Warning: Innuendo, Swearing

Western Weyr - Weyrleader's Office

This appears to be one of the spare private rooms, hastily reworked into an office space. Instead of the usual bed, clothespress, table and chairs, there's a filing cabinet, a floor lamp, and…a table and chairs. The table holds a smaller desk lamp, a personal computer with connection cables spilling down the back, a dispatch radio, plus a scattering of files, papers, and writing materials. Beside the workspace is a smaller endtable, seated upon which is a klah percolator and half a dozen mugs. None of the three chairs match each other, or the tables, but they seem to be solidly made and in good repair.
Piled up against one wall are half a dozen cartons, apparently also filled with files of some sort. The room is rather sparsely decorated, with only a scrap of faded carpet beneath the table and an embroidered wall hanging hung on the wall opposite the door, in bold copper and russet threads.

Zi'on is sitting in front of the computer in his office, grumbling. A whole month he had to do all of Enka's numbers. And for what? At least the computer helped, but it took Zi'on so long to type everything in that it still took forever to get done. It's early afternoon, and Zi'on lunch is still sitting on the desk next to the computer. A half-eaten sandwich and some fruit that's been nibbled at. Likely dessert was gone, if there was any. The pitcher of klah is empty, and what's left in the bronzer's mug is cold. At least now he didn't have to take half his meals out in the hot galleries. The eggs being off the sands was a huge relief.

There could be another who may help with the mind numbing work or not be help at all and more of a distraction. With it being early afternoon, Kaliena manages to escape for some free time between her morning chores and any her name have been slotted for later in the day. And just like before, the young girl lets herself in with only a knock to warn of her arrival before she's through the door and strolling in as casual as can be. The young girl eyes the array of food still resting mostly untouched on the desk and as she approaches Zi'on where he sits at his desk, she helps herself to a bit of the fruit. She at least politely keeps her attention away from his actual paperwork as she grins at him, "What's got you in such a sour mood?" Kaliena drawls in her usual gruff manner and partially accented voice. "Been crammed in here all day, is it?" she teases. Little do either of them know that a third will soon crash their little casual get-together.

Zi'on could use a good distraction. And Kali-distractions were his favorite kind, of course. If it were up to Zi'on, she wouldn't be going back for afternoon chores. "Gah! Where did those numbers go!" Zi'on sighs in frustration. He's noticed someone come in, but assumed it was Ila'den until he looks up to see that it's not. "Ooh, Kali. Hi." If he notices her nibbling at his lunch he doesn't say anything. Mostly because he probably don't mind if she eats the rest of it, at least it wasn't going to waste then. "Bleh. I made a bet with Enka, now I'm stuck with her numbers for another sevenday or so. I don't even think she's done any work since she got off the sands. Been riding everyday I'll bet. And yeah, I've been crammed in here all day." He grins to her, sliding his chair out a bit and waving her over to have a seat in his lap. "I got you something. But it's at home."

Kaliena wouldn't protest in being held back from her afternoon chores. She'd have a reasonable explanation after all. What the Weyrleader wants, the Weyrleader gets? Of course, she'd twist the truth, but it'd probably pass all the same. "Hey." She chimes back with another grin between bites of fruit. At least that won't be wasted, but she's not touching the half-eaten sandwich or anything else. She quirks a brow up and she gives Zi'on a long, sideways look. "What did you bet on? The eggs? Pity if you lost, regardless. Didn't seem like fair stakes. Work for freedom? Wouldn't bet on that." The girl snorts then to show her opinion on that before tilting her head to consider the bronzerider's offer. "Did you now?" Kaliena drawls, her mind made up as she slowly steps forwards, eyeing Zi'on curiously now. "Another gift? You're spoiling me." She muses with a smirk and then settles herself comfortably down on his lap, calm and casual as if it's nothing and completely normal. Leaning back, she tilts her head up to glance upward and her smirk is replaced by a grin again. "How long before you are freed from… well, all this." And she makes a sweeping gesture to indicate his desk, though she's careful to not actually send anything flying.

Kali shouldn't say something like that out loud, what he wants he gets. Otherwise Zi'on might believe it. "It was more like a dare, actually. To do something silly in the caverns. I'm surprised you haven't heard about it. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I didn't think Enka would actually do it. Wasn't really fair, but what're you gonna do?" He nods to her then. "Yep, I did. Next time you're over I'll give it to you." He watches her linger, then finally sit down in his lap. His arms wrap around her and he smiles. "I'm never free from all this. But I could use a break. And I'm always happy to have a cute girl come and visit me." He leans over a bit to plant a row of kisses along her neck. "So how are things going with you? Still don't want your own room down there? I feel bad. I can't really come visit you ever."

