Fort Weyr - Northeast Bowl
The northern end of the bowl can be an intimidating area, being that Fort is the largest weyr. The far north wall contains the gigantic opening to the hatching caverns, and to the west of that can be seen the sprawling ledges and carved stair cases that mark the way to the administration complex and the training grounds were candidates and weyrlings can often be found. The west cliff wall towers up, dotted here and there by darker openings that mark individual weyrs before it tapers to a point at Tooth Crag.

Word went out quickly through the dragons, Niumdreoth made sure all the ones that needed to be told was told and the large brown is gliding downwards over the Weyr coming to land in the bowl that is closest to where they need to take the 'guest'. Abigail undoes straps and goes about helping Hazelon down from the back of her dragon, she hops down a moment behind him and makes sure the blanket is tucked in close to the boy. "Just do what they say, answer the questions, no lying for they will know." Nice simple answer sent to Hazelon before her gaze is lifted to see whom all is out in the bowl, or coming to deal with the prisoner it seems. Her side aches, but honestly it could have been worse so she isn't about to complain. Niumdreoth rumbles out deeply, there is a lash of his tail at his side, claws gripping at the ground proving he isn't the happiest dragon at the moment.

High up on the bowl wall, Kayeth answers Niumdreoth's message with a commanding and challenging roar, the fiery queen /peering/ down into the bowl with her wings spread, puffing herself up so she is at her largest and most imposing. « Good work, » she reaches out to the brown, her thoughts a storm - but not directed at him. For now, the Senior gold just watches.

With his hands secured behind his back, Hazlon has to rely on the rider to get off that dragon. His mind swirls in confusion, still not totally understanding the charges laid before him, and attempting to grasp that Rayathess was dead. The thoughts are all too much so he pulls backwards, focusing on the right now. His eyes, dark and fevered flick up to the nameless rider's face for a moment. The truth? His eyes move down to her side, where his arrow had pierced and a makeshift bandage his now applied. His shoulders round and he clumps, thougn manages to just barely keep his feet. No. There was no shelter in the truth.

Velokraeth is a sight to see as well — besides his ugliness. He's mantled his wings and he holds himself up tall and echoes Kayeth's imposing posture from his ledge, before he moves to join the fiery queen if she'll allow it. His voice lifts to answer her challenging call and then snorts, tilting his head to stare down into the bowl. « Very good! Now we can get to the bottom of this and see why the whelp has caused so much trouble for us. » he shares to Niumdreoth and Kayeth both, as well as Varmiroth and all the other dragons who need to be informed and possibly called back. Th'ero comes rushing from the council chambers, presumedly fresh from the offices where he had holed himself up, going over the last several days of reports. He hadn't been alone when Niumdreoth's call reached Velokraeth and now the Weyrleader is storming his way over, heedless of the rain or cooler temperatures. His expression is a stony mask, looking neither pleased or out right furious, though as he approaches he can't help but stare at Hazelon. That… that KID is the source of all of this? "Wingleader Abigail! So this is him, you're sure of it?" he asks, his voice low and firm. Another look to Hazelon and perhaps then it begins to sink in that the prisoner's condition is less then good. In fact, he looks extremely poor. He hasn't picked up on Abigail's wound yet either. "… what happened?"

Kimmila runs out beside Th'ero, hand on her dagger and her face a mask of anger. She looks ready to hit something, but the way Hazelon looks has her hesitating. Briefly. "That's the drudge I saw practicing the bow in the woods," she confirms, staring at the young man. "Why did you shoot Rayathess?" she demands, stepping closer. He's injured? Poor baby. She doesn't really care. He's a criminal after all. "Has someone told Ezra?" she asks, looking to the other two riders. "He should be informed."

