Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Night has fallen at last, with the sun finally dipping below the horizon and the last of its light vanishing with it. The skies remain clear and are now filled with stars, with both moons up and full to lend their glow to the festivities below. Autumn though it may be, the air carries only a mild chill to it and so any who venture outside to the lake shore should not be too uncomfortable. With so much food and entertainment though, it'd be hard to even focus on the cool night. The feast is well underway, with most weyrfolk and festival goers sitting at the tables now and enjoying the bountiful amount of food and drink. Voices lift on the air, light and merry and broken occasionally by laughter. It was during this time that the Weyrleader had been called away to the dance floor and floating platform out on the water, leaving the others at the table save perhaps for his weyrmate whom he asked if she wished to join him. For what reason he was asked to leave is unknown, but the evening continues on and so nothing appears amiss.

Just as the last of the leftover food is covered and stored away (save for a few desserts and lighter snack foods and the drinks, of course), the Harpers can be heard playing a strands of music that sound more like a signal that an actual song. Sure enough, a voice follows to loud and clearly announce: "If all who are interested can now approach the dance floor and platform, we are to begin the formal opening dance!" There is a renewed murmur through the crowds and many are already rising from their seats and pairing up before drifting down the shoreline. Th'ero never had a chance to return to the table and his disrupted conversations with the Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond, as the Weyrleader is now caught (or trapped, depending how one looks at it) at the far end of the dance floor, waiting patiently with hands clasped behind his back and trying not to look too wary at all those approaching. At least he managed to enjoy some of the food, but he is no doubt pining after the wine glass left behind.

Off to the side of the crowd, K'drozen shifts slighlty in his stance, sipping at the wine he holds, watching thoses that prepare to dance with a slight smirk.

Kimmila stayed at the table for a little bit, enjoying her food and letting Th'ero mingle. But as the first sounds of music strum through the air, the formally dressed bluerider looks up and around, gaze focusing in on the dance floor. "I think it's time to head over there," she says to whoever is still at the table, as she carefully gets to her feet, making sure her dress doesn't get caught on anything. Lifting the hem slightly, she makes adjustments until things are set to rights, once more touching the gold and silver circlet on her brow. Looking at the table, she notices Th'ero's abandoned wine glass and with a little smirk, she lifts it. "I'm going to head over," she says, starting to walk that way if anyone else cares to walk with her, navigating the crowds very carefully with that glass of wine and a white dress.

Returning from a brief escape to the woman's latrine, or something like that, Zaala looks refreshed, at least, as if she had run a brush through her hair, dabbed a bit of color on her cheeks and painted her lips a darker shade of pink. Flipping a hand against her light pink skirt of the dress she's wearing, she's just in time to hear the announcement of the harper, though she makes no immediate move for the platform herself. A thoughtful gaze settles on the table where she left most of the knot party, curious blue eyes abounding off left and right to take stock of where the rest of her wrangled up companions went. Too many people moving all at once however, hinders her from spotting anyone she had in mind to look for, so she's slowly following the press toward the platform, rubbing her arms slightly from the coolness of the night. A shawl would've been a great idea, if only she would've thought of it!

Once you've escaped, where do you go? That's the problem Borodin found himself facing. At least he didn't agree to start washing dishes, but… he did agree to bring out some watered wine for the harpers. Their strings must stay lubricated, and so must they! His plan was to sneak away again, after, but his timing is such that he's still near the dance floor when the call goes out for the dancing to begin and the crowd begins to descend. Whups.

D'ani has eaten his fill, content to relax and chat with both those sitting at the table and those who've drifted by. Not that, y'know, there's many of those wanting to talk to him. Mainly it's been Dtirae and probably Kimmila they've sought. He's just there for… comic relief or something. As the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader have both been off seeing to things, mingling and so forth, he's increasingly fallen silent to his own thoughts, mellow, tired, introspective? Perhaps all three! When the call comes, he rises, perhaps a little more slowly than those at the table, reluctant for his own reasons - his half-healed near-shoulder wound being on of them. "I'll walk over with you, Kimmila," D'ani says.

