Fort Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Milling herdbeasts dot this lightly grassy section of the southern end of the bowl. Fences keep them neatly secured on all sides, even extending into the lake, allowing the beasts ample drinking water without granting them an escape. Dragons young and old come here to hunt on a fairly regular basis, though not all come at once of course. From here you can easily make out the entirety of the Weyr's lake as it spreads out south and southwest to the tumbled rubble of the far shore, while the rest of the bowl lies beyond the fences to the southeast, east and northeast.

Fort and winter just got hand in hand it seems, which at the moment the snow and ice covered ground just shows to any that may have no idea that it is indeed winter. Abigail is out near the pens, just leaning against the fence while Niumdreoth is busy choosing something to take care of that ache of hunger in his belly. The large brown swoops low once eyeing the beasts before he is back in the air as if his made his pick. Abbey watches at times, though mostly her mind is wandering, her jacket is pulled tight around her to help with the cold weather, maybe this won't take too long so she can get back to being someplace a bit warmer.

Winter certainly means snow and ice and to Rayathess it is a very familiar thing, having been born and raised in the more remote and northern regions of Fort's territory. So the cold is no stranger, nor unexpected and while most seek the comforts of the inner caverns and a warm fire at the hearth, the young man is restless and so he wanders. The Headwoman and the Steward have no work for him it seems and what little else there is to do, others are already claiming it. Why he comes to the feeding grounds remains to be seen: idle curiosity? Or simply happen chance by his distracted mind? It's likely the latter, as Rayathess' glance is turned downwards and his hands deep in his heavy winter jacket. Boots crunch against snow and ice and then pause as Niumdreoth's flying over head cause him to snap out of his rumination and watch, only to have his eyes lower and focus on an equally distracted Abigail. "He hunting?" he calls out, rudely skipping greetings and introductions as usual.

Abigail glances up at the crunching of boots upon snow, her pale gaze resting on Rayathess and she just watches him a few moments. She doesn't mind the greetings being skipped; she is rather use to it by now. A slight nod is seen while she glances back to the sky watching the brown quietly. Someone isn't in a talking mood it seems, might make for an interesting conversation if nothing is said. Niumdreoth swoops down, wings tucked close before he is basically on top of the herd, a herd beast is grabbed before he lands a bit hard, taking care to kill the animal quickly. A soft breath escapes Abbey and her eyes close. "Could say that. How are ye Rayathess?" With the moment passed and her dragon busy eating she at least attempts something of a conversation.

Rayathess is no fool and has picked up a few tricks living among the holdless to sense behaviors of other folks and Abigail's silence has him on edge where normally he would welcome it. It would give him the opening he'd need to make an escape and yet it's her quiet and lack of conversation that holds him there, eyes watching her sidelong as Niumdreoth swoops down to make his kill at last. The young man can only watch that for so long before his attention turns back to the Wingsecond. "So he is not hunting? I didn't think dragons killed for pleasure," he goes on to say in his usual near-sarcastic drawl as he steps closer, shoulders hunched against the cold. At her question, he simply snorts, "Not trying to go nuts from boredom? Only so much a man such as myself can do it seems as far as work goes. And yourself?" His eyes dart to her knot. "Not too busy with the new responsibility?"

Abigail smirks just a bit and lifts her head to watch Niumdreoth whom is eating the kill. "No, his eating. They don't kill for pleasure like canines and felines." She offers softly before lifting a hand to rub across her eyes. "Suppose boredom could be a problem, especially during winter. Could always pick up a few hobbies ?" Well it is a thought. As for the question on her responsibilities she lifts a brow. "Been plenty busy with them, and other things to help with the busy part. Though not enough that I can't handle 'em for sure." Not like she planned on Niumdreoth to chase after a dragon at Eastern and win a flight to cause her more drama then she can shake a stick out now.

"Didn't think canines did either," Rayathess admits with a smirk, but clearly agrees about the felines by not answering back on that. His gaze lingers on Abigail for sometime as the Wingsecond speaks and then he'll give her some peace as he steps up to the fence and rests against it, arms draped over the top and his eyes looking out over the paddock and pointedly looking away from where Niumdreoth has settled to feed. "No, that IS the problem. Too many hobbies and not anything worthwhile to do. I'm growing tired of the same tasks day in, day out. Some of them ain't too bad. Others are just… so mindless." he says and then shrugs his shoulders. But what is he to do? "Other things?" Rayathess asks curiously, seeking to turn the conversation back on her, rather than his current situation of restlessness. "Like what?" he presses on boldly. "You been out helping with the holdless too?" The young man hasn't heard the rumor yet it seems that Niumdreoth had won a flight in Eastern, perhaps having not been in the right gossiping circles to overhear or simply not making the connection.

