Fort Weyr - Trader and Crafter's Square

The massive rock face that makes up the outer walls of Fort Weyr looms, ever present even here where a large space has been cleared among the trees. A well tended and worn path threads its way from the Entrance Square, broad and wide enough for even the largest and most cumbersome of Trader's wagons. It continues on some distance, running parallel to the outer walls of the Weyr until veering subtly towards the forests again where it will expand again into a circular clearing. The ground is hard packed and scarcely any grass grows, save for along the edges a few patches here and there where folk are known to sit and relax rather than tread. In the center of this clearing is a stone well, ringed by a swath of wild grasses but accessible to all.
Branching in multiple directions are more paths, another large and broad one leading to a secondary clearing that is clearly designed for the Traders benefit, offering several choice locations, most of them sheltered by trees, for their wagons to be set up and ample room for their beasts to be properly penned. Firepits, large and small, are arranged and set at safe distances.
Another path, still wide but meant more for small wagon or foot travel, leads to a third clearing which holds several wooden stalls, all simple of build but well cared for. They are set up in a horseshoe loop, allowing most visitors to glimpse each of the Craft-related signs that mark each one. During the warmer months, this half is meant to be a Crafter's market and the stalls are often manned by posted Journeymen and any Apprentices under their wings.
Other paths lead away from all these clearings and both the Trader square and Crafter square. Some wind their way towards Fort's Forests, while others disappear up towards the Mountain Pass or loop back around to return either to the Entrance Square or towards the tunnels leading back into the Weyr itself.

The last of the autumn season is upon the Fort region and the forests are alive with one last hurrah of color before everything turns bare and dormant for the winter. Now just about noon, the skies are a crisp, vivid blue and though the sun shines, the wind carries a sharp nip to it. Ever since dawn, the Weyr has been bustling with activity as the last preparations are made for the festival. Plans were put together days ago and many have been working since until this point to have everything ready. At last the time has come and the first events are announced while others are working on preparing the lakeshore and platform for the feast and dancing to come later.

For now though, the main hub of activity is outside the Weyr. Not far, as the stone wall is still well within sight (and often one can find themselves in its shadow) and there are Guards about on patrol and watch the crowds, but the atmosphere is light and upbeat and even the sound of some music drifts from somewhere in the various clearings. There are a few Trader caravans in the clearings designated for them and the Crafter stalls are now open and manned by posted Journeymen and those looking to barter or purchase a few things will have plenty to browse from. But in one of the largest clearings is an entirely different event. Carefully marked off and set a bit to the side of the main pathways (or any pathways for that matter), archery targets have been set at varying distances. A few benches have been pulled up to the rope barrier as spectator seats and it is there that Th'ero is waiting, along with a few Guard officers and another at his side. The Weyrleader is murmuring in a low voice, occasionally glancing sidelong to those targets and the field. Looks like things are just about to start!

It's about time! Kimmila is standing beside Th'ero and the guards, perhaps bribing Th'ero as judge to mark things in her favor? Ha. Like he would. With her hand crafted bow in hand, and quiver on her back, she's dressed in clothes that fit nicely, just snug enough not to hinder her movement but not so tight as to be inappropriate. Hair back in a braid, hopefully she'll change for the dance later. But for now, it's all about the archery.

Speaking of bustling with activity, Angelique has been up since before the sun started its travel across the sky. Working alongside the Headwomen within all the hustle and bustle she's been busy all morning long. Now that the day approaches noon she's been released from duties for now to go out and enjoy herself outside the weyr. Following a knot of people she winds up along one pathway that ends up leading to the archery targets. Deciding to watch for now she makes a path towards the few benches that have been set up.

Abigail has been wandering around for a short bit now, and with the archery contest coming up she is making her way on out towards where the targets are found. Her bow rests within her hand, well polished and looking rather nice, and there is her quiver upon her shoulder with plenty of arrows within it. She has her hair pulled back so it is out from her face save for a few strands, a dark green tunic of short sleeves and brown leather pants. Her gaze settles on the targets and she grins a bit before nodding to Kimmila and Th'ero as she caught sight of them. "Hello Weyrleader, Kimmila. Ye all ready for the contest?" She sure is.

