Fort Area - Butterdell Cothold
This small cothold is, surprise, a dairy cothold surrounded by fields that back up to lush forests upon which all their milk bovines can graze. It's a productive cothold if a small one, housing less than 20 people total in its various stone walled buildings and rooms. Rooms are cozy and comfortable, the furnishings rustic and the people polite.

Butterdell may only be a cothold, but it's a busy cothold and with the afternoon hour at hand, it means chores. Lots and lots of chores. Most of the resident holders are busy at work, going about their daily routine as though nothing is amiss at all. They don't have a seriously injured Sr. Apprentice Harper in one of their rooms, watched over by the heir to Stonehaven cothold and two Healers and Butterdell's Healer on top of that. In that room, Rayathess is propped up and in a semi-dozing state, having just had his wounds tended to and the bandages changed. Laurali is moving about the room, quietly cleaning up while another Journeyman Healer speaks quietly with Ezra and updates Rayathess' notes. "… he's stable, at least. Still no sign of infection." the woman can be heard murmuring. If there was ever a time for visitors, the time is now!

Ezra is in the room as well, helping quietly and nodding to Laurali's words. "That's good," he murmurs. "I've sent for some things for him to do when he finally gets the energy to do so. But I don't think I'll tell him about it until after he's he doesn't try to push himself too far…" The young heir looks worn and haggard, but healthy at least. Tired, but not exhausted or dangerously so. He's even wearing clean clothing.
Enter Inri, flanked by a harper. Sort of. Inri actually knocks, rather than just walk in. Kouzevelth's arrival was without warning and the sort of flashy that a very large, long-tailed orangey gold would incur without trying to attract attention, and once they realized who she was and why she was there no one attempted to impede her as she asked to be brought to Ezra and Rayathess. The helpful resident who led Inri and Laenia to the room is gone as soon as she knocks, though. "Hey," she calls from the hallway, "Ezra? It's Inri. Brought one of the Weyr's harpers with me —"

The harper in question is following right behind Inri, carrying a small bag which presumably contains her trusty notepad and pen and what other have-yous. Laenia is quiet, for the most part, her knot being noted by some of the residents they happen to pass on the way to the room in which her fellow Harper resides. For now, she lets the Junior Weyrwoman speak until they're in the room.

Laurali has probably helped with keeping Ezra looking at least somewhat presentable and not a ragged, rumpled mess. She's a Healer, after all and his friend, but for now it's Healer first and she's been keeping an eye on the younger Stonehaven. If he's anything like his older brother, she is definitely keeping an eye on him. "We'll see. But the distraction could be good for him. If it keeps him in bed." she murmurs, only to duck her head a bit when she earns a look from the Journeyman. Oops? As Inri knocks on the door, both Healers look up and then glance to Ezra when the Junior Weyrwoman is calling for him by name. Laurali can barely keep herself from smile knowingly, while the Journeyman only quirks a brow. "Visitors are permitted," she informs him, motioning to Laurali and murmuring a few low instructions to the young woman before continuing on to Ezra. "So long as noting — or no one, disturbs Rayathess as he rests. I need to see to something, but Laurali will remain here." And will likely call her, if the Journeyman is needed.

Ezra freezes at the sound of his name, shooting Laurali a tense look that subsides a moment later. Inri. Not dangerous. Turning, the heir dips his head in reply to the Journeyman's instructions, glances at Laurali again, and then goes to pull open the door. "Inri," he greets quietly, his voice…controlled. Firmly controlled. He is composed, at least on the outside, and Laenia is given a curious look as well. "Rayathess is resting…" Which is why he's standing in the doorway and not inviting them in for a party.

"Of course," Inri nods, giving Ezra a soft smile. Gentle. Not trying to put anyone off; trying to be supportive, more than anything. She looks a little tired, which is her way of masking INTENSE WORRY. "I actually wanted a word with you also, he doesn't need to tell us anything if he doesn't feel up to talking. Though I'd like to say hi. I brought him a present, but it's outside — a plant, I wasn't sure if there was space — and Anrila wanted to come along, but I also wasn't sure if that was okay so I'll bring her by later, if you two want? Anyway. Do you have a little while to talk to us officially?"

From behind Inri, Laenia nods politely to Ezra. She knows little about him, only that he is Rayathess's brother. "Hello. My name is Laenia and I'm here on behalf of both Masterharper Moyrel and the Hall." is her own soft greeting, not wanting the noise to disturb the resting harper within. Other than that, she doesn't say anything else, waiting for Ezra to respond.

