismissive gesture of his hand. Dtirae's challenge is met with a lopsided smirk. "A whole trunk? Now I'm curious to see if he has the nerve to attempt it." And will likely be sure that if P'on is desperate to try, he at least has an experienced hunter with him. Last thing the Weyrleader wants is word that one of his bronzeriders was mauled. Then Dtirae is leaving abruptly and Th'ero turns to give her a brisk nod as she strides out from the office. His expression is set into a deep frown, puzzled as he glances back to Kimmila. "Typical, what?" he drawls, striding back to reclaim his seat.

Kimmila tips the rum bottle over and starts spinning it, glancing at the exits with a set frown. She sure knows how to clear a room. "Her just running off. She either lashes out or flees. Has she been better, though?" she asks, tilting her head towards the Fortian Weyrleader. "And how are you? What did Zi'on want?" Since she totally meeting-crashed.

Th'ero reaches over to gently place a hand on the bottle, stilling it as it begins to spin and thus ruining the fun. His eyes fix on Kimmila though and his expression is dead serious. "That /was/ her being better. You went too far, Wingmate." He points out as he settles himself heavily into his seat. It was hardly a meeting by the time Kimmila had arrived, but all the same he pulls a folder down from a stack of reports and it clearly has Western's labels on it. "He was looking to have Fort trade some of our wherrie stock in trade for fresh fruit and vegetables. Dtirae seemed in favor of it for the same reasons I was." As to his health, the Weyrleader shrugs and makes a sweeping gesture with his hands over his desk. "Well enough, I suppose. Given I've spent half the afternoon over reports. Dull work." Then he lets his hands settle loosely folded on the desk. "And yourself?"

Kimmila lets him still the bottle with only a small frown, glancing sidelong at him. "I'm still furious at her," she replies just as seriously, stubbornly standing by her rudeness. "Ahh. Sounds like a good trade to me. Fresh fruit and vegetables can be hard to come by up here…" But she's just talking for the sake of talking, really, as Th'ero certainly knows that about Fort by now. Nor did he ask her opinion. "Fine," she says with a little shrug, glancing again to the doorways through which the other two people in the room fled as soon as she arrived. She slouches a bit in her seat and pokes at the bottle with a fingertip, to see if he'll let her spin it again.

"I know. But that was not a way to go about it. She's trying to make amends, Kimmila. But I suppose she's aware of your feelings now." Th'ero murmurs and he nods to her agreement to the trade. "Winter tends to make for dried stores. So the fresh goods would be welcomed, I think. If we can spare the wherries, I'll accept the trade. I'll speak to the Beastcrafters and herders first thing tomorrow morning and see." And he won't let her spin the bottle and instead he takes it away and sets it aside and out of reach. Then he clasps her hand and as he rises to his feet, seeks to draw her with him. "Come, love." He says in such a low tone only she could here and even then… "I'm sick of reports and sitting at this desk. The snow makes for poor flying, sadly. So choose: my weyr, Shenanigan's or the tavern?"

Kimmila just shrugs. Really, there's a part of her (a small, small part) that feels a *tad* guilty and childish for her behavior, but…she doesn't really care. When he takes her hand and calls her 'love' she blinks and startles a bit, looking up at him, eyes searching his expression. Hoping for a clue, perhaps, as to why he used that term? "Uh." What? "Shenanigan's." It's really the first word she remembers. "I want another rum."

If Th'ero were truly mad and furious at Kimmila, he would have dragged her at that very moment to go find Dtirae and make the bluerider apologize. While he is annoyed, he knows forcing either of them into a confrontation like that would just end bad and likely give him a headache that'll last for sevendays. Instead he only gives a smug-like smile for her startled look and no further clue, save for his arm slipping around her waist and drawing her close to his side. Maybe he's sensing her mood and felt the need to try and sooth her? "A shot or an entire bottle?" Th'ero teases her and as he begins to steer her towards the door, his grip remains firm. "Rum it is then. I'll pay." Which means she can take the most expensive rum there is now.

More surprises, as he pulls her close to his side and even offers to pay. "Um. Okay…" Awkward! Though she doesn't try to squirm away from him as they walk through the corridors to the bar. "Just a shot," she says with a snort. "Though, if you're buying…" She trails off with a little wicked smirk for the Weyrleader. "Maybe a bottle."

Awkward it is! And Th'ero isn't quite sure why he's doing it but seems to far deep to stop. All that he keeps hidden though and when Kimmila gives him a wicked smirk, he only grins crookedly and continues to lead her down to Shenanigan's through the back tunnels, never quite leading them outdoors where the snow falls and the night is bitter and cold. "A bottle it is then. And the best too, of course?" he murmurs as they walk and a teasing tone still in his voice. Shenanigan's will be packed of course, but being the Weyrleader means prime seating. So he'll find them as secluded a spot as possible and they'll be left relatively alone. The rum will be some of Pern's finest and Th'ero seems in a mood to match Kimmila shot per shot. So the bluerider will dictate just how drunk both of them will get this night.

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