Fort Weyr — Training Grounds
The remnants of a historic collapse are apparent here, as the slope face of the bowl has a predominant downward curvature. It's likely long ago, that a cavern larger than any Fort currently has was where the training complex currently is. A probable cave in triggered a fissure on the bowl wall which lead to a great chunk of it dislodging, thus creating the rounded slope.
Yet, many centuries later, all that remains to give evidence is the pocket made into the bowl wall. It seems that the inhabitants of Fort Weyr have made best of the created space. Rock on the ground proper has long since cleared, but pebbles and loose shale are constantly underfoot. Still, the sprig of some green leafed vegetation isn't too out of the ordinary in these parts, as long as it doesn't get trampled by the comings and goings.
It's clear that this area has been designated for the training of young minds, whether human or dragon. Surrounded by rock on all side, it's like a personal weyr bowl for the youngsters to minimize distraction and danger. The candidate barracks have been built across from the Weyrling barracks, so that one group can educate the next. Finally, placed in the centre of the two entrances of the opposing barracks, near the rock face, is a statue with a memorial plaque.

It is far enough from the Hatching that the weyrling pairs are beginning to develop some sense of rhythm with each other's patterns, near enough that the human half of one particular weyrling pair is still pretty pink. Strawberry blond's not a bad look on him, really, but the slightly-sunburned thing A'ster's still sporting, less so. He's a bit exceptionally pink in the face at the moment, though, because he's standing next to the hunched-up bulk of Akleteyth looking completely dismayed and more than a little horrified. It's. It's not hard to pinpoint the source, even if it weren't for the strained, "No, what, what are you doing, why do you do this? Are you defective? I think you might be defective," as his stumpy-chunk of a lifemate hrk-hrk-hgawks his lunch of carefully butchered and previously ingested herdbeast chunks onto the rocky ground. Then, as the evocative thump-splat of partially digested meat hitting rock is replaced by the equally unmistakable sound of chewing and swallowing, "Augh, that is — that is just not right. You know you're not a herdbeast, right?" Akleteyth flicks a truncated wing, dismissive, and continues merrily munching second breakfa— second lunch.

Barracks, training grounds, barracks, training grounds, Hallenayth has been in and out of both all day long. The other weyrlings, already acclimated to some degree to the chunky green and her lifemate's constant patrolling (because Lucy must come along, she simply must), have learned to tune them out for the most part. So Lucy's breaking out of a follow-Hally trance like an awakened sleepwalker when Akleteyth horfs, blinking with some confusion at the barfing, the recycling, and then squinting at the newly minted brownrider with a really? look on her face. Hallenayth lollops over. « Was that good? Did you not chew it right? You need to chew it many times, then it stays down and you only have to eat it once. »

« Am I supposed to do that? » Ahzavayth watches her clutchmate with mild disgust that is oddly outweighed by curiosity. « I don't feel a need to do that. » The tiny green is perched awkwardly atop the statue and looks down where Gabriela is leaning against the base. "You most certainly are not supposed to do that." Gabby's nose wrinkles slightly as she glances up from the book in her lap to peer at A'ster and Akleteyth. "Seriously Pinky what's up with him? Is he sick or just over fed?" Give her a moment to get past the nausea before she delves into WHY the Brownie is pink.

« It's just better this way, » Akleteyth informs both of his sisters, « more thorough. Chewed it up good, but it's better again. » The weyrling brown is matter-of-fact with just a vague hint of encouraging to his tone, because yes, clearly, they should definitely try it this way too. "Don't encourage them," A'ster tells him, stern but slightly (affectionately) exasperated. "That's just what we need. You convincing all your sisters to do this, too, a whole weyrling barracks chorus of," he makes a noise by sticking his fingers into his mouth and not far enough down his throat to make him hurl, but enough to make his point. "Neither," he tells Gabriela, while shooting Lucy a similarly apologetic look, "as near as anyone can actually tell he just … likes doing it. Maybe it's a compulsion. Maybe he's just defective. What's the weyr's return policy on these, again?"

« Does it taste different? > Hallenayth tilts her head at her brother for a moment, and then after a few seconds of silence her sides begin to heave. "Don't you dare," snaps Lucy, and the green subsides, turning whirling eyes on her rider, then back to the brown. « I will try it another time. » Luckily Lucy misses that part because she's saying, faintly horrified, "You can't call him defective! He's just a baby!" And won't this be so much more fun when he's not!

