*Fort Weyr - Council Chambers**
A large table, spacious enough to seat all of the Weyrleaders of Pern simultaneously, takes up the majority of the space in this room. Comfortable chairs are placed at regular intervals around the highly polished table, and writing materials have been laid out at each place in preparation for the next meeting. Along the walls are a series of sideboard tables, meant to hold food and drink for longer conference sessions.

A candlemark or so has passed since the reports came in that Harper Rayathess was attacked in Fort's territory, and the Hall and Holds had called on the weyr to respond. Kimmila has met with the available Wingleaders in the lounge, and now she's in the council chamber, spreading out maps and talking quietly to Abigail, tapping a stylus against a page on the table. "here, I think, and we start a grid pattern…"

At the same time, Nyalle has spoken to her Juniors and the lower caverns staff, requesting any information on the drudge named Hazelon, who is not within the weyr and was named by Ezra as one of his brother's attackers. The Senior walks into the room trailed by several trusted drudges, who set out simple refreshments and drinks - none alcoholic - before retreating. Kayeth also reaches out to the minds of Fort's dragons, calling for available leadership and interested volunteers to meet in the council chambers, while the word spreads to non-riders by way of couriers shouting through the weyr's bowls and corridors.

Kouzevelth's response is a gentle fall of rain, soothing and bolstering the younger queen. Calm, for her time of stress; encouragement for how well she's getting things done; her junior's usual social-but-serious, wordless touch. She's still got your back, Kayeth, in case you had any doubts. Oh, and Velokraeth — you too. Have a few misty raindrops and some nice smells. As for her rider, Inri makes an appearance with her hair pulled up into a bun, a pen shoved behind one ear, notepad in hand. She looks just a little on the tired side, and pleased to see the fact that there's food in front of her seat as she slides into it.

Abigail came at the call as stayed once finding out what all had been doing on. At the moment she is near Kimmila looking down at the map in question and nods slightly at the talk of a grid pattern. "Could work, might be able to use some canines for checking places that one may try to hide and the like." This said with a soft tone as her pale gaze drifts over the map pondering a few moments, things that could be used and perhaps certain riders to speak with to help out in the search that would be best at job. Her gaze drifts towards the others that are wandering into the chamber and she offers a polite nod.

Not least of all, Laenia follows in behind the others, also with a notepad in hand. She's here for two reasons; one, it was a fellow Harper that was injured, and two, she's also going to be record-keeping the meeting, both for the Hall and the Weyr. There's a polite greeting from her all around before she makes her way to a seat. She's ready and all ears with her pen ready and waiting. As the leaders discuss, she writes a couple of notes at the top describing what she'll be transcribing.

"You could possibly get some of the older kids to help, too — if only in making sure that no one tries to sneak back into an area that's already been searched," was Zhirayr's contribution to the conversation between Kimmila and Abigail. The Headwoman's Assistant's usual black clothing looks remarkably dour, for the occasion, as he absently picks up and starts to shred a sausage roll.

The Weyrleader has been present all this time! Kind of. Th'ero had briefly spoken with Nyalle prior to her meeting with her juniors, had addressed most of the weyrfolk and Wingriders at large of the situation and then retreated briefly into his office again, with the door shut. For the few who know the Weyrleader, they'd know that it's probably for the best that he's alone for a handful of minutes. Better he regain his composure than come storming out in a fit. When he does emerge from his office, his expression is rigid and controlled, but his eyes flash with that contained temper and his mood is brooding and grim at best. Happy Weyrleader he is not. Pausing to scan those already assembled, Th'ero will dip his head first to Laenia when he spots her knot. "Fort's duties," he murmurs, not at all surprised to see another Harper already in attendance. Good, so the Hall is here and so are his Wingleaders, Weyrwomen and his weyrmate. "Weyrwoman," Th'ero greets Nyalle respectfully, glancing to where her junior sits. "Inri." A few more steps and he's standing closer to where Kimmila and Abigail now stand, nodding to both of them with a tense grimace. "Abigail, Kimmila. Has there already been some discussion on a possible pattern or grid?" He'll glance to Zhirayr then, overhearing his contribution and frowning as he mulls it over in his head. He will wait on officially starting the meeting or perhaps skip it entirely. They all know roughly as to the purpose of their gathering.

