Fort Weyr - Small Prison
This old weapons shed has been converted to a small prison to hold the captured renegade. The walls are sturdy and metal bars have been set in place over the door and the one window to keep its ocupant in place. On this side of the bars there is a comfortable chair for visitors to sit in, while two guards are posted - one inside the door and one outside, and another one by the back window.

Time doesn't mean a whole lot of anything, not when the only indicator of it passing is glows being turned on and off. Not one for conversation Hazelon hasn't bothered to attempt to engage the guards in such and as such is right about now bored out of his mind. He cannot recall the last time he actually sat and did nothing. At least not more more than just a few minutes. The only bright spot in the last day or so had been the return of the small bronze who now remains curled up on Hazelon's only pillow while the teen paces from one side of his confined area to the other.

Ezra made sure Rayathess was settled and comfortable, and then the young heir took a walk. A long walk, to get a lot of thinking done. Thankfully Fort is large, so he could take his long walk without once leaving its protective walls. Now, though, it's time he faced Hazelon, and so he walks into the barracks. His voice is murmured as he speaks with the guard, and then he's standing outside of the cell. "Hazelon." The sight of the bronze has the teen grinning, brightening. "He came back! I'm so glad!" He was worried about the little bronze, truly.

From inside the cell, Hazelon's attention has turned fully on to the Stonehaven heir when he hears his voice break out. Dark eyes watch his progress. When the first thing Ezra comments on is the bronze curled upon his pillow he'll flick a glance backwards. "Yeah. Once everyone left." He'll wait, about a foot away from the bar now, for Ezra to speak.

Ezra nods, shoving his hands into his pockets. "Good. I'm glad he came back to you. So…" Awkward. "How are you? Feeling better? Healing and all that?" He looks the ex-drudge up and down.

From inside the cell, Hazelon takes a long moment to just look at Ezra. A seven ago he would have been more than ready to take Ezra at his tone of voice. But after the accusations… He hesitates, looking for that ulterior motive he now suspects from everyone. "Arm's still sore, and Still ain't able to be keepin' much down." Is this where he is suppose to ask how Rayathess is? Too bad, ain't happening.

Ezra nods, glancing around the cell. "But they're treating you well? You've got the care you need and the food and all that?" He looks at the firelizard, then back at Hazelon. He frowns, brows furrowing, and blinks, then shakes his head a bit and runs his fingers through his hair. "Rayathess trusts you."

From inside the cell, "Aye." Full stop. Hazelon jams his hands down into his trouser pockets, eyeing Ezra again. "Rayathess is a fool."

Ezra snorts, "Why, for trusting you? Or for going on this idiotic mission that we all told him was a stupid, /stupid/ idea?"

From inside the cell, At least Ezra admits the trip was a stupid idea. "For everythin'. Almost deserves to be dead for the stupid." It comes out harshly, and after evaluating the statement in his head, Hazelon isn't prepared to attempt to soften it.

Ezra bristles. "He doesn't. And neither do you deserve to be in here, and to…go through whatever it was you went through." Which was clearly harsh and horrible. "You didn't shoot him?" He eyes Hazelon, gaze intense. No one here but the two of them. "You were trying to protect him?"

From inside the cell, "I should've shot him afore he could be pullin' stupidity." Hazelon has well and truely dropped the mild-mannered drudge routine. What more could they do to him if he allowed the rough edges to show? "But no. I was lookin' to be protectin' my skin 'n that meant protectin' his. If I'd seen the third one…" And Hazelon will take those hands out to cross them rather defensivly before himself now. The subject of Rayathess is a bit of a touchy one, which probably won't be resolved till Hazelon talks to him himself.

Ezra grits his teeth. "You agreed to go with him," he argues. "It was /your/ choice to go, even though it /was/ a stupid idea." He can't argue that.

From inside the cell, "Would've got somethin' out've it. Made it worth it." Clearly, Hazelon doesn't think he'll be getting one iota of what he was promised, especially the most important part of their agreement.