That would not be something Kaliena would readily admit but might do it in anger perhaps. "I heard shreds of things, but the stories varied so much I couldn't really make head or tails of it." She smirks then and laughs, short and sharp. "Learned you're lesson then? Might be better if you think your next "idea" through. Maybe then you'll get the free time and someone else gets the dull work." Of course it seems so simple with her logic and in her head. Oh, does she have so much to learn of the world. "Mhm, I see. If I didn't know better, it almost sounds like you're luring me back to you weyr with promises of gifts." Kaliena drawls, obviously teasing him from tone and from the sly little look she gives Zi'on. She allows him to wrap his arms around her, leaning back against his chest as her attention drifts back to his desk and the computer there. Her mouth quirks up a bit at his comment of a welcomed distraction, but she's distracted from commenting by his kisses. "Why feel bad?" Kaliena murmurs, frowning a little and shifting a bit on his lap so she can look up at him easily. Now her side rests against him and one hand against his chest. "It'd look like favoritism, wouldn't it? What does a lower cavern girl need with her own room anyhow?" She snorts a little at that and then sighs, shrugging her shoulders. "Though… if I go through with a Craft. I could get a room then. That would make sense."

Zi'on grins. "Yeah I learned it. Anyways, I got some free time still. More of it later, once this all is over. Maybe tomorrow night we can have a bonfire down on the beach or something. Have tubers and porcine over the open flames. Mmm. I'll bring the fireworks." He chuckles a bit. "I don't need those sorts of presents to lure you back to my weyr, anyways. The only present you need is between my legs." How lewd! Actually it was probably the other way around. What was between Kali's legs was more a present for Zi'on. "Because… I feel like I'm always making you go places. Here, there, my weyr, wherever." He smiles to her. "It would be favoritism. But it wouldn't be the first time I got someone their own room down there." He leans in close to rest his forehead against hers. "Alright.. if you join a craft, then…" The bronzer leans in to kiss her gently, one of his hands moving up to the base of her neck.

"Bonfire, food and fireworks? I'm sold." Kaliena says with another of her low chuckles and wide grins. She seems pretty tame, compared to her earlier days or she is around Zi'on at least, when he doesn't accidentally strike her temper. His lewd comment earns him a playful elbow to the ribs and a sharp snort from the girl. "Pervert," she drawls, but without malice. It's partially the truth, either way, but she's not about to admit it out loud for the bronzrider's satisfaction. "Oh?" Kaliena asks, frowning and curious now before giving her head a slight shake. "I don't mind traveling. If it gets me out of routine or somewhere new, who am I to complain?" She doesn't pull away when he leans closer, but her gaze drops as her eyes begin to slowly close. "I changed my mind on Craft…" she begins to murmur, half distractedly. "Not the Harpers. Smithcraft, instead." The rest is left unsaid, as she leans up to return Zi'on's kiss…

And that's how in one fell swoop the mood will be ruined by the arrival of an unexpected third. All it took was a letter to bring the elusive Fortian Weyrleader to Western, but his timing couldn't have been any poorer. Like sister, like brother, Th'ero only knocks on the door as he's entering, rather then wait to be formally called in. And is he ever going to pay for it this time. There's a strange, almost strangled, noise from the other bronzerider, as whatever his greeting was going to be, he ends up choking on it. It takes only a moment for Th'ero to clue in, while he stands there, the door still held by one hand as he just stares in awkward shock, gaze darting from his sister, then to Zi'on. Too shocked, in fact, for any other emotion to sink in… yet. Kaliena will break the tableau though, her head turning so fast it's no wonder she doesn't tumble right off Zi'on's lap to the floor. "Kelthero!" she exclaims in a way it almost sounds like she curses him; her anger is so fierce and quick, she uses his full name rather then his shortened one.