"That is really gross," Gabriela comments with a shake of her head. "I hope he grows out of that." Because just eww. « I think not. Gabriela seems very disturbed by it.» Ahzavayth nudges her lifemate fondly before lifting her little head to eye her clutchmates. « Does he really want to return Akleteyth? That is hurtful. » "No baby A'ster is being sarcastic. Like I am when you wake me up before dawn." Gabby sighs and closes the manual in her lap to enable her to sit upright. "Don't get too upset Lucy. Remember what the WLM said about that. It's not good."

Akleteyth seems pleased by both responses, though Hallenayth's slightly more so; he also seems utterly unbothered by being called defective, or the empty threat of being returned like an ill-fitting Christmas sweater. In fact, he answers that by butting his grody-ody gross muzzle into A'ster's stomach, which succeeds twofold: it makes the former-guard go, "Oof," and bring his hands to bear to rub roughly over red-brown headknobs, and gets the last bit of lunch he couldn't reach on his own transferred to Alister's shirt, where he can carefully snack. "He kind of is though, Lu, I mean have you," he stops rubbing to reach up and over, past the squashy-snubbed muzzle and the short-thick neck to get his fingers on one of Akleteyth's wings. "Come on, 'kle, up and at 'em," results in one stubby, questionably flightworthy wing being outstretched and upraised so the thickest bone, between shoulder- and elbow-joints, is what smacks into the baby-brownrider's hand. A'ster responds by wagging it up and down— doing dragonhealer-prescribed stretches as he shows it off. "Have you gotten an eyeful of him, I mean," the look he casts down is fond, "you got some fug in you, buddy."

"How do they even think I'm supposed to not feel anything for howver-long-it-is?" Lucy asks rhetorically, though Hallenayth seems unruffled. Maybe Lucy's feels-baseline is higher than average. She crosses her arms and rocks back a little while Hallenayth slinks forward to investigate her brother's muzzle. "Yeah, Ali," because he called her Lu, "I've sort of been here the whole time." She makes a sharp little 'hmm' sound, the corner of her mouth ticking up a hair. "Thys says they're all beautiful," she proclaims staunchly but adds, "but Hally's kind of a chunk too. Ahzavayth got the looks, I guess."

Gabriela laughs as A'ster gets a nasty muzzle to the gut. "He'll grow into himself eventually," she remarks. Not that question was directed at her. It's more she doesn't care and just jumps in there sometimes. "Speaking of 'fug' there Pinky. What the heck happened to you before the eggs cracked?" The fact that the Rider is still shades of funky has been tweaking her curiosity. It's quiet on Ahzavayth's end. Perhaps too quiet. The little green is currently angling on her haunches and nosing around the statue in an effort to find a way to climb higher. Which means she is dangerously close to toppling off the statue backward. Gabby is blissfully unware of Vayth's antics and grins at Lucy. "I think they all have pros and cons that are unique to them. Ahzavayth's wings are unusually tiny and fragile looking. So it will take some work for her to overcome that."

Apparently being investigated by, and counter-investigating (fussing over, let's be real), one of his sisters is more interesting than paying attention to A'ster tell the story, because Akleteyth already knows the story. Like he was there. (Like he jammed his brain all up in Alister's and rifled through the memories. Like he … still does that without warning.) He's not unaware of Ahzavayth's antics, either, keeping a weather eye on her too as he twitches his wing out of his rider's hand. It's not hard to do: A'ster scrubs his hand through his hair, rubs it against the back of his neck, and says, "So there was an excursion to the Weaver Hall a few days before the Hatching," like that totally explains the whole thing. (It doesn't).

Lucy shrugs and drops to sit cross-legged because all of that walking around has been very tiring. Her nose wrinkles as she picks a bit of pre-chewed brown dude food off of her pants leg and flicks it away. "I guess Hally got the wings then," for the green does have rather an explanse. "But Ahzavayth seems to enjoy the heights already," she mentions to Gabriela. A look that can only be called a smirk spreads from one corner of her mouth to the other as A'ster is questioned, because surely he must be encouraged to share more details. Lucy's a little pinkish herself, if the truth be told, but it's hidden by her darker complexion and doesn't show up in her near-black hair at all.

