Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square
The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

The festival may be over, yet the opportunity to sell is not. Those caravans that have slightly faster teams of herdbeasts and runner beasts linger, while the slower burden beasts left days ago for the next greatest gather, likely south now as Winter starts to roll in. The cunning and the greedy remain, making a killing off the spoils they have left to hawk, if only because it is a rare day that the residents of a weyr have the chance to shop outside of the weyr stores, as getting a dragonride isn't always an option. Zaala is amongst those who loiter in the square, marks on hand, earned just recently because of her turnday and well, a few batting eyelashes resulted in a few more extra marks to her pocket. It's unlikely that as she grows older she'll be able to retain the same amount of presuasion with her parents, so she sucks up as much as possible the odd time she sees her blue riding mother or her bronze riding father. She wears her white fur coat to keep out the winter chill rushing down from the higher peaks of the mountain range, thick white fur that doubles on her shoulders where a hood dangles from. She's also taken to thick jerkin pants and knee high fur boots as well, going almost eskimo. Her hair's been french braided and hangs in a bundle behind her, while she's got a satchel strapped across the front of her, perhaps wanting to do some serious shopping. She's not alone either, at least not this moment, clustering with a few other lower cavern gals.

K'drozen makes his way slowly though the crafts and traders stalls and tables, looking at the various wares, he doesn't seem to be looking for anything or anyone in particular.

Another is taking advantage of the last opportunity to browse the wares being hawked by the lingering caravans, now that the largest of the crowds have dispersed with most of the Weyr resuming normal duties with the festival now done and over with. Rayathess wanders aimlessly, pausing now and again to peer curiously at one item or another, only to shy away once acknowledged or greeted. It is not that he doesn't have marks, he does. He's managed to gather a few in his time here in the Weyr but not as much as one would expect, given his hold-heir status. It is being social that he still struggles with and more than once he has questioned himself why he bothered to come out at all. No one heeds him much attention, either not knowing who he is or too involved in their browsing and shopping and that suits him just fine. Dressed in clothing that has likely come from the storage caverns, this outfit of a modest off-white long sleeved tunic and a pair of slim pants at least fit him well. His hair is a tussled mess both from his lack of caring and the occasional breeze and he carries nothing else on him. No satchel, no belt knife, nothing. Eventually his aimless path will bring him closer to Zaala and her cluster of lower cavern gals and it is either her he recognizes or one of them (or all) and he tips them a stiff but polite nod. "Afternoon," he drawls and then feigns interest in the wares on display.

The girls are busy chattering amongst themselves about who they danced with, who they kissed, and what fancy things they're going to buy now - brazen and unconcerned with those who are near by to listen. Zaala's friends are typically about her age or older, gossiping with the other hens about the dance and the incident with the holdless and how dashing the leader was and all that good stuff. But then it leads into sweets and treats, because there's a nice wafting smell of bubblies from one of the caravans left, leaving the girls to jape with one another about getting fat for eating those types of things. The girl's are giggling, Zaala with a smile herself for the current conversation, which is interrupted or at least immediately switched as Rayathess comes near. Zaala recognizes the lad, but, it's one of the other girl's that whispers his name and causes the other to giggle that makes Zaala's eyebrows pop up, pieces coming together. "Rayathess, right?" she moves toward the wares on display, knowing very well they didn't get off to a good start last time, as she called him stonehead or something similar.

K'drozen looks up from the stall he is looking at as he hears the converastions the lower cavern girls are having, he glances about and smiels softly as he spots Zaala, he doesn't speak at this time just gives a nod in her dirrection.

Names he probably rightly deserved for his behavior, as Rayathess has done little to improve his reputation within the Weyr. Most have just come to accept him and others still view him with a wary eye or whispered words. He ignores it all (for the most part) but at the end of the day he has no one really to blame but himself. Ignoring the chattering of the group of girls, he begins to pick at some of the wares, lifting one item up carefully before setting it down again but his interest is waning fast. He would have turned to walk away, if Zaala and her friends hadn't spoken his name and he turns his green eyes on her. "Good memory," he muses with just a hint of sarcasm this time. "And you're…" Pause. Oh shards, he knows this! Uh. "Zaala." Right? He smirks, regardless if he's right or wrong and his gaze darts to the satchel she's carrying and then over to the giggling girls, which earn a curious but wary look. Part of him wants to slink away now, but he keeps his feet rooted in place and turning to focus on Zaala, he speaks again and respectfully for once. "Trying to find some last purchases too, I take it? Or just browsing?"