Zi'on grins to Kali as she calls him a pervert. The sort that says that he knows he is, but doesn't intend on changing his ways. At least not where Kali was concerned. She seemed to like it. At least when he was being perverted in private and all. She probably wouldn't like it so much if he was being perverted in public. "Mm.. as long as you don't mind the travel, I suppose it's fine." Fire, sparks, beating on things with hammers? Smithcraft sounded right up Kali's alley, really. But Zi'on doesn't get a chance to answer her, his mouth is otherwise occupied with her mouth. Hopefully Th'ero can't see Zi'on's other hand creeping up his sister's leg. "Nrk!" Is the sound Zi'on makes as Kaliena turns away from him. He blinks at Th'ero, it taking a moment to register what was happening here. Then Zi'on stands up, taking Kali with him. Hopefully she can find her feet, and he doesn't have to carry her. "Th'ero! I uh… we were just…" Deep breath. "Did… did you get the letter?"

Right now, Kaliena is probably wishing she had something pointy and sharp to brandish threateningly. But she makes up for it by glaring so heatedly and furious at her brother. Fire and sparks… definitely right up her alley. She finds her feet just fine when Zi'on abruptly stands, and unfortunately for him, she'll squirm and writhe herself free of his grasp, no matter what it takes (but at least she doesn't bite) and then bolt, temper seething. Too late does Th'ero snap from his frozen state and Kaliena evades him before he can even get his hand up to try and snare her. So she wins her freedom and she's likely gone to one of her hiding spots within the Weyr. So much for bonfires, as Zi'on might have to hunt her down now.

Realizing he's still holding the door open, Th'ero swings it closed and perhaps with a little more force then needed. Awkwardly, he turns to face the younger Weyrleader with a glare of his own, though he doesn't seem nearly as pissed off as one would think. Embarrassed is more like it and not at all pleased. "Don't." He cuts him off with a sharp slicing gesture of his hand. "For Faranth's sake, /don't/ tell me. I saw enough to haunt my dreams for the rest of my life. Spare me the details." Grimacing, he nods his head stiffly. "I did. Which is partially why I am here." As if it's so obvious. Then he's clearing his throat and some of the awkwardness wanes. Not all of it though. "Didn't think I had to /warn/ you." He points out sarcastically. "Next time, Zi'on? Lock your shardin' door."

It won't take Kali much effort to get free of Zi'on. His head is spinning, so he can't think ahead long enough to keep her trapped. He does get a pained look though as she goes running out, and the younger bronzer wills his legs to move, at least following her to the door. "Kali! Kaliena!" Then he sighs. Th'ero is given a dark look from Zi'on. "Relax. It was just a kiss." Zi'on face changes into a more saddened look then and he motions for Th'ero to sit down before he returns to his chair. "Yeah yeah. She came in to see me. Wasn't anticipating visitors." He leans his elbows on his desk, and rubs his face then. "Oi. I am so in the doghouse after this. Anyways, if you came to kick the crap out of me come back at night while the weyr is asleep. If you came to tell me to stay away from your sister… I don't think I can do that. I'm sorry, Th'ero."

One would think Th'ero would look at least somewhat guilty that not only did he chase Kaliena out of the office, albeit not intentionally, but that Zi'on tries to follow her or at least call her back. Then what does Th'ero do? Shuts the door. How nice of him. The dark look is a little unexpected though and does have the Fortian Weyrleader glaring back, though almost defensively. He snorts when Zi'on just passes off the kiss like nothing and he strides over to the offered chair. Sitting down but hardly relaxed, Th'ero's gaze follows Zi'on as he settles himself. The reaction from the other Weyrleader is unexpected too and clearly obvious when Th'ero can only stare at him blankly for a moment, his expression easing into more of a heavy frown then an outright scowl. "Why do you expect me to fight you, Zi'on?" he sighs, looking a touch wounded before he recalls that he /did/ almost punch him the last time they met. Zi'on's last statement has Th'ero finally looking a touch guilty. Just a bit, but it's there. "Listen," he says in a low voice, his words slow and hesitant as if he's choosing them carefully or having troubles spitting it out. "From what she wrote me, it's obvious she's chosen you. For whatever reason, but it's obviously hers and so I'm not here to make trouble or… or interfere. I'm here on her behalf. I didn't believe some of the other stuff she wrote…" And now he fixes his gaze on Zi'on, as if studying him carefully. "But now I'm beginning to wonder. How long you've been brooding over what happened?"