"Some canines will, especially ones that have went wild again." Abigail offers with a soft tone at the talk on canines, she would know a few things about that after all. Her eyes close once the conversation starts. "Well, try to pick something that ye might like ta do then? Winter time, could go do some wintery things I suppose?" There is a pause, a nod seen. "Aye, I have helped without however I can with the holdless, no reason not to." There is a slight pause and a soft breath escapes her. "Been spending time at Eastern as Niumdreoth won a gold flight there." Most know about it so it isn't like some big secret after all. Not that she isn't proud of her dragon, it's just everything that has happened afterwards because of it.

Rayathess only grimaces to Abigail's soft toned remark on canine habits and perhaps wisely keeps his comments silent. He only shakes his head and his chuckle is dry and almost more from frustration than actual amusement. "I don't think it's a hobby I need. I need… some job with a purpose. Like how you have Wingsecond. A Craft maybe or just… something other than this." And he sweeps his hands out in frustration to indicate the Weyr. Running a gloved hand through his hair, he exhales and smirks. "Not so simple though." he goes on to mutter, only to give her a curious look when she confirms having worked with the holdless. Something HE hasn't done, but possibly for very good reasons. It may not be any big secret, just like hers isn't either but it is news to Rayathess and he lifts his brows in obvious surprise. "Ahh, I see. Congratulations, I assume?" But his gaze lingers on the brownrider again and his brows lower into a frown. "So why do you seem so glum about it? Not everyday a brown flies a gold, or so I was taught."

Abigail ponders this and nods while she shifts slowly the look off. "What craft might ye be interested in? I'm sure something could be possible figured out." She can understand what it is like to have a purpose, she was a guard before being a rider because she felt it was something she good at, something she enjoyed. "No, not many do.. An thank ye." This said still with that soft tone of hers. A slight frown is seen at the question. "I'm proud of him, never thought it would happen.. But because of it I've lost something that was important to me." She didn't think she would lose T'us to something like a flight, little did she know it would cause so much trouble. A slight shake of her head is seen. The subject at the moment is a sore one for her, to the point that it even makes Niumdreoth stop eating and a low rumble escapes the large brown.

"Shards if I know," Rayathess mutters, swearing and forgetting for a moment that he is in the presence of a rider who, by traditional sense outranks him considerably. Coughing, he hastily moves on and begins again with an apology. "Sorry. I just, well, I don't know? My family cothold did a lot of stone carving and wood carving. Woodcraft could be an option but I am not sure if I wish to pursue it as an actual Craft." Not after all that happened. It would just open too many painful wounds and memory, or so the young man assumes. He smirks, "And I think folks expect me to claim my title as heir. So… it is complicated. But I cannot just sit here idle," Or he'll go crazy or do something rash and without thinking. Abigail's behavior again is a focus of curious attention from Rayathess and for a brief moment he lets silence fall between them when Niumdreoth rumbles towards her. He knows he should leave well enough alone but for whatever reason, he finds himself speaking again rather than holding his tongue. "Something or someone?"

Abigail doesn't seem to have a problem with him saying that, a slight smile is seen and she shrugs a moment. "No need to apologize." She may outrank him but would never rub it in his or anyone's face unless there was a good reason behind it. "Think of something that ye would like ta do, something that ye would like to learn about. Don't have to pursue it as an actual Craft unless ye really wanted ta after all." She points out. Abbey isn't one to let her emotions play with her, or let it often be seen. Niumdreoth doesn't move over, the brown stays hunkered down where he is, head lifting to watch the sky as he seems down with his meal. "Someone." Abbey soon offers to the question.

Rayathess only smiles faintly and crookedly when Abigail assures him that his tendency to occasionally swear won't land him in hot water. "Oh, I can think of plenty I would like to do. Just don't think it will be permitted," he points out and there is no masking the bitterness in his voice. "Suppose it can't hurt though if I just feign curious interest." But he has his doubts and it shows in his eyes before he's looking away and down at the ground. Nodding his head to her answer, he smirks. "All over one flight?" he presses gently, wanting to ask more but keeping his tongue in check for once. He may actually be coming around to respect Abigail enough not to want to be too snarky or harsh with the brownrider when she has been nothing but pleasant with him, save for the first encounter in Gold Hill. "I thought with you riders, the outcomes of the flights on your sides usually amount to nothing? Not like you've a choice."

Abigail has no reason not to be pleasant with Rayathess, an for their first meeting really she was protecting people there so that shouldn't really be held against her. "Ye pick something and I'll go about helping ye get ta do it how's that?" She'll at least attempt to help him; it'll be up to him to actual pick something though. A slight nod is seen to the question. "So it would seem." For a few moments she is quiet to calm herself and get her thoughts straight. "That is what I always thought, what I was taught." A soft chuckle escapes her at the thought. "Not everything can be taught I suppose. Just another lesson to learn."

