Drake's Lake - High Plains Area
The high plains here rise to the Southern Barrier Range from the shores of Drake's Lake, which can be seen shimmering in the distance to the north. Wild and rough, somewhat arid, the rocks, scrub brush and waist-high grasses whispering dryly in the prevailing winds do little to obscure the untamed beauty of the shining snow-clad mountains rising to the south. Numerous beasts, those native to Pern an well as those brought by the colonists, flourish here. Bovine, both wild and feral graze the plentiful grasses along with feral runners, shaggy-haired porcine root the hard ground with deadly tusks, turning over the soil for new growth, which is inturn picked over by flocks of wherries. Overhead solitary raptors ride the wind while in hidden ravines, rocky streams, winding around boulders provide water and shelter for other creatures.

Warning: Swearing, Violence and Mention of Blood

At some point Ha'ze had to run out of Alcohol. That point? Was almost two sevens ago. Now he's stone cold sober again but still recluse. He hasn't attempted to speak to anyone except to trade meat for food that he can't find elsewhere around the island. Kainaesyth sleeps much of the time when he can, and gossips with the gold when he is not. Ha'ze has made no attempt to leave, just… hid. For now he chops wood. Lots of wood. More wood than he can ever possibly need. Beads of sweat drip down his cheeks as he pounds on the wood with his ax.

Drake's Lake is a good place to become a recluse if that's your aim but sadly Ha'ze's time "alone" will come to an end — at least for today. Another bronze appears above the sky not far from where Jajen's cottage is and he lands swiftly. Even from a distance, most who know him can recognize Velokraeth though the bronze is wise to respectfully speak with Iaverulth, though the gold seems to want nothing to do with him (and hovers all the more around Kainaesyth) and brushes aside his offer of company. Not that Velokraeth minds, he's used to equal acceptance and rejection and is happy enough to curl up in his own patch of sun while his rider takes care of 'business'. It'll take Th'ero awhile to track Ha'ze down, as Jajen likely hasn't really being paying that close attention to where the bronzerider roams and by the time the Weyrleader comes upon him chopping wood he's already feeling the humid heat of the southern jungles. Not a good recipe for already short tempers! He'll say nothing in his approach either, simply stepping into Ha'ze's line of sight while waiting for him to either set the ax down or pause.

Yep. Kainaesyth told Ha'ze who had arrived. Ha'ze didn't stop his chopping for more than a second. There's tension in his shoulders as he waits for Th'ero to appear. When he does Ha'ze makes a choice. Probably one of the smarter choices he's ever made. He doesn't do anything. Just reaches for another log and slams his ax into it. Over. And Over. And Over. Th'ero? What Th'ero?

Smart in one way but not in the other. Th'ero won't stand around forever and when it's obvious Ha'ze is trying to play the ignoring game, the Weyrleader isn't biting. "We need to talk." he bluntly announces, half command and half request for the bronzerider to just lay off the wood chopping for a span.

That last bang on the wood splits it resoundingly, the two pieces falling off to land on either side of the block uses to chop. There's been no lessening of Ha'ze's anger over the past few sevens… which is probably why he still hasn't gone to see Jaze. "No. I don't think we do." His first words for at least the day, if not longer. Look, another piece of wood. Ha'ze reaches down and sets it up on the block. Chop. Chop.

"We do." Th'ero's answer is curt as he takes another step forwards, his eyes watching Ha'ze closely. He's aware from Jajen's reports (and their inquiries) that the bronzerider hasn't been taking his punishment too well. Not that that is the only reason for him being here. "You need to stop." Not a request but he does't elaborate. Why is there a need? It's obvious he doesn't mean the wood chopping.

Ha'ze wouldn't actually try to hurt Th'ero with that ax. Right? Probably? But he's making quick work out of that log and it too, soon, settles to one side in two pieces. "Stop what? I've stopped everything." Being tied to one place is just about as bad as things can get for Ha'ze right now. He'd gotten a taste of freedom and it's gone. Not. Happy.

Th'ero snorts and makes a sharp gesture with his hand towards Ha'ze as if to emphasize the words that follow. "Stop this! Letting your anger take control. Secluding yourself. The drinking… the self-destruction?" Ring any bells? He frowns and there is a moment where he looks close to disappointed, like Ha'ze has failed some sort of unknown test. "We need to talk," he repeats again.