Niumdreoth rumbles out while lifting his head once he has settled there upon his stomach, who cares about the mud? He doesn't at the moment. « Indeed! He says he did not attack the other so I am not too sure he will be that forth coming. » So says the brown dragon. Abigail looks to the boy watching him a few moments before her gaze turns to Th'ero whom she gives a salute too. "I'm rather sure of it sit." There is a pause as to what happened to the boy. "Honestly I found him like this. He put up only a bit of a fight, but I'm rather certain he has a fever, there is a wound on his left arm that was reopened while I was getting a hold of his arm." Looky there she left out the part that he attacked her. There is a pause as she looks to Kimmila, a slight moment before she lifts a hand. "Kimmila I'm eager as ye to find out what he knows, but right now he needs a healer of he may not make it long enough for questions, he has a fever one that he could have had for some time." High fever's do what? Kill people if not treated for the cause of. "He says that he did not attack Rayathess but that could be a lie."

Kayeth allows Velokraeth to settle beside her, the queen's mind stretching to encompass all the Fortian dragons. Checking in, watching, keeping tabs on her dragons in her territory, and she shares this duty with Velokraeth. Watchful.

Every word from the riders surrounding him causes the former drudge to fade. Backwards he moves as Kimmila advances on him, eyes peeled upon the ground. A faint sense of gratitude wells up for the quick answers of the brownrider- as he isn't about to be able to answer their flurry of questions. The world swirls around him as he presses against brown hide. His eyes close against the confrontations, please, this has to be over soon.

Velokraeth settles himself beside Kayeth, watchful and sharing his duty with her as they create a unified image of strength and Leadership. « We'll see where justice lies in this, » the bronze informs Niumdreoth, before he is consumed with the task of informing the watch dragons in Hold and Hall, as well as sending a messenger to Butterdell. Ezra will be informed! So will Harper Hall. Th'ero lifts his hand up in a small gesture to Kimmila, trying to signal her to withhold her questions for now. Not that he blames her, he's having to grind his teeth to keep from exploding on the boy. "Feverish?" he exclaims, glancing sharply to Abigail and then back to Hazelon again. He swears, loudly and looks to Kimmila. "Criminal or not, guilty or not, he needs a Healer. We'll take him to the cells, but he needs to be seen to." He won't reduce himself to cruel methods or have the teen suffer. Oh no, he wants him well enough to face what is coming to him. So he'll nod stiffly in agreement with Abigail and then smirk. "It very well could be. Take him to the cells, while I speak to the Captain of the Guard. Kimmila?" She won't argue with him in this, will she? He gives her a look.

Kimmila grits her teeth as she stops, getting a good long look at Hazelon. She spits at the ground and then moves forward. "Fine. Abigail, help me get him to the cell. We're going to get you a Healer, traitor, so don't you die on us before you can answer our questions."
Meanwhile, in Butterdell, the news reaches Ezra swiftly. Donning his jacket, his expression dark and stormy, he tells Laurali he'll be back shortly and hitches a ride with the messenger rider to the Weyr.

Abigail nods while she looks to Th'ero. "Aye sir a fever." She is rather sure of that, her gaze drifts between Th'ero and Kimmila, there is a bit of relief when the word for Hazelon to get a healer is given she nods. "Aye." Is offered to the bit on helping get Hazelon to the cells. She takes hold of the boy's arm and starts to walk forward, leading him along. No comments made along the way.

Hazelon's steps are less than steady when Abigail takes his arm. She is the only one who has shown him even a little kindness, so he fades against her side more than a little. The steps are slow, but he's on his feet. And moving. And not at all complaining that he's going to the cells. It'll be dry there. And maybe he can allow the darkness to overwhelm him.

Th'ero closes his eyes for a moment when Kimmila spits at the ground, his jaw working silently as he tries not to snap at her for her behaviour. Because she's having all the "fun", he can't quite be as brash and harsh as Weyrleader. Not out here, in the bowl, where everyone can see. Everyone being the slow gathering crowd, now that word has spread. "Hurry then and move him, before we've a mob on our hands." he growls low to both Abigail and Kimmila. Once they start leading Hazelon away, he will follow and give a few sharp and meaningful glances to those who crowd a little too close. Back OFF! The Weyrleader storms off towards the Guard Area and Captain Breshir is already there and waiting, motioning Abigail and Kimmila through, where a few ranking officers will lead them to the cell prepared for Hazelon. As they pass, they'll hear the tense, terse and somewhat heated words shared between Th'ero and the Captain, who looks none to pleased to have an injured and sick prisoner being brought in.

