Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.
Springs arrival is noted by the disappearing lake ice. As it melts it breaks up into smaller icy bergs. These bob randomly throughout the choppy waters, slowly disappearing as the temperatures rise. They also frequently provide sport and entertainment for the bathing dragons. The emerging shoreline is inviting, though the water remains chilly for their human counterparts. As spring draws nearer to summer, the waters begin to feel quite invigorating with Rukbat's growing shine.

Even though the morning's wearing on close to noon, the winter cold hasn't let up, as Rukbat's rays fail to bring heat to the world that is Fort Weyr. Down by the lake, where things are not only cold but wet and muddy, too, Russall is waiting, leaning with his back to one of the bigger boulders towards the bowl's towering edge. He's skimming rocks across the wind-choppy water, with his uniform jacket's collar turned up against the chilly air.

Livanyth does nothing to bring relief from the cold when she comes in from above, rapid-beating wings holding her aloft with a downward barrage of wind. After a moment of hanging there, she lands, keeping clear of any muck in the process, giving a small disgusted snort at it as she avoids a particular patch of the goop. Ew. R'yal makes his way down after, keeping tucked in his flight jacket while gloved hands gently pat the green on the side.

Thanks for that, Liv. Russall raises brows as he looks at the landed green, after she's managed to batter him with cold. He watches and waits as R'yal dismounts, giving the rider a moment with his dragon before sauntering over to the pair of them, with a shallow little bow for Livanyth. "Hey you," he greets Rav warmly, waiting for the greenrider to come to him where he stands, a good few paces away from the green. "Enjoying winter?"

R'yal does have to leave the sheltering embrace of Livanyth, and the green is not terribly happy about it. But she allows it in the end, turning to head further away from the sogginess that is the lake before curling up to /watch/ the pair quite intently. R'yal smiles though, peeling his gloves off carefully as he approaches Russall. "Oh, of course we are! You're not? Heh…you know Liv. If she had her way the world would be white all year 'round."

"I like everything about winter, 'cept training in the mud," Russall replies with a grin, watching Livanyth over R'yal's shoulder as he reaches out to run his finger caressingly across his cheek. "You know how it's your turnday coming up?" His grin is just a little cheeky, suggesting he's up to something.

R'yal laughs a moment, reaching up to pat his still warm fingers over Russall's hand. He let's go though at the question, brows lifting. "Um..well yeah, I guess it is. Why?" Oh that is a /suspicious/ look that comes across the greenrider's face, head tilting just a bit to the side.

Russall's fingers are far colder than R'yal's are, given that he's not been wearing gloves, and he exhales a happy little breath at the warmth against his skin. "I know it's not for a good few sevendays yet, but I've got you something." He gently pulls his satchel further around so that it's hanging over his belly, then unbuckles it to reach inside. What he pulls out is a little wooden box, which he holds out on the palm of his hand. "You need to open it sooner, rather than later. Happy turnday, little greenie."

"What? But you didn't need to.." R'yal tucks his gloves into his belt and reaches for the box anyway. Like he's /actually/ going to turn down a present? Pfft. The greenrider is a bit wide-eyed about it though, being careful as he opens the lid to peek inside.

And inside, cushioned with sand underneath and soft wadding above, is an egg! A big egg. "I won it off a guy in Shenanigans last night," Russall explains, studying R'yal's face to try and gauge his reaction. "He fell for the whole 'I'm wasted and an easy target' rouse'." He grins, slipping his hands into his pockets and looking pretty pleased with himself. "It's hard, right? Shouldn't be far from hatching."

R'yal blinks for just a bit, staring at the egg. "You /won/ it?" His eyes lift briefly, before a grin curls the greenrider's lips. Fingers touch carefully, prodding at the shell of the rather warm egg with a nod. "It really is hard. That' really didn't have to.. You could have kept it for yourself, you know.."

"Don't sound so surprised!" Russall pulls a mock offended face, pouty-lips and all. "Beat him at darts. I am good at it, you know." Then he's grinning again, shrugging his broad shoulders as he looks from R'yal's face down at the egg, then back up. "Course I could've kept it for myself, but I'm giving it to you, aren't I? Because it's your turnday soon. And because I like you. And because I know you're probably not going to want to go with me for a day of lazy beach bumming when your actual turnday comes around."

Well that certainly gets a tilt of his head. R'yal's brows furrow a bit as he looks at Russall, confusion evident. "Why wouldn't I want to?" The greenrider sniffs softly and closes the box, tucking it up under his arm. "I don't have anything against beaches, you know."

"You mightn't, but your lady over there's not too fond, is she?" Russ looks over at Livanyth, his amused expression changing just a touch as his nose wrinkles. "She's not… proddy again, is she? I felt she was looking at me funny earlier." He's suspicious. Maybe even a touch nervous!

"Um..not at the moment, no." Even R'yal turns a bit to give his lifemate a look over. Although it's also given with a terribly fond smile for the green. "She's not /fond/ of the beach, no. At least not where it's hot out. But that doesn't entirely disqualify me from it."

Russall nods. "Good," is his response to her not being proddy. "Then if Livanyth doesn't object, how about you and I book a night in Ierne for your turnday? You and me, and the beach, and whatever mischief we can find down there. I hear it's kinda fun down there at the minute… and it'll be for my turnday, too. Whaddya say?"

"A night, huh?" R'yal tilts his head just a bit, although there is at least a slight smile that's on the greenrider's face."Hm, well I suppose that I could do that, since it'd be a double celebration, anyway. Livanyth..well. She might forgo actually /staying/ in Ierne, but at least she can manage a drop off and pickup.."