Ha'ze snorts at that. "I haven't had anything to drink in over a seven." So no, he's not drinking himself to death. In fact, he looks perfectly healthy. He works out a lot. But he doesn't take up another block of wood, but instead slams his ax into the block hard enough that it sticks. Bending he begins to gather up the wood he had chopped and piece by piece stacks it in a wheelbarrow that was totally there this whole time.

Th'ero doesn't praise Ha'ze in any way for his sudden sobriety. Once that axe is stuck firmly into that block of wood, he'll start to approach the bronzerider. Who cares if he's busy? The Weyrleader surely doesn't as he sees this as a front. "Do you have to do this every time we try to talk?" The hiding. The evading. It's starting to grate on Th'ero's nerves.

Ha'ze stacks wood, ignoring Th'ero's question. Too much force in the way he slams those blocks of wood down. "Nothing good has ever come out of speaking with you Th'ero." The man's name. Not weyrleader. Ha'ze isn't wearing a wingrider knot right now, so he's just going to ignore Th'ero's authority.

Th'ero doesn't react to the lack of titles. The fact that Ha'ze spoke is all that he's focused on for now. He can be a stickler for formalities sometimes but now is not one of those times. "You don't exactly make it easy, Ha'ze, so don't you pin all the blame on me." he states as he walks slowly around where the bronzerider continues to stack that wood, steadily closing in but staying just on the edge of his personal space.

Clearly, Th'ero has never had to deal with himself. He's impossible. "No, I do. I pin it all on ou." Once upon a time Ha'ze was mad at Kimmila too. But right now, Th'ero's the only person close enough to be angry with.

"Why on me and not yourself?" Th'ero asks as his eyes narrow and his jaw sets, his posture already beginning to shift to one that is tense. Not that he was relaxed to start. "I'm not the one to blame here. You brought this on your own head!" Why must Ha'ze be so darn arrogant and stubborn?

Ha'ze slams down the last piece of wood then straightens, turning to meet Th'ero's gaze. There's real anger there, blazing. It's similar to the look of more than four turns previous - the look that Ha'ze had given the weyrleader when they'd first come face to faster afther the Rayathess disaster. "I blame myself for not realizing that the people I thought I trusted were gelded runners."

Th'ero is no stranger to anger and he does not back down from Ha'ze. He stands his ground, chin raised and shoulders squared. His eyes narrow. Gelded runners? Hardly. "You're still blinded by your own anger!" he counters, his voice steady and firm. "The people you trusted are trying to help you!" You stupid, stubborn fool.

Ha'ze snorts. "No. I let impressing Kainaesyth change my mind from what I knew was the truth. Never again." What the truth is Ha'ze isn't going to get into, it would ruin his pretty little speech there to try to explain. "It's Kainaesyth and I now. No one else."

"What truth is this?" Th'ero is going to ask the question as he steps towards Ha'ze. Not right into his face but a small step forwards all the same. He frowns heavily, "It doesn't have to be." He won't let it be. There's too much of the man he used to be he can see in Ha'ze and he's not about to let the bronzerider go down for those faults.

"I thought you were different." Ha'ze finally snaps. Angry words. Angry face. And now that he doesn't have anything in his hands, angry action. Not thinking Ha'ze closes the distance between himself and Th'ero and shoves the Weyrleader's right shoulder, hard. "But you aren't. None of you are."

Th'ero doesn't even get a chance to explain before Ha'ze makes another stupid move. He'll stand his ground but even he has a limit to his patience and the bronzerider has done his share of wearing that very thin of late. The shove does nothing but to cause him to shove right back. Childish? Maybe. Or maybe Th'ero is beginning to realize that Ha'ze only understands action and not words. "You don't give us the chance!" he snaps back, voice low and almost growled. Rather than step back, he leans into Ha'ze's personal space, body tensed and some of that well controlled anger beginning to bubble up.

Ha'ze doesn't back down. Instead he's going to get just right into Th'ero's face. "Fuck that. You had over a sharding year to do something - but you didn't. A fucking tea party?" Because that's what Ha'ze is going to call that meeting after his missed flight. "I chose to give a shit about something other than myself. And THIS," angry gesture that ends in another shove, "is what I get."