The archery contest has brought Borodin out as well. Not to compete, mind you, but he expects to find his sister there, and he's not disappointed. He smiles when he sees her, offering a wave but hesitating when he sees her near the Important People, instead veering off to the benches near Angelique.

D'ani arrives via the path to the holdless encampment. He's dressed casually in jeans and an open-necked white cambric shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his forearms. He's worked up to the last minute, only now appearing in time to be a spectator for the first event. Borodin he knows and Angelique is recognized by sight as the Headwoman's assistant, so he pauses as he's about to pass them, nods pleasantly to them both. "Hello. It's nice to have some time to relax." Okay, yeah, it's nothing witty or earth-shattering, but still true.

Good luck ever bribing the Weyrleader! Honor and all that, right? One never knows though… Th'ero is indeed the judge, along with the Guards in attendance and they finish with their discussion of how to proceed and the rules. That business settled, the Guards move off, but the bronzerider remains by Kimmila's side and his gaze settles on the hand crafted bow she is carrying. "Just about ready?" he murmurs before his attention is drawn to the arrival of a few curious folk. Angelique is given a nod and welcoming smile before the Weyrleader is clearing his throat. "We'll be starting the archery contest soon!" he says, lifting his voice to a steady firmness but loud enough to carry. "All are welcome to watch and any who are wishing to sign up for future rounds after the opening one, please speak to the Guards." Th'ero's eyes turn to Abigail then as the Wingsecond approaches and he smiles again, "We are all set. Now it's just up to you and Kimmila. So whenever you two are ready…" And he gestures to where they need to go, the spots marked clearly on the ground. The Weyrleader steps back then, off to take his place on the sidelines and spotting Borodin and D'ani now, he gives both of them a nod and a small smile. "Welcome, both of you." he greets, only to look away briefly and distracted before adding in a low tone. "Any wagers?" That must be a joke, right?

Kimmila looks around, giving a smile and little wave to the others that are arriving. But her main focus is on the task at hand as she shifts her grip on her bow. "Hey," she says to Abigail with a crooked grin. "I am ready. You?" She watches as Th'ero moves off and she extends a hand to Abigail. "Good luck," she says before going to her spot and notching an arrow, stretching before she takes a stance. She'll wait then, eyes focused on the target and head tilted slightly to gauge the wind.

Angelique stretches her legs out before her as she sits on the bench. The Weyrleader and Kimmila are given cheerful smiles to. As Borodin veers near her he gets a quick smile in greeting. "G'day." she murmurs. D'ani is given a nod and an equally quick but pleasant smile. "Indeed I intend to relax myself to the fullest." says the assistant head women. Clearly here to simply watch the archery since she has no bow in hand she is settled into the bench. "It is a beautiful day out."

Abigail lets her hands rest upon her bow a moments while she eyes the targets and smiles upon hearing Th'ero as she looks back to him and Kimmila. "It'll be fun for sure." It's taking these two a while to get this contest going. "Oh yes, very ready." She offers with a grin right back while she takes an arrow from her quiver and rests it upon her bow while casting a glance to the sky just a moment before she is back to eye that target of hers. Once the word is given she'll give it her all.

"Hullo," Borodin says to Angelique, offering her a small smile. He looks back to D'ani, and nods. "Uhm. Yeah," he agrees. "It is. You must be pretty busy, lately." But then, who isn't? As Th'ero joins them, he ducks his head in a respectful nod of greeting, then hesitates a moment and swallows nervously before murmuring quietly, "Quarter mark on Abbey." Gotta stand up for your siblings! And hope that the Weyrleader's honor extends even when there's a bet riding on his judgment! Or that it is, in fact, a joke.