Kimmila reaches out and firmly grips Hazelon's other arm beneath that blanket. Helping to keep him on his feet and moving towards the cells where he can rest and get treatment. She's helping, honest!

Hazelon didn't expect Kimmila to grab his arm, or maybe he would have tried to get away. Pain lances right through the fog in his brain and he goes limp in their combined hands. His face loses every ounce of colour that the fever had brought to his muddy face.

Abigail nods as she hears Th'ero she wasn't planning on staying out here and continue to talk about it that is for certain. She glances to Kimmila before looking to Hazelon as he goes limp? She wasn't expecting that. The brownrider shifts to try and grab hold of Hazelon and haul him upwards so he doesn't hit the ground. A slight look is sent to Kimmila, 'see told you he was sick' thought perhaps crossing her mind before (with Kimmila's help) she get Hazelon into the cell and upon the bed. A faint mutter escaping her as she goes while her side aches from having to grab hold of Hazelon. Niumdreoth shifts to stand put near where his rider is, making sure no mob get will too close mind you.

The cell they're brought too by the Guards is small, but has enough room to fit both riders and Hazelon inside comfortably. The Guards will stand by the bars and doors, their purpose just to be sure no one escapes or no one who should be entreating enters. Judging by the looks Hazelon receives, the Guards already assume they won't be worrying on HIS running anytime soon. Word travels fast and the Weyr's Healer will arrive moments later with an Apprentice in tow, nodding stiffly to the Guards as he slips into the cells. "Wingleader. Wingrider. If I could see to him, please? What happened?" he asks, already slipping his satchel over his shoulder and motioning for the Apprentice to start readying a few things. Th'ero's voice can still be heard drifting down the corridors, mixed with Captain Breshir's and they still sound like they're tersely (and angrily) discussing something, both men too stubborn to budge on the issue.

Kimmila helps Hazelon into the cell, looking a /little/ concerned for him now as she helps him lay down on the bed. "A healer is coming," she murmurs to the teen with a frown. "He says he didn't do it?" she asks Abigail, her frown deepening. She steps back when the Healer arrives, dipping her head and murmuring thanks.

It's then that Ezra arrives, the green dragon who brought him letting him land near the gathered crowd. "Let me through," the young heir orders, storming his way towards the front. Clearly he is intending to enter the guard barracks to get to the cell where Hazelon is, his face furious and rigidly controlled, his hands balled into fists. But first…he has to pass Th'ero and Captain Breshir. If they notice him.

Hazelon does finally lose the battle with consciousness as the pair get him into the cell. It is almost a relief to just give into the the black, and he swims upwards from it when the healer enters and begins to talk. Too confused is he to speak though, until a very familiar voice rings out. Throat dry, it is just barely a crack, "Ezra?" And he'll attempt to struggle out of the bed and onto his feet. He has to say something to the heir- to somehow make him understand.

Abigail watches Hazelon a few moments, frowning as she takes in a slight breath, her hand moving to press against her side slightly as she nods to Kimmila. "Aye He did" She glances to the bluerider watching her a moment. "Kimmila, I am not sure if he did it." This is said softly just between the two riders, she has seen plenty of guilty men, plenty of people she's dealt with that /have/ done it and lied but this boy has not acted the same. Perhaps she is wrong but for some reason she does not think so. She looks to the healer, a nod seen to him. "His been out in the forest for who knows how long. At least one wound on his left arm, he has a fever. Other then that I am not sure." She hears Ezra and glances towards him, and once Hazelon is on the move she stretches out a hand to try and get hold of his shoulder. "Stay put." She doesn't think it would be a really good idea for the two to met seeing how everything has happened to lead up to this point after all.

The Healer nods his head as Abigail fills him in and immediately as he takes in Hazelon's dirtied and soaked state, his nose wrinkles. "No wonder he's feverish," the man mutters under his breath and then immediately reaches out when the teen is suddenly struggling to sit up and get off the bed. "Easy there, lad. You're sick and wounded, you need to lay back and let me see to you." he says, while his Apprentice notices Abigail's hand pressing to her side and promptly whispers that observation to the Healer's attention. "Wingleader, are you alright?" He inquires, sparing her a quick look though most of his attention is on Hazelon. "Is there any chance I can get a few buckets of clean, hot water in here? And more clean cloth." The Healer requests, his tone urgent and directed to the two Guards and likely Kimmila as well. The Guards look between each other and then one turns to stride away, likely to get the requested supplies, leaving only one now on duty.