The Harpers are no doubt quite pleased by Borodin's offer of wine (even if watered down) and they will thank him graciously before returning to their instruments. But they cannot help him in escaping the dance floor and so he's on his own in that regard! The crowds are growing thicker by the second as everyone jostles for prime spots near the edge of the floor so when the call comes for the first pairs to take places, they'll have a chance. Anyone approaching could be literally caught in a tide of people and good luck trying to turn around and slip free! At least with such a tight press of bodies, it will cut back some of the cold? Th'ero remains where he stands at the far corner, easily visible and though he looks calm he is anything but. His eyes continuously scan the crowds and for a brief moment he'll shift his weight or fidget restlessly. Pausing only to nod his head to those who call his name or greet him, the Weyrleader does remember to smile but it soon grows distracted, then a touch nervous. The Harper's strum their instruments again and it's a warning code: last call!

Kimmila scans the crowd, her eyes picking out Zaala's dress again (which she really likes but would never admit it because of the pink), and Borodin as well. Smiles are given if they look her way, but her main focus is on D'ani and she holds out her arm with a smile. Might as well act like a lady when you're dressed like one, right? "Perfect, then no one will ask me for a dance," she says. As if anyone would. Likely not. "I don't want to talk about work," she says quietly as they navigate the crowds, caught up in that tide and she tries to angle them towards Th'ero's corner, "but do let me know if you need any help with your current job, okay?"

K'drozen smiles slightly as he spots Zaala return from her short break and raises his hand to attempt to motion her over, as he awaits the dancing to begin. Still attempting to avoid the advances of the overly ammorous resident, to her he really says softly, "Really I belive my wing mate over there would love to dance with you."

The brazen woman trying to get K'drozen to dance has already turned away in a snit. Over her shoulder she huffs, "I'll find someone myself. Someone who isn't too timid to give a lady a turn around the dance floor!" Off she goes, nose in the air to get lost in the crowd.

Zaala seems distracted from closing in on the prime spots, loitering at a slower pace behind the more eager bodies. So many people like dancing! The enthusiasts are at it again it would seem. Maybe some motion one way or another catches her eye, but she does manage to see the last of the brazen woman huffing and storming away from … and that's when her eyes stretch beyond those walking passed her to see the brownrider. "Ahah," she notes to herself, friend spotted, at least, since she did lose Borodin in the masses as well. She starts to worm her away around as many people as she can in attempts to get to Kal's side, getting bumped once by some over eager greenrider towing his boyfriend behind him. Her cheeks go red along with the fellow's ears, while they exchange heartfelt apologies and all parties seem to quickly step out of eachother's way. Eventually, with a heave of her breath and her arm being flung up to whip her hair back behind her, hands settle on her hips, "You'd think people didn't know Fort had a dance hall or something." A look over to K'drozen, "What was all that about?" gesturing toward the direction of the offended woman.

D'ani offers Kimmila his elbow with a humorous little bow, "I shall deliver you safely to Th'ero, then." He nods about both not talking about work and letting her know if he needs help, a swift and bright smile accompanying that. Somewhere in there he passes close enough to Zaala, K'drozen and Borodin to nod and smile at them once again, but doesn't really try to talk over the din. Crowds! So not his thing! Safe to the Weyrleader! It's a promise he will endeavor to keep as he guides her through the crowds to the edge of that platform, which is eyed dubiously. "It's a wonder some don't spill off the sides into the lake," he chuckles as they step up onto it. Ah ha! "There's Th'ero," he says as he spots the Weyrleader on the far corner. "Here she is," he says with a grin tugging at his mouth, "I don't think the crowd got more than a wee bite or two out of her."

Why use the dance hall when there is a perfectly good night outside? Likely to be the last for any such gathering, as the frost and snow and colder months aren't far off now. The crowds continue to gather and the murmuring of voices lift to a near hum of excited conversation. Some of the pairs and individuals are edging back though, allowing for a few pockets of space to open up as they decide to wait on the next rounds. Others make their escape, including a plain looking, petite young woman, wearing a dress that doesn't quite sit properly on her narrow shoulders and so she is constantly fidgeting with the straps when she is not fussing with her shoulder length hair. Spying Borodin alone and then glancing wistfully to the floor, she blushes and chews at her lower lip before inching shyly closer. Shuffle, shuffle. And then she will just stand there, rocking on her heels a little, hands clasped in front of her and waiting. Th'ero will catch D'ani's voice over the din and turn his head to meet the Weyrsecond's gaze and then spot Kimmila at his side. Relief briefly crosses his expression before it is controlled behind a smile, but before he can step forwards to greet them, the crowd shifts again and his way is blocked. Frowning, he attempts to step around but is caught again and this time it's by the Weyrwoman. Before he can utter a single word, the Harpers strum again and the voice lifts up over the crowd. "Pairs may now step forwards! Let the dancing begin!" Which is answered by some good natured cheers, save for Th'ero who can only shake his head helplessly to D'ani and Kimmila before he's pulled away. Seems the first dance goes traditional as well as formal, with the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman at center, regardless of how either of them may feel about that. Not long after, the Harper's begin to play and the first dance begins, a steady pace and mercifully short.