"An excursion to the Weaver Hall," Gabriela repeats with a hint of question in her tone. "Aaannnd?!" Because there is totally either an 'and' or a 'but' in there somewhere. She grins over at Lucy, "She hogged the wings I think." Mention of heights seeps into Gabby's brain and her expression turns cloudy even as she turns to look up over her shoulder. « Don't say it again! » "I'm totally saying it again. Ahzavayth seriously get down from there before you hurt yourself." « I am not hurt. » Yet. « I would like to see the ground from higher up! » "Not happening today come down here." The argument is most likely amusing as Ahzavayth croons unhappy but slips languidly off the statue and meanders away from her Rider. Body posture giving off the 'I'm ignoring' you vibe. Something Gabby ignores as Vayth is now safe on the ground. Leaving her to turn her attention back to A'ster. "Did the Weavers use you for some experiment or what?"

"I may," may, "not have been paying close enough attention to my fabric when we were being shown the dye vats, and it kind of," he makes a sort of trailing off gesture with one hand, "gotten in more than one. Vat of dye. Just, like, the little drippy ends!" « I think they're right, » Akleteyth tells Hallenayth in the meantime, « you got all the wings. My share, anyway. » He is zero percent bothered by this, and extends his stumpy, oxidized-copper wings for inspection by both his sisters (clearly it's meant to grab Ahzavayth's attention away from her not-sulk, too). "…and long story short, a journeyman tackled me into a vat of dye, which was technically battery, but, uh, I think that kind of got overlooked in the whole … smoothing things over with the Weaver Hall … mess."

Lucy adds helpfully (gleefully?), "He got tackled because he unravelled the Journeyman's project," which is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration. Hallenayth spreads her wings in imitation and they dwarf her. « I don't think I can give you any back, » the ungainly creature tells her brother and sister apologetically.

Gabriela's expression turns disbelieving with one brow ticking upward inquiringly. "You were assaulted by a journeyman?!" She glances over at Lucy in askance because while Gabby missed this episode perhaps the other woman is a witness. "OHhhhh," Lucy does in fact provide helpful insight. "You ruined someone's project and got yours is what happened." Someone handing A'ster his butt had to be epic. "Must have been a big honking Journeyman." I'm sorry I missed that now. "Dude you looked like a huge doll gone wrong out there." If Pern had pepto its name would be Alister. Ahzavayth is successfully distracted from her pout and slinks over to investigate both her cluchmate's wings. « I will do fine with mine. » She tells Hallenayth. Ever confident. « Though Akleteyth's wings are very fascinating. »

"I only touched that a little bit, how was I supposed to know it would unravel? And it didn't unravel a lot-" A'ster protests, then sighs. "It was a blind tackle, I didn't see it coming, we kind of crashed into the vat and it got," he gestures to himself, up and down, and to Lucy, "all over. I didn't get to scrub for ages." Because he is a menace. "Being a guard was a lot easier than being a candidate, sometimes." « I don't think I'd want any if you could, » Akleteyth solemnly informs Hallenayth, while stretching one wing to its fullest (truncated) extension for Ahzavayth's continued inspection, « I'm good on the » "-no, look, Stumpy, you can't just walk everywhere, I swear to Faranth. You're a dragon, dragons fly, that is what they do —" « ground. »

"Everyone knows herringbone weave cut on the bias unravels like crazy," Lucy informs, letting her Weaver heritage show for a second, oops! "Probably took that guy forever. Eh, he wasn't that big," That detail's shared with Gabriela. "It got on me too, but I got it off with baking soda." Hallenayth gives those wide wingsails an experimental flap before stowing them tucked neatly along her back. « We will all fly, » she says with the utmost certainty.

Gabriela covers her lips as she giggles at A'ster's instance on innocence. Or partial innocence. "That poor guy," because it had to be a man right? "He probably worked forever on what you unraveled a little bit. I hope you didn't cause him to have to redo the whole thing." She is no Weaver though she has learned a few rudimentary things growing up with Traders. "Will he have to remake it?" She asks Lucy as obviously the voice of experience lies there. Ahzavayth extends her head clear under Akleteyth's wing to peer at the joint before slowly drawing her muzzle back to explore how his wing is actually put together. « I overheard them say I will take a lot of work to fly. We will work together and both fly. » Vayth has no hint of uncertainty about her as she agrees with her sister. « I am sure Hallenayth will let us examine how she does it. » No doubts that her sister will take wing before she does.