Zaala glances over her shoulder to notice K'drozen not far off, to whom she addresses with a casual wave, though her attentions revert back to her friends and that Stonehaven boy. Oh yes, she's pried a little harder into whom he is, especially after the holdless incident to whom they spouted off his name. He's some sort of important fellow, a hold heir they say, someone not to get on the wrong side of. Rayathess' sarcasm earns a swish of her head, flicking the tip of her braid back behind her, a rather sassy thing to do, though her hazel eyes stay on him for the time being, nodding, "It seems you've just as good of a memory," she murmurs as her friends seem to lose interest or give Zaala space, either or, they move to the caravan beside the one Rayathess is at, browsing scarves and fancy coats. She tries as hard as she can not to slip into calling him names, which is tempting for the sake of his sarcasm, but with a flop of her arm she addresses the matter of the satchel, "I didn't have much opportunity to browse the caravans before, so I thought to try today, spend a few marks. And you? There's not much here that an heir to a hold couldn't afford." And she slides that in, because her curiosity is bubbling to the surface, miss tactful indeed.

K'drozen glances in Rayathess' dirrectino as he approaches and gives the holder a slight nod in greeting, not having been one to have met him before he steps up behinds Zaala and says softly, "Afternoon Zaala."

Someone's been doing their research! Not that it's very hard to dig up everything there is on Rayathess, despite his efforts to keep his past quiet. He wants to move on, but few seem to leave him that respect. Browsing forgotten, he shifts his weight back on his heels and turns to more or less face Zaala as she starts off a touch sassy but then doesn't resort to name calling, which may puzzle the young man for a moment and earn her a suspicious look that swiftly disappears to be replaced by a faint smile. "From what I heard it was often too crowded before to even get to see much, let alone browse," he says at first, only to visibly flinch and then bristle at her less than tactful response. "You're forgetting that I am heir to a hold that is now reduced to ash and dust," Rayathess points out in a hardened tone and lowered voice, "Hard to earn marks from that. But yes, I am here to browse. I've managed to make a few marks as a resident here." Emphasis on that. Realizing that he is swiftly going down his usual familiar and prickly paths, he sighs and his tone loses that hardened edge. "Trying to see if I can't find something for my brother. Maybe something for myself, though so far I've found nothing." That he likes or can afford? Probably both. As K'drozen approaches though, Rayathess seems to shrink back though doesn't exactly cower. The nod is returned, followed by a lingering glance as he studies the unfamiliar brownrider.

Ahh, the research might've stopped at the hold heir thing, since, well, smoldering ash and rubble didn't produce much of a mark anywhere these days. Her eyes widen a little at his response to her misguided step, whether done on purpose or not is hard to tell, given the girl's inner circle is the lower caverns, well known for gossip and getting juicy bits out of people. Even so, her eyes dart down and away from him, apologetic in the way that color washes over her cheeks. She worries her bottom lip, pulls her braid forward, and gives her braid a little tug, as it's definitely an awkward moment, torn between berating him for his tone and begging for forgiveness. Neither happen. Instead, with a puff of breath, as if she held it and finally released it with all the tension, she remarks quietly, "It's easier to shop today. What are you looking for, for your brother? Does he um, live here too?" Toe of her boot scuffs the ground a little, as she moves to regard a hair comb, shaped like a butterfly and encrusted with small gems. K'drozen's approach leaves the item where it is, her gaze settling on the brownrider, "Afternoon sir," see, she can be politically correct sometimes, er, well, at least respect her betters, but the wink she gives her friend all but destroys that.

K'drozen grins to Zaala, "Sir? me? Yeah right." he gives a smile and a reasuring not to Rayathess noting the shrinking back, "Good day to you." offering his hand in a friendly greating to the man, "I'm K'drozen, Brown Rhyrith's rider with the thunderbird wing, Search and rescue." the large rider tries to remain in a non threatening stance, noting Rayathess hesitant nature.

Rayathess may regret both his harshness towards Zaala and uttering the sad state for which his home cothold is in, though that should be known. Perhaps not among the gossipers though but the news is a few Turns old now at best. Awkward moments are well known to him and well does he weather them, pretending not to notice how her cheeks wash with color and she worries her bottom lip. Rather than let the mood and atmosphere be ruined by his rather depressing and bloody past, Rayathess is all too happy to let the conversation continue on and takes Zaala's lack of response as apology enough. "Yeah, he does. And I'm not sure what I'm looking for, for him. I thought it would be easy but… what do you get a teenaged boy?" he drawls with what almost sounds like amusement. Eyeing the comb she picks up, he blinks and then makes a bit of a face. Gems? Really? Apparently he does not like shiny things. K'drozen's outstretched hand catches Rayathess a little off guard, but he is no fool as to brush it off and so he tentatively accepts it. "Well met, K'drozen," he murmurs in an equally respectful tone, though he is still a touch uneasy around the brownrider. Can he be blamed? Not really. His first encounter with riders in Gold Hill led to him being tied and bound. Not a good start! "I'm Rayathess." Of no rank?