Ezra crosses his arms. "You still agreed to it. You accepted the risks even though you knew it was a stupid idea. You can't blame Rayathess for /all/ of this. You went. Shit happened, but it's not like he set you up."

From inside the cell, Silence. Hazelon isn't about prepared to let LOGIC get tied up in his ANGER. A single toe taps.

Ezra snorts. He wins. And he knows it. But then he sobers, looking at the firelizard again. "Thanks for trying," he says quietly. "Trying to protect his fool ass."

From inside the cell, Hazelon turns away from Ezra and sits down on the cot. "He ain't dead. I did what I was needin' to be doin."

Ezra nods. "Thanks."

From inside the cell, What else is there to say? Hazelon allows the silence to stretch on a bit longer. Then, finally, "What'd I ever be doin' to you to be makin' you assume I'd be shootin' him?" An honest question, and one that has confused Haze's fevered nights since he was informed it was the Stonehaven heir who accused him in the first place.

Ezra grits his teeth, glancing around, but his queen is nowhere to be seen. "I saw it through Cala," he admits. "Cervena came to get me when things started to go poorly. Cala went back with her, and I saw through her eyes. I saw you shoot at him…" He /saw/ it.

From inside the cell, "Though a lizard?" Though Hazelon hasn't had his own for very long, he's caught the scattered images the bronze can give off. That doesn't sit well with Hazelon and a scowl settles back on his features. "You know if they're gonna be lettin' me out?"

Ezra flushes angrily. "Yes, through Cala's eyes. I saw it." His toe kicks at the bars in frustration, though it's just a light tap. "Probably. Since it's just my word against yours, and Rayathess spoke for you, and all they've got to implicate you is what I saw through a firelizard. There's no evidence for it. I don't even think I believe me anymore…"

From inside the cell, "Ain't any'un checked the arrows?" Hazelon isn't really out to get himself out of the cell, seeing as he hasn't quite figured out what will happen after getting out of said cell, but an exit date would be nice. And a bit of hard evidence. "Ustrr's people'd nice things, but my arrows were weyr made, not rough."

Ezra blinks. "I…uh." Cough. "I didn't. I was too busy trying to keep him from bleeding to death. I wonder what Sarah did with them…" If she threw them out, well…there goes that. That'd be too easy.

From inside the cell, "…." The silence rolling off of Hazelon is rather profound as he stares at Ezra.

Ezra glances at Hazelon and then looks away. "We were trying to save his life, alright?" he mutters. "I'll see…I'll send a message. See if they still have those arrows…"

From inside the cell, It does feel SLIGHTLY good to finally have gotten a word in edgewise so Hazelon doesn't prod the point. Instead he'll just lean forward with his hands knit together between his knees. One eyebrow upraised. "You got anythin' else you were wantin' to be sayin?"

Ezra shrugs. "Not really. Just…I just wanted to check on you, that's all. See how you were doing." Size him up. See if he can't sort out in his /own/ mind if he thinks Hazelon is guilty or innocent.

From inside the cell, As the player is going for just as much charactermindscrew as possible, Hazelon hopes that Ezra doesn't come away with any answers. "Ain't gonna be dyin' anytime soon. That weyrleader of yours is lookin' for trouble though, if he's gonna be tryin' to go after Ustrr."

Ezra shifts his weight. "You really think he's worse than Laris?" There's…fear in Ezra's voice. Faint, but it's there.

From inside the cell, "Laris was crazy." Hazelon's voice is flat as he fixes Ezra with a bold look. "And he was keepin' families close. Ain't no children with Ustrr. Just them what ain't afraid to be doin' anythin' what needs done." Which means, if he hadn't had such a kneejerk revulsion to the camps, Hazelon would have probably fit in well.

Ezra shakes his head, looking around at the bars. Then he frowns. "I need to get more guards for Stonehaven." It's flat as well, lowly stated with almost a growl.

From inside the cell, "Be a good idea."

Ezra takes a slow breath and lets it out. Don't panic. Don't panic. It's no big deal. Just an even worse version of the man who slaughtered almost your entire family and left you for dead, destroying your cothold for the last eight turns. Don't.. Ezra turns and walks out.