Laurali nods subtly to Ezra. Not dangerous at all and welcomed. Well… by her, but by him? That's another matter. Stepping closer, but at an angle that she can still keep Rayathess in her line of sight, she will try to gently rest her fingers against Ezra's arm, by the elbow. A small, quiet gesture. It's alright? "Afternoon to you both, weyrwoman Inri, Harper Laenia." Laurali greets both women, dipping her head politely, while the Journeyman Healer does the same and then politely excuses herself, trying to slip out of the door even with Ezra "standing guard" by it. She told him visitors are fine, but it'll be up to the heir if he wants any! "A plant…?" Laurali's response is a touch belated, but her curiosity has her blurting out her question to Inri, only to have her blush and dart a look to Ezra in case she spoke over him. She clears her throat and is silent again, hands clasped in front of her. Forgive the Healer her love and interest in plants?

Ezra glances back into the room and nods slightly. "I'd be happy to talk. Officially. I don't know if he'll be able to though, he's resting and he needs it." The heir frowns, his green eyes flickering briefly before his expression steadies again. "Anrila?" Now he winces. Bad brother. "If she wants to visit, of course, we'd like to have her here. But…if it's too difficult..we understand." He doesn't want to traumatize their sister more. "It's up to her." He looks at Laenia, and dips his head respectfully. "Laenia. Well met, I'm Heir Ezra Stonehaven." Looking over when Laurali joins him, he can't help but smile at her interest in the plant, which he almost didn't even remember was mentioned. "Uh. Depends on how big it is I guess? He looks back at the room, clearly hesitant about talking in there, while his brother rests. But to ask the Holder for yet /more/ space…he doesn't like that idea either.

"It's not very; small houseplant, just a get well present kind of thing," Inri explains, smiling at Ezra and then again at Laurali. "I'll make sure Anrila knows it's up to her; I didn't want to cause any upset on any side. We can talk somewhere else, if you prefer." She looks around the room a little, thoughtful. Bites the corner of her lip. "Especially if Rayathess isn't up to it. I certainly don't want to make anything difficult, I just need to get everyone's stories straight. Officially. And as a friend I just — wanted to see that you were as okay as possible."

Laenia offers Ezra and Laurali both a small smile, especially with the Healer's question slip. The Harper is silent, listening to the other two's conversation. She adds in when Inri stops for a moment, "Officially, I'm here to keep a written record of your exchange. But I'm also here on behalf of the Hall to make sure that one of fellow Harpers is still doing ok. I also have my own small gift for him, if you don't mind." With that said, she rummages through her small bag before pulling out a small hand-made harp. Just a miniature, really, fitting into the palm of one's hand. It might play, though it only has a couple of strings on it. Other than that, the wood the small instrument is made of is somewhat intricately carved with leaves and vines.

"Ahh, a potted houseplant should not be a problem. There are ample shelves here," Laurali admits in a soft spoken voice, looking to Ezra as if waiting on his approval. She may very well be going by HIS word and decisions! At least when it comes to matters like these. Moving close again to Ezra's side, she'll murmur low to him, though the others will likely hear a few of her words. "… it'll be fine if they come in, Ezra." Her dark eyes then turn to Inri and Laenia both and she's slipped into Healer-mode. "I'm afraid Rayathess is sleeping at the moment and even if he does wake, he won't be entirely coherent. Harper Laenia, a report directly from him may be another day or two in waiting. He was very weakened by his wounds, though we can certainly have those noted for Harper Hall if need be." More gifts? Laurali seems startled that Laenia would be bearing one too and when she takes out the little harp, she looks from the miniature instrument to Ezra and back to the one holding it. That's for the heir of Stonehaven to handle! Laurali doesn't seem to mind, already prepared to have both women stepping inside at any moment now.

Ezra nods a bit, distracted as he thinks. "That's very nice of you both," he says, in regards to the gifts. "We can put them in his room and I'll make sure he knows who they're from when he wakes up again. As for the conversation, we could move next door. That room has been left empty, I think…" In case he wanted to use it. But the rumpled cot in the corner of Raya's room shows the young heir hasn't. So it should be nice and tidy and empty. And close to his brother. "Do you want to come?" he offers softly to Laurali, "if Sarah comes back and stays with him?" His hand seeks hers - a silent request on a more personal level. "I'd rather he be allowed to sleep…"

Inri's just nodding along, smile soft and only a little hesitant. "He probably should be, yeah; we can linger, or come back, if he wants to talk later." She is completely unsurprised by the idea that Ezra would stay by his side. That's what Ezra does, after all. "You all seem exhausted, really. How much rest have you two been getting?" Tangent from the point, maybe, but she's going to be a little fussy over Laurali and Ezra too.