"Sharp things-" is Zaala's immediate response to what you get teenage boys, "Knives and stuff," meanwhile she's still regarding the hair comb with some prolonged interest, as if no doubt, she's debating the purchase of it and the listed price for it. Shiny things are costly things, after all. "Or… like, new boots, um, or gloves. Maybe a firelizard egg, if you can find one." She's full of ideas, "You could also get him, um, a fancy comb, or a painting, or wood carvings…" And she seems to becoming to the end of her ideas, until, "Or a nice fur coat, something to wear in this weather." Full of idea, practical, and maybe one might be suitable for Ray's brother. She grows quiet as she regards the interaction between hold heir and brownrider, fingering that hair comb all the while, torn, is it worth it is or should she look around and risk losing it to someone else.

K'drozen says softly, "I wouldn't say knives in particular are nessarilly a good gift for a young man, it really depends on what kind of things he liks to do. Even if I do collect knives myself." he glances to Zaala, "you shoulds ask yourself, is there anything in particular he is intrested in." he smiles to the young man and says, "And what the occasion is that you are buying the present for."

Rayathess snorts and this time he does look genuinely amused to Zaala's first response. "You know… that may actually be a good idea. We were stonecarvers and woodcarvers in our family. He, well, he should have had his own set of carving knives by now but I cannot afford those. Not a respectful and reliable set, anyways. I may have enough for a belt knife though. Won't be any dagger but," he shrugs. A gift is a gift? More of the suggestions are met with a quirked brow and then he does smile crookedly. "Shells. Remind me to hunt you down if I ever find myself in need of another gift. You should ply that as a trade," he drawls and it's hard to say if he's teasing her or actually serious. His eyes turn to K'drozen then and smirks, "No occasion, unless many missed Turndays count. As for appropriate, perhaps it's not but… I trust Ezra to be responsible. Won't be the first time he has handled knives." Zaala's lingering decision over the comb isn't lost entirely on the young man and he casts another look to the item she seems so reluctant to part with. Lips pressing together, he seems to battle some inner conflict before mumbling, "How much is it?" What?

See, she knows what boys like. Things that aren't fancy or pretty in any way shape or form. The response she earns from Rayathess for her suggestions has her smiling, forgetting the past and inappropriate things said, a new game is afoot. "Ply it as a trade I would, if such a thing would sell," she does squint a little, as if some thought strikes her, "I wonder how many people would need help shopping." Oh and wouldn't that be grand to make a living at! She waves it off though with a continued smirk and a shrug of her shoulders. As for K'drozen's remark about it being unwise to give the young knives, she gives him a questioning look though doesn't directly counter his opinion in that regard, he has more experience after all. She does at least learn that Ezra is the name of Rayathess' brother, to whom she has… maybe encountered? Hard to say, so many 'E' names running around. Instead, it's the last remark from Rayathess that earns a response from her, quiet though, "A little more than I have. A quarter mark."

K'drozen glances to the comb Zaala was looking at and says softly, "it is a nice one there." before looking to Rayathess and says softly, "Wood carvers you say? well I might be able to help you come up with a decent set of tool for relitively cheep." a honest smile on his face, "I did alot of woodworking and carving before i impressed. And may have a extra workable set." looking to the young man, knowing a portion but not all of his story..

"Are you kidding me? Holders would be all over that and I'm sure some of the folk where too. Not everyone is a master at gifts." Rayathess goes on, still joking but light hearted, forgetting the past encounter with Zaala and shedding most of his prickly and defensive nature in favor of one that is far more natural and approachable. Who knows how long it will last though! As she waves off the idea, he only shrugs as well and smiles crookedly, glancing down again at the wares but with obvious disinterest. The price has him frowning a little and he does a quick calculation in his head. "I'd have enough to spare to pay the difference, if you're keen on that comb." With the gems. Ugh. At least he doesn't wrinkle his nose at it, but he lets the offer stand no matter how awkward or odd it may be. Speaking of offers, K'drozen's catches Rayathess completely off guard and he looks over sharply to the brownrider. "Well, we were… some time ago. I don't even know if he wants to take up the skill. Actually take it up and not just pretend. I will consider it? It is quite the generous offer." he says with a polite nod of his head.