Kimmila grins crookedly at D'ani as she takes his elbow, careful of Th'ero's wine glass in her opposite hand. But, alas, they are too late and she has to watch as Th'ero is swept off to start the dance with the Weyrwoman rather than his weyrmate. Oh well. She puts on a little smile and sticks close to D'ani's side - not like there's much option with the crowd as it is. Still, it does give her a chance to ask the Weyrsecond something.
Kimmila mutters to D'ani, "… and Dtirae?"

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "She seemed to think I was a catch for the dance floor or soemthing." he smiles and looks out at the folks dancing before them, "I tried to tell her I was waiting for a freind. She seemed offened by that." Shaking his head, he tugs on the neck of his dress suit but smiles and says, "So what would you like to do?" He nods to D'ani and Kimmala as they begin to move past.

Zaala makes a sound through her lips, sort of a guffaw than anything, eyes rolling and arms picking casually at her skirt, "She's got her panties on too tight." The weyrbrat is unafraid to be so brazen. She does however notice Borodin sneaking back over toward them, "Oh hey!" She grins at him, "You managed to escape the dreaded dish duty so far. Where's your dance partner?" She asks of Borodin, trying to encourage him on, before noticing the shy girl slipping in alongside, to which she daringly pretends to know who she is, by giving a finger waggle to the sheepish girl and smiling, "Hey, long time right?!" Maybe she does know, that is, if the girl is the run of the mill sort, since Zaala hangs with the lower cavern types all the time, greasing elbows with the big brass only happens on rare instances like tonight and she's really just quenching their thirst. A darting look toward K'drozen, only to see D'ani and Kimmila slip by, giving them a proper finger waggle too, for their efforts of acknowledging a simple serving lass! As for what to do, she gives K'drozen a side long look, "Drink maybe and watch the first dance." That's likely when the music is starting and the highlight on the floor is the traditional coupling of Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. Zaala pushes up on her tippy toes to see over heads, swooning a little at the sight. What teenage girl wouldn't?!

Abigail has wandered on out towards the dance a bit late it seems, her pale gaze drifts across the place. A smile seen along with a nod to a few people whom she speaks with. Her curly red hair is down, and she has a dark green dress on that has some gold accents across it, along with a slender gold rope like belt around her waist, and a pair of sandals. The dress itself is slightly off the shoulder design from the looks of it. She catches sight of Zaala and Borodin so wanders on towards them, a warm smile seen. "Hello Borodin, Zaala. How are ye both liking the night?"

Borodin makes his way through the crowd. He thinks he's making progress! He's getting closer toward the food tables again, which - at this point - are not the most popular of places. So, definitely progress… and then… there's someone looking at him, and not just with the 'oh you happen to exist' or the 'get out of my way' look. No, this is a meaningful sort of look. He meets the petite girl's eyes. He looks away, to Zaala. "Hey," he says, and gives her a smile. He looks back at the girl. He glances back to Zaala. Dance… partner? His eas turn faintly pink. "I, uhm." He eyes that girl who's standing there, her hands clasped earnestly in front of her. "Would you…" mind going somewhere else and not staring at me anymore? "Uh…" He can't do it. "…like to dance?" He sticks out his arm to her. Suave it ain't. And what could make it more awkward? His sister watching! Bonus!

K'drozen smiles softly and says softly, "That sounds like a plan to me." as he looks out to the dance floor, "I am sure if you would like we could get you out there onto the dance floor Zaala." he smiles and gives a nod to Borodin as he approaches.

D'ani shrugs helplessly back to Th'ero, neutral about the dance itself and unaware how the Weyrleader feels about dancing with the Weyrwoman. That's a dynamic he's yet to witness himself. As for Kimmila, he edges back out of the way of those dancing, but remains beside her. Her murmur has him leaning his ear closer to hear the question, which draws a blink and a long look at her. "No? I mean… no. Why?" He's got a funny expression, likely from searching his mind to figure out if he's done something that has given her a reason to ask. No, this isn't awkward at all is it? "Would… you like to dance? Or something?"