D'ani gives a small. casual-type wave over to where the Weyrleader, Kimmila and Abigail are, before tossing a "Heya damsel," and a smirk at his former clutchmate. He's got no quiver and bow either, so he makes no move to go over and sign up. They… reaaaally don't want him shooting in this! Unless they need some comic relief. But he'll wager! "A quartermark on Kimmila and a quartermark on Abbey," he calls to whomever is marking them down. Playing it safe? You betcha! His attention remains primarily on the archery, but he'll drop his chin to return Angelique's smile. "Aye," he says easily of being busy, his smile lingering. "Did they have you baking for this shindig, Borodin?"

Maybe it isn't a joke, as Th'ero turns his head by the smallest of margins, just enough to glance at Borodin as he quietly murmurs his wager. The Weyrleader only broadens that smile and dips his head. "Quarter mark it is on your sister," he murmurs back. Hopefully Borodin was serious then? "I'll wager the same, but on Kimmila." Of course! Support to his weyrmate, that's a given and should be no surprise. Allowing some time for Kimmila and Abigail to prepare, he catches D'ani's wager and shifts a bit to peer curiously at the Weyrsecond. "Can't decide?" he drawls with a smirk and he's made note of the younger bronzerider's contribution. Which could just truly all be one very big and not overly clear jest. But there is a contest to judge and so the Weyrleader faces forwards again. After getting go-ahead cues from the two competitors, Th'ero signals to the Guards and the call goes out for them to raise their bows and then… "Fire!" Once both shots are taken, there is a call to hold as the Guards approach the targets to confirm where they have struck. Moving away to safety, the second volley begins and then a third. The match will be a best out of five and it could go either way! All throughout the match, Th'ero is silent and focused, taking his role as judge seriously at least.

Kimmila holds herself steady, but time to time she glances over her shoulder with a little frown. So many people watching! But then her focus is on the targets and she fires, each arrow going true - at least none miss the target?

Angelique doesn't offer any marks up for bids, here to simply watch both of the women compete. "Good shot!" she says with quick clap of her hands at one particular good shot into the target.

Abigail casts a glance over to D'ani, a chuckle heard and she smiles. "Hey yer self." At least she's gotten use to the 'nick name' by now. Once the 'ok' is given she lets the arrow fly, and then another and so forth for the set amount for the given targets. Each of her arrows hits without a problem, thunking into the targets which makes the wingsecond grin slightly.

Serious enough, anyhow! Borodin nods as Th'ero confirms the wager, and again as he makes his for Kimmila. This part of the betting is going along rather predictable lines. D'ani's contribution, well, that makes Borodin's brow wrinkle for a moment, then turn into a small smile. Maybe because it's a joke? Or maybe just because he's glad to have someone else betting for his sister. Either way. "Uhm, well, I did a little…" he answers D'ani. "But I'm doing less in the kitchens now." He turns to watch the archery match as it begins, muttering, "Probably be doing dishes tonight, though." More like certainly. There'll be no end to the dishes after a festival!

D'ani's smile broadens as he catches Th'ero's smirk. "Aye, I can. The wager is on a tie between the two of them." Long odds? Or playing it safe? Ahhh. He's seen them shoot before, after all! "Oh?" It's a casual question for Borodin. Instead of asking what treats they'll be snacking on later, he asks, "What are you up to instead of that?" He has been busy lately, apparently, not to have caught up with things. He stuffs his hands in his pockets and watches the contest. Whistling as shots find their mark.

It's a close match, to judge by the conversations whispered and murmured between the spectators! Once all shots are fired, the Guards move forwards again to tally the final scores and then approach the Weyrleader. As they work out the winner, there are sounds of laughter and more voices lifting in distant conversation from the Trader and Crafter sides of the market-like clearings. Music can still be heard drifting in and out on the wind and a group of children go racing by, their shrieks and laughter following as they disappear towards the caravans. The winner has been decided, signalled by Th'ero stepping back from the Guards and murmuring his thanks to them, as well as telling them to begin organizing the next round of competitors. He gestures to Kimmila and Abigail to approach, standing between them and giving both a wide but reserved smile. "Forgot how skilled you both are at this," he mutters quietly before raising his voice again for all to hear. "It was a very close match, but we have a winner." He'll pause for a breadth of a second and then his hand lifts to clasp the winning rider's hand. "Congratulations, Abigail!" Looks like Borodin's a winner too? If all that wagering wasn't in jest!

