So. Who's the moth and who's the flame? You decide…

Fort Weyr - D'ani's Place

Inside, the weyr itself is simple but comfortable, aged as it is over turns and turns of use. Stone has been worn smooth in places, especially along the dip in the ground that makes up the wallow — large enough to be comfortable for any bronze or smaller dragon — and positioned that both sunlight can filter in, as well as an unobtrusive view of the skies at night. A medium sized hearth is built into an opposite wall to offer some warmth in the colder seasons and a few shelves and small alcoves carved into the stone to hold both glows and perhaps a few personal items. With a view like this weyr sports, there seems no need for anything more.
In the very back, the weyr splits into two adjoining rooms, both small in size compared to the living area. One is clearly a modest bathing room, with only the barest of necessities given for one's comfort and not overly fancy — functional, is what one could call it and all carved it seems from the same stone. The other is nothing more than a bedroom, empty of furniture. The floor is a little rough in spots as well, as if whoever carved out this weyr got tired after the large living room and rushed through the rest. There are two solutions to that - smooth down the stone, or lay down rugs. The way the room is positioned, a bed could be arranged at just the right angle that one can always catch a small glimpse of the not-too distant sky. Even though little of the sunlight will filter far enough back, one can be assured that they are not entirely cut off from the world outside.

D'ani's weyr looks barely lived in, more like camped out in. His mother, were she alive, would cry if she saw it. It's a maze of heavy wooden dresser (still empty), a slightly worn leather couch and stuffed chair to match (but they're covered with stacks of necessities like bathmat, towel rack, a box of shaving and bathing supplies - his sword!) On the floor, leaving but narrow isles of passage are a couple of rolled-up carpets, a jumble of glowlamps (as yet unlit and unused), a couple of end tables, (atop which are several still-folded, stacked sheets, towels and a bath rug), several boxes of still-unpacked clothes. Somewhere in the disarray (smack-dab in the middle, in fact) is a mattress on the rough stone floor waiting to be hauled into his sleeping quarters where it belongs. Pieces of the (still unassembled) heavy wooden bedstead lean against the wall nearby and from the still-bare mattress, it's evident that he barely uses the thing to sleep in, but rather works his feet out of his boots, removes his belt and then flops there to fall asleep still dressed half the time. Notably, the floor is clean of discarded clothes. No, those are in a laundry sack waiting by the entrance to be taken down for the laundress to wash. He's actually a neat person, but MAN does he ever need time to unpack!

Dtirae is intruding. Or, was she invited? Either way, she's invading the man's territory with only Zuvaleyuth chiming a greeting. Perhaps she's so nervous she forgot to say hello? Or, maybe that's just the woman's style. "D'ani." There's the greeting, but, anything else that would follow is halted as she /really/ gets a look at his weyr and the state it is in. Mouth opens, then closes, before she chuckles softly. "I really thought your weyr would look very posh." Pleasantly surprised? You bet. She's even grinning.

It's early, so the morning finds D'ani in his Weyr when Zuvaleyuth chimes her greeting to Dremkoth. The bronze sends his lifemate a (very) amused mental 'yoo hoo guess who's heee-eeere' teasing sort of poke even while he's amiably moving over to give the queen landing room on his ledge. Today has been deemed a rest day - at least for D'ani. Probably because he kept going out to the holdless camp and working between festival events - not to mention they were working quite late last night bringing food and harpers to said camp. The bronzerider is not asleep, in fact, he's up and dressed in dark blue jeans and a white t-shirt though still in sockfeet. He's just exiting the bathing room as Dtirae greets him, sets brush and bucket down outside the door and navigates his way through the maze to greet her. His weyr – posh? The casual-as-they-come- er wait. D'ani IS formal when the situation warrants it isn't he? At least the bathing room is clean? A crooked smile forms as he says, "It will be when I finish moving in." Day One as the Weyrwoman's boyfriend. Way to represent, D'ani! The hand raking through his hair does little to help its already uncombed state as he brushes a casual kiss on one of her cheeks and mumbles, "Do you ever sleep?"

Poor D'ani, even Dtirae's restdays are full of energy and doing one thing or another. No rest for the wicked… Or, at the very least: no work for those who lead. Zuvaleyuth is chiming a gentle farewell to Dremkoth before she's gliding down to bask in the gossip of the last few days. The greens are certainly chattering away. When D'ani comes into full view, she waits where she stands as he;s already making his way over. "You've had how long to move in? I'll come help if you want." As his lips brush against her cheek, she'll return the favor. "Of course I sleep, but, I also rise with the dawn." Poor man, "you said you wanted to talk last night."