There is nothing quite so pleasing than watching the formal swing of Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, like a romantic story book come to life with each pluck of the harper's strings. Zaala seems to be lost in trying to watch them, even if well, they're totally awkward about it, it still seems proper. That is, until a taller individual totally blocks her view and her interest wanes to something that makes her giggle behind a hand - and that's Borodin's jerked out arm to the sheepish girl that slipped up beside him. Seeing he's off to have his own bit of fun, maybe, with that mouse of a girl, her blue eyes swing back toward another knot, "Abigail! I mean… Wingsecond!" Now -that's- impressive, her eyes trailing up and down the form of a green dress, "Wow, I love that look on you. Where are those easterner's when you need them huh?" Of course, she -would- know about Abigail's friends from Eastern. But then there's K'drozen whose sort of offering but not as direct to dance, so she calls him on it, "What was that? You'd like to dance?" A squinted look, contemplating, before a shrug and a carefree smile, tilting her head, "I approve. Let's go then."

Abigail eyes her brother curiously before sending a glance over to Zaala, oh yes there is that knot of hers. A soft sheepish smile is seen. "Come now, Abigail is fine, really." She isn't one for titles here at all. As for her friends from Eastern, a slight shrug is seen. "I'm sure they are busy with things at Eastern.." For a moment she seems a bit sad at the thought but doesn't let it linger. "Ye all go have fun." Dancing isn't for her and she'll avoid is as long as she can.

K'drozen blinks at Zaala take it to mean that he wants to dance looking a bit wilded eyed but not wanting to disapoint and says, "You may be sorry for accepting, they has I have two left feet." offering his hand to Zaala the brown rider looking a bit uncomfortable at the prospect and in the suit he wore for the occasion.

Kimmila glances up at D'ani for a moment and then shakes her head. "Just curious," she says lightly. And then he's asking her to dance and she looks at the wine glass in her hand. "Here," she says to a young girl who is watching the Weyrleader with a wistful expression. "This is Th'ero's, guard it with your life." And when the child's eyes go wide and she bobs her head eagerly, Kimmila offers her now free hand to D'ani. "Certainly, Weyrsecond. Only proper that the wery second and third follow the weyrleaders onto the floor, doesn't it?" she says, amused.

Zaala smiles at Abigail, "It's still weird you know," not really, but maybe a little, as it wasn't so long ago they were all standing on the sands together. She waves those fingers at Abigail then, turning with a haughty expression to K'drozen, "Try not to break my toes, ok?" The expression melts back into a playful one as she grabs his hand and leads out toward the dance floor, more or less tugging him through the crowds to find a spot on the platform. Amusement colours her expression as she settles there, one last swish of her hand down her pale pink gown and she's eager to delight in the art of dance.

There's another one of those long looks from D'ani and a skeptical quirk of lips at that 'just curious'. "Proper indeed," he agrees dryly cryptic as his eyes drift to spot the Weyrleaders briefly. After Kimmila is wine-free, he offers her his hand, positions himself before her and when she is ready, sweeps her into fray, his the steps matching the ones of the other couples and merging with theirs for this formal dance. "So the question would be, why are you curious," he says lightly and then tilts his head to more closely see the silvery-gold circlet she's been touching so often. "That hair… thingie… looks very nice on ah, your hair. Something special, that?" he asks nodding to it.

"Aye, it's still strange for me too Zaala." Abigail pauses as she lets her arms fold loosely in front of her as she looks after Zaala and K'drozen, a soft smile seen. For a few moments she is left talking with Borodin before she soon slipping off to take care of a few things it would seem.

The shy girl is very likely from the lower caverns and while she starts a bit at Zaala's greeting, she catches on quick enough. "Yeah, long time!" she answers just a bit too cheerily. Her blush darkens and she resumes chewing her lower lip in a nervous habit. She tries not to look Borodin in the eye while he fumbles, peeking shyly through a tumbled lock of her hair. Then she's clinging to his arm and beaming. "I would love to!" Yay, she caught someone! Sauve or not, it works for her. It's hard to say how Th'ero truly feels, as he's a master at keeping his true emotions from showing through. He's at least a competent dancer however and he does not send the Weyrwoman stumbling or step on her toes and vice versa. Neither are likely even remote to considering this a romantic story book picture either and once the music comes to an end, they will immediately put a respectful distance between themselves. The Weyrleader isn't without some code or manners though and he will escort the Weyrwoman safely away and then promptly try to escape as well and backtrack to where he last saw D'ani and Kimmila but unaware that they had joined in on the dance after all. The Harpers are already strumming the warning notes for the second set and as the floor clears, new pairs take their places and the crowds shift once more.

