Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

The afternoon started clear and crisp, a classic autumn day if any and warm, save for the occasional cool breeze when the winds picked up. Outside the Weyr, an archery contest had been held in the Trader and Crafter's clearings, with both caravans and stalls opened in a market-like setting for residents and visitors alike to browse. Now the hours have shifted forwards and the sun has begun to set towards evening. There is still some warmth outdoors, though as the sky darkens a mild chill sets in but is not enough to keep most festival goers indoors. Folk have been busy throughout the day and days previous in preparing and all their hard work now pays off: both the living caverns and the lake shore now boast several serving tables laden with a variety of food and drink, from hot to cold dishes, savory and sweet and everything else in between. Two feasts to suit the numbers and preferences, though it's clear that the outdoor lake shore will be host to the opening dances, as a wooden floor has been set into the ground by the floating platform. More tables and benches line the shore some distance from the water, allowing for ample room to sit or wander through. Already several of the tables are filled and the air is alive with many voices, the atmopshere throughout the Weyr merry and lighthearted for once. Music drifts in and out as well, as a small group of Harpers play a few light tunes from the platform.
The Weyrleader had left not long after the archery contest determined Abigail as the winner against Kimmila and after a brief (if not hurried) conversation, he left with his bluerider weyrmate and has not been seen since. Busy, no doubt, overseeing a few last minute preparations or important business but now freed from those tasks, Th'ero makes a reappearance just as the feasts begin. He's dressed in his best formal clothing, including a new black vest with silver embroidery and a pair of calf high boots replacing his usual worn knee high ones. There has been some attempt at taming the mess of black curls that is his hair, but already they are resuming their wild look. Walking at a sedate pace, he pauses frequently as he's greeted and somehow he keeps a patient and warm expression and smile in place. His gaze will constantly glance towards those serving tables though and no doubt the Weyrleader is trying to get to them and perhaps a brief bite to eat in (equally brief) peace.

Kimmila walks alongside Th'ero, her arm linked through the Weyrleader's. And, gasp, she is dressed up. In an actual /dress/. The white gown hugs her modestly curvy form nicely, the off the shoulder cut covered up a little bit by a fur and lace shawl. Her hair has been pulled back into a half runnertail and ringlets fall against her face, and upon her brow rests a circlet of silver and gold leaves and flowers. Dressed up indeed, and though she walks proudly and holds her head high, there's little darts of her eyes that suggests she might be a little uncomfortable still, at dressing this formally.

Although D'ani had paused long enough to make a wager on and watch that archery contest, he had been on his way back to the Weyr from working in the camps where he'd listened to the harpers interview them, one at a time. Time to linger in the stalls will have to come later, since his work isn't completed until his reports are delivered to Th'ero's and Dtirae's desks. So he's been in his office writing up those reports for that for the better part of the later afternoon, finishing in time to have Dremkoth lift him to his weyr where he's bathed, run a razor over his rough jaws and changed. He's not so great with formal wear, donning a pair of snug-fitting black jeans, a crisp cotton-sissal shirt of dark blue, the pressed fabric gleaming dully thanks to the fiber blend. His boots, not his regular work ones, are simple black leather, the narrow heel and the polished-to-sheen the only thing that makes them remotely dressy. That he's rushed to get down here is obvious as his hair falls damply about the back of his neck and forehead. And the reason for his haste? Food of course. It's the tables he's making his way to.

Wild blonde hair passes through the crowd, wispy hair trailing out behidn a teen helping the service of the feast, in the elegant way a waitress ought. Not necessarily a waitress by official day, but she's had experience enough to help wander through the crowds with a tray of white wine pitched upon her steepled fingers. Zaala is one of those residents behind the scenes, mostly, not too well known, but seen the odd time here and there. Like most, it's time to take advantage of the reason to wear a dress. A soft pink brushes at her knees in her one piece dress, which appears to be two piece due to a black band running between the skirt and the upper torso piece, which is white and cut in a heart shaped and laced hemmed design, with a mesh outline that makes it appear as if her dress is simply kept up by straps. Her hair dangles around her shoulders in loose waves and curls, ringlets obviously made by further care are starting to come out as the day wears on. She pops by the Weyrleader and the bluerider with an slight bow of her head as she compliments, "You two look splendid this evening. Care for some fresh clean tasting white wine?" An eyebrow pops up to impress the offer on them with a semi-curl of her lips.

Borodin's clothes… are clean. They're simple, grey trousers and a blue button-up shirt, and mostly only fancier than what he wears everyday by dint of not having any stains or patches on them… and yet he still manages to look somewhat uncomfortable in them, or maybe that's just the occasion. He may have gotten away from kitchen work earlier, but it seems he's been sucked back into - not surprising, with how busily they've been working to make this feast happen - and at the moment, near one of the food tables, setting down a stack of plates.

The Weyrwoman has not been present, if only for the fact that she's been busy with all sorts of reports Not to mention ensuring that everything is well tended to and that they have more than enough supplies to make this festival happen. Not to mention a certain demoted Weyrling whining and begging to go to the festivities. However, no Weyrling is in the presence of the Weyrwoman when she finally makes her appearance. Donned in a white, flowing dress is Dtirae. Her hair, for once, is worn down and completely unhindered. It is long, and flowing almost as much as her dress. She looks a little out of place, a fish out of water, sheepish with her appearance but also looking a little smug. Conflicting interests? Certainly. She, however, does not break off to mingle and starts straight towards the food.

