Fort Weyr - Thunderbird Wing Lounge
This Living Cavern Annex may not be the biggest room in the weyr but it's comfortable. Wafts of the unmistakeable scent of burning wood and random mugs of klah fill the room. An arrangement of plush chairs and sofas, the majority seeming to be congregated about the large fireplace, each have a small end table nearby to stow what ever refreshments the Thunderbird riders have managed to smuggle in under the Wingleader's nose. The mantle itself is relatively plain. A tapestry depicting the Thunderbird Wing badge hangs above, but that is the only organization based decoration that the room holds. Simplicity. All you really need is a comfortable chair and a foot rest after a long day, right?

Late morning and the day is cold. Bitterly cold. Somewhere in the Weyr though tempers run hot and perhaps word is already spreading in quiet whispers. The Weyrleader is in a mood. He'd just left the Weyrwoman's office and now he makes a straight way path across the stone bridge and towards the Wing Terrace to seek out a particular brownrider. Hoping that he hasn't missed Abigail and that the Wingleader is in her office or the lounge for Thunderbird, Th'ero will step inside and then promptly dismiss any lingering Wingriders. Everyone out! All except poor Abigail… What could it be now?

Abigail is indeed in the lounge pulling down the old sweeps roster and sticking up the new one. Other papers are then shuffled about while she tucks them into a folder and glances back intime to catch sight of the other riders getting dismissed and Th'ero there. She eyes the Weyrleader a moment before a faint breath escapes her while she brushes her hands off and turns to watch him as her head lifts slightly and arms fold before her. Lets face it, rumors spread quickly around a Weyr, Niumdreoth told her that they where true so she knows part of the reason he is here. "Morning, sir. Just missed the meeting, unless there might be a reason I should round them back up?"

"No, I just need to speak to you privately for a moment." Th'ero informs her and his expression is already grim. How to go about breaking this news? At least he doesn't try to skirt around it or try to stir up some small talk first. Straight to business, even though he knows it'll sting and probably upset her. "I've… had to make the difficult decision concerning one of your Wingriders." He knows it's more than that too. "I've put Ha'ze under temporary exile. He and Kainaesyth will be heading to Drake's Lake starting tomorrow and stay there until I see fit for them to return…" Now he allows the silence to stretch out, his expression difficult to read but there may be a hint of an apology beginning there.

Abigail didn't have a ful story to go on, just something was up, something had happened and Niumdreoth couldn't get a straight answer from Kainaesyth, or even get Ha'ze to speak with her, as of yet. Abbey is quiet for a few moments and glances off slightly as her fingers slightly tap against her arm. "What did he do this time?" Is soon questioned after a moment, a long moment at that. As for that hint of an apology she seems to miss it.

Th'ero's grimace remains firmly in place and while he doesn't take a seat anywhere, he does stand with his arms held at his side. "He purposely put some of the Candidates in a dangerous situation. Using them to gather information when he knows that the sea holds are unstable…" he quietly explains. "It wasn't just that but his continued arrogance and belief that he'd done nothing wrong…" Here he'll spread his hands in a helpless gesture. "I can't keep letting his behaviour go unpunished and Ha'ze is not a rider who would handle demotion to Weyrling well…"

Abigail was starting to wonder ifshe was going to be left in the dark again, seems anything dealing with Ha'ze an that what happens with her. She has gotten use to being the last to find out what he has done, or well been there when someone spills there guts so to speak. Her pale gaze is settled upon Th'ero watching him quietly for a few moments as the news is given and she looks off and is quiet. She isn't sure what to say, her hand lifts to rb at her eye slowly while leaning back upon the table that still has all her paperwork upon it. "Ye… Did the only thing ye could do. Not that I'm happy about it." She cares about Ha'ze, perhaps to much. Maybe that is what her problem is? She's blinded thanks to her other feelings for him? Possible.