Zi'on gives Th'ero a confused look when he asks why Zi'on expects Th'ero to fight him. Then he motions to the door, as to indicate that Kaliena was the reason. "Because… I betrayed you… Got involved with your sister. All of that." He looks at the other bronzer when Th'ero explains what was in the letter. He nods then, looking guilty himself and pulling on his beard a little. "I didn't read the letter. I was just told to pass it along. I didn't want to invade either of yours privacy." He tilts his head at Th'ero then. "Her behalf? What do you mean? What else was in the letter?" Zi'on leans back in his chair then. "Me? Over what? What happened between you and I?" The younger bronzer shrugs. "Since it happened. How else am I supposed to feel? It's not easy, feeling like I should be picking between the two of you."

Th'ero turns his head a little to follow Zi'on's gesture, glancing back towards the door. His frown darkens for a moment and then the Fortian Weyrleader is sighing again, reaching up to scrub at his face and then up to his forehead as he turns to face the Zi'on again. "Shards and shells, this is a right damnable mess." He grumbles and then glances up sharply at the other bronzerider. "Betrayed?" Th'ero echoes with near laughter in his voice, though he hardly seems amused. "A bit harsh to put it that way, Zi'on." Th'ero quirks a brow then and unfastening his riding jacket, he reaches into one of the inner pockets and withdraws the letter. "Plenty. Most of it is venom and spiteful words directed at myself. She's quite wicked even with her written word." And then he's tossing the letter down on the desk between them, leaving it there for Zi'on to claim should he want to read. Since Th'ero offered it, it's a silent invitation. Though Kaliena might not appreciate it if her private letter was read. Th'ero doesn't seem to care. "But yes, she brought up how it was upsetting you." Th'ero shifts a little awkwardly in his seat then, still too tensed to relax around the other Weyrleader. Guilt returns and he glances away, "You don't have to choose as there is no choice to be made." He points out cryptically, "I was /mad/, Zi'on. I regret loosing my temper. But did I ever say our friendship was over?"

Zi'on goes into his bottom drawer of his desk and pulls out a bottle of Saucy Wench and a couple of glasses. Then he pours a bit for each of them. "Sorry. I didn't mean for things to get so messed up." He picks up his glass and sips at it. "It felt like I betrayed you. I went back on my word." He frowns as Th'ero says what was in the letter. He opens it up to glance through it, sighing. "Shards and shells. This wasn't what I wanted. I was hoping this might open up some communication between you two. Help her clear the jam or whatever. Not use it as an opportunity to berate you. I wouldn't have sent it if I knew it was like that." Zi'on shakes his head in disgust at the letter, throwing it back down on his desk. He looks up at Th'ero with a pout, then hangs his head. "No, you never said that. I guess I just went overboard in my assumptions." He looks up at Th'ero then. "Why's she like that to you?"

Th'ero's expression relaxes enough for a brief moment to one of relief when Zi'on brings out a bottle of Saucy Wench and two glasses. Reaching for one of them, he holds it up and tips it slightly in thanks before knocking back a good portion of it. He has to clear his throat a bit before he can speak again, and when he does his frown is back. "In a sense you didn't. We never assumed she'd come to you…" And he shrugs then, unable to finish that strain of thought. When Zi'on reads the letter, Th'ero is oddly smirking with what looks like amusement but in a sad sort of way. "Then you know very little to nothing of my sister. She's a spitfire, to put it lightly. Craftier then she lets on. And it's going to take more then a few sweet words to get her to settle things." Th'ero leans forwards to retrieve the letter when Zi'on tosses it back to the desk in disgust and promptly tucks it back into his jacket. When the younger bronzerider hands his head and pouts, Th'ero grimaces. "Shards, Zi'on. Enough with the brooding and beating yourself up over it… what's done is done." He knocks back a little more of his drink and then leans heavily into his chair, shrugging. "Damned if I know. I'm assuming she's holding some sort of festering grudge against me." Then he's giving Zi'on a curious and thoughtful frown. "She… hasn't told you /anything/ of her past?"

Zi'on nods and shrugs. "I never would have thought in a million turns, either, that she'd come to me. I thought she hated me. Women, what the heck." He rolls his eyes at Th'ero then, and smiles a bit. "I know she's a spitfire. That's part of why I like her. But this letter, and the way she acts when your name comes up. You're her family. Meh… what do I know." Zi'on nods then. "Alright, no more brooding. I promise. I certainly don't want to spur up another letter from her directed at you.' Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Bits and pieces I guess. She don't like your brother I guess, that's why she left. I think she thinks you deserted her or something, that's why she's mad. I don't want to pry, it seems to make her upset." In other words, mad. "I don't want to press my luck, but it seems silly to hold a grudge this long. I was hoping maybe she's at least write you a short update."

