Healer Hall - Courtyard
Approaching from the River Road, the courtyard is enclosed by the high stone walls containing the outer wings of the Hall. The road is the only main route of which to travel by ground into Healer Hall and though another expansive entranceway has been carved out into the stonewall to the right, it is reserved for the Dragonhealer's Infirmary and their patients. The courtyard itself has been built out of interlocking flagstones and are well kept despite the amount of traffic that passes through on a daily basis. Raised steps lead to the Main Hall facing the centre of the courtyard. Other entrances rest flush with the ground and lead to the Infirmaries, the lecture halls and classrooms and the pharmacy. A stairwell leading to the guest rooms above the archway of the tunnel can be accessed from the ground as well.

Autumn is in full swing here in Healer Hall and noted only because most of the populace are put to work organizing and correctly storing the various harvests and latest imports before the season turns over to winter and the Hall becomes dependent on reserves, storage and what transported goods they can get flown in. Mid morning, despite the chill, sees the courtyard teeming with activity as folks go about their business. Apprentices can be seen going to and from their lessons or their tasks, Journeymen also hurrying along or overseeing work being done. At least there is SOME room to land? And any visitors might want to stay away from the far courtyard and fields where they're boiling numbweed. THAT can be faintly smelled even from some parts of the Hall. Lucky day for the Candidates, they're not to be subjected to that torture! Not today.
For the Candidates slotted with the Healer Hall excursion, they'll be gathered by some Craftriders or available riders and flown straight. Nothing like a scenic flight in and adventure outside of the Weyr, right (unless you're afraid of heights)? They'll be deposited in the Courtyard, with some of the dragons taking wing again to return home but others linger behind as chaperones in the background. One Journeyman is waiting on their arrival though and Laurali will meet the group with a reserved but warm smile. "Welcome to Healer Hall, Candidates."

Gabriela is afraid of a few things in life, heights isn't one of those thankfully and she thoroughly enjoys the flight to the Hall. Granted she is slightly iffy about the actual destination. Healers are types who tend to poke and prod at things that ache already before prescribing noxious tasting things take make things worse before they get better. Are there any other ways she can mention being wary of Healer types? If she weren't so short she'd linger at the back of the pack, but as it is she'd never see a thing. So here she stands front and center, looking like a fool as she stares around her.

Kera just happens to be a craftrider to the Hall. So what if she's a sr. apprentice from Xanadu, her and Moncerath were in the right place at the right time to help show off the Hall to Fort's candidates. Helping her passengers down, she'll lag behind a time to settle her dragonmate. Once straps are loosened, Kera makes her way towards the group and gives a cheery greeting towards the woman greeting the young group. "Good Day Journeywoman." Not wanting to interupt further, Kera looks around to the Fortians once more, offering a cherry smile, see little candi's, nothing to be afraid of.

D'ani is, apparently, subject to those fumes from boiling numbweed over yonder. His bronze can be seen, sprawled upwind (even though they appreciate the drug, dragons don't inhale?) and his rider? Is taking a break for the time being. He strolls over blotting reddened eyes on a sleeve to nod at the group. He's neither healer nor dragonhealer, so he'll just hang back and defer to Laurali.

Beyrl , still being green in dragon riding, doesn't do as well. As dragons touch down, his dismount turns into a flop rather ungraceful. Picking himself up, examining clothes for dirt, dust, or detrimental damage (however redundant that plays in the mind). He glances up to give heed to the two that speak, and moves up into a position of politeness and attention. Straightened up, yet relaxed. A mix he attempts to keep in balance, and does so well enough. His eyes however, scan the area, looking for the new, the neat, or if unlucky, the noxious.

Laurali doesn't bite! Honest. The young Journeyman may be quiet but that's just her nature. Seeing Gabriela staring like she is and Beyrl joining her, she chuckles. "It's a lot to take in, I know. We're at our busiest time too. I'm Journeyman Healer Laurali and I'll be showing you around — more or less. We'll try not to bore you too much." Is that a hint of a wink and maybe a broader smile? Definitely. She'll look expectantly at the group, half expecting them to introduce themselves in return. Glancing sidelong to Kera, Laurali dips her head politely. "Good day, Sr. Apprentice…" Name? There's a slight blush when there's no recall but she can be forgiven, right? "Perhaps you can help with this? Ah… D'ani! You're here as well?" Now she does sound bemused for the watery eyed Weyrsecond. "Didn't avoid the numbweed building, did you?"