Up with the dawn is pretty much how D'ani has lived his life since the age of twelve turns and entering the beastcraft. Cows do not take well to waiting for milking, after all. "As long as you've had enough rest, Missy," he returns leveling a look at the Weyrwoman. Pot, kettle? He looks like he's slept anyway, but not nearly enough. Her question and subsequent offer prompts a look 'round the disorderly room. "Ah…" How long has it been since he mov- got his weyr? He casts around in the blur that is the recent event-filled past. "Since…graduation?" Sheepish now, because he's been camping out in unpacked for nearly an entire turn, he redirects his attention back to her. Help him unpack? "You'd do that? Great! Because I have no clue about decor and stuff." Strike while the iron is hot, that's his motto. "The bathing room is ready for… stuff." And he's halfway to where the wooden towel racks are by the time her next comment sinks in. Talk. Right. He did say that. He turns to peer at her over his shoulder. "So… were you really serious about last night?"

"I've gotten more than enough rest, promise. Though, I'm failing to see how you've managed to sleep without blankets." Dtirae comments idly. "I'll help. Just, maybe you shouldn't ask me to decorate. You haven't seen my weyr." Wild Woman, indeed! Her weyr would certainly attest to that nickname. She takes his statement as an invitation to venture further into the weyr, not that closely behind him, but still certainly behind him. "I am really serious about last night. Unless you don't want me to be and we can forget what was said. I try not to joke about serious things. If I was kidding, I would try and make it clear."

Oh, you wait until D'ani sees that! His reaction will likely call that fond nickname into play. At her assertion, he turns fully around to he,r a subtle tension leaking from his shoulders and he grins at her. "I do." He'll certainly keep in mind her SeriousFace vs her JokingFace (good luck - cooked goose indeed!) "I'd much rather not forget what was said," he says with a hopeful tilt to his voice. Becauuuse he likes to live dangerously? He’s a pyromaniac? He has a deathwish? As the Weyrwoman enters further in, he extends a hand to her, more to seek hers and twine fingers with it than to guide her through the mess. When he's got it, he sort of swings it gently between them, rocking on his feet while giving her a boyish, and somewhat self-conscious grin. Suddenly he's a harper-lesson fifth grader again. "So… welcome to my home…"

Relief certainly floods her features, and a breath is drawn, one that is certainly more at ease. Dtirae smiles then, calmer all at once. Poor D'ani, at least she is a merciful woman and will not let him linger in his misery. She'll happily pluck him from the flames before he can completely burn. His offered hand is taken and her fingers lace with his. "Yes, thank you for the welcome into your home." She'll draw herself closer, using his own hand against him. "So, tell me, my dear gentleman… How do you do the boyfriend thing right?" As she speaks, she's leaning in just a little bit closer.

Toasted, oh joy. "You'll see," D'ani says with a laugh low in his throat. And boy will she ever! For now though, he mixes up the order of his planned protocol just a wee bit: as Dtirae reels herself in using his hand, his levity shifts to serious and he assists her effort by tensing his arm to continue that lean of hers towards him, swinging their linked hands - and thus her arm - behind her, bending her elbow so their combined forearms are in the small of her back. His arm continues to compel her to him (unless she freaks out). He leans, stopping just before their lips meet, eyes locked on hers, "I do it by asking if I may kiss you," he breathes.

"I'll be patient, then." Dtirae returns with a low laugh of her own. Of course, she's not entirely expecting him to reel her in. Her other hand lifts to rest on his shoulder, slipping partially around his neck. As he leans in, color fills her cheeks, grey eyes locking with brown. "Permission granted…" She whispers softly in return. Now who's goose is cooked? Tables have turned on the woman, though, she seems entirely okay with that.

If she'd said no? D'ani would have straightened back up and released her, regretfully, but with good grace. Instead he's given the go-ahead and so his mouth lowers to hers, gentleness slowly merging with demand as the arm behind her back tightens imperceptibly. He's both giving and taking, imparting a sweetness and drinking in hers, questioning and promising. When he lifts his head, his dark eyes still inches from hers are thoughtful, but he doesn't go there. Instead he brushes the tip of her nose with his. "Thank you," he says lowly and then smiles into her eyes before straightening up. He resists the impulse to make a smart remark about being one-armed.

