Fort Weyr - Storage Room
This room is filled with shelves, crates and boxes of dried goods, material, and other necessities of weyr life. The shelves are kept neat and tidy at all times and the floor has been swept clean recently. Occasionally a candidate or fosterling can be found in here cleaning and tidying, or checking for signs of tunnel snake or other pest infestations.

Today, the person alone in the room, is a fostering. With a full ten years under her belt, (as of just under a month ago) she is feeling quite adult. Or, well, she would be. If it wasn't for the fact that there seems to be a problem with this row of barrels of wine. Somehow, each and every single one of them have managed to spring a leak and they're dripping downwards. Lianri runs from barrel to barrel, managing to catch the hole in one when another one springs a leak. Very distressing.

Luckily for her, it's not a Vintner that comes in and starts panicking and dishing out the accusations and punishments! Granted, a Vintner might actually be able to HELP her. Instead she just gets a very bewildered but amused Kyzen as he tries to avoid stepping into the wine that may be pooling onto the floor. "What'd you do?" he says in a childish way that implies: someone is in TROUBLE!

"I didn't do ANYTHING." It comes out in a petulant voice that totally means Lianri did something but she isn't going to admit it to KYZEN. Red hair whipping around she wrinkles her freckled nose at Kyzen and glowers for a second. "Don't be useless! Go get a bucket! Maybe we can catch some of this and put it back before they notice." For her part, Lianri stuffs a bit of cloth into an obvious hole in one of the barrels and looks expectantly at it. That'll totally stop the drips, right?

Kyzen pouts. "Are you always this bossy?" he snipes back and while he feels bad for her situation he doesn't seem nearly as panicked as she is. "And you can't put the wine back! It's been on the floor. It's bad now." Right? Still, he'll dig around for a bucket and finds… a pail. Small and not entirely effective but it's something. "If you didn't do it, how come you didn't go get an adult or the Headwoman or one of her assistants?" HMM? Why?

"That's why I want you to catch it." The tone of her voice is very much little-miss-know-it-all. Another poke at that fabric. It seems to be working for real! Which is why that barrel, down there at the end, begins to drip. Gathering up her skirts in one hand Lianri scoots herself over and peers upwards at the barrel. "Because you know they'll think I did but I DIDN'T do it." Nope, she totally didn't accidently loosen the rope that kept the barrels in place and they fell… nope. Nope. TOTALL ACCIDENT.

Kyzen hasn't seen the rope yet and so has no idea that Lianri DOES have a guilty hand in this. "I can say that you didn't? Cause all I saw was you trying to fix it." He's got her back? Shoving the pail under the worst leaking barrel, he peers at his mischievous friend. "What're you doing in here anyways?" Doesn't she know that storage rooms aren't for playing in?

"You'd say that?!" Lianri whirls away from that leak to STARE at Kyzen, all sorts of hopeful. She'll let it drip for a second as she flings herself across the few steps and throws her arms around him. "Thank you so much so so so so much, you're like the best friend in the whole wide world I swear I'll have your back ANY TIME." Hopefully Kyzen is okay with a hug because Lianri totally squeezes!

Kyzen is okay with a hug mainly because he's FROZEN IN SHOCK from Lianri's reaction. Uh… um. Not that he hasn't been hugged before but so enthusiastically? Hmm, no. So he'll sort of awkwardly half-hug, half pat her back and then try to squirm out of her grasp. Okay, he gets it! "Well, yeah? What proof is there anyways? Things, uh… fall in the storage all the time." It's an innocent observation but doesn't it sound like he's totally going along with the whole "lie about it" plan?

Lianri squeezes one more time then lets Kyzen go. There are not QUITE tears in her eyes, but she does sniffle at least once before she turns resolutly away. "RIGHT. All the time." Especially if a ten year old isn't being quite careful. But she's not going to say that. "Do yu know how to make barrels stop… oh no, that one is dripping again1" The cloth fixed one.

Kyzen would be beside himself if she started crying. Crying girls confuse him (for now)! Unless it's his sister… which he's come to learnt ignore half the time and run the other half if he's the reason she's crying. But Lianri doesn't cry and just agreed with him so he nods brightly and then eyes those barrels warily. "Uh. Dunno? And the last barrels we touched…" Exploded. Cautiously he approaches the barrel and pokes at that cloth stuffed hole. "Maybe it's not enough? But why bother fixing it… We should tell someone." He's had enough of poking around barrels, thank you!

"But… what if…" Lianri pouts up at the barrels, "what if they don't believe you?" That it wasn't her fault. (it is her fault) "I don't want to get into trouble again… Some of the smiths still give me a side-eye after the smithy and then if anyone found about the go…" she stops herself in mid word and slaps her hands over her mouth. Nope, she didn't say anything.

Kyzen steps back from the barrel he'd been attempting to examine and noticing his hands are soaked with wine, he immediately goes to lick them clean first before wiping them off on his clothes. Only he pulls a bit of a face and even sticks out his tongue as he wrinkles his nose. "Eeew. How do the adults DRINK this stuff? You try it?" It's disgusting. Apparently this discovery is outweighing his pressing sense of need to tell someone of this latest incident. "Dunno. I'd tell them the truth? I mean, I did just find you here and maybe you just discovered it too? … found out about what?" Nope, he totally caught on to that and he narrows his eyes. What?

"Of COURSE," she hasn't. But that would make her look like a little kid, so instead, "I like it." She should treat her friends better than pretending to be more grown-up then them. "I… guess we could say taht…" It's not like Lianri is against lying to save her back. What? He asked something? Nope nope. "Who sould we tell? Not Zhirayr, right?" Gross aunt's boyfriend.

"You do?" Kyzen is SKEPTICAL and the narrowed look he gives Lianri says as much. "I don't. It's too sour!" The wine is given another pulled face. Ugh! "The Steward? Uh… guess it doesn't have to be him. We could tell the Headwoman? She's nice." Enough. "Or just a Journeyman… Vintner? We've those here in the Weyr." Why does he sound doubtful?

"Of COURSE." Lianri is saying that a lot today. Turning slightly she looks at the dripping caskets, calculates who is least likely to get her into trouble (aka, who knows her aunt the best?) and makes a decision. "Let's go find a journeyman vintner. They got to know how to fix this and PROBABLY even could say why they're dripping." She flicks her head and nods once. That is what they will do. "Um. Where would they be?"

Kyzen only spreads his hands in a helpless gesture as he shrugs. "Dunno where'd they be! Maybe the lounge? I don't think they'll let us in a tavern." And the only one is all the way outside of the Weyr and he doesn't feel like walking that far. Pleased to at least have a reason to get out of the cramped closet (that is probably smelling like wine now), he nods. "We better start looking now though. Before it leaks so much it goes out into the tunnels!" Because there's enough wine here to flood the tunnels, right? Right!

RIGHT. How did Kyzen guess that "You cause a flood" on the pvent was the inspiration for this whole scene? He didn't, but it WAS. "I'll go left, you go right and we'll find someone." Lianri might even ask for directions. Maybe. Possibly. Turning on her heel she darts out of the caverns. Maybe if they're lucky someone will find the mess and clean it up with no one the wiser….

Kyzen is just that GOOD! "Alright!" he agrees, before really thinking this plan through. How is he supposed to signal Lianri that he's found someone? His blue firelizard is still not trained enough for such things. Either way, if he ends up being the "lucky" one in finding the people they seek, he'll be a GOOD friend and not mention names! Just sort of bring up what he found, playing the role of innocent but well behaved. See? No explosions this time! Kind of.

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