From down the shore, K'drozen makes his way slowly towards the festival, The brown riders smiles and nods to a couple of the residents as he passes though though crowd, seeming to be looking for someone as he goes.

Th'ero shows no discomfort for having to don fancier clothing but the man is notorious for his masks and controlled emotions. He may appear calm and at ease, but inside he may be squirming with discomfort. There won't be much time for him to reflect however, as just as he finishes with one greeting, he's sucked into another and all he can do is smile and repeat the process. With his arm linked through with Kimmila's, his black and silver outfit stands in stark contrast to her pure white and the circlet of gold and silver. At last, he is given a moment to breath and he turns his head to murmur swiftly to his weyrmate, "Where would you like to sit? I'll try to get us some food, but at this rate I wonder if we'll ever make it through…" Zaala is there suddenly with the tempting offer of wine and Th'ero does not resist it. Once he's finished giving her a slight nod of greeting, his smile is crooked but genuine. "My thanks," he murmurs, but before taking a glass for himself, his gaze turns to Kimmila. "Would you like a glass as well?" D'ani and Dtirae's arrival are noted, gaze lingering to note both their choice of formal dress, but Th'ero can only offer them a half wave and brisk nod for now.

Kimmila turns her head to catch sight of D'ani, and she lifts her free hand to wave at the Weyrsecond. "D'ani," she calls, before they're being spoken to by a waitress. "Oh, no thank you," she says with a little smile, looking the girl up and down. "That's a lovely dress," she remarks, looking the girl up and down briefly. When Dtirae arrives, Kimmila grins. Guess there was a memo about wearing white? "I don't care where we sit, but I'd prefer to sit around people we know," she murmurs to her date, shifting her skirts and then lifting a hand to the circlet. Making sure it's still there, perhaps.

K'drozen smiles as he spots Zaala near Th'ero and Kimmila and turns to walk in there dirrection, the brown rider pulls slighlty at the collor of his dress shirt as he nears and gives a nods in greeting to the Weyrleader, "Evening Sir, Kimmila." as he slips up next to the young lady serving the wine, "Hey Zaala."

Zaala flickers her gaze briefly toward the Weyrleader, watching him as he takes an offered glass, fingers replacing on the tray to rebalance the load. Her blue eyes then settle on Kimmila, who compliments her in return, and earns a gracious smile from Zaala and nothing short of a curtsy. "Thank you ma'am, that's a lovely shawl, it's beautiful! You'll have to share your secrets on who fashioned it for you." She winks, though as the couple are deciding where to sit, she waits to see if another glass of wine is needed and promptly turns to leave them to it, nearly taking out K'drozen in the meantime as she pivots with the tray, "Woooah. Whoopies," she says with a smirk, a few wine glasses wobbling but not a one takes the plunge over the tray itself, it would seem. "Hello Kal," she bobbles the tray toward him, "I'll be back. I'm running empty. Here, take one in the meantime-" she all but pushes a glass at K'drozen before making it back off for more refills. She passes back behind the tables and consequently, near Borodin, "Don't work too hard toots," she teases him with a warm smile in passing. One server to the next, apparently.

Borodin pauses for a moment to make the stacks of plates even with each other… for about the next ten seconds, until the hungry crowds take them away and all his work's in vain. It's okay, he won't be there to see it, because there's a tray that's already empty that he picks up to take back to the kitchens, glancing back to Zaala as he does and half-smiling. "I'll, uhm, tell cook you said so." There it is, actual teasing back! Better see it quick, because then… he's off again, and so is she.

Probably D'ani's last-minute report didn't help the Weyrwoman's timely arrival either. The Weyrsecond, negotiating his way through the crowd towards the buffet table with the honed concentration only a hungry man can have, nevertheless spots the drifting cloud of white that is Dtirae. He pauses as people mill about them, offers a light touch to her elbow to gain her attention, flashes white teeth and says lightly, "Weyrwoman, you look-" GROWL!!! That'd be his stomach, not him being cheeky. He drops a pointed look to his belly and amends that to, "lovely, I was going to say, if my stomach hadn't so rudely chimed in." Oh then his name is being called and he peers around to see Kimmila and Th'ero. His jaw drops and he pantomimes overdone shock. He's never seen her in a dress! He'll go tell her she looks nice in a minute - right now they're being mobbed, so he just smiles. Borodin is the direction he wants to go. He's got the plates, man.