D'ani seems to have a way of crushing the confident woman and replacing her with a shy, uncertain young woman. She is uncertain, but willing to meet the challenges he presents. That's not to say she hasn't been kissed! Or, that she hasn't done any kissing. But this? This is different. This is someone with confidence to lead, without her laying down the foundations or holding hands. This is new territory. So, her lips are shy against his but not backing down. Fingers curl into his shirt, gripping tightly until he draws away. Cheeks color a darker shade still and her nose wrinkles at the contact, a breathless laugh slipping from her lips. "Why thank you?" And then he straightens, and she attempts to regain composure.

D'ani is somehow pleased with those dusky cheeks, the breathless laugh. "For giving me the pleasure," he murmurs, eyes alight with both merriment and desire. She does very well and- he'll direct his mind away from that for now… "So Wild Woods Woman, about my weyr…" And he casts a mock despairing look at the shambles that he calls home. Still, his arm is reluctant to drop from the embrace but he knows better than to linger so close just yet. "Would you like to grab those towels over there on the chair and follow me?" He's not moved just yet, mind. But he should.

Dtirae hums softly in appreciation, the hand resting on his shoulder lifting briefly to brush along his cheek before dropping to her side. "About your weyr," she agrees easily, taking a look around. "It definitely could use some work, then you can really call it a home." Grey eyes dance with merriment as confidence returns. She'll move away from his side, first, if only to follow instructions and to grab the towels. "Offering to bathe with me already? So bold." Of course, she's teasing, as she falls back to his side with the clear intention of following his lead. "You should see my weyr. It's quite… Warm." Pelts do add a certain warm feeling.

Something in D'ani relaxes as Dtirae steps away and he's breathing again. Towels yes, while he grabs the freestanding towel rack… "Aye-no!" His blithe agreement about his weyr needing work thrown into momentary confusion after her teasing question as his 'doing it right' wars with his natural inclination. He recovers enough to purr, "When we've done something requiring a bath…" Cough. Unpacking. Focus, D'ani! Willpower. Her weyr is warm? He's having no problem feeling chilly at the moment, but he grasps for straws where he can. "I should eh? Well then you'll have to invite me over but there's something you need to do first." He leaves that hanging and leads into the bathing room, places the towel rack beside one wall, steps back to eye it critically, then moves it to a corner, nowhere near the sunken stone bath, eyes it doubtfully. "I…" a glance at Dtirae. Help?

Laughter bubbles forth, unrestrained and completely relaxed as he momentarily blusters. She'll give him enough time to recover, hesitating in throwing out more until he can retort. "I'm sure we can get to that point quickly enough." Unpacking is heavy work! Though, she's certainly not hinting at /that/. "I'll invite you over some time, of course. Only, I'm sure you'll tease me. Not that I mind." She hums pleasantly as they move into the bathroom and there's a hum of appreciation. "Towels should go by the tub for easier access. It'll do no good to have water dripping after you as you walk to get a towel, and then you're exposed to the cold as you walk."

"Oh will we." D'ani'd smile is lazy, slow to spread across his face. He makes no remark other than that, but moves that towel rack closer to the bathing pool. Right. So. Focus D'ani! Since she's holding that stack of towels, he gestures to the towel rack, "Would you mind doing the honors then? I'll be right back." And he steps out, rummaging in the other room for something. There are a few thumps, one crash and a muttered curse before he is back with a box propped on a hip, cradled by his good arm. The other juggles a rolled up bath rug (at least it's lightweight) and a small glowlamp shaped like a conch shell.

"If we're moving furniture around, it is very likely." A pause before she's considering the bronzerider with a careful look, "or, maybe just I will so we don't strain your arm." Once the rack is in place, the towels are settled neatly onto the shelves and straightened so all wrinkles are gone. She's taking a step back do admire the work as D'ani steps out. She is, of course, listening to the sounds of him rummaging around and wincing with sympathy. But, not wanting to coddle, she allows him to take his time in returning. "Here, let me take that." She'd go for the box, really, but instead settles for the rug and glowlamp. "Where are we putting these?"

And there's part of the reason things are not moved to where they ought to be (besides his busy-ness and procrastination). "We'll need to get another body up here to help move that dresser; it's heavy," D'ani says easily. He knows his limitations, really not wanting to strain that healing shoulder so he can finally have it back for full use as soon as possible. He allows Dtirae to take the glowlamp and the bath mat with a smile. "Thanks. The bath mat by the pool and the glow on the niche above it?" He takes the box of bathing supplies - bags of sweetsand, razor, cologne, pot of after shave lotion, clippers, scissors and the like to a corner and eases it to the floor. "I have a cabinet for these in the other room," he muses. It's not heavy, just awkward to move one-handed.