Gabriela manages not to laugh outright at Beyrl's graceless flop in dismount. Hey he stuck the landing! With his face possibly, but still. The tears in her eyes can be blamed on the disgusting smell permeating everything. Aww man she hopes that washes off! She almost feels inclined to introduce herself under the weight of Laurali's expectant gaze. Though she isn't given an edge to do so as the Journeyman continues right on. More power to her, Gabby is having issues breathing over here. Is that numbweed or mustard gas?

Landing in the courtyard is a blue dragon. A blue dragon that happens to have a C'rus on his back. C'rus hops down off of his back and sweeps his gaze over the courtyard and finds…people that he knows, and some that he doesn't. He gives Jai a pat on the leg and with that the blue is off to take a peek and explore around. This leaves C'rus to walk toward the gathered group. He waves his hand and says, "Hello. Nice to see you all here." Because everyone just /loves/ the healer hall don't they? The sights…the uhh…smells. Such a joy.

Kera looks about the group as Laurali speaks to the group, wincing slightly at her own poor manners and supplies her name. "Apprentice Kera, Xanadu posting." A quick and respectful tip of her head to the Journeyman before she blinks quick when acrid fumes drift by. The approaching rider is mentioned as D'ani and he gets a polite nod as well "Hard for anyone to avoid the numbweed today." Probably for miles around as well. Her attention drifts back to the Candidates, eyes flicking over each one to make sure none go missing.

"You alright there?" That's to Beyrl with D'ani limiting himself to an expression of concern, resisting the effort to help brush the lad off. "I am," he says with a quick smile for Laurali, "here on behalf of the beastcraft." Helping brew their portion, that is. C'rus and Kera he knows and he gives them casual salute. "It is… pungent," he agrees with Kera. As for Gabriela and the others, he'll share a warm smile but for the moment the floor belongs to Laurali.

A quiet sneeze at Beyrl's side catches his attention, and a tiny nose peeking out from the small bag at his side is seen. Though but a brief moment as his fingers gently nudge it back. Distracted he is, but only somewhat, a short belated answer does he give for one's name. "I am known as Beyrl, former apprentice harper, current resident of Fort." A nose, this time unseen, once again wiggles out from the bag's edge, sniffing at the air. Beyrl gives attention to D'ani and a friendly smile. "I am well." he replies.

Maybe it's a bad idea that they're outside? Faranth, when did the wind change? Laurali is probably noseblind from the scent of boiling numbweed but when she catches on to Gabriela's reaction and that of the others, she looks sheepish and embarrassed until she collects herself. "Ahh, I should've known. I forget sometimes that you're Beastcraft." Sorry, D'ani? "Well met, Kera. Hello again to you as well, C'rus. And oh… is it that bad?" Yep, she's definitely noseblind. Ahem. "Welcome, Candidate Beyrl. I suppose we'll begin by going into the Infirmaries… as with any Healer that is where most of our work begins. In a nutshell." Gesturing with her hand, she'll begin to sedately walk towards the doors leading to the Hall's main infirmary.

Healer Hall - Main Infirmary
Rectangular in shape, this room is most often abuzz with activity. It contains the normal implements of an infirmary and it is extremely well stocked with all manner of things: cots, jars, bottles, syringes, bandages, cloths, cabinets, shelves, hot water and numbweed. There are several areas curtained off, for patients' privacy as well as for instructional usage. This is a teaching infirmary, after all.
The air has that sterile smell associated with the constant use of redwort, tinged with the unpleasant prickle of numbweed. Several newish looking cabinets have been installed in one corner, taking the place of the cots that used to reside there. The area seems modern even compared with the rest of the infirmary, as does the equipment sometimes spread over the metal countertop.
In a corner nearest the main entrance doorways leading to the Main Hall and Courtyard is a desk where the Healer on duty resides. A stairwell in the very back of the Infirmary lead to the Masters Quarters up on the second level and the Masterhealer's Office.

C'rus salutes D'ani back with a smile. He then turns his full attenion toward Beyrl who seems to have gotten himself a white knot since the last time he spoke to him. Ohhh boy, "Candidate." he greets. Laurali he remembers of course and and gives her a big smile before he gives his biggest smile to the Sr. Apprentice, "Hi Kera." It seems that he has arrived just in time to be ushered inside with the rest of the group to avoid the fumes, "Could be worse." Though when you have lived at the hall there are things you get used too. Thankfully though as they move inside the sizeable stink outdoors diminishes to the lovely smell of an infirmary. He inhales deeply and sighs, never gets old.