Once she's not looking so rushed, the Weyrwoman does take a moment to observe. Kimmila and Th'ero's presence are noted, as well as their state of dress. Then Zaala, with the wine, a passing glance at K'drozen that lingers for just a moment before her attention flitters towards Borodin. There's the food. But, there's a touch to her elbow and she turns. D'ani's smile is returned, before the woman is laughing. "You could say your stomach has an opinion as well." She teases, "thank you. I feel a little… Out of place." A brief tilt of her head in the direction of Kimmila and Th'ero as the bluerider calls out the bronzerider's name. "Were you wanting to get something to eat?" After all, his stomach did make itself known. An arm is offered out towards the bronzerider, "I'm heading in that direction as well, if you're wanting."
"I'm sure that can be arranged," Th'ero murmurs to Kimmila with a vague grin before his eyes turn back to Zaala and his free hand reaches out to take one of the offered wine glasses safely in his fingers. As the bluerider compliments the young woman on her dress, he too takes a swift once-over look but makes no comment, either of his nature or simply wise. At the mention of secrets, the Weyrleader only coughs softly and sips at his drink. Secrets, right. K'drozen is given a nod in greeting and a quick murmured, "Evening, K'drozen," and then he is looking out over the lake shore in hopes of finding a place to sit and at last, a suitable spot is found. Shifting his weight, he resumes a sedate walk pass the tables, his arm still linked through with Kimmila's. He keeps any greetings as politely brief as he can without being rude, but D'ani's jaw dropped reaction is caught and reflected upon only with a smile that could be close to smug. Th'ero stops before one of the longer tables set not far from the serving tables and a bit to the side of the heart of things. One side offers a view of the lake, the other a broad look of the other tables. Sweeping his hand towards the empty seats, the Weyrleader murmurs to Kimmila, "Is this suitable? Plenty of empty seats too." Though for how long?

Kimmila clears her throat, looking a bit embarrassed by Zaala's words. "Found it in Lemos…don't know who made it," she admits. Awkward, talking about clothes! If Zaala had stayed, Kimm might've tried to coax her into a conversation about hunting. But alas, the girl in pink is then gone. Noticing D'ani's mimed shock, Kimmila rolls her eyes but…wait…is that a blush? Surely not. Conversation with the Weyrwoman and 'second will need to wait though, as she's ushered to a table. "This is perfect," she says, waiting for Th'ero to pull out her chair. She's dressed like a lady tonight, might as well kind of act like one.

K'drozen smiles to Zaala and nods, "Alright, I will wait for you right here." as he watches his friend wander off before taking a sip of his win and looking over to the Weyrwoman and smiles as he sees her outfit. "Evening Ma'am." he says softly.

Th'ero certainly doesn't have the teen's eyes, it's all about those clothes for the moment, the ones that Kimmila has! So she listens indeed for any hint of a secret, eyes popping wide a little at the location, "Lemos, who'd have thunk it!" And it's good too that she's away, because well, hunting isn't where this girl's heart is at, not like the famous Abigail and Kimmila of Fort, Laris hunters they are, or so it's said. But, she's skittered off to get those refills so can't brazenly speak to those tall tales being whipped up in and about the lower caverns! It's at the serving tables as she buzzes by Borodin that she offers him a soft laugh for his response, throwing a facetious grin back over the curve of her shoulder and through the wisps of her loose blond hair, "I'm sure cook will enjoy my evaluation of working too hard." She watches him for a moment before she's recalled to task, managing to fill her tray with more glasses of freshly poured white wine, a blend special for the feast. Here's where she has to take more of her sweet time crossing back into the crowd, pausing by D'ani and Dtirae, "Evening," she interjects with a show of the tray of freshly poured wine, "Care for a glass tonight to go with your meal?" Another approving look for the Weyrwoman's choice of clothing, "You look radiant ma'am."

Never mind the plates, they're just a means to an end. Check out the food near Borodin! He'll just assume that's what Zaala's checking out, for that matter. After all, what if they're running low on things? Or… semi-low, with how long it's likely to take fighting back and forth through the crowd, refills are bound to take a while. "Yeah uhm definitely," he replies to her, before picking up the one empty tray he's got to take back, and - after watching her progress through the crowd - picking up another, smaller one that has bits of fancy cheese and crackers. It's only half empty, but with it in hand, he too can pretend to be an appetizer server and sneak through the crowds with speed! Or… what would be speed, except for the way he gets slowed down by people who want a bite. Oops. It sort of works, anyhow… especially if he follows Zaala. She knows what she's doing! So, a moment later, there he is by D'ani and Dtirae, offering his tray. Cheese to go with your wine? Charming words, though… he has none.

D'ani glances from Dtirae back down at his stomach, eyeing it dubiously. "If it does, I think that's an opinion I'd best not put to words," he quips, this time with a rakish grin for her. Her extended arm prompts him to offer an elbow with a dip of his head in silent invitation to take it. She feels out of place? "It's probably the shoes," he says in a stage-whisper as they move towards those table and he leans a forward to see for himself. Mock alarm widens his eyes, "Well no wonder. Your dress ate your feet clean off. They're gone!" He's reaching to lift a plate off Borodin's stack, flicking the young man a somewhat disappointed look as he hastens off before he can say hey. But then, it looks like he's chasing a blonde, so he approves. They're midway down the table by the time Zaala is back with her wine tray, Borodin with cheese. It takes the Weyrsecond a moment to recognize her. "Zaala, hi. Sure. I need both hands to finish here though." Eyes brimming with both merriment and approval shift to Borodin next. "Why not? Just toss a couple of pieces in that empty spot?" He's balancing said plate while forking some sort of meat on it.