So that's the game they're going to play, is it? "We ARE doing something!" Th'ero isn't about to let Ha'ze win this fight though he's confused about this 'tea party' event he keeps referring too and doesn't realize he means the meeting. Not that his mind is on much except for the fact that he's been shoved again. Again, he shoves back but this time he attempts to keep his grip on Ha'ze's shoulders. Can he shake a grown man? He might try. "If you cared more for yourself, you'd NEVER have put innocent lives on the line for your sharding GAIN!" he growls and then shoves Ha'ze hard. He'll stay in his personal space, lifting his hand up in an angry gesture of his own. Just to point but it could be seen as something threatening… "This has NOTHING to do with us!"

"What the fuck do I have to gain Th'ero?" The Weyrleader keeps claiming that somehow Ha'ze got something out of sending the candidates out. When Th'ero's hand grips his shoulders Ha'ze pushes his hand up to try to throw it off violently. And he's not eactly aiming. So if he happens to, you know, slap Th'ero across the face in the process… totally an accident. Maybe. Probably not.

Th'ero would have said that he doesn't know, as Ha'ze has never been straightforwards or made it easy to get anything out of him that made any sense. Instead, he finds himself instinctively reacting to what he saw as an attempt to physically hit him. Does it matter that it was a slap and not a punch? Nope. But Th'ero is definitely throwing a punch back and he's not holding back with it. Blame it on the heat of the southern jungles fraying both their tempers or not, but the Weyrleader is done talking.

Ha'ze wasn't expecting Th'ero to respond with a punch. Maybe he should have. But nope. So when that punch connects it smashes hard against Ha'ze's face and the bronzerider stumbles backwards. As he recovers from the shock the look he casts Th'ero is full of Venemon. Oh it is ON. Nothing held back Ha'ze throws himself at Th'ero, bringing to bear the last four years of training from the guard and every ounce of scrapy survivalism from the rest of his life.

Th'ero doesn't get any satisfaction from actually punching Ha'ze (okay, he gets a small bit somewhere deep down) and he figures that the shock alone would be enough. Apparently they're both wrong in this instance and just the look from the bronzerider tells him that he's in for it and by this point he's UP for a fight. Verbal isn't working, so they'll play ball this way! When Ha'ze throws himself at him, Th'ero is ready. He's had twice as many Turns as a Guard under his belt and a few scraping by to live. Brawling used to be how he solved everything in his life. So his first move is to dodge and then swing at Ha'ze again, barring that they don't collide first and even then he'll try to get a few good punches in to his sides (or ribs), anything to get him thrown off balance.

Ha'ze manages to block the first few hits that Th'ero throws at him, but he's out classed, and it becomes increasingly obvious the more punches that Th'ero throws. The last on gets him good in the stomach and he bends over, gasping for breath. If Th'ero gives him the recovery time though, Ha'ze will come up swinging, aiming a cheap shot right at Th'ero's jaw.

Th'ero doesn't let Ha'ze have a moment. If Ha'ze wants to fight, he's going to get a fight. Some say he fights dirty and that's partially true. He'll let him get as far as bending over before he's charging again and maybe that's enough time to get a cheap shot at his jaw. Even if it connects, it does little but to piss him off even more. This is the man that has been stabbed before and kept fighting. A punch is just annoying! Again he lashes out at Ha'ze but then he seeks to trip the bronzerider up, trying to grab him to wrestle or thrown him down to the ground.

The very wood which Ha'ze worked so hard to stack neatly is going to be the thing that betrays him. That trip is made more effective as he falls backwards onto his log pile and it sperads everwhere. No chance to get another punch in, as he's down. Oh, but instinct kicks in then, and rather than doing the smart thing and just being out Ha'ze kicks upwards at Th'ero. Boots are hard man.

Down Ha'ze goes and Th'ero won't be long behind him. Boots are hard and he wasn't quite expecting the bronzerider to kick. With a grunt and what sounds like a gasped curse after he's nailed good by that move (no, not where it counts but damn close enough!), he's deterred for only a moment, dropped to his knees, before he's seeking to resume beating some sense into Ha'ze — but it'll give the bronzerider a small window to retaliate (or escape).

It's gone too far for Ha'ze to try to escape now. It'll take a few good knocks to Ha'ze's head to get him to stop scraping. On his back Ha'ze is at the disadvantage here, especially as the logs below him shift and shake around making it hard for him to get the leverage in place to hit Th'ero where it hurts. Reaching upwards Ha'ze curls his hands into Th'ero's shirt on his shoulders and trys to see if he can somehow force the man off him.