Kimmila is swept up into the dance and it's clear she's not the best dancer. Passable, really, but no more than that. She doesn't step on his toes but nor does she sway or move with any grace. Prowling after a feline in the depths of a Southern jungle, yes, she has grace, but here? Not so much. But she tries. "Because you two seem to get along well and it's good to have friends." Hypocrite. Her eyes lift as if she could look at the circlet on her brow, and she coughs softly. "It was too expensive," she confides. "I shouldn't have let Th'ero get it but he insisted…" Uh. "I mean, thank you. Yes, it's from a trip we took to Lemos recently to get - " she breaks off with a frown, and leans in to whisper softly.

Meanwhile, on the edge of the crowd the little girl with the wine sees the Weyrleader step off the dance floor and she darts to him, nimble and quick, and holds up the glass with a blush on her cheeks. "Sir?" she chirps. "Wingrider Ki - I mean, your mate, Kimmila, Lady Kimmila, uh," what title /does/ Kimmila have? "she said to give you this."

Oh, Borodin hears Zaala giggling. He sees Abigail looking at him. His ears turn fully pink… but his hand stays stuck out. So what if he's got two left feet and a drunken wher's sense of rhythm? And what's it matter if he can't tell the difference between a jig and a pavane? Maybe she can't either! Hey, anything's possible. He doesn't know anything about her skill or lack thereof on the dancefloor - he doesn't even know her name! But, he's gone and made the offer, so now the only thing more embarrassing than dancing would be backing down. The only graceful way out is for her to say no… which does not happen. In fact, it so doesn't happen. "Oh. Uhm. Good." Now he's got a girl on his arm! Help, what does he do now? He… Zaala's gone off with K'drozen to the dancefloor. Abbey! O sister his, come up with an excuse why- no, not an excuse why Abigail has to go. An excuse why Borodin has to… er. Gulp. "Shall we?" He looks at his dance partner sideways, and makes an effort at gallant as he leads her to the dance floor and attempts, once there, to simultaneously move to the music and not step on her toes.

K'drozen laughs softly at Zaala responce as he leads her out onto the dance floor and smiles soflty and slowly turns to face her offering her his hand and slips his other onto the small of her back, "Shall we my dear." he still wears a slightly paniced look, though he grins slighlty a he sees Borodin getting forced out onto the dance floor as well.

Borodin needs some ego boosting and the girl Zaala knows from the lower caverns ought to do that, she's pretty at least, in a common sort of way. But Borodin is the least of her concerns after finding out she may be risking a broken toe with the brownrider whose got two left feet. She settles her hand softly in K'drozen's and settles in alongside him, eyeing him cautiously, "I better have all -ten- toes after this." It's likely she notes his look of panic, flicking her hair over her shoulder with a whip of her head back, waiting for him to indeed lead them in the dance, "After you," she incites, awaiting the first step, glad she's not the only one out here with a nervous partner, sending a smile over toward the other lower cavern's girl.

"I am comfortable with her," D'ani says, easily able to tell her that. He tilts his head, mulling that. Do they get along? Don't most people? OH! A recollection prompts him to cast his eyes over the crowd, resting on the Weyrleader's form. If his pants get a second look, blame it on Dtirae! "Hmm," he says, a half-smile tugging at his mouth, "She hasn't punched me yet, so I think we get along?" He doesn't seem to mind that Kimmila's dancing attempts are less graceful than she'd like; he compensates for them, guiding her skillfully, seeking to minimize false steps by incorporating them so that if they aren't dancing quite the traditional ones, oh well. They can be out of synch. The story of her headpiece interests him, but the dance ends too soon for him to question her further about it. As he turns to lead her towards where Th'ero is, he says lowly, "You'll have to share the details of that adventure with me another time." They're at the edge of the floor, and he relinquishes her to her weyrmate with a little bow. "Thank you for the dance," he says simply and then with a smile for them both, fades into the crowds to mingle, perhaps somewhere off down the lakeshore where it is less crowded but he can still hear the music. And watch Borodin squir- ahh dance. And Zaala make K'drozen enjoy himself despite his best resolve not to.

K'drozen grins slightly as he slowly begins to sweep Zaala out onto the dance floor, "Oh you will have all your toes." seems maybe he was kidding about his lack of ability on the dance floor moving her along with the beat of the harpers music.