Ray's response astonishes Zaala, lips curling as if quietly proud that the idea has resulted in so much enthusiasm, perhaps, that it may earn some investigating later on, when she wishes to put her energy into some venture other than sticking with lower cavern work. "I might consider it further then," she concludes, with a warm smile on her face for his responsiveness, not so bitter and ugly as their first encounter. Definitely a positive turn of events. Her cheeks heat again at the genuine offer to help her pay for the comb, "That's very kind of you Rayathess…," though it would mark the end of her shopping if she were to splurge on one item, "I appreciate the offer, I really do, but it's a litte out of my price range and I wouldn't want to impose on your own gift buying for your brother." She sets the comb down, perhaps his offer settling it in her mind that it wasn't worth it, especially to put her into debt with someone. Not that she's ungrateful, certainly, the offer alone seems to have done more than actually paying for it. Then Kal makes a similar offer to Ray, to which she muses over before noticing where her friends went off too, scowling at them as they're feasting on a bubbly pie, split between them.

K'drozen smiles and says, "I know you and yours have hand a really hard time of it." he siles and says, "And I have a fair number of blades. And if this helps you all get reestablished in any way shape or form." he smiles, "I beleive in paying it foward, I had someone do something similar for me in the past." His eyes flick towards the comb Zaala put down before looking back to Ray.

Who knew that Rayathess could actually be nice, as well as a (sort of) gentleman? Maybe he even had his doubts, as it is his turn to look a little uneasy and sheepish, shifting his weight as Zaala considers his offer towards the comb. Her turning him down is met only with a nod and a shrug of his shoulders, no bitter or sarcastic remark or disappointment. "Understandable, really. Might find something else just as nice but not as pricy, after all. If not and you change your mind well…" Offer still stands, apparently. He's all but forgotten the gaggle of girls who had been with Zaala, his attention now drawn back to K'drozen and the hold-heir looks rather taken-aback by the offer the brownrider makes once again and his comments. Rayathess' eyes drop and his expression turns conflicted and grim beneath a light frown. Hard times might be an understatement. "You have my thanks, K'drozen. I'll consider your offer for sure." he murmurs, looking up again to the brownrider and then clearing his throat as he turns his attention back to Zaala. "Hungry?" he asks, a touch abruptly and more awkward than ever and the offer is extended to K'drozen as well. "I could go for a bite of something. I know the crafter market is closed but someone must be selling food here in the caravans."

Zaala seems conflicted, stay with the two men or sneak back with the girls, whom, upon her beseeching look at them, earns a few giggles and gestures, which undoubtedly encourage her to stay with the hold-heir and the brownrider. For shame. Her eyes twinkle with mirth and the words she may have with them for abandoning her! So much for never leaving a girl behind, though no doubt she's under their watchful gazes. As for the offer and her dismissal of it, she bobs her head, "I'll keep it in mind." Likely, she may just end up back at this caravan near the end of the afternoon anyway, if she cannot find any other suitable baubles to buy. Her green dusted hazel eyes hold to Rayathess as he brings up the question of hunger, to which, until that point, she was more or less forgetting about. The invitation has her smile, "Yes. I'm actually a little hungry. I wonder what sort of things we could find."

K'drozen smiles and says softly, "I could use something." he cocks his head to the side as if listening to something, "But I will catch up with you over there in just a few minutes. he looks between the pair.

Giggling will catch Rayathess' attention and he will look past Zaala and K'drozen to where the group of her lower cavern friends stand, giving them a brief and questioning look before deeming them harmless enough to ignore once more. "Probably sweets, most like. Someone is bound to have something a little more satisfying though than sugar. Unless… you're wanting something sweet?" he asks, rambling a bit. Is someone suddenly nervous? Yes, yes he is. He's not used to this or being overly social, too long having resorted to his shell and keeping everyone at a distance. "Come on then, I think the food is that way," And he points to some general direction past where the other girls stand. It certainly does smell like there is food, but is it for sale is the bigger question? K'drozen's comment is not lost either and Rayathess pauses for a moment, giving the brownrider a curious look. "Ahh, sure? We could grab something for you too or…" Fumble. Something? Shards, he's bad at this. So he only awkwardly nods his head and then begins to walk forwards, lingering only to see if Zaala follows and where, perhaps, K'drozen wanders off too.

"No, I think something with a little more sustenance," she's definitely not a sweet-fiend like the other girls. She'll start to wander toward the caravans with Rayathess, pausing to consider K'drozen for a moment, a faint hesitation there to abandon their companion in this conversation, "Then hurry to catch up," she does tell him. The girl flicks her braid behind her, walking toward those delicious smelling caravans.

