Fort Weyr, long distance to Ierne Lake

Zuvaleyuth senses that Dremkoth projects bright stars glittering in a clear evening sky of Zuvaleyuth's mind. The communication is unexpected at this time of the night, just post-dinner hour at Fort so the contact from the bronze eases in on a breath of summery current heavy with the sweet scent of grass kissed by dew, « Zuvaleyuth? D'ani would like to see your rider. May they stop at your ledge? » They both assume that's where the Weyrwoman is now that the offices are empty and the work day done.

Dremkoth senses that Zuvaleyuth gentle drips of water begin to gently splatter against the stars, burning out and fizzling into smoke before a cascade of water begins to flood in. « Greetings son of the Weyr, » there's a clip in which she pauses, « mine fair lady doth not reside on her ledge, nor in the walls of our ancient home. Instead, she rests her person 'pon the rocky shores of Ierne. »

Zuvaleyuth senses that Dremkoth's night clouds with a fog of faint confusion. At this time of night? But rather than questioning what would demand the Weyrwoman's presence in Ierne at this odd hour, he says simply, « We come. » After all, if she wanted to remain in solitude, their location would not have been shared, right? There is silence then, the pair likely *Between* right after the words, it's a matter of seconds before the familiar pair emerge in the twilit skies of Ierne, sweeping along the area of the lake in search for the golden queen and her rider.

Ierne Weyrhold - Ierne Lake

Ierne lake is a vast body of water, large enough that one might compare it to a small sea rather than a large lake. The dark, blue-gray waters are teeming with various species of fish and, occasionally, bits of aquatic detritus make their way to the shore. From the ground, it's impossible to see to the other side and the dark, rocky beaches of it are long enough that a person could well be the only one on it for miles at a stretch. Occasionally, the distant calls of strange avians can be heard over the lap of water, while the cries of firelizards are far more distant yet.

Upon the shore, Dtirae sits with her legs crossed as she stares into the water. The reflection of the sky upon the lake has her attention, the Weyrwoman staring without purpose into the lake. Zuvaleyuth provides a sort of beacon, the gold's soft colored hide lit by the night sky. She is not far from her rider, tail curled in a sort of barrier around her rider. The night is quiet, aside from the gentle sounds of nature.

Dremkoth spots them, his rumble to D'ani alerts the young man. Prompted through the bronze's perspective, he too turns his head in the same direction he's looking and grins. The bronze is already banking into a wide, shallow turn which brings his descent out over the lake where they'll eventually intersect with Dtirae's line of sight. Skimming the water with the tips of his talons, the bronze glides over the glassy surface, pulling up with a flare of wings as they approach the shoreline. The move takes him up and over the recumbent queen, who is greeted with a cheery chirrup as he wheels to land smartly on the rocky beach. The metallic clink of clips, followed by the crunch of pebbles under his bootsoles a moment later herald's D'ani's approach. "Dtirae? Hey, we're not bothering you I hope."

Dtirae lets out a soft hum, perhaps in appreciation of the sight that Dremkoth provides or something more. Zuvaleyuth offers a soft croon in greeting to the bronze, her tail uncurling around her rider and allowing D'ani to approach more easily. She is content to linger in silence as their riders talk. Dtirae's gaze is lifting to consider D'ani before her head shakes. "No, not at all. If I didn't want to be found, I would have requested Zuvaleyuth keep quiet." A soft smile touches on the Weyrwoman's lips before her gaze drifts away. "I'm really glad that Ezra made a friend like you, D'ani…"

D'ani chuckles at the mention of Ezra. "He's a great kid. Feels like the little brother I never had." Now that the golden tail has moved, he takes the few remaining steps and closes the space between them, sinks easily to sit beside her on the pebbly beach, offering her a hand, palm-up once he's settled. As to why she's here, he asks lightly, "Avoiding the crowds tonight Weyrwoman?" There's certainly more to be said regarding Ezra but for now he begins there. Because he can guess something is up.

Dtirae lets out a soft hum, lingering in approval and something near understanding. As he settles beside her, she tilts a look in his direction. The offered hand is considered before she gingerly settles her own upon his. "I suppose I'm trying to avoid my own thoughts more than crowds." Her head tilts and she offers another smile. "It turns out that thoughts aren't so easily avoided."

D'ani's fingers close around Dtirae's hand, his grip warm and firm in the cool evening air of Ierne's lake. He chuckles at her reply. "Yes, brains have the annoying habit of following their person around." Unless a certain brainless junior (Jajenelja) somehow knows the secret of ditching hers. In that case, she should be consulted. Or maybe studied like a lab rat. He smiles back at Dtirae, a touch questioningly. "Anything you want to talk about? Becauuuse…" The impish dimple appears in his cheek and his eyes twinkle, "I can help you forget them if you'd rather."

Dtirae laughs in response, her hand gently gripping his in return. "That is quite true." Her answer is a soft murmur, and there's a shy little smile as she shifts her position to settle in just a tad closer to him. "It's… Complicated, I suppose. Ezra looked so mad when I said I liked you." Then, curiosity gets the better of her. "How would you help me forget them?" D'ani just makes the woman all sots of curious.