Luckily for that little girl the Weyrleader hasn't made it far from the crowds in his bid to escape. At least her timing is good in the sense too that Th'ero won't have to accept any offers to any hopefuls wanting a chance to dance with him. Reaching for the wine glass, he smiles warmly to the girl as she fumbles through and does not correct her on the use of Kimmila's title. All work, in a sense, save perhaps for 'Lady'. "Thank you for bringing it to me. No easy task, what with the crowd." he murmurs, a touch awkwardly. What else can he say? He dismisses her though with a polite nod of his head and a soft spoken, "Go on and enjoy yourself." Borodin will find that his dance partner doesn't seem to mind his… well, lack of dancing. She's just over the moons actually having someone who took her to the dance floors at all. May not be any Weyrleader or even a Wingrider, but she's there. "Lets!" she beams at him and he may find that he'll have to guard his toes as well, as the shy, petite mousy girl is not that skilled at all. How they'll manage not to wind up sprawled on the floor is just pure luck indeed! But the song is short lived, to the disappointment of some and the utmost relief of others. Th'ero is lifting his head once more and scanning the crowds, sipping at the refreshing wine. He hears the chords played to summon the dancers in for the second set, a last and final call but he only drifts further back but not far enough. D'ani is returning then with Kimmila and the Weyrleader greets them both with a wide smile. "So you two did manage to join the first set, I see." he murmurs, reaching for his weyrmate's hand when the Weyrsecond relinquishes her. He dips his head politely to D'ani, followed by a low murmured thanks. For what? He doesn't elaborate, only lifting his wine glass for another sip and then offering a little to the bluerider.

Kimmila laughs. "No, that's a step in the right direction," she says to D'ani, amused. When they return to Th'ero, Kimmila smiles at D'ani and nods. "Thank you too," and once he's gone, she slips in close to the Weyrleader, sliding her arm through his. "I see you got your wine," she teases, shaking her head at his offer. "Shall we dance, weyrmate? We look the part, might as well play it, hmm? And I feel like dancing…"

The sweeping and the movement that K'drozen takes her in, is certainly surprising the way the man was going on about his own ability. Zaala has to quicken her step just to keep from falling into him or stumbling herself on the sudden swiftness of joining the dancers. It's then that her cheeks flush for her own humility, hanging on as best she can with her hand on his shoulder and the other in his. "Don't spin me too fast or else I'll lose a shoe!" she protests with laughter, going right along with what her partner wants, sharing a look over toward Borodin and the other girl if they get a chance to sweep by one another on the dance floor.

Squirm might be more accurate, at least for the part where Borodin takes his partner to the floor. Once there… clomp might be a good word. Stumble? Fortunately, he doesn't quite step on her toes… just on the edge of her shoe. And only onc- twice. She manages to get his toes, but he pretends she didn't. His smile just gets strained… okay, more strained… for a few moments, as Borodin looks to her to try and figure out where he's supposed to be in relation to her and ends up looking into her eyes instead. It's almost romantic! …up until they narrowly miss colliding with another couple, and he looks away from the dirty looks the (far more dashing) gentleman is giving him to search for a safe place in the crowd. Oh, look. There's K'drozen and Zaala sweeping toward them, looking… graceful. About that smile where Borodin pretends he knows what he's doing. …and somewhere in there the first dance ended and the second began. He must have missed it with the sound of blood rushing to his ears.

K'drozen grins to Zaala as he continues up the pace swirling her about the dance floor in time with the music. Trying to make sure she enjoys here time at this dance.

"That I did and thank you," Th'ero murmurs with a smirk to her teasing, but is just as amused. When she dismisses his offer, he simply takes another sip for himself and links his free arm through with hers. "But you just danced with D'ani?" he drawls, glancing up and over to the dance floor and a touch apprehensively. He can't entirely deny Kimmila's truth though: they are dressed the part and he probably should be out there dancing and if not dancing, mingling. Plus, that is his weyrmate asking to go. So what is a man to do? The obvious: finish his wine in a few long sips, set the glass somewhere safe and then lead on! "Let's dance then, though for both our sakes, I hope the next song isn't too fast paced or you'll have nothing left to your toes." Th'ero murmurs with a low, dry chuckle as he leads Kimmila through the crowds and back to the edge to wait out the last stirring cords of the previous dance. Borodin's shy partner only giggles as they move with less grace then most (or all) on the floor and when their eyes do meet she blushes furiously and looks down at her shoes. Seems she's not really looking for much more than a temporary dance partner, for whatever reasons. Romance? Not in her sights this night. Poor Borodin's strained smile and cues are missed by the petite girl, as are the dirty looks from the gentleman they all but collide with. At last though, there is a chance for escape! For the second dance ends and the girl, now a little breathless (two dances! Isn't she the lucky one!), lets go of Borodin. "That's… enough for me," she says with another nervous giggle. "Thanks! That was fun." For who? "I need to go sit." Shy, sidelong glance to him and maybe followed by a bashful glance away as she plucks at her dress. "Maybe we'll dance later?" Maybe not! Hard to say if she's hopeful, but she was true to her word and she's off to disappear and vanish among the crowds, only glancing back once to see if Borodin is following.