"I could probably move the dresser on my own." Dtirae notes idly, "would just need the drawers out. It'll take a bit longer than with two people but." A half-shrug is given before she's moving to place the lamp in the niche mentioned and placing the mat down neatly near the pool. She arranges it to catch any spilled water that may occur. "I'll grab it." And she'll move back out to fetch the cabinet mentioned. Though, it takes a her a moment or two to return. She's taking a good look at all the unplaced furniture before slipping back in.

A crooked smile tugs at D'ani's mouth at that, but he doesn't argue with her. He and Ezra could hardly move it and that was before D'ani got arrow-shot. That cabinet Dtirae will find on the couch where the towels and box of bathing supplies had been. At least there's some sort of disorganized order to his disorder? Things have been heaped in groups rather than scattered willy-nilly all over the place. Found in the storage cavern, the cabinet has seen better days. Though made of some hardwood and excellent craftsmanship, the hinges are tarnished and the finish mostly worn off. As she returns with it, D'ani is examining the stone wall, running his hand over an area and nodding in satisfaction. Hearing her step back in, he turns to smile at her over his shoulder, "There are some small metal rods sunk into the stone here; I thought there might be a few. We can hang it right here."

She'll certainly find out the hard way that she can /not/ move the dresser on her own. But, there will certainly be an attempt! She is also thankful at the order to his disorder, at least somewhat. No comment comes about the cabinet's wear and age, either. His smile is returned and she nods, "that's good. Less work trying to get something installed later." Then he'd have to wait even longer to get unpacked. Forever unpacking, that would be a terrible shame. The cabinet goes up where directed with a moment taken to ensure stability and making sure it is level.

D'ani can see it now: The Weyrwoman strains her back trying to move that heavy dresser and no one will believe that they were simply unpacking up here. Not that… he'd mind that so much, male pride being what it is. Her getting hurt, however, is another matter. "Nice job," he says running a hand over the cabinet. "I'll have to refinish this someday." When there's time. If there's ever time. The last task is to open the valve that lets the heated water up from the hypocaust in a continual flow. He steps into the empty pool, unscrews the thing and hops out as the water bubbles up. It will flow continually, exiting out the evacuation vents, so he can leave it be. Brushing his hands off, he surveys the bathing room, pleased. "It almost looks like someone lives here," he murmurs.

The Weyrwoman doesn’t do much to deter the rumors, either. Poor D'ani. "Thanks. I don't know. It looks good like that. It has history." Dtirae smiles a bit wider and she'll watch his progress with the tub with a mild interest before she, too, takes the time to survey the bathing room. "Well, you /do/ live here." It's a gentle tease as she leans over to give him a gentle poke before she will oh so casually drift out of the room. She's nosy now, because she's moving to take a survey of the rest of the weyr.

D'ani is far from poor. He's so blessed to have Dremkoth, his friends and his position. He certainly doesn't feel sorry for himself. He hmms thoughtfully about the cabinet, remaining in the bathing room for a few beats after Dtirae has left, ambling out into the living space with a sigh of contentment. He lives here, yes, but hasn't spent enough time awake in his weyr to feel like he does. Maybe with Laris caught, things will settle down… He doesn't seem to mind the Weyrwoman exploring his weyr. The sleeping quarters are completely empty and she's seen the mess that is the larger room. He can't unpack the cartons of clothing until they get someone to help move the dresser. The bedding likewise, because moving a mattress one-handed is awkward. He can however, place the firescreen and the poker at the hearth, and does so, then turns to Dtirae. "What do you say we go get some breakfast? I can snag someone to come back and move that dresser?" And the rest of the heavy things.

Poor him for having to suffer through rumors, and the fact that she may or may not deny what they are thinking happened with the woman getting a strained back. But, luckily, she's not tried to move it on her own quite yet and thus: she is not sporting an injury. When she finishes her exploration and moves to join his side, she hums. "Breakfast sounds good, actually. It sounds like we have a plan. Shall we?"

"After you," D'ani says allowing her to move to the ledge ahead of him. Once out there, if she doesn't summon Zuvaleyuth to come fetch her, he'll offer her a lift on Dremkoth to the bowl. Breakfast is nothing special, but somehow the food is all the better for the company. Help found, things moved, stuff unpacked… D'ani is settled in a home for the first time since the floods of Maiona. And he has a girlfriend (someone PINCH him!) Now to implement 'doing it right' as the boyfriend. And for that first stage, he'll need to go find Ezra…

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