Kimmila looks up as others begin to arrive, but her focus initially is for Abigail. "Canines, there's a good idea," and to Zhirayr, the bluerider also nods. "Perhaps…though I'd rather have guards on the ground. We can only assume these men are armed and dangerous. Do we have a suspect yet?" Her eyes seek her Weyrmate's, trying to gauge his mood as she steps aside to let him see the map. "Here," she offers, to the map with light pencil lines drawn over it in a pattern, with the hold where Rayathess rests circled in bold pen. "Unfortunately we don't know yet where he came from…which direction to go in, so we were thinking radiating out from the hold in a circular pattern, like a starburst."

Nyalle looks to Inri, nodding, and says softly, "Do you have any information about Hazelon yet? Ah, Harper Laenia. A grim way to introduce you to most of the weyr, but I am grateful for your attendance."

Abigail glances to Zhirayr and clears her throat a touch at the thought of kids on the ground after someone was attacked. "I agree with Kimmila, guards would be the best bet at the moment. Would be the ideal thing as they would be trained. Still there is a chance that they could be used for lookouts perhaps." For what, who knows. Her gaze turns over to Th'ero and she offers him a polite nod. "Aye we have been working on looking over things for such an idea as a grid search." Which she feels is a good idea given the area they are having to look through.

"Nothing really new or interesting, though there are a few people I didn't get to talk to yet that I wanted to —" Like Zhirayr and Kimmila, so of course Inri's eyes are falling on each of them momentarily in turn as she speaks. "I'll get there. I've only really heard the things that I had, er, already heard. And outrageous gossip that can be reasonably filtered out as outrageous gossip." Which is why she's good at this; she really is a natural at being able to tell what to ignore.

At the Weyrleader's greeting, Laenia also gives him a nod, having glanced up from her notepad to partake in the refreshments while everyone was getting settled. Another nod is given to Nyalle. "Of course, Nyalle. What better way than to be of use, eh?" she returns, voice just as soft.

"I'd prefer if we did not resort to using any children, though if there's insistence on that matter… perhaps in close range of the Weyr walls and with adults as 'leaders'." Th'ero remarks dryly. Not exactly fun, but then this is a serious matter and the Weyrleader's not taken to the news well. He glances first to Abigail, then to Kimmila again as he steps closer to the table where the map rests, studying the light lines already traced upon it. Nodding, he is silent a moment as he absorbs that and rearranges his thoughts, brows knit heavily in concentration. "NO doubt the Holds are already preparing their Guards. Those who have enough of them to spare, that is. Captain Breshir is already going through our ranks and numbers to see how many can join. Abigail, I assume your Wingriders would be able to offer transport? If not, we can see if Yhri has Wingriders to spare as well…" he murmurs and then with a finger lightly tapping the map, he adds. "This will work as a start. We can always modify it if the initial searches yield anything.

Kimmila nods in agreement to Abigail, tapping her pencil against the map gently. "Wait. What was his name? Hazelon?" Her eyes widen. "Shards!" she swears, turning to look at Th'ero. "He's the one! The archer! The drudge I caught practicing in the woods, the one who lied!" And she swears again, viciously as she bangs her hand onto the table. "He was practicing for /this/!"

Nyalle clears her throat softly when Laenia uses her name instead of her title, but decides now isn't the time to discuss her preferences when it comes to etiquette. She jumps when Kimmila hits the table, looking quickly to Th'ero. "What is she talking about?" Then she looks to Inri, frowning a bit, and then to Zhirayr. "Nothing that might be a motive for this attack? No rumors that might give us that answer at least?"

"Of course we will offer transport. I already have a few in mind to help with the transport and to help with the search that will be good at what is going on." Abigail offers while glancing to the area that Th'ero is tapping upon. A nod of her head is seen. "Alright." There is a pause as she hears Kimmila and a brow lifts. "Who is Hazelon?" Seems she missed that memo.

Zhirayr, silently, scrounges around in his pocket until he finds a tiiiiiny little tube of numbweed, and hands it out to Kimmila. For her hand. Because her mood is just SOL.

"Some of the rumors should probably be revisi—" And then Inri stops talking, because of what Kimmila's just said. "I knew I needed to talk to you!" she chirps, sounding almost delighted; excited because it's a breakthrough, not because it's good. "Maybe not now, but definitely really soon, I need all the details on that. And — there was one other thing. Anrila wouldn't say anything to me at all about him. She bolted when I asked."

After a moment, Laenia realizes her slips up and mouths an 'I'm sorry' to Nyalle. She'd momentarily forgotten where she was. Though, she is silent for most of the interaction, pen hitting paper once they start speaking of things of importance. Her hand flies across the page, quickly jotting down Hazelon's name and Kimmila's comments.

