Who Kassala, Kezresan
What Kass and Kez catch up and discuss everything from weyrlings to weather patterns.
When Winter - Month 13 of Turn 2717
Where Living Caverns, Fort Weyr


Fort Weyr - Living Caverns
This cavern, having been created by bubbles in the volcanic flow of this extinct volcano, has a breathtaking ceiling — a vast dome that arches high above the heads of the weyrfolk that scurry around beneath it. A hollow echo can be heard from loud enough noises, and the chatterings of various firelizards are consequently multiplied into a chaotic babble. All in all, the living cavern is a loud place.

Tables are scattered around the room, apparently in no particular order. Over to one side near the kitchens, two medium sized serving tables are constantly spread with snacks, klah, and other goodies. The tables look worn, yet perfectly fitted to the atmosphere of the caverns. In the 'corners' of the cavern, smaller two and four place tables are set up for more private talks or just a less chaotic atmosphere in which to eat.

It is late, and while the rest of the Weyrfolk are preparing to bed down for the chilly winter night, Kezresan is in the Living Caverns, pouring over an old book. A steaming mug of Klah sits near at hand for easy sipping. A plate of scraps is near as well and, upon occasion, Kez will reach out to grab a small bit of shredded meat and offer it to the firelizards that lounge near him; a young blue and green. With the caverns quiet, it's a peaceful sort of time.

Into the quiet comes yet another, the redheaded Jr. Weyrwoman, who's all bundled up against the cold outside. Taking a moment to leave her jacket hanging up near the fire to dry and warm, she steps over to the side to fetch herself a cup of klah along with something to nibble upon. Spying Kezresan, she takes a path over near him, "Good evening, Healer. I hope all is well?"

The little green, who is not nearly as temperamental as she was when she first Hatched, is just beginning to cry a small whiny-sound before Kezresan has dutifully shoved a bit of meat into her mouth. That effectively shuts her up, and the gesture turns into a turn of the page in the book he's perusing. The blue, after blinking blearily up at Kassala's arrival, offers a half-hearted warble and promptly falls asleep. Zzzz. As for the healer? There's a glance, up and over his book, and a quiet, "Evening, Weyrwoman. I am well. Yourself?" A half second later, and he offers her a seat with a cordial, "Would you like to sit?" along with a vague gesture in the direction of an empty chair.

The two flits earn smiles from the redhead, a quiet little chuckle as the blue greets her only to fall quickly to sleep. "Awake. Was tending to one of the weyrling dragons who got a good scrape on his flank after a bit of roughhousing." Of course, leave it the boys. With the offer made, she takes it graciously, "If I won't be a bother? Thanks.." With that, she'll sit opposite of him, her plate set down. "I figured I'd be the only one in here.."

A glance is given the sleeping blue, but the only action Kezresan takes is to shift the plate a little closer to the green. For her part, Aloe cocks her head at Kassala, offers a somewhat inquisitive little 'chrr' and then promptly loses interest when her dinner catches her attention once again. "Oh?" asks Kezresan, his curiosity piqued at the mention of tending weyrlings. "What sort of injury? Not grievous, I would imagine," and it's not so much question that colors his voice, as practicality; he'd've likely heard about a grievous injury, considering the infirmaries are so close. There is no real response to her (what Kez assumes to be a) hypothetical question of bothering him. "My thought, as well," for being the only one in here, though there's a little frown that pulls at the corners of his mouth as he glances briefly toward the weyrbowl exit. "Though I have found there to be a remarkable number of people who are awake at all manner of hours."

Thankfully, Kassala is not followed by her flock of flits. Likely because she'd been in the infirmary, and they just haven't found out she's in the living caverns now or she'd be surrounded by them wanting food. Oh, the stomachs on wings. She loves them so, she does! "No, not very bad, but just enough to need a little extra tending beyond what the weyrling should be handling. It was a learning lesson, for certain." A pause, and she chuckles softly, "They were running around within the barracks. One pounced the other right into a couch and they slid.." Brush burn of a sorts. And those always hurt more than they should! "That.. is true. More so when it's warmer though." At least, that's been her dealings.

"Do they do that often?" wonders Kezresan, of weyrling roughhousing. "I have been reading up, a little," he mentions off-handedly. "Dragonhealing is interesting, and with these two," and there's a glance to his pair of pets, "I find it comes in handy. Itchy skin seems to be the predominant problem, though I suspect it will lessen as they mature." A frown, as he seems to realize he is speaking to a dragon healer about dragon healing. Cough-cough. "Ah yes," for the warmer weather. "I will be glad for the cold to fade. Already there are several complaints of coughs, and a few concerns of frostbite."

"Sometimes, yes. Some more than others. Each has their own unique personality.." As he goes off discussing dragonhealing, Kassala nods her head, only to smile, "It's okay. And yes, itchy skin is the most predominant problem besides helping them take care of their talons. Some learn quite quickly how to sharpen them while others…" Aren't so lucky. "The dragonets are even worse about it all.." Amused is she, "I promise that Dragoneth has learned to be a little more careful indoors.." Turning to discussions about healing those two legged sorts, she hmms, "I'd heard of that as well. Hopefully it won't be too bad."

"Hm," for learning lessons, at least indoors. Kezresan reaches for his mug, lifting it to take a long sip of the steaming beverage. "It is the same every winter," he notes with mild irritation. "As though they do not learn from the last one. Snow and ice are dangerous, even if they appear innocuous. Hypothermia can creep up with little warning." A heavier sort of sigh; resignation and dismissal in one, as he reaches out to set his mug back down. The gesture turns into a head-scratch for the green, one finger rubbing at her little eyeridges. "How is Xerosaeth? Does she still mother the weyrling dragons?"