Rayathess laughs, he can't help it and while Abigail's heart is in the right place, his may not be and his mind too cynical and jaded to see the good. "I told you, it ain't that easy! Folk expect me to reclaim Stonehaven. Maybe that is what I am meant to be, so I can't very well join a Craft or take on another line of work. But until this whole affair with Laris' holdless blows over, there's not much to be done concerning my old title." he remarks with another smirk, only to sigh then, "Listen, I appreciate the help but… this may be more of me just griping than really seeking to fix it. To be honest. I've… no idea what I want to do. But say I wanted to…" He pauses, thinking fast as he frowns. "…join the Guards," He gives her a pointed look. "Would I just be able to up and quit? Same goes for a Craft." When she falls silent again, Rayathess is about to apologize again when she finally speaks up and the look he gives her is almost sympathetic. "Shame it all ended so roughly. Maybe this 'someone' will come around? And if they don't well… maybe it wasn't meant to be." Funny words coming from him! Has he even been in a relationship?

Abigail is quiet for a few moments as she hears Rayathess. "I understand that.. But what is stopping ye from trying something else, something new that would give ye something to do until that time?" A slight shrug is seen. "Yer allowed to speak yer mind Rayathess." She glances to him a moment, pondering. "I'm not sure if quitting would be a term for it, or if ye should even join up with such things. Ye could always say that yer looking into a few different things for being curious?" There is more than one way to do something after all. As for her problem she shrugs a moment, her pale gaze resting back on the pen, a soft laugh heard for a moment. "Most likely was not meant to be as it deals with me. Nothing tends to work out well for me when it comes to personal matters."

Rayathess can only blink for several moments as he regards Abigail, his thoughts working and yet no words coming to his lips. What IS stopping him? Clearly the young man hasn't thought that far and he can only shake his head helplessly and make a low, frustrated sound. "I don't know. And am I?" he says, a touch sarcastic and bitter again before exhaling and speaking again in a gentler tone. "Wasn't saying I'd try for the Guards. More of just an example. Guess I could just nose around and see if someone won't take pity and let me shadow for lack of anything else." So it will remain to be seen if he actually goes through with it or if anyone will trust him. Rayathess tilts his head a bit when Abigail laughs and he leans a bit more heavily against the fence, turning to rest his back against it now and cross his arms over his chest. "Not that it's my business to pry into your life, so you're free to tell me to bugger off. But why'd you say something like that? Can't be all your fault, if I'm understandin' you right."

"Nothing wrong with just seeing what ye can find now is there?" Abigail questions with a curious glance over towards the other, pondering it seems. "I can ask a few people if yer interested in shadowing someone. Me brother has gone into learning how to make wine.. Hotaru is in the kitchens, I'd let ye shadow me if'nn they allowed it." There is a slight pause and she shrugs while glancing off. "It an't me fault, just never goes right no matter what I do dealing with such things." Some conversation they are having thanks to her silly comments.

Rayathess snorts again but his smile turns a little more amused than bitter. "No, I suppose not." he agrees reluctantly and then peers back at her curiously. "You've a brother here in the Weyr? And who's Hotaru?" Does he ever run out of questions? At her offers, he shifts and looks uncomfortable and his headshake should be sign enough before he even speaks again. "Thank you, again, for the help but… this is something I need to do on my own, I think." Allowing the silence to build between them again, the young man doesn't seem to mind their conversation so much, even as it comes to these awkward moments. He's used to it. "Can't always go right. But then, I've never had 'someone' and probably shouldn't talk."

Abigail nods, a soft smile seen. "I figure as much, though the offer will stand." This said with a friendly tone. A hand lifting and she scratches at her neck a few times. "Aye, Borodin is me brother, and Hotaru is a little red head that I'm sure yer met. She is nosey and amusing all at the same time." There is a pause while she glances towards Niumdreoth, the dragon finally on the move and is making his way towards the fence. "I know, and that makes sense. Just at times makes me wonder I do suppose." A glance is sent over to Rayathess watching him curiously. "Give it time, ye will I'm sure."

Rayathess is collecting several offers at this rate and will soon need to start writing down a list, if he ever means to follow up on any of them. No recollection sparks in his eyes at her brother's name, but Hotaru's description has his attention and his brows lift, expression going blank and then twisting. "Her! So that's her name. She's…" Nuts. But he won't say that. "… unusual. I ran into her in the storage rooms, sitting on a shelf and eating crackers. Startled me." Not to mention baffled him to the point that he had to leave before losing his temper. "Nosey and amusing? Suppose that fits." At least the nosey part, to him. As Niumdreoth approaches, Rayathess pushes off the fence and turns to face the brown warily, glancing from him to his rider in silent question. "Wonder about what?" he asks, only to stare at her for a long time before breaking out into laughter that is a touch gruff. "Oh, no… no. I honestly don't care that I haven't had someone yet. In that way. Uh, I mean…" Cough. "Relationships are far from my mind right now. I can't even sort out my own problems."