Kimmila smiles at Th'ero, nodding her head. "He's a fine dancer. And I would've been dancing with you but we got here a moment too late. Besides," she adds with a glance around and a little shrug, "only proper that the Weyrleaders start off the dance."

"Oh, uh, thanks." For what? "It was nice." If by that you mean he survived. Borodin releases the girl back to the crowds. "Yeah. Maybe." If she finds him again - because he's not pursuing her, instead looking for a chance to catch his breath, and maybe something to drink while he's at it. Dancing is thirsty work! Dancing badly, even more so. Borodin sidles off through a crowd that, if not really smaller, is at least more divided into dancers and gawkers, and thus easier to navigate. So, as others step out onto the floor again, he makes his way over and lays claim to a glass of wine. Now to find someone to make awkward small talk with! Maybe he can find his sister? But, Abbey seems to be hiding in the crowd… or perhaps she's fled entirely. Depending how awkward the small talk is, he might yet do the same.

It's not as if their dance is completely graceful either! Zaala isn't a professional, she's just light on her feet and able to keep the steps going or turn a misguided step into some sort of fun sashsay type move or a spin, or a furl of her skirt. In time though, with the crowds on the floor, it seems a little cramped for style. Either way, there comes a point when getting bumped leads into a jarring clip of an elbow to the back of her head. A soft youch is heard from out there in the dancefloor and it belongs to the teen, whose caught standing there rubbing the back of her head, water tearing up in her eyes, listening to the concerned apologies from the lead partner of the couple who waltzed right into them. Collisions happen on crowded dance floors! Apologies are accept, but that's the end of the moment for Zaala. She'll savour the smarting on the back of her head for a bit longer, though at least those who saw the ordeal allow her to pass through without having to weave around them. At this point, all she really wants is a drink, "I knew I should've had a glass of wine before coming out…" she says to the brownrider, making a move to exit stage right, unless the brownrider convinces her for another spin. What's the saying of falling off a horse and having to get back on right away?

K'drozen frowns deeply to Zaala as she comes into contact with the other dance, "Are you ok Zaala?" he says as he leads her toward the edge of the dance floor, the brown rider looking very concerned for her as they move to the edge, "Have a seat and I will get you a glass."

Th'ero chuckles again, "Somehow I'm not surprised that he is a fine dancer," he drawls in a low tone and then his mood sobers beneath a small smile. "Just how fate played out, Wingmate. And I suppose it was proper, but neither of us were prepared." And thankfully it went without incident, for the sake of both their prides! The dance floor clears again and the Harpers strum the chords of another song and the Weyrleader takes Kimmila gently by the arm and steps onto the wooden square that moments before he was all too eager to escape from. Not so many pairs join this time, with more heading to sit or refresh themselves and now the crowds begin to disperse over the lake shore. Much easier to hide or mingle, that is for certain! The air is alive with the murmur of conversation again, as previous discussions are picked up once more before the next song begins to play. Th'ero guides Kimmila to the middle, more or less, before he is positioning himself to stand in front of her, one hand at her hip and the other taking her hand in his. "Enjoying yourself?" he asks her, even as his gaze drifts to the crowds. Nervous? You bet he is. Then he leans in to whisper something to her, while he has the chance. Not long after, the music begins — another sedate song to start though midway through the tempo changes but nothing too demanding — and the Weyrleader leads Kimmila forwards.

Kimmila is led onto the floor and she goes, adjusting her shawl and her skirts, her white outfit contrasting nicely with her weyrmate's black and silver. She rather stands out like a beacon there in the center of the dance floor, and surely it's just a trick of the light that she seems to be blushing as she pushes some hair out of her face before resting her hand on Th'ero's shoulder. Tilting her head to listen to his whisper, she shakes her head and then - surprise? - she stands on her tiptoes to actually kiss him. In public. Gasp!