Laenia smiles over at Laurali and replies, "A report from you is just as well." The young Harper nods. "Of course, once he is awake and is coherent, I would appreciate being informed so that I may report back to the Masterharper." The mini-harp is handed to Ezra when he says its fine to put in the recovering harper's room. There's a nod from her in agreement to what the Jr. Weyrwoman says.

Laurali starts a bit for Ezra's offer and she will lift her hand to his seeking one. "I could call Sarah back, yes. Since… I could report. Of course, Harper Laenia." The Sr. Apprentice Healer was present, after all, when Rayathess was brought in and looking very much like a human pincushion. She'll try not to let the thought that all she will be saying in a short span will be reported back to Fort Weyr and the Masterharper of Pern or she may wind up finding her tongue sticking and forcing her to silence. "There has been a lot happening in a short span of time, but I can assure you, we've been resting. Ezra especially." Laurali informs Inri and while her small smile is polite, her tone implies more. The young Healer has taken both Stonehaven's under her care (with supervision, of course), whether Ezra is aware he's a 'patient' too or not. Looking to Ezra, she nods her head. "When you're ready. I'll wait here until Journeyman Sarah returns and then join you. Shouldn't take long."

Ezra is not at all aware that he's also a patient. He's too worried about his brother and too wrapped up in that to even consider his own needs, so Laurali has a very willing (and oblivious) patient in him. He just doesn't know any better. "I've been sleeping," he assures Inri with a smile. "Let's move to the next room over then." He smiles at Laurali and gives her arm a gentle squeeze, a silent thank you before he leads goldrider and Harper to the other room. It's almost a duplicate of Raya's, minus the injured Harper in the bed. "So," he says, gesturing Laenia to set herself up at the desk, "where do you want me to start?"

"Good," Inri encourages, because sleep is important. She hasn't been getting that much. Once she's seated, though, she chews her lip for a moment before asking, "Okay, this'll sound stupid, but — you said you were sure it was the drudge Hazelon who did this? Can you tell me how you knew that?" She looks genuinely curious, but is trying to sound as official as possible. "We sort of guessed at some of the connections, but don't really know."

Laenia nods towards Laurali and follows the other two into the next room. With Ezra's indication, the Harper does set herself up at the desk, pulling out the notepad and pen. As soon as they start talking, she's writing away with little to no comment.

Laurali will be absent for some time, a handful of minutes at most. Enough time for her to summon the Journeyman Healer back and discuss, quickly, the events that have unfolded so far. That is not what keeps her delayed so long. It's the small tray of refreshments that she carries in with her (after knocking, of course, to warn them of her arrival), that has kept her held back and likely arriving after Ezra's finished answering Inri or well into the conversations. Without a word, she'll set the tray down within reach, though she'll wait for a stretch of silence to speak up. "Can I get anyone something to drink?" Healer or… server? Possibly both. No sense in letting folk get dehydrated, right?

Ezra nods, "Sure," he murmurs. "Raya's firelizards - one of them - came to me when things started to go poorly. I sent my queen, Cala, after her back to where Raya was. Through her eyes, I saw Hazelon rise a bow and fire at my brother." His eyes darken, expression shifting, but he keeps his anger and betrayal firmly in check. This isn't the time for posturing bravado. "It was more than Hazelon, too. There was Lyreh, and at least one other person. At least. I didn't get a clear view of everything but I /did/ see Hazelon fire an arrow at my brother." He looks up when Laurali arrives, reaching for some food and shaking his head. "I'm fine. Join me?" He's sitting on the bed. It's not what it looks like.

That is a very compelling reason to believe Hazelon was the perpetrator. However, Inri has some doubts about it not being what it looks like — Ezra might get asked much later, at a time of much more levity, about if there's anything interesting going on between him and Laurali. But now is most pointedly not the time. "Can't really ask the firelizard to testify, so I think that's going to have to be good enough." Inri looks over at Laenia, nodding once, and then gives Laurali a smile on entrance. "Wait, wasn't Lyreh —" Inri tries to put two and two together, gives up, starts over cautiously with: "What were his and your relationships to Hazelon before? And Lyreh? And did you recognize the other person at all?"

All that is said is transcribed onto the notepad in front of Laenia, her pen moving swiftly across its pages. Were anyone to look over, they might not understand it at all since it's full of shorthand. Of course, this will be written into a proper report later on by the same harper. She does not look up when the healer enters, only just acknowledging her entrance with a small nod. There's a shake of her head at the offer, going right back to writing as Inri asks some more questions.