As the pair leaves, K'drozen leans over to the trader and speaks a few soft words to the man and hands him a small stack of coins. He smiles as he collects and Item and before moving to follow behind Zaala and Rayathess.

Rayathess seems a touch reluctant as well to leave K'drozen behind, a touch puzzled by the brownrider's sudden leave-taking. He can't mull over it for too long, as now he has to find something for them to eat and hopefully it won't be his own words and his spur of the moment suggestion. "Ahh, so not a fancier of sweets?" he drawls to Zaala as they walk along and it may be a joke or perhaps not. Could be the young man is just looking for something to say before an awkward silence settles in. "Ah, here we are." They're approaching a few smaller caravans now and while most look to be selling sweets or breads, the one farthest has a rather pleasant aroma around it that promises of either soup or stew or something rich and hearty. "That more like it?" he asks, turning his head towards Zaala with a curious look before he wanders up to order.

Zaala sends one last look behind her at the brownrider, tagging along with Rayathess, which seems rather ironic considering their first encounter. Apparently first impressions aren't everything. The teen shares a look with Rayathess when he mentions her not fancing sweets, smirking and having to say it, for her temperament is totally weyr-bred, "I prefer spicy meats," and that could down grade pretty quickly into lower cavern talk, not even batting an eye at saying it, "Salty foods are more my thing." She even looks innocent while saying it, putting forward a playful ruse of being naive. As they approach the caravans, she notes the one with breads and sweets, turning it aside, true to her word, and going after the heartier meal of stew. "Nothing like a good bowl of stew on a chilly day to warm your insides!" She shifts sidelong with Rayathess, nearly rubbing shoulder to shoulder to press her face into the order window too. "A bowl of stew for me please!" she wiggles in the order, smirking over at Ray. Weyrfolk aren't all that bad, are they?

K'drozen hurries to catch up to the pair and says, "Sorry about that, Rhyrith wanted to tell me something, had me a bit distracted for a little while there." he spots the stew and smiles, "Now that looks like a good choice. I'll take a bowl as well."

No, Weyrfolk aren't all that bad and it's a lesson that Rayathess is slowly, but surely, learning. He's learning a lot in his time in the Weyr and he's not totally naive to the lower cavern talk. But once a holder always a holder in some respects and while he simply nods his head to Zaala, his cheeks flush a bit with color and he clears his throat. "Right. Spicy or salty meats," Wince. Oh shards, that sounded like something completely wrong to his ears. Was that the point? Cause Zaala has certainly left him a bit tongue tied, but not in the same negative way as their first encounter. "Ah, yes. Exactly!" he replies in a fumbling manner to her remark and he goes to move forwards, only to catch her sidelong look and fall back, blinking as she comes close to rubbing shoulders with him. He almost twitches from the near contact and when she smirks back at him, he smirks right back and then gestures for her with a mock half-bow. "Ladies first." he says, voice dripping with sarcasm but his smirk soon turns to a lopsided smile. He's teasing and he will simply wait behind her for his turn to order just as K'drozen rejoins them. "Ahh… I heard that it can be distracting at times." He's probably heard very many things, but how much of it is truth? Rayathess snorts softly, but it is in good humor. "Should be good." he agrees, seeming fairly confident in his assumptions.

That does get a giggle from Zaala as the poor holder is baited right into repeating those words, in fact, it provokes a string of giggles from her as she notices his cheeks flush. It's one of those teehee 'teenager' moments, as anything with a sexual innuendo is hilarious. She winks at his ladies first comment, with the mirth still glinting in her eyes, stepping up so boldly and brazenly to order in front of him, "My my, such a gentlemen! Thank you good sir," this in teasing back, no doubt. As she gets served the stew and trades it for a thirtysecond mark, she delights out of the way for the other two, taking her bowl toward one of the tables set up near the caravan. Plopping down, she hurries to huddle and eat the stew, before it gets cold in this weather.

K'drozen chuckles softly as he listens to the pair, accepting his stew he steps back and along aside Zaala waiting for Ray. He smiles and says, "It can be odd yes." he smiles, "Never would have believed the stories about it when I was growing up in the holds.."

Rayathess is easily baited and lead into traps, it seems. Poor holdbred boy. He never knows it's coming until it's far, far too late and he either has his foot well into his mouth or is so deep into things that the whole meaning is lost. Sexual innuendo is too new for him, not leading to fits of amusement quite yet but does it ever lead to some colorful blushing and fidgeting. "I am no, Sir. If I was, I'd have paid for your meal." he drawls with a crooked smirk and his eyes flash with humor but some truth behind there as well. Shaking his head, he watches as Zaala goes to take her seat before stepping up to the caravan and ordering a bowl for himself and a chunk of bread to go with it. Food in hand, he pauses by K'drozen and quirks a brow, giving the brownrider a long and curious look as he steps over to take a seat across from Zaala. "So you were holderbred too?" he asks and once settled he tucks into his food just as swiftly as she did to avoid it getting too chilled.