"Everyone knows," A'ster says with a gusty sort of sigh, "including me, now, at great length." If only he'd been better at not touching things. "I still have the cloth I made, though. I might give it to my littlest sister, she … sews stuff. For like," vague gesture, "dolls." The amount of actual usable fabric isn't a considerable amount, considering. Akleteyth holds his wing carefully so that he doesn't bash Ahzavayth in the head with it, clearly enjoying (for his general given value of enjoyment) being part of a learning experience. All the parts are there, and properly coupled together where they should be, just — questionably flightworthy. « I'm not bothered if I can't, » he says, with no hint of sarcasm or bitterness. « He is, they talk about it all the time. But I'm fast. On my feet. »

"Yeah, he'll have to redo it. But he was an ass, so." Lucy shrugs for as far as she's concerned, there's an end to it. To A'ster she adds, "Oh, can I give her my fabric too? I can't use it for anything and, well, my sisters have more fabric than they can eat." Hallenayth is in complete agreement with her sister because work. « I will learn and show you and we will all work hard and fly together. »

"Don't sound so exasperated," Gabriela tells A'ster with a grin. "You're still relatively cute. For a giant girl's doll." Pink? Not a sexy color. "I might even bribe someone out of a tea set and we can have a party." Tea parties are the BEST right? Yeah alright she's having fun. "I have never made cloth before. I've sewn a lot of it." She grins at Lucy's offer, how sweet. "I have no cloth, but I can provide a basket to stuff it in. I made a LOT of them in my spare time while we were all waiting." Granted they hadn't a ton of spare time as Candidates. But more it seemed than they have now. Ahzavayth finally concludes this edition of How It Works and flops back on her haunches as she pulls her head out of the way of Akleteyth's wing. « Do you like to climb? » She positions her muzzle where she can look from brother to sister and back again with ease. « I have been trying to sneak away and climb the wall slope. But Gabriela keeps catching me. »

B'yrl wanders out of the barracks, a late sleeper. Or perhaps Xia was the sleeper, and he the sleepee. Sharing the dream of dragon, he was a stubborn one to wake. Afresh he looks since the dragon he Impressed, now fully awake, long-bodied Xia wandering after, looking perky and cheerful and hello everyone! She hops, trips on her wings, faceplants into the ground, and recovers. She meant to do that. Really. Straightening up (as high as she can), and bounds over to her hatch siblings. « I want to climb the wall! I'll.. beat you up it! » she tells Ahzavayth. "Greetings and saluations all. A pleasant.." Xia gives Beyrl a glances, and for a moment he drifts off into space. "Fine.." he mutters in her direction. "For you." She beams brightly and immediate swings attention back to the other dragonlets. Beyrl takes a breath. "For our first greeting, Xianeth wants me to wish all a good afternoon." He churns the words out like a master writer penning something with rock and dye.

"I think she'd love your fabric too, Luce," there, is that at least a little better than Lu? "and do you have any with like, one of those," A'ster moves his hands, miming a lid with a hinge. Well, that's what he's going for, anyway. It could also be a hungry hungry hippo. "Not that she she doesn't acquire any of the scrap anyone's willing to give her on her own, but the fact that we made it, that's probably — that's probably cooler, right?" He looks slightly stricken for a moment, questioning eyebrows raised at both Lucy and Gabriela. People here who were once twelve-turn-old-girls: not him. « I will work hard, » Akleteyth says, because he will, « but I'm also not going to be let down if I don't make it up. » It's pragmatic to the core and just a little bit stubborn, but his attention is caught by Xianeth's tumble, his automatic, « Did you hurt yourself? » paired with a whuffling inspection of her once she's bounded over to their little grouping. Also, because he's an attentive brother, he adds an, « I could climb, » that's nearly overwritten by A'ster's, "You could, but you won't," as he nods hello to B'yrl.

Lucy lets Gabriela sort that hungry hippo out. "I've seen enough fabric to last a lifetime, but mine turned out a pretty color." She tosses a wave to B'ryl with only a slightly confused expression regarding his scattered greeting, and a faint "Ditto," to the one shared on behalf of his dragon. Hallenayth sits, sort of…more of a butt-flump, and wordlessly demurs the climbing with a solemn 'no thank you' mind-touch.