Kera can only nod agreeably when Laurali urges the group to move inside. She's moving right along with them, canting her head to Beyrl with a little grin since he seems to be okie after his stumble. "I think you bag was sniffling." Pointing briefly to where a little snout may or may not be seen vanishing back out of sight. Chuckling a bit, she slows her steps to speak to C'rus briefly. "Worse? We'll all be tasting numbweed for the next sevenday as is." She gives the bluerider an amused wink before quickening her steps to match pace with the group. Moving into the infirmary, Kera smiles "At least most of the fumes are not gonna be a problem inside." Nevermind all the scary tortures just waiting behind those doors.

D'ani chuckles at Laurali, "You've had other things to occupy your time." Like his best friend, Stonehaven and a baby. "Glad to hear it," he says affably to Beyrl, falling into step with the group. He walks with them to the infirmary door but there he lingers, rather than go in. Perhaps he's got another errand to head off to or is it simply self-preservation? His arms fold while one hip is braced casually on that door-jam. "It depends what your definition of worse is," he remarks facetiously to Kera. Because healers think surgery or stiches, potions, pills and draughts is 'better', doncha know.

Beyrl gives a thankful nod to D'ani and is about to respond, when Kera interrupts the conversation for a brief announcment about sniffing bags. Or was it sniffling bags? He glances down to his side bag, and notices a nose, and a brown snout, sticking out, smelling all the interesting scents around. Is there food? The firelizard attached to that nose is sure there's food! Somewhere! Wigglewigglesniff, to one side of the bag. Then wigglewigglesniff, to the other side. A light sideways grin is given back to Kera. "Perhaps a brevity among smells less likely to intice a firelizard's belly shall quell his thirst for adventure." he offers.

"True." Laurali answers D'ani honestly as she lingers beside the Weyrsecond for a moment though keeping one sharp eye on the Candidates as they mill past. Notice she gives no warning about not touching anything? She figures they know better — or maybe she's waiting to see who's stupid enough to go poking through Healer tools and supplies. "You should come and visit. Ezra would love to see you." she murmurs in a quiet tone to D'ani though she gives him a smile as if to say 'no pressure'. She knows how busy they all are. "Are you coming inside?" she queries, before shaking her head. "There is a 'worse' to everything but Healer as a Craft has a lot to offer. You said you were former Harper, Beyrl?"

C'rus catches D'ani's reluctance to step inside, probably wise on his part. One never knows when a healer will pounce on you and poke and prod you. Given the chance they would probably do that all the time right? For the moment Beyrl seems to be rather safe. He quickly notices the snout of a certain firelizard that he has grown to know of late. It seems that Beyrl is spoiling his lizard about as much as he spoiled Aegnor. Which probably doesn't bode well for Beyrl or anyone else for that matter. Ahh well. "So Beyrl. Have you had your candidate exam yet?" he asks. Might as well get a few things done while he is standing here.

Kera grins over her shoulder, expecting to see D'ani but he's still by the door, so she turns a little more to reply. "You're right, it's all about the perspective." Seeing the Journeyman moving to urge him inside probably, Kera turns back to C'rus and the touring candidates. Beyrl earning a little chuckle as she glances down to the young lizard hitching a candidate ride. "We'll be sure to include the dining cavern before the tour wraps up." Flashing a wink, she looks among the other candidates as C'rus inquires about check-ups. "Oh yes! Wouldn't do to present sickly offerings to the eggs now would it." Her attention goes to Beyrl since he was the one questioned. Step on up Beyrl. Muhahaha.

"I've been horribly remiss," D'ani replies to Laurali with a grimace of genuine remorse as he strides along. "I'll remedy that soon, I promise. Tell him so, if you would?" He pulls a pad of paper from his pocket, scrawls something at the top of a list and underlines it three times. Busy is right - too busy! He flips the pad closed, starts to put it back, thinks the better of it, opens it and circles the notation and only then does he shove it back in his pocket. He rolls one shoulder in a casual answer to Laurali while at the same time giving C'rus a cheeky smirk. Caution. Always a good thing. Poor Beyrl. He'll just watch the candidate squirm, rather than add to the questions the teen is getting. Though he does quip mildly of the firelizard, "He'd better not eat numbweed." Because that is all he can smell.

Beyrl offers Kera a greatful smile. "We shall be most thankful for the hospitality.." he starts, then stops in mid-sentance, the pause coinciding with C'rus question to him. Coincidence? Most likely not. His eyes turn to glance at the healer, while the rest of him stays put. Caution rears its head, and etches the look of the same name into Beyrl's eyes. "Your question reference is of a nature related to quill and paper, is it not?" A history exam he could handle! Hopeful thinking for the victim of a bored healer.