Ezra's arrival does gain the attention of both Captain Breshir and Th'ero and snaps them out of whatever argument the two men were hashing out. "… still think he should be in the infirmary!" Is Breshir's parting words, before he half-bows to Ezra and with another stern look to the Weyrleader, turns to walk back out, barking orders to the other Guards as he goes and to dispel the gathering crowd. Th'ero won't stop Ezra either, figuring the heir is here to vouch that Hazelon is the right one and so the Weyrleader simply dips his head and gestures for him to walk right on through. In hindsight, he'll realize that that was probably a stupid thing to do, but he would never suspect Ezra to do anything foolish and neither would the lone Guard standing by the cell door.

Kimmila notices Abigail's movements, and she frowns. "Are you hurt?" she asks the brownrider, glancing back at Hazelon. He's not acting very guilty either, but then again…he's out of it. And she knows what she saw in the woods that day. Turning, she exits the cell and just nods to Ezra as she passes him. He's got a right to be here. She goes to Th'ero's side, standing firm and clearly taking his side in whatever debate he's having with the Guard Captain. When the Captain leaves, Kimmila looks to Th'ero. "Should I go get the water and supplies? That guard hardly looked like he was in a hurry and that kid's in bad shape."

Ezra strides into the cell, a bit surprised in the back of his mind that he wasn't stopped. "Excuse me," he says, voice low to everyone as he steps up to Hazelon and reaches out to grab his tunic with his left hand, drawing back his right with that hand balled into a fist. "I trusted you," he hisses, his voice low and angry and furious. "I gave you a firelizard egg, I was going to take you into Stonehaven!"

But for once, Hazelon isn't about to be passive. He'll struggle against both the healer and Abigail's hands that try to slow him down. His eyes are all for Ezra. The blanket is left behind, looking the worse for having been around his dirty shoulders. Kimmila's grab had reopened the wound in his arm and it bleeds freely down his arm. His mouth opens- perhaps to apologize, perhaps to say… what he is about to say doesn't matter as Ezra with every inch of his taller height grabs onto him. "Ezra…" the single word leaves Hazelon's mouth searching the older teen's eyes for some hint of pity. "I did not do this.// There is none. That fist is upraised and with Ezra's eyes so cold Hazelon will look there, just waiting for the blow to fall.

Abigail shakes her head slightly. "I'll be fine, ye can help me when yer done with him." She would rather the boy get tended to at the moment, she can go bother another healer. A glance is sent to Kimmila and she nods a touch but doesn't go far with it. "It's not bad." She won't go into how she was hurt mind you. She keeps a hand on Hazelon to try and keep him put and she looks to Ezra as he comes to speak with the other. Speaking she would be alright with, fighting? Not so much. She catches sight of the swing and moves to try and grab hold of Hazleon and haul him backwards from Ezra while she shifts to hold her other hand up. "That's enough." She states with a firm tone.

"Would you mind, Wingmate?" Th'ero asks Kimmila, turning his attention away just for that moment to give her a look that for all purposes looks neutral but the bluerider knows him well enough to see the gratefulness there. The Weyrleader was hoping to interrogate Hazelon and that desire is STILL there, simmering away with his anger and frustration towards this whole sordid affair but with the teen wounded and ill, he has to grit his teeth and sort THAT matter out first. Which irks him to no end. Stalling! There's always something that keeps them held back and delayed. "I hate to ask it of you…" he begins to add to her, only to catch a glimpse of movement from his eye and then his head is suddenly jerking upwards and his whole posture shifting as he lurches forwards and past Kimmila. "—- shit!" Ezra has Hazelon by the tunic and is winding up to a punch, with Abigail trying to intervene and a Healer and Apprentice looking too shocked to do more than stammer protests. The Healer can see the blood now and he pleads, "Please, let me see to him! Save your grudges for later, he's wounded and needs care! He won't be any good for you dead and he's certainly headed that way if I cannot see to him!" By then, the Guard is alerted too but he does not enter the cell, as Th'ero beats him to it. There was one time when Ezra was small and young enough that the Weyrleader could have just scooped him up and hauled him out of there. Not so much now, but it won't keep Th'ero from wrapping one arm around Ezra's shoulders in an effort to at least yank him forcibly backwards if he hasn't back down by then. Throw him just off balance enough that he can place his body between the heirs and the accused teen as he looms there. He's angry now, though his expression barely shows it. It's in his eyes and it's in his voice. "Don't," he states simply and motions with a jerk of his head towards the cell door. Out. "… Stand out there. You and I will talk later." Oh how pleasant!