Laurali will step away from the tray and leave the refreshments there for any of them to serve themselves should they change their minds. Seems she came back just in time to fill in that one blank that Inri voices out loud as the junior goldrider tries to put two and two together. "Lyreh was in the camps with him and they had a friendship," Possibly more than that, judging from the shift in her tone and how her eyes don't quite meet Inri's or Laenia's. Not even Ezra's, for that matter. "They sort of crossed paths again after the trials. Lyreh came to Healer Hall with me but… didn't fit in. She left some months prior to all of this. No contact." She makes a minute gesture of her hands as if to mime vanishing into thin air and then she is silent again, already wondering if she's overstepped and said too much. Chewing at the corner of her lip, she'll start a bit for Ezra's offer but nod, stepping over to the side of the bed and sitting down, but with respectful and proper distance between herself and him. Her hands remain clasped in her lap and she's the image of a well mannered Sr. Apprentice. Nothing to assume at all. Nope.

Ezra nods, "Yes, Lyreh was…" He trails off, letting Laurali speak about that. "He went to talk to her about Laris. He took Hazelon with him as backup. Thought he could trust him." Clearly, he was wrong. "I'd only met him a few times. He was a drudge in the weyr." He hesitates. Then says, "He was in Laris' camps, too." Cover blown, Hazelon. Ezra feels a tiny shred of guilt for that, but hardens himself against it. "I didn't recognize the other person, no. Didn't get a clear look at him. Just saw Hazelon, then Raya shot through with arrows, then riding here."

"Excellent," Inri breathes, and that's definitely sarcasm, though she quickly amends: "Not either of you — you're actually both being excellent," clearly the goldrider's just a little shaky/stressed/tired combination, still. "So he might've had something against Rayathess personally, in the camps? Was there anything that ever indicated that? I did try asking Anrila about Hazelon, but she straight out refused to talk to me. I didn't push her. I don't know if that was an indication of anything in particular or if she just didn't want to look back." She moves to quickly offer a squeeze to Ezra's shoulder, if he'll take it — still besties, even if this is official.

Scritch scritch. Laenia's all ears as Laurali pitches in with her take. The pen practically flies across the page of her notepad. The young Harper does her best to not leave out any words that any of them are saying.

Laurali will remain silent as Ezra goes on to elaborate, trying not to grimace or wince when he sheds light on Hazelon's background. It was bound to happen sooner or later and given all that is happened… it cannot be helped. She starts to answer Inri again, only to stop herself and glance sidelong to Ezra. No, better that he answers all of the gold rider's prompts and her attention drifts instead to Laenia, her brows knitting slightly as she watches the Harper write away on that notepad. Uneasy? Maybe just a little.

Ezra shrugs, "He might have, I don't know. Hazelon wasn't exactly open about his background, and Rayathess didn't talk much about his time in the camps either. For all I know they had a grudge and Hazelon went with him to attack him. Maybe it was an ambush. Or maybe he saw a chance and took it. I don't know. I just know he and those others are responsible for my brother almost dying." Again. His jaw clenches. "I don't think Anrila wants to talk about her time in the camps at all."

Clearly, Inri doesn't blame her; she simply nods, and moves on from that particular issue. "You've told us everything you could, and that's — important. Is there anything else either of you can think of," yes, Laurali, she is looking at you too! at least it's with a friendly, compassionate expression? "That might help us put things together, or maybe where they might have gone? The wings are out looking, but narrowing down the path would be exceptional. Even if it doesn't seem like it might be an important detail. Any little thing could help."

Laenia's expression hardly changes much during her note-writing, though she does wince noticeably when Ezra mentions Rayathess almost dying. There might have been a hiccup in her writing, the pen pausing for just a millisecond before it's off again.

Laurali will shift where she sits on the edge of the bed, reaching out again to lightly touch her fingers to Ezra's arm when she can see him tense up like that. Easy. Then she's aware that Inri is looking at her and the gold rider's friendly, compassionate expression keeps the Sr. Apprentice from spooking too much. This isn't the first time the young woman has dealt with inquiries from ranking dragon riders. Still, her silence stretches out as she worries her lower lip, warring with herself. How much to say or not say? She sighs after a moment and speaks up, her eyes on her hands, which have clasped together again in her lap. "It'd make no sense if Hazelon had a grudge against Rayathess and Raya knew about it. He'd not have taken him along then. So obviously there was no bad blood between them… or he was oblivious to it. You… all know Raya is considered a traitor by most of the holdless from those camps, right? Could be a reason. But why wait?" Harsh, but truth? She shakes her head, "Dunno where they might've gone…" Her attention is interrupted when Laenia's writing seems to skip a beat, but the Healer says nothing.