"Excellent. Didn't mean to imply you hadn't already thought that out, but it's reassuring to know Thunderbird is ready…" Th'ero murmurs to Abigail, his mouth quirking up in a ghost of a smile and gone in the next instant. Kimmila is swearing and banging her hand on the table and the Weyrleader jerks back a bit in surprise, his posture stiffening. She knew Hazelon? He's about to demand more when it suddenly clicks in his head. Kimmila had told him of this suspicious drudge and he had waved it off as nothing but a misunderstanding. He's certainly regretting those thoughts now and to judge from the scowl that twists his features, he is upset (mostly at himself), but he swears now under his breath as well. This just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it? "Are you sure, Kimmila?" he asks stiffly, only to dart a quick look to Nyalle. "Kimmila, would you explain?" To everyone, including Laenia. Harper Hall is going to love hearing about this, aren't they? Inri's addition to everything has Th'ero staring at her, as he attempts to link it all together. "… what does the Stonehaven girl have to do with him?" he mutters, his eyes then trying to seek out Zhirayr. YOU. "Do you know anything of this or of Hazelon?"

Kimmila grits her teeth, eying the numbweed offered from Zhirayr and shaking her head. She's too pissy to take it. Maybe later. "I was out hunting and came upon this drudge with a bow. Hazelon, that was his name, I just couldn't remember it. He acted as if he'd never shot before. Claimed he was practicing for a competition, but when I pressed it was pretty clear something wasn't right. I believed his story about the competition though, until I got back to the weyr and found out there /wasn't/ a competition. He could shoot better than he showed me, that I could tell. So." /Clearly/. "He must have been practicing for this little mission. But why Rayathess? Why a Harper?"

Nyalle sits down in a chair, glancing over at the refreshment table and then back to the others with a small nod for Abigail, then for Inri. "Ah. Yes..why…" She's about to ask, but Th'ero does it first.

Inri's response isn't that /helpful/, simply, "I assume for the same reason Ezra was sure it was him who did it. If she'd actually tell me what it was — I'll go talk to Ezra, maybe he'll be a little more forthcoming with me." Considering they're the best of friends and one isn't afraid of the other, she might have better luck.

Abigail frowns as she hears what Kimmila says about this drudge. There is a slight pause while she lifts a hand to scratch at her neck a moment as she ponders this. "Do ye think he could have been the one that attacked Rayathess then?" This questioned with a curious tone, a lsight edge to it. She isn't too pleased over this idea, still not liking the idea that he was shot to start with.

Laenia's hand is flying over her notepad as she tries to transcribe as much as she can with as much detail as possible. The Hall is definitely going to need to be informed of this. Why Rayathess? Were they targetting Harper Hall? Was there any particular reason?

Zhirayr has been muttering to himself for the past few minutes — "Hazelon, Hazelon…" He trails off, then waits until he catches the Weyrleader's eye again. "He's a kid, really. Came in after everything with Laris' camp getting disbanded. Can't be older than sixteen or seventeen, if that. He's actually been a very good worker, I think — no complaints about him, except that he isn't that friendly, but he does whichever job without complaining." He shrugs. "Hard to believe he'd snap and shoot someone without something showing before this, but I'm not some sort of mind-healer to know for sure."

"He did seem kind," Inri murmurs softly, backing up Zhirayr's commentary almost as an afterthought, as she's not really talking to anyone but herself, "Kind of qui—" And then the mention of Laris percolates through, and instead of actually blurting out, 'wait, what?' her jaw drops and she falls totally silent.

Th'ero grimaces and reaches out to rest a hand against Kimmila's arm. Whether in a gesture for her to settle now that her half of the story is spun or if in support and reassurance, it's hard to say. The Weyrleader can only shake his head and his hand falls back to his side, curled into a loose fist as he struggles to keep his temper and frustration in check. "I doubt it has little to do with the fact he's a Harper and only a Sr. Apprentice at that," he growls, only to eye Laenia again and clear his throat. "No offence meant, but in all honesty I do not see how that could be the reason. There's more to this…" At Abigail's question, Th'ero only nods grimly, "It's what Ezra Stonehaven claims he witnessed through his gold firelizard." Have they gone to back that story yet? He frowns and then turns his attention back to Inri, though his gaze also includes Nyalle in this. "Ezra's currently at the hold where Rayathess is recovering. Nyalle, do you think the holder would mind if Inri were to speak with him?" Someone ought to go and get the full story! If Ezra isn't already being hounded for information. Listening to Zhirayr's account of the young drudge, Th'ero's brows lift and he comes to the same conclusion. A Laris' camp orphan? The Weyrleader swears again under his breath and now some of his anger does leech through to his words. Mostly because he is frustrated at himself for not keeping better memory of the names of all those youths left behind. First Laurali and her group, now THIS one. "It doesn't add up at all!" he exclaims, after Zhirayr has finished and he scrubs irritably at the underside of his jaw. "Why now? Why keep such a clean record and good work ethic and then just—" Snap? Something dawns on the Weyrleader and his eyes scan each individual face of those assembled. "A grudge?" He simply says, only to exhale heavily. Yes… yes, that would make sense, wouldn't it? "Rayathess was in those camps too but turned traitor and turn cloak, at least in their eyes. His capture at Gold Hill Hold and the aid he lent us eventually led us to capturing Laris and… well, we all know the rest. Hazelon's attack may have had nothing to do with his rank…" It all had to do with his past, didn't it?

