Fort Weyr - Storage Room

This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

One good thing about having a craft is that you don't get assigned the regular boring chores anymore. At least, you're not supposed to really, since you ought to be busy with your craft. But if the headwoman catches you making trouble, she will undoubtably give you something to do to keep you busy. Hotaru has just finished sweeping up in the storage caverns and now she's… more or less hiding. She's somehow managed to climb up on top of one of the shelves in the back of the room, and is sitting there with a box of crackers munching on them. No one ever comes in here, right? At least not this far back. So who is going to find her?

She could be found by someone who doesn't have a Craft or much to keep them busy throughout the day. It shouldn't be a surprise then that it's Rayathess who enters the storage caverns, oblivious to the fact that Hotaru is seated up on one of the top (and hopefully sturdy!) shelves. Looks like he was one of those caught by the Headwoman, but not for making trouble and more for being given mindless tasks. The young man exhales heavily once inside, letting the door shut behind him with a click before he shuffles to some of the lower shelves, muttering to himself as he goes.

If the shelves can hold sacks of tubers they can hold Hotaru! Right? Well, this one hasn't collapsed at least, even with Hotaru perched on it. She swings her legs a bit, careful not to kick anything on the shelves below. She's not trying to be quiet, but other than the sound of her munching, she doesn't really say anything to the approaching Rayathess. At least not until he's within viewing distance. Then she gives him a simple, "Hey." Munchmunch. "Did the headwoman send you in here after me?" Of course, Rayathess might not know who 'me' is, since to Hotaru's knowledge, they've never met. "I already swept up in here. But I don't want to go back out or she'll give me something else to do."

Hopefully that is sound logic! Or Hotaru may find that shelf giving way and a lot more work than either of them wish to do this day. Not to mention have to suffer the wrath of Headwoman and Steward. Rayathess apparently is so focused that even the sound of her eating above his head doesn't register and it's not until she speaks up that he reacts. Startling, he cracks his head on the edge of one of the overhanging shelves hard enough that some of the lighter items actually shift and the storage cavern is suddenly filled with his loud string of cursing. Stepping back and rubbing the back of his head, he glares up at her through a wince of pain. "Shard it all, what in Faranth's name are you doing up there?" he remarks in a flat and annoyed tone. "Who sits on storage shelves?" Lowering his hand, he sees no blood on his fingers but that does little to improve his mood. Looking up again, he smirks at her. "I don't know who you are and I wasn't sent by the Headwoman to fetch you. I came here with my own task." Whatever that may be.

If the shelves fall Hotaru will run out as fast as she can and blame someone else. Rayathess looks like a good candidate! Hotaru can't help but chuckle at him as he thumps his head on a shelf. She grins back down at him, chewing on the crackers she's eating. "Hi to you, too. I'm eating crackers, what does it look like? Apparently I do. I like being up high." Hotaru slides down off the shelves and onto her feet. "Want some crackers?" She asks, offering the open box to him. "So what did you get stuck doing? I hope you don't have to /find/ anything in this place. It's impossible to locate anything in here unless you already know where it is."

Rayathess would be the perfect candidate but Hotaru would have to keep running, as he would be sure to find her later for some payback. As she grins back at him and slides down off the shelves, he takes another step back and now peers at her suspiciously and a touch wary. "Why are you eating crackers in here? And… you're strange. If you want to be high up, why don't you go eat out on the stone bridge or the star stones?" he points out with a smirk and when she offers the box to him he hastily waves it off. "No thanks. And well…" he mutters, glancing away from her to peer now at those shelves before he exhales again, "Damn. Figures I'd be put on some wild chase. This is getting rather tiresome."

Hotaru would keep running, but eventually it would catch up with her. Or Ray would, at least. The red-head doesn't seem the slight bit wary about Rayathess, and past a glance she doesn't seem to really be looking him over. Instead she's examining one of the shelves and its contents. "Because I was hungry, and if I walk out with a box of crackers someone might yell at me. They'll be for tomorrow's lunch or something, I dunno." When he suggests she sit outside, she stares at him. "What? It's freezing out, so no thanks. If it was warmer I would." She goes back to look through the shelves. "May as well get used to looking, they always send the boys in here to get stuff generally. What do you need to find, anyways?"

Rayathess is giving her the curious once over, but not entirely for friendly reasons. He's sizing her up and trying to figure out if she's any threat or cause of concern. So far, he's beginning to think she's just as odd and backwards as the last strange young woman he crossed paths with. At this rate, he'll think the entire female populace of the Weyr are just crazy. "Anything in here is for lunch or whatever," he remarks dryly and waves his hand in a vague gesture. "I don't think they'll miss a few crackers." So he's encouraging her to steal? His grimace says otherwise, "You could always ask before taking it, ya know? Say if you have to sweep, then you at least get to help yourself to a snack. At least then your backside is covered." No yelling! Maybe. He snorts as she stares at him and smirks, "You have warm clothing don't you?" he says in a near teasing tone and then shakes his head. "Grains. Specific kind. She said they'd be in small sacks nearest the door and marked in red ink. I only see large sacks and none with red. Now I am beginning to wonder if it ever exists."