With glass in hand, Borodin drifts in the crowds, lurking near one cluster of conversation, then the next. He's not having much luck breaking in to any of the groups… which is probably for the best, since he wouldn't really know what to say if he did. Eventually he drifts his way around to encounter Zaala and K'drozen again as they depart the dance floor, and gives them a vague sort of wave. "Oh, uhm, hey." Pause. "…again. Uh, did you enjoy the dancing?" Because he was too busy to notice. In fact, he's not even watching it now, so he entirely misses that out there on the dance floor, there are weyrmates kissing. (Each other!)

Weyrmates kissing eachother! Such a scandal! Zaala is more concerned about her noggin than smooching right now, as she pushes her way out through the tighter clusters of folks at the back, managing with a heave of breath to stiffen her expression and casually blot the moisture from her eyes. For K'drozen's concern, she is at least grateful to him, gesturing that she's fine. She's likely more flustered with being embarrassed due to the collision than anything. Yet, she will not protest him leaving to fetch them wine, "One for yourself too, fancy feet," she calls after him, taking a seat at a nearby table that was at one point filled with feasting festival goers. Another rub to the back of her head has her, crossing her legs and smoldering there, chewing on the words she'd like to spit out, words that would be unlady like. Borodin earns a quick look, "Until I got nailed in the back of the head with someone's hand or .. elbow or something…" she's acutally not sure, but it felt like a sharp elbow, canting her head to the side, "You?" Maybe he had better luck.

K'drozen returns with the glasses of wine offering the first to Zaala and smiles to Borodin and says, "looked like you where having an ok time out there, you just got to move with the music…"

Scandalous! Or not really. More like rarely (if ever) seen from this pair and more surprisingly the Weyrleader kisses her back. Genuinely! Nothing brief or nervous, though at least they keep it respectful (and reserved). If Th'ero is thrown off guard by Kimmila's move, he handles it well (or it's the wine allowing him to mellow out) and by the time the music is playing, his focus is set and he won't have them stumbling and bumbling their way across the floor. He's not great at it, but he has some sense of rhythm but lacks in the gracefulness of some of the other dancers. As the last notes are played, he'll attempt to spin her and then draw her close again as the song ends. Catching his breath, he manages to actually grin at his weyrmate, which is quickly subdued back to a smile as a few of the passing dancers murmur their greetings and compliments as the crowds shift again. The Harpers don't strum the notes of another song quite yet, most now tending to their instruments or taking a well deserved break. Music does fill the air again, but it is only single instruments: a flute or pipes and even a violin. Something to fill the void of the interlude, leaving the festival goers to mingle again and converse amongst themselves. Th'ero takes Kimmila's hand then and begins to lead her off the dance floor. "Would you care to sit again or just walk? I could see about getting you something to drink too, if wine isn't your preference tonight." Speaking of which… where's his glass?

In dire contrast to the rough and tired guard from earlier that day, a clean and well groomed Sergeant Yurolt makes his way to the edge of the dancing circle. He wears his finest dress uniform and the rings are gone from beneath his eyes. Yurolt arrived just in time to catch the kiss that just occurred. Otherwise he would have promptly saluted Th'ero. Instead he searchs for a glass of wine and will watch the dancing for a while.

"Oh." It wasn't his elbow, right? Right? Borodin briefly gets a panicked look as he tries to think back to whether he thumped anyone, but the only part of him that feels bruised is his toes, so he's probably okay. Still… "Sorry." Pause. "-to hear that." It wasn't him! Nope. Not at all, and now he does look out into the dancers, as if he'll somehow find the guilty party out there. His own dancing? "Uhm. It was okay." He glances to his wineglass, fidgeting it around in his fingers, then looks up at K'drozen and laughs nervously. "Yeah. Nothing to it." Except all the things that he evidently doesn't have, but that everyone claims are easy - you just move with the music, that's all!

Kimmila dances with her weyrmate and she enjoys herself, laughing light and surprised at that final spin. Pulled close, she beams up at Th'ero, hands resting on his chest. Dipping her head a bit, she touches her circlet and nods to those that pass, slipping her arm through his. "A drink and a walk sound lovely, wingmate," she murmurs, as the pair navigate their way off the platform and - for now - blend into the crowd.

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