Kimmila just nods to Th'ero and runs off, quick on her feet to fetch the supplies. As she runs, she can't help but consider Abigail's words…
Ezra was /about/ to ask Hazelon a question - a vital question - but Abigail is pulling the teen back. Ezra growls in anger, leaning forward to follow, when the Weyrleader has him around the shoulders. "HEY!" he growls furiously, shoving at Th'ero's arms. "Let me GO." This is a serious breach in Weyr and Hold protocol! Still…the word 'dead' has Ezra's eyes flashing to Hazelon again, glaring. Angry. "Prove it!" he shouts to the injured teen. He takes one step back, furious and hurt. "I trusted him!" he shouts to Th'ero. "He was supposed to PROTECT him!"

The yanking back is probably a bit more violent then Abigail had intended, but that is more due to the fact that he isn't at all healthy at the moment. He ends up back on that cot, right where the healer had wanted him in the first place. Dark eyes cloud over, "I'm sorry." He'll whisper this before allowing his head to drop into his hands as the tears begin again, curling down through the mud on his face and dripping onto his legs.

Abigail glowers right back at Ezra, she is not the rider to try and argue with! "Ezra, this is not helping matters in the least." Her voice is still firm while she moves to get Hazelon back to the bed and points a finger at him. "Stay put darnit. Let the healers tend to ye or else." She mutters out with a faint breath escaping her. A glance is sent to Ezra once last time before she looks to Hazelon, she frowns as she watches his actions and sighs softly before moving to sit next to Hazelon, the more she gets involved in this the more she doesn't think Hazelon is the bad guy. "Just let the healers tend to ye." This said softly to the boy.

Th'ero would be happy enough to argue breach of protocols later with Ezra too, since the heir is overstepping a few himself by accosting a prisoner on Weyr territory! If Th'ero were younger and greener as a Weyrleader, maybe he would be shouting such things at the heir. Instead, Ezra's met only by the stony look of Th'ero's dark eyes and the scowl that follows. "Listen to Wingleader Abigail, Ezra. Attacking Hazelon solves nothing. He can't even defend himself right now. Don't allow your anger to lower yourself to such levels!" he tells him, his voice low but firm and there's a hint of a warning there too. Don't do anything rash! Yet he can't help but understand Ezra's anger and frustration. Focused as he is on the heir, he doesn't see Hazelon break down into tears. He's trying to usher Ezra out, without having to drag him out kicking and screaming. Which he'll do, if the Stonehaven heir continues to linger.

With the situation calming, the Healer is quick to move in and begin tending to Hazelon, at least to start with his examination of the youth and trying to find the source of that bleeding and checking the severity of the wound, muttering under his breath all the while. "Can you lay back, please?" he asks, though he'll look to Abigail as well in case she has to do it for Hazelon.

Kimmila returns with the requested supplies and a drudge in tow, the pair slipping into the cell just as Ezra is stepping out. He glares at Th'ero as he goes though. Convenient target? Yes. "Please," he says stiffly, "let me know when he's ready to be questioned. I will return then." Then the young heir leaves, to return to Butterdell. Supplies delivered, Kimmila walks to stand beside Th'ero, reaching out to gently touch his arm and give him a concerned look. How's he holding up?

