Fort Weyr - Guard Training Area
This wide, roughly square section of the bowl has been set aside as a training zone for the guards, and is frequently the scene of drills and sparring. There's always someone on watch, but entrance is open to all - with a warning to steer clear of any training activities if you don't want to get in trouble. A permanent obstacle course is erected to test agility, strength and endurance, while a track has been worn around the perimeter of the area by the daily footfall of countless guards, from recruits to captains, running laps, either alone or in squads. Near the weaponry, closer to the section carved into the wall that houses the guards' offices and quarters, there's a line of well-battered dummies for various uses - some have targets on their bulging sack bellies for archery, while others, made of tougher materials, are dented from hours of blows from blunted swords, cudgels and longstaffs.

Another cold, winter morning but that means nothing for the Guards. They train in any weather and patrol just the same. No choice in the matter! Today is different though. The Guard Captain, Breshir, has called a meeting and waits patiently just outside the barracks for all Guards to show up — those not already out on active duty of course. The older Captain looks troubled but it's rare there's a day where he doesn't. After the last decade of Turns, the man has seen a lot and been through a lot. It's not been a dull time for the Guards and true to Fort's reputation it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

Daralyn, in spite of still being a trainee, shows up as directed. Not that the order to show up doesn't hit him a little funny (it definitely does), but…well, it's an order (and not even a particularly crazy one…he definitely got a few of those in his first few days here, though he wasn't /quite/ as gullible as he was when he showed up to be a candidate…). So he's in formation with everyone else as ordered…waiting for one or two slackers to appear.

You better believe that Breshir has tagged those slackers and will likely be chasing them down later for a stern lecture. For now though the Captain is looking to keep this meeting short. "Morning," he begins with a grimace. "There's news from Harper Hall that one of their Journeymen went missing, not far for the Hall itself. We've word from Fort Hold's Guards that they suspect it was no accident. So we're being asked to double our patrols alongside theirs." Searching for what? His eyes fall on Daralyn and the other trainees. "Which means I'll need all of you ready. Those of you still under training, you'll be paired with officers. Any questions?" He expects there to be plenty before he continues.

There are, indeed, plenty of questions…though Daralyn holds his tongue for the first round or two of them. Finally, after a string of mildly inane ones… "Uh, sir…I assume we're thinking foul play." Duh. "Since we are…do we have any idea who it might be?"

"We are assuming foul play," Breshir answers without hesitation and waits until the muttering response from some of the other seasoned Guards dies down. He exhales heavily, "That we're not certain of. None of the groups known to us would do something so brazen and no holdless are active in the dead of winter. All our orders say is for us to double our patrols and report anything suspicious. I'm sure you've all heard of the unease in the coasts? Nothing says this is connected, but by the shell, I find it too odd to be anything but ordinary. Respected Crafters just don't go missing."

That both answers Daralyn's question and raises more. On the one hand, he's inclined to consider the possibility of 'freak accident'/'got lost in a snowstorm'. On the other…well, the possibility of someone out there acting unexpectedly? That doesn't exactly fill him with confidence. After all, everyone seems a little on edge over this all of a sudden, at least if the muttering and Breshir's body language (and his answers and non-answers) are any indication.

With that said, Daralyn doesn't ask any further questions…he treats a lot of this as being 'above his pay grade' (some of it spectacularly so) and waits to get his patrol orders.

It was definitely not a snowstorm. Thunderbird would be involved. The strange thing is is that Breshir hasn't mentioned the Weyr's involvement beyond the Guards. So there are no riders on this… how odd? "I want all of you to be extremely vigilant when out on patrol. Anything suspicious or unusual, no matter how small, I want it reported to me immediately. Understood?" He'll wait for the response before nodding his head. "Dismissed. Trainee Daralyn, a word?" Seems those orders will be coming sooner rather than later!

Daralyn pulls away from the group and to Breshir's side, offering him a salute. "You wanted to see me, sir?" Granted, a lot of what is standing out in Daralyn's mind is more what was /not/ said than what /was/ said…but those missing details aren't necessarily jumping out at Daralyn like they might to someone more senior. Of course, some of the questions Daralyn might have asked simply went un-asked because…well, he's not about to be "that newbie" asking the commander 57,000 tricky questions during the Q-and-A session.

Breshir wouldn't hold it against Daralyn if he did ask thousands of questions. As it stands, the Captain figures the trainee has none and is ready to proceed all the same. "Yes, just for a brief moment. Have you ever been on patrols before beyond the Weyr's perimeters?" He could look this up himself, but why bother when the person is right in front of him?

"I have not." Daralyn answers succinctly. "I've just never drawn one of those patrols, I guess." Beat. "Uh…if I could ask…why isn't Thunderbird involved? I mean…if this is a missing person, wouldn't they be best-equipped to cover more ground?" The shift in topic comes with an apologetic look on his face, a 'sorry to derail the conversation' look.

Breshir doesn't seem bothered though his expression turns a bit stern. Or is it thoughtful? "I'm not sure and I will likely speak with the Weyrleader later as to why the Hall and Hold haven't asked for their help. It could be that they don't… expect to find this woman but are doing it to placate her family perhaps." Oh, what little do they know! "A lot of this isn't adding up, but we've our orders." And they'll see them through, even if it doesn't quite sit well with the man. "I'll be pairing you with First Lieutenant Yarisa and her crew. So you're to answer to her from now on. She'll be returning from her dawn patrol shortly, so I'd advise you spend the time in preparing for a longer patrol."

Daralyn nods in response to his orders…even if he does detect at least some of the uneasse his commander is very obviously having at the situation. "I'll see to it immediately. Is there anything else I should have in mind for this?" Since he was pulled off separately from everyone else, he just wants to be sure he's not missing anything here.

"Be prepared for anything," Breshir is very short on any sort of advice, but that may be the best warning the Captain can ever offer. He means it too! With a salute, he will dismiss Daralyn before turning on his heel and striding off towards the administration complex. No doubt to keep his word on pestering the Weyrleader.

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