Th'ero isn't aiming to beat Ha'ze into a pulp (though it's tempting, so very tempting) and it's not until he feels him curling his hands on his shirt that he is snapped out of the loss control on his temper. Not that that stops him from giving one more good swing and punch before he eases back. Not that he's letting Ha'ze go — Faranth no. He'll keep the bronzerider pinned, even if it means holding him down by his throat or wherever he can get a firm grip. "Enough." he snarls. He's not paying attention to the fact that there is wood all around and under Ha'ze. Would the bronzerider even dare…?

Nope, not enough. That last punch smashes across Ha'ze's face and first blood is drawn, as Ha'ze's nose probably isn't going to look the same for a while now. Hopefully Ha'ze'll let his pride go long enough to go visit the retired healer on the other side of the lake. His hands untangle from Th'ero's shoulders. "Why." Finally, words. Ha'ze seeks out Th'ero's eyes, though on of his hands gropes around for something else. He's not done fighting yet. "Why give me the chance to care about something and then screw it over?"

Th'ero isn't sorry for breaking Ha'ze's nose. Nope! Instead he (stupidly) eases back some more when the bronzerider finally speaks and he foolishly thinks this is finally the end and they can go back to being reasonably civilized. "Because you're a danger to yourself!" And others, but he doesn't get into that quite yet. "You can't see the grey among the black and white. This wasn't to screw you over!" he growls. "If I had wanted to do that, I'd have exiled you permanently." Which he didn't do and still won't do. He's determined to bring Ha'ze back to Fort but not before they can reach even ground. Of course, beating Ha'ze up was probably NOT the best way to go about it. "But you refuse to understand. Refuse to see that your arrogance will get you and Kainaesyth killed some day."

"AT least we're doing something. Kainaesyth understands. I don't want to die frozen in inaction." A groping hand curls around a stick that is just the right heft. But he waits until Th'ero releases him jusssttt a bit more. For the right leverage. "If we're going to die then we might as well do it doing something important."
That temptation to punch Ha'ze is rising again but Th'ero drives it back down rather than take another swing since this time the urge is more out of pure frustration. Why? Because Ha'ze has a point and he agrees with it. Why does he have to be so much like he was (once upon a time?). "Next time you want action or want to throw yourself into danger, TELL me and don't go using Candidates for your dirty work!" Th'ero snaps at Ha'ze instead. "We don't use innocent folk for work like that! Especially not Candidates!"

"Because you'll act? Like shit. You'll just get Kayeth to ground Kainaesyth and make me as useless as the rest of you." Apparently what Th'ero sadi didn't manage to reach Ha'ze's brain fully. Which is when Ha'ze twists and is just going to try to brain Th'ero with a piece of wood.

"I'd not have Kayeth do such a thing unless you force me to do it! We are going to act when — " Th'ero doesn't finish. He'll see the movement but too late and that piece of wood soundly connects with his head with enough force that he begins to reel sideways from it. The grunt he makes is half surprise, mostly pain and it's the bronzerider's turn to draw blood as a small cut splits Th'ero's brow. Dazed, he blinks and shakes his head though still keeps a good portion of his weight on Ha'ze. Give him a moment here to regain his scattered wits while blindly reaching for that offending piece of wood. No second shot, please!

Ha'ze had rather hoped that his wack with the wood would get Th'ero off of him. Because then he could stumble to his feet and back away. But while it does make a mark, it doesn't achieve his goals. And he doesn't get a second chance when Th'ero's hand closes around the wood. He'll let it go rather than keep a weapon he can't control.

He might get his chance yet. Th'ero tosses the wood away but he still seems dazed and rattled by that knock to the head and ends up shifting off of the younger bronzerider. Wiping the back of his hand to clear the blood now dripping down his face, the look he gives Ha'ze is dark and furious. No words, just a lingering stare as he struggles to regain his focus but isn't about to show enough weakness and back down now.

Ha'ze uses his freedom to scramble away from Th'ero, slipping and sliding as he stumbles a few steps away from the altercation. Space. Between the two. He lifts his wrist up and wipes blood from his freely bleeding nose and just meets Th'ero's gaze look for look. Just behing them there is a sound of something large attempting to move into the forest, but it's slow… because the thing (Kainaesyth of course) doesn't want to squish a tree in the process.