Th'ero can only smirk his agreement to Zi'on's quip on the fickleness of women. But then he's probably not wanting to or not quite ready to comment on what attracts Zi'on to his sister. That's still a bit too fresh, yet. "We /were/ family. You forget I was disowned. She hadn't seen or heard from me for several Turns." Then he's lifting a hand up to wave off the rest of the discussion. The Fortian Weyrleader doesn't seem willing to divuldge too far into his past either. "We were close before that, though." There's a snort again, but this time Th'ero does seem amused by Zi'on's comment of another letter. "Any letter is better then none." He remarks dryly and then blinks, looking a touch puzzled but also a little… relieved? "She must trust you then if you got bits and pieces. You'll get all of it, perhaps, someday." And Th'ero is likely just as curious as Zi'on to know. "Pry a little enough at a time and she's likely to give in." he suggests and then shakes his head, finishing the rest of his drink and then setting it down on Zi'on's desk. At the same time, he looks up at the younger bronzerider, his expression a little grim. "It's not silly. If you knew half of what our life was like, it's not silly at all. But I'll leave her to tell it to you. It's not my place." He murmurs and smiling in a way to show that he knows that'll likely frustrate Zi'on a bit. No tidbits from him!

Eventually maybe Th'ero would get used to the fact that Zi'on was with his estranged little sister. And that his little sister wasn't so little anymore. He peers at Th'ero then. "I thought you was disowned by your father. Anyways, that don't change the fact that you and her are blood, neither. Or that you grew up together." Zi'on sips at his drink. "Eh. If you say so. I'm sure she won't mind writing a lot more like that." He shrugs then. "She trusts me, I guess. At least a little. Enough to let me into her life. I'll work on her, see if I can't get a little more out of her. Once I'm out the doghouse." He chuckles a bit, then sighs. "If you say so. That life is over now though. You're both out. She's looking at a craft, and you're weyrleader. Not that I'm saying it's easy to forget or anything. I was just optimistic that maybe she'd be civil." Zi'on shakes his head. "The shardin' women in my life. Kaliena doesn't want anyone knowing about us, so if you could keep it to yourself. Not that I'm sure you want to go spreading it around. I guess it's typical though. Enka wanted the same thing when we started dating."

"I was disowned by my father but it was done publicly. So she witnessed it all." Th'ero corrects with a grim set to his expression, but gives no more on the subject. It might shed a thin bit of light though. Or just muddle the whole puzzle even worse then before. "No, that doesn't change anything. I know it. And I'd love nothing more then to try and rebuild a reasonable relationship. But she's defied me at every turn since I stepped up to Weyrleader of Fort Weyr." As if that explains everything, when it doesn't in the slightest. Th'ero's only warning to Zi'on concerning prying Kaliena is simple though. "Just remember, you're playing with fire concerning her." He says only to be distracted by something the younger Weyrleader mentions. "Craft?" Th'ero asks, his mood shifting to curiosity rather then grim and brooding. "Which one? And well… no, it's not easy to forget. She can be civil or was… once." Th'ero sighs then and gives another slow shake of his head, finally relaxing enough that he at least looks somewhat comfortable in his seat. "You know how much I hate gossip. I'm not about to go spreading news of my own sister's romantic escapades Weyr or Pern wide." He drawls in obvious sarcasm, but the truth is is that neither of them has to worry of Th'ero spreading word. "Does having some privacy regarding your love life bother you?"

Zi'on peers at Th'ero. "So you think she thought to disown you then, too?" Zi'on really can't make heads or tails of the whole family issues Th'ero has. Or really even comprehend being disowned. Now he was too old for something like that to really affect him like it might affect a teenager. "So you think she's mad that you moved to Fort then? When she wanted to come here or something?" Zi'on waves Th'ero off. "You think I don't know? Besides, she likes me. And I'm good at begging forgiveness, trust me." He chuckles. "Well, she said Harpers before. Then today said Smithcraft. So… I dunno. We'll see what happens I guess." There's a nod then and Zi'on finishes up his drink. "I didn't figure you'd go airing my dirty laundry. Though I'd appreciate it if you let Kimmila know, as well. Speaking of, I was thinking I ought to just put in her transfer papers." Zi'on shakes his head then. "It ain't like that. I just start to think maybe something is wrong with me. Girls don't want to be seen with me or something. I dunno. I know it ain't like that, but I can't help feeling that way."