Angelique lifts her hands together to clap and cheer for the winner and Kimmila as well. "A wonderful competition between you both!" she calls out, having enjoyed watching from the sidelines.

Kimmila shoulders her bow and reaches out to shake Abigail's hand before they walk over to join Th'ero. And she totally doesn't try to sneak a peek at the scores either, as they go. Standing beside Th'ero, she's all smiles until Abigail is named the winner. Then there's a subtle - oh so subtle - twitch to her expression. "Congratulations!" she says, offering the brownrider another handshake. "Rematch," she says under her breath as she tries to pull the other woman in closer for a brief quiet word that likely only Abigail and Th'ero can hear. Then she's straightening again and shifting her bow, and turning to leave. Sore loser? Maaaybe.

Abigail lets her bow settle across her shoulder and gives Kimmila a shake back along with a smile before they both move on to Th'ero to see whom the winner is. Her pale gaze flicks across the targets eyeing the arrows before she hears Th'ero and glances to him curiously when she is named the winner. She looks a bit surprised over this before she gives the weyrleader's hand a half shake back while she works hard to hide that grin. "Thank ye! Thank ye both." Is offered happily. The whisper is heard from Kimmila and a quick nod seen. "Of course.." Though she does watch the other leave hoping she didn't hit a nerve there or some-such it would seem.

"Oh, uh, I've been helping the vintners some," Borodin explains to D'ani with a little shrug. "Working with the mash boilers for journeyman Ianco, mostly. It's sort of like cooking, only… …not." Isn't that helpful? That said, he turns his attention to the competition, watching the shots and then the judging. And… "Good job!" he calls to Abigail. He wagered wisely, apparently! …assuming it wasn't just a joke. It's not like Borodin is likely to shake down Th'ero should the Weyrleader decide it was, after all.

"'Grats, Abbey!" calls D'ani as he withdraws the two quartermarks he'd bet - and lost since there was no tie - and offers them over to Borodin. "No kidding?" says he of the vitner…helping? Learning? "That stuff smells," is all he says to that, because their one trip to Vitner Hall saw him easing out of the mash room with watery eyes. Hands go back in his pockets and he ambles over towards Kimmila and Th'ero. Maybe he doesn't notice she's turned to go? "Hey Weyrthird," he teases casually and then says in like maner, "Met your sister the other day," to Th'ero.

Th'ero blinks but seems amused to start by the private word from Kimmila, chuckling dryly. Maybe he's not so surprised? Glancing sidelong to Abigail then, his smile remains, "Well done! You two came very close. No doubting either of your skills as archers now." he muses, before one of the Guards approach to give the Wingsecond her prize: a small purse of marks. Generous but modest and all hers to do with as she will. Th'ero steps away, aiming to go speak with those still lingering by the benches but as Kimmila turns to leave, his path shifts to catch up to her and gently touch her arm. "Where are you going?" he'll ask in a quiet voice. Any wagers will have to wait it seems. Distracted first by the bluerider and then further more by D'ani's comment. Cue a slow turn of Th'ero's head to pin the Weyrsecond with a long look and a quirked brow that seems harmlessly curious. "Did you now?" he asks and then his features seem to relax as if he's forcing himself too. "How'd you two come to cross paths?" The archery contest has just ended it's first round with a match between Kimmila and Abigail, with victory going to the brownrider and the clearings are teeming with activity from either end. Sounds of laughter and conversation drift over the wind, as well as the sound of music and it only lends to a lighthearted and merry atmosphere on a clear, crisp autumn day.