Laurali nods her head, "Of course I will. You'll probably get a letter, you know." Not that that is a bad thing, right? She'll pretend not to notice D'ani taking out his notepad and then grimaces. "Who? The Candidate or the firelizard? Numbweed is… in a way digestible. Don't know why you'd do it willingly though." She's joking right? Maybe. And the Journeyman is not exactly encouraging anyone to try. Leaving the numbweed boiling to continue outside, she'll step away from D'ani as C'rus and Kera close in on Beyrl. "Don't be afraid. It's a very simple and standard examination." she tries to reassure him but she'll have her hands full soon enough. The other Candidates probably HEARD those words and some are trying to subtly edge away. D'ani can stop the escapees, right?

Ahh to be a candidate again. There aren't enough Marks on the planet that someone could pay him to do it again. Thankfully its a process that cannot be repeated anyway. He finds himself chuckling at Beyrls attempt to turn the attention to other things, "No. I'm afraid not. Physical exam." he glances back toward Kera and then back toward Beyrl, "Like Kera said. We have to make sure that you are well enough to stand. Can't have a dragon impress a candidate that is going to have medical issues. It wouldn't be good for the hatchling or the person. So…" Yeah. Medical fun time! "Are you aware of any illnesses, mental or physical that we should be made aware of?" he asks.

Mirinda was just floating by — not literally, but she was just walking by, on her way from one relatively important thing to another; it's the sort of occasion where she's not got time for much more than a quick stop, but what she's overheard from the hallway was a familiar voice saying something about eating numbweed, and another asking a question about health history, and so it may be no surprise at all that she stops in that doorway and pokes her head in, both eyebrows raised. "A crowd for a physical is a bit unusual," she offers, but it's in a low voice only to those nearest her and hopefully not interrupting the (odd, from her perspective) proceedings.

Kera looks from Beyrl, then D'ani and the Journeys in the room, then back to Beyrl again. Eyeing him as if unsure if he's jesting or not, she finally cracks a grin. "If you reeeeeally want to, I'm sure we can come up with something you have to write up." Flashing a wink, she then shakes her head "But nothing very drastic is needed. For instance, if you were to stand right over here…" she shuffles a ways across the room to where there is a mark on the floor. "… cover your right eye and then read the third line on that chart on the wall there, then we can start getting the eye portion of your exam completed." Someone mentions such a big crowd and Kera peers around to see another Journeyman. She dips her head politely to the womana nd sends a quick wave.

That's a trick question, right Laurali? "Either one?" hazards D'ani laughingly in reply. Numbweed in certain strengths is digestible but, "I'd choke on my own spit." Numbweed, having rendered his esophagus useless. "Not to mention the taste." He's been standing in the doorway, so he certainly could stop candidate-leakage from the room. Only now he pushes off the doorjam with his shoulder. Time to get on with his errand. The healers have numbweed dartguns in case of emergencies like this, don't they? He's working on keeping a straight face in the wake of Beyrl's answer as he flips a casual two-fingered salute to the group, turns and almost runs Mirinda down. "Perfect timing. They're alllll yours," he tells her. Have fun?
The plural yours, that is, Healers. Share.

Beyrl 's expression firms, legs shift, hand pushes firelizard snout back into the bag. He attempts delay, only for that to be interrupted by a (perhaps temporary) counter-offer. That of an eye exam. Two wherries, one boulder. Shifting over to the eye examination mark, he belatedly answers C'rus question. "There are no manner of illnesses, physical or mental, that inflict me."

Laurali's grin is brief but genuine for D'ani's reply to her question. It probably was a trick one but he answered it correctly! "Which is why it's not a good idea." Hear that Candidates? Leaving Beyrl in C'rus and Kera's "charge" for now, she'll focus on corralling a few of the "escapees" who don't make it past the Weyrsecond. "It's just a few questions, really. Nothing invasive… I'm sure you've heard all sorts of horror stories. None are true." Oh, how she lies so easily! Ushering the Candidates back, Laurali straightens as Mirinda walks in. "Unusual, yes but you work with what you're given. May as well get them all now and… then let them see the rest of the Hall." Trauma first, fun later? Dipping her head, Laurali then turns back to the task at hand and once she's done "torturing" her group she'll hand them over to good hands to lead them to the rest of the Hall and eventually to their freedom.

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