"What? No. Not at all." Th'ero remarks with a confused look and then simply lifts a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "These questions will only confuse you further. You need the whole story if you want answers. But I'm not about to go into it." He can only lift his shoulders up in some form of a helpless shrug. "Who knows? Only she can tell you." There's only a low off to Zi'on's remark of being able to handle his sister and his skills regarding forgiveness. But he does trust the younger bronzerider and doesn't challenge him. "Smithcraft. That… that would suit her I think." Th'ero tilts his head then, giving Zi'on a long and searching look. "Let Kimmila know what? Of your relationship with Kaliena? She already knows." He points out, sounding a little confused. Then he's sitting a little straighter in his chair. "I'd hold off on the transfer papers. She doesn't wish to transfer. Her restrictions are being cleared in the next few days. She'll be returning to Western then and her duties. Unless…" And he falters a bit, frowning. Then he's smiling again, but it's crooked at best. "I think you're looking too far into things." Th'ero mutters. But of course he'd understand, since he likes to be on the secretive side.

Zi'on squints his eyes at Th'ero. "Fine. Keep all your family secrets, I guess. Eventually I'll pry them out of your sister, assuming she keeps dating me that long." Unhelpful Th'ero! He shrugs. "I think it would to. But I didn't get to tell her. Let Kimmila know that she doesn't want people knowing about it. I can't remember if I told her or not before." Zi'on raises a brow at Th'ero. "Well, good then. I guess. But I have to have her back on active duty or something here. I can't keep putting it off. If it was anyone else I would have sent the transfer papers along a month ago. Remind her to pick up her back pay when she comes back." The bronzer shrugs. "I know I am. Can't help it though. I guess I ought to be grateful she don't expect to be paraded around and shown off." Of course if she did, Zi'on probably wouldn't be interested.

Th'ero snorts, "Why do you want to know them anyways?" he asks, a touch defensively but smirks all the same. "If it's chafing you so much, ask me then. But it's on your head when you blunder and ask something of Kaliena that you technically shouldn't know." Then he nods his head and adds, "I'll let her know. But usually Kimmila is good at keeping things to herself." Or so he assumes, but his trust in the bluerider goes deep enough it seems. "She can be put back to active duty the moment she and Varmiroth land in the bowls, if that's what you need. I would have had her back to Western sevendays sooner, but it turns out I put /too/ much faith into the Healer's." There's an edge to Th'ero's tone that hints of something more but the Fortian Weyrleader doesn't go into details. Maybe it's not something Zi'on needs to know? "Now that you're Weyrleader, folk will be watching you. Not obvious, but they are. It's why I kept quiet on Kimmila for so long. Didn't want the gossip." Th'ero shrugs then, at a loss of words to explain it any further.

Zi'on frowns and shrugs. "I don't want to know them all. I just… I dunno. I worry, I guess. About you, and her, and everything. If you don't want me to know, then that's fine." Though the bronzer sounds a little hurt. He peers at Th'ero and shrugs. "I don't really care either way, but if you're keeping her then she ought to transfer properly. She's basically been living with you, right? Maybe not though." Zi'on stretches out and laces his fingers behind his head. Then he laughs a bit. "Yeah, but people been watching me since I was a brat. I guess maybe it doesn't bother me as much. Anyways if she wants to keep it quiet I'll keep it quiet. It doesn't make too much difference to me, other than I gotta be more careful. Plus it's kind of limiting. I can't take her out in public like I want. You know, walks on the beach, enjoy some drinks at the Tiki lounge, out dancing.. that sort of thing. I don't want her to get bored with me. What did you and Kimmi do when you was first going together?"

Th'ero looks taken aback when Zi'on shares his worries. Kaliena he could understand, but him? "It's not that I don't want you to know," he says carefully, "It's just… it's a long, complicated story. And quite depressing." He admits. Not that the current conversation is exactly fun and lighthearted. He quirks a half smile then, "If you're still dead set on it, I suppose I'll share. But we'll need drinks." Fair enough price? "Of course I'm keeping her. But not from Western and yes, she has been living with me. To recover. There was… a situation with the Infirmary." And he leaves it at that. "She'll be more then pleased to know she can return to active duty. It's been hard on her." Th'ero nods his head then when Zi'on explains, chuckling dryly. "Oh, you can still take her out into public. Just don't get too heavy on the physical contact. People can't gossip too much about hugging and the like, after all." At his question, Th'ero gives Zi'on a bit of an incredulous look and he quickly smirks, but his tone is amused. "Hunting. We went hunting. Or fly somewhere. To the Holds, anywhere we hadn't been. Simple things like that." Hunting? Simple?