K'drozen's greeting has Dtirae looking in his direction, she smiles widely in greeting. "Good evening, K'drozen." Her return is a little louder, and certainly full of cheer. Then D'ani has her attention again, his quip earning a soft laughter that continues even after he offers his arm out for her to take, which she does. "The shoes?" She questions, before her gaze darts down briefly to consider them. "Oh, shells. You're right, my feet have gone and gotten eaten. You'd think I'd've noticed." She chuckles softly and is releasing his arm, if only to reach for the wine Zaala's offered. "Thank you, and your dress looks wonderful as well." A smile is beamed at the other woman before she nods her thanks to Borodin, taking a little bit of cheese and popping it into her mouth. At least she's eating more delicately than she normally does. It must be the dress. Wine, apparently, wins over food as she's sipping away and not actively filling herself a plate.

Not about to forget his manners, Th'ero only waits on Kimmila's approval before slipping his arm free of hers so he can step forwards and pull out one of the chairs that will have her back to the lake but offer her a clear view of the festivities. Seeing her settled comfortably, he sets his wine glass down to claim the empty chair to her right but does not sit. "Can I get you some food? And you sure you don't want something to drink, too?" he asks in a quiet tone. He casts a quick glance towards the serving tables, another brief smile curving his lips as he spies those lingering about them. The Weyrleader isn't the only one with the idea of food though, as a new wave of festival goers are now descending on the food. Here comes the hungry hoard? Laughter fills the air, some of the tables further down abruptly erupting with it and loudly. Enough that a few heads turn and chuckles follow suit. From the platform, more light music drifts out over the lake and shoreline, somehow balanced not to overwhelm the conversation but providing some background noise when there are quieter lulls.
Kimmila feels a bit odd now, sitting at the table and waiting for food to come to her, when there's fun and conversation over there. But maybe it'll come to her soon enough. "Klah, or cider," she answers Th'ero with a smile. "Thank you. Food would be good too." Prim and proper even in her speech, she folds her hands in her lap and then adjusts her dress, looking out across the party.

K'drozen slips by the serving table to get himself a small meal following behind the weyrwoman and weyrsecond, and steps up to have a quiet word with Zaala, he askers her softly, "how long are you on serving duty here tonight?"

Zaala senses a presence following her, or rather it's the extension of a second tray near her elbow that causes her to flicker her gaze toward Borodin, whose snuck up behind her and successfully gotten out of dish duty with a prompt display of cheese. She flashes him an approving smile for the decision. Serving is so much better than scrubbing, this is known. Her eyes trail back to the Weyrsecond and Weyrwoman, wow, and wasn't this bronzer a candidate with her a couple turns ago! How things progress - for some people! She eyes him up and down, squinting with some measure of recall, of course she places his face, even if it had been a while since standing with him. "I see that," she notes of needing too hands, a twinkle of a smirk on her face, slowed now by the measure of the crowd around them, having to offer a glass to someone who finds her, nodding politely and commenting also on their attire. She's polite enough at least. A flicker of a gaze back to D'ani, "Tell me where you're going sit and I'll plop a glass on the table for you, deal?" Or she could wait. She's good with that, evidently in no rush now that the mob of hungry festival goers are starting to gather more fiercely around the tables. For each person that reaches for a wine glass, she pivots toward them and smiles, saying something complimentary to them. Everyone likes honey in their ear, right? Her attention pops over toward the brownrider as he asks her when she's finished, her eyes bounce over to Borodin, then back to the K'drozen, "I think whenever we can escape unnoticed by the cook." Isn't that always the case! Tactic though, she may lack, as she's saying it in amongst the current and present company of the Weyrwoman and the Weyrsecond.

Hurm. This following through to escape the crowd thing didn't work all that great, because now Borodin's nearly back to where he started. Oh well. Serving is definitely not a bad thing, as these things go. He smiles politely to Dtirae as she serves herself, then looks to D'ani and… "Uhm okay." It's not like the cook's here to see him using his fingers to serve the weyrsecond. So! He sees to it that people are cheesed up. As Zaala looks to him, he looks back and gives a nod to her answer. That's how it works! "Probably there'll be a chance soon. She's going to be busy…" along with everyone who doesn't escape.

Zaala'd probably have recognized D'ani sooner if he were fending off Hotaru instead of escorting the Weyrwoman to the food tables. Where, she doesn't get anything to eat! Bad Weyrwoman, tsk. For a moment, the Weyrsecond watches her slip away then with a subtle shake of his head, he refocuses on Zaala. "Oh that's sweet of you. How about over there by where Kimmila and Th'ero are sitting?" His hands, still holding his plate and dishing growing boy food onto it, still busy, he doesn't mind Borodin's fingers in the slightest. Nor is he scandalized by their evasion plans. "Thanks," he says to them both. "Good luck," is followed by a smirk. Then with a glance over his shoulder, noticing K'drozen, he says, "Evenin'." And then it's off to negotiate the crowds to that table where he places his laden plate opposite Kimmila and sits with a sigh. So hungry! But first, "You look great," he tells her sincerely.