Th'ero won't chase Ha'ze but he will get to his feet and stand (or try to) and threaten that possibility. His eyes never leave the younger bronzerider, even with the sound of movement behind him. "Are we done with this?" he finally speaks up, his voice low and icy cold. Unknowingly, instinctively, his hand is resting near a long dagger by his hip — one he always carries. Fighting hasn't deterred Th'ero at all in wanting to get to the bottom of things. He's just as stubborn as Ha'ze! And while Kainaesyth goes through the forests, Velokraeth and Iaverulth go over it, the gold landing the furthest away, while the pale bronze settles within sight of his rider, rumbling uneasily.

Ha'ze wipes the blood again, not that it does much good, and shakes his head once. "We're not done till you tell Iaverulth to let us go. We'll go and not come back to bother you again." A twing of pain there though- such a request means that Ha'ze won't see his children again. But bitterness - what was the point? Worst father ever. :(
"No," Th'ero denies him again but his explanation will have to wait a little longer as he grimaces, the gesture of his head shaking stalled midway through. He must be getting one hell of a throbbing headache now! Gritting his teeth, he'll take a forward step towards the bronzerider. "I'm not going to let you throw your life away and turn rogue. You're better than that, Ha'ze. You can be a damn good rider if you'd just see beyond your arrogance."

As they spoke Kainaesyth slips closer until… he can't slip any more. So he lays his winter dulled head down on the ground and watches the altercation between Weyrleader and his rider. "I don't want to be better. Damn it Th'ero, I was happy for the first sharding time in my life!"

"Then at least be smarter!" Th'ero snaps at Ha'ze, clearly not feeling sympathetic at the moment (can anyone blame him?). He steps closer and there is still tension in his posture but he doesn't seem keen on starting another physical altercation between them. "Fort still needs you but you also put me in a tough position. You don't know how to control yourself!" How to work subtly enough that his actions WON'T garner attention and make things difficult for the Weyrleader. Never has he stepped in before until the whole leaked info about him using Candidates. He gestures frustratingly with his hand, but says nothing more.

Ha'ze shakes his head- denying Th'ero's words. Not true. Not relevant. Ha'ze can't see Th'ero's logic. Or maybe he just doesn't want to see it. (That's probably it.) Ha'ze takes a few more steps out, towards Kaianesyth, but stops before he actually reaches the bronze's side. "Go away Th'ero."

Velokraeth rumbles again and it sounds almost like a warning — but to who? Iaverulth makes a dissatisfied sound from where she's observing this whole mess but Th'ero isn't paying attention to any of the dragons. His focus, despite his growing headache and the stinging from that cut above his eye, is on Ha'ze. "I'm not going to go away," he states firmly. "You can't run anymore. Fort is where you are needed."

"So, what, you're just going to sit here until I conform to your vision of the perfect rider? Screw you Th'ero. We both know you don't have time for that." Ha'ze spits on the ground, well away from where Th'ero stands, but the insinuation is there. Screw Th'ero. Ha'ze turns and this time he DOES go all the way to Kainaesyth's side and puts his hands on the bronze's dulled hide and closes his eyes.

Can Th'ero smack Ha'ze again? No? Damn it. He won't get any closer, as it seems Kainaesyth is some sort of ward (and there are lines even he won't cross). "For the last time Ha'ze I am not trying to change who you ARE," Not entirely. "Just trying to get you to understand that sometimes you need to use some sharding common sense with the freedom given to you!" Obviously that's not all of it. It's true, he doesn't have much time to be hounding after the bronzerider. So he'll change tactics. "Listen. You're right about there being something wrong with the coastal holds but you have to understand that our hands are tied as a Weyr. I can't act if I risk losing the Holds. Don't you get it? The more we have loyal to us, the less likely whatever bastards are stirring up trouble can do it without being ratted out!"