Abigail blinks and laughs at the thought of Hotaru sitting somewhere starling someone. "Aye that sounds like something she would do." She looks amused and shakes her head. "I wonder about plenty of things. There is a pause and she lifts a brow while peering at him curiously not seeming to follow the laugh fully before she shrugs. "One day yer change yer mind. Happens ta everyone." This said with an amused tone. Niumdreoth is there, head lowered and he noses against his rider, a soft rumble escaping him while his swirling gaze turns to Rayathess. "He says hello by the way."

"So this is not unusual for her?" Rayathess drawls and when she peers at him, she'll find that he will stare right back and not lower his gaze. "And?" he presses again. What things? Now his curiosity is even stronger and he knows he's pushing it, but cannot help himself. At her reassurance, he only laughs again and shakes his head. "Oh, I'm sure I will. Not sayin' it won't. Just saying it's not my priority." he shrugs and then falls silent as Niumdreoth rumbles and noses Abigail. Swallowing nervously, Rayathess at least doesn't balk or shrink away like he used to around dragons but it's clear he's still not entirely comfortable so close to them despite being in the Weyr for sometime. "Ah, did he?" he says, awkwardly dipping his head in a nod. "Hello."

Abigail nods a moment. "Hotaru is an interesting one to say the least. But she is a good friend ta have." At the pushing question she is quiet, watching him and wondering. "Why do ye want to know so badly?" She questions right back. "Everyone has plenty things on their minds I imagine." A slight smile is seen while she pets her dragon a few times. "He did indeed. Ye want to give him a scratch?" Yes the dragon, and it is a easy way to have the conversation go to something else other than what she tends to wonder about.

Rayathess snorts and smirks, not quite believing Abigail on her comment about Hotaru being a reliable friend, but then he is known for not being able to trust. He then unfolds his arms and holds his hands up in a defensive way, palms out and turned to the Wingsecond. "Alright, sorry! Sorry I asked. Just, it seems to be eating at you… but if you don't want to talk about it then we'll drop it, okay?" Funny that he is playing the helpful one, since he is the master at bristling and pitching fits when someone even so much as asks him about his past. Pot call the kettle black? Rayathess lowers his hands and then starts a little at the second offer given to him. "You… he, wouldn't mind?" He takes a slow, awkward and hesitant step forwards. Wary though he is, who'd pass up this chance? Or maybe he's just curious enough again to override his apprehension.

Abigail smiles a moment and shrugs. "If'nn ye get to talk to her a few more times ye might see what I mean." Or maybe she just knows Hotaru for a while now and can see past all her silliness? "It's alright; plenty of things eat at me. Most of the time I don't let anyone see 'em." There is a slight pause. "Maybe sometime I'll tell ye, thank ye by the way." As for Niumdreoth he tilts his head, eyes close while a soft warble escapes him. "Nope, he won't mind at all. He rather likes the attention actually." She points towards his cheek. "How about right 'er?"

For a moment, Rayathess has a look of complete understanding written on his features when Abigail answers and mentions not showing her inner emotions or troubles. That he knows TOO well and he almost goes on to say it, but in the end bites his tongue. "Heh, you're welcome…" He thinks? A bit sheepish for that, he lets that discussion drop too and when Niumdreoth tilts his head and warbles and the go ahead is given, Rayathess will reach out with his hand and tentatively scratch and rub his fingers against the browns cheek. Hey, that's not so bad! The young man relaxes enough that his touch firms a little before his hand withdraws. "Feels almost like Gren's hide… like the firelizards, I mean. Soft." Wait, he's got a firelizard? Before they can get into that discussion though, Rayathess is glancing back towards the inner weyr and as a cold wind picks up, he hunches his shoulders against it and grimaces. "I should go and warm up." he murmurs in a hasty excuse. "Thanks… for letting me ramble and all. Hope whatever's bugging you, well… stops. Or fixes itself." Nodding his head, he is then making his swift escape, even if awkward as always. Will he ever be good with the greetings and farewells? Probably not.

Abigail she catches that look and knows very well that he understands, a nod is seen and she smiles a moment. Soon though she is chuckling. "Well yes they do.. Good reason for that.." It seems she'll have to tell him that another time. "Have a good night Rayathess." She watches him go before glancing to her dragon. "Let get on home, and get warm." Thanks to her freezing again. The two are soon heading back to their ledge to get out of the freezing night.

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