If there could be a response to that, Zaala doesn't know it or chooses not to acknowledge his mention of not being a 'sir' … in her mind maybe he was, as being a hold heir means something even if there is no hold to be an heir in. It's all about the rebuild and if there were enough parties to rebuild it, he could, and therefore in time claim his birth right. Still, she muses silently over how easily he was led into her little web, spun quite neatly to capture an unknowing holder. Holders are fun to tease and she's got her hands in making sure most of them see some sort of initiation into weyrlife. It's fun! As for now though, she's quietly eating her stew, listening to what the two guys have to talk about.

K'drozen nods and says, "Very much so, I had no idea what weyrs where like when I first came to one, I heard all the worst rumors. Found most are untrue." he smiles and takes a bite of his stew enjoying the warmth.

It is a wee bit more complicated than that and maybe someday Zaala will come to know just how it is if she can ever pry the truth out of Rayathess without him throwing a defensive fit. She'll find many hours of amusement with teasing him too, as he's very easily swayed. But he will learn and then perhaps she'd best watch out then. He'll content himself with a few more bites of his stew, looking up to K'drozen as he speaks and darting his gaze from him to Zaala and back again. "Is that so? Like what rumors?" Do tell and that pointed look to Zaala should be obvious. "You're weyrbred, aren't you?" Way to ask the obvious?

When that time came for him to give it back as good as he got, she'd be ready. Maybe. For now the teen smirks at the both of them, talking of the oddities of weyr life versus a life she would never come to know, unless she were to apprentice and happened to be shipped to a hold for apprenticehood or as a journeywoman. BUT, considering she's neither, she's content to live her present days in a Weyr, oblivious to the world of holders other than to tease them for their oh so traditional and outdated view points. Her eyes flicker between K'drozen and Rayathess, stalling on Ray once he points out that she is, in fact, weyrbred. That earns a cute little laugh, a soft recognition that he's being so obvious, followed by a tilt of her chin, and a cheerful tone, "Yup, I was. I was born in Xanadu, raised in both Xanadu and Western, just moved to Fort recently." A brow lowers with a sly tone, "How ever did you know?" A beat, "Could it be I'm not all modest, prim, and proper like the ladies who come out of Holds?"

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "The rumors about the average weyr resident." he smiles, "They really aren't much diffrent then a hold resident truthfully, Maybe things are a bit looser about intimacy, because of flights but…"

Rayathess quirks a brow when his question to Zaala earns a laugh and maybe he is flushing again or could it be the cold nip to the air? He shovels a bit more food into his mouth, hunching his shoulders and hovering over it as if to guard it. See? Totally not a gentleman. More like half-wild with some pretence towards civilized behavior. "Wait, so Fort isn't even your home Weyr?" Obvious and oblivious! Great combination for more awkward and he coughs, grimacing. "I mean, well… how'd you get from Xanadu to Western and then this far north and eastward again?" His curious (and naive) mind would like to know! As her tone turns sly, he gives her a wary sort of look as if sensing another trap but not quite sure where it is or if he's already sprung it. "Uh, well… I didn't mean to imply?" he fumbles again only to straighten his shoulders, lift his chin and snort, "Who's to say that all holder ladies are prim and modest?" Would he know? Oh, just keep digging a deeper hole, Rayathess. Glancing sharply to K'drozen, now the young man does blush and takes a sudden keen interest in his bread. Oh look, delicious bread to sop up his leftover stew. "No, not much different. But they're right on somethings." he mutters in agreement. Like the flights.