Zi'on nods to Th'ero. "I do want to know. But… not right this second I don't have to know. Let me work on Kaliena a little. Maybe she'll tell me a little more, and then you can fill in some of the gaps maybe. We'll do it someplace where people aren't like to barge in, too." Like his weyr. "I'll make sure we've got booze." He blinks at Th'ero's explanation of why Kimmila was staying with him instead of the infirmary. "Er. Alright? But yeah, she's free to come back as soon as she's ready. Her position is waiting for her." He grins to Th'ero. "Hunting? I don't know anything about hunting. Though I bet Kali would like that. I guess I could take her around to places that wouldn't know me. Or just… calm things down on the physical contact thing. I guess we went to the market together the other day, and that went okay. Anyways. How are things at Fort? It's so quiet here these days. No pirate. No eggs. I'm almost bored." He laughs.

"Good luck then. But a private place would be a good start." Th'ero relaxes a little, probably relieved that he won't have to go into the details of his past. That'll be Kaliena's burden to carry. He gives the younger bronzerider a strange look for his reply on Kimmila and their current living arrangements. Mouth drawing down into a thin line, he shakes his head and mutters, "It's a bit complicated." What isn't complicated when it comes to Th'ero? "But I'll let her know. She's eager to be back." And Th'ero doesn't seem to heartbroken over that fact or he's hiding it very, very well. "Really? You don't know anything about hunting? Shards." Leaning back into his chair, he takes on a thoughtful and plotting look. Maybe it's Zi'on who'll be going on a hunting trip. "Think you'd prefer wherry or feline?" he asks after a pause and with a ghost of a grin. Th'ero nods, "Simple things and she'll come around." He repeats and then exhales heavily, reaching up to scrub along his jawline. "After the mess with Stonehaven? Nothing. And I'm welcoming it. We had our Festival for the summer months. Winter is coming. Too soon, so you may be seeing more of me then you want. No golds rising and no eggs." Then he turns the tables and asks Zi'on, "Western's hatching went well. Good color spread and a gold. Good results for Suldith's first clutch."

Weyrmating, or at least cohabitation, and women. Those things were always complicated it seems. Th'ero or no. Zi'on gives Th'ero a sympathetic look. "Hey, you don't have to explain it to me. I was weyrmated for a while, remember?" It was different when you were living with someone, even if you were seeing them every day. "Eh? I'm a weyrbrat, remember? What do I need to know about hunting? The only thing I know how to do is set Suldith loose in the feeding pens." He peers at Th'ero then. "Well, you can't eat felines, last I heard. Though I guess their skins are good. But they're more dangerous I would think, too." Zi'on nods. "I got her something nice. Maybe I'll get some wine in her and see if she won't open up a little." He pours himself another drink and offers to do the same for Th'ero. "Heh. Hopefully there won't be too much rain here. Yeah, the hatching was good. Suldith was proud and the parents were happy. Can't complain too much. First gold win and all. Though yours was similar, no?"

"It's not that neither of us don't want to. It's complicated in other matters. I can't obviously leave Fort and Kimmila holds her loyalty to Western." Seems Zi'on is getting an explanation anyways from Th'ero. He shrugs then and spreads his hands out in a sort of helpless gesture. "But we've made the distance work before." Th'ero chuckles then, low but genuine when Zi'on reminds him that he was a weyrbrat before being a rider. "Right. Well, it's never too late to learn. It's a good way to unwind. Sometimes just being out in the wilderness is reward enough, even if the hunt isn't successful." He makes a bit of a face then, "No, you can't eat feline though the dragons seem to like it. Pelts fetch a good deal of marks or you can keep it for yourself. I've a few back up in Fort." Then he takes on a serious look and frowns. "They are dangerous. If I were to take you hunting, I wouldn't be taking you out against felines right off." It'd be hard to explain, after all, if Zi'on ended up mauled. Th'ero nods his head again in agreement to Zi'on's mention of Kaliena and his plans for her, but says nothing and only reaches for his drink. "Belated congratulations then, on your first successful hatching." Tipping his drink up in a toast, Th'ero then knocks back a good portion of it again before settling back into the chair. "Mhm. It went well and there was a gold too. Impressed that hunter you told me about. Deitra. Or Dtirae, now. Only one bronze though…" And Th'ero frowns at that, but it might be for other reasons.