Dtirae would be following D'ani to the table, to drop off her glass so she can actually get food. But, the woman is briefly sidetracked by a handful of people with commentary. Soft conversation begins, and continues until she manages to drag herself away and place her glass at the table with Kimmila and Th'ero seated. "You look lovely, Kimmila." Dtirae offers the bluerider a smile and then she's fleeing. Food. She'll talk more when she returns. Maybe.

She could always give up her seat and join Th'ero in braving the crowd now descending on the serving tables? But it seems as though the party is drifting their way and as D'ani takes a seat across from Kimmila, he gives the full plate of food a brief, but longing, look. The Weyrsecond isn't the only one who is hungry! The Weyrleader is looking a touch reluctant to dive into the fray however, so he lingers while the festival goers help themselves in a swift progression. Zaala and Borodin will indeed find themselves quite busy for a bit, if not close to swarmed before more servers appear to help balance out the work and perhaps delay others from sweeping in before the first wave has a chance to clear out. It's true, folk do not mind a bit of honey in the ears and Zaala's tactic is working well, leaving most folk in good spirits as they then move on to Borodin to help themselves. "Evening, D'ani," Th'ero will greet in a low but inviting tone when his attention isn't distracted by the festivities. He's waiting for that opening at the serving tables, perhaps foolishly. As Dtirae arrives then too to offer her compliments to Kimmila, Th'ero then spies a thinning in the crowds around the serving tables and with a quick dip of his head, excuses himself. "I'll return shortly. Guard my seat, will you?" The latter is mused towards the bluerider, though the Weyrleader truly has no worries over losing his chair as he steps away and begins to weave his way back towards the food.

Kimmila looks up when D'ani arrives, looking relieved that someone came to sit with her. "Thank you," she says with a little smile that is almost shy. "Th'ero wanted me to dress up." Ah, so it's his fault! "Enjoying yourself? Dtirae looks nice," she says with a curious and yet knowing little smirk for the Weyrsecond. It's almost a wink wink nudge nudge situation, but not quite. And then Dtirae is there as well, and the bluerider lifts a hand to touch the circlet on her brow. Still there, whew. "Thank you, Dtirae. As do you." Only…she's gone before Kimmila can really say that, so it just trails off into a compliment lost to empty air. "Of course," she says to Th'ero with a laugh. As if anyone would sit in his spot! The idea has her laughing.

K'drozen chuckles and says softly, "alright, i will wait off to the side over here for you to get free, just let me know." he nods to D'ani at the greating before steping off to the side of the crowd.

With Hotaru there, Zaala definitely would've put the pieces together about D'ani sooner! Without her around, he's another rider, right? All changed and seasoned! Zaala seems to search out Borodin's approval of the great escape and what better way than to use the excuse of rubbing shoulders with the big wigs huh? At least for a time and D'ani totally provides her with a way to do that. "Of course," she declares to him, "Maybe they want some cheese too over at the table." See, teamwork. Both of them can slip out of the noose of work for a little while, while the cook isn't looking. She whispers to Borodin, "We'll have to smooze the knots to get out of this…" This, being the gathered crowd, which she continues to please with a cheerful tone, teasing to some, scolding to others who make off with two glasses. At least, they're out of the direct line of passage to the tables with a few steps after D'ani and Dtirae, waylaid because of their tasks. A peer over to K'drozen, trying to keep tabs of the brownrider, "I've got to serve the-" double take at D'ani, oh yes, big announcement there a while back, "-Weyrsecond a glass. Then hopefully, we can slip unnoticed into the mob, are you with me on that Boro?" she grins, carefree at this point, but she obviously knows the lad's strong points. The teen spots the brownrider getting the heck out of the mob, she nods to him, left with Borodin and the masses. A few more glasses to go before she can use the excuse to dart out for more refills, although, she's keeping a hand on one glass, politely keeping hands off - using the call of Weyrsecond has dibs, leave it.

D'ani's next comment is to Th'ero as he is pulling his chair in, "Evening… Th'ero." Juuuust catching himself before calling him Sir instead of his name. "Try the roast 'beast," he suggests as the Weyrleader steps away. It looks good, anyway. He has yet to actually try it. And then an arm with a wineglass is caught out of the corner of his eye and he's barely avoiding a flailing motion as he scrambles to his feet to pull out the chair for the Weyrwoman, covering with an amused-sounding and murmured, "Finished mingling already?" But then she's flitting off again and this time he watches her until she's nearing the food tables to assure himself she's actually going to get something to eat. He sinks back into his chair, lifts his eyes to Kimmila. "Sure does," he replies, giving her a deadpan 'what?' sort of blank look, managing to keep a perfectly straight face while doing it. "Cheese for the Big Cheese, eh Zaala?" D'ani will say once she and Borodin make their appearance tableside.

"Uhm, thanks," Borodin says to D'ani, then looks away from the Weyrsecond… only to hear Zaala's daring plan. They will? Borodin's eyes get wide, though he's distracted from immediately responding to it by another request for cheese. He's not nearly so quick-witted about his service as Zaala is, mostly going for the silent offers and the occasional, "Uhm, cheese?" Fortunately, self-effacing works. "Well, uhm…" getting away from this early would be nice. Especially since, if he sticks aound, he probably won't be able to refuse doing the dishes later… and there will be so many dishes. "Okay." He's up for this plan! He keeps an eye on Zaala, waiting for her to make her break, and when she does… he follows her! Don't they just look official, like they're part of the serving plan instead of going rogue with their wine and cheese.

