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The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

Ha'ze isn't awesome at this whole clutch father thing. Kainaesyth is, but Ha'ze… not so much. Especially lately as he's been itching more and more to get out of the weyr. But for right now, he's here. Not on the sands, but up in the galleries, pacing, almost like a caged animal that wants to go.

And Anrila was just here checking on her project — er, that is to say, a bunch of caprines, bothering D'ani and planning to stop in to say hello to Ha'ze. Not that she had any idea where he'd be, so at first she looks pleased when she sees him in the galleries … and then almost concerned. Uncharacteristically, she calls out, "Are you on an exercise track of some kind?" with a little bit of a laugh to her voice.

Walk walk walk. Stop. Turn. Walk. ABrupt stop. That one caused by the voice calling out to him. Lifting his gaze from where it is settled before him Ha'ze clamps back on Hasty words. "Anrila." See, he totally knows people's names. (That'll be relevant in the next day or so.) An inhale of breath, and then letting it go. "No, how are you?"

He at least knows one person's name! They've known each other a very long time, so that's somewhere to start. Anrila's expression softens into her calmest smile; the one that she keeps on only when her guard isn't up. That's conditional to the fact no one else walks into the galleries. "Well enough. I wanted to see —" A hand wave at the eggs and dragons below.

Autumn is a time for gathering stories more than telling them, but Kainaesyth is perfectly happy delivering a few to the eggs down below. Usually that's enough to calm an angsty Ha'ze, but right now he has THINGS on his mind. But he'll try. For Anrila. Another breath, and he turns slightly, an arm going out. "They're still there. Hardening. Slowly. Kainaesyth and Kouzevelth probably wouldn't mind if you looked at them." Or touched them. Or fell asleep next to one of them. /lets be honest.

"I can see them from here," Anrila points out, though it isn't protesting the idea of maybe going closer — though she's just as likely to be offering attentive petting to the dragons (Kouzevelth no longer scares her, though it's largely due to Kainaesyth's proximity) than just looking at the eggs. She'd probably be afraid to touch them in case one of them likes her too much and tries to find her during the Hatching, but getting closer isn't entirely objectionable. "You seem to be going more absurdly stir-crazy than normal?" There is the slightest concern to her uptalk.

Because no one does gentle quite like story-teller Kainaesyth. He oozes calm and quiet. Espeically since he's starting to show the faintest graying of the oncoming winter. "Is it that obvious?" Ha'ze is usually better at conceling his feelings from people, unless he's actually trying to show them.

Maybe Anrila is the one who can read him anyway, or maybe … it's just that obvious. "Yes," she says, and to be fair — pacing. Pacing is pretty obvious. "I would think that being in Kainaesyth's presence often would have the opposite effect, as it usually does on me. And that the hot sands might make one sleepy."

"It usually does." A hint of wryness creeps its way into his tone as he puts his hands on the railing looking out over the sands. Maybe if he was actually listening to Kainaesyth rather than allowing himself to worry. "I don't agree with the way Th'ero and Nyalle are handling the rumors from the Sea Holds."

Anrila squints for a second, glances at the dragons — Kouzevelth's tail might have moved half an inch, maybe, at least Kainaesyth is making her sleep a lot — and then back to Ha'ze. "What rumors," she says, more than asks, but she clearly doesn't know; evidently she hasn't asked Raya or Ezra, and she doesn't often keep her ear that close to the ground. "Remember I spend two thirds of my life at the Hall, which is in Igen, technically, and I don't always hear things. So you can tell me whatever you want because I didn't hear it from anyone else first, and it isn't like I often speak to your Weyrleaders, just my Journeyman." Also known as his Weyrsecond.

Ha'ze totally knows that D'ani is Anrila's journeyman. But he doesn't… think about it right now. "Just… ships missing. And there was something wrong with how I landed in jail. I just can't figure out how." Reaching backwards Ha'ze pulls out a rough leather bound book stuffed with Ha'ze's notes about… everything. They don't make a lot of sense, and Thys' has been too busy lately to help him settle it all back into order. Something about her Smithy blowing up… Also. Abruptly. "They think I'd put Kainaesyth in danger's way."

"I had thought you had gotten arrested on purpose," Anrila admits, because that's something Ha'ze would do, at least in her perception. Why doesn't make the most sense, but she doesn't usually ask. Or ever ask. "Did you want assistance with, um," she tries, "filing? I would think the weyrwoman on the sands with you might have asked, but maybe she's been too busy to notice, I'm sure it's hard doing two jobs at once like that — obviously you wouldn't. That's absurd." Not 'preposterous' only because that's not a word Anrila would use.

"…. No." But Ha'ze can't actually get upset with Anrila, and so it's more of a resignred of-course-not-no rather than a angry-no. "I didn't ask Inri. She… I don't know." Unhappy Ha'ze probably thinks that Inri supposes Ha'ze is putting Kainaesyth in danger too. He's one who withdraws rather than opens up. "I don't know. Look, this is stupid." ABRUPT CONVERSATION CHANGE. "How are the goats?"

"I could bring them by," Anrila suggests, "And let them climb all over the sands, since these dragons like babies so much. What's adding three more? Six, technically, if you count D'ani's. They're certainly all old enough to be teenagers now, though, rather than babies. But still that innocent kind of trouble, you know?" The kind you get more in animal babies than human babies, usually. "Though I still think — that you're right, it is stupid that anyone'd think you'd endanger him. You need to be able to work with Inri, though, I think?" She has a real gift for subject hopping, so long as it's only two.

"Would they be afraid of Kouzevelth?" Ha'ze'll abandon the talk about Inri. He's just… not SURE about anyone in the weyrleadership right now. Maybe he should talk to the goldrider, but he's just… ugh. He did wear for like… twenty minutes her clothing though. He releases his grip on the wall and stands up straighter. "And stay away from the eggs?" Because the last thing they need is a hoof through baby dragon. :(

That's definitely a start in cooperating with any of the weyrleaders — and he is talking to D'ani's apprentice, too. Though Anrila isn't going to remind him if he doesn't remember. Instead, she's shaking her head — which results in some of her curls bouncing along with the shake, but she's gone from a thoughtful shake to a 'no' shake. "I'm not actually sure they would know better than to stay away from eggs, though Kouzevelth's not particularly scary. Kayeth's scary. Rhenesath is scary. I think Zuvaleyuth was intimidating. Kouzevelth is just … enormous."

"If they've never been taught better then…" Ha'ze is going to ponder the idea of bringing the goats onto the sands. But it'll be the thought that counts, and that's perhaps what Ha'ze needed more than anything more right now. Reaching out he brushes back one of her curls, just one, and smiles a half smile. "Kainaesyth could probably keep them away, so long as he isn't too tired." So a few more sevens.

"Well then," Anrila is brightening, especially as it might amuse Ha'ze somehow and he seems so glum. Not that she can blame him, even with what little she knows. It's also not that she leans into his touch, but she doesn't at all pull away from it, which is about on par with her — most people can't even get half that close. "We can at least bring them for a visit, so long as it's all right with the queen and her rider."

"I'll ask Inri." Goats is totally less hard-to-ask then hey-does-the-whole-leadership-think-I'm-trying-to-kill-my-dragon? Not angsty. Not at all. "Have they gotten much bigger?" And he'll keep asking her about goats and things that are totally not angst provoking. Not trying to get any closer either, until she takes her leave and Ha'ze actually goes back down onto the sands, ready to settle against Kainaesyth and chill. For a little bit.

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