"Hey B'yrl," Gabriela lifts a hand in a half wave that is coupled with a genuine smile. "I have one that has a latch lid, but I never got extra rope for hinges." She is hazarding a guess as to what A'ster had been hinting at. "Unless you're wanting something more akin to a book that I do not have." Though it is an interesting thought. How would that work out exactly? She isn't sure. "I'm sure anything given by her big brother will be VERY welcome indeed." He could probably give the girl a rock and she'd be happy. Kids are like that. One hand finds Ahzavayth's tail and gives a tug on the appendage. "Oh no you don't! Now you're trying to coerce partners in crime?!" Leaving off the tail, Gabby rises to her feet. "Come on Ahzavayth time for a walk." She glances around apologetic, "Sorry about her. I'll go get that basket A'ster." « See? She always catches me! » With a frustrated whine Ahzavayth gathers herself, resigned to yet another walk around the grounds. And no doubt another talking to. Drat.

B'yrl gives a smile to the others as they respond to his greeting. "Fabric from the trip was ruined in a sea of red." he adds to the conversation, glancing at A'ester. Thanks A'ester. Still, « an event over and done. We shall carry on. » he gets from his little dragon companion. "A more pleasant shade for your flesh you have today." he attempts at a compliment. Xia huffs at Akleteyth. « I'm fine. » she mindsays, half letting him inspect because he's her big brother, and flicking her wings to make it harder to inspect because he's her big brother. « See? They work! » She gives her wings a 'flap', a rather awkward one, but she's still proud of it. She skips a couple steps after Ahzavayth as Gabriela tries to take her away, before coming to a stop (at the verbal behest of Beyrl). She pouts in dragon manner, then bounds back over to Akleteyth. « I want to explore! Come on! » she tells him, spining in a spot once. She's ready to go!

"Yes, that's what I meant!" A'ster says, relieved when Gabriela catches on without a lot more explanation. Or more gestures. "I can get you rope," he calls after her, settling back with a huffed laugh. "It's coming off in the wash, just — slowly," he admits to B'yrl, scruffing his hand through his hair (still faintly strawberry-blond) to demonstrate. The whole sunburn effect is lessened, too. "Fortunately a few people were able to get theirs shades of things that happen when you mix with red," he adds, with an eyebrow lift to Lucy: hers was one of those, right? (He doesn't actually remember). Akleteyth echoes Xianeth's wingflap with one of his own, flippity-flap, and in the face of Ahzavayth's departure and Hallenayth's demurral, he agrees to « I'll come with you while you explore. » That's like exploring. That's like having fun. That's — totally an excuse to keep an eye on her while she explores, isn't it? (It is.)

"I liked mine red," Lucy answers, or just comments. Hallenayth, lacking her siblings, decides she hasn't scoped out the barracks in a while. So in she goes, and Lucy hauls herself to her feet with a wince and a sigh. "Patrols," she explains obliquely, and followes her dragon inside.

B'yrl glances over to Lucy as she makes a comment, then gets scooted out with her dragon. "Safe travel!" he tells her, and looks back over to A'ster. "Perchance we could again travel there once dragons can between." he offers. Another trip there would be nice. He thinks. Xia, satisfied with the answer big brother gave her, trots over to Beyrl, and reaching up with muzzle, tugs on his shirt. « Come on. We're exploring! » Akleteyth will agree. And if he doesn't.. he'll agree anyways. She's sure of it! « We'll see something new! And get food! » Suddenly Beyrl feels hungry, as if suddenly realizing he needs to eat. "Mayhap in the future, when time allows." Tug tug tugtugtugtug. "Alright, I shall join." he tells Xia, defeated. She beams and trots over to Akleteyth.

"Oh, are we exploring too?" It's to both the excited little green and her stoic-steadfast brother, who is just giving him a look. A'ster laughs. "Apparently we're accompanying them on their exploring. I'm sorry, I figured him needing to," he self-edits, changes the direction of his statement in a way that is almost smooth but not quite, just enough that it's clear he did re-do his wording, "keep her company would get us out of supervising. I figured wrong." Akleteyth finally stops giving him a LOOK, and settles into self-satisfied once he's made that admission. He isn't graceful on the ground, but he's got a kind of solid rolling gait that is very satisfyingly ground-eating when he wants it to be.

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