Dtirae is missing any compliments thrown in her way. Food is better than words! But, she manages to dodge anyone who happens to try and stop her, even in that dress of hers. Food is gathered, quickly (and she isn't using her fingers, she's being polite. She just knows how to reach for things before others) and efficiently piled on her plate before she's making her way back to the table. Forget mingling. There's a look to her chair, pulled out already for her. "Oh, D'ani. You don't have to do that." But, she beams a smile nonetheless before looking towards Kimmila. "Is Th'ero getting you a plate? And how have things been? I've been caught up in other things." Thus the big food pile on her plate.

So he can learn! Th'ero no doubt spares D'ani a quick smile before vanishing entirely, noting that the Weyrsecond skips the formal use of 'Sir'. He'll probably follow the advice too, as once he's approached the serving tables and grabbed two plates, slices of roast herdbeast are the first of the wide selection to grace the empty surfaces. Not wishing to linger, he will be quick at choosing an assortment of everything — a bit of this and a bit of that — until there is no room left. A few greetings are murmured as more folk press in and pass by and with laden plates in hand, Th'ero begins to turn in preparation to head back to the table. Now he's really hungry, having had a chance to see it all and no doubt catch a few tantalizing smells. At least he has an excuse now not to mingle and so he returns swifter than he had left. One plate is set in front of Kimmila and then he lowers his as he takes his seat next to her. "Evening to you too, Dtirae. The dress suits you," he murmurs, though is it a compliment? The Weyrleader is smiling as he says it but his eyes are soon focused on his plate. Before he takes the first bite though, he looks up to glance at Kimmila, then to D'ani and Dtirae and anyone else who has ventured close enough to the table. "Enjoying the evening so far?" he muses and this time his smile seems far more genuine and relaxed.

Kimmila just smirks a bit at D'ani, giving the Weyrsecond a wink even, before she looks at Dtirae. "Things have been busy," understatement, "but going well I think. With you?" Looking up when Th'ero returns, she touches her circlet again and then gives him a warm smile. "Thank you, wingmate," she murmurs at the food, shaking out her napkin over her lap and taking a bite.

"Follow me toots," Zaala calls over to Borodin, as the glasses of wine are dwindling, so she politely starts to negotiate her way through the bodies, extending her arm high to position the tray in a position that will keep it from stray hips or tubby bellies getting in the way. As she's doing this, she's keeping an eye on her counterpart, the cheese man, what's wine without cheese?! The two clearly need to go together to make it appear all official. "Coming through, excuse me!" When someone tries to grab for the wine glasses she has left, she neatly pivots with a swirl of her skirt out of the way, dancing nimbly before fingers can flinch the Weyrsecond's glass, "Sorry, this is for the Weyrsecond's meal, properly ordered and requested, you see." She delights in using such excuses on her way out, thankfully noticing more wine servers filling the mark behind them and the need of all the thirsty folk. Finally, it's like breaking through the surface of the water, she passes through the last wall of lined up folks, lowering the tray and making for the table with her promised delivery. An eye for D'ani, she almost dubs him with the wine glass as she expertly reaches over his shoulder to place it down before him. At the cheese remark from him, she pats him on the shoulder, "And why not? Though I don't recommend you cut any later," a patpat to his shoulder, before Zaala sneaks a look to see if Borodin made it.

Wine without cheese is sad, is what it is. Sad and alone. Fortunately, Borodin has cheese. "Sorry, 'scuse me, sorry, uhm, it's from… it's good cheese." He should have been better prepared. Zaala darts gracefully through the crowds, and he flounders in her wake, his supply of cheese getting dangerously nibbled on… but not entirely depleted before he makes it through to the table of, yes, the Big Cheeses. "Uhm well yes," he says to D'ani, and then sticks out the tray toward Dtirae. "Cheese, ma'am?" And then he notices that she's already got a plate full of food, and his ears pinken as his gaze darts back to Kimmila, veering the tray toward her just in time to have Th'ero arrive with her plate. Welp. It would seem the time for appetizers is past; the main course has arrived.

Th'ero leaves and Kimmila winks again, so D'ani leans forward, "Got something in your eye there, Weyrthird?" He's all genuine (oh really?) concern in asking her that. A glance up at the returning Weyrwoman and he contradicts her lightly, "Oh yes. I did." Good manners and all that. He waits to begin eating until Th'ero returns with his and Kimmila's plates, then digs in, neatly but with hearty appetite. Zaala's delivery (of both wine and quip) are met with an appreciative laugh. "Thanks, I'll try not to?" Dry and droll, he includes both Zaala and Borodin in the grin that follows. "I'll have a bit more cheese," he says only after the ladies partake. Might be to relax Borodin or it might be because he really is starving. Or maybe it's insurance: if he eats enough he won't cut it? Something like that!

K'drozen leans stands off to the side of the crowd watching the activity sipping at the cup of wine he was carrying.