"Fort my home Weyr?" she gives a snort at the idea, but isn't it turning into her home Weyr? Something like that anyway. The girl shakes her head slightly, hovering her spoon for a moment as she answers instead, "No, it's not. I'd be born blue and pale white if it were." See, she's clearly trying to say she was born with sun kissed skin! Though, with a little more seriousness to her tone, she tilts her head, "It's not that hard to imagine. My father, his name is L'ton, spent his time between Ista and Western Weyrs, when I was born, it was mostly Western I think, but even I can't keep track of where he goes. He's … known Pern wide," especially since he's sired like fifty kids by now. "As for Xanadu, my mom lives there. She's a bluerider. They hooked up and tadda, here I am." But that doesn't explain Fort, so she tacks on, "And being a daughter of a couple dragonriders, it was natural for me to stay with the Weyrs. I was searched for a Fortian clutch, stood, didn't impress, went back home, then wanted to venture out on my own, and came back here." And breath. A smile, "It's pretty easy to get around, with a mum and dad that don't mind ferrying their kid around, that or, I've friends who've a dragon, like K'drozen here, Abigail, and Eirwyn, Idrissa at Xanadu, Ka'el and Soriana…" those are the notable ones, the rest she rambles off are more unknown and likely to be NPCs. Once she realizes she's rambled, she shrugs and points with her spoon, "That's how." Head bob. As for the holden girl situation, she smirks, "Most of them are. All modest and faranth forbid they show skin while bathing." A side look at K'drozen, maybe earning a swat, though, she doesn't correct him on the matter, after all, most of the lower cavern girls -do- get around.

K'drozen chuckles soflty and smiles over to Zaala fondly and says, "Really people are people no matter where they are from." he grins to Zaala and says, "when I first came to the weyr I got on end of greif because I would only use the bathing caverns in the middle of the night when everyone else was in bed.

Rayathess gives Zaala a funny look for her quip of being born pale and blue if born of the north and he smirks but says nothing of it. "I've not heard of this L'ton?" he remarks and then sounds almost a bit embarrassed for admitting to it. Now he really DOES feel naive. But he was born of a very secluded cothold, not that she would know this. He won't interrupt her again though and listens with quiet interest as he picks at his bread. He doesn't seem to mind her rambling, but he's rightly flushing now for his stupidity. Of course she'd be able to get to travel easily! Riders for parents and riders for friends always has it's perks! Rayathess might have said something bitter and snarky then, but he's actually enjoying some of this socializing and so bites his tongue. For now. "That all makes perfect sense. I hadn't known your past, so…" He shrugs. Now he does! He rolls his eyes then and smirks, giving Zaala a lingering sidelong look, "There isn't anything wrong with a bit of modesty. Just seems… respectful. Rather than just flaunting it." Right? K'drozen's comment at least has the young man chuckling and shaking his head, "Did you really go through all that trouble?" Notice that Rayathess says nothing of his own adjustment to the Weyr. Nope, not a single word.

K'drozen earns a cluck of her tongue for his people are people no matter where they be, "So we're all sluts then, that it?" Since well, he said it and she just baited in the poor rider, quite easily. She's clearly teasing, but has no qualms about using vulgar language. Her eyes twinkle with mischief as she regards Rayathess and his admission of not knowing who L'ton was, which earns a soft amused laugh, "No, unless you had big breasts and a pretty face, you wouldn't know him. Some call him a casanova, others, just a rogue!" Either way, she barely knows him other than the odd time he stops in to check on her existance, he does that at least, for his fifty odd kids. As for it making sense how she'd get around, she nods, "It makes it easy," a wink between certainly is faster than days spent on horseback! Though she does smile quietly for the mention of modesty, "I suppose, though I don't mind getting a preview." Cue the weyrbred tongue in her.

K'drozen grins and says, "Absolutely." he smiles and says, "I worked a while as a handyman over at Ista weyr. That is where Rhyrith found me." he grins at Zaala and says, "I ment there are all kind every weyr, modest, and not."

Rayathess blinks as Zaala slips so casually into the vulgar language and how easily K'drozen responds to it and perhaps for that reason, he holds his expression to blankness though that probably gives him away just as easily. He's really going to have to learn to ease up or the Weyr is bound to eat him alive in due time. Her mischievous look earns another smirk and he rolls his eyes a bit, "Oh, one of those. I'd say more rogue than casanova, but what do I know?" Very little, apparently. Finishing the last of his bread, he then dusts his hands clean and swipes any crumbs free of his lap and thankfully he finishes chewing and swallowing before Zaala's last comment or he would have choked. "What, a preview of the women?" he blurts out, only to closes his eyes briefly. Idiot. Rayathess grimaces, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck as he tries to figure out how to dig himself out of that one… and finds nothing. Instead he only moves on and replies to K'drozen instead, "See, he's got the right of it." he points out, even if he feels as though he's grasping at straws. "You've got not-so modest holders and then modest weyrfolk. I'm sure of it. Can't all be the same."

Zaala seems tickled pink by the responses, grinning ear to ear after the reactions to her choice of words. Not the most proper, certainly not, but then, some call the girls who work in the caverns wenches anyway. A figure of speech that rolls off her back. The teen easily enough dances between topics, answering Ray about her dad, "I would agree." As for his blurting out about getting a preview of the women, her girlish laugh fills the immediate area, throwing her head back before looking at him, pointedly, "Or, men, if that's what you prefer. But yes, a preview. You -might- as well look at what you're getting before you go after it. It's like window shopping." Cue the cute look, eyes snapping over toward Kal, "Pish posh. Yah yah. Of -course- there's all types. But I'm saying it's more likely holders have a majority of modesty." Something like that.