Hotaru is an odd bird, but she's pretty harmless as far as things go. Well, about most things. Don't cross her though! She laughs. "What do you mean anything? Most of this stuff the kitchens will use. They don't generally like people coming in here for a snack. Or at least they don't like the weyrbrats doing that, and that's mostly what I'm used to." The teenagers would be in here eating up everything if they let them. "Eh. It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Also I didn't know I was going to want a snack until I got done sweeping." She eyes him then. "Yeah I got warm clothing. But that doesn't mean I want to go out in the weather." Hotaru gets a serious look on her face. "You're too late." She says to him. "I ate those, too." The sacks, she means. She can only keep a straight face for so long though, then she starts laughing. "I'm kidding! At least they gave you something to go on." She shrugs. "We can look around. It'll be easier to find with two of us."

Rayathess tries not to cross most folk and yet always seems to find a way to get under most folk's skin without intending too. He frowns when she laughs, "So is that what you are then? A weyrbrat?" he asks, almost making it seem more like an insult than a innocent question. As if being a weyrbrat was a bad thing. Maybe it is to him? His frown only deepens at her logic, "What…? How do you figure that? Begging for forgiveness doesn't always work. You could wind up in far more trouble than if you had just asked." And he would know! Not that he's going to begin to explain HOW he does. But he flashes her a knowing smirk all the same and it quickly dissolves at her 'joke'. Humor must not be his strength, as his cheeks begin to flush with anger as he falls hook, line and sinker for her bait until she begins to laugh. Blinking, he then shoots her a narrowed look. "Funny," he says in such a dry, sarcastic voice that it's clear he didn't find it the least bit hilarious. But her offer to help at least has him backing down, tension leaving his shoulders and allowing them to droop slightly as he sighs. "Fine. Only because it means I'll get out of here faster. Now I'm all but certain I need to find a change in positions and SOON. All these odd and meaningless jobs are driving me crazy." That and the odd folk he's running into. "Where do you think we start then? One side for you and the other for me?" Rayathess gestures with his hands then, clearly emphasizing the amount of space between them.

Hotaru fixes Ray with a look. "No. I am an apprentice vintner." She points to her knot. "I'm a little old be considered a weyrbrat, I think. But if you're asking me if I'm weyrbred… Uh. Kind of." She raises a brow at him, not sure how she ought to be taking his tone. "Heh. I think you'll find the point is more just not to get caught. Then you don't have to beg or ask for anything." Hotaru just laughs more when she sees Ray get angry about the 'joke'. She wipes some laugh-tears from her eyes. "Oh… Faranth. Who wound you up so tight? I don't have to help if you don't want me to." Hotaru starts searching the shelves, apparently picking her side. "Your best bet is to find a craft you like. Even if you get searched you'll get crappy chores as a candidate. Is there something you're good at that's close to a craft? Or that you like to do?"

Oh right. Knots. Rayathess should have known better, but he leaves it be and instead only nods his head, trying not to look to sheepish for his fumbling mistake. "Ahh, well. A vintner? How'd you figure you enjoy that as a Craft?" He snorts then, giving her another searching look and then shrugging. "You never know. And I wasn't asking if you were weyrbred. At all." Shaking his head, he simply goes silent and does not reply to her logic about not being caught or have to beg, letting her go on with her laugher. At her comments though his eyes narrow and he turns to face the shelves to begin his search. It's obvious quick enough though that he's not entirely focused on the task. "I've my reasons," he fires back, dismissing her question with no further explanation. "I've no idea. My family were stone carvers and wood carvers. I have some training in that already but…" He pauses, glancing sharply at her from over his shoulder. Truth or half-truth? He goes for the latter. "… I am thinking of something different. I just don't know what, yet. If anything."

Hotaru looks over at Rayathess and grins. "I like to drink?" What? She's not lying. But she is rather interested in the distilling. "Well, good. Because I didn't answer you anyways." Not that he has to be a jerk about it. She peers at him then. "And what reasons are those?" Hotaru generally lets things roll off her, but this guy seemed intent on being angry. "Well, you'll be stuck with crappy chores unless you find something else. Why not a healer? I'm sure with your attitude you'd have a -great- bedside manner." She grins and moves over to the next row of shelves. Now she's just trying to get him going. Which might be on the dangerous side. At least she's got the shelves to protect her. She reaches in to pull some small sacks out of the back of one shelf to look them over.