Ha'ze is done with this conversation… but another mind isn't. And he's not even going to bother going to Velokraeth. Instead chilled desert winds slip into Th'ero's mind, moving sluggishly across the parched dryness of the desert. Life waiting, paused, for the sun to come back, and rains to bring life again. « What would you have us do? »

Th'ero is about to swear and curse at Ha'ze as he once again gives him the cold shoulder when suddenly he feels that chilled desert wind. The shiver, unseen, that follows is not so much for the cold but for the strangeness but he doesn't rebuff the bronze, despite Velokraeth's chuff and shadowing presence. Not like his headache isn't terrible enough to begin with! To be courteous to Kainaesyth, he'll face the bronze as he speaks (but is being a total ass to Ha'ze in the process). "We've reason to suspect parts of the south are involved. Journeymen… one that we know of, has vanished outside of Harper Hall. Reports come in of explosions on ships from Half Moon and Monaco Bay. Something is wrong, but I don't have the Holds on my side yet. It doesn't mean I can't send out eyes and ears as we've done but it has to be done carefully. I'll revoke the exile if he — if both of you — will work beside me on this. It may mean you stay here longer. At least until spring in Fort."

The breezes are cooling, and if Th'ero was to rebuff them, would furl back again. He will not impose. « It is strange to be here. » Not that the bronze is complaining, as he curls a tail around a tree in the full blush of life. « I am tired, but the trees are green. He is angry. Betrayed. It is not in his nature to care. » Kainaesyth's eyes whirl slowly, underlying the lethargy that overtakes him. « He has sundered himself from all. » Can Ha'ze hear all of this? Maybe. If he does, he gives no clue.

Th'ero doesn't turn away Kainaesyth, though he has to grit his teeth to keep his throbbing head from interfering too much with his thoughts. He'll wipe irritably at his face again, making more of a mess of the blood now drying to his skin but he continues with his open conversation to the bronze and ignoring the bronzerider. "Clearly," he drawls in the driest tone possible. "This exile wasn't meant to install betrayal and wasn't done lightly. He's needed back in Fort and I don't just say that either. Most think I am wasting my time on a rider like him." Velokraeth rumbles again and just to add to the oddity this whole situation has boiled down to, the bronze speaks as well (poor Th'ero's head and mind). « It is lovely here but it is no Weyr. No offence, » That last bit is added to Iaverulth, who only adds a whispered. « None taken. »

« What do you wish our story to be? » Kainaesyth is trying to be gentle - he really is. The softest touch, the coolest breezes. But Ha'ze has finally gotten the clue that he is not going to make a good contribution to this conversation. So he'll just allow Kainaesyth to do so.

Th'ero shakes his head again, which he needs to remind himself not to do as it only makes his headache worse. His jaw works silently and he sighs, "I don't want to control your story or force change. That's not how I am. I can suggest, I can offer and I can order but in the end it'll be his decision. I came here to talk," Which backfired spectacularly. "In hopes we could reverse this exile. It's still what I plan to do — it's what I said from the start. But until I can be assured that he has the control and strength not to overstep again and take too much liberty with the freedom I gave him, then there is no trust and I cannot allow this… story to progress. You both will stagnate here." And "die" in a sense. "Unless he can agree to work along side me."

« Spring. » Kainaesyth expresses emotion with a single word. //« May we have until spring? » Time for Ha'ze to cool down, calm. Maybe have a few more conversations with Jajen and whomever else might make their way out here. Maybe someone other than Th'ero could make a difference in the stubborn bronzerider's mind. Who that is… Unknown.

Th'ero will weather a spike in his aching head to dip it politely to the bronze. "Spring." he agrees. "Thank you, Kainaesyth." The Weyrleader can't say no to a reasonable request as that. Jajen will certainly be around (but who knows how much of a help). As for other visitors? There may be one, when he becomes desperate enough. For now though Th'ero's time here is done. He has some wounds to tend to, though Velokraeth makes a few disgruntled sounds when Th'ero starts to unpack his riding jacket and prepares to mount up. Probably not smart that he Betweens but injuries haven't stopped him before.

As Th'ero begins to pack up Ha'ze will do just the opposite. Leaving the wood in shambles he'll turn and walk away. Kainaesyth stays long enough to watch Th'ero leave, before stretching his thoughts out to the gold, just barely out of sight. Appology for the disturbance. Then he'll carefully extract himself, perhaps with a small :( for not being small enough to not crush some of the plants.

Iaverulth will wait until Velokraeth has taken wing and vanished Between before she moves and predictably it's towards Kainaesyth once the bronze has extracted himself from the jungle. She'll lend him some comfort, even if to just sooth the sadness over some crushed plants.

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