Kimmila pauses to give D'ani a smile that's slightly forced, and then glance at Th'ero. "To change. Isn't the dance next?" she murmurs. Though D'ani's remarks about Th'ero's sister have her pausing, just for a moment.

Abigail smiles and nods to Th'ero. "Thank ye sir. I appreciate that. Thank ye D'ani. Ye going to have a try now?" This questioned before she sends a wave towards Borodin. A bit of the conversation is picked up on a sibling but she is moving over towards her brother grinning. "Want a try at 'em Borodin?" Meaning the archery targets.

In fact, Borodin seems a little surprised when D'ani actually offers him marks. Imagine, people paying up… to him! Not that he doesn't accept them, mind you. "You, uhm, almost had it with yours," he offers. It was practically a tie! It just… wasn't. At least not according to the judge. To look at Kimmila, maybe she thinks it should have been. Moving on quickly, then. "Well, yeah, it does kind of smell." Understatement. "I don't mind it, though. It's sort of… bready. And it has a lot to do with the flavors later. Ianco's been showing me how they connect." Drinking practice! He shifts over to Abigail as she comes over, and offers her a warm smile. "Well done," he says, then blinks. "What, me? Uhm. Not unless hitting the haybales counts."

Angelique meanders aways to mingle with the others who have come to the festival. Knowing some people only by face now seems a good time to meet them face to face and so she finds herself engaged in several conversations with people known only from the caverns in passing.

D'ani part with the marks easily enough, "Almost," he agrees with a half-smile and then admits, "I like the taste and smell better when the product is finshed." He flickers a curious look at Kimmila for that forced smile. He doesn't remark to it though, just dips his chin in a semi-greeting. "At Western's hatching," the Weyrsecond answers Th'ero easily, adding with a somewhat sheepish grin, "I think I offended her." Abigail's question garners a rueful headshake and a laugh. "Not today. I suck at archery." The beefy guards would probably enjoy his attempt - jeering, pointing and snickering, but yeahno, D'ani will pass.

Yurolt saunters in from somewhere. He's not really dressed for a festival, still wearing his uniform…it's looks like possibly for a few days. His face was clean shaven probably when the uniform was fresh. The guard pays little mind to most of the people around, save a curt nod or so and makes his through them. "Can someone point me to the ale?" He calls out. His features appear rather tired.
"Ale is that way." Angelique gestures in the direction they lay upon hearing Yurolt's inquiry for ale.

"Yes, it is. But we have time before we need to attend to that," Th'ero murmurs quietly to her and his grip on her arm only firms as he seeks to draw Kimmila back with him. There is a probably a subtle, hidden hint there as well. Suspicious and sensing that there is more to it than that. To Abigail, the Weyrleader lifts his head and chuckles heartily this time. "No, I am not good at all with a bow. It'd hardly be a worthwhile competition." he says with a crooked smirk. More like a comedy and for the same reasons as the Weyrsecond — he'll pass! Th'ero's gaze darts to D'ani then and he snorts, both brows lifting in mild surprise. He knew of Western's Hatching, but other duties kept him from visiting. "Offended her?" he says, sounding… impressed? Odd tone of voice to use! "Somehow I doubt that." he drawls. Glancing briefly to Kimmila, Th'ero spots Yurolt then as the Sergeant passes through and he lifts his hand up in half-wave, half-salute. "The Caravans or Gemstone, if you can't wait until you're inside the Weyr." he calls back with a smirk that borders on amused. It quickly sobers however, as the Weyrleader then clears his throat and goes on to speak in that same level tone that carries well. "Other than the next rounds of archery, the caravans and stalls will remain open for awhile yet. But the afternoon feast by the lake shore will begin shortly, followed by the formal dance to officially start the festival." Was this only a small taste then? "So enjoy yourselves!" They all deserve it, after so much grim news and events!