"I'd imagine you'd have to, in order to be a Vintner. No sense in going that route if you hate the stuff you're supposedly making," Rayathess drawls in a sarcastic tone and poor Hotaru is going to find out soon enough that he IS a jerk. Purposely too and for his own reasons, even if it does grate against his true nature. She is a stranger and thus he keeps her distant and he plays the part of a prickly jerk so that eventually things break down and either he makes an awkward retreat or the other side does. "I'm not going to get into it," he tells her and it's spoken as a warning as he places something back on the shelf with a bit more force than needed. He's not angry, he is just annoyed. If he was angry, he'd not be there in the storage caverns still or talking to her. "HA! Healer? No, that's laughable and not just because of my bedside manner as you put it," he smirks back at her. Try again? He seemed to have actually absorbed that jab of hers this time. "I did consider the Smiths, but I'm better still with stone and wood than metal. Harper maybe… more law than actual music. But I am a bit old to be an Apprentice. For… anything."

Hotaru grins, though Ray might not be able to see her. "True that. Someone's gotta taste test it, after all." Hotaru isn't really passing judgment yet. She is teasing him after all, and is probably being more rude than he is, technically. "Well, fine then, big guy. Keep your secrets. It makes you more mysterious anyways. And girls like that. If you like girls. If you don't then I guess it doesn't probably do much for you." Did gay guys like mysterious guys? She giggles. "I see. Don't want to become a woodcrafter then, hm? How old are you? Because I just got going and I'm already seventeen. Most people start at like… twelve. I dunno if I would do well as a harper. I like to sing, but I'm not that good. And I don't have the patience for books.

Rayathess doesn't see her grin but he may sense it all the same. "Must be a perk of the Craft?" he asks without hesitation, seeming not to mind plying HER with questions. But when it comes to him? He's all touchy and grouchy about it. His snort becomes an audible indignant huff for her teasing and he pauses in his searching to stare at her sidelong and with a grimace, "Not everyone NEEDS to share their secrets, you know." he mutters, "And I do like girls." But it's if the girls like him that is the larger problem. He shrugs his shoulders then and turns back to the shelves, "It's not that I don't WANT to be a woodcrafter. Just… it's complicated. That's all." So very complicated. Who knew? "I'm a Turn older than you. So I guess not that old to start as an Apprentice if you just got accepted." Was that another insult?

Hotaru chuckles. "Yep. Not that I'm sure my mentor would be too happy with me being plastered all the time from 'taste testing'." Hotaru at least doesn't seem to mind the questions. She's rather an open book. "Well if you share them they're not exactly secret. But I don't know you well enough to go sharing my secrets." He does like girls! Check. Though Hotaru can't help him much with his other problem. "Oookay." She says about his complicated issues with crafting. He seems to have a lot of issues about things, so she'll just take that more as he doesn't want much to be a woodcrafter. "It's still old. But not too old." Hotaru moves through the storage room to find him. She's got a few small sacks in her arms. "Are these them, you think?"

Rayathess snorts, "No, I'd imagine you'd get your knot revoked pretty fast if you were drunk all the time." he says and then simply shakes his head to the rest. Definitely one to keep his secrets! She hasn't even got his name. Classic move on his part, it seems and she won't be the first to belatedly receive it or not even be told at all. As she approaches, he gives up on his search to turn and face her, keeping a respectful distance between them. "They match the description," he murmurs, reaching out to take them from her arms. "And that's good enough for me. Even if they're not, the Headwoman is going to have to find someone else to do these mindless tasks. I've had my fill and I'm going to go see if some of the repair workers don't need some help." Turning to go, he pauses by the door to glance back at her and offer the faintest of smiles. "Thanks for your help. Next time though? Don't sit on the shelves. My head is killing me thanks to your odd little quirk. Next person my actually brain themselves hard enough to be knocked out cold." Try explaining THAT one to the Headwoman and Steward! Rayathess' smirk returns then and with a quick nod of his head in farewell, he's nudging open the door and slipping back out into the kitchens.

Hotaru laughs. "Probably. And they probably wouldn't let me into any other crafts either. I'd have to go to a mindhealer first or something." That's okay, he hasn't gotten Hotaru's name either. Not that it would be hard to find out. Who's that weird girl with the red hair? She grins to him and hands over the sacks. It's not her job! Though she will be using his distraction to make sure she can get by the headwoman. Hotaru chuckles. "Fine fine. Or next time I'll just keep quiet until whoever it is leaves maybe." She closes the gap between them for a moment, looking up at him slyly. "You want a kiss to make it feel better?" She waves to him as he leaves, then slips out behind him, going the other way.

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