"You work it out with your dragon, and I'll work it out with the inn," Russall says, coming in a step closer to R'yal, so he can place hands gently on the greenrider's hips. "Some guys last night were talking about a nice one right on the beach, with little huts that you stay in. They'll bring you cocktails and everything, they were saying, so there's no need to go anywhere… we probably wouldn't even have to leave the room to eat or whatever."

"No need to go /anywhere?/ Then what would we do with our time?" R'yal does smile at that, lifting his free hand up onto Russall's chest, leaning into him somewhat. "I'm sure we could think of a few things, of course. None of which are for Livanyth's ears." The dragon does look mildly disconcerted by all that..closeness. And touching. She's already drawn her head back a bit closer to her body. So much touching.

"I've got a new set of dominoes," Russall replies quietly, leaning down to press his nose briefly to R'yal's. "So we'll play dominoes. And cards. And see if we can't figure out new ways to… play." He pauses for a moment, close enough to look right into the greenrider's eyes for a second, before he closes for a quick kiss. With his attention on the rider, it's hard to watch the dragon! "I'm sure we can find ways to keep ourselves entertained. And we'll have cake. Turndays, remember?"

A kiss! That may earn a bit of a sigh and a smile from R'yal. ..And a rather unladylike growl from Livanyth. The greenrider laughs just a bit though, giving Russall a grin before he pulls away from the guard to a much safer distance. "Well now, I suppose I really can't pass it up if cake is involved. And dominoes."

Russall gives Livanyth a frowny look, before he slips his hands into his pockets. See? No touchy! "Don't forget the cards, too," he adds with a smirk, before running a hand over his dark hair. "She's never going to like me, is she? Or do you think her opinion might be swayed if I was a rider, too?"

"You?" R'yal blinks a moment, then shakes his head, waving his free hand slightly. "Oh! Oh, it's not you. She's just..well..possessive. It's everyone. My brother can manage for a bit, but she's not especially keen on tolerating it..much. I'm sure she'll get better over time."

Russall squints thoughtfully. "I'm not sure if you're 'You?'," he mimics R'yal's voice, "is for her not liking me, or for your thoughts of me being a rider." One of his brows raises high on his forehead, and he smirks down at shorter Rav, teasing. "I was a candidate once, you know. Seeing the dragons hatch the other day made me maybe want to give it another go."

R'yal huffs softly, brows furrowing at Russall. "I didn't mean anything against you being a rider. I just meant that it's not a problem with you specifically." The greenrider pushes a bit of hair away from his face, glancing back at Livanyth again. "You being a rider doesn't have anything to do with how she sees things. If you wanted to try again, that's entirely something for you to consider, of course."

"It's something I'm considering," Russall says softly, his grin warm in an attempt to soothe the seemingly ruffled feathers he just caused. "Of course, I'm doing it for me… but would you blame me if I'm also doing it a little bit because I'd like in on when your lady there gets all glowy?" His cheeks colour a touch red, and he drops his gaze down to his mud-spattered boots. "I'd like us to be… more. I don't know what more, but that seems like one way of doing it."

"You've been in on it before, you know." R'yal sighs just a bit, but tilts his head, watching Russall for a long moment. "I don't know what, either. I think you'd look good on a dragon, though."

Russall smirks. "I think I would, too. Maybe a nice brown. Not like that one that just hatched, though… can't believe he chose Alister." His nose wrinkles, then he shrugs. "Anyway." He holds his hand out, wiggling fingers as an invite for R'yal to clasp them. "More could mean making this official. Making you and me a thing. If you want that?"

R'yal just laughs a moment, shaking his head. "Not like him, huh? Well at least with Alister out of the way, there's room to move up, right?" The greenrider does seem to think about it a moment before taking hold of Russall's hand, tugging himself back into the shelter of him again. Livanyth is unimpressed. The dragon huffs softly at the action, resting her head on the cold ground. "More could mean a lot of things…how about you come teach me how to play dominoes?"

R'yal's welcomed back in against Russall as the guard wraps arms around the little rider's shoulders, pulling him close. "I can do that," he grins, looking down with a canted smirk. "I'm assuming you mean in your weyr, because they mightn't take too kindly to, uh, lessons in Shenanigan's…"

R'yal rolls his eyes somewhat, then pushes that box right back into Russall's gut so that he can pull his gloves back on again. "Yes, I meant my weyr. Unless you don't want to come, of course. I need some pretty hands on lessons, after all." The greenrider laughs as he walks away again, making his way over to Livanyth. The green doesn't look terribly pleased about the whole thing, but the dragon doesn't protest, either.

With that precious little box slipped back into his satchel so it's kept safe, Russ follows. "Playing dominoes isn't any fun if you're on your own," he laughs, catching up to give R'yal a little pat on the tush before they reach Livanyth. Sorry, Liv!

"No, but one can manage." R'yal might just give a faint squeak for said patting, but he hauls himself up onto Livanyth all the same before offering a hand down to Russall. "She won't bite, don't worry."

"Says you," Russ laughs as he reaches up to take the greenrider's hand, though he hardly needs it to haul himself up. "Bet she'd bite if she knew what I was thinking right now." Thankfully he's already settled in place so Rav can't see his face any more, but suffice to say, he's smirking.

"I have no doubt." R'yal laughs faintly, although he does lean back into Russall a little bit. "You could tell me though. I don't bite." Livanyth launches herself quite abruptly though, quite huffily making to transport them back to the weyr.

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