"I thought you should know. No one else does except for Nyalle… as I only just spoke to him this morning before going to see the Weyrwoman." Th'ero hadn't meant for this to be in the dark. Truthfully, he only found out about Ha'ze's use of the Candidates the night before and half of them are now Weyrlings! "Abigail…" he exhales. "… with Ha'ze exiled for now, I've told him he cannot return to Fort. Not for his children and not for the weyrlings." Exile is exile, after all. "However — I won't stop you from going to see him or bringing the twins to see him if you want to while he's in Drake's Lake."

"Thank ye for telling me." Abigail offers after a moment. "Kai hasn't been talking to Niumdreoth…" So in other words she knew something was going on to say the least. As for ther st she looks over to Th'ero slightly and a faint breath escapes her. "I… Figured as much Th'ero." She knows what exile means, she remembers what it was like sending people away forever and now… Ha'ze as well. She doesn't comment about taking the twins to Drake's Lake though, perhaps she will though she knows who else is out there after all. "How did Ha'ze take the news?"

Th'ero frowns for a moment before the thought strikes him. "It's winter now. Kainaesyth will be tired a lot, won't he?" Not that it's entirely an excuse but the Weyrleader remembers the bronze's particular link to the seasons. As if he could sense Abigail's thoughts, he explains further. "… Ha'ze won't be exiled forever. Just for — however long I feel he needs it. A few months at most." And then? Th'ero hasn't thought that far. Maybe he's waiting to see what happens. Her question has him snorting. "Poorly." Does he need to elaborate further on that?

Abigail watches Th'ero for a few moments. "The relationship that Ha'ze an I have isn't a normal one. He hasn't talked to me in some time now. I figured he had been busy." She didn't figure he was taking the now Weyrlings out and nearly getting them in trouble. "Kai has always at least given an answer to Niumdreoth." Even if it was one the brown did not fully understand. She just watches Th'ero for a moment. "Perhaps a few months will help." Though even she isn't sure about that. The answer she is not surprized with on how Ha'ze took the news and a soft breah esacpes her while she looks off slightly. "I figured as much."

Th'ero shifts awkwardly as he's unsure of what to say to Abigail when she admits that her relationship with Ha'ze is anything but normal. When is anything with Ha'ze normal? "Perhaps you should speak with him now then? His exile isn't in effect until tomorrow…" he suggests before shaking his head again. "We'll see what changes this brings. If any… Not that I am seeking to change or break Ha'ze. Just — trying to make him see reason and the error in his continued arrogance." Or something like that. It's complicated!

Abigail can understand the awkwardness bit, though honestly it isn't like she is going into details. "If he wishes to speak with me of course." Which she isn't sure if he will at this point. Ha'ze is well… Ha'ze after all. "I don't think your trying to change or break him Th'ero. I do understand the reason behind it. Though I don't like it." The relationship they have is hard enough to deal with, now with him being exiled she isn't sure what will happen.

"It's worth trying? Even if he pushes you away… He's angry, Abigail. Not at you, but at me." Th'ero may have just subtly apologized there too. His expression turns grim again, "I'm not asking you to like my decision either. It doesn't sit easily with me but there was little else I could do." Sensing there is little else to say, the Weyrleader gives a slight nod of his head. "I'm sorry to bring only bad news this morning. I won't keep you from your duties."

"Aye it is indeed worth trying." Abigail offers after a moment while watching him and shrugs a moment. "I understand Th'ero…" Rules have to be followed, things can't go unchecked after all. She is a Wingleader after all, and right now she is fighting abattle in hermind to follow what she knows is right like the rules, but also the fact that she has feelings for the problem maker as well. A sight nodis seen while she shifts to stand up a bit. "I'm sur we're speak more later sir."

Rules do have to be followed but Th'ero's been known to break a few of them himself (and traditions with it). He's going to mull over this challenging enigma that Ha'ze has created for some time. "I'm certain we will, Abigail. Have Niumdreoth bespeak Velokraeth if anything arises requiring our attention." All formality now and the Weyrleader gathers himself in preparation to leave. "Take care… and clear skies."

Abigail is quiet as she watches Th'ero turn to go, a slight nod is seen before his fully gone. "Clear skies." Is offered softly as her attention is quick to drift away. Plenty on her mind at the moment, and she's already in a conversation with Niumdreoth to try and figure out where a certain bronze just happens to be.

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