"They won't learn. Every year has to be experienced as if for the first time by some." This Kassala has come to learn in her time there at Fort. "At least we're keeping the weyrlings advised for those that came from outside the northern areas and who aren't used to such weather." There comes a soft chuckle as she picks up her own mug, holding it for a moment, "I know I was like that in Igen. Amazed by the desert. I was forgetful once, even coming from Ierne.." Getting sunburnt was not fun, nope. When asked, she smiles even further, "They are her babies. She'll be mothering them for as long as she can, I do believe. Every new milestone they reach, she finds it fascinating and enough to tell all the others about, though Wiliyeth has managed to help keep her from broadcasting it to the whole weyr."

"I have only lived in the north," observes Kezresan thoughtfully. "Igen must have been an… experience," he decides, selecting the word carefully. "I cannot imagine such heat," though he knows it exists. The little green croons under the gentle attention, jewel-toned eyes lidded to the second set of lids in delight. It brings a hint of a smile across the healer's face. "She is," he agrees, of Xerosaeth being their mother, "But I have not known queens to brood once the eggs have hatched. All my reading…" but he leaves off there, letting the statement fade away. "How interesting," he decides finally. "Do you suppose she will continue, through the Turns? Will her memory of it fade? How will she respond when her next clutch is laid, I wonder? Will she attend to /both/?" These are not questions that are necessarily meant to be answered, and though clearly curious, it is doubtful that Kez will follow-up, unless his own duties permit it.

"I grew up outside of Ierne, then went there to the Dragonhealer school…" So Kassala has always lived where it was warm. "Both Rio and I ended up at Half Moon Bay to Stand, but neither of us impressed. It was different there from what we were used to, though he'd already come to Fort before that.." A sip of her klah is taken before she tears off a bit of sweet roll to nibble on, "I had made the decision to come here when I got searched for Igen.." A sigh is given, memories plucked, "It is hot enough there that people take it easy during the height of day. Many tend to be awake later in the evenings to get work done that can't be done during the day." A gesture made towards the outside, "Where we get snowed in here… there.. we had a sand storm that kept us pinned inside for several days." Very different, yep. As for her lifemate, she considers, then shrugs, "I do not know, but I'm certain I'll find out. She keeps track of them, their numbers, how well they do.. encourages them all to do their best."

Kezresan remains quiet, gently scratching at the eyeridges or headknobs of his firelizard, as Kassala speaks of Ierne, and Half Moon, and Igen. There's a thoughtful sort of frown for it all, and certainly interest for talks of Igen habits and weather. "Fascinating," he decides, of the sand storm. "I hope to visit one day," but it's a bucket-list item, and not something he is particularly wistful about; as though he doesn't believe it will happen and is content with that knowledge. Mug reclaimed, he takes another sip. "Do you keep record?" and then a quick wave of his hand, lifted from Aloe's head, as though to dismiss the obvious answer. "I know that there are records kept, of the clutch and dragon lineage, but do you keep… your own records? It may be interesting, to follow them through adulthood. To see what they become." Where they go, and what they do. "Almost like foster children," he decides with a rueful snort. "With wings."

"If ever you wish to go, let me know?" Kassala says, for even if it might be a bucket-list for him, it's something she does somewhat often. Or did until her lifemate went proddy and had eggs to tend. "I'm due to return and visit Nyelle and a few other friends I left behind there. So if ever you might like to tag along, I am more than fine with that?" It's an offer made, one he can take her up on if ever he might wish to do so. When asked about records, she smiles, "I have, yes. The records kept officially are merely the basics - the dates, the number of eggs, what colors hatched and whom impressed. " No doubt, she's got all sorts of details about the dragonets and weyrlings that she's observed, as well as her lifemate.

Aloe lifts her head, jewel-toned eyes whirling in disapproval as that attending hand that abandoned her does not return. Kezresan soothers her with a quick caress and then wraps both hands around his mug, shifting his position in his chair to allow elbows to meet table in a somewhat relaxed posture. "Perhaps I will," he considers, with enough seriousness to imply that he might actually do so, and is not just responding in a courteous manner. "Thank you," is offered a few seconds later, as though catching himself. A soft 'ah' sort of sound for the acknowledgement that she keeps her own records, mug lifted to take another quick sip. Whatever else he might be about to add, if he was going to add anything, is cut off at the appearance of a mature brown firelizard, winging overhead before alighting on the table to chitter at Aloe. Not Kezresan's pet, though the appearance of him as the healer perking up and looking toward the bowl with mild anticipation. "About time," huffed beneath his breath before he swallows the last of his Klah and moves to scoop up his pair of firelizards as he stands. The blue gives a mild squawk of protest for the indignity, but goes back to sleep almost as soon as he's settled in a pocket. The green finds her place on his shoulder, tail curled about the healer's neck, chittering at the brown who steals a bite of food from the plate and then takes off once more. "It was a pleasure speaking with you, Weyrwoman," he offers somewhat hastily, as though preoccupied and only now considering the social convention that would dictate he at least say something before abandoning his table companion. More earnestly, he adds, "I hope you are able to get some rest, now that the weyrlings have… settled down," at least he assumes they have settled down. "Warm milk, or a less stimulating tea might help," he offers. "Pardon… I have to go."

It is with some amusement that Kassala watches the healer respond to the arrival of the brown flit. A lift of her mug is given to Kezresan as he scoops up his flits and prepares to head out, "Thank you for the company, and I hope your evening goes well, HEaler. I will leave you a note if I plan to go to Igen anytime soon to see if you want to accompany me." As for going with something less stimulating than klah? Well, it would appear she may have a bit of a night planned, for klah is downed.

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