"Well enough." Dtirae answers Kimmila, but then, she's eating just a bit. Zaala's arrival is noted with a nod, and a soft chuckle. Then Borodin comes offering more cheese, "I'll take some." Even if her plate is full. She's also trying to save the poor man from his embarrassment. And, maybe she just likes cheese. D'ani's contradiction is met with a simple hum and a smile. "Do you know how to dance?" The question is directed to both the Weyrleader and Weyrsecond with look between the two.

Some wanton lass, obviously with the impression that riders are hot stuff, slinks up to K'drozen, her fingers gently tug on his glass trying to take it from him. With a smile meant to be alluring she says huskily, "Hey Sugar, you don't want this. You want to dance with me instead."
Zaala finds that her tray is now empty, except for the one in her hand, see, she saved one for herself too. She tucks it under her arm and settles back a bit from the 'knots' at the table, not entirely intimidated by them, not as a weyrbrat no, but respectful certainly. Though she's not so eager to attempt the crowd again, too crazy of a service to want to jump back into it so willingly, especially being voluntold to do so, hovering there behind their chairs as if taking orders. No one will bother them precisely, when being addressed or standing by looking ready to take an order. She looks aside to Borodin, watching him go pink as he serves the cheese. As for what's going on with her friend, she doesn't notice the attention he's getting, soaking in her own moment of glory, which, for now, is a short breather from the press of people longing for a free drink.

K'drozen smiles to you wanton young lass and says softly, "I am sorry, but I am allready spoken for." he smiles and casually sidesteps her advance.

Th'ero quirks a brow when Kimmila touches her circlet, but for his credit doesn't begin to press questions on her about it or the gesture. "You're welcome, Wingmate." he murmurs back in a low tone, offering her a warm smile in return. The Weyrleader has just begun to tuck into his plate of food, only a few bites in when Borodin and Zaala arrive and he looks up at them both curiously. Seeing that Zaala has wine for D'ani, his gaze then turns to Borodin as he attempts to serve Dtirae and then Kimmila with some cheese. If neither of them accept any, Th'ero will! Seems even with a full plate, he cannot pass up a bit more. With a hurried apology, he snaps up a few pieces with a grateful nod, even if it was never Borodin's intentions to serve him. Dtirae's question is met with a long look as Th'ero is caught off guard a bit, "Enough that I won't be stumbling over myself," he drawls in a vaguely amused tone. And it's the truth! The Weyrleader is no master at dancing, but capable enough. "Why do you ask?" he murmurs, reaching for his wine now. Somehow, he's beginning to think he'll need more than one glass soon enough. After a generous sip, he adds with his glance darting briefly to Kimmila at his side, though the bluerider is focused on her plate now. "The dancing should be later this evening, once most folk have had a chance to recover from the feast. Formal one though, as an official opening to the festival. The less formal," To put it politely. "Dances aren't until the following day. After the mud wrestling and mock Threadfall reenactment." The what and the what now? Was this already known or to be a surprise? Surely the Weyr staff knew of some of the arrangement, especially that latter one.

At least people are actually eating the cheese. Even if it's only to save Borodin from himself. He'll take it. Er. Give it. It refers to the cheese, right? Anyway, he hands some out to D'ani and Dtirae both, then glances to Zaala. What's the next step in their Great Escape? He's waiting for the signal! …uh… whatever he's supposed to do when the signal's given. Maybe they should have prepared more ahead of time. So, she's… standing there with a drink. What's that the signal for? He doesn't know, so… he gives the rest of it to Th'ero. One more piece left (omnom, no there isn't) and so he tucks the tray under his arm, taking a step back and closer to Zaala to… stand there. Yep. This is definitely the plan… he hopes. He's looking at her for a clue, until… wait. Mud wrestling? Mock… "Threadfall?"

The wanton lass is disappointed when the glass K'drozen holds resists her removal. She pouts a little. "I'm not askin' ya for a tumble. Just a dance." She sniffs and blinks as if trying to hold back tears. So rejected! Crushed, that's what she is.

K'drozen smiles and says, "it isn't you ma'am, I just don't dance well, I declined more to save your feet then anything else, and I do have a friend waiting on me." he smiles, "I do see rider J'ta over there lookin lonely, I am sure he would love to dance with you." Indicating another thunderbird rider across the crowd.

D'ani is tucking into his meal, focused on cutting not the cheese, but his roast herbeast, the red center rare and juicy the way he likes it. His mouth is full, he's chewing with relish when the Weyrwoman asks her question. Brown eyes flick to Th'ero; he'll let him answer first while he finishes chewing and swallows, then takes a sip of that wine Zaala brought him. He nods to the girl behind him, approving. It's very good, his silent compliment says. Perhaps she chose the blend, perhaps she didn't, but he likes it. "I do," he asnwers simply to Dtirae. "Part of my training at Maoina." A lofted brow exhoes Th'ero's question. Why's she asking. Though he does allow a slow smile to grow and when it is at it's peak, asks, "Do you, Wild Woods Woman?" Mud. Wrestling. His eyes swing to Th'ero and he nearly chokes on the mouthful of wine he just took. Don't ask where his mind just went!

The wanton lass pouts for real now, planting hands on hips and lifting her chin. "Palming me off on someone else is not cool!" She whirls, sending her skirts a-swirl and marches off.