Kimmila eyes Th'ero but then she relents, giving up her desire to flee (for the moment) and shouldering her bow. To D'ani, she laughs. "She's easy to get riled up, but I don't know about offending. Hey, Yurolt." And finally the others get their greetings as well, including Angelique and Borodin.

Abigail grins at she hears D'ani and Borodin. "Ye know I do give lessons." She tells both. "Can always do them again if ye all are interested." There is a slight pause as she catches Th'ero's answer, which well, no she wouldn't try and have a go with archery with him, because she doesn't want to be under that sort of pressure. Though something else is getting her attention at the moment. "I'll see you in a bit Borodin." A wave is sent to her brother once more before she is off, that way to take care of something it seems.

"Well, uhm, most people do," Borodin agrees to D'ani. "It's not… /good/ as mash. Just… interesting. Though if you add some wilted greens and brown gravy…" And back to cooking again! And back to Abigail, too. "I know," Borodin tells his sister at the offer of lessons, and halfway grins. "That's why I can hit the haybales now, instead of just my own feet." Okay, so maybe he's not /that/ bad, but… he's not signing up for any of the upcoming rounds of the competition, either. He does give a polite greeting back to Kimmila, though.

D'ani cough-laughs after Th'ero speaks, "You know, you both use the exact same terminology when referring to the other?" smirksmirksmirk. That's all he says about the incident; clearly he's not too awfully worried about it. Brown eyes glimmer merriment as they swing Kimmila-wards and he nods at her assessment of the woman who named Th'ero as her brother. "I see," he says, swinging a thoughtful look at the Weyrleader. He was a boy once. And has a sister who Knows Things about those growing up years. This might be interesting! "Aye Abbey, I'll take you up on them sometime. When I have time," he calls after her departing figure. Speaking of, he's got to head off to… do things (like probably change his clothes for that feasting and dancing. So off he goes, saluting Yurolt, whom he's probably seen around the holdless encampment, as he passes the guard.

Having found his way to an ale cart, Sergeant Yurolt hears Th'ero's comment on the tavern and such. He turns around a bit to quickly and spills a bit on his chest, but throws a salute nonetheless. "Sir, Kimmilia. D'ani. How is everyone?" He asks this second part to everyone around that area. As he makes his way over toward the Weyrleader and company a young private runs through the throng of folk. The lad whispers something into Yurolt's ear that has the sergeant sighing. Yurolt gives everyone an apologetic look and says, "If you'll excuse me…It's back to work." With that he salutes again and heads towards the weyr.

Th'ero only glances between D'ani and Kimmila, a touched perplexed. How'd this turn to a discussion about his sister? Smirking, he shoots the Weyrsecond a sidelong look. "I had no idea," he drawls with just a hint of sarcasm. He shakes his head then, clearly wanting to press the bronzerider for more, but now is not the time. There is a lot that is unknown about the Weyrleader and perhaps his sister would be willing to share — if any dare attempt it. Clearing his throat, Th'ero will at least remember his wager to Borodin as he steps forwards to hand over the half-mark as discreetly as possible before stepping back to Kimmila's side. Yurolt is greeted again, though the Weyrleader frowns when the Guard is whispered too and then hastily leaving. Trouble? Hopefully not and for a moment he appears troubled before his features clear and he speaks up again. "If you will all excuse us now, I need to go oversee some of the other preparations." Th'ero murmurs as he dips his head in polite farewell to all and then takes his leave with Kimmila and not too long after D'ani has excused himself as well. The clearings will remain heavily populated for some time to come, even after a few being to drift away and even swell to greater numbers as more weyrfolk venture out to investigate the wares offered by the Traders and Crafters alike. Once the hour comes for the feast to begin, word will spread like fire and the masses will shift from the clearings back into the Weyr.

'The World of Pern(tm)' and 'The Dragonriders of Pern(r)' are copyright to Anne McCaffrey (c) l967, 2000. This is a recorded online session, by permission of the author but generated on PernWorld MUSH for the benefit of people unable to attend.