Kimmila frowns. "Ezra claimed he did it. This just adds more evidence to his claim." When Th'ero touches her she leans subtly into it, but they're hardly a gushing, touchy-feely couple. Especially not during a crisis. She is quiet, staring at the map and listening as Th'ero talks, theorizing, and she nods. "That has to be it. Some old grudge, and with Rayathess spending more time in the weyr…Hazelon must have finally run into him, seen who he was, and planned his revenge." Right? It's always that simple, isn't it?

Nyalle looks at Zhirayr, frowning thoughtfully. "After the Laris' camp was disbanded? Was he…?" She trails off, shaking her head and exhaling softly. She is so out of her depth but trying to maintain. "Does it matter what the holder thinks?" she asks Th'ero quietly. "We need to know, apparently, what Ezra saw. And if Inri is close to him, he might speak with her…" It seems logical? "Inri, if you would be so kind as to go, perhaps in the morning."

"Absolutely," Inri says right away, the cup of tea she had been fiddling with now utterly forgotten. "Maybe I'll offer Anrila a ride, too, see if she'll talk to me then — I know she was here for something with a runner foaling, I'm sure she's eager to get back." If she hasn't already, it's worth a try.

Abigail frowns as she listens, her arms folding in front of her while the stories are told and she is brought up to date on such things. "It Might depend. This one could have been trained and kept a clean record in order to make it seem he was innocent until he was able to attack." A soft breath escapes her and she shakes her head. "I don't think this has anything to do with Rayathess being a Harper at the moment, I would bet it deals with his past, he was with Laris group up until we got there and brought him from that place. The grudge could be to take out someone that went against laris and his group." Well it is a thought.

Zhirayr scoffs at Abigail's theory. "He's a kid, though. How many trained assassins have you heard of who were only thirteen at the time they showed up?" Because even with wide and varied reading tastes, he's never heard of any.

More scratching is heard from Laenia's pen and notepad as her hand is still going. There's a quick glance up at the Weyrleader, though she quickly glances back down again at her transcription. The more they talk, the more interesting it gets. Then, she finally speaks up, "Might I come along, Jr. Weyrwoman, so that I may take notes of the questioning? And to check on Rayathess' condition as well, if possible."

Inri's first impulse is to say, "Yes, of course," and then as soon as it's out of her mouth she pauses, raises one finger up, and looks thoughtful for about two seconds. After that brief pause, she adds, "As far as coming along to Stonehaven, anyway. As Ezra's friend I can't promise that he will be comfortable having an observer around when speaking to me; if he's more comfortable engaging with me in confidence I'm not going to tell him I promised. I'll pass along relevant information if that's the case, of course, and if it's all right with Ezra, it's certainly fine with me. But I'm absolutely willing to have you ride along, Journeyman."

Abigail sends a glance to Zhirayr. "I didn't call him an assassin. I knew how to use a bow when I was that age." Along with a knife, and well the list could go on. "What I am saying is. If this 'kid' was part of Laris group and was brainwashed into go along with things even as a child he could have been caught up with the thought that Rayathess went against Laris and then had to take on some sort of punishment for such things?" She shakes her head. "If that isn't the case what other reason would this 'kid' have to attack someone? For shits and giggles? Because he felt like it?"