K'drozen nods and says, "Flights do affect things in that ways, we cant help it. our dragons emotions and lust overwhelm us, it isn't something we can controll. Some of the ladies. and men, do things to try to help the ridres. That is why they think we are all wonton and the like.

Zaala wouldn't hear such a term from Rayathess' mouth — not here at least and probably never meant seriously. Does the hold heir even have the ability to speak like that? Probably, but he's choosing to bite his tongue even though it is getting far more difficult for him to do so. Be civilized. He's neither lower cavern rank or within the holdless camps under Laris' sway and he'd rather hide beneath the 'naive and innocent, modest and proper' holderbred stereotype for as long as he can manage. At Zaala's laughter, his blush extends as far as his ears and down most of his neck but he can at least smile crookedly (or is it still a grimace?) at his own foolishness. "Ah, no… no. Definitely not men and I don't like to gawk at the girls…" Of course he would and does and he just damns himself further with that statement.

Remember, he is no Sir or gentleman, holderbred or not. His eyes dart away from her at that cute look and he clears his throat, laughing but almost nervously. "Window shopping? How—-" Crude? "Fitting." Oh ho! Look who's playing along? Sort of and Rayathess fidgets a bit in his seat as he takes that first (awkwardly uncomfortable) step. He then shoots K'drozen an incredulous look, blinking a few times. "Ah, well… yes. Those are the common rumors. And well…" Fumble. They're true? To a degree. "… it's easy enough to understand the mixup." Not to mention no one warned him of how loud flights can broadcast.

"It always comes down to sex, doesn't it?" Zaala sighs with a shake of her head, looking over at Rayathess, "That's pretty much what seperates Holders from Weyrbreds, the idea that we all have way too much of it, not that I can't see you holder types bedding a maid or smothering eachother in a closet. Heck, I bet Lord Holders have 'assistance' all the time, from whom ever." She shrugs, "It's more like, closet sex versus liberal flight sex. It's all sex. Who gives a flying faranth!" She waggles her spoon and then thumps it in her bowl, "So, you two up for seconds, cause I'm finished." And how easy she can slip right off the subject matter. It's no big deal to her anyway. She's pretty free thinking and free talking, much like both her parents. Her eyes turn toward Rayathess, noticing the red creeping down his neck. Cute. She's starting to like this thing about making guys blush, Borodin has suffered that enough under her 'hey toots' greeting more than enough for him to get used to it, lo and behold! As for his announcement that he doesn't look at girls, that makes her brow arch up, questioning the legitmacy of that alone, "Not men, but you don't gawk at girls." What is he, asexual? She hrmms a little, studying him with those big eyes of her's, to make him squirm more or less under the wait of her scrutiny. She does smirk as he seems to go along with her window shopping remark, standing up from the table though, "It was nice sharing a meal with you two. My friends look to be getting ready to leave. So much for seconds, have some for me, alright?" She winks at them both, wiggles her fingers in a girlish wave good bye, and before they can say anything on the matter, she calls over her shoulder as she's hurrying off, "Later sweetlings!"

Rayathess blinks again when Zaala looks over at him. What? He can't help but snort and then laugh, short and gruff, for the obvious. "Seems so," he drawls with a smirk and then rather than blush he almost blanches. Uh, uh, uh… He doesn't stutter out loud but it's clear his thoughts skip like a broken record until he gives his head a sharp, swift shake. Frowning, he takes a moment to recover and then smiles faintly but there is a wry look to his eyes. "Wouldn't you like to know?" he shoots back and leaves it at that. Who gives a flying Faranth indeed! "No seconds for me," Rayathess is quick to answer that at least, though he gives a curious look to K'drozen. The young man's blush is fading at last, visible only along his cheeks even when Zaala questions him and before he realizes he's walking right into it, he blurts out defensively, pricked and bristling. "I do gawk at girls! I—- damn it!" He shoots her a narrow look then. That wasn't fair! Or maybe it was, as he could have blundered into that all by himself. Nope, not asexual. Squirm he does and squirm right out of his seat he does, pushing to his feet. "High time I got back to the Weyr too." he mutters, only to flinch when Zaala adds to her wink and farewells with a nicknamed call. Sighing, he'll give K'drozen a curt nod and then slink off once Zaala and her lower cavern girlfriends have long since disappeared ahead.

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