Oh look, Zaala hasn't actually taken a drink of the last wine glass she has, in fact, she plunks it down as she shifts around the table for the Weyrleader. It looks like he could use it, was she mind reading? A wink given to the approving gesture for D'ani and she's leaving them to their conversations. At that point she notices Borodin shuffling closer and she nods toward the opposite side of the table, away from the serving tables, smiling at the big knots, "Enjoy the evening!" Yes, that's her signal, if anything. She casually and calmly starts to wander away from their table, all timely planned, gathering up empty glasses and dishes now from anyone she sees in passing. Still doing work, but yet, escaping. If there's any cheese left, well, maybe Borodin will manage to leave the tray with the hungry big cheeses. Something like that. She catches a remark about mock threadfall, isn't that just story and legend by now? It causes her to look back once, but not twice. Instead, she continues to wander away, toward the escape which is mingling in the crowd furthest from the food tables. Just as smoothly as she dodged people before, she finds one of the busing boys who is gathering dirty dishes to pawn off her tray too, a bit of a smile and a promise of getting the favour back another day, she also spins to take what's left of Borodin's tray, if he's tagged along with it, and if not, she'll dusts her hands off proudly, "That was fun. We're golden now." Weyrbrats, always know how to wiggle out of work during parties.
Dtirae beams a smile at Th'ero, but, she doesn't comment on his dancing skill. As for why? She merely gives a shrug in response, "just curious. I'm not going to ask /you/ to dance." The Weyrleader won't have to worry about that. She lifts her wine glass and sips at it as he explains the festivities. She doesn't even bat an eyelash at the listing. Either she knows or she's not at all thrown off, either way, her attention settles on D'ani. "Ah, I see." His nickname earns him laughter and the woman, surprisingly, nods an affirmative. "I do, actually. Would you care to join me for a dance later, my ever gentlemanly bronzerider?" She can do nicknames, too. She'll come up with a more witty one later, most likely.

As signals go, Zaala's is a pretty good one. Admittedly, it might have been better if they'd actually planned it out ahead of time, but y'can't have everything. As it is, Borodin blinks a moment, then realizes that was, in fact, the signal (probably because he can see Zaala starting her escape) and glances around at the table o' big-cheese before starting to inch after her. That mention of threadfall (mock only, please!) does distract him, but his tray is empty and the prospect of freedom… oh, it's enticing. So, after lingering for a bit to listen and make sure there's no real thread (where would they even get it?) he sneaks… shuffles… after Zaala, picking up other plates and cups and other bits, getting quite a collection of them… only to have it snatched away by Zaala. Blink. "Oh. Uh." Stare a moment, and then… he smiles. "Thanks."

Th'ero must be approving of the wine as well, as the Weyrleader is draining it fast or is it a sign of nerves? Could be both, but who can resist a good vintage with equally as delicious food — and cheese too, of course! He coughs slightly, masking a grin when D'ani boldly dubs the Weyrwoman as the Wild Woods Woman. Now that he will have to remember! When the Weyrsecond swings his eyes to him and nearly chokes, Th'ero only tilts his head slightly and peers at the other bronzerider. What? "We had the mud wrestling once at a spring festival. Was quite popular," Without a doubt and probably not all for innocent reasons! "And was in fact requested to be done again if the weather held. It has so," And he sweeps his hands. So it will be done! Glancing to Dtirae, he snorts softly and smirks, "You know it's technically tradition saying we have to. Lucky for you, I don't follow tradition too closely in every regard." he drawls. "So it would seem we're both safe." Chuckling dryly, he turns back to his plate of food, pausing only to quirk a brow and glance between the Weyrwoman and Weyrsecond as she returns a nickname to the young bronzerider. Assuming? You bet he is. Zaala's refill of his wine is noted with a grateful nod and he sets to work on that glass too. He almost makes it through the rest of his meal too when a lone figure approaches, the man bobbing his head politely but nervous as he stops by the table. He mutters some hurried message to the Weyrleader, the words 'need attention' and 'platform' caught somewhere in the jumble and Th'ero dismisses him with a half-wave of his hand. "If you'll excuse me? Seems I need to check on something. Shouldn't be long." Famous last words. Pushing back his chair, he slowly stands, reaching over to lightly rest his hand against Kimmila's shoulder and welcoming the bluerider to join him or stay. Regardless, the Weyrleader nods to all and then briskly turns to stride down across the shore towards where the dance square and platform rest.

Escaping workers are the head cook's concern, not the Weyrsecond's. He wished them luck awhile ago and as they now slip away, he just smirks and responds with, "You too!" Back to Dtirae he inclines his head gravely to her, though his brown eyes are dancing mischief at the same time. "You're not asking for a dance with your Weyrleader? You totally should!" Because the awkward would be epical! "I'd be pleased to dance with you," he adds in the wake of that. D'ani can imagine the mud wrestling would be popular, both brows lifted attest to his enouragement for more details there. Details not forth-coming as the Weyrleader is pulled away. "I'd definitely hunt him down and ask him for that dance," he says to Dtirae. Instigator? Him? Oh you betcha! Right now, however, he needs to finish eating. Nothing, nothing at all to do with him trying to hush his stomach trying to hint that the Weyrwoman is a dish. Nothing at all.

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