Th'ero looks down at Kimmila when she subtly leans closer to his side. "How does this add more evidence to his claim?" he asks and grimaces. If only it were so easy! Already the Weyrleader's mind is working through so many countless possibilities and theories. None of which are pleasant and none of which are helping his dark, brooding mood any further. Neither does Abigail's theory help, save to add to the growing list though he nods to the Wingleader. "Could be. But we won't know for certain unless we can find him." And interrogate him. Which won't be a pleasant experience at all, since Hazelon will face it from Weyr, Hold AND Hall. To Zhirary, Th'ero scowls. "He is a kid," he confirms. "… from Laris' camps. Holdless. Their upbringing was not an easy life and while I am not condemning him as a criminal, I am not saying I am entirely surprised either. Not all of them reformed." Lyreh, for instance, though the Weyrleader doesn't know of her either. When Laenia offers to join Inri, Th'ero speaks up as well. "If it can be arranged? Though Journeyman, you may wish to confer first with Masterharper Moyrel or whomever your immediate Master may be, to be certain there is not a Harper already on site." Not that he assumes he knows! "If permission is granted by Harper Hall, I see no reason why Inri or any Fortian rider could take you." So there's his permission on that matter and he'll glance sidelong to Nyalle for hers. Does she agree?

Kimmila frowns, shaking her head at Zhirayr. "A kid from Laris' camps…" Then Th'ero is speaking and the bluerider lapses into silence. "We need to get into the air," she growls. "Abigail. Can you take these sections?" Tap. "I'll have my riders take these sections here. The others will have to cover these and I'll go talk to them next." She's taking /charge/.

Which is something Nyalle doesn't seem to appreciate, the Senior sitting up straighter and giving Th'ero a pointed look. Isn't this /his/ job? She looks to Laenia though, with a small nod. "Check with your supervisor first, if you have one, and…someone should inform Moyrel if she hasn't already been informed. Can I leave that to you? I think you should go with Inri to this…Butterdell." Butterdell? Really? "To keep records, to get interviews recorded, and to see to Rayathess' condition on behalf of the Hall."

Laenia nods towards Inri. "Of course. I wouldn't want to impose." she tells the Jr. Weyrwoman. Looking over at the Weyrleader, she says, "Of course, Weyrleader, those were my intentions." she nods towards both him and the Weyrwoman. "I will inform the Masterharper as soon as I am able, I do believe it best that I do go, even if there is a resident Harper. Mainly because I am more aware of the details. But, procedures will be followed accordingly."

"And I," Zhirayr offered with a sigh, "can go through duty rosters and see if I can figure out who else has worked with the boy, or if anyone remembers any strange gaps in when he worked, and set up interviews to see if my impression of him is what it is simply because I have some measure of authority over him." He shrugs, taps his pen on the table: "If you like."

Abigail nods as she hears Kimmila and takes in the sections that are pointed to. "Of course, that will not be a problem at all." Niumdreoth is already eager to go and start this search, the large brown getting a tad bit eager up on his ledge. A brow lifts and Abbey glances towards Nyalle at the holds name. Butterdell? Well that is rather interested name, she can't recall it, or maybe she just looked it right over in the past. "Aye, that is for certain Th'ero. Hopefully we will find him soon and get these questions answered."

"Narrowing down who else might know him would be appreciated," is Inri's polite quip in Zhirayr's direction, as she does her best to ignore the hold's name. It's too worth giggling over, and now is really, really not the time for giggling. She hadn't thought about asking about gaps, either. "I'll do my best to see if I can find Anrila again, and will of course take the Harper to see Ezra, first thing."

Th'ero's job as Weyrleader IS to be in charge and to give the final word on matters. Yet he doesn't seem to react in anger when Kimmila takes charge, only turning his head to give her a look that to most may seem stern but to her it will have much more in between. She's known him long enough to read between the lines and that he is calling her to order without actually doing it and embarrassing her. A brow quirks as he glances sidelong to the Weyrwoman. It's fine, he has it handled! "Be sure to have Varmiroth confirm all of this with Velokraeth, Niumdreoth and Cikitsakath, as well as any of the other teams. Start with what Kimmila has explained and I will join you when I can. First, I need to speak with Captain Breshir and then be certain we have a system of communication set between us and the Guards." Ground AND air coverage! Nodding to Laenia, he then glances to Zhirayr again and Inri. When it seems everyone is on the same page and they've come as far as they can in their planning, the Weyrleader gestures for dismissal. "Let's move then, while there is still light out for easier searching." The rest can begin to be organized and withheld to the morning if needed, but Th'ero is eager to end the meeting so that they can move forwards. "I'll just add," Th'ero speaks up again, as he steps back from the table. "That everyone should remain in contact, in one way or another. If you discover anything at all, no matter how minor of importance, have it reported and encourage others to do so. Either directly to myself and Nyalle, or through the correct means." And he'll give Laenia and Zhirayr a look then. Obviously the Journeyman Harper will have priorities and not all the information she may gather is privy to Weyr ears, but Zhirayr would report to Weyr leadership, or specifically to Nyalle. "You're all dismissed!" Time to go hunting for a wayward drudge!