There's the sound of pebbles skittering as Dremkoth sinks to his belly and sprawls beside Zuvaleyuth. This is going to take awhile; he might as well make himself comfortable. Complicated? D’ani quirks a brow at this, "Is it? I don't think he was actually angry. He says he wasn't, anyway. Ezra is… probably a bit jealous and worried I'd neglect him." He reflects with a semi-thoughtful frown, "He doesn't seem to deal with changes easily. But I've reassured him. In time, he'll be alight. I wouldn't worry overmuch, Dtirae." Her question brings his smile back and he tugs her hand gently to pull her towards him, leans in and… instead of doing the obvious he whispers mysteriously in her ear, "I’d do what the note says."

Zuvaleyuth has long given up the thought that this would be a short interlude. She does not send Dremkoth away, allowing him to hunker down beside her with no protests. "I guess… My feelings are the more complicated part. But, if you say not to worry: then I won't." As he tugs her closer, she settles in against him. And as he leans in… And whispers, there's a soft laugh before she moves to brush her lips teasingly along his cheek to whisper back. "You're going to go out with you?"

D'ani drops his head and laughs. She got him there! "Very funny. You know what I meant." He lifts his head and leans his forehead against hers looking into her eyes, "I'd take you somewhere properly mind-blowing for a date." Which would hopefully help take her mind off things. But, "Your feelings?" Ahh. So fleeing the Weyr because of them? "Feeling… troubled then?" He's guessing here.

"I do know what you meant, but, you left yourself open for that." Dtirae teases as he leans his forehead against hers. "Oh? Like your weyr?" Of course, she's teasing still. Her eyes close and she lets out a soft hum. "Not… Trouble so much as… Haunted. Maybe a little afraid." Her nose wrinkles just a bit before she peeks at him once again, grey eyes searching.

He sure did, didn't he? "You've seen my weyr. Hardly mind-blowing," D'ani says with a chuckle. With his forehead still resting lightly against hers, he rotates his head in a sort of semi-headshake. "I'd take you to Maiona," he says lightly though his expression is serious; gauging her response to the idea. He falls silent to hear her answer, tilts his head back to peer at her when she does. And it's to see her hiding behind her eyelids. He almost laughs. His hastily controlled smile goes unseen, but he can't resist leaning in to kiss the tip of that wrinkled nose. He's back to serious when her eyes open again. Afraid? Of him? Well, that's a first! He meets her gaze openly. "I promise not to bite?" Okay, he’s being semi-serious.

"I meant something else about your weyr." More teasing, but, Dtirae leaves it at that with a laugh. But then, he's giving a slight shake of his head. "Oh." It is a breathless response. Clearly, she wasn't expecting that. "I'd be honored." And, because she's hiding behind her eyelids: she's missing that almost laugh and that smile. The kiss to her nose does have her giggling, very softly and turning a shade of pink. Because Dtirae does not normally /giggle/. "I don't mind biting… I just… This is new. This… Sort of feeling. And, feeling afraid that you might not have continued if Ezra completely disagreed."

Don't tempt him? "You should always say what you mean, Lady," D'ani advises with a smirk. But her meaning perhaps hadn't been lost on him to begin with. That he didn't go with it says his style is…different…than a lot of guys out there. He chuckles about her distracted commentary. He meant biting in another sense of the word, but he says nothing, just nods focusing on what she doesn't say. He can only guess at her past and doesn't pry right now. "I think," he says at length, "that you should just take one day at a time, yeah?" He shakes his head about Ezra. "Not a chance," he says firmly. "Ezra would fast learn that while he is a dear friend, I make my own decisions and he would have to respect them, even if he doesn't always agree with them."

"Mm. Perhaps I should." Dtirae agrees lightly. And, perhaps because he is different is what draws her to him. Or, maybe some other things. "I'm a little too scrambled to take things one day at a time at the moment. Because my thoughts are all over the place. However, I'll try." At his response, however, there's a visible relaxation that slowly eases in and releases the tension from her shoulders. "That's… Good." And then, she'll lean in for a small little kiss. "I respect that." And, she's also quite pleased from the looks of it.

"Well, in that case, we can discuss moving weyrs and babies if it helps?" is D'ani's facetiously cheeky response to that. He leans to bump her shoulder gently with his to let her know he's totally kidding. She leans in and so he obliges. Cupping her chin in his palm, he tilts her face up and touches her lips with his, gently affectionate. He pulls back just far enough to direct a half-lidded look into those lovely grey eyes of hers, keeping her chin cupped while running his thumb teasingly along her jaw. "I think taking some things a day at a time would be good practice for you," he purrs persuasively. Pleased with her response? You betcha.

"Hmm. Moving weyrs and babies is a little /too/ soon." Of course, she's grinning and bumping his shoulder back. At least they have around the same sense of humor, otherwise: someone would take that the wrong way. The gentle kiss earns a soft sigh, and grey eyes meet his as his thumb plays along her jaw. "I agree… And I have to say, I've forgotten why I've been fretting." Magical D'ani kisses, that's why. And, they'll linger at the shore for just a bit longer before they return to the Weyr, content and not fretting.

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