Hazelon cannot look up, for once his spirit is utterly crushed. He isn't about to die- perhaps exiled, but not dead. Ustrr cannot reach him here, and though his time within the confines of the weyr is done, and his dream of going to Stonehaven is shattered… at least maybe, he can go somewhere else. Somewhere he won't need kill anyone else, or hide. Maybe he can just be… himself. Even as his thoughts spiral to somewhere slightly hopeful he slips out of consciousness again as the healer's hands hit the wound in his arm, causing him to slump against Abigail, this time completely gone to the world.

Abigail is quiet as she watches while the Healer does his work, and if Hazelon doesn't lay back she will give him a slight push so that he will lay down. She hears the words between Th'ero and Ezra, and honestly she can't blame the young heir either, she's gotten into plenty of fights for her brother after someone attacked him. Being older and wiser does help with some matters like this. She frowns as she looks to Hazeon, her hand moving to lightly rest against his shoulder once his passed out and slumping against her. Well this is one way to make her feel awful.

The Healer will help Abigail in settling Hazelon back when the teen passes out, his expression grim but determined and he'll mutter a hurried thanks to Kimmila when she and the drudge (a bit of irony there) bring the supplies. Finally he and his Apprentice can being cleaning the wound and set to work on him. "… he'll need to be warmed up and washed up too. A change of clothes. He's feverish, we'll give him something for that too and something for the pain." The Healer murmurs, his voice carrying to the others about the cell. Th'ero will nod stiffly to Ezra's request and about to protest as the heir begins to leave but in the end, the Weyrleader allows him to return to Butterdell. He'll have his talk with Ezra another time and likely right before the interrogations take place. When Kimmila walks up and touches his arm, he blinks and looks down at her and then very subtly shakes his head. Barely. "If there is anything more you need, Healer, you may send for it. I will need to report to the Weyrwoman on this matter. Wingleader Abigail, if I could have you report on this too?" Th'ero has begun to edge towards the cell door, a slow preparation to leave. What has him pausing though, is the Healer's words. "A moment, Weyrleader! I'll need to see to her first." THAT has Th'ero giving Abigail a sharp look. What does he mean?

Kimmila gives Th'ero's elbow a squeeze, but for now she'll hold her silence. She did kind of lose it at the start there, and she's likely feeling rather foolish for it. Sorry, Th'ero. "What happened to you anyway, Abigail?" she asks, looking at Hazelon too with a frown. "He looks like shit."

Abigail slips back once Hazelon is getting tended to, she doesn't need to be in the way for all that after all. A glance is sent to Th'ero and she nods. "Aye Sir, yer have it in the morning." There is a pause as she hears the Healer and she sends him a slight look, not very good with timing there. How does she explain this without putting Hazelon in a bad light? "We Had a bit of a fight, it was an accident, he thought I was going to take him to some camp and kill him. Seems to be there is some camp out there that he was at." Maybe telling them that will sort of overlook the part that she was you know stabbed with an arrow, it's not that bad it didn't go that deep, just enough to be annoying. "He mentioned some name, Ustrr I think."

That certainly DOES make things all the more complicated and Th'ero utters an oath under his breath. Great, just great! Hazelon was facing enough with the charges against him concerning Rayathess, but now an attack on a Wingleader? Defence or not, it doesn't look good and the Weyrleader has to grit his teeth and take a slow, calming breath through his nose. Don't loose control… Which is so hard, especially when Abigail mentions 'camps'. Camps. It's Laris all over again and Th'ero grits his teeth. "I see." he says slowly, struggling to keep his composure. Concern for Abigail has him looking to her first. "After the Healer is done here, I want you to return with him to the Infirmary and have your injuries seen too." He'll be getting THAT report as well. For now, he is going to go and see what he can dig up on this 'Ustrr', cross reference Therynn's earlier reports on seeing rough folk in the forests or send Kimmila to go do it. Th'ero has to speak with Nyalle and already his head is starting to ache with all that has unfolded in so short a span of time. Damn! "Come with me, Wingmate." Th'ero murmurs to her, already reaching to clasp his hand to her shoulder. "We've some matters to address. Inform us of any changes," he adds to the Healer, though that can be extended to Abigail as well and without another word, the Weyrleader is striding out, his stride brisk and hurried.