Zi'on nods. "I see. Well. You can always knock her up. That'll change her loyalties" Zi'on chuckles a bit. "I'm just kidding! Don't get mad." He says defensively. "Hunting is a good way to unwind? Laying on the beach is a good way to unwind. Having a drink or… whatever." Or getting laid. But Zi'on isn't going to bring that back up. "Eh, if you promise I won't get mauled I'll go. I just bought your sister a knife, maybe I should get one for myself, too, then." No maulings. Even if the scars would look rugged and sexy, Zi'on doesn't want to have to deal with an extended infirmary stay. Zi'on lifts his glass as well and knocks the whole thing back. "Mm, yeah. I heard. Kind of sorry I never went back to get her into bed. I think I was with Enka at the time. Felt bad about it." Zi'on peers at Th'ero. "What do you need more bronzes for?"

Th'ero doesn't get mad, though he looks shocked and a little flushed around the neck. He looks… hurt? Now there's a strange emotion, even for him. "I don't think that would do it either," he says awkwardly, once he's recovered enough to quirk another weak smile. "It is. But I suppose you'd have to like hiking through endless miles of wilderness to consider it unwinding. Drinks… ah, that I can agree on." And likely the last thing left unsaid. Th'ero is already scarred, thanks to a sword wielding renegade-to-be. Maulings don't concern him. He quirks a brow up though, "Why would you gift her that? Or did she ask for it?" Luckily for the Fortian Weyrleader he had begun his second pull of his drink long before Zi'on makes his casual-like remark on bedding Fort's junior weyrwoman. Even then, he chokes a bit and has to cough while laughing to match his incredulous look. "Really?" he gasps and then smirks. "Her too?" When Zi'on peers at him, Th'ero gives him a narrowed look in turn. "We don't, really. It was… more to who the bronze chose. Though he's proving to be more capable then I assumed." Setting the empty glass back to the desk, Th'ero slowly gets to his feet. "Hate to cut this short, but I've a few more things to take care of. Plus I'm sure you'd like to get back to your… work." And chase Kaliena down too.

"No? Sorry." That was a weird look, even for Th'ero. Zi'on gives him back a questioning look. Maybe there was something about them two that he wasn't saying. "I guess that might be unwinding. The pelts are worth a lot of marks, too, hm?" That greedy Zi'on guy. He's already got more marks than he can spend. What he needs more for is anyone's guess. "She wanted it. I got it engraved for her. As long as she don't stab me with it I'll be happy." Zi'on laughs as well. "Really what? I had my chance. She was hot for me, but I passed it up. I was in the hot springs at Fort with her. We was already naked." The bronzer might be exaggerating Dei's hotness for him though. There's a nod from Zi'on and he gets up when Th'ero says it's time to go. He moves around the desk to give Th'ero a back-patting man-hug. "Alright. Thanks for coming by to clear things up and all. Sorry about… earlier. I think work is over for me tonight. Need to go and hunt down Kali. I'll see you later, Th'ero.

"Don't be sorry," Th'ero replies, but doesn't delve more into it even with Zi'on's questioning look. There is something more there, but that may be for another time or one secret the bronzerider will keep. "Mhm. Flashier the pelt, the more marks it'll fetch. But you better know how to skin or know someone who does at least…" So much for hunting being a simple pastime but it seems to be one of Th'ero's favorites. He huffs a little in amusement when Zi'on bring sup the knife again, shaking his head. "She won't stab you. Even if you make her furious." How does he know? Th'ero rolls his eyes a little then to Zi'on's tale of Dei, thinking it best not to comment… for now. Instead, he returns Zi'on's gesture and even clasps him on the shoulder. "Anytime. I really ought to visit Western more often. So perhaps we'll see each other soon. And next time… I'll remember to knock and /wait/ to enter." Giving a half-wave, half salute to the younger Weyrleader as he turns and reaches for the door, Th'ero pauses and adds, "Take care and clear skies, Zi'on." Before slipping out and back down the stairs to the bowls where Velokraeth is waiting for him.

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