Ezra shakes his head. "I'm afraid not," he admits, glancing at Laurali then back to Inri. "I was too…worried." Terrified. Traumatized. Terrified. He gently touches Laurali's fingers when she touches his arm, giving them a squeeze in support. "We don't know why Hazelon did it," he concludes. "Only that I saw him fire an arrow at my brother."

"And we are going to catch him," Inri promises. Honestly, she has too much faith in everyone else — especially Kimmila and Th'ero, let's be real — to ever believe that they wouldn't. So she's nothing but reassuring, and pretty emphatic about it. "This will not go unpunished, I swear to you both." There aren't quite tears in her eyes, but she's definitely getting more emotional about it, fists balling at her sides.

From her position at the desk, Laenia stiffens slightly but still writes. The young Harper silently prays for the capture of Hazelon as well. Not only for Rayathess but for those around him, as well. Thank Faranth nothing worse had happened to him, though it's pretty bad as it is.

Laurali swallows thickly when Inri voices that promise, aware of the emotional shift and rather taken aback by it even if it's mostly directed to Ezra. She'll squeeze his hand back in support and she'll dip her head in acknowledgement. Hazelon will be caught and brought to justice. Lyreh may very well be too and that will pose some very difficult emotions on her part but she holds her tongue. "When Rayathess wakes and is strong enough, I can have… we, I mean…" Her gaze darts to Ezra, then to Inri and Laenia. "… word sent and a meeting setup for you to come and speak with him. Though perhaps we won't need to wait. Hazelon may be caught well before then." And they can wash their hands of THAT part. Thank Faranth indeed that Rayathess did not die!

Ezra reaches out towards Inri, seeking to take and squeeze her hand with his free one. "Thank you, Inri, and thank you for stopping in." He's already getting antsy, being away from Rayathess for this long. He looks over at Laenia, perhaps feeling a little guilty. "Is there anything else you need, Harper?"

"Of course, anytime. Cala knows how to find Kouzevelth, I assume? In case you need me." Otherwise, Inri will make her return when there's news, or if she's the one who delivers scared little Anrila. She can easily sympathize with Ezra's desire to be with his brother, and returns the handsqueeze with a slightly less guarded smile. "Anytime." And then she, too, is looking to Laenia.

As soon as she finishes whatever she's writing, Laenia looks up at the question offered to her. "I just need to speak with Laurali for a moment and jot down notes about Rayathess's condition. Other than that, whenever we might be able to speak to him, I would be very grateful for the notification." She says, glancing over at the Healer with a small nod.

Laurali nods and straightens her shoulders a bit, her eyes lifting to look to Ezra first and then Inri, and lastly they focus on Laenia. She'll wait until the Harper is ready before licking her lips and beginning her part of the report, keeping her voice level and neutral. "He's stable at the moment but not out of danger. We're monitoring him closely for signs of infection. His wounds were numerous and when he arrived at the hold, he was suffering from heavy blood loss. Three arrows wounded him, with only two lodged into his body, the back of his shoulder and his leg, just above his knee, the third having clipped his side. Journeyman Sarah seems confident though that he will recover. It's just a matter of time." A lot of it.

Ezra nods, getting to his feet. "We'll let you and the weyr know as soon as he's able to answer questions," he promises. He is silent while Laurali gives her report, getting more anxious by the moment to return to his brother's side. But he holds it together out of a desire to be polite.

Inri nods; it's a little curt and withdrawn, but not due to any sort of dispassion. More that she's trying just as hard to be polite. "We'll get out of your hair, then," she says, hurrying things along for Ezra's sake, "and be back as soon as the situation arises. Hang in there."

As soon as Laurali starts her report, Laenia's pen is ready and waiting. The report is quick and short. The information is written down in no time flat. Once that is done, she organizes her things and puts them back into the small bag. "Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated." She nods politely to the two. "Thank you for your time." Once they're done, she follows on after Inri.

Laurali breathes a small sight of relief when the reporting is done. She'll worry over it later, whether she's given too much or too little to Harper Hall. "Thank you both for coming," she murmurs, dipping her head politely as she pushes to her feet and smooths out her skirts. Restless to return to her duties as well, but she'll quietly go through the polite farewells. "We'll keep you informed." She'll be the last to step out of the room and with one last parting nod to Inri and Laenia, Laurali will slip back into the room where Rayathess lays resting and she will relieve Journeyman Sarah again, picking up in her duties right where she had left off.

Ezra nods, offering Inri a small but warm smile. "Thank you, Inri," he says quietly. "And thank you as well, Harper Laenia. Next time we meet hopefully it'll be under better circumstances." Holder-ing. He's learning. With that, he follows the others out and then quickly returns to his brother's bedside, apologizing to his sleeping form that he had to leave.